Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" We're going on a run.
If you're looking for food, I want to help.
Either you give us your stuff and live, or we wait for you all to die trying to make things work.
Madison: We're not going anywhere.
Naomi: You don't even know me.
And you don't know us.
So we're both taking a chance.
You have something I want -- your story.
And I have something you want -- where I found that flag.
( vehicle approaching ) ( growling ) - ( thud ) - ( growling continues ) Let's get this over with.
We-- We can wait.
Until he's buried, at least.
You took us there, we'd talk.
That was the deal.
Ask what you want to ask.
Al: How did you end up here? ( sighs ) That's a big question.
Sometimes those are the easiest ones to answer.
Luciana: There was one day when we could have stopped all of this from happening.
Al: Let's start there.
Tell me about that day.
( theme music playing ) ( background chatter ) Al: How long had it been since they'd showed up? A couple of weeks.
( chatter ) We started to stretch our rations with cattle feed.
Strand: Have you ever eaten cattle feed? Lemme tell you-- it's an acquired taste.
You OK? I'm fine.
Allow me to be of assistance.
No, let's save it.
It's the last we have.
Yeah, when the pancakes get better.
- Alicia: For when things get better.
- That's right.
This is far too significant a condiment for cattle feed pancakes.
( laughs ) For when things get better.
That can happen.
Alicia: It already did for us.
Even if it feels not like that right now.
Things will get better.
Shouldn't we be eating the cattle before we eat their feed? Madison: No one's killin' anything that moves today.
Strand: We're sailing out even farther? We've already been everywhere within 50 miles of here.
Everywhere we thought there might be food.
I started to get creative.
I thought of places our friends in the parking lot may not have hit.
- Bowling alley? - Who knows? Maybe they have nachos.
Cheese that comes from a can.
Cole: Where we goin'? "We"? Madison: No one goes out alone, and I still have half the county to grid.
Let's go.
Strand: Goin' on runs that day that was our first misstep.
Strand: Now, remember-- no spines, no purple, no black.
Cole: You know I went to A&M, right? Spent more time smokin' the plants than I did studyin' them, but I know which ones are safe to eat.
All right, I told you somethin'.
Now you tell me something.
- About what? - About you.
I didn't go to A&M.
( chuckles ) Look here.
It appears our search has borne fruit.
I'll see if there's a cart.
How long you gonna keep doin' that? Doin' what? Actin' like you're afraid of me.
I assure you, that is not the case.
Well, then what is it? Al: Were you afraid of him? No.
Of course not.
What did you think of him? I thought we were talking about Nick.
Talkin' about you.
( metallic clatter ) ( grunting ) Ohh, man.
( Infecteds growling ) Strand: Heads up! Ohh! I see him! ( roars ) ( growling ) Aaah! - ( grunting ) - ( growling ) ( growling ) ( growling stops ) ( panting ) Ohh-- Cole: Thanks.
Saw it on my map when my mom brought us out here.
I know it's crazy, but it felt like a sign.
Of what? We're not gonna find food in the library.
I know.
You coming or not? ( sighs ) Luciana: I went because Nick wanted me to.
I thought it would be good for me.
I thought it would be good for him.
( Nick whistling ) You really taking that? Nick, what are we doing here? Books.
We need books.
- For what? - For a library.
People need a reason to fight, Lucy.
People need a reason to want to stick around.
It can't all just be about food.
Nick, there's nothing left.
There's gotta be something.
This is about her, isn't it? She thinks they're lookin' out for them, she thinks they're like family.
I was just like her.
At the colonia, I believed in what we were doing.
I thought it was a good place to be, but it wasn't.
I just couldn't see it.
And you helped me.
And we'll help her-- just not like this.
Al: But you couldn't help her, could you? She killed Nick.
What do you think? Dorie: Hey.
You know, I used to be a police officer and I knew a guy back on the force, he'd drink a bottle of rye whiskey for dinner every night.
Day in, day out.
Then one day, he survived a close call with a suspect.
Stole a garbage truck, squashed his patrol car flat as a pancake.
You know, he only went one week without that rye.
What I come away with was, takes more than one bad afternoon-- or a good one-- to turn somebody.
So I'm guessin' once we pay our respects, you're gonna be on your way, huh? Back on your old course.
( sucks teeth ) I'm tellin' you I'm tellin' you, I'm gonna find her.
I am.
And I want you with me when I do.
I want you to meet her.
I want her to meet you.
I just want to see him buried, John.
And then, yes, I will be on my way.
( chuckles ) Man, I'm better on my own.
We can stop if it's too much.
- Too much? - It's OK if you just Your brother just-- Yeah, he did.
Man, I used to love these places.
- You ever been? - Been a while.
Just you? No.
Places like this they made really good churros.
Yeah, they did.
( sighs ) Naomi: This is a good one.
We should take this one back with us.
Height's good if you get caught with the dead around you.
Run flat tires.
Gets mileage, but holds a lot of gas.
It's even got a tape deck.
No keys, though.
How do you know so much about cars? I don't know that much.
Come on.
Looks like people lived here.
Mm-hmm, till the fences gave.
( growls ) ( Infecteds growling ) Whoever was camped here moved to higher ground when the fence went down.
Looks like they barricaded the stairs.
That's how we get up.
( Infecteds growling ) Naomi: Think we can make it? Yeah, we can make it.
Alicia: So what's your record of churros in a single visit? Four.
I was having fun.
May have been high on chlorine.
Well, that's worse than Band-Aids in the water.
( all growling ) Al: Then what happened? I just wanted to do the right thing.
There's a reason why we haven't been on a run before.
Well, if you don't like me, you can just tell me.
I do.
That's why I didn't want to give you a chance to get to know me.
I've, uh, done things.
I keep this to remind me that I don't want to become that man again.
Just looks like a piece of rock to me.
It's not.
Al: So, going on the run brought you closer together.
Of course it did.
We were the only people there still breathing.
( Infecteds growling) Go.
( Alicia cries out ) - ( growling ) - ( grunting ) ( grunts ) There's still some ammo.
We should grab the extra.
( growling ) Naomi! ( cries out ) ( all growling ) ( snarling ) ( growling ) Hang on! ( roars ) Al: When did you sharpen it? That came later.
Keep talking.
Check this out.
Okay, this stuff's really hard to come by.
We gotta take as much of this back as we can.
Take a look.
Maybe those people missed this whole area.
This might not be the only place around here those people haven't picked over.
Alicia: I thought I saw some buildings off the road back there.
We could drive out there, maybe.
Naomi? Al: So what happened? Did she run? We were all running.
Victor? What the hell, man.
Where are we? I've been loading this with provisions since the crops failed.
There's enough in here to lastmaybe a month.
Why are you showing me this? There's enough room in here for two.
This food, the stadium-- Victor, people are hungry.
What's here would barely feed everyone for a day.
Yeah, and that day could be the difference between people making it and not making it.
So can this.
I did things before I met you.
People got hurt.
People died.
At times for no other reason than my own self-preservation.
I want to live.
There's famine on our horizon.
And this-- this is how I ensure I survive it.
How we both survive it.
You want to to get to know me? This is me.
I'm sorry, Victor, I can't do that.
I didn't think so.
I'll drive myself back.
You got everything you need right here.
( car starts ) Al: So, did you leave? Strand? You think this is your fault.
Alicia: It's not his fault.
He wasn't the only one that thought about leaving.
( breathing heavily ) ( starts car ) ( engine hesitating ) ( engine stops ) Shit.
Second time you ran out on me since we met.
You don't have to tell us where you came from or what happened to you.
You don't have to tell us anything.
But you're either with us trying to keep this going, or you're not.
( scoffs ) I just can't do it again.
I just I can't.
Do what? Try to keep this going.
I did the same thing once.
I went off on my own.
Nobody could've talked me out of it.
Then I realized it wasn't where I wanted to be, not really.
Maybe you will too.
Let's get you some gas.
Al: What about you? Did you think about leaving? Yes.
We all did.
Luciana: We have to go.
There could be something for her-- records or cassettes or CDs.
( Infected growling ) ( growling continues ( growling ) Nick: Lucy, I'm sorry, we shouldn't have come here.
Luciana: I don't want to end up like that.
We're not gonna end up like that.
We're not gonna give up, OK? Things are gonna get better.
- This isn't the colonia.
- Maybe it is.
Maybe we just haven't realized it.
We know what's wrong, we're trying to fix it.
Maybe we just can't! What if we found a new place? What if we started over? New fields, new crops-- we've done it before, we can do it again.
Where would we go? First page we open to-- that's where we go.
That's where we start over.
That's where we take everyone.
Al: What page did it open to? Whatever page it was, it's the reason you're sitting here, isn't it? I never should have opened that book.
( drops pen ) ( sighs ) You need help with something? Mel (over radio): You got any relish in there? Mel: You finished the relish already, haven't you? And the ketchup, and themustard.
Always go through all the condiments trying to dress up the things you really don't want to eat.
Smell pretty good, don't they? Considering they're from a can.
So where you sending everyone out to these days? So you can beat us there? I don't think so.
You know, Madison, every time you send someone out there's a chance they might not come back.
- They'll be back.
- You sure? I know my people.
Did I ever tell you the story about where Ennis and I were before I packed up the bus? I used to live just like you fine folks.
Well, not in a baseball stadium, nothing quite that unusual, but it was a settlement, my family's cattle ranch in the hill country, two or three other families.
It was a really nice place to be.
Then some wildfires kicked up about 30 miles away-- I know where you're going with this.
You were smart.
You saw what was coming, tried to warn everyone else, but they didn't listen.
So you and your brother left before the fires hit.
I'm sorry about the rest of your family.
People are stubborn creatures.
Weenie? I'm good.
If you didn't come out here for the food, or thecompany, what are you doin' here? To tell you that my offer still stands.
You want relish, I'm sure we could scrounge up a packet or two in the concession stands.
We could all make a go of it in there, if we just work together.
You genuinely believe that, don't you? I do.
That's why this place is gonna fall.
My offer stands, too.
Oh, I'm not gonna join you.
You had the story wrong, by the way, about me and Ennis leavin'.
I convinced everyone to stay.
I told 'em we could save the place.
And they listened.
Then the fires got close, and my brother and I were the only ones that made it out alive.
We could hear them dying screamin' as we drove off.
Al: So that's why this day was so important because you decided to leave.
Because you gave up on the stadium.
Here we go.
Naomi: I was a nurse in ICU.
I saw a lot of car accidents, lot of strokes.
After a while, you knew who was gonna make it and who wasn't.
You gotta talk to your mom.
The stadium it's not gonna last.
You gotta start thinkin' about where you're gonna go next.
I'll talk to her.
You think you know what happened that day.
but you're wrong.
Madison: Where's Victor? - Is he OK? - ( gate opening ) Why'd you bring back the supplies for everyone? Why not just try to get Cole to keep it a secret? I got a little reminder of what I stood to lose.
Al: And what did people think when they found out about your escape hatch? Madison: Wow.
Looks like you guys had a big day.
Finally caught a break, right? Boy, we were due! Good work.
Strand: I didn't tell them the truth I was the one who packed it.
Al: So, are you gonna tell me? What page did it open to? I guess we're going north.
Wonder how the soil is up there.
Lucy, what if there's another way of looking at this? I don't understand.
Where did the book take you? What'd you find? OK, what if we went farther than anywhere on these maps, farther than those assholes in the parking lot have scavenged? Nick, we can't go that far out every time we need something.
No, we only need to do it once.
We find seeds, we find fertilizers, we replant.
Ya know? We turn this place back into what it was.
I'll go tell the others.
Good work.
Thanks for today.
Hey, replanting was your idea.
I'm just glad we're gonna do it here.
We need to talk.
Al: You told her about Naomi, right? No.
Were you always right? The ICU.
The patients you thought would die.
They ever live? Alicia: No, I let Naomi do her own talking.
Madison: Nice wheels.
What else did you find? Even if we make it work here, things are gonna get worse before they get better.
I want to help set up an infirmary.
And I'm gonna help.
Al: I don't understand.
You stayed at the stadium, you fought for it.
Why is that the day everything changed? We should have talked my mom into leaving.
I should have followed my gut.
I should have kept that car secret.
We should have flipped to another page.
We should have found someplace else to go.
But we wanted to believe.
We wanted to stay.
I wanted to be a better person.
That's why my brother is dead.
That's why Nick is dead.
That's why my friend is dead.
We could have stopped it all.
( sighs ) ( brakes squeal ) ( engine off ) Is this it? This is it.
Why here? Alicia: What difference does it make to you? I I just wanted to know.
( clank ) This isn't about Nick, is it? You're goin' after the rest of them.
Even after what happened to him? - It's what Nick wanted.
- Morgan: You don't know that.
You didn't know Nick.
You've been lying to me this whole time.
We had a deal.
To answer your questions.
And we did.
The answers only matter if they're the truth.
They are.
But you served them to me between two slices of bullshit, so how am I supposed to tell the difference? Sniff before you bite.
Good luck finding them without me.
We don't need you anymore.
Alicia found this on our friend with the El Camino.
They split off across the landscape and reassemble with their gains.
We know where they meet up next.
You just needed a ride here.
You got snookered, Al.
So you're all really gonna lug all of this wherever the Vultures are meeting? Depends.
You offering to drive? Don't take them, Al.
Take me.
Their story just ends up with more people getting hurt.
Mine doesn't.
There's a lot of our story you don't know.
Give me one reason I can believe anything you tell me from here on out.
We don't have to tell you anything.
You want the truth? You want to know how this ends? Come see it for yourself.
- Load up.
- ( Dorie scoffs ) But you're still planning on burying your brother, right? You're not gonna just leave him on the side of the road? We'll bury him here.
He liked growing things, right? Hey.
Where'd you get that? Strand: We took what we could when we left the stadium.
Guns, supplies put 'em in anything we could find.
Could I? Please? It belonged to her.
To who? Laura.
Uh, we should set this stuff up in the locker room.
Just give me a second.
Naomi? Her name was Naomi? She never told me her real name.
Where is she? Where'd she go? Where is she?! Naomi didn't make it out.
The stadium.
Things went wrong.
What happened? She's dead.
No, that's not true.
She's out there.
She's gotta be.
There's the rub.
Your story did end with someone getting hurt.
- Looks like you need-- - Shut up.
They did this.
Come with us.
Help us end it.
- John-- - Dorie: Just let me be.
Everybody just let me be.
I'll find out what happened and I'll come back for you.
I'm sorry, John.
You were right.
We're always on our own.

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