Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" The stadium, it's not gonna last.
You got to start thinking about where you're gonna go next.
Where did you get that? It belonged to her.
To who? Laura.
Naomi? Her name was Naomi? Where'd she go? The stadium.
Things were wrong.
Naomi didn't make it out.
( bird chirps ) ( bird squawks ) ( distant splashing ) ( Infected growling ) Clock radio: I wanna know Can ya tell me I'll never be Take me to the river Drop me in the water - ( clicks switch ) - ( music stops ) ( spits ) ( sizzling ) Pupal.
Papal, pupal Stag.
( murmurs ) Platypus.
( chuckles ) Man 1 (on TV): Come on.
Man 2: Drop that beak! The day I met you there were vultures in the sky-- should have taken that for an omen.
Those were bluebirds! Stop worryin'.
I'll getcha out of this.
Don't get me out of things-- stop gettin' me into things, will ya? Look, Harold.
( sheep bleating ) I'll be darned.
French poodles.
No! Those are sheep! ( turns TV off ) ( clock ticking ) ( distant splashing ) - ( frogs croaking ) - ( crickets chirping ) Not another one.
Hey! Where you comin' from? ( taps canoe with stick ) Oh, my God.
Ma'am? ( Dorie grunts ) Can you hear me? Jesus.
- Hey there.
- ( woman groans ) ( door slams shut ) Dorie: Shh.
- Oh, God.
Oh, boy.
- I have to get back.
You're safe now.
Don't you worry about that.
All right.
Hey, you are injured.
I need to see how bad, OK? Hey Ahhh.
Well, good news is, it's not a bite.
That's about as good news as you can expect these days.
- I'm sorry.
- ( gasps ) Yeah.
I'm gonna take care of this wound as best I can, then I'll get you to sleep, OK? - Dorie: On the visor.
- Don't come any closer.
No, no.
The keys.
They're on top of the visor.
But, uh transmission sticks.
So you might want to avoid reverse, unless you want it to become a permanent situation.
I just found you washed up by the river.
You got a pretty bad cut.
It's not a bite or a scratch, there's nothing angry about it.
All right.
( engine stutters, does not turn over ) ( engine stuttering ) Yeah.
It needs a new battery.
I've been meaning to attend to that.
( turns key in ignition ) ( sighs ) Look, if you're gonna go, then I might as well set you up with food and water make sure you're rested.
We might oughta change that bandage, too.
OK? ( inhales, exhales ) Can you do it? - I don't know.
- I can't.
And I need stitches.
Take one hand, hold the edges of the wound together, and then sew in one continuous loop.
Continuous loop.
OK, excuse me.
( clears throat ) - All right.
You sure about this? - Just do it.
( gasps ) Sorry, sorry, sorry.
( grunts ) Dorie: This is fish stew.
( Dorie chuckles ) But I believe zee French call it bouillabaisse.
So ( clears throat ) Soup-- S-Soup-- Soup is the blanket of food.
- So - What? I, uh-- It's been a while since I had company.
But enjoy your soup.
And, uh, my name's John, by the way.
Thanks, John.
You look like a Laura, if I had to guess.
Would Laura be an acceptable substitute for now? Heya.
I used to work at Humbug Gulch on weekends.
Is that for, like, pizza or something? No! It's like trick shootin' and lassoin' for the kids and discerning adults.
You might know it more as Wild West shows.
It was just something I did for fun.
( clears throat ) You know, you are welcome to stay here as long as you need, Laura.
I'll be moving on as soon as I can.
But there's food and shelter here till you're ready.
Well, maybe next time you need somethin' you just ask.
'Cause, my word.
( chuckles ) Hey! I made you some privacy.
I said I'm not staying long.
No-- What are you, a doctor? A nurse? I figured it's a safe bet that you make restin' up a priority, so I just made you some privacy to facilitate.
- You can take the bed.
- No, the couch is fine.
- I don't sleep anyways.
- You don't sleep? An hour, two hours if I'm lucky.
It's the damnedest thing.
I used to, I just haven't in a good while.
Anyway, I left you a clean shirt on the bed.
So - Thank you.
- Yeah.
How'd you know I was a nurse? Well, I don't know too many people you could just stick a needle in their side.
Were you a nurse all the way up until Yeah.
Seems like forever ago, doesn't it? It does.
Well, good night.
( soft clattering ) ( clattering continues ) ( metallic clicking ) ( floorboards creak ) ( distant splashing ) ( Infected growls ) ( growling ) They wash up here? Yeah.
There's something amiss upriver.
I need to suss it out.
Plus, it's Tuesday.
What happens on Tuesdays? Go to the store.
A store.
I go to it.
I'll come.
You should probably rest up.
No, I need some new dressings.
I don't want this to get infected.
I can get those for you.
I'd rather do it myself.
Well, if you're feeling up to it, I suppose I wouldn't mind the company.
You should wear these boots.
They'll be big on ya, but anything's better than those.
There's snakes out here.
No, I want to be able to run if I need to.
You can run in those.
They won't hold you back.
No, thanks.
Suit yourself.
You been out here long? A good while, I suppose.
What did you do? Before, I mean.
I was a police officer.
Why didn't you bring your guns? What guns you mean? I thought all cops had guns.
They cause more problems than they solve.
Plus, they just attract more of the passed, in my experience.
You like it? Being a cop? For a time.
( Infecteds growling ) Is that yours? I mean, is that how you ended up in the river? No.
I'm a better driver than that.
Look out.
Hey, buddy.
- There's your problem.
- Yes, ma'am.
That's something that needs tending to.
( Infected snarling ) Laura: What is this place? Dorie: It was Bill's.
I think it was his father's.
I believe it's been in the family for 60 years.
- Where's Bill now? - Not sure.
They closed the road for repairs just before everything went south.
Haven't seen anybody since.
( taps on window ) ( bell tinkles ) Here ya go.
Help yourself to whatever you want.
There's no shoppin' carts to speak of.
I'll manage.
( humming ) You rearranging the place? People always need splints and dressings.
When you're in trouble, it's hard to think outside the box.
- Just doing my part.
- You've done this before.
I'm lucky to have a job that's still useful now.
( murmuring ) "Blue Sky.
" You like movies? I've been making a study of the collection.
I went through the whole thing alphabetical first, but you always just end up going back to your favorites.
( Dorie writing ) Your last name's Dorie? Yeah, like the fish, but I-E, no Y.
Your name is John Dorie like the fish, and you like fishing.
( door opens ) What? We're gonna need a ladder.
Thanks for your help, Laura.
Is it OK if I call you that? Laura's fine.
I won't be staying much longer.
( Infected growling ) Woman on TV: a shortage in the ink market.
- Man on TV: What man? - Woman: John Doe.
- Man 2: What John Doe? - Woman: "I John Doe.
" The one I made up.
Look, genius.
Now, look.
Suppose there was a John Doe and he walked into this office.
What would you do? Find him a job and forget about the whole business, I suppose, huh? I'm disturbing you.
I'm sorry.
( movie continues ) Tuesday's usually my movie night.
Well, to be honest, every night's pretty much movie night these days.
- I just want some water.
- I'll turn the volume down.
I've seen this so many times I pretty much know what they're gonna say.
( lowers volume on TV ) - You want some? - No, thanks.
Yeah? ( raises volume ) Woman: That's the only way he can get himself heard.
- Man: So? - So? So he writes me a letter and I dig him up.
He pours out his soul to me.
From now on we quote: "I protest by John Doe.
" He protests against all the evils in the world Sometimes on movie night I take my butterscotch and my caramels, melt 'em together into a kind of brittle.
Saw you take some Black Jacks from Bill's earlier.
Maybe throw a couple of those in there, see how that turns out.
It's gonna be great.
Man on TV: My name is Bert Hansen, Mr.
I'm head soda jerk at the drugstore.
- ( Dorie snoring ) - Well, sir, you see, me and my wife, we heard your broadcast, we got quite a bang out of it, especially my wife.
Kept me up half the night sayin', "That man's right, honey.
The trouble with the world is, nobody gives a hoot about his neighbor.
That's why everybody in town" I lost my child.
( movie continues, indistinct ) Teach me to fish.
Well, is this a request for a formal lesson, or something a little more casual? The river's a resource.
I should know how to use it.
Well, all right, then.
I'll grab you some gear.
A little slack.
A little more slack.
Open the face of the reel like that, yeah, top of the cast, just let go.
Just keep a little tension on it.
Let it drift.
- Hey! Hey, hey! - Tip up! Tip up! Pull him in.
Reel it in.
Nice, nice, nice! ( music playing, dialogue indistinct ) This is really good.
Yeah? Thanks for teaching me.
( chuckles ) It'll come in handy out there.
Yeah, it will come in handy out there.
There might be a little bit of a scar.
But, uh, nothin' too bad.
Hang on.
( chuckles ) I think I'm ready.
Seeing as I'm all healed up.
- Nothin' keeping you here now.
- I said I was gonna be leaving.
You said it.
Soon as you were able.
Take a couple days to pack some things.
You're on your way.
- ( distant splashing ) - ( Infected growling ) ( growling ) I think that patch up on the bridge could use my attention.
We're gonna need something stronger to block that opening.
Maybe one of the cars parked at Bill's still has a charge in it.
I can handle it.
You helped me.
It's the least I can do.
Up to you.
( Infecteds growl ) All right.
Hey, where'd you learn to do that? Some woman in a camp I lived in.
You gonna arrest me? I asked you not to go through my things.
We're driving on a bridge filled with the dead.
We might need to protect ourselves.
You're good with the knife.
This is just gonna bring more of 'em.
Those guns aren't doing anyone any good in a box.
I want 'em in a box.
I don't want 'em out here.
( growling ) ( grunts ) Good job.
( panting ) Laura: OK, just stay straight, you're good.
( growling ) John.
Laura: Shoot it.
- No.
- Shoot it, John! No! Shoot him! John! John! Shoot him! ( snarling ) ( roaring ) John! I didn't get bit.
It wasn't close enough to bite you.
I've seen people get really sick from just being exposed to this stuff.
Well, I didn't mean for that to happen.
You could have stopped it before it got close to you.
You had the gun.
It's not how I do things.
How you do things nearly got you killed.
Well, better me than somebody else.
What are you talking about? This doesn't have to do with using guns on the dead.
This has to do with using guns.
Is that why you don't like talking about being a cop? Did somebody take your gun, or did you have to fire it? I fired it.
Good guy or bad guy? Hmm I don't look at things that way, but I guess you'd call him a bad guy.
Was it a mistake? Or was it intentional? It's not that simple.
It-- It was an intentional mistake.
I stopped at the gas station after one of my shows at the Gulch, this guy was robbin' the place.
I told him I was a police officer, put down his weapon.
He would not.
So I tried to clip him in the leg It's OK.
No, it's not OK.
Because he turned.
I hit him dead center in that leg, and he bled out.
Is that why you moved up here? No.
Why'd you move up here? Um 'Cause people thought I was a hero.
( scoffs ) Doesn't matter how many people say it's not your fault.
Only thing that matters is if you believe it.
( Infecteds growling ) ( growling, snarling ) ( metal groans ) ( splash ) ( splash ) ( distant splashing ) ( Infecteds growling ) Laura! - ( Dorie grunting ) - ( Infected snarling ) ( all snarling ) ( Laura grunting ) John! ( Laura grunting ) ( distorted growling ) ( gunshots ) ( gunfire continues ) ( Infected snarling ) ( door opens ) ( door closes ) Thank you.
You may not think you're a hero, but I do.
And an honorable person.
I'm very, very lucky to have washed up in your front yard.
I can't.
If you're going, you'll need it.
And I need you to take it.
( TV on, indistinct ) I'm gonna sit on the porch.
What's the matter? Just leave it be.
Why won't you look at me? - What is it? - Nothing.
John I love you.
I love you.
And I didn't want you to know.
( chuckles ) Why didn't you want me to know? 'Cause you're gonna leave.
And I don't want you to.
I don't want you to.
If you want to be on your own, you stay.
I'll go.
( scoffs ) I need you alive.
If you're alive, this whole world this whole world feels alive.
Clock radio: I wanna know Can you tell me I'll never be Take me to the river Drop me in the water ( turns off music ) Laura? Ohh.
She loved you.
- Maybe if I waited to tell her-- - No.
- Maybe-- - There ain't no waiting.
Not in this world.
Waiting, that's-- That's how you lose people.
It's stupid to say but I believed we'd have a second chance.
Maybe we still do.
They're still here.
They think the only thing left is to fight and kill and die.
- Maybe they're right.
- Hey.
- Maybe.
- No! Look me in the eye and tell me that's what you believe.
Tell me that's what you believe and we'll-- We'll go our separate ways.
I do not believe that.
I do not.
We're alive.
We are part of the world.
Let's not waste another second.
( clears throat ) ( sighs )
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