Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e13 Episode Script


1 What do you want?! Haven't you done enough?! Previously on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" She already took off.
She's out there on her own somewhere.
What makes you think I would help? I took a bullet in the gut.
You owe me.
No sign of her.
We have to find them and help them.
We don't know if they're alive.
Morgan, my walkie died.
John? Everyone else? Still looking.
I have to let you go now, Purvis.
You aren't going to be weak anymore.
Quinn, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy? He's not here, June.
He's got to be close.
He said he just passed marker 20.
- Maybe we should go back.
- He could show up back at the semi.
We should keep looking.
I'm with her.
Asshole has my van.
- SARAH: Knock, knock, amigos.
You got a guest or a goose egg? There was no sign of him.
But we're gonna keep looking.
You let us know if you see anything, yeah? - 10-4, Mo-Mo.
- Please don't call me that.
What the hell is this? An airport shuttle? We just gonna keep adding names to the list of people we're picking up? I don't know, Jimbo.
Maybe we should take [CHUCKLING.]
your name off the list.
- You need me.
- Why the hell did you kidnap me? - Oh, don't be so dramatic.
We just borrowed you.
We needed to learn some things.
We need beer.
Maybe you could learn a little.
I'm sure you could achieve swill in a year.
Maybe that's good enough for you, Sarah.
But you want a good beer.
Some say the best beer.
And that's my mind.
My experience.
These fingers.
This soul.
I'll cover Mr.
Soul Man.
Time to stir the beef.
I need a gun.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Here, I got some rebar.
You want that? Matter of fact, how about a rock? You want a rock? Wendell.
Stay in front of me, Soul Man.
- Wendell? - [GROWLING LOUDER.]
- Give me that damn gun! - Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
I got this, partner.
Be easy, be easy.
- Stay right there, Greasy.
- Sarah! - Let him come.
Let him come.
- I got this.
Come on.
- Uh-huh.
Oh! Come on.
Want your first kill? You get a point for every one you kill.
Watch this.
That was my point! Whoever gets the kill wins the bill.
- Guys? You should see this.
Mo-Mo, get your ass back to the truck.
Is that Quinn? What kind of sicko shitto does that? Quinn, are you out there? I repeat, are you there? Are we just gonna wait here like sitting ducks? We need to leave now.
Beer boy's got a point.
- Quinn, do you copy? [WALKER GROWLING ON WALKIE.]
- Quinn? That's Quinn.
The genuine article.
What does that mean? Who is this? Golly.
So many questions.
Here's the answer.
I let him become what he was meant to be.
You hear that? He's not weak anymore.
That voice.
I know that voice.
The road.
You were by one of the boxes.
Is that you, Morgan? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
How'd you know my name? I know a lot about you, Morgan.
AL: Bitch has my van.
She has the tapes.
What do you want? You shouldn't be leaving those by the side of the road.
Those boxes.
They make people weak.
And you're not weak, Morgan.
At least, you didn't used to be.
What do you want? I want you to stop.
If you stop trying to help people, then you'll be strong again.
And I won't have to make you that way.
Trust me, Morgan.
It's better for both of us.
I know who you really are.
I know what you're really capable of.
You didn't say all of it, but you said enough.
And I can see it.
It's still there.
It's still there.
Come on.
I hate the wet ones.
Oh, come on.
Early bird kills the dead, huh? Oof.
"Draws 'em out," more like.
I think our particular early bird might be what's been attracting the passed.
And disturbing my morning reading.
We used to get grackles up by my cabin.
Big flocks of 'em.
Never once saw one flying solo like this.
As if the world ain't been turned upside down enough.
- You finished? - Ehh.
Coulda gone twice as fast if I had another pair of hands.
I lost my stomach for boating a while ago.
And getting caught in a flash flood didn't exactly restore my interest.
And we both know that these aren't friendly waters.
Well, we ain't going for a swim.
If you get as far as the car, I'll be impressed.
You know, there's room for two on this.
I built it that way.
These waters are moving slower than a one-legged dog.
Could take weeks before it drains.
Might never if the levees broke.
I've got ample rations and my white whale.
I'll make do.
If I had a drink, this would practically be paradise.
Of course, I had paradise, but I was drawn into a fool's errand at a time when fools routinely die, and if you have something say, an estate with God's wine cellar you keep it.
You don't go out helping to find the instrument of your last safe place's demise.
I'm not getting in on whatever that thing is.
- I'm finally starting to get it.
- Get what? It's time to stop being foolish.
You know, this is me using my head.
This is me getting out of a dangerous situation.
You could, too.
Come on.
But as soon as I find June and Charlie, I'm coming straight back here for you in something a little less handmade.
I hear.
But I won't count on it.
You know, you're gonna run out of food before this water goes down! How cute that you even consider tomorrow or the next day.
I just hope that thing falls apart near the shoreline! [SOFTLY.]
It won't fall apart.
I can help.
How long have you been here? [WEAKLY.]
Since the storm.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
My name's Clayton.
You look like you been through the wringer.
Why do you want to help a total stranger? I have some things to make up for.
Don't we all.
This is your last chance.
You sure you don't want to come? Of this, I'm most certain.
But I'll watch.
- Wood's too dense.
John! [GUNSHOT.]
Aah! Aah! The damn passed have taken all the fear out of 'em.
You think she'd be full by now.
Well, looks like you and I are still roomies.
You bury them? What difference does it make? Hey! How many more journals, uh, did, uh Polar Bear.
The man's name is Polar Bear.
How many journals did he write? We got dos, and that's it.
The man was a poet of the pavement.
Got a lot of memorable sayings in there.
I don't think he'd feel too good about them ending up on the faces of the dead.
She's out there.
And she's hurting people, and it ain't just us.
If they're giving help or if they're in need of help, she is hurting them.
So we're gonna find John and Alicia and Charlie and Strand and the guy who used to own this truck, okay? - Polar Bear.
- The man name is Polar Bear.
Hey, we don't even know if he's still alive.
Oh, he's still alive.
We wouldn't have stolen his truck if he couldn't take care of himself.
Quinn looked like someone who could have taken care of himself, too.
We got to find everyone.
Let's hit the road.
JIM: Hey, what about what that nutjob said? What about it? Well, she said she knows what you're capable of.
What's that mean? Doesn't matter.
We agreed to come with you.
We deserve to know.
That's twice today I agree with him.
I've got some things I got to make up for.
You know, same as anybody else here.
Okay? Now we should hit the road.
- And if we say no? - Then I'll take your truck, and we'll keep doing what I been doing.
You'll take the truck? That's right.
Man, do you know how to handle 80,000 pounds of metal at 80 miles an hour? AL: I do.
Not any harder than my van.
I want to talk to the guy that set all this up.
If you think that you can just come in here [KNIFE CLATTERS.]
- We going with you.
- Yeah, what we planned.
She doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
There's gotta be a way through 'em.
Ha! So your plan is to surmount one impossibility to surmount another impossibility.
You're expecting to find June.
Out there.
I found her before.
After you all told me she was dead.
The world didn't want me to keep looking, but I did.
And look where that's landed.
I know there ain't no happy endings, but you gotta fight for every day.
I found somebody that I want to find alongside.
Look here.
This was her favorite.
Found that in my shirt pocket the day the storm hit.
Road flooded, and we washed up here.
Little things like this make you want to keep fighting.
So you ain't gonna change my mind.
I'm gonna get off this island.
I'm gonna find her.
I'm gonna give her this when I do.
Why? Why keep believing that's true? Why keep believing things will get any better than this? Well, if we don't believe things will get better, we don't believe that we can make 'em that way if we don't fight for every day, we're no different than the passed.
The only difference between us and the passed is a few days' rations.
N-No, no, no! It's okay.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
I'm sorry, little lady.
It's nice that you want to try, that you think you can, but you can't.
The car's the only thing keeping me together.
No, there's got to be something I can do! [PANTING.]
Is there anyone you want me to find? Anyone who might be looking for you? Just one person, but it's the only person in the world I don't want to see.
Everyone else, the rest of my people, they're all gone.
- Hey, hey.
I never thought I'd go out like this.
What? Nah, nah.
Tell me.
I'd love to have one last beer.
You're gonna get one.
You're gonna have to keep talking to me.
Uhh Channel 17.
No one uses it.
That's never gonna work.
That camper shell will float better than the wood.
- And what about our reptilian friend? - You make enough noise, you draw enough of the passed to the other shore, he'll never even know I'm there.
And I assume you want me to retrieve said camper shell.
The only reason I can't do it myself is on account of what you and your friends did to me.
That's the second time you invoked your injury to get me to do something.
Well, it ain't exactly a skinned knee.
You be careful up there.
We stole his rig at this yardstick.
He really shoulda been changing up where he made the drops.
Yeah, he really screwed up, trying to save people's lives.
You think you stealing his truck was his fault? SARAH: Hey, this is a full-on frog/scorpion situation here.
We can't help it if he's the kinda frog that leaves his keys in his rig.
Ribbit did it.
Not on us.
Well, if we're lucky, he's still around here somewhere.
JIM: Yeah, or he's walking around with Sharpie on his face, courtesy of our friend on the walkie.
Your point being, Jimbo? Should we really be leaving these things, knowing what we know? Yeah.
Yeah, we should.
Morgan? - Hey, you mind? - Yeah.
You think John'll see one of these? We're gonna find him.
You know, one way or another.
We'll find 'em all.
You got it! - [GRUNTS.]
N-Now, if you just release the latches, gravity'll do the rest.
I know what I'm doing, John! [WALKER SNARLING.]
Everything okay up there? Everything's fine.
Ah! What the hell are you doing? [GROWLING.]
Aaaaah! Ow, ow! Oh, no, no.
Aah! Victor! Victor! Victor? [GRUNTS.]
You all right? Well, how about that? [PANTING.]
Victor! Hey! You almost got yourself killed back there! - But I didn't.
- Yeah, but you coulda! - But I didn't.
- Victor! Look, let's just be honest here, John.
You're just upset 'cause you didn't want to lose your distraction.
No, no.
I'm upset because you almost killed yourself so you could tie one on.
- Is that what you think this is? - Yeah.
That's about the long and short of it, unless you want to tell me something different.
Good luck with raft number two.
I'll be your noisemaker when you need me.
- CLAYTON: How's it going out there, little lady? I'm getting close.
I know it.
Man, you always drink? Even before? I was an amateur.
I've gone pro.
What for? [SIGHS.]
I drink to forget.
Forget what? That I don't have anyone to drink with anymore.
You've got things to look forward to over there.
I only have things to look back on.
That's not true.
You do have someone to share a drink with.
We're just not gonna have it here.
We're gonna have it over there.
What about your distraction? I got it.
Whoo! Battery from the truck - [HONKING STOPS.]
- Sorry.
Battery from the truck had some juice left in it.
Enough to call the passed out to big scaly.
You don't think it'll work? Well, I didn't think you'd survive a bullet to the gut, but here we are.
You just gotta believe.
You just gotta fight for that next day.
You coming? You coming? [CHUCKLES.]
Okay, all right, all right, all right.
- CLAYTON: You okay, little lady? I'm sorry.
I thought I had it, but Nothing to be sorry for.
You tried to help.
Not a lot of folks out here still willing to do that, especially for a total stranger.
What does it matter? I failed.
Let me tell you a story.
There was a time when I didn't want to be around anyone.
So I found a job that took me away from the world, away from everyone I ever knew, everyone I ever cared about.
And then, when the world changed, when everyone went away, I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life.
What did you do? I couldn't help the people I had run away from, so I found a way to help the people who were still around.
I don't understand.
Just because you weren't able to help me, Luci, doesn't mean you're not gonna be able to help someone else.
You ready? I may need a drink before we reach the other side.
Well, that's a pickle.
Damn grackle.
It's okay.
Shell's made of fiberglass.
Pretty strong.
Aah! Ohh! [BANGING.]
Did you get her? [THUD.]
Oh! We got We got about a minute, tops.
Hey, hey! See there? We could make it to the other side.
I'll empty my pistol.
I'll draw those other two over more.
That should occupy any gator.
We're not gonna make it.
Aw, come on, Victor! We have seconds here! You can't fight when you're dead, John.
- It didn't work.
- It could work! Oh, yeah? You gonna swim across fast enough? You can't even row a boat! And those two walkers won't occupy that thing for long.
- It didn't work.
- It was never gonna work.
I only bought into your bullshit because I felt sorry for you, but I'm not gonna die for you.
Fire your gun and let's swim back now! [GUNSHOTS.]
We could make it.
See, we could make it! You can't.
I'm going.
I'm gonna live, if only for a little longer.
Ohh! [GRUNTS.]
You don't give up.
I watched someone die.
And I couldn't do anything to make him feel better in his last moments.
I wasn't gonna let that happen again.
It's cold.
First-aid kit had an ice pack in it.
Ahh! Thank you.
Can I give you something, too? Couple of notebooks in the back.
Places where I left supplies.
Things that'll help when you Well, you know, you'll read about it.
Your job? That took you away from everyone you cared about? What was it? [SIGHS.]
I drove trucks.
Whoever left that box, [VOICE BREAKING.]
if you're listening, thank you.
What you left, it helped more than you will ever know.
- MORGAN: Luciana, is that you? Morgan? [BIRD SQUAWKING.]
LUCIANA: He said these were important.
He felt they could help us.
Did he know where you found the beer? I didn't get a chance to tell him.
But I think he'd like what you're doing.
- Hello? Is someone there? Hello? ALICIA: What are you doing? We don't know who left that there.
It could be a trap.
MORGAN: Hello.
We're here.
- Morgan? - Alicia? Hey, where are you? You all right? We're by mile marker 84.
We found this box.
You did? We're just north of you.
We'll come back.
FILTHY WOMAN: I gave you the chance to be strong.
- Who is this? - Hey, Alicia.
I know her.
Now, I want you to listen to me, because you're wrong.
What you said about helping people, it doesn't make us weak.
It doesn't make them weak.
It makes all of us stronger.
I've been where you are.
You think you're out there on your own.
You think what you're doing is the right thing, that it's the only thing.
But it's not.
So we're gonna keep finding the people we're looking for.
It's working already.
We're gonna find them, and we're gonna help them.
And then then we're gonna help you.
SARAH: Hey, Al.
That van you were talking about.
What exactly does it look like? What the hell is going on? Cat 2 MRAP.
It's a It's a tank.
Why? I think we found it.
It's at our back door, 5:00.
Holy shit.
Hit the gas.
That thing's sluggish as hell.
What do you think we are? [ENGINE REVS.]
- It's gaining on us.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey! What you doing? [TIRES SQUEALING.]
I told you I'm making you strong.
You lose people, you lose yourself.
Get down.
Everybody, get down! [RAPID GUNFIRE.]
Morgan? Morgan? Morgan!
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