Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e12 Episode Script


1 She enjoyed the blackjack.
- Card player? - Taffy.
Sort of an acquired taste, I suppose.
I never much cared for them before.
Al: And now? - I don't mind them.
- [Chuckles.]
You think you'll find her? I know I will.
[Camcorder beeps, viewing screen shuts.]
[Walkers growling in distance.]
[White noise.]
I never should have left you at that bus, John.
I saw the tape you made when you first met Al.
She asked if you thought you would find me again.
And you knew.
You believed.
But if she asked me that question.
Right now.
I don't think I could have answered like you did.
You know me, John or at least I think you do.
When the going gets tough, I run or worse.
[White noise.]
Things are pretty tough right now.
How did you know? How did you believe? [White noise.]
Trying to raise John again? No diesel.
Start conserving the battery on that thing.
We can't recharge.
John: She enjoyed her blackjack.
- Card player? - Taffy.
Sort of an acquired [Metal scraping.]
[Walker growls.]
We're out of water, Al.
We can't keep going out just far enough to make it back before sundown.
We're gonna have to walk away and keep going.
[Static crackles.]
John? Is that you? [White noise.]
[Static crackles.]
John! John! [Static crackles.]
[Walker groaning.]
[Engine rumbling.]
[Tires screech, brakes hiss.]
[Walker groaning.]
Sarah: Ah! That was a clean hit.
Wendell: Clean as a cow's ass.
Yeah, you'd know, bro.
[Walker groaning, growling.]
Well, shit.
Catching a skin muncher like that? Hey, you remember when Dad hit that seagull and it got stuck on the hood? I mean, that's gotta be what? - One in a million? - I told you.
I still get the point.
- A half.
- I heard that.
Come [Grunts.]
There you go.
Anybody copy? This is Morgan.
Does anybody copy? [White noise.]
If you can hear me, I'm at, uh mile marker 27 on highway 365 and we're heading west.
Guys, I got help.
[White noise.]
[Static crackles.]
Let's go.
Where? We didn't even hear what that person said.
It's got better range at higher ground.
We find that, we get back on.
See if we get the signal again.
Did you kill the camera? I killed the battery.
Watching that tape? Watching that tape.
[Cabinet shuts, locks.]
You okay? Yeah, yeah, I just low blood sugar equals low blood pressure.
And I'm shaky.
Y you go.
I'll stay.
You got a handful of brow sweat now.
I've had handfuls of worse.
You're a little warm.
It'd be good for you to get out there.
Get some fresh air.
You should come with me.
I'll make sure the van's safe.
How? Whoever's on the other end of this might have food, water, fuel.
You bring your blood sugar up as soon as we find something.
We come back here, get the van going, and find everyone else.
[Insects chirping.]
If we keep stopping like this, we're never gonna get to Virginia.
Oh, yeah, we won't.
We'll definitely get killed by something.
Anyway, pass me a beer, Jimbo.
I'm gonna leave this channel open.
And I will be listening.
You really think your people are gonna hear ya? I gotta try.
Somebody did the same for me once.
For as long as he could.
Did it work? It didn't work.
It'll work.
I repeat.
Highway 365, mile 27, heading west.
[White noise.]
[Static crackles.]
Nothing, huh? Not yet.
Dizzy? Your vision okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Been too good at keeping my belly full.
It's been a while since it's been like this.
[Birds chirping.]
We might be done walking.
[Walker growling.]
[Tapping on window.]
[Continue growling.]
Open it up.
[Continues growling.]
[Growling stops.]
Can anyone hear me? I repeat.
Can anyone hear me? So let's find some higher ground.
I'm sorry I used up all the battery on your camera.
Hey, I get it.
Can't talk to him.
It's the next best thing.
You ever have someone? Been doing what I do since before the world went to shit.
When you spend as much time as I did collecting other people's stories kinda stop having your own.
Can anyone hear me? I repeat.
Can anyone hear me? [Walkers growling.]
You made them weak, Purvis.
Time to hit the road, Mo-mo.
Please don't call me that.
- I got to keep doing it.
- Really? Why? I really like it.
Voice: Can anyone [Static crackles.]
me? Hello? Hello, is there anybody there? Can you hear me? [White noise.]
So there's a change of plans.
I'm gonna take a stroll.
See if I can get a stronger signal.
What are we supposed to do? Supposed to wait.
This dude [Chuckles.]
Well, crack that grisette, Jimbo.
Looks like we're tailgating.
Whoever this is, I hear you.
You just hold on.
Go again.
I repeat.
Go again.
[White noise.]
We should keep driving.
- Al - [Retches, vomits.]
[Breathing heavily.]
It might not be my blood sugar.
- Burning up.
- I'm good.
It's a bug.
My van.
[Keys jingle.]
What the hell? - We don't even know who took it.
- Doesn't matter.
We're stopping that son of a bitch.
- Al, slow down.
- We've almost got him.
Al! [Tires screech.]
Al, you are sick.
It could be cholera, dengue fever - Are you kidding me? - malaria.
- I'm getting my van back.
- Screw the van, Al! You need medicine! Antibiotics.
I have it.
- Where?! - Where do you think? In the van.
We have to get it back.
[Insects chirping.]
It's okay.
What's written there is the truth.
You can take what you need.
Things are tough out here, I know.
That box w what's in there you know, it helped me.
It could help you, too.
I don't need any help.
I'm not weak.
No, I didn't say you were.
Hey, I'm just gonna continue on my way.
But like it says there, you take what you need.
You're right.
Things are tough out here.
You should be careful.
[Bird caws.]
[Walker growling.]
[Metal clatters.]
June: Hey, Al, talk to me.
About what? I just want you to keep talking, okay? I want you to stay with me.
Tell me about the van where'd you get it? [Chuckles weakly.]
I don't really feel like getting into that right now.
Haven't seen many reporters with hardware like that.
How many reporters did you know? None.
Look at you.
Turning the questions around on me! [Laughs.]
[Distant gunfire.]
Those are my guns.
It's close.
You could go on foot.
This won't take much longer, okay? No, the van might not still be there.
I can't leave you alone.
Y you can.
Look, I I know it hasn't worked out for you when you leave people behind, but you can do this.
It's the only way I'm gonna get the meds I need.
June June Come on.
You take the long range.
I don't come back you get in tough with those people we heard on there.
You got this.
I'll radio when I'm on my way back.
[Glass breaking in distance.]
[Walker growling.]
[Walker growling.]
[Gun cocks.]
Drop the gun.
I said drop it.
[Gun clatters.]
- I just need some medicine - Hands behind your head.
[Walker growling.]
You don't have to do this.
[Walker growling.]
Where's your friend? You must need the medicine for someone.
I just need the medicine.
- It's on the van.
- This isn't a conversation.
What you're doing right now, I've been there.
But someone showed me that I didn't have to live like that.
And neither do you.
Everybody's gotta live like that.
We can work together.
We can help each other.
No, we can't.
We're all the same.
Doing things to protect the people we care about.
People we know.
People we love.
That's where it stops, right? I can't let my friend die.
I come with you I'm just the guy you talked out of shooting you.
I'm the first to go when things go south.
[Walker growling.]
Ahh! [Both grunting.]
[Breathing heavily.]
[Engine sputtering.]
It died.
Ran out of gas.
I was hoping there would be diesel on the bus.
There's not! Get up.
Where is it? Where's the Cipro? - I don't know.
- I'm not messing around here.
- What did you do with it? - I have no idea.
Don't lie to me! Where's the Cipro? I didn't take it.
I pulled over to get diesel.
Killed the dead when they broke out of the bus.
Tell me.
It's not my fault it's not there.
Sometimes you can't help people.
You know what it's like out there.
You said you'd just be the guy that pulled a gun on me! You didn't believe when when I tried to say otherwise! Yeah I didn't.
[Van door opens.]
Go! [Door closes.]
Al, where is it? Where's the medicine? Al, where is it? [Walker growling.]
Please answer me.
Where is it? [Grunts.]
[Breathing heavily.]
[Walker growling.]
[Walker growling.]
Al, can't find it.
[Walker growling.]
Al, can you hear me? You okay? Shit.
[Walker growling.]
Please pick up, Al.
[Breathing heavily.]
Al, do you copy? - Go for Al.
- I've looked everywhere! I can't find it.
Where is the medicine? There isn't any.
I just wanted to get the van back.
[Breathing heavily.]
Thank you.
You're lucky there was Augmentin on that bus.
Well, I've ridden out much worse in places less hospitable than this.
You could have died.
I could have died.
But you didn't.
I didn't.
And that van is what's gonna keep us breathing.
We just have to get to it.
Get diesel.
- You lied, Al.
- I motivated you.
I almost killed someone to get medicine that wasn't there! A someone who stole my van.
You don't get it.
No, I get it.
I do.
But you didn't kill that guy.
I almost did.
I was trying so hard to not be that person running from who I was from what I had done that I almost became her again.
Why is that van so important to you? I told you.
It's what's gonna keep us alive.
It's You say the truth matters.
- It does.
- Are you telling me the truth? The whole thing? The The tapes The stories I have locked in my van That is all that's left of pretty much all the people - I've ever interviewed.
- People you barely knew? Not all of them.
But you saw you saw what just one of those stories did for Alicia.
But you can't help people if you're dead.
It isn't just other people's stories on the tapes It's my story.
It's the It's the people I knew.
People I loved.
And I'm not gonna leave them behind.
If you're out there and if you can still hear me, I'm at mile marker 27.
But I don't think I can stick around much longer.
I am [Static.]
mile mark [Static.]
[Tire iron clatters.]
Hello? We're packing up to leave.
But I just wanted to say it once more still out here looking for you.
Mile marker 27 on highway 365 westbound.
But I'm gonna have to move on.
It's Morgan.
Morgan, it's June.
I'm with Al.
Morgan? Morgan? Morgan? Here, give it here.
What happened? Battery's dead.
He's 50 miles away.
We have enough gas.
We can make it.
We just have to hurry.
We can't just abandon the van.
We need it.
If we don't leave now, we will miss him.
- We'll catch up.
- You don't know that.
We have to leave now.
[Door closes.]
If you wanna go, go.
Morgan's out there.
Which means John and the others might be, too.
Al, we're here.
We're alive.
What's on those tapes might be all that's left of some people, but it doesn't have to be that way for you.
[Engine starts.]
[Tires screech.]
Would have walkied, but the battery Let's go.
Hey, man.
I don't think they comin'.
Doesn't look that way.
Hey, you know what we say? Or what the man we stole the truck from said.
"When the road get to buckin', keep on truckin'.
" [Engine starts.]
I know the look of a man who needs a drink.
We got a bogie at the back door.
My walkie died.
You're here now.
That's what matters.
John? Everyone else? Still looking.
New people? You know I like new people.
Yeah, this is Wendell, Sarah, and that's Jim.
- Al.
- June.
Could we maybe get them some food, please? [Door opens, squeaks.]
- Thank you.
- Mm.
These boxes were you the ones ? No, somebody left them.
Person who owns this truck.
Trying to take it back to him.
And we're making some drops along the way.
- You're helping people.
- That's the idea.
Can I borrow your walkie? Yeah.
I don't know your name.
I don't even know if you're listening.
But you were the last time I did this.
So [Sighs.]
if you can hear me I'm sorry about what I did.
I'm sorry I made you walk away.
But I want to show you that you're wrong.
Sometimes, we don't just watch out for the people we know.
Mile marker 27 on 365.
I'm with a group of people.
We've got food.
Everything you need to get back on your feet.
Quinn: Is that you, Cipro? [Chuckles.]
Yeah, that's me.
Managed to find some diesel.
Came back.
Your friend really shouldn't leave her ride sitting around.
We're gonna go look for some people.
You want to come along? You won't be that guy that pointed a gun at me.
You'd just be someone that's going with us to help some people.
You won't be who you were.
The name's Quinn.
Mine's June.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, something hit me hard back there.
Got pretty sick.
Looks like you found a new ride to Alexandria.
[Door opens, closes.]
You know, you're still welcome to join Just so you know when I stay with people, I stay.
But I don't plan on staying once I get this story.
What do you know about the guy this truck belonged to? [Chuckles.]
Not much.
He left some journals in the glove box.
Him and some other people.
They kept the roads clear.
Had power.
Had water.
Damn, I really wish I had my camera.
[Engine idling.]
You messing with me, Cipro? June: What are you talking about? You said mile marker 27? I'm at mile marker 27.
Could've swore I just passed 20, though.
Check again.
I'm looking at it right now.
I'm telling you.
Mile marker 27.
[Walker growling.]
Quinn? Are you there? [Screaming.]
Do you copy? Are you there? Quinn, do you copy? [Walker growling.]
I have to let you go now, Purvis.
You did what you were supposed to do.
Now I'm gonna set you free to keep on doing it.
[Purvis growling.]
[Door closes.]
You aren't going to be weak anymore.
[Quinn growling.]
[Quinn growling.]

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