Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s04e11 Episode Script

The Code

1 I'm headed home, Al.
Previously, on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" Going back, and I want you to drive me.
You don't know what's out there.
No one does.
You got room for everybody.
I can't go out there.
I've retired from scraping by just to survive.
You ever seen one of these before? No.
I like walking alone in the storm.
I walked away from him.
I walked away from all of them.
Hey, Alycia! We need to find some place to hole up! [Thunder crashes.]
Morgan: Alicia! Alicia! [Growling continues.]
[Wind whistles.]
[Thunder crashes.]
[Thunder rumbles.]
Hey! [Grunting.]
[Thunder rumbles.]
[Thunder rumbles.]
[Thunder crashes.]
[Walker growling.]
[Banging continues.]
[Growling continues.]
[Body thuds.]
[Bird chirping.]
[Walker growling in distance.]
Mississippi? [Bangs on door.]
[Bell jingles.]
Hello? [Clanging.]
Hello? [Tapping.]
Anybody here? [Walkie-talkie clicks, static.]
Woman: Is that you, Polar Bear? Do you copy? Over.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Do you copy? Over.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Um hello.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Who is this? [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Um, my name I think I, uh, hitched a ride accidentally in the back of a semi.
I somehow found myself at this this truck stop.
- [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
- Which one? [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Uh, which one what? Which location? [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Think it's Mississippi.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
Sweet syrup on a shortstack, that's that's farther than I thought.
Make yourself at home.
You know what we say.
Take what you need, leave what you don't.
Hey, who are you? And what is this place? Hello? Hello? Hey! [Bird squawks in distance.]
[Coffee pours.]
[Door creaks open.]
[Door thuds.]
[Light switch clicks.]
[Bangs on door.]
[Gun cocks.]
I'm not armed.
Man: Get out.
Uh, you give me a minute? Thank you.
[Toilet flushes.]
All my life, people like you been usin' stalls made for people like me.
I never ask the question, but I'ma ask it now.
Why? I'm I'm gonna be honest.
It always seemed like a little apartment.
It is.
Especially when it has a sink.
I guess everybody likes it when it feels a little homey.
I accept the explanado.
Now, what's in this bag? Somebody told you you could take all of this? Yeah, somebody did.
A woman.
Whoever I talked to on the radio.
You talked to somebody on the radio? I talked to somebody on the radio.
You talked to somebody on the radio? Yes, I talked to somebody on the radio.
- You talked - Can you lower that, please? Sure can.
That voice, it said, "Take what you need, leave what you don't.
" I thought that's what all this was here for.
Sarah: It is.
- [Bell jingles.]
- Stevie forget to tell us she talked to one of our visitors? You'll have to excuse my brother.
He's a little jumpy.
Brother? We twins.
What exactly is it you do here? We pack 'em.
We drive 'em.
We deliver 'em.
When the world went dingo scat, we just kept on doing what we always did.
Knew where the warehouses full of supplies were.
Knew roads other people didn't, where to find diesel.
We've been livin' on the fringes.
Fringes are all that's left.
Wendell: When the road get bumpy, you keep on movin' ahead in your truck.
It's "keep on truckin'.
" Keep on truckin'.
Man, you mind lowering that now? Ain't gonna happen.
Wendell, lower the damn gun.
Come on.
And your power, your water? Solar panel, water pump, and cistern.
And we have satellite TV if anybody was still broadcasting.
There more? More of you, places like this? You don't have to tell me.
Not my business.
How about you tell us, like, where you headed? So we can get you kitted out and on your way.
Heading back, um back east.
Back east where? Virginia.
Place where people were trying to start over.
Were trying to build something better.
Shit! We got you 400 miles closer and saved your ass from the hurricane.
Hurricane? Sarah: Worst I've ever seen.
Levees broke.
Roads washed out.
Tried six different routes just to get from Beaumont to Lafayette.
What? I have people back there.
I lost Benelli.
My bichon frise.
- I know.
- I'm just sayin', I know his pain.
I don't suppose I can convince you to drive me back there.
We ain't much without our truck, and I don't think it can make it.
Yeah, I understand.
All the same, I'm gonna have to try.
Wendell: Now, there's a bridge just north of where the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway used to run.
Now, that's how we got here.
If you're lucky, it's still standing.
What you're doing there ain't a whole lot of people doing things like this these days.
Hey, they looked down on us when the soda was flowin', but we got a code and we keepin' it alive.
And what is it? The code.
You gotta help people when they need that help.
And then you gotta keep your truck movin'.
- Keep on truckin'.
- Keep on truckin'.
Dig it.
[Walker growling.]
[Engine shuts off.]
[Door closes.]
[Walker growling in distance.]
[Growling continues.]
[Birds chirping.]
Strand: Enjoy your trip.
Dorie: Well, come by and say so long.
Luciana: Travel safe.
Alicia: You could be there for us too, right? - Travel safe.
- So long.
[Breathing heavily.]
Sarah? Wendell, you there? - Wendell: Mitch, is that you? - It's not Mitch, man.
It's It's It's Morgan.
Yeah, Morgan.
You know, your maps you really know which roads are clear? Yeah, why? The bridge, it's out.
I'm just gonna come back.
I thought maybe you could take me to that place I was telling you about.
What about your friends? [Sniffles.]
I said the bridge is out, and I'm coming back, okay? [Walker growling.]
[Crow cawing.]
[Vehicle approaching.]
Wendell: That's a half a point.
What? You almost clipped that bird.
Morgan: You copy? Go for Sarah.
I'm here.
I'm at the truck stop.
We ran into some trouble on our last stop.
More dead than we thought.
Meet us on, uh 91, mile marker 64.
Hey, there any other places like this on the way east? Piss while you got a pot.
That is the last outpost on this inhospitable frontier.
And, Mo-mo I'm sorry.
I know helping those people meant a lot to you.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Door opens.]
[Walker growling.]
[Man screaming.]
Hey, hang on! [Man breathing heavily.]
[Growling continues.]
[Screaming continues.]
[Flesh tears.]
[Screaming continues.]
[Growling continues.]
Hey, it's gonna be alright.
How long's it take to run across a goddamn field?! Huh.
I got food [Grunts.]
water in my car.
Man, is that, um A particularly floral double IPA? Yeah.
With hints of citrus.
A-holes who tried to kidnap me threw me into my last case of summer stock.
What happened? Who tried to kidnap you? Think I got a good look? And what did they want? Recipes.
Recipes for what? Beer.
I brew beer.
Goddamn staff of life.
There are people in these parts? What are you? Part of a group or a settlement? No.
Just me at my brewery.
Augie's Ale.
Maybe you heard of it.
We won all kinds of very important - No.
- a-awards.
I grow hops and, uh, whatever I can manage up on the roof.
And who you making the beer for? You got a point to life, or are you lookin' for one? I'm just trying to get back home.
So you got something.
Here's what I got the future.
We're gonna infest this planet again.
It's what we do.
An ice age couldn't knock us out.
You see, one day, everything that we lost, we're gonna rebuild.
We're gonna start again.
It's inevitable.
So I make beer.
You think I'm nuts, don't you? Actually, no.
I'm going someplace where people are trying to do just that.
I mean, not not make beer.
Seriously? Where? Virginia.
I'm meeting up with some folks who are gonna give me a lift.
You want to come? [Both chuckle.]
[Engine shuts off.]
- [Walkie-talkie clicks.]
- Hey.
Where are you guys? Sarah: In back.
Just hitching up the giddyup.
What the hell, Morgan? Hey.
No, I'm not gonna lower it.
You found him.
This place in Virginia is it close to D.
? Morgan: Who does this truck really belong to? What happened to him? Sarah: Don't worry about him.
We left him by the side of the road, somewhere in Texas.
Right by one of those mile markers where he was dropping off a box.
But we wasn't assholes about it.
We left him the box.
He always put 'em at a marker that ended in 4.
Made it real easy to snatch his rig.
You can't protect what's yours it ain't yours.
This truck, these boxes you could be helping people.
We could.
But the universe gave me a pretty good reason not to.
Those boxes are doing us a lot more good than they are rottin' on the side of the road.
[Gun cocks.]
This place where is it? Hey, man, we been on the road for a long time.
Too long.
The hell's this have to do with me? I like beer, Jimbo.
It's Jim.
- You never tried Jimbo? - Nope.
Dude, it's an awesome variant to your name.
- [Chuckles.]
- I'd think about it.
I'm set.
Hey, yo, listen, man.
We got the truck, we got the maps, and we got the journal the guy kept.
Now, I know you want to get there just as much as we do.
So tell us where it is.
Hey, yo, you know what, Sarah? - Start drivin' towards Virginia.
- Mm-hmm.
He got about 1,000 miles to change his mind.
Hops, malt.
Enough kettles and chillers.
Yeast cake.
I could make this work.
I mean, on a small scale.
They didn't bring the swag.
I spent a fortune on that stuff.
I mean, this chick said she was a fan of my work.
Came to my brewery just to see if there was any stock left, and finding me there was a bonus.
But I can make this work.
Tell them where we're going.
You're not serious.
I find people now? With no competition, water sources going bad like they are? It's a better market for me now than it ever was then.
They kidnapped you.
They tied you up.
They tied you up.
Because I was trying to stop them from kidnapping you, and now you want to throw in with them? They're grifters.
They'll get on board once they see the profit potential.
Man, you're as bad as they are.
I mean, not money.
Of course not at first, but where we're going, there's gotta be some kind of bartering system in place.
Or we can start one.
I'm not taking you people anywhere near there.
Let me tell you a story, Morgan.
Back when things were the way they were, I made a deal to sell my little microbrewery to a multinational conglomerate.
It took a lot of hustling to get there.
Win all the right awards, print in all the right trade mags.
But it worked.
I was about to cash in.
I was supposed to be rich.
And those dead things stumbling around out there took that away from me, so just just let me get it back.
Tell them where we're going.
Yeah, I know.
I get it.
Used to be, uh, commercials during football games and buckets of suds at the local dives.
But we've turned back time here, mister.
History is built on beer.
We are back to a time where a safe and sterile source of hydration and nutrition is needed.
It is the staff of life.
We were nomads.
Beer made us settle and become farmers.
Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Incans, the Chinese.
Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer.
You know people who want the world to come back together again.
They need me.
They need this stuff.
They need beer.
[Brakes hiss.]
[Lock disengages.]
We're too heavy.
Start unloading.
Wendell: We got off easy.
At least we stayed on the road.
I thought about it.
I'm not giving you the recipe.
You probably wouldn't be able to replicate it anyway, but if this place turns out to be what he says it is, I think we can come to a, uh, mutually beneficial arrangement.
Whoa, uh, hold up.
We got a lot to talk about.
You know, there's some complexity here.
Do I get beer? All you can drink.
Really? [Grunts.]
Ooh, yeah, hang on to that.
Those are, uh, hard to come by.
Can't brew if you can't get there.
Gonna have to get creative.
What about you, Mo-mo? You really want to stay tied up back here? You know, the sooner that you tell us Hey, shh.
Bear in the bushes.
[Walkers growling in distance.]
- I don't like this.
- There could be more nearby.
Alright, in the truck.
I'm not leaving without that chiller.
Morgan! [Walkers growling.]
Can I get some help here? [Growling continues.]
Sarah: Man.
Jimbo really boned you.
So you gonna help me or what? Depends.
You gonna tell us where we're going? [Growling continues.]
It's I-81, exit 77-C.
Second road you pass, you go along for 10 miles.
I'll tell you where we go from there once you get me there.
How do I know you're telling the truth? How do I know you're actually gonna get me off of this thing?! You gotta get us the whole way.
You go along that road I was just telling you about till you get to a billboard for cat food.
You turn left.
We go about five miles, and then we're there.
So? Who's going first? W I-I've been living in a in a brewery since this whole thing started.
I-I haven't been out until now.
I mean, I I don't do this kind of thing.
Me neither.
[Growling continues.]
Sorry, Morgan.
You made it this long without us.
I think you got this.
Hey, you can't just turn around and and walk away! Sure, we can.
You did.
What are you talking about? The bridge.
We knew it wasn't out.
You said you were going to help your friends, butguess we're not the only ones pretending to be someone we're not.
Hey! [Growling continues.]
Hey! [Walkers growling.]
[Insects chirping.]
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
You don't have to do this.
You can come back.
I know you can hear me.
[Growling continues.]
You know what? I'm just gonna say it.
I could've crossed that bridge.
Could be on my way back to Texas right about now, but I'm not.
Had a little bit of time to think about it here, and [Sighs.]
I am a coward.
I'd helped those people back there I mean, at least I thought I had, but wasn't enough.
I can see that.
They needed something and it was something that I could not give them.
Didn't think I could, so I got scared.
Scared that if I went back, I would just make things worse.
So don't you come back.
Not for me.
I can't ask that.
Maybe I can ask you to come back just so I can do the right thing.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Growling continues.]
Hello? [Chuckles.]
[Growling continues.]
Aah! [Grunting.]
[Growling continues.]
[Growling continues.]
[Grunts, panting.]
[Growling continues.]
If you're still listening, there's something I want you to know.
What you said about those boxes not doing anybody any good, just rotting in the middle of the road you were wrong.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Insects chirping.]
Wendell: There's no exit 77-C off I-81.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
How long it take you to figure that out? Couple hundred miles.
Where's Jim? He's sleepin' one off.
See? You didn't need our help.
I heard you on the walkie last night.
You think draggin' ass back to Texas really gonna make a difference? I think the person you stole that truck from didn't know if anybody would find the box that he left on the side of the road, but he left it there anyway.
Think he tried.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
So you two gonna let me pass? You gonna tell us the right exit? You still want to go to Virginia? Then you can be my ride, but we're gonna pick up some other people first.
Or I just continue on foot, man.
And it wouldn't be the first time.
You said to me that the universe gave you a reason not to help.
I think it's trying to tell you something different now.
We gonna pick up some people.
And we're gonna turn around and we're gonna take that rig straight back to Virginia.
We gonna make some stops along the way.
Morgan: I don't know your name, and I don't know where you are.
I don't even know if you can hear me.
But I talked to one of your friends when I was at the truck stop.
Now, I'm with some people, and we have your truck.
We're heading back to Texas.
We're bringing it back to you.
So, wherever you are, we'll keep looking.
You hang on, because we're coming.
We'll see you on up the road.
[Walkie-talkie clicks.]
[Radio shuts off.]
[Walker growling.]
Well, Purvis, gonna be going on the road again after all.
It looks like we're going to Texas.

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