Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e04 Episode Script


DWIGHT: But they're strung up everywhere.
The road blocks, they're starting to form a perimeter.
LUCIANA: Someone doesn't want us here.
MORGAN: That's the van the kids were driving.
- Dylan, what happened? - [WHIMPERS.]
- Where's Max and Annie? - Think they bought it? We're gonna make sure they never bother us ever again.
Luciana [DISTORTED.]
the man with the plane? I found him.
SALAZAR: Every time you help people, you end up hurting them.
I'm not giving you the plane, - It's time for you to leave, Victor.
I got a letter this mornin' How do you reckon it read? It said hurry, the gal you love is dead I got a letter this mornin' How do you reckon' it read? It just said hurry, hurry The gal you love is dead [CAT MEOWS.]
- So I grabbed up my suitcase - - Took off down the road - Go on.
When I got there, she's lyin' out on the coolin' board I grabbed up my suitcase And I said I took off down the road [CAT MEOWS.]
I said, but when I got there She was layin' on that coolin' board [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Well, I walked up right close Looked down in her face Said good God, you gotta stay here till Judgment Day I walked right up right close And I said I looked down in her face I said good old gal, you gotta lay here till Judgment Day Looked back and there's 10,000 people Standin' 'round the barren ground I didn't know I loved her Looked like 10,000 was standin' 'Round the burial ground You know I didn't know that I loved her Until they laid her down - Well, I put my arms up - I slowly walked away I said farewell, honey I'll see you Judgment Day Yeah Oh, yes, I walked away I said farewell, farewell And I'll see you Judgment Day - You know I didn't feel so bad - Till the good ol' sun went down - I didn't have a soul to throw my arms around - Yeah [MUSIC STOPS.]
I go to Sunnyland, baby Right on over that Frisco line I go to Sunnyland Right on over that Frisco line Come runnin' back home to stay Fear the Walking Dead 5x04 Skidmark [AIRPLANE ENGINE ROARING.]
SARAH: What if he finds her? STRAND: He won't.
That's what Charlie does.
She was at the stadium for weeks before we found out what she was really up to.
It's here.
It was behind the semi.
Find someplace he won't.
When he leaves, open the gate.
- DANIEL: Skidmark! [CAT MEOWING.]
I'm in his car.
He's about to leave.
Hey, get out of there.
We're coming in.
Oh, you know how long I've been waiting to drop this hammer? SARAH: And turn her into Swiss cheese? - CHARLIE: No, stay put.
- Charlie - I can handle it.
- Charlie.
Hey, Charlie! Charlie! LUCIANA: I thought you might be hungry.
It's okay.
You can read it if you want.
I gave it to someone once.
Someone about your age.
It helped both of us through some tough times.
MORGAN: John, June, do you copy? Still out of range looking for Sherry.
We can't wait any longer.
We've got to go back to the woods.
This web of the dead, Al's got to be on the other side of it.
She's not there.
In the woods.
That's not where they are.
They? We saw them.
When they first came here.
We saw them when they first set up their camp.
Why didn't you tell us that when we found you? Hey, you don't have to be afraid of us, Dylan.
You know that, right? Yeah? Hey, could you, um Could you show us where you saw that camp? There.
Thank you.
We're gonna find our friend, and we're gonna find the people who did this.
Walkie us if you hear from the others.
LUCIANA: Leave us the tow truck.
I'll fix the CB, get in contact with Strand, and see where he's at with the plane.
You can't do that on your own.
I'll help.
The sooner you get the plane, the sooner you can leave, right? The sooner we can all leave.
You be careful.
- Here.
Not my color or my style.
I've always preferred flying a G IV.
Will she fly? She'll fly.
Let's load her up.
And bring our friends home, shall we? Okay.
Look at this baby.
Oh, no.
Where's the six pack? Brewski or abdominal? 'Cause you ain't gonna find neither here.
The instrument gauges we need those.
- - What's wrong, Vic? What's going on, man? Where the hell are you, Daniel? DANIEL: Relax, Victor.
I'm nowhere near the warehouse.
But if you're still there when I get back, I'm gonna make good on my promise.
Do you think he gonna shoot us in our face, too, or just Vic? How did you know? Because I know you, Victor.
And I was right you haven't changed.
Look, I know you got a beef with our friend justifiably so, considering the, uh, sinus pinball.
But why not just give us the GD plane and let us be on our way? Who is this? Sarah.
Stay away from that man, Sarah.
He has a talent for hurting anyone who comes near him.
I haven't hurt anyone, Daniel.
You sent a child to do your dirty work.
Show yourself, in the back.
If you hurt her I am not going to hurt her, Victor.
I am going to save her from you.
Are you just gonna sit there like a turd in the toilet, waiting for him to come back? That's what he wants.
Maybe I can talk him into giving you the plane.
It's gonna be hard to talk with your head blown off.
This ain't helping anybody, Vic.
This is giving up.
'Cause some jagoff with a bunch of shit doesn't think you've changed? Dan the Man's not here right now, and until he is, we're gonna keep cranking to get this bear in the air.
We'll get Charlie.
We'll get everyone.
It won't [SIGHS.]
I can't fly the plane without the instruments.
Vic, they gotta be in here somewhere, man.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come on.
You gonna make me look all by my lonesome? [CHUCKLES.]
- Come on.
- Yes.
Let's go.
All right.
Where are you taking me? I meant what I said.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You shouldn't blame Victor.
I knew what I was doing.
I had my reasons.
You're a child.
He knows better.
Did you set up the traps around here? You've been watching me? No, I didn't set the traps.
But you're disarming them.
Why? You ask too many questions.
I got a letter this morning Is this a live recording? How do you reckon it read? You know Son House? I got a letter this morning I say how do you reckon it read? It say, hurry, hurry! What's your name? The gal you love is dead DYLAN: What's it about? The book.
How can it help? There's a pilot who crashes his plane in the desert, and he finds a little prince who has left his home planet, traveling from place to place.
Why did he leave? To learn things.
To meet friends.
What did he learn? To look beneath the surface.
To not be afraid of the unexpected.
Dylan, if there's anything you want to talk about, you can.
I know.
We need electrical tape.
I can get it.
Olly Olly oxen free.
MAX: Dylan, are you alone? Yeah, I was careful.
I'm using channel 9, like you said.
They cut down some more of our growlers.
Where? By the old utility road, near the gas station.
I didn't send them that way.
They're just trying to find their friend.
Well, then who the hell did this? Max.
Stay down.
DYLAN: Max? Annie? Everything okay? Uh I couldn't find the tape.
It's in back.
Let's go.
Wait here.
Come on.
CHARLIE: Slip in the back.
Away from all the windows.
Throw a can to the other end of the store, and use something heavy, like peaches or artichoke hearts.
Nobody ever takes the artichoke hearts.
Use the shelves in aisle 2 as cover, and unclip the belt from the gun.
And come out the front.
I used to do the same thing.
Pick over the dead.
Sometimes I would use music to distract them so I could steal their things.
Except I didn't kill people to do it.
I know what you're thinking.
But I didn't do this.
I inherited the warehouse from the person who did, who killed them so their things could sit on a shelf.
Why are they still sitting there? It's hard to find people these days.
That's not true.
One of them came to your door, asking for help.
Let's go find some artichoke hearts.
Skidmark! [CAT MEOWS.]
How much ammo do you have? About half of what it would take.
And we'd only draw more.
Yeah, but we can outrun them.
The herd will grow.
Eventually, they will hurt someone.
We need to stop it.
We'll lead it to the warehouse.
The gates will hold.
And then, we'll pick them off, one by one.
ALICIA: Nothing.
Think Dylan might've been confused.
Well, he's been through a lot.
You think he's telling us everything? MORGAN: Luciana, do you copy? I'm here, Morgan.
So, we're at the coordinates that Dylan gave.
There's no camp here, no sign that there ever was.
We're gonna go into the woods.
John and June come into range, tell them to meet us there.
No, no, no, no.
That you, Dylan? - Go to the old utility road.
- Why? What's there? Just go.
Near the gas station.
Listen, we got to find our friend so that what happened to your brother and sister won't happen again.
They're not dead.
What? We lied.
I lied.
We faked the whole thing.
Why would you do that? Because we were scared.
Dylan Please, Max and Annie are in trouble.
I'm sorry we lied, but they need help.
MAX: Is it clear? I think they left.
- It's okay.
I think they're gone.
- Okay.
Aah! No! Come on, we gotta go! - We gotta go! - Aah! Aah! No! CHARLIE: Sarah, Wendell, do you guys copy? Charlie, where are you? Are you okay? I'm I'm fine.
We're fine.
At least, we will be.
Daniel, where are the damn instruments? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
They're here, Victor.
Did you really think I'd leave them anywhere you could get them? Daniel, I'm begging you.
Our friends' lives may be in danger.
Bring them back.
That's exactly what we're doing, but we picked up some friends.
There's a herd behind us.
May not have to shoot you in your face after all.
Close the gates.
Make sure the curb stops are in place, and we'll climb over if we have to.
SARAH: Hate to crash your conversation with bad news, but there's a bit of a hole in that plan.
About 36 feet wide.
I had to break your fence down to get this bird out of its cage.
CHARLIE: What? Why are you laughing? Because I said I would help you, but going back there like this and putting your life at risk, I would be doing the same thing as Victor.
Why are you stopping? You know how to drive? Kind of.
Take the instruments to Victor, get the plane, and go.
But I don't want to just leave you here.
Your friends need help.
You can't help them without the plane.
What about you? I'll take care of them.
How? The same way you used to.
He just handed them over? He said he wanted to help me, but if he led the walkers here, with the gate being down He'd hurt us.
Like I hurt him.
Gotta boogie if we're gonna get that bear up in the air.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I'm sorry I tried to kill you.
I'm sorry about whatever pain you're in.
But if you're putting yourself in danger to teach me a lesson, then don't.
You still think this is about what you did to me at the dam, Victor? What is it about then, Daniel? The same thing it's always about with you lies.
What lies? What does that mean? Tell them, Victor.
Tell them how you kept me from Ophelia.
I want to hear you say it.
Daniel got separated from his daughter.
I told him that I knew where she was.
I lied because I needed something from him.
And when And when he finally got to her, when he finally found her, it was too late.
You wasted time I did not have.
And I couldn't tell her what I wanted her to know.
What was it? It doesn't matter now.
Guys we can't just leave him behind.
We said we were going to help people, and here's someone we can help.
We can't outrun them! We just got to find a place to hole up.
Aah! - Come on.
How did you find us? Your brother.
Told us you were in trouble.
I knew Dylan would crack.
ALICIA: He's worried about you.
You have no idea what's going on here.
So tell us.
We're not gonna hurt you.
And it's just us here now.
It's not just us.
Yeah, I'm going to the river Walk it up and down [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Yeah, I'm going to the river Walk it up and down I'm gonna find my woman STRAND: Daniel.
I'm sorry about Ophelia.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
I'm just asking for the chance to show you that I'm not that man anymore.
Let us help you.
I told you to leave, Victor.
SARAH: We would've, but my brother's been itching to bring down the hammer for some time now.
Hammer? Comin' in hot.
Hug the van, Dan.
Time to stir up some beef.
We got a problem, guys.
He's stuck under us.
STRAND: Don't give up on me yet, Daniel.
Hey! Hey! Come on! Hey! Over here! Come on! Come on! Right here, right here! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
- Ooh.
- Soup's on.
Get the ladle.
I'm not gonna shoot you in the face.
Now we just have to test it.
Thank you for helping me.
ANNIE: Dylan? Dylan, pick up.
Annie? You all right? What did you tell them? They were telling the truth before, Annie.
They just want to help.
Are you really that stupid, Dylan? It's the truth.
I think they can help us, too.
He's right.
We can all help each other.
ALICIA: Please.
Let's put down our weapons.
Thank you.
Dylan said some other people came here before us, people who scared you.
We think they might be the ones who took Al.
Who are they? Our offer still stands.
You can come with us.
We just need to know where Al is.
Look, we can help you find your friend, but like we said before, we can't leave.
Why? People back at the camp.
They were your parents, right? You've been there.
I'm sorry.
What were you going to tell her? That every day brings a chance to start over, a chance to get it right.
Something tells me you need to hear that, too.
Where are you going? There's a reason I've been here on my own for this long.
I need to go and take care of it.
Well, you want company? [CHUCKLES.]
Your friends need you here.
But I set the record player up.
Look after Skidmark.
You're welcome to stay until you help your friends.
Everything here, consider it yours except for this.
Friend asked me to save this.
For when things get better.
Here goes.
Strand? Are you there? Do you copy? STRAND: Hey, we're here, Luciana.
- Are you okay? - Yes! How is it going with the plane? [SIGHS.]
We managed to help someone with it.
But in so doing, the engines were damaged beyond repair.
- It won't fly? I wish I had better news.
But we'll find a way to bring you home.
The pilot.
In the book, he crashes his plane in the desert.
How did he get out? He fixed his plane, put it back together, and flew away.
So why don't you do that? If he can do it, so can you.
We saw them here a few weeks ago.
They had weapons, uniforms Any idea how many? Two, but there could be more.
They have to know this place isn't safe.
They do know.
I knew.
My wife turned close to the start.
And my son and I, I I couldn't kill her.
Couldn't bring myself to leave her behind, so we stayed.
Even after we shouldn't have.
Your son? I lost him when he couldn't bring himself to kill her, either.
What were their names? She was Jenny.
He's Dwayne.
MAX: Wait.
Get down! Stay down! [WIND WHISTLING.]
What the hell is that? Those people, they came in that.
Why are they leaving? Maybe they got what they came for.

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