Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e05 Episode Script

The End of Everything

- JOHN: Al? - - You good? - It's okay.
There's a story here.
MAX: Who the hell cut down our growlers? ANNIE: Stay down.
MAX: We saw them here a few weeks ago.
They had weapons, uniforms Get down! [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIR.]
What the hell is that? MORGAN: Al, come on.
We said we'd wait till tomorrow.
The camera.
Open it.
Where is it? Have you seen my boot? [HELICOPTER ROTORS WHIRRING.]
Fear the Walking Dead 5x05 The End of Everything [BANGING.]
Hey, baldy! Over here.
Over here! [WHISTLING.]
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You can do it.
Here, baldy.
There you go.
There we go.
What the hell are you protecting? Holy shit.
Morgan, Alicia, do you copy? MAN [ON RADIO.]
: Ground 17, respond.
- Get out.
Next time, use handcuffs.
Ground 17, go again.
Ground 17, do you copy? Step away.
Ground 17, respond.
Sounds like you really need to answer this.
Okay, okay.
Go for Ground 17.
- Is this the lead? - Negative.
The lead was KIA.
- Report.
- Nonhostiles.
There was a breach of protocol.
Is the payload secure? Yes.
Why aren't you inbound? Need to refuel.
Do you copy? I could be inbound in 72 hours.
We're sending a reclamation team.
Roger that.
What's a reclamation team? Put it on.
Thank you.
Where is it? You show me where it is, you live.
Unh! I'm gonna have to break one of your legs now.
Doing that'll kill me, more or less.
If you do that, I'm not telling you shit.
I can be really spiteful like that.
You talk to me, you tell me your story, and I will get you the tape.
Just tell me where you're from, what you are, what you're doing out here, why it's so important that no one sees what's on that tape.
Then we leave it with you killing me for no reason.
I won't answer your questions.
And I won't show you where the tape is unless you do.
And your helicopter? My friends are stranded out here.
We're gonna need a ride out of this place.
Unh! You lost someone out here.
You didn't seem upset about that.
You seemed upset that they were sending people.
How much trouble you gonna be in? Are they gonna kill you, too? We could have this done in a couple of hours.
Just answer a few questions.
- I won't - I don't have a network, sweetheart.
The audience is dead.
I just want to know the truth.
That's why I'm out here.
Why are you? The tape first.
We need fuel.
Where are we going to get fuel? Fuel drop.
Fuel drop.
It's high up? It's for a helicopter.
Well, look at you crack wise.
Ascenders, quickdraws? How high are we talking? It's up there.
AL: What was on the map? What's with the symbol? Three circles? Why were you out at the plane? I know you don't want to tell me shit, but we have a deal.
So Start with the basics, same thing I ask everyone.
Your name, where you're from, what you've seen.
I have to call you something, so just gonna call you Happy.
All right, Happy, let's get to it.
Where are you from? Why does any of this matter? When we're gone, our stories will be all that's left.
Wait here.
I said wait here! I don't take orders from you.
Put this on.
I'm not wearing that.
I can't afford for you to get bit.
Thought we covered this.
I don't take orders from you.
You want to get transactional? Here's something.
Everything I do is to ensure there's more than stories left after I die.
There you go, Happy.
Really want me alive, how about giving me something more than a jacket? I got 'em.
I don't stay in the car.
That rule's kept me alive even before people were eating each other's faces.
Got it! We'll have to walk from here, but we're only 10 klicks out.
If we move double time, we can make it before sundown.
Al, it's just a camera.
I need it.
Aah! What the hell was that?! If you weren't wearing that jacket, you'd be good as dead.
I needed my bag.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, be careful with that.
Wait, please.
That's not the one you're looking for.
- - You had it the whole time? You might want to watch that before you spray my brains across the ground.
AL: I don't know how much longer I can stay here.
But I'm gonna get as much as I can.
The National Guard is coming in from the East Bridge.
Word is the Army is mobilizing, too.
They've declared a national state of emergency, cordoned off the entire area for blocks.
I'm going to have to go dark.
They see me from the street.
The Army is moving in from one direction, the National Guard from the other.
They're shooting at each other.
I'm sorry, Jesse, I should've stayed.
Before and after.
What is this? This is not included in our transaction.
Not this.
You could've been killed.
You wouldn't have made it to the helicopter, your friends wouldn't get home.
Why would you do that for that tape? I could've said goodbye to my brother.
I got the story instead.
Now he's dead, and the story's all that's left.
Since we're sharing Why'd you kill your partner? If you see someone wearing this jacket, you should be afraid.
We are a force who are not living for ourselves or for now.
You have your stories, already making every day the past.
We have the future! [WALKER GROWLING.]
- - Looks like we aren't the first to make the climb.
We had to fly just to get in here.
None of the roads are passable.
These people probably just trying to get out.
We need to keep our eyes open on the way up.
They could still be up there.
How's your foot? Are you good with heights? Al, I need you to answer me.
I've answered plenty.
We'll make camp here.
It'll be dark soon.
We'll climb at the crack.
Wrap your foot and get some sleep.
I'll keep watch.
What I told you today I've never told anyone.
You and me are the same kind of bird.
Seems like you had a job, and you kept doing it, and it mattered more to you than people's lives.
Me too.
That's why I killed him.
I was doing my job.
I didn't mean to piss on yours.
I do think stories matter.
Some things matter more to me.
That's all.
We don't trust each other, we end up like him.
You fall, I fall.
That's all the trust I need.
Just follow my lead, all right? [WALKER GROWLING.]
We have to go by him! It's the only path! [WALKER GROWLING.]
Al! I need you to climb over to this anchor for the final push.
Almost there.
You good? AL: Let's do it.
Aah! Are you okay? Unhook from the line! No! [WALKER GROWLING.]
Listen, I'm gonna need a little bit of slack.
Can you do that? Yes! You fall, I fall.
I'm good! All right.
You fall, I fall.
He was my friend.
You killed your friend? We were doing what we always do.
Come get supplies, get in, get out.
Supplies for what? Purifying water.
There's a nuclear power plant 10 miles from here.
We took every precaution, timed everything out perfectly.
But on that last run, when Beckett saw what the radiation did to the dead, he cracked.
He was afraid that he was gonna end up just like them.
And he did.
He kept this with him.
It's a key to this cabin he always talked about.
It had this view that you could see all the way to the end of creation.
I see that view every day.
Why didn't you let him go? Nobody just walks away, let alone with the maps he carried.
We exchanged fire.
So you didn't just kill him.
You gave him a chance.
I hesitated.
He was afraid, so I measured the possibility of alleviating his fear.
That's not protocol, is it? Protocol is to extinguish threats to operational security.
I hesitated.
I made a mistake.
But I shot him.
Your friend.
My friend had to die.
You might as well tell me everything about everything.
You're gonna have to kill me, too.
Aren't you? No, I'm not.
I need your help.
I need that tape.
Do you have to kill me for operational security? Yeah.
I do.
He didn't make it very far.
Left his friend to die on the side of a cliff.
Stay here.
I told you, I don't follow orders.
I'm gonna hang on to this.
For my operational security.
These two gonna be enough? It'll be enough to get the chopper up here.
Then we take what's left and go where we need to go.
You're still not gonna fly me or my friends out of here, are you? Even if I give you the tape.
I've got the climbing gear, the fuel, and your gun.
Leaving me here would be a bad idea.
You've got food, water.
You'll manage.
And you? We'll go home.
From what I saw, you couldn't keep a Skyvan in the air.
Have you ever flown an L3? I'll figure it out.
No, you won't.
The reclamation team will be here in less than 24 hours, and if you or your friends are anywhere near that helicopter just don't be.
Forget the helicopter.
I'll find another way out.
Were you ever gonna give me that tape? You have to destroy it! Why? You want that interview? Let's talk.
The place I'm from, I'm not gonna tell you where it is, I'm not gonna tell you what it's called, but there is something I will tell you.
What? It's bigger than me, it's bigger than you, it's bigger than all of us.
Because it's the future.
And we're the past.
And right now, it's the only thing that matters.
Look, whatever it is, I want to see it.
Al you don't want to go there.
If someone finds the tape, if they figure out how to read the map, it makes what we have, what we're working towards, vulnerable.
I need you to give me the tape.
This isn't about me or Beckett.
This is about the future and rebuilding what we all once had.
I will die here if I have to.
And I understand why you would leave me, why you think the tape is more important.
- It's - But if you choose the story, if you do not destroy the tape, then Beckett's death, my death it might not amount to anything.
If you want your brother's death to mean something, if you want stories to matter you have to make sure there's people around to hear them one day.
All right.
I'll show you where the tape is.
How long do we have? Just the night.
They have beer where you're from? [GRUNTS.]
You left that out.
We have a brewer.
Someone who's trying to be one, anyway.
Not bad.
I would've much rather met you before all this.
Or maybe in whatever it's gonna be after.
You get it.
I do.
Sun comes up we punch in, and shit gets real again.
I get it.
Everything's so ugly now-a-days.
This is nice.
Let's go.
We have to hurry.
You could've hidden it anywhere.
I had to be sure someone would find it if you killed me.
So you put it on one of the dead? Yeah.
But not that one.
- You want to check it on the camera? - No.
So, that's it, then.
That tape was only part of the story.
The mission no one can know anything, no one can even see us.
But Turn around.
- You - Turn around! Please.
I know.
Then why'd you bring me here? Because for however long it takes you to pull that trigger I'll know I chose something other than the story.
I get it.
I want you to know that.
And I want you to do something for me.
I want you to take this.
Make sure this story matters.
Make sure he lives.
I want you to live! [GUN UNCOCKS.]
Don't chase this story! Do not try to find me! I hope you get back to your friends and that you can all get home somehow.
My name is Isabelle.
I'm from Indiana.
And I got to see the prettiest thing I've seen since the end of everything.
This is Ground 17.
I've refueled and ready to return.
: With the payload? Yes.
Copy, Ground 17.
Is the site buttoned up? Affirmative.
Everything according to protocol.
Calling off the reclamation team.
You are cleared for return.
- - - [SIGHS.]
Morgan, do you copy? I repeat Morgan, do you copy? MORGAN: Al? Where are you? Al! - Hey.
- Hey.
I Come here.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
We were looking for you everywhere.
What happened? I-I went back to the plane to record that walker and got overrun by the dead.
Had to run into the woods.
Been trying to stay ahead of them ever since.
And what was it? The walker? You said there was a story.
It was a weird lighting trick through a scuffed lens on my camera.
You see where the helicopter came from? I-I heard it.
I tried to get there, but It's all right.
I'm just glad you're safe.
We're gonna find another way out of here, Al.
And, um, hopefully not just us.
More new people? Yeah.
I'll tell you about it on the way.
Come on.
Let's get you checked out.
What? It's my last name.
I had two parents with Polish names who insisted on double-barreling.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Just thought I should tell you both that.

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