Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e06 Episode Script

The Little Prince

1 Take off your clothes.
Reactor melted down last year, killing a lot of people who were trying to keep it humming, including that corpse.
Is it even safe to be here? As long as you stay on this side of the signs.
- We're gonna help you find whoever it is you're looking for.
I'm looking for my wife.
STRAND: The engines were damaged beyond repair, but we'll find a way to bring you home.
People back at the camp, they were your parents, right? You have no idea what's going on here.
We're not gonna hurt you, and it's just us here now.
It's not just us.
MAN #1: Hey, pass the shovel over here.
We gotta tie him up! MAN #2: Yeah! All aboard! All aboard! [LAUGHTER.]
Help me! Help me! He's killing me! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Help me! He's crushing me! - [POP!.]
What'd you do with my sister? There's hot water in the bathroom.
Might as well use it.
Try the vanilla.
MORGAN: This is Morgan.
Anybody copy? Go for Annie.
Everything okay there? Yeah.
Everyone's in the back.
Watching a movie.
Listen, thanks for holding down the fort.
But don't get too comfortable.
We don't plan on staying there much longer.
You know the roads are out, right? We do.
You can't go anywhere near those radiation signs.
We know.
Then how do you plan on getting out of here? We'll show you.
You mind opening the gate? [VEHICLE APPROACHES.]
MORGAN: We were telling you the truth when we first met you.
We just didn't tell you everything.
I guess you could say we were broken by the bad things we done, all the things that we'd regretted, and having to live with them and not being able to run away from them.
Wasn't easy getting here.
Roads were blocked, bridges were washed out, and there was an actual mountain between us and the only other living person we have spoken to in a really long time.
But we didn't give up.
We found a way.
We found a way all the way over here because we had something to fight for even if it wasn't what we thought it was.
We don't have someone on the other end of the radio now.
But we do still have something to fight for.
We got each other.
And we got you.
So, I'm telling you, as impossible as all this seems we can do this.
We can, 'cause we done the impossible before.
But we're gonna need some help.
What do we do now? Now we fix the plane.
And we fly back across the mountains together.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x06 The Little Prince [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Hey, Grace, this is Morgan.
Do you copy? If you're listening, we're working on a way to get home.
And, uh, we found some people I think you're gonna want to meet.
Do you copy? - [RADIO STATIC.]
- I repeat do you copy? [RADIO STATIC.]
Okay, we're gonna leave this channel open.
If you hear this, please let us know.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
Can you give me a hand with the landing gear? Sure.
GIRL #1: We could use, like, a triangle.
Don't you think? GIRL #2: That's a good idea.
Did you see any of them? [SPARKING.]
Do you think it's going to work? It was your idea.
What do you think? It's going to work.
The book says you can only see with your heart, not your eyes.
So I got rid of my eyes.
And your heart told you the truth? Yeah.
Does your heart know how to fix the reduction gear on a 575-horsepower turboprop? It doesn't need to.
Copy that.
SARAH: The reduction gear box? CHARLIE: She needs to know how to align the planetary gears.
Stand by.
I got to clear some of this jerky-man jerky.
That's oil.
I hope.
I'll find a rag while you determine the source of that unfortunate spill.
Uh, and a brewski.
I work better with a 5-outta-10 buzz.
Don't we all? Charlie, tell them this might take a minute.
CHARLIE: It might take a minute.
Copy that.
ANNIE: Dylan, who are you talking to? It's okay.
They're far away.
They're gonna help us make the plane from where they are.
There's Charlie and - What's the other's name? - It doesn't matter, Dylan.
We're here to help them leave so we can go back to how things were.
How's the ankle? It's fine.
Yeah? Let me take a look at it.
Let's go.
LUCIANA: Come on.
Let's get back to the plane.
You want to run, don't you? I used to run, too.
But I never tried to do it with a sprained ankle.
If I were you, I'd wait a week before you take off.
Maybe get a new pair of shoes.
And socks.
My boyfriend says survival starts with socks.
Well, that's a fact.
How's the patient? You know, I was telling her she should, uh, stay off her feet for a while.
- Well, one of 'em, anyway.
Hey, we're thinking of heading back out and keep up the search, make sure Sherry's on that plane with us when we take off.
Good luck.
And keep him out of trouble.
I'll try.
- Alright, you ready? Ready! [DOOR CREAKS, CLOSES.]
AL: Is everybody okay?! Was that the reduction gear? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Where are we gonna get a new propeller? [WALKERS GROWLING IN DISTANCE.]
Oh, you fixed the mop.
What happened? The engines worked, but the propeller didn't.
We'll be okay.
We'll start searching for replacements.
GRACE: Morgan? Alicia? Do you copy? Grace? Are you okay? Do you have a generator there? We do.
Why? I need you to unhook it.
Gas it up, and then I need you to get it ready for transport.
What's going on, Grace? It's the plant.
If you don't do as I say there's gonna be another meltdown.
DWIGHT: We're wasting time out here.
Note on the registration said she went west on 30.
I've already been down this way.
When I was looking for June, nothing but dead ends.
Wasn't till I linked up with the people working on that plane things really started clicking.
Extra set of eyes help you see better.
How did you get split up, anyway? Don't mean to pry.
Me and Sherry we, uh we got split up before, you know, we got split up.
How'd you wind up with her rings? It's complicated.
Oh, yeah.
First time June told me she loved me, she didn't actually tell me.
She spelled it out with these.
Never left my pocket whole time I was lookin' for her.
These things are always complicated.
You're You're lucky.
It worked out for you, John.
You know, we're gonna find Sherry.
She's gonna be on that plane with everybody.
No, I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about how you are, you know, the way you see things.
That had to have been how you were before, right? How it is now and it hasn't burned you or broken you, twisted you.
I hope it never does.
I'm even luckier than you think.
World did a number on me before all this.
But all this gave me more than I ever had.
That's been hard to deal with.
But I found a way.
So, maybe we should get goin'.
ALICIA: What do you mean? The second reactor's still running.
GRACE: I took it offline, but the fuel still generates heat.
It needs to be cooled.
The generator operating the cooling system just failed, which is why I need yours.
Or else we'll all end up like the dead I've been chasing.
And this will fix everything? This is only gonna buy us time.
You need to finish that plane fast.
We're good.
Okay, Luci, we're gonna pull the plug.
We're going dark, Strand.
We have to give up the genee.
STRAND: Luciana, listen.
We're gonna find a way to get you back.
I don't know how, but we will.
Hey, Luciana? Luciana? STRAND: What about this airstrip to the north? CHARLIE: We checked that one.
It's a haul and a half to get there.
It'd take too long.
And what about this airport to the east? Wendell, remember that airport you jacked those peanuts from? WENDELL: Place was flooded.
- Planes was all junked up.
- [SIGHS.]
SARAH: Thought so.
How the hell are we supposed to get to them? You told them we would find a way.
To keep their spirits up.
To keep their spirits up? Okay, guys, we'll figure it out.
How, Charlie? The rubber has met the road, and I haven't the faintest clue on how to deliver on my own platitude.
So, which one is it, Vic? You just dicking about the daisies, or you planning on closing this deal? - I wanted to help them.
- So did I.
You're not the only one who wasn't on that plane.
They got engines without props.
We got props without engines.
We We got all the pieces.
We just need to put them together somehow.
At least our dearly departed brewer had the advantage of self-sacrifice.
He's dead, Victor.
And he took one for the team real hard.
He wanted to give up, but he didn't in the end.
So don't throw that "hopeless" horseshit up in the air to land on us.
There's got to be a way.
Sarah, did you say you and Wendell got everything from Jim's brewery? Yep.
Every last bottlecap.
Everything? Son of a bitch.
We're gonna get 'em back.
Will you help me move the cars? Yeah.
We're gonna have to suit up.
We're gonna have to go in.
Anything from John? No.
They're still out of range.
How's it going in here? I don't know.
I just hope the circuits aren't all fried.
Just [SIGHS.]
the helicopter.
If I'd kept it from taking off, then we'd be home by now.
But there's no way you could've done that, Al.
Did something happen? When you were missing? [SCOFFS.]
You know, I asked to talk to you once off the record.
And you let me talk.
And that helped me more than you know.
So if you ever need to do the same, you can.
Okay? It's the least I can do.
Let's check the battery.
ANNIE: That woman Morgan left with she's from the power plant, isn't she? Yeah.
Dylan, Max, this isn't gonna work.
We can't stay here.
You can't go back to hiding behind the dead.
We were safe there the last time something like this happened.
- We'll be safe this time.
- You don't know that.
You don't even know if you'll be able to finish this plane.
LUCIANA: We will.
We're just gonna need all the help we can get.
Annie, it can work.
He's right.
If we just Max.
You're not the one who has to decide.
ALICIA: Annie, neither are you.
Look, we can make this decision together.
We can't.
I have to decide for me and my brothers.
- DORIE: Nothing back here.
- It's been picked over.
You recognize him? I saw him the last time I came through.
Been dead awhile even then.
I figure that came from whoever stole his food.
That was from him.
You want to know why Sherry doesn't have her ring? She had to give it up to save me.
She chose to give up everything for me.
The only reason I'm still alive is because of her.
I owe her my life.
When I left where I was or when I was, uh, sent away the person who sent me away knew all the shit I'd done, but he knew I loved her.
So he said, "Find her.
Make it right.
" Well I need some of your luck, John, 'cause even if I can do the first thing, I don't I don't know if I can do the second or, uh or if that's even possible.
Well I think more things are possible than impossible.
Is that just a few letters short of "honey"? - Yeah, but that doesn't mean - I'm gonna need a pencil.
Come on.
- You got it? - Yeah.
I saw Cary Grant do this in a movie once.
I was always hoping to try it when I was cop, but never got the chance.
Holy shit.
Extra pair of eyes.
- - I've been looking on the wrong road this whole time.
ALICIA: So, you're just gonna leave, like you did before? There's no way you can carry all that.
You can take one of our cars if you tell me why you won't go with us.
You're not gonna change my mind.
Then it won't hurt to talk to me about it.
We lived at the camp my parents, my brothers, and a dozen other families.
We found it shortly after everything changed.
And it was pretty good.
No, um it was perfect.
It's like it was built for exactly what was going on.
And what happened? A herd of growlers followed some people back from a scavenging run.
We had routes to take, stuff we had to do to be careful.
But they weren't careful this one time, and that's all it took.
There were so many.
And they didn't look like I don't know regular growlers.
They were from the power plant.
We just didn't know it.
More showed up, but the walls held at first.
The grownups got all the weapons we had, got ready for a fight.
And when it looked like the walls were finally about to give, they sent us away.
We had a spot in the woods we were supposed to run to if anything went bad.
I took all the kids there.
We had these old granola bars stashed away, just in case.
And we waited.
We sat there eating and crying in the dark, trying to stay quiet.
We'd done it before.
The grownups would always come after a night or two.
But I I just knew.
And we waited and waited.
And after three nights, I went back to the camp on my own.
You saw them? Our parents weren't dead.
They killed all the growlers.
But they were sick.
My mom and dad wouldn't even let me come in the cabin.
I had to talk to them through the door.
They told me not to be afraid.
They They said they were going to get better.
They made me promise to stay where we were, to protect my brothers, to protect everyone else.
So that [SNIFFLES.]
that is what I'm doing.
I get it.
I get it.
I really do.
I think about the last thing my mom said to me every day.
So you understand why we can't leave.
Just make sure you're doing what they really asked.
What does that mean? Are you surrounding yourself with the dead to protect your brothers? Or because it's easier than surrounding yourself with the living? They're all yours.
It's up to you whether you want to use them.
John, look.
Well, how 'bout that? She was here.
DORIE: And she might still be.
I'll check the car.
Hey! - DORIE: "D, I had to kill someone.
- - A man back at that diner.
- He almost killed me.
I know we've both seen so much.
Too much.
But I still don't like the thought of you out there looking for me in all that death.
- I don't want that for you, D.
- - I don't want you to kill yourself - trying to find me.
I wouldn't be able to live with that, so I want you to stop looking for me if you're still looking.
I know that I gave you hope, but now I want to give you a chance.
I'm getting out of this place and so should you.
- This will be my last letter.
- Even though this is the end of us, please don't let this be the end for you, too.
- Find something to live for and live.
- - I love you forever.
- Honey.
" There's another suit in the truck bed.
Thanks for this.
The man who taught me how to use this he helped me when I thought that death was the only way.
I thought if I felt it, if I held the weight of it in my hands, that I'd know what to say to help those kids, to help you, try to show you that you are not stuck.
- Morgan - See, it feels It feels like a piece of wood wrapped in plastic.
A piece of wood that could hurt you.
Morgan, I'm not stuck.
It's just over.
For me.
You don't know that to be true.
I have to do this.
I have to give you more time.
The other suit where is it? There isn't one.
- Come on.
You can't come with me.
I'm not gonna have another person die because of my mistakes.
There's another way, alright? There has to be.
There isn't.
You can talk, Morgan.
You can.
You're a kind and thoughtful man who wants to earn back his mistakes.
That's what you're doing out here.
I'm doing the same thing.
Thanks for helping me with the roadblock.
Did you talk to Annie? [SIGHS.]
What did she say? She thinks it's all on her.
She thinks she's the only one who can protect them.
So they're gonna leave? I don't know.
- STRAND: Luciana, can you hear me? Go again.
The dulcet tones of a songbird.
Luciana! Strand? Where are you? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Hey, I told you we'd find a way.
See you soon.
What are you talking about? We've got the propellers.
How? Did you find a road? Roads are not a necessary ingredient to this journey.
You might to look up to the south.
We just need a place to set down.
Perhaps you can point us toward a giant coaster.
Sarah and Wendell are clearing a runway back at home as we speak.
ALICIA: Morgan, do you see it? Yes, I do.
- Alicia.
The kids they need to see this.
Annie, Max, you got to see this.
MORGAN: Are they kids there? They got eyes on it? ALICIA: They took off.
What? When? I don't know.
I'm on my way to find them.
You'll need to bring them back quick, Alicia.
Grace what what she's doing is gonna buy us time, but not a whole lot.
DWIGHT: John! She wasn't in there, but I found food, some supplies.
- Alright.
- She was here.
Look, you said when when when you met the others, you know, that's when things started to click with you finding June.
- That's right.
- She's close.
I know it.
You know, if she if she'd have taken off, she would have left a letter like she always does.
Did you find anything in the car? No.
Thank you.
You know, this is the closest I've been to finding Sherry in a long time.
This is everything.
MORGAN: How long till you touch down? STRAND: Sooner than we'd hoped.
We're short on fuel.
CHARLIE: You guys will have to come get us.
You got enough to clear the trees, get to the other side? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING.]
I don't know.
We're trying.
Whoa! Victor.
STRAND: We have to bring it down.
No, not here.
It's not safe.
It's contaminated.
It's the only way.
We're coming Strand! Charlie! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Annie? Max? Dylan? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
Morgan, I'm going in.
Me too.
Strand, Charlie, if you can hear me, I'm coming.
You stay where you are, but whatever you do, don't kill any walkers.
You get their blood on you well, you could die.
- Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
Are you? Yeah.
Morgan said to stay away from the walkers.
Yeah? That could prove to be a challenge.

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