Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e07 Episode Script

Still Standing

1 The generator operating the cooling system just failed, which is why I need yours.
You need to finish that plane fast, or else we'll all end up like the dead I've been chasing.
- Get down! - [PROPELLER CLANKS.]
This isn't going to work.
We can't stay here.
Did you find anything in the car? - No, Nothing.
- VICTOR: We've got the propellers.
You might want to look to the south.
Whoa! We have to bring it down.
No, not here.
It's not safe.
It's contaminated.
- It's the only way.
- Stay where you are, but whatever you do, don't kill any walkers.
You get their blood on you, well, you could die.
Annie, Max, Dylan.
Are you in there? Can you hear me? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
We're just gonna draw more.
As long as they don't look like them, we'll manage.
The propellers, we need to get to them and make a hasty retreat.
Go, I can distract them.
- Charlie - I got this.
Hey! Everyone, this way! MORGAN: Victor, do you copy? Victor, tell me you're all right.
Morgan? Hey, everyone, this way! MORGAN: Charlie, you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Victor is, too.
I heard gunshots.
You haven't killed any walkers with burns on them, have you? No, but we are currently enjoying a leisurely stroll with some of them.
Stay as far away from them as you can.
We've seen what happens to people who were exposed, and it ain't pretty.
Alicia's out of range looking for Max and Annie.
You're still near the balloon, right? I'm heading toward you now Don't.
The propellers survived the descent.
We just need a vehicle to move them, - preferably something that's terrestrial.
- Okay.
I'm on it.
Hold off, Morgan.
- We're on our way.
- June? No, we're not gonna risk anybody else being exposed.
Morgan, I can't get ahold of John.
I don't know where he is.
Strand and Charlie, we can help.
You want to help? Finish that plane.
Grace, do you copy? We need your help now.
What is it? What's going on? Look, some of my people, they, um they crashed on the other side of the blockade.
Crashed? Are they all right? Yeah, they are.
Look, I need your truck.
It's the only way we're gonna be able to finish the plane.
Where are you? I just went past the roadblock.
You're inside? Morgan, please.
You don't have a suit.
You have no way to decontaminate.
If you get any closer We have what we need to fix the plane.
We just need to get back to the truck stop.
I want to help I do but I can't leave here until this generator is hooked up.
Or else you're gonna have a lot less time to finish that plane than you need.
There's some houses a few miles east of where you are.
It's where the people lived who worked here.
There's got to be something there you can take.
Thank you.
You're going the wrong way.
Follow me.
Olly olly oxen free.
I just want to help.
We told you we didn't want it.
You never should've come here.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x07 Still Standing What exactly is this thing? It's It's my past.
Then why do you have it now? It's a thing that gives me another day.
You're running out of time, Annie.
We all are.
It's not safe here.
We made it through the first one.
It could be different this time.
One day, the wind will blow, it'll kick up all the dirt, all the radiation Why can't you just leave us alone? Why can't you just let us decide what we want to do? Because I can't leave without knowing I did everything to try and save your lives.
Because you'll die, Annie.
Or worse you'll live.
And you'll wind up killing everyone by staying here.
I know our plan, getting on that plane, sounds crazy.
But so does staying here when you know things could get really bad.
This isn't about us.
This is about you.
You're the one who crashed that plane to get here.
Your friend almost died so that you could get to that truck stop for somebody who wasn't even there.
We put a forest full of growlers between us and you, and you still won't give up.
Why? And don't say it's because you want to help.
It's something else.
So, what is it? I have to do something good to make up for what I did.
- Did you hurt people? - Yes.
- Did you kill people? - Yes.
But I'm right.
People, places, you don't get to hold on to any of that.
I'm trying here so you don't have to go through the things that I did.
You have to know when to go, Annie.
No! No, we're not going! And you're not going, either.
Not until we clear the bodies from you cutting down the only thing protecting us.
Not until we make sure that no one follows the path you made.
And if you miss your flight that's your fault, Alicia.
How long has it been leaking? We must have put a hole in the tank when we moved it.
But aren't we standing on a giant gas tank? It's not the same.
We need aviation fuel.
I think I know where we can get some.
ALICIA: Morgan, do you copy? Yeah, Alicia, I'm here.
You all right? [SIGHS.]
Yeah, yeah, I am.
You find those kids? Yeah.
They're with me right now.
Are Strand and Charlie okay? Yeah, I'm trying to find us a car.
They're still in the contaminated area? Yeah.
And so am I.
But not for much longer.
And what about Dorie and Dwight? Still out of range.
Are they gonna make it back in time? They're gonna be all right.
You just stay safe, okay? Get yourself and those kids back to the truck stop.
Morgan, I tried.
We tried.
I can't.
No, you can.
I tried your way, Morgan.
I can't get through to them.
You should be here instead of me.
No, we are both exactly where we're supposed to be.
Morgan, you said we were still here for a reason, but I'm starting to wonder if this is why.
Everything gets a return.
And it is why.
It is.
Alicia we're gonna get everybody on that plane.
We're gonna do what we came here to do.
You sure this is where you saw the helicopter land? AL: Yeah.
It wouldn't have gone up there unless it was to refuel.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
I'll climb up, see what's there, and if we're lucky, lower it down to you.
DORIE: Can you hear me? Yes, I'm here.
We're getting fuel for the plane.
John, I've been trying to reach you.
You have to get back to the truck stop.
Well, we're still a ways out.
You have to get back.
The power plant, that second reactor, it might melt down.
Grace says we don't have much time.
- Come again? - [STATIC.]
- Come on, baby.
John? June? - [STATIC.]
- Ah.
DWIGHT: John! Found some.
Something happened at the plant.
We got to get back so we can get the hell out of here.
No, you go.
You know, you've done more for me than you needed to.
Thank you.
Dwight No, I got to keep looking.
Look, would you get on that plane without June if you knew she was still out here? Of course not.
Come on.
You think it's gonna hold? Yes.
We're due for a break.
You know, Daniel said every day was was a chance to start over.
You know, to get it right.
The man speaks truth.
It's not going to hold them off for long.
We might not get that chance.
We already have.
What do you mean? I've been saying I should've been on that plane when it flew here.
I got off to clear the runway, but the truth is I might've been able to get back on.
I had time.
I hesitated.
Why? Because I don't think I really believed anything.
In us.
We were on the precipice of something extraordinary, and I balked.
But I'm standing here now, and so are you.
And we just did something extraordinary, and we didn't balk.
And we're not gonna start now.
I told you we were due for a break.
Well, I see you figured it out.
As did you.
Where's the propellers? In there.
I gotta get you out of here.
Why did Dylan bring her to us? I still think she wants to help.
I mean, she does want to help.
She's a mess.
The plane could still work, right? I told Mom and Dad I would keep you safe.
They want us to get into a plane that they already crashed.
We stay here, we stay safe.
Come on.
What are you doing? Did you draw these, Dylan? You're scared, aren't you? What's out there? Dylan, it's okay.
I drew them before.
At the beginning, when everything started to happen.
I had nightmares about playing red rover with Max and Annie.
Annie saw them, and she thought they were scary.
She thought if she can make them real, it would scare away the others, too, so nobody else can bother us here.
But you're living in a nightmare.
Your nightmare, Dylan.
Everything's a nightmare now.
You know, it wasn't always like that.
I sharpened it after I lost my mom.
It kept me safe from the dead, but it also kept the living away.
I thought if they were scared of me, maybe they would leave me alone.
But I was the one who was scared.
- MAX: Olly olly oxen free! - ANNIE: Hurry! They followed us! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Hurry! Open the door! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
MORGAN: Morgan for Grace.
You were right.
There was a truck, and we got what we need.
Is the generator working? GRACE: It wasn't strong enough.
It drew too much current.
Burnt it out.
I'm sorry.
How long before the reactor melts down? 12 hours, maybe a day.
So we'll finish the plane by then.
I can fix the generator.
I can still buy you time.
Is that the truth, Grace? Can you really do that? It might be the truth.
I can try.
I have to try.
I'll meet you at the truck stop when I'm done.
You copy? Yeah.
Yeah, I copy.
Morgan? Truck stop is about 10 miles from here.
It's marked on this map.
You shower, you change your clothes, you help Luciana get those on, and I'll meet you there.
- She said she was coming back.
- She did.
But she was just saying that.
I was in her house, Victor.
I saw who she was when she still thought she had something left to live for.
Get back, finish the plane.
I'll meet you there soon as I can.
- You better.
- Yeah.
Come on.
AL: Should get us over the mountains.
It's less than we came in with, but if we strip everything from the plane It'll get us there.
Everything we're doing, the fact that you knew where to find these it all points to us being able to do this.
John, can you hear me? John, are you on your way back? John? [CHUCKLES.]
Went over a year without seeing him.
Hearing his voice.
Not gonna let that happen again.
Al? You asked if I wanted to talk about what happened while I was missing.
I do.
But you can't tell anyone what I tell you.
I met someone.
Who? When? While I was gone I met someone, and I felt something I haven't felt in a long time.
But I can never see her again.
I can never talk to her.
And I I don't know how [CHUCKLES.]
I don't know how to live with that.
When I left John at the cabin when I thought I would never see him again I felt [SIGHS.]
I felt gone.
Like I wasn't who I was when I was with him, because I wasn't.
I was just this this ghost.
And I couldn't talk about it.
And even if I had, there's nothing I could've said or something someone else could've said that would've made it any better.
What do you say to someone who's missing a piece of themself? A piece that makes them who they are? I will tell you one thing.
The thing I told myself every single day.
What's that? That even if I never [CHUCKLES.]
Even if I never saw him again I would always be grateful for what we had for who I could be.
That I could still feel that way for someone after everything that that could even exist in this world at all that I would always have that.
And I knew I would.
But I choose to believe that whoever she is, you will see her again.
Well I know you'll see John again.
Oh, I know that.
Sure as shit, I know that.
How many rounds do you have? How many? None.
The guns aren't loaded.
Let me help you.
- It'll hold.
- Annie We put them there.
- Yeah, one by one.
- We can deal! All of our gear is out there! DYLAN: He's right.
We can't stop that many growlers.
I can.
Just give me the weapon.
- No.
- I tried to tell you why you should come with us.
I understand why you don't believe me, but this this I can do.
Annie, she's right.
You didn't see her after the plane crash.
She can help.
Annie, please.
She can give us a chance.
Let her.
That's how you keep us safe.
No, you keep it.
I'll be on channel 9.
Do you have another way down? - No.
- Start working on one.
I'll hold them off.
- Go! - Go, go.
We're out.
Well, we'll find more.
There's no time.
We got to raise June or we're up a creek.
Well, what about that? Come on.
It's all right.
You know, we can walk if we have to.
See, these mountains, she may have made it across.
You know, we can, too.
I think that'd take days.
And it doesn't sound like we have days.
I think uh I think I may have got us in some trouble.
What are you talking about? Remember when you asked me if I found anything in Sherry's car, and I said no? I lied to you.
I found this.
I'm sorry, Dwight.
I'm sorry.
MORGAN: Grace.
What are you doing here? You might not know how much time you have left, but you are not dead yet.
So I'm not gonna let you act like you are.
How's it going down there? We need more time.
ANNIE: They're getting past her! [GUNSHOTS.]
ANNIE: Back away! [GUNSHOTS.]
Are you okay? Y-Yeah.
This isn't gonna work.
I can't stop them like this.
I can't do what I said.
I'll come up.
They need you.
Annie, I know you don't want to leave this place, but you'll die if you stay.
You have to know when to go, when to let go.
Get them on the plane, let go.
That's how you protect them.
I don't know what you did, but I know you made up for it.
You can let go, too.
Let's go! Come on.
Come on.
Alright! Come on! Let's go! [CRICKETS CHIRPING.]
You all right? We are, provided you point us in the direction of a shower and some fresh clothes.
Morgan? He had to attend to another matter.
He assured me he'd be here.
I'm sure he will.
MORGAN: Didn't give you much of a choice back there.
Did what I had to do.
GRACE: You weren't wearing a dosimeter.
We don't know how much radiation you've been exposed to.
I've tried to fix things I couldn't.
And I've almost died trying, too.
Man who helped me when I was stuck, his name was Eastman.
He, um He taught me something that helped me get unstuck.
He taught me that, um all life is precious.
How'd you know I'd leave? I didn't.
I just had to take the chance.
Eastman taught me something else about, um redirection.
You didn't think your own life was worth saving, so I made it about my life.
What if I hadn't left? I did not think of that.
So you have the same problem as I do.
Which is what? You think everyone else's life is more valuable than yours.
Nice work.
We're not done yet.
Let's get to work.
I assume these are your friends prone to intestinal fortitude.
Annie, Dylan, Max, this is Victor and Charlie.
"The Little Prince", it was your book.
Yeah, it was.
You came back.
She was pretty convincing.
She usually is.
Where is she now? Still out there.
I bet you're not too happy with me.
Well, I ain't too happy with me, either.
Before, you said you liked how the world hadn't got its hooks in me, twisted me.
Well, I don't think I'm worthy of that compliment after today.
No, I know why you did it.
You wanted to keep me going.
It doesn't have to be the end of the road.
Yeah, she didn't want me looking for her.
"Find something to live for and live.
I don't want to give it up.
Even if she's telling me to stop.
But if I do what she says, if I find a reason You know, I had to find her.
I had to make it right after all the shit I did.
So maybe I'll go out there like you and June do.
When I'm out there, maybe I'll, uh She's alive.
Oh, yeah.
Impossible shit happens.
It happened for me.
It happened for me when I helped someone.
I think it's time I help you.
I'm gonna get you back to June.
MORGAN: Alicia, can you hear me? Hey, are you there? I'm here, Morgan.
And you're all right? I'm okay.
But I, uh I picked up a pack of walkers.
I think I lost them.
Luciana told us.
But the kids, Alicia, they're back at the truck stop.
You did it.
And Grace? We're on our way back.
I was thinking about what you said about why we're still standing, and I think you might be right.
I think us helping people isn't the only reason.
You know? In trying to make up for the lives we took, I think we stopped living our own.
We are gonna get back.
And we're gonna keep on finding people to help, but we're also gonna help ourselves.
We're gonna find a way to start living, Alicia.
Okay? You're right.
We will.
Tell me where you are.
- Is that ? - Yes.

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