Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e14 Episode Script

Today and Tomorrow

1 AL: Showed up on a run I don't really need help on.
How come? Just didn't think it was smart for you to be out here on your own.
What are you smiling about? - No reason.
- GRACE: Every time I cough, every time I lose my breath, I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for me.
VIRGINIA: And we brokered a deal with Logan to help us expand what we've already built.
You help us keep this place going, there's no telling what we can offer each other.
I can stay.
I'll help you make it.
I know how.
We can keep you alive.
Now that sounds like a deal to me.
AL: What was her name? [SIGHS.]
Her name was Jenny.
Where was she from? North Carolina, originally.
We had met in Raleigh.
What do you want to tell me about her? [CHUCKLES.]
How much tape you got? She hated the water.
You know, she she hated it.
But she still didn't have the heart to tell me I'd wasted half a paycheck rentin' that damn boat for our date.
Her family was there, and, uh, my brother.
It was just a small ceremony, you know, and that was alright with us.
I didn't sleep I mean, really sleep good three months.
He wanted to get a dog.
Yeah, he, um he played baseball, and he was terrible.
Boy just just loved comics.
He made me this card for Father's Day.
My boy, Duane he was the best of both of us.
You know, you grow up, and you think that you know what life is, that you you seen the patterns.
And the clichés are pretty much true.
And then you have a child, and it reframes everything that everybody knows.
Morgan, we're all gassed up.
I was just you know, I was just watchin'.
We should get back to the convoy.
Been outta range for a couple of days.
Still got some boxes to drop off, though, don't we? We haven't been this far west before.
We're runnin' low on gas.
How low? About a day's worth? We should drop off some more boxes, though.
You know, they could make a difference for somebody.
I don't know.
We should get back.
Boxes make a difference, Al.
We Alright.
What? There were three cans of gas.
- Battery's probably dead.
- [GASPS.]
Look, even if you got some of that gas in there, it's not gonna start.
- Back away.
- It's alright.
We just need the gas back.
- "We"? - Easy there.
I said back away.
No, she's right.
We do need it.
So listen.
Why don't we talk about it? Just get the hell away from me.
Hey, need you to lower the knife.
Come on.
Lower the knife.
Now, why don't you tell us where you're trying to get.
They found me.
Get in the van.
Four? - Shit.
- What? - Uh, gas cap.
- Al.
MAN: Over here! He went this way! [HORSE WHINNIES.]
Okay, start talking.
Who the hell was that? It's alright.
We can help you.
That's what they said.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x14 Today and Tomorrow MAN: Destiny guides our fortunes more favorably than we could've expected.
Look there, Sancho Panza, my friend, and see those 30 or so wild giants - with whom I intend to do battle and slay.
And with whose spoils we shall begin to make our fortunes, for this is righteous warfare, and it is God's good service to sweep so evil a breed off the face of the Ear Hey.
What are you listening to? "Don Quixote" Cervantes.
Anything we can salvage from the stores? Nothing so far, but even if we did, we're running out of room in this truck.
- We could make room.
- Why don't you take a break? I saw a case of Fanta.
Grape or orange? [CHUCKLES.]
It's an important distinction.
Whichever one gets you off the roof faster.
Well, convoy's gonna need solar panels for when we find a place to settle down.
Nothin' wrong in stockpiling for the future, right? No, there isn't.
But I wanna go to the record shop and see what I find.
You're talking about the future.
Nice to hear you looking in that direction.
It's orange, by the way.
Ah, I was hopin' for grape.
Hey, hey, come on.
TESS: Grace, do you copy? Go for Grace.
I got a bunch of great records Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Traveling Wilburys.
That was the convoy.
The oil fields we lost them.
I-I don't understand.
I mean, I'll do this, but what's it for? Just start with your name.
My name's Tom.
See, Tom, it's not gonna be so bad.
I promise.
Where you from? Paradise Ridge.
What's that, a-a city, town? Th-This Whatever this is, this isn't gonna work.
It will.
Whatever you're running from, people need to know.
You can trust us, Tom.
Whatever happened before, that's not what we're about.
It's a condo complex.
- Like a settlement? - TOM: A few dozen people.
Most of us lived there before.
I was the president of the HOA.
Only got the job 'cause no one ran against me.
Then two weeks later, the dead started walking, and everyone looked at me like I knew what I was doing.
Well, you must have 'cause you're still here.
No, I got lucky.
The building had security.
Half the units hadn't been sold yet, so we had room to spread out.
We used the pool to filter water.
There's a rooftop garden to grow vegetables.
So what are you doin' here? Like I said, I got lucky.
And then I got unlucky.
Our water supply started to go bad.
We couldn't grow food.
The fence failed.
The roof started leaking.
We were ready to split before they showed up.
- People on the horses.
- Did they attack you? No.
They showed up and offered to help.
They said they'd clean our water supply, get us food while we figured out how to grow our own, fix the walls, the roof, whatever else we needed.
So what happened? Why are they chasing you? They said it was my fault that things had gotten to the place that they had.
They said they were trying to build something bigger, something better.
They said that it wasn't about today.
It was about tomorrow.
I just wasn't part of it.
My sister, Janis, she's still in there.
They tried to kill me.
They'll do the same thing to her if I don't get her out.
Back up for a second.
Walk me through this.
- When they talked about today and tomorrow - Al.
- what did they say exactly? - Just what I told you.
They said what they were doing wasn't about today.
It was about tomorrow.
All they cared about was the future.
You heard what he said about his sister, right? We'll get her out.
We'll go in, and we'll get her out.
We're clear.
Open her up.
So, they're in and out every couple of hours.
They really want to find you.
Probably shouldn't even be this close, Tom.
I just don't understand what they want with this place.
I don't know.
Whatever it was, they didn't want me to see.
You don't have to do this.
Al, you gonna be smart about this? Gotta get in there before something happens to his sister.
Or we could wait till the people that are after him are not in there.
Well, we don't know when that's gonna be.
You need to be in there now.
That is about his sister, right? It's not about just chasing a story.
How can you even ask me that question? [SCOFFS.]
Look, it's not about a story.
I don't want you to go in there on your own.
If you think he needs to get to safety, get him to safety.
I can get in, get out without any of those assholes knowing I was ever inside.
Just said it was not about chasing a story.
It's not.
He's not the only one who needs something in there.
What does that mean? [SIGHS.]
Just trust me on this.
- AL: Come on.
Come on.
What the hell? You're welcome.
They clear the dead whenever they kill them.
I just have to get one close, and then we can get in.
You're not goin' in there alone, Al.
Ain't goin' in there at all.
You wanna tell me who it is we're lookin' for in there? Tom's sister.
Who is it you're lookin' for, Al? [BRANCH TAPPING.]
I have trusted you with a lot.
Think you could do the same for me.
- Have you? - Yeah.
The tapes.
Yeah, told me a lot about where you've been.
You haven't told me shit about where you're at right now.
What are you talkin' about? Why don't you wanna go back to the convoy? We're droppin' help boxes, settin' up outposts.
We're doin' what we do.
You're doin' that thing you did when when I first interviewed you.
And what is that? Runnin' from somethin'.
Don't know what.
Try not to kill this one, okay? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
We fried the transmission.
We're pulling too much weight.
Tess, do you copy? TESS: I'm here, Grace.
We're gonna be a while before we get to the rendezvous.
Copy that.
Let us know if you need any help.
I wish we were there.
When it happened, maybe we could've helped.
But we were helping.
We got supplies.
All this stuff.
We could come back for it later.
Made the classic mistake.
I thought we could bring back everything we found.
Usually, I'm the one who's more of a realist.
There was no way we could know what was gonna happen, Grace.
A year ago, I was a realist.
I could not imagine I would be here with you, doing good things, trying to help people, making things right, and here I am.
You, me, and a cat with serious behavioral issues.
Bein' a realist is not a realistic option anymore.
There's some places we might be able to hole up a couple of miles from here.
Moon's bright enough tonight we can make it on foot.
- Oh.
Ah, shit.
That tanker it's ours.
Not anymore.
Where you goin'? You're right.
I have been avoiding going back to the convoy.
Why? It's complicated.
But if something has happened to them - Morgan, there's no way we can - If it has - We don't know that.
- If it has, it is my fault.
It is.
What is it you think you can do? I'm gonna talk to them.
I'm gonna find out how they got - They see you here, they will kill you.
- You don't know that.
- I do.
- How? [SIGHS.]
This [SIGHS.]
"bigger, better, building towards the future" stuff, I have heard it before.
From who? Someone whose organization might be working with these people.
Someone I never thought I'd see again.
And you're lookin' for 'em? Yeah.
Then go look.
I'll find Tom's sister.
And I'm gonna find out how they've got our truck.
- GRACE: There's a bar just ahead.
And not a moment too soon.
It's Skidmark's dinnertime, and he is very particular about schedules.
He's lucky to have you.
After all this cat has done for me, the least I can do is feed him.
What do you mean? For a long time, he was all I had.
We ate together, we listened to music together, and, for a while, it seemed like that's the way it was gonna stay.
What changed? Well [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Aw, no respect for vinyl.
Get the crate.
We gotta get outta here.
Janis? She's not here.
You find what you're lookin' for? Not yet.
It looks like she took care of whoever was comin' after her, but he might still be a problem for us.
Copy that.
Al, we gotta go now.
You okay? Thank you.
We gotta get the hell outta here.
Whew! Generator's purrin' like a kitten in catnip coop.
You two sure know how to make an entrance.
MAN: We're on our way.
They're gonna kill us like they tried to kill Tom.
I think they would've done it by now.
We've been here.
We've seen this place.
That's enough.
Believe me.
Let's just find out what they gotta say.
VIRGINIA: Sorry to keep you waitin', but you did leave quite a mess in the pool.
Strawberry or apricot? Hmm? We make both.
Here, why don't you try a little of each? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm sorry.
We should probably start with the basics first.
I know you're Morgan, and you're Al.
I'm Virginia.
Folks call me Ginny.
How do you know our names? I saw your tape.
It was a hoot.
I never considered "documentary to spread the word" angle until I saw yours.
Very smart.
So, what brings you to Paradise Ridge? Where's Janis? Oh, you ran into Tom, didn't you? Well, Janis must've run off right after her brother did.
Turns out, she left a nice, little surprise in her room, too.
You tried to kill him.
No, we're tryin' to preserve this place.
It'll be a lot easier now that we have gas.
What did you do to our friends? Your friends are fine.
Unless you considered Logan a friend, in which case, my condolences.
You had no right to take it.
We're tryin' to do the same thing you are.
Well, not tryin'.
Doin' it.
You wanna help people.
So do we.
We just have different ideas on how to accomplish it.
Yeah, you kill, and we don't.
Spaghetti ain't simple, and it's usually messy one way or another.
We could help you, too, if you'd let us.
Really? How? [JAR THUDS.]
How's it been, dealin' with the loss of your family? You should talk to Miss Phieffer.
She's an MFT, not a full headshrinker, now, but, man, she helps with perspective.
Bad patterns.
She travels between the bigger settlements.
She talks to people.
She's good.
AL: How big are the settlements? Like they have helicopters? Helicopters? Honey, we just got a gas supply yesterday.
What made you have that crazy idea? I just wanted to know.
Darlin', I am an open book.
VIRGINIA: Ah, I wish we could chat for longer, but you got a lot of work to do.
I told your friends the same thing I'll tell you now.
Our doors are always open to you.
AL: That's it? We're free to go? That's right.
And I can keep the tape? I want you to show it to as many people as you possibly can.
The future's a lot easier to get to when you're not doin' it on your own.
You think this is about the future, but what you're doin', it's about the past.
It's about holdin' onto it no matter what the cost.
Oh, Morgan, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Oh, I completely forgot.
They always remember these things.
We have a woodworker in our community.
He's a real craftsman.
I asked him if he could fix your stick for you.
He was happy to oblige.
Says that joint should hold up to whatever you throw at it.
Thank you.
Sure thing.
This is the future, Morgan.
You just don't see it yet.
But you will.
Well, unless you die out there.
People tend to do that.
Which is why we're doin' what we're doin' and why you should join us.
Go on.
Suck on a stone when you could be slurpin' soup.
Rustled you up some breakfast.
It's not quite Cinnabon, but Cinnabon-adjacent, maybe? Thank you.
There's no way those records survived the night.
I'm sorry.
They may not have stomped them all.
I wanted her to listen to the Traveling Wilburys.
- Who? - Charlie.
That's who you got them for? Uh-huh.
You asked me what changed.
When did it stop being just Skidmark and me and the warehouse? It was Charlie.
Nothing felt the same to me after she showed up.
You think you know what it is that you're gonna leave behind.
I thought it would be my daughter, Ofelia, but things don't always go the way you think.
No, they don't.
If things don't go the way I think, do me a favor.
Keep an eye on Charlie and Skidmark.
But the first thing I'm gonna do is find someone else to keep an eye on them.
I thought you were looking toward the future.
It's not about how long I've got.
Back at the mall, I decided that I would start living for something beyond today.
Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have a bad record of making things worse.
I try not to blame myself too much.
I know that's indulgent.
What is troubling you, Grace? Morgan.
I thought I could help him.
I tried.
I think you've helped that man more than you can imagine.
I saw him in the mall.
He was smiling.
Smile, smile till he run out of cheek.
Are you sure? Yes.
You want Charlie to hear the Wilburys? Maybe we don't need records.
What do you mean? [CHUCKLES.]
I took some lessons when I was a kid.
I might be able to pick it up.
We could teach Charlie together.
What makes you think I can sing? [CHUCKLES.]
- Well, it's alright - [CHUCKLES.]
Ridin' around with the breeze Well, it's alright Living life as you please Well, it's alright Doin' the best that I can Well, it's alright As long as you lend a hand [CHUCKLES.]
I'm so sorry.
All last night you spent tryin' to help me, tryin' to find Janis.
We told you we would.
She wasn't even there.
You could've been out looking for your own people.
I got you into this.
Hey, we needed to see it for ourselves.
Now we have.
Put your faith in us, Tom.
Told you we were gonna help, and we're not gonna give up till we have.
Tank's almost empty.
Really hope there's enough in that gas can back there to get us to the rendezvous.
So, let's pick up where we left off the, uh [CHUCKLES.]
the card that Duane made you for Father's Day.
You know, that was Person you were lookin' for in that place, you care about 'em? It's not about me now.
It's about both of us, isn't it? Yeah.
I care about her.
I also c-care about where she was from, what they were doing.
She talked a lot about the future.
I just wanted there to be a connection, so I Virginia, what she's doing, this is not that.
So, um the card.
I told Virginia she was holdin' onto the past no matter what it cost.
She's not the only one.
I don't think I need to do this anymore.
I, um Yeah, I think I'm good.
Grace, do you copy? Grace? Grace, if you're hearin' this, tell me where you are.
I need We need to talk.
DANIEL: Morgan.
Daniel, hey.
Are you with Grace? Yes.
We were heading back to the convoy, and she seemed fine.
Then And then, suddenly, it changed.
I wanna talk to her.
It's Morgan.
Where are you? We'll come to you.
I'm not sure.
We were on our way to the rendezvous.
Are you okay? Mm.
I'm not sure, Morgan.
What I was worried about I think it's happening.
Just tell me where you are, and, um, we'll be there.
We are at a bar just south of the 290 junction.
Copy that.
I hope I see you.
I'd like to see that smile again.
I just I don't think there's much time left.
Thank you, Daniel, for singing with me.
You're gonna be okay.
I won't be a realist, then.
This is not the end of the road, Al.
We have no food, no water.
Morgan and Grace, is there something going on there? Grace, can you hear me? We need to get moving.
Looks like you folks could use a hand.
I'm not gonna apologize for our message.
- Call the kids to dinner?! - [SCREAMING.]

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