Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e15 Episode Script

Channel 5

1 We should get back to the convoy.
Running low on gas.
There were three cans of gas.
We can help you.
That's what they said.
The oil fields? We lost them.
I never considered "documentary to spread the word" angle.
Morgan, I think it's happening.
I don't think there's much time left.
This is the future, Morgan.
You just don't see it yet, but you will.
You should join us.
Like I said, I got lucky.
And then I got unlucky.
Our water supply started to go bad.
We couldn't grow food.
We were starving.
We'd lost so much.
We needed help.
But out here, help isn't an easy thing to find.
We were ready to split before they showed up.
That's when everything changed.
They said they were trying to build something bigger, something better.
That it wasn't about today.
That it was about tomorrow.
I'm alive because of them.
Because of her.
Because of Virginia.
Most folks call me Ginny.
But this ain't about me.
Or any other single person.
This is about how we can get from today to tomorrow.
Now, we've been traveling all around, and every story is the same.
Settlement after settlement It's a condo complex.
A bowling alley.
A logging camp.
A rec and a rink.
A country club.
These are places filled with good people, good ideas.
They just need a little help.
They fixed everything they said they would.
We fixed their water supply, helped them grow more food.
They made the place into somewhere people would want to live again.
Before, we were barely surviving.
Now we are thriving.
The future isn't some far-flung flight of fancy.
We are building it every day.
Each one of us holds the key.
That's why we wear these.
Now, this isn't about how we can help you.
This is about how we can all help each other.
How we can fix the things that are broken.
Now, I know it's hard to believe.
This world gives us every reason to doubt people can help each other.
But believe me we can.
So if you see somebody wearing one of these or one of these, we're here to help.
Pick up the walkie.
Channel five.
Each one of us holds a key to the future.
The more we help each other, the sooner we'll get there.
That's not the truth.
I know.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x15 Channel 5 We've been driving for five days now, stopping every 40 miles or so to scout.
I'm not gonna lie.
It's tough.
That's why we're making another one of these.
To show you everything.
Doing things the way we do it isn't easy.
It's hard.
'Cause they're not supposed to be easy.
But it's important.
'Cause the way we're doing things is the right way.
We've only got one tanker of gas, but it is going to get us to a place we can call home.
I know we're going to find it.
Luci stayed back at Tank Town so we could have a shot at it.
We find it, then we're going to get her back.
Yeah, Virginia might say what we're doing is impossible but if you're watching this, you're going to see the impossible is possible.
And we don't have to lie.
We don't have to leave things out.
We don't have to change things to hide the truth.
We don't have to twist people's words.
We don't have to make a fake documentary like she did.
I told her we were gonna prove her wrong.
This is what happened.
This is how we did it.
This is the truth.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got this.
- That better? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Think you'll need anything else while I'm out there? Candy beansies if you see them.
If I do.
She's dehydrated.
She's having trouble keeping food down.
And you think it's the radiation? Could be.
Could be something else.
Before, we would have just made a referral to the oncology department, but guess I'm gonna have to find some medical journals.
I wasn't there when she needed me.
I wasn't there when the rest of the group needed me at Tank Town.
But I am here now.
You walkied Grace when we were away.
Said you needed to tell her something.
Did you? No.
What was it? Doesn't matter.
I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure.
Did he tell you what he wanted to say? You know, being away from everybody, it was it was hard.
But some good came out of it.
I thought you and Morgan were gonna kill me when you found me.
Virginia the way she does things it makes you scared to trust people.
But here I am.
Guess, in a way, I'm lucky.
Tom? Janis? Janis! - Oh, my God! - Tom! Janis! Oh, my God! Oh! Oh! They found my sister.
They found my brother.
They found you.
I wanted to help with the documentary.
What they're doing here, it is working.
And they leave room for everyone, not just the people Virginia deems useful.
Everybody is useful.
People need to see that.
When we find our new home, what are you going to do? I kinda hope I get the chance to keep doing this.
- What does painting do for you? - I don't know.
When we first started, I hoped finding the artist would help me.
You know, it was what I It was how I wanted to be, if that makes sense.
If art makes sense.
I mean But it's it's kinda the only thing that makes sense to me.
Strip mall off 15's toast.
Daniel, how's that school looking? It's gone.
Burned down.
There's nothing left.
I'm not thinking about anything except making sure we land.
I'm the one who picked the direction we're heading.
It felt right.
I'm sticking with that.
I think she's right.
She's got what a lot of people spend their whole lives looking for.
I saw the first movie they made.
I thought it was bullshit.
Now I'm a part of said bullshit, which, it turns out, isn't actually bullshit after all.
You going to paint again? Once we get where we're going? We'll see.
It's okay.
You'll get it.
Put your pointer here.
Then the middle there.
And that there.
- Got it? - Yeah.
Now strum the bottom four strings.
Getting there.
One more time.
Hey, you got it.
I just want to be around long enough to see it.
The looks on everyone's faces when we get there.
To know that everyone's gonna be okay.
We're under 500 G's.
That's enough for one more push.
It'll give us, what 50 miles? If we leave two or three cars behind.
And everything that's in them.
Perhaps we should consider a different direction.
Well, we can't change course now.
There's nothing out there.
Hey, I suggest you turning that off.
This may not be an aspect you want to document.
This is about showing things as they really are.
We got a breach.
- I'll check the kits.
- Thank you.
Somebody? Dwight? You good? Hey, you guys need to come look at this.
I think every now and then, the universe has a way of speaking to you.
- What is it? - Look at that.
- It's from a Gulch.
- Very first one ever built.
What, you've been there? Yeah.
I mean, before.
We must be closer than I thought.
And why would a Wild West attraction be a suitable home for us? Well, these places were designed to operate like everything did before no gasoline, no electricity.
There's plenty of room for all of us.
There's a fishing hole nearby.
And I believe this particular Gulch had a cattle fence around the perimeter.
They kept bison.
But you haven't been there in years.
We don't even know what it's like.
We've exhausted most everything in this area.
If John is right, this could work.
One of those places saved my life before.
I guess lightning can strike twice.
It feels like the right place.
This is what we've been looking for.
I think we found it.
Does it have a barbershop? We're about 50 miles east.
It'll be a stretch, but I've driven further on less.
Hard as it is it's worth it.
June?! June! Charlie, what's wrong?! You okay? Can you hear me? She's Grace, can you hear me? Come on, Grace.
Grace Grace, can you hear me? She's severely dehydrated.
She's tachycardic.
Her blood pressure's low.
We need to get her some more fluids or Or Or what, June? We just - What? - We need to get moving.
Come on, Grace.
Can you see anything? I don't know.
I thought we should take everything we could out of that mall.
Even if she did not want to know then.
Well, I thought it might help me treat her if I knew what was going on.
But to be honest I don't even know what to look for.
She will be awake, though right? By the time we get to the Gulch? It depends on what's actually going on.
I could treat the symptoms, but until I really know - That's all I can do.
- Yeah.
And how long, you know, can she go without fluids? Not long, Morgan.
Tess? Tess, that retirement home, how far was it? I don't know.
15 miles? Roof was caved in, but there might still be some supplies left.
I'm gonna go.
I'll circle back to the convoy when I get what she needs.
May not need to, Mo-mo.
The a detour will take us a little further north than we wanted, but I think there's a shortcut where we can make up some miles on the B side.
You sure about this, Morgan? She'll want to be awake when we get there, you know? She'll want to see it.
She will.
This is the part you won't see on Virginia's tape.
Because this is something she'd never do.
Well, if this place was in better shape, I'd say we could rest here for a bit.
But nope.
June, Alicia, we're coming up empty-handed here.
Any luck on your end? Nothing.
Not yet.
Never shoulda left her.
Hey, come on, now.
It's gonna be all right.
We just gotta keep lookin'.
So, Morgan and Grace, is there something going on there? I'm not sure.
Maybe? Well, that's a bittersweet thing.
You okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
I just I don't want to wait anymore.
I think when we get to the Gulch, we get married.
Right away.
I think that's a great idea.
I love you.
Keep it under your hat.
Hey, Al, how's it looking downstairs? We didn't find anything.
Morgan, June? We got it.
They look viable.
We're looking in the east wing.
There's nothing here.
Hey, thanks.
It's good, right? Great.
I don't know.
At one point, it was the only thing I had.
Like, it was taking over.
But now it's not the only thing I have.
How do you feel? Better.
Thank you.
Uh What is it, Morgan? I'm, uh I'm just glad you're feeling better.
This shortcut is gonna get us back on track.
Ha ha! Ginny, you can suck it.
She would've never made that detour.
Not for one person.
Not for someone who's sick.
These people, what they're building that's the future.
Or at least the one I want to be a part of.
We got Grace what she needed.
We didn't lose any ground doing it.
Yeah, it's a risk.
But so was lighting a runway with Christmas lights, and look how that turned out.
There was a time when I was shot, I was good as dead, and they didn't give up on me.
They risked their lives to help me do the right thing.
To help me find my sister.
To help me find my faith.
They forgave me.
They took me out of the warehouse.
- Back to her.
- Back to people.
What's going on? Tell me what's taking so long.
Looks like this bridge is maxed out.
I'll be back.
Well, we got the MRAP and a few of the cars across.
That semi's gonna be too heavy.
These old planks are not gonna hold.
We backed it off just in time.
I'm not even sure we should be standing here right now.
So can we leave the tanker behind? If we do that, we'll never get to the Gulch.
There aren't any other crossings for miles.
We don't have enough gas to try another route.
Then we gotta figure out a way to patch the hole.
I like the tune you're strumming, compadre.
I saw some wooden planks over there.
They might fit.
Take who you need.
See if you can make that work.
We've got too much weight here! Everybody get off the bridge! Ease off the bridge! Back up the tanker! Don't back the tanker off.
The bridge won't take the stress.
Hey! Hey! A bucket brigade! We can get the gas to the other side to fill off the cars! - Yeah.
- Let's do that! What can I do? Let's get everybody out of the cars and over the bridge.
We're gonna space you out one person every 20 feet! Hey, Morgan, Morgan, we got company! Everybody wait! June, get on with the gas.
Howdy there.
Looks like you folks could use a hand.
Got trouble with the tanker, Morgan? It is nothing we can't handle.
See you're making good use of our gas.
Well, it sure beats saddle sores, don't it? Yeah.
It's a different kinda horsepower.
There a problem? No, we got this.
You help the others.
We're gonna need the bridge in working order.
All right, I think I'm better served right here.
No, he's right.
You can put those down.
If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.
You know what we're capable of.
You're good.
Oh, hey, Tom.
What are you doing with that? He's helping me get the story.
- Like I told you.
- And which story is that? The one where you get your ass handed to you.
By us.
Still fooling yourself, huh, Al.
We're not fooling anybody.
People are gonna know the truth.
This is how.
Well, there's the truth, Al, and then there's the truth.
I hope you pick the one that keeps the most people alive.
How did you know where we were? We're in the middle of nowhere.
We've been keeping an eye on the convoy.
We could learn a thing or two from you.
Stripping the cars, lightening the load.
You folks stretched that homemade petrol farther than we ever thought possible.
But then, Morgan, you went out of your way to get medicine for a woman who's dying.
And that's why you're here.
And why are you? - To help you cross this bridge.
- Ha! In both the literal and proverbial sense.
You all are gonna end up just like her.
Unless you ask for help.
We can fix this for you.
What exactly would taking your help mean for us? Victor, right? I was wondering when we'd finally cross corridors.
Taking what we're offering it means something different for everybody.
Like what? Victor? I'm just asking her to lay all her cards out on the table.
Leaf through the catalogue, as it were.
Well, Victor, it's hard to say.
We'd sort it out, depending on what each of you could provide us.
We are in the midst of a rather exciting expansion.
We need good people, and there aren't many left.
There aren't many people left, full stop.
That why you tried to kill me? No, Tom, I tried to kill you 'cause your track record made you a liability.
I'm not gonna apologize for my methods.
Not when they get results.
We already said no.
You know, Dwight, I checked up on your wife like I said.
Easy! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey.
Dwight, Dwight.
It's all right.
We've got an engineer over at the Lanes who said he actually broke bread with her a few months back.
Said Sherry seemed real worried about you.
Okay, stop.
You didn't say her name in the documentary.
How else could I know? Stop.
This group us whatever you want to call us, we're here because we want to do things differently from you.
And we're gonna keep doing things that way.
That way keeps people alive.
Well, it won't for much longer! The future isn't over there, Morgan.
It's with us.
We both want the same thing.
We just have a different way of getting there.
Now, if anybody wants to come try the way that works, they're welcome.
She's right.
Anyone who would rather be with her, feel free.
Get your things.
Go now.
I think our choice is pretty clear.
Guys got a good hold on them, don't ya? Virginia? Your stratagem following us around as you were it doesn't seem particularly efficient.
You know what, Victor? It's not.
Yeah, that oughta get the job done.
A little "call the kids to dinner".
We saw a herd just down the road.
You folks might just be the soup du jour.
When you need help, give us a holler.
Let's get everybody ready to cross the bridge! - Get 'em outta the cars now! - Let's go! All right, everyone grab your stuff! - Let's go! - We got walkers! Get your weapons, - get any water to the other side! - How we doing with that patch?! If I'm being honest, it needs work! You keep going! We'll buy you as much time as we can.
We need to block this bridge.
Get what you can.
Bail if you need to.
June? I'll stay on the gas.
Let's go! Everybody over the bridge! Go, go, go! Come on, guys! Come on! Keep moving! Come on! Go! Hurry! Strand, behind you! Morgan, to your left! Hyah! Get everybody over the bridge! - Everyone, let's go.
Let's go! - Come on! - Come on.
- Let's go! Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming! Remember, one every 20 feet, Dwight! - Come on, come on! - Come on, come on, come on! - Go, go! - One at a time! Let's go! - They're breaking through! - Hey, Morgan! Breach! Breach! Everyone, go! Run, run! Hyah! Everybody get over the bridge! - Al, watch out! - Make that the last bucket! Okay! - Sarah! - Yeah.
Get across the bridge! You don't need to tell me twice! Let's go! Go, now, go! How are we doing with the patch?! We're not ready yet! We need more time! Tom, you go! Just keep going! Forget about that! Aah! Aah! Come here.
Come on, Al! Is there any way we can get the tanker over the patch? There's no way it's gonna hold.
Then we gotta go.
Get on the other side! Tom, go! Just go! - Come on, everybody! - Everybody.
Tom, bail! No, I'm gonna get this! - Tom! - Tom! Come on, man! Get over here! Come on! Tom! Leave it! I got it! People are gonna see what we were doing was worth it! This is This is proof.
Aah! Al? Hey.
I have to finish.
The batteries aren't gonna last.
It's okay.
We have to get this right.
For us.
For him.
Then that's what we'll do.
And we will get it right.
Got any batteries left for your camera? This is not the end of the road, Al.
I won't let it be.
Come on.
Everybody's waiting.
How far do you think it is to the Gulch? I don't know.
10, 15 miles? Hey.
Can you walk? The fluids helped.
- Morgan? - Yeah.
He died for the detour.
For me.
Do you maybe want me say a few words before we go? Not here.
I think I know what we're all feeling, what we're thinking.
Tom believed that this story our story that it wasn't over yet.
And he wanted to be with people who would do what we did for one of our own.
And he wanted her to know it.
Wanted Virginia to know that.
That right, Janis? He said to finish it.
That's what we should do.
And that's what we should do, right? Right? Yeah.
Let's go.
Really not gonna be easy.
I've been thinking when we get there I'll paint with you.
And it doesn't just have to be trees.
We might need a new medium.
Rabbi, I don't know if this is a good time to ask this question.
That depends on the question.
Do you do weddings? For Gentiles? I've never been asked, but I've always wanted to try one.
All right.
Thank you.
Did I hear what I think I just heard? Ah.
It's gonna be a pretty quiet affair.
- Okay.
- Yeah, given everything don't want to make a big deal.
I don't know.
I think it might just be what everybody needs.
You know? Remind them of why we're doing this thing the way we're doing it.
Well, I'm gonna need a best man.
So if you know anybody that's not busy.
Still filming, Al? As long as there's a story to tell.
Hey, Morgan.
We don't know each other that well, but hear me out.
None of us has any idea how long we have left in this world.
So, if there's things to say, you should say them.
Hey, Al! You gettin' this? You bet I am.
I want Ginny to see this.
I want her to see why she lost.
You good for one last push? Yeah, Morgan, I am.
You know, I, um, wanted to say Don't Don't say it.
- Just - Don't.
It'll only make things harder.
I just I'm glad you're here to see this.
Me too.
We made it.
No, t-this can't be it.
This is the wrong place.
There's passed at every gate.
We'll be hard-pressed to even get inside.
- We'll find another way.
- How? We have no food, no water.
All of our supplies we left on the other side of that bridge.
There's There's nothing else around here.
Your faith got us this far.
We need more than faith right how.
But we can't just give up.
Not with what we just went through, what Tom did.
We've got to do something.
Like what? We could walk back to the cars.
We'd never make it.
Look at us.
We barely made it here.
Ain't no gas in 'em anyway.
There is one thing we can do.
- No.
Hell no.
- Then what? What?! Why'd you turn your camera off? You don't want to show things the way they really are now, do you? Because you see the way things are, just like I'm seeing things the way they are.
We've gotten somewhere.
To something.
And here we are we've arrived at it.
There's sick people here, children.
You deal in the truth.
We can eat tonight.
We can live for tomorrow.
If you can think of something else, tell me now.
Say it now.
Morgan, I thought this was gonna go differently.
I thought it wasn't the end of the story.
But it is.
I know what that means.
You call her, there's no going back.
People are gonna die.
We tried a different way.
We didn't run into her arms.
We can look at ourselves in the mirror tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow.
But if you throw in with her, with them day'll come when you can't.
Dwight, don't walk away.
We're miles from anywhere anyway.
I've walked further than this before.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
No, no, it's not your fault.
We all thought this was a good call.
If we're gonna do this we should do it.
Janis Really am sorry.
Virginia if you're listening, we need your help.
- Can I come and get you? - Yeah.
I think we can clear this place.
Now, we've got something to fight for.
We're gonna see each other again.
No, we won't.
It's gonna be okay.
She's not walking away without a fight.

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