Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s05e16 Episode Script

End of the Line

1 It feels like the right place.
This is what we've been looking for.
You know, I, um, wanted to say Don't Don't say it.
Grace, can you hear me? The future isn't over there, Morgan.
It's with us.
We both want the same thing.
But we have no food, no water.
MORGAN: Dwight, don't walk away.
We're miles from anywhere, anyway.
I've walked further than this before.
Virginia, if you're listening, we need your help.
- WOMAN: Dwight? Dwight? Honey? WOMAN: Dwight? Can you hear me? - Honey? - Can you hear me? Is that you? [STATIC.]
Dwight, can you hear me? Dwight? Dwight? [STATIC.]
Where'd you come from, boy? Come on.
You just saved my life.
Fear the Walking Dead 5x16 End of the Line [WALKERS GROWLING.]
VIRGINIA: I'm glad you called, Morgan.
Glad as a grandma with a gravy boat.
MORGAN: I wasn't sure you were gonna be in range.
Well, now that we got some of that Texas Tea on tap, we're running generators with repeaters from here to Pecos, so, yeah, we are always in range.
I told you the future wasn't across that bridge, Morgan.
I did try.
But no use crying over spilt milk, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Tell me where you are.
In a place called Humbug's Gulch.
You pulling my leg right now? That Gulch is one of the biggest settlements I ever came across.
263 souls.
Folks there found themselves in a spot when that fishing hole ran dry, and I tried to help them, but their crackpot of a leader blind as a bat when it came to reality.
He stood in the very spot you're standing now, and he made the wrong call.
I'm just glad you're making the smart one, Morgan.
This place, uh there's room for all of us.
We just need help clearing it out.
That place is beyond repair.
I'm afraid it's time to move on to greener pastures.
You're gonna take everybody, right? I'm gonna do whatever ensures the most number of people survive.
I want your word that you're gonna take us to the same place, that you'll keep us all together.
No can do.
You're each gonna go where I think is best.
No, I gotta We gotta do right by everybody.
Right is for people who want to feel good about themselves.
People who can't make the hard calls that need to be made.
I have got 817 people thriving under my auspices.
- You've got how many? - I got 41.
I'm sorry about Tom.
But the rest of them may end up just like him unless you are finally ready to make the hard call, Morgan.
Unless you are finally ready to protect their future.
Should I come and get you or not? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Be there by the end of day.
Look at it this way.
You won't be together anymore, but you will be alive.
I'm sorry.
MORGAN: How you doing? Not gonna lie.
Been better.
You really did everything you could, Morgan.
Thank you.
So did you.
- Yeah.
- GRACE: They were in my pack.
That guy I told you about the one at the plant I did tell him how I felt at the end.
When it was clear he wasn't gonna make it.
We, uh We actually Yeah.
I think the reason I let it happen was because I knew it was the end.
Because I knew it couldn't be anything more.
That's why I didn't want you to tell me whatever you were gonna tell me.
Oh, I-I wasn't gonna That's not what I wanted to tell you.
And, you know, we are gonna see each other again.
No, we won't.
For once, I finally know how much time I have left.
Until Virginia gets here.
What are you talking about? She won't take me with her, Morgan.
You heard her.
She only cares about the future.
Well, it's not gonna happen.
I won't let that happen.
You might not have a choice.
I don't want to wait any more.
I think when we get to the village, we get married.
I kind of hope I just keep getting the chance to do this.
GRACE: I just want to be around long enough to see the looks on everyone's faces when we get there.
Everything all right? I don't want to go back to that person I was before I met you.
What? No.
You gotta understand, you don't need me to be you.
Okay? I know.
I just don't want to do any of this without you.
Well, we were alone before.
Now we got something to fight for.
I'm gonna fight.
Well, look at you.
Think we can make it work here.
What do you mean? Where'd you find the horses? I found 'em roaming around what's left of the convoy.
Now, don't you know what this means? What? If they're alive, there's water nearby.
She lied.
That's right.
We can make it work here.
We don't need her.
Give me that back to me.
- STRAND: You sure? - Yeah.
I can do this.
I'm not afraid of it anymore.
I know.
What are you doing? You know, after the plane crash, you said it was impossible for me to put a weapon between me and losing people.
You were right.
I put it down, I found what I needed.
I'm not gonna lose that.
I'm not gonna let her separate me from the people that helped me get here.
I think we can clear this place.
No, really, I think we can clear this place.
Wait! Stop! Wait.
You said we're not doing careful, we're doing right.
AL: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - Go! Go! Back up, back up.
- No! Alicia, this fence ain't gonna hold long enough to make a dent.
It will.
And we can clear it.
JUNE: We led everyone here.
We have to try.
STRAND: But even if we did kill all the walkers, we need more than just a ghost town and water.
We need food, medical supplies Well, if there's water, maybe fish, maybe deer.
DANIEL: Doesn't matter if we're fed.
You saw what Virginia did at the bridge.
She is not walking away without a fight.
AL: He's right.
We already lost Tom.
Well, we're gonna lose more than that if we go with her.
Look, I am who I am because of you folks, all right? I'd like to hang on to that.
If we clear this place and then we have to fight her, how do you think we'd manage? We got some long rifles, couple of pistols, not much ammo.
If she comes with half as many people as she did at the quarry, it's gonna get real messy, real quick.
- Aah! - Back off! - Back off! DORIE: Watch that side! Dwight.
DWIGHT: Put some weight in there.
We're gonna have to take care of the dead, and then we deal with Virginia.
Maybe we can deal with both of them at the same time.
I see.
All right.
Hold it.
We'll get the horses.
- Dwight, can you help him? - DWIGHT: Yeah.
Alicia, I need you to get everybody else out of here.
- Take them as far away as you can.
- ALICIA: On it.
MORGAN: We're not gonna kill her or her people.
We're just gonna surround 'em, take what we need, make 'em understand not to bother us here.
Okay? Come on! GRACE: Hyah! Come on! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! [WALKER GROWLING.]
This place is kinda rough around the edges.
Yeah, so was the stadium when my mom found it.
You know, rebuilding it, turning it into something more, it gave her a sense of peace.
You need a new medium, right? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
You doing all right? [CHUCKLES.]
Stomach's feeling upside down, but I can manage.
The carousel ride was nice, Morgan, but this I needed this.
June Bug, I think it's gonna work.
Maybe we did bring them to the right place.
I believe we did.
When we get back, I'm gonna make an honest woman outta you.
There it is the MRAP.
Hey, there's a field on the other side of that rise.
The wind seems to be carrying the sound away from the road.
That's where we should lead the herd till it's time.
There's another thing.
Just about a mile or so, there's a river.
That's how our rides are still alive.
There's an access road that cuts over to 1233.
If she's coming for the MRAP, she's gonna come from there.
Can you and Daniel keep watch while we lead them outta sight? Gotcha.
Let's go.
Dwight, you and June taking point.
Me and Morgan'll take the flank.
All right.
Go, go.
Ho, ho, you're staying with us! Stay with us now! Ho! MAN: Come on, come on! This way, this way! Thank you, Dwight.
For what you're doing.
We're all doing the best we can.
Yeah, but Virginia, she might be able to take you to Sherry.
So thank you.
- Hey, can I tell you something? - Yeah.
When I was out here on my own [CHUCKLES.]
I thought I heard Sherry on the walkie.
You know, it coulda been the heat.
It probably was, but I don't know.
I like to think it was her guiding me to do the right thing.
We're doing the right thing, June.
So when me and Sherry do meet up, it'll be the way we want, and we won't have someone like Virginia hanging over our heads.
Ready? - This way! This way! - [WHISTLING.]
Ho, ho, ho! Follow me! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
DORIE: Come on! Whoa! This way, this way! Come on! What do you think? Very New Testament.
I might be playing some of the oldies.
Gun safe was almost empty.
Morgan and the others better stop her - before she gets here.
- They will.
ALICIA: If we have to step in and help them, then we will.
Something stuck in your craw, Al? I think we know where the horses came from.
Found these on some of the dead.
Her riders were here.
Virginia's more full of shit than we thought.
- Hey, let me - Patience, my friend.
And I use the term loosely.
If this doesn't work, we may be giving her the MRAP.
They wouldn't go too far.
I have the starter.
You think we should give up and join Virginia.
I think we should consider the opportunity.
I think we should dissect what "giving up" means in these circumstances.
Accompanying her back it may not be as bad as we imagined in those settlements.
She's not giving us a choice.
That is all we need to know.
- Come on! - Hyah! DORIE: Come on back! Don't let 'em break off! Ho, ho, ho! We're not gonna be able to keep this up much longer.
- You okay? - Yeah.
MORGAN: Oh, here they come.
- Call 'em! - Hey, hey, hey! DWIGHT: Come on! - We good? - JUNE: Yeah.
There was a time when the cattle worried about us eating them.
Hey, what's your favorite color, by the way? Green.
Why? Just curious.
- MORGAN: Hey, hey! - Whoa.
This way.
Come on.
Come on.
No offense next time I want to do this without training wheels.
Next time? I said that without even thinking about it.
'Cause you know we're gonna do this, and you're gonna get more than one day.
Come on.
DANIEL: They're here.
Hey, the signal! DORIE: All right.
June, Morgan, take the point! Dwight, circle back! Pull up the stragglers! Dwight, come on! Get these walkers turned around! Come on.
- Come on, man.
Sweet Jesus.
What? Oh, my God.
- Ah! - Why is he signaling again?! DWIGHT: I don't know! DANIEL: Call it off, call it off.
Hold up the herd.
Luciana, she's with them.
JUNE: We have to turn back.
Let's go.
Come on! Come on, watch it! - Turn around! - Turn 'em! Come on, come on! - Whoo whoo whoo! - Come on! This way! Hey, hey, hey.
DANIEL: What are you doing? I'll handle it.
Head back to the Gulch.
Tell everyone to arm up.
- Come on! - Come on, come on! - Come on.
- Lead them away! DORIE: Keep up! - Come on! - Come on! MORGAN: Come on.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- Come on.
GRACE: Ah, come on.
- Aah.
DORIE: Come on.
We gotta get their attention or he's done for.
- Here.
- Here.
Hey! Come here! Over here! [GUNSHOT.]
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [GUNSHOT.]
- DORIE: Work fast! - Whoa.
That next wave of walkers will pin us in.
- Come on.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Come on! - Hey, here, here.
Hey! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoo whoo! - Come on.
- Over here! Hey, take control of the herd and get back to the SWAT van now! - I can handle myself! - Shut up! Let us make the noise! - [GUNSHOT.]
- Come on! Come on! Come on! This way! This way! Come on! [WHISTLES.]
Hey, I know what it's like to live under someone who doesn't believe in the same things as you do! And I can't let that happen to you! Hey, hey, hey! And this is a tough call, John, but it's the right one! - Come here! - Dwight! Dwight! You wanna try this without training wheels? - Yeah.
Uh - You've got this.
Take the reins.
- All right.
- You got it? Go.
John? Hey, hey, hey! - I'm going after him! - All right! GRACE: Come on! Come! [GRUNTS.]
Come on, follow me.
- Okay.
- Hyah! We're on the perimeter.
Aah! Morgan no! - We're not leaving you behind! - No.
You okay? DWIGHT: No, my leg.
Can you take this one? Yeah.
You gotta stop thinking we're gonna leave you to your own devices.
What now? You hide, keep quiet.
We're gonna take a dip.
Come on! - Go.
DORIE: Good boy.
Good boy.
Come on, boy.
Come on! Follow up! - Come on! - Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! DORIE: Come on! This way! This way! GRACE: Come on! JUNE: Come on! Come on! [WHISTLES.]
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! DORIE: [WHISTLING.]
- Come on! Over here! - Whoo! Whoo! Come on! [BOTH WHOOPING.]
We're not gonna be able to fight her without the walkers.
We're all still alive.
There's that.
She wins.
AL: The people before, they didn't die because they refused help.
They died because they fought back.
Virginia killed them.
Some of her soldiers died, too.
And that's where the horses came from.
If we fight her we'll die, too.
WENDELL: Maybe not.
If Vic is somewhere smooth-talking her.
If that's what he's doing.
- It is.
That is what he's doing.
We We have to hold on to what we have.
She's got us vastly outnumbered and outgunned.
The only chance we had went down the river.
So we are just gonna give up.
Not talking about giving up.
Just make sure everybody survives.
We did what we came out here to do.
We helped people.
We helped a lot of people.
And the only way that's gonna mean something is if we keep them alive.
This is how.
So, what, huh? We're just gonna turn ourselves in? Is that what's happening? No, she can take us wherever she wants.
She can separate us, but she can't make us forget what we did or who we are.
She can't.
So, that's ballgame, then? It's not, no.
'Cause we still got a little time left.
Time for what? Live life the way we said we were gonna.
You do look good in green.
It's perfect.
I knew it would be the moment I saw it in the costume shop.
Rings? Oh.
Anybody got any candy? [CHUCKLES.]
I don't have any It's okay.
DWIGHT: I'll, uh I'll do you one better.
DORIE: I can't.
I'm standing here because of the two of you.
You're gonna find Sherry Oh, no, look, I'm not sure what Virginia has in store, but I'm not gonna let her use Sherry as some bargaining chip.
I'll find her on my own terms.
When I do, I'm I won't be needing these.
'Cause it'll be a fresh start you know, for the both of us.
Thank you.
Take it.
Thank you, Dwight.
Do you, John, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for all the rest of your days? I've loved you since the first day you washed up on my shore.
You bet I do.
June, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for all the rest of your days? I do.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You don't lose this.
No, ma'am.
It's a broken world, but each union sees a little piece of everything set right.
It's tikkun olam, the repair of the world.
And it's with great pleasure that I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- Hey! - Mazel Tov! [APPLAUSE.]
DANIEL: Well, it's all right Riding around in the breeze Well, it's all right If you find the life you please Well, it's all right Even when push comes to shove Well, it's all right If you found someone to love Jacob.
Ner Tamid.
MORGAN: This is it.
Kids, kids.
Come on.
VIRGINIA: Well, I gotta say, you tidied the place up real good.
Heard some chatter on the walkies earlier.
Victor told me about the little stunt you were trying to pull.
I hope you're not still thinking of one last hurrah, are you, Morgan? No.
We asked for your help, and we're gonna take it.
That's grand.
But you're all gonna have to take all of us.
That means Grace, our elders, our sick, and our injured.
And whatever healthcare they need, you're gonna give it to them.
See, it's all of us.
It's all of us or none of us.
Oh, look at you.
You are in no position to be making demands.
You don't get sauce on the side in a soup kitchen.
Well, you won.
You did.
You should let us win, too.
You're all about value.
Well, all of us alive I would argue that we're priceless to you like that.
And anything else is gonna be a problem.
'Cause the only way this is gonna work is if we get a guarantee that we will not lose a single one of us.
Not one.
Otherwise Well, then, we'll both lose.
God damn it.
Guess it's worth saving a few bullets over.
Well, come on.
Get the rest of your people out here.
We got a long drive ahead of us.
Adios yesterday, hello tomorrow.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Here we go.
Gonna get a lot of use out of this beauty.
Not if you can't drive it.
Van can be a bitch.
Breaks down more than you'd think.
Look, I-I could keep it running, just keep some of these people together.
I got a mechanic over at the Lanes.
Used to have a garage before.
Come on, now, Al.
You think I'd drive it off the lot without an extended warranty? I know why you're doing this.
You think if people get too close, it gets in the way.
And maybe you're right.
But you have another problem.
You've rigged the game.
It's all built on a lie.
Can't last.
It's not a lie, Al.
You'll see.
Oh, and speaking of the truth, I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know about that helicopter you mentioned.
Hey, sis, if she asks you to brew, make sure to make it extra swilly.
I said I was never gonna leave anyone in my rearview again, and I sure as shit not gonna break that promise.
Not with you.
Not because of her! [ENGINE STARTS.]
ALICIA: Is Daniel right? Are you helping with the MRAP? STRAND: I needed to curry favor with her.
We'll be fine.
We can do more damage from the inside.
VIRGINIA: Keep it.
She's gonna need it.
Come on.
Victor, why did you give her the starter? Remember who you are in there.
Daniel! DANIEL: Everything's gonna be fine.
I will find a way to get to you.
I will will find you.
Okay? Just keep practicing.
- No But I - You have to go.
- You have to go.
You have to go.
- Please? [CAT YOWLS, HISSES.]
Hey! That's my cat.
The cat and I travel together.
Not anymore you don't.
Now get in the truck.
Al gave this to me.
You should have it.
For movie night.
We're gonna find our way back to each other.
I know.
TERRENCE: All right, come on.
All right, baby.
We're gonna find each other again.
Hang on.
You take this.
Ignore the "I'm sorry" part.
I'm not sorry about a single moment.
We're all right! I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
MAN: Let's go! Come on! Get in the car! [ENGINE STARTS.]
They will take care of you in ways that we just couldn't.
I can't explain it.
But after today somehow it doesn't feel like the beginning of the end.
Just go ahead and let me say this, and then Because I don't know what's gonna happen to us, but, at the mall, you know, on the carousel with you, I, uh I felt something and it scared me.
It scared the hell outta me because I've only ever felt that one other time, and that was with Jenny.
And maybe this is something different or maybe it's the same thing that I had with her, but I felt it.
And I felt the possibility that I felt like it was more.
And whatever happens to us and wherever we end up, I need you to know that.
Okay? - Okay? - Okay.
This is Doc Holt.
His background's family medicine, but he did a rotation in oncology.
Is that what you had in mind, Morgan? I appreciate it.
I felt it, too, Morgan.
I need you to know that.
I need you to know that.
You ready? Where are you taking me? You get to stay here, Morgan.
You see? Gotta protect the future.
Which is why I'm loathe to repeat the past.
You don't have to do this.
I do.
Ohh! Aah! [GRUNTS.]
I just resent your face so much.
DOC HOLT: Virginia, do you copy? What? It's the patient.
How sick is she? Don't hurt her.
However bad it is please don't hurt her.
She's not sick.
She's pregnant.
How far along? Hard to tell.
Three, four months maybe.
She's malnourished.
I'll meet you at the lodge.
You would've left her out there to die.
You said what we were doing out here had no future to it.
Had no future.
And you were wrong.
I do hope you die.
But that's not the point anymore.
I hope you heard me.
- If any of you are listening if any of you can hear me what we were doing out here it was it wasn't just about doing right.
It was about the future.
We fought for the future.
We made the hard call.
For her.
For For all of us.
So, Grace, if you're listening to me [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
All of you if you can hear me [WALKERS GROWLING.]
just live.

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