Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s07e10 Episode Script

Mourning Cloak

1 People have a right to know who's still out there.
Charlie, Luciana, Jacob, Wes, and Daniel.
We just found them all.
I need your help, Victor.
Oh, God.
Bring me the baby.
I didn't know you liked children.
She's got to get used to her new father sometime.
We can't stay here.
I'd rather face whatever's out there.
Leaving really isn't an option.
We found it.
No, that's not PADRE.
Careful, kid.
Garcia, give me a second, hmm? Victor's particular about those.
- Howard sent for me.
- Mm.
I ran up here as fast as I could.
Let me, uh, send these boys out to meet Victor on his scout, and, uh, see if I can find Howard.
Maybe he wants me to join them.
Not today.
Got something else in mind.
Have a seat.
You guys go ahead.
I'll catch up.
What's Victor looking for out there? That's between him and his Rangers.
You'll join them when you're ready.
And when's that gonna be? When Victor says you are.
I just thought I'd be closer by now.
How old are you, Ali? 15, huh? And you really think you're ready to be a Ranger? Yes, sir.
I'm ready.
I admire your ambition.
I know Victor does, too.
But everyone has got to start somewhere.
To that end.
Another one? No, this is not just any butterfly.
This is the Mourning Cloak.
Extremely rare.
Live for about a year.
And Victor has got the perfect spot for it on the shelf.
All you've got to do is find one.
Is there something wrong? I just don't know how collecting these proves I can be one of his Rangers.
I hear ya, kid.
I could tell you stories from when I first got out of the academy.
What the senior cops called initiation.
It was no picnic Victor asked you to assist me while he's gone.
Not spook the kid with your old war stories.
Look, this isn't hazing, Ali.
It's about how you see the world.
About who you choose to be in it.
They all began as caterpillars.
See, they started as one thing, and became something else.
Something better.
And that's what Victor did.
That's how he survived.
Show Victor what you're capable of, that you can be something greater.
Then you'll be ready.
Hands up! Turn around.
Who the hell are you? Take your mask off! You're just a kid.
Yeah, well, what does that make you? What were you stealing? I got separated from my group, alright? I mean, I just looking for food, water You're lucky this didn't break.
Over here.
I see him.
You weren't back when we said.
John? Howdy, Charlie.
You two know each other? We did for a spell.
She was with us when we tried to stop Teddy.
You're one of Morgan's.
Wait, John It'll be okay, kid.
Just stay calm.
What's going on? She's coming with us.
Why? I told you that you needed to show Victor what you're capable of.
You just might get your shot.
Why were you stealing from Ali? Look, I want to talk to Strand.
'Fraid that's not possible, kid.
Victor is out ensuring the safety of this Tower.
He's asked me to do the same in his absence.
So, I need you to tell me the truth, Charlie.
It wasn't a coincidence, you running into Ali out there, was it? No.
Did Morgan put you up to it? No, he he doesn't know I'm here.
Then why are you? Well, I've been looking for a way into this place for a while now.
I just thought that maybe one of your people would have blueprints or something I could use to help me sneak in.
For what purpose? I want to live here.
Why not just use the call box? Because she knew Victor would say no.
Why? Because they have a checkered past.
How do you know that? I know everything about Victor's former allies.
Especially the ones he's deemed as threats.
That's why I was gonna sneak in.
And do what? Live between the walls? Or hope that June or maybe Grace would help keep me a secret.
Look, I knew that it was the only way that I could be a part of this.
- This? - A chance at a normal life.
Yes, well, I can, uh, certainly understand that.
But why not come sooner? On the sub, the computers when the emergency power's on, you can see what day it is.
So, I looked, and I'll be 13 this week.
I mean, I was I was so young when everything changed.
And every single day since then, it's just been one fight after another fight after another fight after another fight.
I just don't want to fight anymore.
I just want a normal life, and I know that this is where I can do that.
Look, I know that you don't trust me, but if you just give me a chance, whatever I can do to prove to you that I want to be there, I'll do it.
- Yeah? - It's June.
We have a problem in the infirmary.
Garcia, what happened? Where's Victor? He split off before we got there.
And the other Rangers? That place was crawling with dead.
They didn't make it.
Those are radiation burns.
How do you know that? We, uh We see them a lot out there.
Garcia, did you find what we asked for? There were too many of them.
I just wanted to protect the Tower.
I'd do anything for this place.
Keep moving.
Howard wants you in the holding room as soon as possible.
So, how'd you wind up here? I'm not telling you anything.
Why not? It doesn't sound like Strand trusts you.
And you just do whatever he says? - Pretty much.
- Why? 'Cause that's how I'm gonna become a Ranger.
So, you're telling me that you want to go out there, when you could just stay in here? You wouldn't understand.
What the hell was that? Garcia jumped? Triple Lindy off the ledge.
I don't see him down there.
He's part of the wall now, player.
It's what Victor would have wanted.
What? For him to kill himself? Garcia promised he'd do anything he could to protect this place.
If he couldn't do it while he was alive, then He probably just didn't want to suffer anymore.
Wait, what do you mean? He was sick.
He had radiation poisoning.
I thought this place was safe.
- It is.
- Then how did that happen? - It just doesn't - It happened out there.
On a scout.
Well, what was he scouting for? Parts.
Our elevators haven't worked since we were attacked.
Victor wants them fixed.
I mean, what if I can get them for you? Will you let me live here? Charlie, no.
It's too dangerous.
Not necessarily.
Are you kidding me? Look what happened to the other scouts.
None of them have Charlie's skills.
Well, what skills would those be? Ones that allow her to sneak in and out of places undetected.
You've done it before.
Victor told me.
Hell, you even said you were gonna do it again, here.
You can't be serious.
She volunteered.
You really think you can do this? Would I get to live in the Tower? Well, that's Victor's call.
But he listens to me.
You do this, you're in.
I'll do it.
You'll leave tomorrow.
- Ali, you'll go with her.
- I will? Why don't you, uh, catch Charlie up on what we're looking for and then get her down to one of the guest suites.
She should, uh, get some rest before tomorrow.
Charlie, come on.
I'll go with you.
'Cause I want to hear play-by-play about my sister.
Ali, can we talk? This is your chance to prove yourself.
What? By By dying like Garcia, over some elevator parts? It's not about the elevator.
Then what's it about? Finding out why Charlie's really here.
She said she came on her own.
That she wants to live here.
And that very well might be true, but we need to consider the possibility it might not be.
She could die.
If she wants to live here as much as she says, she'll be careful.
This feels wrong.
Look, things like this are never easy.
I get that.
But at the end of the day, it's what separates the caterpillars from the butterflies.
You said you wanted to be a Ranger.
This is what Rangers do.
So, why's Strand got you out collecting butterflies? What does it matter? I just think it's kinda shitty, trapping them in those jars for no reason.
They only live for a year, tops.
And you think that makes it okay? Don't you think that something like that should get the chance to live, even if it's just for a little while? Doesn't matter what I think.
Just as long as I can prove myself to him.
Man, what did he ever do for you? Stalkers.
If they see us, they may try to use us against Strand.
I know a place to hole up.
So, why's being a Ranger so important to you, anyway? Hold on.
It looks clear.
I have always wanted to play a game.
Play a game? What? You've never bowled before? Don't move.
Alright, I'll go check on the other side.
Anybody in there?! There's only about three over here.
There's really nothing.
They're gone.
Must have just been passing through.
How did you know that gun was here? I mean, first the key, and then that I used to live nearby.
Come here on the weekends.
They had a couple robberies.
Were you any good? I don't know.
Will you show me how to play? You've really never bowled before? It can't be that hard, right? You gotta put some spin on it.
Will you show me? Please? - We really gotta get going.
- Come on.
It'll only take, like, five minutes.
I'll show you when we get back from getting what Howard wants for the elevator.
But what if I don't make it back? What if you don't? The other Rangers didn't.
One roll.
So, you're gonna want to bend your knees and face towards the pins, and put your fingers inside the two middle ones, put your thumb on the bottom.
Um and then, you're gonna wanna You see the middle arrow, right in the center? Yeah.
That's what you're gonna want to aim towards.
So, when you're following through, just twist your wrist a little bit to the left, okay? - Ready? - Mm-hmm.
Here we go.
That was good, right? We should really get going.
Ali, what is it? Come on.
Let's go.
Supposed to be just ahead.
Who's Muhammad? I saw his name under that photo of you two.
Were you guys teammates? He was my dad.
Muhammad and Ali? Yeah.
He, uh He loved boxing.
Uh, was he in the military? I saw a rank by his name.
He was an Imam in the Army.
What happened to him? The bomb went off.
All the bad shit that came with it got into his blood.
He didn't make it.
Were you with him until the end? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
We're here.
Guess this is it.
Garcia said there was a lot of dead inside.
Yeah, most of them are probably at ground level, so I'll just start higher.
How you gonna do that? I can handle it.
I've done this before, remember? Wait! I'm coming with you.
Look, it's better if I go alone.
What's wrong? You're really doing all of this just so you can live in the Tower? Yeah, that and I want to help you become a Ranger.
Why do you want to help me? Well, I wouldn't be getting this chance if it wasn't for you.
Anything happens, I'll be on channel 4, okay? A-And be fast.
You don't want to get exposed to whatever Garcia was.
I know.
I know.
Hands up.
That's all I have.
Clean clothes.
Nice gun.
A horse.
Must be one of Strand's.
You try anything, he'll kill you.
You want to tell us why he keeps sending people to the pit? What's the pit? - Don't play dumb.
- I'm not.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm not even a Ranger.
- What about your friend? What friend? The girl that went inside.
She doesn't know anything.
What'd she go in there for? Let's go find out.
Hey! We're going in.
I said move.
Let me put my mask on.
It's not safe in there.
Open the door.
Get back! Back up! Charlie! Charlie! Are you okay? I was gonna ask you the same thing.
Where's your mask? I lost it in the fight.
What fight? You killed all these? Yeah, I locked the rest in there.
One of them grabbed onto my mask while I was closing the door, and I'm not going in after it.
Plus, the readings were clean.
You shouldn't have gotten close to them.
I was careful.
Just be quick.
Why didn't you kill that walker? Is it 'cause it reminded you of your dad? - I thought maybe the uniform - I had it covered.
I saw what you did outside.
It was the only way.
I feel terrible.
It's fine.
I handled it.
I don't mean that.
I didn't tell you the truth.
About what? About why I came to the Tower.
Morgan sent me.
To do what? I'm supposed to turn off the beacon on the roof tonight.
- Why? - To clear out the walkers so they can get Grace and the baby out.
And then what? They attack? I don't know.
Howard was right about you.
You made me believe you.
You made me help you.
When Strand finds out about this - He won't.
- Of course he will! Because I'm not gonna go through with it.
- Oh, yeah? - I'm serious.
I won't.
- I don't want to do it anymore.
- Why would I believe you? Because I didn't lie about everything.
All of those things I said I wanted, a life like I was supposed to have, I still want that.
And I thought that I was gonna find that with Morgan, but not if I have to put you in danger to get it.
We don't have much time, okay? I'm almost done.
Ali, do you copy? Yes, Howard.
I copy.
I'm here.
What's taking so long? We're about to head out.
"We"? Did you find out what I asked? What's he talking about? Ali? Yes.
I did.
I'm sorry.
Wait, Ali Ali, what are you doing? Protecting the Tower.
Ali? Ali! Ali, I'll die if you leave me here! You've done this before, right? You'll be fine.
Ali! Ali! Ali, please don't do this! Ali, please just come back! Please don't do this to me! Ali! Ali! Ali, I-I don't understand why you're doing this.
Just please come back! I'm gonna die! Howard, do you copy? Ali, please! I'm here, Ali.
- Is it done? - Ali? Please! - Yeah, I got the board.
- Ali, please don't leave me here.
Coming back now.
Ali, please, please! Just you? You asked me why I didn't run away before.
And it's just because that I didn't want to do it alone.
Just me.
I'm sure you made the right decision for the good of the Tower.
But I don't have to do it alone anymore.
I don't have to because we can do it together.
You did what Victor would've done.
Away from Morgan, away from Strand.
We We don't have to get stuck in the middle.
Ali, please don't do this to me! Ali! Ali! I told you I was with my dad until the end.
That wasn't true.
When he got sick, I-I left him.
Why? 'Cause I couldn't handle it.
I couldn't see him like that.
I was a coward.
Why are you telling me this? Because when I thought about becoming a Ranger, I thought it would make everything, you know, okay.
But I was just being a coward again, and I'm not gonna make that same mistake twice.
You said you didn't want to run away alone.
You don't have to.
What about Strand? And Howard? I'm not afraid of them.
Are you? All those things that you never got to do we can still do them.
Or some of them, at least.
What about you? There's still a lot of things I haven't done, either.
Like what? Well, that was a first.
And? So much better than bowling.
Alright, well, let's get out of here.
I found some places on my patrols where we can hole up for a bit, till we find something better.
Charlie? Charlie? Hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I got you.
Dorie, do you copy? Stay with me! Please! It's a good thing you called me when you did.
This is where she needs to be.
How is she? Stable.
What's wrong with her? She was exposed to radiation just like the Rangers.
That's not possible.
It must've happened when she was in that building.
We should probably check you, too.
Okay, she told me she was careful.
Sometimes, that's not enough.
There are other ways.
Things we can't see.
But you can treat it, right? June? June, how bad is it? Given the amount of exposure she's had, she should make the most of every day.
I'm so sorry, Ali.
Hell of a day, Ali.
What are those? Some of the scouts just came back with them.
They sort of look like the ones we saw in that building.
I'll be sure to mention it to Victor.
Where is he? He decided to wait till tomorrow to make the journey back.
Given the state of the state.
Now, tell me, why is Charlie here? What did Morgan send her here to do? Morgan didn't send her.
She was telling us the truth.
I'll see to it she's escorted out in the morning.
You can't kick her out.
She's sick.
Because of you, because of what you made her do.
She's sick because that's what the world out there has to offer.
Which is why we have to do everything to protect what we've built here and not let our personal feelings cloud our judgment.
What are you talking about? Why did you bring her back here? After what we discussed? Can I trust you, Ali? Yes.
And, uh, nice work, all things considered.
We'll have to wait for Victor to get back to sign off, but, uh, I think you can safely assume that tomorrow will be your first official day as Ranger.
How are you feeling? I don't really know.
I'm scared, Ali.
I'm really scared.
Will you come with me? I don't know.
June said I'm supposed to rest, so I know.
But there's something I really want you to see.
- Keep your eyes closed.
- Okay.
No peeking.
Open them.
Happy birthday, Charlie.
It's It's beautiful.
You ask me how are the days I spend ♪ With my only true love ♪ And I tell you, she shows me the summer ♪ But Strand when he finds out, he's - I don't care.
- With snow clouds above ♪ Okay, you were right.
Something this beautiful deserves to live, no matter how long that is.
You ask me how are the days now ♪ That my baby is gone ♪ I wasn't there for someone when they needed me before.
I'm troubled, my friend ♪ This time, I will be.
I know what is right, but I do what is wrong ♪ I'm gonna be there this time.
But I drink and I dream of her still by the vision ♪ It only breaks me ♪ And I try to hold onto her ♪ But she slipped through my fingers like rain ♪ Yeah, she slipped through my fingers like rain ♪ Now it ain't the same ♪ I'm gonna be right here next to you every second of the way.
What's wrong? Morgan.
I'm supposed to turn off that light.
I need to find a way to tell him what's going on.
I'll do it.
Okay, don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
So, this is why he sent her? To disarm the light, and then what? - And then what? - I don't know! Okay, they want this place to change, and that can't happen with Strand! Well, that's where you're wrong, Ali.
It's the only way.
No! No! Please Please, Howard! Don't do it, please! I'm sorry.
It's what Victor would do.
If he says no, we just stay with him.
Charlie, what's wrong? It's It's Ali.
He - He what? - He just What is it? He You You killed him! - You killed him! You killed him! - Charlie, no.
I suggest you back off, unless you want to join him.
Oh, my God.
You're a monster.
No! He attacked me! He left me no choice.
I'm just trying to protect this place from those who are trying to undermine it, and if you want this Tower to last, I suggest you do the same.
He's right, June.
Whose side are you on here, John? I lost everything to that inhospitable world out there.
You mean your son? Because he would be ashamed if he saw this.
If today proved anything, it's that we need to protect this place.
Look what happened to her out there.
He's right.
Ali paid the price for what he did.
And now it's your turn.
You lay one hand on her, I will kill you myself.
Anything happens to me, you're gonna have to answer to Victor.
No, I won't.
Because he knows the same thing that I do.
And what's that? He needs me.
More than he needs you.
If anyone in this Tower gets sick, anyone gets injured, he'll have no one to help them, and this place will fall.
Charlie stays with me, under my care.
That's the deal.
But I suggest you tread carefully.
What the hell was that about? I had to say it, June.
Because you believe it? Because I need him to believe I do.
Why? There's only one way things are gonna change, and that's if I can get in Strand's ear.
Anyone can listen to reason.
They just need the right voice telling it to 'em.
I thought it could be Howard.
But now, it's gotta be me.
I thought I had Virginia's ear, too.
This won't work, John.
It has to.
This is my fault, Charlie.
I never should've let you go to that building in the first place.
Then why did you? Ever since I got here, I've been hiding.
Why? I've been scared, and until today, it hasn't hurt anyone but me.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
I don't deserve it.
But I promise you this no matter how much time you have left, you will live to see Strand go down.
I will do everything I can to make sure that happens.
Thank you.
Take your masks off.
What exactly are we up against out there? D said a hundred dead outside.
- Run.
- No.
This could make all the difference.
Yeah, it's a start.
What's scary is what I'm gonna have to do to them.
Mourning Cloak is the type of butterfly that Ali is tasked with collecting.
Careful, kid.
Victor's particular about those.
Howard sent for me.
Strand, while he's a presence in this episode, he's not physically at the tower.
So Howard is kind of the de facto number two left in charge, and it was bringing up all these questions of what happens when Strand's away.
This is not just any butterfly.
This is the Mourning Cloak.
Extremely rare, live for about a year.
And Victor has got the perfect spot for it on the shelf.
Show Victor what you're capable of, that you can be something.
Ali's a young man who clearly wants to do right by Strand, who's ambitious, who is very loyal to the tower.
- So Howard wants to reward him for that.
- Gotcha! There's a layer to that for Howard that we'll start to unpack about Howard's relationship to his own family.
We've heard him mention it briefly at the end of Season 6.
You a religious man? No.
My wife was.
Said it would protect me.
So much for that.
There's more that we'll learn about Howard and what happened with his own family that I think we'll understand why he has such a unique relationship with Ali.
Hell of a day, Ali.
And so, you know, there's a unique opportunity there for Howard to kind of get him to do his bidding, which is to find out why Charlie's really in the tower.
She said she came on her own.
She wants to live here.
That very well might be true, but we need to consider the possibility it might not be.
It's this terrible combination of a really brilliant, savvy move from Howard and also a bit cruel to put a young kid through something like this.
Charlie and Ali connect right away for one simple reason they're both young people in the apocalypse.
I have always wanted to play a game.
You've never bowled before? They had to grow up way too fast.
Neither of them have been able to have this kind of connection, you know, that sort of first love, first, you know, butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling.
And Ali helping her learn how to bowl is huge for her because it makes her feel like a kid, it makes her feel alive.
It's not just surviving.
She's actually living.
That was good, right? We should really get going.
I think Ali recognizes as well that even though Charlie came to the tower with some negative intentions from his perspective, ultimately, it was all because she wants to have this normal life.
And that's why Ali turns around, because he understands Charlie in a new way.
Why's Strand got you out collecting butterflies? They only live for a year tops.
And you think that makes it okay? Don't you think that something like that should get the chance to live even if it's just for a little while? I think that's front and center at Ali's mind, 'cause he's realized Charlie's a bit like that butterfly now.
She is someone to him that is beautiful and is going to have a very short life because of her radiation exposure.
So I think him freeing the butterflies Happy birthday, Charlie.
is an act of wanting to show her how much he cares about her, but also because it really is a metaphor for Charlie.
It's beautiful.
Aah! Aah! Don't do it! Please! I'm sorry.
It's what Victor would do.
In June's mind, Howard has crossed a huge line.
- You're a monster.
- No! He attacked me! He left me no choice.
Howard's giving into his worst instinct.
He's in a position where he wants to punish June and Charlie.
Lay one hand on her, I will kill you myself.
Anything happens to me, you're gonna have to answer to Victor.
He needs me.
More than he needs you.
This is a conflict that is gonna start to brew.
We know that there's one coming from outside the tower, but now there's one inside.
I'm just trying to protect this place from those who are trying to undermine it.
He's right.
If today proved anything, it's that we need to protect this place.
I suggest you tread carefully.
And ultimately we kind of get inside Dorie Sr.
's head.
What the hell was that about? There's only one way things are gonna change, and that's if I can get in Strand's ear.
Anyone can listen to reason.
They just need the right voice telling it to them.
I thought it could be Howard, but now it's got to be me.
It's a tightrope that he's walking because Howard is Strand's ultimate loyalist, but Dorie Sr.
has his own perspective and he wants to see things change for the tower and the better before they go down a bad path that there's no coming back from.
- This won't work, John.
- It has to.
No matter how much time you have left, you will live to see Strand go down.
I will do everything I can to make sure that happens.
Charlie seeing the Mourning Cloak is very bittersweet.
It's a symbol of Ali.
It's a symbol of her feelings for Ali.
She has felt this connection with someone who was cut tragically short.
But like Ali said, something that beautiful should get the chance to live, even if just for a little while.

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