Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s07e11 Episode Script


1 - Sarah? - It's more dangerous out there than we imagined.
Sarah, you don't understand.
If you go out there, you will die.
These people are tired.
We're getting desperate.
I'm going to give them what they want a safe place to live.
And that's how we get our army, that's how we take the Tower from Strand.
Aah! Arno, look! - How many do you think there are? - Too many.
If one of them gets out, none of us are going anywhere.
We're gonna take the Tower for ourselves.
They're gonna leave without us.
Daniel Two-days hoofing it there and back.
We keep it lean and mean, we might just be able to make it in one.
What exactly are we up against out there? D said a hundred dead outside.
Maybe more.
- No telling inside.
- My kind of party.
That makes two of us.
How's he doing? Making progress.
It's slow, but steady.
Where are we going? To help D recover that stash of weapons he found.
I think it's probably best if you stay here.
Over a hundred skinbags? Might need the help, Momo.
Yeah, but we could use the help here, too.
Could you keep working with Daniel, see if you can push him some more? But this is important.
We need the weapons to get in the Tower.
And we're gonna need Daniel to get in there, too.
He knows how Victor thinks better than any of us.
Is that why you think we're doing this? So he can help us fight? No.
No, no.
It's just that he's gone up against Victor in ways that none of us have, and this is about all of us making it, so we got to do whatever we can to make sure that that happens.
We got to use everything we got.
It's Daniel.
I was grabbing some supplies from the pantry, and when I got back from the Mess Hall, he wasn't there.
He must've wandered to the Sonar Room again.
I welded the door shut after the last radiation leak.
He's not on the sub.
Front hatch was open, a suit was gone.
You go get the weapons.
I'll find him.
- No, we'll all go.
- If we don't leave now, we won't make it to Dwight before dark.
Morgan, I've got this.
Oh, no.
You're not doing this on your own.
Look, you both go.
If there's any trouble, you send up a mayday.
Daniel, is that you? Take your masks off.
What the hell? I know who you are.
Oh, my God.
Hey, man, it's clean anyway.
What's going on here? You're confused, Daniel.
- Alright, come on.
Let's just get you ba - Hey, don't touch me.
W-What did he say? Let's go back to the sub.
Come on.
The gunshot must have drawn them.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, Luce, it's not the dead.
- Run.
- No.
Time to take a little trip.
- Where are we? - Keep quiet.
We wouldn't be here if you had let me keep on looking for Ofelia.
If we're playing "wouldn't be here", I think we have you beat with we wouldn't be here if you'd have stayed in the damn sub.
He's not saying what I think he's saying? I'm not scared of these people.
What's scary is what I'm gonna have to do to them.
We're screwed.
Remove your gear and hang it up.
How do we know it's safe? Test for yourself.
It's safe.
And we're lucky the wind hasn't brought anything nasty this way, and we'd like to keep it as such.
Remove your gear and hang it up.
Do you recognize these people? From The Holding? They're the ones who were following Teddy.
That's not gonna help us make friends.
Home sweet home.
Inside, everyone.
Our guests aren't as interesting as they look.
You all live here? Thanks to Alicia.
That's two homes we've had to abandon because of her.
We were there the first time.
- Wes.
- You don't have to remind me who you are.
Why don't you use the walls to keep the dead out? We tried.
They didn't hold.
At least this keeps the living away.
Victor Strand got one thing right at that Tower.
I'll talk to them one at a time.
What do you want from us? I find these conversations go better one-on-one.
Why don't you let us go? Maybe we can help you with whatever you need.
Not likely.
- Daniel.
- Don't move.
- You're gonna get us killed.
- Back away from him.
I said I'm going to go look for my daughter, and you're gonna let us out.
I said back away from him.
It's okay, Sage.
I got this.
I will kill you.
Go ahead.
Do it.
You're out of bullets? Hard to come by these days.
Shut up, old man.
See, empty clips, they work on people, but the dead, they don't scare so easily.
And they won't help us get that Tower.
We heard radio chatter from the sub.
You really should stop broadcasting your plans.
We know you found a weapons cache, but we don't know the coordinates.
And we're not gonna tell you.
Then you'll end up down there.
The Abigail.
Quit daydreaming.
Save him for last.
This one's first.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Guard! - Daniel.
This better be good.
I would like to speak to the man in charge.
I have some information that he needs.
If you're playing another trick, we'll throw you to the 'posters.
I don't play tricks with my daughter's life.
I need to come, too.
It's the only way this works.
His English is not as good as it used to be.
You're gonna need me to translate.
Alright, let's move.
Both of you.
- No.
- Sí.
What What the hell are you doing? Let me out of here! Let me out! Whoa.
Where are the weapons? Oh.
I'm not telling you shit.
Alright, we'll see if you change your mind once you're, uh, down there with them.
Last chance.
I told you I'm not telling you shit.
I'm not betraying my people.
What about Derek? What about him? You betrayed him.
Your brother found me, brought me into the fold.
- So? - S-So? So he was my friend, and you killed him.
He was my brother.
Okay? I loved him.
But he killed a lot of my friends, and he was gonna kill more.
Yeah, but you would've been alive with us.
You obviously chose wrong.
But you have another choice right now.
Answer the question or die ugly.
Where are the weapons?! Like I said the first time I'm not telling you shit.
You know what? I would've done this anyway.
Wait! What the hell? The old man wants to make a deal.
- Luce? - I know.
Let him out, and then we talk.
In case you hadn't noticed, we have the leverage here.
You think that's gonna work? I know how to make people talk, and I'm telling you, that's not gonna do it.
It's worked so far.
You probably kill everybody who gets in there.
You kill us, you have nothing.
You really know where the weapons are, old man? I do.
What do you want in return? My daughter.
Your daughter? Ofelia.
Where is she? She's in that yacht.
The Abigail.
Um Yeah, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, but I think you do.
And I want my daughter back! - Can't we just throw him over? - Wait.
Wait! Let him go.
You're right.
Maybe we do have your daughter.
Well, now we can start talking.
Hey, don't do this.
He doesn't know where the weapons are.
He's having problems remembering what's real and what isn't.
Daniel Oh, did you think that you could get one over on me by speaking Español? I'm not trying to fool you.
It grounds him.
Grounds him.
What you're doing to him is not okay.
Consigning us to a life like this that's not okay.
I've seen a helluva lot worse places than this.
You do know what's coming, don't you? Alicia and Morgan they're gonna get you all killed.
Suit yourself.
What is it? What's coming? You know what's gonna happen when he finds out you're lying, right? I'm protecting my people.
The ones Alicia couldn't.
Daniel Sage, send a patrol to check them out.
Let him out.
Yeah, yeah.
Get him out.
It's your lucky day.
Hey, are you okay? You bit? I'm f I'm fine, alright? I'm fine.
- Hey.
- I would've died before I gave that asshole what he wanted.
- Daniel.
- What did you just say? I said if you had died at the hand of that man, you would have been a fool.
Okay, Daniel.
You know what? No.
I'm sorry.
You You can't keep using whatever's going on in your head as an excuse to hurt people.
I've always done what I needed to do.
No one's gonna get hurt.
Our people can get killed if these people get there first.
- That's not gonna happen.
- How do you know? Hmm? Because I gave him the wrong coordinates.
He just sent half of his people 20 miles in the wrong direction.
So they're just gonna kill us when they get back, right? We won't be here.
That asshole sent half of his patrol to the site.
It takes like 24 hours to get there and back.
So, there's half as many guards here, hmm? Right.
And without weapons, they can't stop us.
Where the hell did you get that? I got it from that idiot when he shoved me against the wall.
They're very badly trained, these people.
Daniel, are you sure this is gonna work? Um And now let's get the hell off this boat.
Guard! Guard! Hey, we need help in here! - What now? - He collapsed.
I told you he wasn't doing well.
- Is he breathing? - Don't just stand there.
- Come in and help us out.
- He's not breathing.
If he turns, it's on you.
Back up! Is he even dead, lady? Did you check his pulse? Shit.
That's what you get for calling me an old man.
Get up.
The Abigail.
The yacht.
Take us there.
Your daughter's not here.
Where is she? I don't know, but I'm telling you, she's not here.
You're lying.
Take us there.
We need to leave.
We are not going anywhere without Ofelia.
You heard him.
Take us to the yacht.
- What the hell? - He won't leave unless he sees the truth.
Are we sure this is a good idea? It's the only way he will understand so we can get out of here.
Let's go.
What was Arno talking about? What's coming? Answer her.
The dead.
They're gathering in one of the craters.
Where the warhead detonated? There's bad stuff there.
The 'posters they're more dangerous now.
Yeah, but they're stuck in a crater.
Why is he so scared of them? I-I don't know.
He doesn't tell me much.
He doesn't tell any of us much.
Where is she? I told you she's not here.
Daniel! Don't do this! - Are you working for them now? - No.
- She was never here.
- Arno said she was.
- Come on, man.
Back off.
- Because he wanted to know where the weapons are.
You're all wrong.
You're all liars.
That card was a message, and Ofelia is on this boat.
- She's not.
- I swear.
We aren't exactly being quiet, guys.
Daniel, you need to accept the truth.
Ofelia died in Mexico.
You told me you buried her yourself.
I'm sorry.
She's gone.
I'm looking for her to tell her who I am and apologize for my lies.
I know.
That's what you wanted, what you still want.
So much that your mind is telling you that you can.
But you can't.
Is that why I'm so confused? Yes.
See? It wasn't my idea to lie to you.
I didn't know what he was doing.
I swear.
You went along with it.
A mind it's a very fragile thing.
Very easy to break.
Very hard to put back together.
Wes, I knew your brother.
Did he know I was at the oil field? What the hell, man? Daniel.
That wasn't your call.
You're better off not knowing about your brother.
The truth about people is always disappointing.
Trust me.
We gotta go.
He's lost it, Luce.
He's gonna get us killed.
Daniel! - You okay? - You find anything? No.
Nothing that will hold.
I'm sorry, Wes.
I know what you were hoping he would tell you.
You don't.
See, I was hoping he would tell me that Derek knew I was at Tank Town.
That he launched the attack anyway.
Why? 'Cause I killed him.
And the only way I can live with that and the only way I can not wake up every morning for the rest of my life feeling like a piece of shit is if I knew he deserved to die.
I don't think that's gonna make you feel better.
'Cause of Daniel, we won't know.
Come on.
There's gotta be another way off this thing.
That's the third one today.
They're building up at the east gate.
Draw 'em away and get the body out of here.
Thank you, Sabrina.
No, no! You're making a mistake.
No! Your mistake was lying to me.
You would do anything to protect your daughter! I was doing the same to protect my people! They are not your family.
No, no! No! Don't do this! I meant to tell you, your Spanish is very good.
No! No! Your daughter, wherever she is, she's better off without you! Oh, no! No! No! No! Daniel, what are you doing?! Did you hear what he said to me? You made me do this! - Wes.
- I'm already on it.
There's no new beginning.
They're all gonna die because of you.
Who's gonna die? The people Alicia was supposed to take care of.
The ones I prom-promised The ones I The ones I promised Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me! I'll make sure they're okay.
I promise.
But you have to tell me what's coming.
So I can help them.
The dead in the pit, they're they're escaping.
Someone Someone's letting them out.
You can't touch them.
You can't even go near them.
You You You have to have to get everybody to the Tower.
There's There's nowhere else There's nowhere else nowhere else He He said that Ofelia was alive.
He lied to me.
I know, Daniel.
Look, I wouldn't lose sleep over that asshole.
He tried to do the same to me.
This is the second time I almost got you killed.
You should leave me here.
What you did here I understand why you did it.
But he manipulated you.
That's why you still need my help.
No one knows my real background, that part of my life that Ofelia never understood and I could not explain to her.
But you do.
You've seen it.
And you're still here.
Why? We all make mistakes.
Hey, Luce.
Yeah? What are we gonna do about everybody that lives here? I don't know.
What are we gonna do about them? You heard what he said.
Can't touch them.
Can't get near them.
We need to leave now.
All of us.
I know we've been enemies.
I know some of you hurt people we cared about.
And we did the same to you.
We all need to escape the dead, escape this land.
We need each other now more than ever.
We need to fight Victor Strand and take his Tower, and only then, we will have a new life, a new beginning.
Who's with us? It's what Teddy would've wanted.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You really think we can trust them? I mean, we killed their leader.
These are the people Alicia wanted to join us.
- And she couldn't convince them.
- She couldn't convince Arno.
None of that will matter once they realize you cannot deliver what you just promised them.
That's not true.
We can take Strand's Tower with their help.
They couldn't get it when they had a nuclear warhead.
Because they didn't have something we do.
Someone who knows what Victor is thinking before he does.
You, Daniel.
You can get us there.
- Me? - Yes.
I can't even get simple things straight.
I lost my cat before this damn mess began.
I almost got us killed when I left the submarine.
You freed us from that prison, made it to the yacht.
How do you think you did that, Daniel? Ofelia.
When I was trying to get her, suddenly, everything became clear.
My daughter gave me focus.
That's why.
Hey, Luci.
You're not thinking what I think you are.
All of these people and everyone back at the sub are depending on us to make it to the Tower.
- Right, we'll find a way.
- This is the only way.
Strand outsmarted everyone else so far.
Luciana If Daniel's out there any longer, he's gonna get himself killed.
You gotta be kidding me.
Wes, please.
No, I-I-I can't, Luce.
What's wrong with him? Arno told me something before he died.
What? Ofelia's alive and he told me where she is.
You told me she was dead.
I know, because that's what I thought.
But he knew where she was.
Where? Strand has her in the Tower.
Why didn't you tell me before? Because I was afraid that you would go there alone and get yourself killed trying to get in.
And why are you telling me now? Because of what you did here, Daniel.
If knowing Ofelia's alive gives you clarity, then you can lead all these people and take the Tower from Strand.
I want to believe this, but my mind is not clear.
You must be certain, Luciana.
Because if you're wrong, if this is not true, if this is another lie, it could break me for good.
Are you sure? It is true, Daniel.
Then we'll get in the Tower.
And Ofelia, you, and me, we'll be together, always.
- Right? - Yeah.
They're ready to go.
Let's head out.
You know, Derek and I we had this thing we used to say to each other people are people.
- What does that mean? - It means people suck.
You know, Strand and Alicia tried to make me see things differently when they found me.
And they did, for a little while.
But, I mean, look at them now.
They're at each other's throats.
And Morgan man, he hasn't done much better.
But what you were doing for Daniel I don't know, that made me want to believe that, you know, people weren't always people.
I might've been wrong.
There might just be some kind of hope left for all of us.
- Wes - No.
Let me finish.
What you just did is proof that y'all are no better than the rest of us.
I'm sorry, Wes.
That's not what this is.
- Well, take this.
- What? So you can get everybody to the sub.
- Why? - I'm not going with you.
Wes, don't do this.
Good luck, Luci.
Where are you gonna go? I don't know.
But what I do know is I can't be around somebody pretending to be something that they're not.
And Daniel, he's confused.
And he's not right, but he can't help it.
But you you know exactly what you're doing.
What happened? Where is he going now? Should we go after him? No.
I don't think he will change his mind.
That's a lot of heat.
Just glad it worked out.
It more than worked out.
This could make all the difference.
Yeah, it's a start, for sure.
Let's take an inventory.
Now we just need, uh, soldiers to carry 'em.
Luci's back.
- Hey.
- With Daniel? Did she find him? Not just Daniel.
Arno's people.
They want to help us.
No Wes? He's not coming, Morgan.
But he's okay? I hope so.
I think he needs some time.
You found the weapons.
It's okay.
Yes, we did.
Well, now, all we need to do is start planning how to overthrow Victor Strand.
I need to talk to Victor.
Who is this? Tell him it's Wes.
Tell him I want to make a deal.
Why would he want to make a deal with you? Because I can help save his Tower.
What do you mean, she's missing? Infants don't just vanish into thin air.
- She wasn't in her crib.
- I will find her.
I told you I needed the right opportunity.
I think I just found it.
Come in.
Of course I'd be the first person he'd suspect.
What makes you think Victor won't change you? You said you believed in this place.
Show me.
Daniel is still very much suffering from the memory loss that he's been experiencing due to the post traumatic stress of everything that's gone on with him in the apocalypse.
And one of the things that often happens is that the past can, in many ways, seem more real than the present.
And it felt like there being a small trigger like seeing something that put him in the mind space of when he was with his daughter, something like the memory card with the boat on it.
So that really is kind of the present state of mind he's living in, even though it doesn't really logically make sense with the reality around him.
But that kind of inner drive to fix that thing he didn't get to do before his daughter died is something that drives him out into this very inhospitable world.
Ah! The thing that's driving Daniel is so important to him that he's willing to fight through everything out there to try to get the chance to find Ofelia again.
He's not saying what I think he's saying? One of the things that we see happen with Daniel in this episode is that many of these skills that he gained very early in his life, his skills as a soldier, his skills in spy craft, there's kind of a muscle memory there.
And again, it's the past that's much more easily accessible, so those are the things that are kind of at his fingertips, those reflexes that just kick in.
- Daniel.
- Don't move.
- You're gonna get us killed.
- Back away from him.
I said I'm going to go look for my daughter, and you're gonna let us out.
It's almost like his super powers are activated, but they're activated in such a way that he is using them for a mission that can't be completed, and it kind of puts him this very dangerous place.
Go ahead.
Do it.
Luciana and Wes go back and forth between being both very impressed by what Daniel is capable of, but at the same time very worried about it.
You can't keep using whatever's going on in your head as an excuse to hurt people.
I've always done what I needed to do.
No one's gonna get hurt.
And as we see over the course of the episode, he just keeps getting them into, you know, deeper and deeper trouble, and it does feel like he is going to get all of them killed.
Where is she? I told you.
She's not here.
All because he has this belief that his daughter is being held prisoner on a boat on the other side of the graveyard and really setting the question for Luciana, which is, how could you channel this into an effective way of combating Arno and his people and then help Daniel become an effective ally in taking down Strand.
You have another choice right now.
Answer the question or die ugly.
Arno is an interesting character because if we think about his kind of back story, he was a true believer in Teddy, and despite, you know, how crazy Teddy was and the fact that he brought about a second apocalypse in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, in his own twisted way, he did think this was the best way forward for his survivors.
He did care about them a lot, and Arno I think really wants to protect all the people under his care.
She's the one we've been waiting for.
That's gonna lead us to our new beginning.
I'm not living with psychos anyway.
He, in many ways, wants to do what Teddy thought Alicia could do, which was take care of everyone.
And from Arno's point of view, Alicia failed them all.
So he's stepping in to do that.
There's no new beginning.
They're all gonna die because of you.
Who's gonna die? The people Alicia was supposed to take care of.
He wants to do right by all of the Stalkers just as badly as Luciana and Daniel and Wes want to help everyone on the submarine.
Luciana is faced with this really hard choice, and she spent the entire episode really being angry that Arno is manipulating Daniel.
And she ultimately makes the very tough call that in order to save Daniel and save everyone else, she may have to sacrifice the thing that she just gained, the thing that means so much to her, and that's her relationship with Daniel.
Ofelia's alive and he told me where she is.
Strand has her in the tower.
She tells him this lie that is a very painful thing to watch because we know the truth.
In Luciana's mind, she is thinking about the long game here.
And I'm not just talking practically in terms of who is in the tower and who is not, but I think in her mind, she thinks if she can get everyone into the tower, if Daniel can live in a place like that, then she can repair the relationship and they can rebuild.
Derek and I we had this thing we used to say to each other people are people.
- What does that mean? - It means people suck.
When Luciana makes the decision to lie to Daniel, it really is the last straw.
It's the thing that makes Wes say, like, "Wait a second, everything that everyone's been telling me" he now thinks that's all just hypocritical lies.
What you just did is proof that y'all are no better than the rest of us.
I'm sorry, Wes.
That's not what this is.
- Well, take this.
- What? So you can get everybody to the sub.
- Why? - I'm not going with you.
Wes, don't do this.
And he's essentially in this place where he's saying, "You know what, I've had enough of this.
I would rather be with someone who is at least owning what they do".
And ultimately, that drives him to the call box.
I need to talk to Victor.
Who is this? Tell him it's Wes.
Tell him I want to make a deal.

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