Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s07e13 Episode Script

The Raft

1 Because we couldn't face each other if we didn't.
I want us to have a family.
♪ We want to find Padre.
You're going to help us.
- So, where will you go? - The bunker.
There's a working transmitter down there, and I need it to reach people.
- You still looking? - For what? A partner.
- We need to move.
- I'll buy you some time.
- Take care of her, Morgan.
- I will.
You may have won the battle today, Morgan, but the war is just beginning.
Honey? Hey, honey, where the hell are you? Yeah, what is it, D? You left without waking me up.
You needed the sleep.
Where where are you? I'm on a supply run.
I remember we never hit up that warehouse near the train depot.
And? Nada.
Okay, well, I got something.
We got an SOS.
- On the Dark Horse channel? - Yes, yeah.
Some lady, uh, got herself turned around down near the inlet.
I'll meet you at the sub.
No, I-I don't think she can wait.
Well, you shouldn't go out on your own, D.
Kind of like you did this morning.
And I'm and I'm pretty sure I can handle it.
It could be another one of Strand's traps.
Okay, and what if it's not? What if w-what if it breaks the the way Strand's been talking about it breaking, huh? Th-then we need every soldier we can get.
Can she fight? Uh, I don't know.
I didn't ask her résumé.
And what is going on with you? Nothing.
Just wait for me.
I don't think I can.
And neither can she.
Are you there? I'm where you said I should be.
- Watch out! - [GUNSHOT.]
- I'm out.
It's radiated.
Don't let him touch you! [GASPING.]
♪ SHERRY: Sorry I'm late.
DWIGHT: You're just in time.
You okay? Yeah.
My name's Dwight.
I'm Sherry.
Thank you.
I'm Maya.
Well, you're good here, but you really should wear that when you're on the move.
And we're gonna need to get you checked out.
I don't understand.
It's It's what I was talking to you about on the walkie.
The air quality and and the, uh You're not from around here, are you? Not exactly.
I came here on a boat, looking for my kid.
Well, you landed in the wrong place.
Wh A boat? What's it like out there? How far does the fallout go? I have no idea.
I was on the boat for days.
Alright, let's find your kid, huh? When was the last time that you saw him? A few months ago.
One night, Marco was in our tent when we went to sleep.
In the morning, he was gone.
Are you sure it wasn't the dead? If it was, how come they didn't touch me? You from the Tower? Well, how do you know about the Tower? I heard the message inviting people to join.
Maybe that's where they took Marco.
No, y trust me, y-you don't want to go there.
Look, there's bad blood, okay, between us and the man in charge.
But that shouldn't keep you from going, you know, especially if you think your kid's there.
Get your stuff, and I'll point you in the right direction.
Thank you.
What the hell, D? Hey, honey, honey.
Come on.
Uh, she's better off with Strand.
You know that.
We are about to go to war with him.
Yeah, I know.
You think we're gonna lose.
We're outmanned and outgunned.
It's just us, alright? We can take that risk.
She's got a kid.
She can't.
Why are you giving me that look? I'm not.
I just I wish it wasn't like this.
I'm coming in hot.
I'm gonna need a hand-off.
- Morgan? - That's Morgan.
I repeat, I am coming in hot.
Morgan? Is that you? - Sherry? - We're on it.
Where are you? I'm on the intercoastal road up a couple of miles north of The Pennsylvania.
We'll be there in 10.
W what do you mean by hand-off? Do you need us to take Mo? No, it's not Mo.
Some of the walkers from Strand's moat broke off and started following me.
I need you to dump 'em someplace for me.
I only have a couple bags left.
♪ Uh, Dwight and I might not have enough ammo to take them out.
You definitely do not, because there are a lot of them.
How many? ♪ It's all of them.
Luci, you there? Go for Luciana.
Hey, we need a place to dump some walkers a lot of them.
Where's that, uh, crater Arno Arno's people found? Five miles west of the scrapyard.
- You need a hand? - No, we got it.
I'll let you know if anything changes.
What's going on, D? Did I mess up back there? What are you talking about? With our code sending Maya to the Tower.
I mean, it's the exact opposite of what you wanted me to do with Mickey.
Yeah, but Mickey could hold her own out here, right? You think we're gonna lose this fight, don't you? I don't know.
It's just, everything we talked about at the gym everything that you said you wanted.
I know, but I'm not the only one who said that.
- You You wanted, it, too! - I know.
To let life happen, have a family.
But if we don't take the Tower, are we gonna be able to have any of that? ♪ Okay, we'll take the Tower.
Well, we're not gonna be able to do anything unless we get these walkers off of Morgan's ass.
God, I truly hope you do not remember any of this when you get older.
Who am I kidding? I'll be happy enough if you just get to be older.
You got her back.
Dorie did.
He gave his life so that she could escape.
Everybody else is still in there.
How'd you pick up so many walkers? Some of them started following me just after Mr.
Dorie handed Mo off.
And then, I just didn't discourage the others from joining.
You wanted them to follow you? Yeah.
Strand's felt safe in that tower because of the walkers around it.
But until tonight, when he can try and draw some more in - with that light of his - We can get in.
- Yeah.
- You're good.
Well, let's, uh let's dump 'em all before we say that.
No, it'll work.
There's already walkers in that crater.
What's a thousand more? Get Mo back to the sub.
Daniel and Luci, they'll be ready.
Those are Strand's rangers.
- Are they crazy? - He's desperate.
He knows that the only reason we didn't make a move on the Tower was because of Mo.
They're gonna get themselves killed.
Those walkers get dispersed, it's gonna make it easier for Strand to draw them back tonight.
We've gotta keep them together.
Give me your gun.
What? What are you talking about? Yeah, come here and take her.
You can get her further away than I can, and faster.
So you get her to the sub, you lock the hatches.
The one thing we gotta do we gotta keep her away from Strand.
She should be with her dad.
She should be with whoever can keep her safe right now.
♪ DWIGHT: This could be a good thing.
Well, if we can do it with her, we can do it with one of our own.
Yeah, uh, I don't think they're reading the same tea leaves as you.
Hyah! Hey! Hey, stay on me! [GUNSHOT.]
That's right! Come on! - On me! - [GUNSHOT.]
♪ Keep coming! ♪ ♪ DWIGHT: It's all right.
I think we lost 'em.
How is she? I think she likes it.
- D.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, whoa.
Alright, I'm, uh I'm afraid we're gonna have to ask you to get out of our way.
Or what? You won't kill me.
You got a code.
What do you know about our code? ♪ A lot.
We'll shoot.
I don't think you will.
But, if you do, the rest of the rangers will be on you like that.
Do you really care about protecting Strand? No, I care about surviving.
And that Tower's the only way I'll do it.
Well, why don't you come with us.
You help us take down the Tower, we'll pretend like you never even left.
♪ Give me the kid.
I was just like you once.
Give me the kid.
Trying to be someone's right-hand man, doing what you needed to do to protect your own.
I get it.
You think I'm doing this 'cause I'm on a power trip? - Well - No, I'm doing this because you all made me believe in something better.
I killed my brother because of it.
It turns out you all don't even believe in the bullshit you preach.
I should've just gone along with Derek when I found him.
At least he was honest about what he was doing.
You want honesty? This is your last warning.
The hell's that supposed to mean? - [GUNSHOT.]
♪ If you really thought building something better was bullshit, you would have shot us.
While you're sitting there by your lonesome, waiting for your cavalry to come, take a minute and think about what I said.
♪ Morgan! I'm sorry.
- What the - I'm sorry, but we gotta get out of here.
Strand's rangers must be close by.
That was me.
What? Why? To keep them from tearing you apart? No, no, I need them to keep following me.
Hey! - [GUNSHOTS.]
- Hey! Over here! That is Strand's moat.
We gotta ditch them someplace so that he can't use 'em.
Hey! Keep coming! Over here! [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
W-Where did you come from? When did you get back? Sorry.
How you feeling? [SCOFFS.]
I'm still standing.
Find what you were looking for? I found the transmitter.
And then I heard Strand's message, I came as soon as I could.
But you didn't see anybody else out there? Not yet.
You didn't find that girl, did you? What, the one you told me helped you on the sub? No, I did not.
I got Mo out, though.
Got these dead to follow me at the same time.
That's why we're gonna make our move.
I told you to wait for me.
We didn't know where you were.
Well, I need to get back to the sub.
- I need the generators to power this.
- We don't have time for that.
The Tower's unguarded, at least until dark.
We only get one shot at this, and we're not ready.
Luciana brought in Arno's people.
Yours, the rest of ours, and them, that's enough.
It's not.
It's not even close.
But we can get more.
Can't keep waiting.
I had to make a call.
You're more that welcome to join us, but I understand if you don't want to.
Hey! That's it! - [GUNSHOT.]
- Keep coming! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
You followed a walker for me.
The least I can do is get these walkers to follow you.
Thank you.
Keep coming! [GUNSHOT.]
DWIGHT: Anything from Luci? Nothing.
You know, Strand's rangers would have passed us by now if they were tracking us.
Well, we don't move until we make contact with her.
What the hell is that? Oh, I Well, I I call it an auto-mobile.
- Jesus.
- What? She likes it.
I'm trying to keep us alive here.
And I'm trying to show her a reason to stay alive.
- Wha What is going on with you? - Nothing.
- Come on.
- No, it's not it's not important.
Well, every time you say that, it's really important.
It's just hard for me to see you with her like this.
- Like what? - I don't know, like laughing and smiling and making dad jokes.
Why? Because, D, we're not gonna have that.
- You don't know that.
- Oh, come on.
You were right.
I-I know what we're up against, so Okay.
Well, you just want to give up? You gonna throw in with Strand No, it's not not what I'm saying.
I-It's just not easy.
Luci, open the hatch and prepare to lock down the sub.
We're on our way, and chances are, we're not alone.
Don't come.
I repeat, don't come to The Pennsylvania! Whoa, w-why not? What's going on? The engineering compartment is starting to leak radiation.
We're in the middle of an evacuation.
Shit! Alright, look, we'll we'll wait here - and we'll wait it out.
- No, we can't.
We can't.
I mean, they were probably just listening, a-and they know which direction we're coming from.
They'll find us.
- Look, we keep moving.
- Alright.
- Alright, then, let's move.
- Okay.
Look, D, I'll take that.
- Give me that.
No, give me No.
- No, I got it.
- Give No.
It's mine.
- You get her.
Why? Why? - What's in there? - Nothing.
- Okay, well, let me see it! - Wait! [SIGHS.]
♪ Navigation charts.
What the hell are these? ♪ Where were you this morning? I was getting the, uh ♪ emergency raft from the sub ready to launch.
Alright, so, you're just gonna - you're just gonna leave, after all this? - No.
D, the raft wasn't for me.
It was for you.
Yeah, w-w-well Okay, uh - What w-w-what are you talking about? - Come on, D.
We know what's coming.
We heard the offer that Strand made.
Okay, what does that have to do with me? I don't want you to turn into the person that you don't want to be.
We've been over this before, okay?! - [SIGHS.]
- It's not gonna happen! [MO BABBLING.]
♪ Look, I [CHARTS THUD.]
♪ ♪ You actually think I'd throw in with Strand? - Don't you? - Well, it ha it happened before.
I just don't want it to happen again.
That's bullshit.
And you know it.
I'll tell you what's bullshit Thinking you could stay ahead of us.
And if you're thinking about runnin', I've got half-a-dozen more rangers on their way.
- Just hand her over.
What do we get if we hand her over? D! No, if you think this is how we're gonna end up, we might as well get something out of it.
♪ If we hand her over, can we still take you up on Strand's deal? That's not my call to make.
But I'm sure it'll help your case.
- Dwight.
What are you doing? - I'm not I'm not gonna I'm not gonna try and be a better person if you don't even think I can.
Pick her up.
♪ Alright.
♪ SHERRY: It's okay.
It's all right.
Honey, go! Go, go, go! [WES AND DWIGHT GRUNTING.]
D! Honey, go! Go! [DWIGHT GRUNTING.]
You never did answer me, really, back there.
Tell me how you're feeling.
Fever's still coming back at night, just like before.
But the dreams are getting worse.
What do you mean by "worse"? I don't know, like they're getting more and more real.
Like I can't run from them anymore.
You know the last time it was just you and me? Remember? We were following one of those things.
You know the Senator.
He's probably in there somewhere.
Well, if you want to go find him, you can be my guest.
Where are you taking them? Dwight and Sherry said there's a crater that's got a bunch of them already trapped in it, so Strand's gonna come after you hard for doing this to the Tower.
Yeah, he already is.
Which is why we gotta move now.
Morgan, we're not ready.
We don't have a choice.
Grace recorded some songs for Mo to listen to when they escaped, and she left something for me.
Morgan, listen, we don't have much time.
If this works, I need you to take Mo and get away from here, as far away from Strand and this Tower as humanly possible, even if it means leaving without me.
She's right.
It's the only way to make sure that Mo is safe.
- So if we don't get that Tower tonight - You're gonna do it.
You're gonna take her away from here.
If I can even find a way out of here, yes, I am.
And I don't want to leave.
Not when we're barely hanging on.
I left some folks I cared about once before, and it has never sat right with me.
I gotta take care of Mo.
And if you can take the Tower tonight, you won't have to go anywhere? It's more vulnerable than it's ever been.
♪ - Still, we're not ready.
- Why? Why not? We're outnumbered.
Ill-prepared, tired, hungry, sick And that's never stopped us before, so ♪ Why are you stalling? I'm not stalling.
You've been away for all this time, and you got nothing to show for it? - You're stalling.
- Why would I be stalling? I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just, you keep saying how little time you have left.
D? Is that you? There you are.
Why'd you stop? ♪ Aside from the change? Where's Wes? Oh, he's still out there.
I just slowed him down.
We're good for here, but we can't go any further.
We still have half-a-dozen rangers riding up behind us.
How's she doing? - She has no idea.
- Ah.
It's okay.
Mm, okay.
Ready? It's okay.
♪ I'm sorry for what I said earlier.
I don't think that you would take Strand's deal for yourself.
But you still think I'd take it? For who? You? It's complicated.
Why don't you just tell me what's going on, huh? D Look.
The Franklin.
♪ Hey, does anybody know where that bunker is Uh, the one Teddy locked up Alicia in? ALICIA: [OVER WALKIE-TALKIE.]
I might be able to answer that.
Alicia, is that you? Yeah, I'm here with Morgan.
The bunker is underneath the Franklin Hotel.
Why? I think we just found it.
What if we hide in there? No.
Al Alicia, is there another way out? Just the drainage works on the north end, but they're not stable.
Dwight, come on.
♪ Hey, the rangers might have heard that.
Look, we'd be cornered if they came in.
We should go through the crater.
That way, we can stay ahead of them.
Th the readings, they're way too high.
I know.
We We have our gas masks.
We'll be protected, and Morgan said that thing's lined with lead.
Well, hers might be, but ours aren't.
Okay, then she'll be protected.
That's all that matters right now.
- It's It's not.
- What are you talking about, huh? - I I'm just - F-F-First, you think I I'm gonna bail, and a-and now, you won't even do what we need to do to keep her safe! Why don't you just give her to me? I'll go.
- Please, D.
D! - Please? Here, I got her.
What? I think I might be pregnant.
♪ Are you serious? Uh Yeah.
I think so.
That's a good thing.
- It is? - It is.
That's a g Y-Yeah, that's a good thing.
- Okay, go.
- Alright.
The whole system shorted.
The bench there.
Alright, okay, I got it.
I got it.
- Mo.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, D.
I should have told you earlier.
H-how long do you think it's been? A couple weeks? Okay, well, we'll we'll find you a test, and I already took a test.
And? I haven't looked at it yet.
Let me Here.
That's why I didn't want you going through my bag.
What do you mean, you haven't looked at it yet? Because I know you, D.
If If this is positive, you're gonna want to do what's best for her, even if that means going into Strand's Tower.
You know, if we do that, if we go into that place, it will destroy all the parts of you that I love.
You know, all the the parts that are gonna make you a great father.
And I just I can't let that happen to you again.
You know, I want our child to know you.
Not the person that Strand would turn you into.
Look, I love you for trying to protect me, honey.
I-I really do.
But I should be able to protect you too.
Which means you don't get to do this alone, especially when we're in this together.
- Yeah? - [SIGHS.]
Let's take a look.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's the rangers.
Let's move.
♪ I thought you said the crater was filled with walkers.
Well, that's what Dwight and Sherry said.
Somebody let 'em out.
Well, if we dump them in here, they're just gonna climb right out.
Dwight, Sherry, crater's a no-go.
We're looking for another place to dump 'em.
♪ I repeat We need to find another place to dump 'em.
What'd he What'd he say? They're still looking for a place to dump the walkers.
They don't dump 'em, we can't move on the Tower.
Let's keep moving.
♪ SHERRY: Can you clear it? Yeah, I think so.
Hey, D.
How loud do you think the fire alarm is in a place like this? Pretty loud.
Why? Well, you think they could hear it from up there? Uh, I mean, a-above ground? Maybe.
If Morgan and Alicia are heading back They'll be walking right over us.
♪ Get diggin'.
♪ Their horses were right outside.
They have to be down here.
What the hell? Find it.
♪ What is that? Do you hear that? Bunker.
We're on top of it.
Dwight and Sherry must have tripped the alarms.
♪ The door.
We get 'em in there.
With Dwight and Sherry down there with Mo? They'll get her out.
I got a plan.
Trust me.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Son of a bitch.
D? The walkers are above us.
Come on, keep coming.
Keep coming.
Hey, have you made it to the tunnel yet? I repeat Have you reached the tunnel? The signal won't reach down there.
We get them in, and then we go to where the pipe lets out.
Over here! Let's go! Come on! Come on! Hey, over here! Keep coming! [WALKERS GROWLING.]
Come on! Come on, pull the power! Come on! [FIRE ALARM CONTINUES.]
Hey! Hey! [GUNFIRE.]
Agh! - You okay? - Yeah.
Is she? Yeah, we're all right.
I think we're, uh, stuck.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
It's not your fault.
I'm sorry too.
We tried everything.
I promise, we did.
Maybe I'm just not, uh ♪ Just Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
You know? ♪ [SIGHS.]
♪ [SIGHS.]
♪ ♪ You really - You really wanna do that right now? - Yeah.
I need to.
- You were right.
♪ This isn't something I should have done on my own.
This is something I should have done with you.
Wanna help me? ♪ [SIGHS.]
♪ Come on.
♪ - Come on.
- Oh.
♪ Okay.
Alright, it's it's not g it's not gonna end like this.
We're gonna get out of here.
How? ♪ The same way as before.
♪ ♪ ♪ - [CLANK.]
Should they not be out already? Give them some time! Maybe you should go to the sub, get everybody ready.
Only got a few more hours of daylight.
You were right.
Right? Right about what? I could have come back sooner.
Then why didn't you? Because I know what I might have to do to Strand, and I'm not sure I can.
You will do the right thing when the time comes.
- How do you know that? - Oh, come on.
You've already done the impossible.
You're still here.
It's not over for you.
Not by a long shot.
Hear that? Mo? Hey, Mo! ♪ - She's there.
- You okay? - Yeah, she's there.
- Here.
♪ - ALICIA: You all right? - SHERRY: Yeah.
I got it.
Hey, hey, hey.
♪ - [MO CRYING.]
- Okay.
♪ That's right, baby.
I'm right here.
The tunnel, it collapsed.
How'd you clear it? I-I didn't.
She did.
♪ Thanks for the assist.
Come on.
That's it.
There she is.
You should keep it.
♪ Look, if we could get on the sub and use the transmitter, there might be a way we could reach whoever's left out there and make a real push - for the Tower.
- The sub's a no-go.
It's leaking radiation.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
That woman that mom she said she heard Strand's message all the way from the water.
Right, and that must have been, what, 20 miles out? Which Yeah, I mean, which means Strand's gotta have an antenna for that type of range.
So the Tower I could use the transmitter from there.
Strand's got power, and it's the highest point for miles around.
And with the ULF's range One more reason to take it from him.
It's another reason for you to take it.
I gotta do it, Alicia what Grace asked me to do and get Mo as far away from here as possible.
But where are you gonna take her? I mean, there's no way out.
I know a way.
♪ Grace said the weather patterns might have been affected that the fallout could hug the coast for hundreds of miles.
But that woman that we sent to Strand she came from someplace clean.
And what if I can't find it? Take her out, drive around the block a few times.
I can't do this.
I can't walk away just as you're about to face him.
You have to.
For her.
For Grace.
For yourself.
Look, we're both doing something we don't want to do.
But you're right, you know? I'm gonna be okay.
I can do this.
You're gonna see me again.
Now go.
♪ I got this.
♪ I should take her.
She's sleeping like a ♪ MORGAN: Thanks.
♪ You know, you could get on there, too.
D, Strand doesn't know.
He can't use this against us.
But But we can use it against him.
Because now, we have something to fight for.
♪ Ohhh, there you go, baby.
There you go.
♪ Thank you.
DWIGHT: Oh, hang on.
♪ So it smells good and, well, it's live entertainment.
♪ Appreciate it.
♪ Both of you.
Alright, so, uh ♪ Good luck, right? ♪ Okay.
♪ ♪ We gotta move! The sun sets in a few hours! ♪ Follow me! ♪ ♪ ♪ WES: She didn't come alone.
STRAND: The gang's all here.
To new beginnings.
We have very different ideas of what that means.
She should've been out by now.
What the hell is going on up there? [WALKERS GROWLING.]
It's over.
STRAND: No! ♪ ♪ DWIGHT: Hey, honey, where the hell are you? Hey, what is it, D? We got an SOS.
On the Dark Horse channel? Yes.
Yeah, some lady got herself turned around down near the inlet.
I'll meet you at the sub.
CHAMBLISS: We see the Dark Horses riding again, and Dwight and Sherry end up arriving just in the nick of time, and they save Maya from some Walker trouble.
And then we see something kind of very unexpected from Dwight.
He suggests that Maya goes to the Tower.
Get your stuff and I'll point you in the right direction.
This is something that really throws Sherry off because she knows that Dwight, along with Morgan and everyone on the submarine, is planning to launch and attack on the Tower.
So it's just not quite adding up.
Why are you giving me that look? We're also wondering why Sherry's calling Dwight out on that because we just saw her packing up a raft, and we don't quite know why, but that's what the episode is all about unfolding.
What is going on between the two of them? MORGAN: I'm coming in hot.
I'm going to need a hand off.
- Morgan.
- Morgan.
I repeat, I am coming in hot.
The first time we see Morgan, we want to have a little bit of fun with that moment.
You know, at the end of the prior episode, we saw him take Baby Mo from John Dorie, and then we saw John Dorie walk back to the Walkers to buy Morgan time.
And our hope is that the audience would be expecting that Morgan and Baby Mo escaped fully.
But we built this scene really to reveal this road behind him and then slowly lift up and see that it is just filled with thousands of walkers.
And then we learn that he actually drew the walkers away from the Tower.
And what do you do when you have thousands of walkers on your tail? How do you get rid of them? Dwight and I might not have enough ammo to take them out.
You definitely do not because there are a lot of them.
How many? It's all of them.
Obviously walker hordes play a big part in this season, from the very first episode when Strand lit the light on top of the tower and drew all of the walkers to form a moat.
We've seen that moat grow over the past few episodes, and, you know, here we see it break off.
It does present a lot of challenges in terms of production, especially when we're producing these episodes under COVID protocols.
I mean, in order to keep everyone safe, we're limited to the number of walkers that we can have on set.
So it really ends up becoming a the realm of visual effects where we shoot things with the small number of walkers we have and then we shoot them many times so we can create tiles and then fill the space that way.
And then also we have digital 3D walkers, where we have a large number of walkers who have been scanned and can be animated, and we can use those walkers to really fill out the herd.
♪ Morgan! I'm sorry.
When we last saw Alicia, she told Morgan that she was going out to find more people to join the cause, that she essentially wanted to become Padre herself and find all the people who were stuck out in the apocalypse, tell them that there was a place that they could live, but they just needed to help her take it from Strand.
And when she returns and we see that she's empty handed, we see the obvious frustration there.
But we also see some more frustration from her when she learns that Morgan has essentially set the gears in motion to attack the Tower, that the time is now.
There's no waiting.
The tower's unguarded, at least until dawn.
We only get one shot at this, and we're not ready.
Ultimately, her arc in this episode is getting to the point where she can actually admit deep down that she still cares about Strand, despite everything he did to her.
There's still a part of her that she's worried won't be able to do what needs to be done to take the Tower, that will be drawn in by Strand.
And I think even beneath that is just some worry that she's going to have to hurt someone that she once cared about very deeply.
And that's a very hard thing for her to kind of wrap her head around.
Morgan, we're not ready.
It's the only way to make sure that Mo is safe.
Mo very much is all about the future for these characters, about the next generation, and, you know, she really has been, since the moment we saw her born on the show at the beginning of season six, she represented the new life that was to come.
You know, and we saw her father, Isaac, give his life for her.
We then later saw her mother, Rachel, give her life for Mo.
And then Morgan took her on as his own child, along with Grace, and the two of them have been really fighting to not just keep her alive, but also to create a world that she'd want to grow up in.
And, you know, we saw Strand try to co-opt that by bringing her to the tower and using her for leverage, and then thinking that perhaps she would be the thing that would give him the love he desires, if he was able to raise her in the way he wanted.
Beyond a symbolic level, it really is all about the future and these characters thinking about, you know, surviving in the apocalypse isn't enough that you have to find bigger things to fight for.
What the hell is that? I call it an automobile.
I will take credit for the automobile joke, and I'll just say that's my dad joke cred there.
But really, that moment was all about just showing a bit of levity from Dwight and the potential for who Dwight could be as a father when he's around someone as innocent as a child.
It's just hard for me to see with her like this.
We know what's coming.
We heard the offer that Strand made.
What does that have to do with me? I don't want you to turn into the person that you don't want to be.
We've been over this before, okay?! - [SIGHS.]
- It's not going to happen.
When Dwight hears that Sherry's worried that he might actually go to Strand, he is hurt because in his mind, he's wondering how Sherry could think he would ever put himself in a position where he has to answer to someone like Strand, where he'd essentially be reliving what they went through at the Sanctuary with Negan.
And Dwight doesn't know what's really behind that.
So he senses that Sherry is really struggling with something, and I think he's worried that it has to do with him and her feelings for him.
But ultimately, you know, we learn that there's a very different reason Sherry's worried.
I think I might be pregnant.
This is where Sherry actually explains why she's worried that Dwight might go to Strand, because I think Sherry believes that if Dwight thinks she's pregnant, that he will do what's best for the child and not what's best for him.
If this is positive, you're going to want to do what's best for her, even if that means going into Strand's Tower.
Come on.
If we do that.
If we go into that place, it will destroy all the parts of you that I love.
But ultimately, it's actually the thing that allows Sherry and Dwight to come closer together because they're now on the same page.
Dwight now knows what Sherry's worried about.
And Dwight's able to reassure her that, you know, in his mind, he thinks it gives them more reason to fight Strand.
You don't get to do this alone.
especially when we're in this together.
They not be out already? Give them some time.
Alicia is in a position where she realizes she has to be the one to lead.
But ultimately, I think it's the fact that Morgan tells her she can do this that the one character who, you know, in 7A came to her and said, "I need you to help me lead.
I can't do it all on my own.
" He's now essentially saying to her, "You can do it on your own.
I believe in you.
" I think that's a big part of why she has the confidence to do it.
And the other part is that she doesn't really have a choice.
She knows that someone's got to stand up to Strand, and if anybody can get through to him, it's her.
You know, in many ways, this season has been about Alicia kind of shedding the past.
We have seen her come into her own and change in a lot of ways.
I mean, obviously, she lost an arm.
She'd been struggling with this kind of mysterious illness.
And she's kind of found this inner strength that she didn't know she had.
And she's going to carry that strength forward as she leads everyone to face Strand.
We got to move! Sun sets in a few hours.
Follow me.

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