Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s07e14 Episode Script

Divine Providence

1 I thought you said the crater was filled with walkers.
Somebody let them out.
Ofelia's alive.
You told me she was dead.
I know, because that's what I thought.
Strand has her in the tower.
Do you really care about protecting Strand? I care about surviving.
Gotta to get Mo as far away from here as possible.
Good luck, right? We gotta move.
Follow me.
Sous le dôme épais ♪ Où le blanc jasmin ♪ À la rose s'assemble ♪ Sur la rive en fleurs ♪ Riant au matin ♪ Viens, descendons ensemble ♪ Sous le dôme épais ♪ Où le blanc jasmin ♪ Ah, descendons ♪ S-sir.
Alicia's here for you.
Divine providence.
What happened to you? There are days when one must swipe the slate clean, Wes.
Today is one of them.
She didn't come alone.
The gang's all here.
To what do we owe the pleasure, Alicia? I think you know.
Eh, it seems you brought company.
Yet, Morgan isn't amongst it.
Does he plan on making a grand entrance or something? He's somewhere safe with the baby.
Somewhere where you won't find him.
Leave it to a coward to run for the hills.
Auspicious of you showing up like this.
I was going to call you.
What for? To talk.
So talk.
Not like this.
Come inside.
Have a drink with me.
Is this you waving the white flag? We'll talk about that on the inside.
One drink.
Just us.
One drink.
What are you doing? I've got it covered.
Wes, is there something you want to say? You drove Alicia away for a reason.
You let her in here, you could lose everything you've built.
I won't.
I assure you.
Now, be a gem and fetch us a bottle of Luna Fontezula 12 from cold storage, eh? Oh.
And when the sun goes down be ready.
Get off of me! You'll have to excuse them.
We take security quite seriously around here.
Daniel you weren't invited.
He pushed through the barrier and almost broke Stern's neck.
The agreement was for you and you only.
I didn't ask him to come.
I want to see Ofelia.
Ofelia? He's not well.
Take him to the basement.
Daniel, it's gonna be okay.
If you hurt him No.
That's what the roof is for.
We're just gonna put him on a little time-out.
Luciana lied to him and told him Ofelia was in here.
I know.
I've told him.
You can pretend to be outraged all you want, Alicia, but at the end of the day, you, Morgan, and Luci are just like Victor.
At least he owns the shit he does.
You wouldn't be alive if it weren't for me.
As I recall I saved him, as well.
So which one of you do I owe my life to? Well here we are.
Reunited at last.
She shouldn't be here, Victor.
She and her friends left me to die in that bunker.
Why don't I give you the grand tour? You can see what you've been missing, and we can have our drinks in the comfort of my penthouse I'm good right here.
To new beginnings.
Something tells me we have very different ideas of what that means.
We'll see about that.
You still have it.
I took it off Will's body when I buried him.
After you killed him, of course.
It still means something to you.
Do you remember what you said when you gave it to me back at Lawton? You said you needed to forget who you were.
For you, for me, for all of us.
Was it worth it? Absolutely.
Although, I'd argue that I didn't forget who I was.
I embraced it.
I know what you must think of me.
But our story isn't over, Alicia.
It is.
And one way or another, you won't be running this place after today.
- This isn't about today.
- Then what is it about? Tomorrow.
Everything that I've done since that last night at Lawton I've done with hopes that it would lead us here.
To what? Me and an army of people who you pissed off, shit on, and left to die ready to kick your ass.
- Do it.
- Do what? You have your army.
I have mine.
And cut the phone on the platform.
I don't want anyone warning them.
Warn them about what? There's a herd of walkers trapped in a crater from one of the blasts, soaking up some nasty stuff for months.
I just told my rangers to lead them here.
What is that? - The generator starting.
- Why? To power the beacon to draw the dead to kill your army.
You think this is the way to win me over? You'll come around eventually.
When I first lit that beacon, I did it to keep you out.
Now it's to keep you in.
Fall back! Get out of here! They can't hear you.
Turn off the light, Strand.
I'm sorry it had to come to this.
You're gonna kill them! They were never part of my vision for this place.
Once we build this place into what it can be, you'll understand.
Take her downstairs till this is all over.
And Daniel? Take him to the roof.
Are you sure? An example must be made.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Drop the gun, Alicia.
Turn off the light.
Turn off the light! You do this, her entire army will wipe us out.
Everything I've built will be gone.
You think he'll listen to you? If you won't turn it off, I will.
We're taking a ride up to the roof.
I have 50 rangers between here and that light, all ready to do as I say to protect this place.
Not when I have a gun to your head.
- You're making a mistake, Alicia - Shut up.
You're delaying the inevitable.
You're not calling the shots anymore.
Come on.
- Come on! - They shut it down.
Emergency protocol.
- Then override it.
- Not a chance.
I'll kill you.
You can't stop what's coming.
You'd rather die than give this place up? You won't kill me.
Strand, we're here.
Strand! I'm doing this for your own good.
No, you're not.
You're doing this for yourself.
- We got the elevator surrounded.
- You're doing what Teddy did locking me up while you destroy the things I care about.
And I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told him.
I'm not making the world the way you want it to be.
I know you feel this way right now but we have a long future ahead of us.
- We don't.
- Open the door.
What do you mean? Do I look like I've got a lot of time left? Wes told me about the fevers, but we have antibiotics, medicine, a fully-stocked infirmary.
- Yeah, it's not gonna work.
- How do you know? Because I've tried everything, and because it's getting worse.
Well, we'll find a way to stop it.
June she can figure it out.
No, she won't.
No one survives what I've been through.
I'm not afraid to die.
But it can't end like this.
Not for them.
Strand! It can't.
Turn off the light, and I'll call off the army.
You have my word.
That's not good enough.
Then what will be enough? Strand! Stay here in the Tower with me.
I told you, I'm running out of time.
Then give me what you have left.
I want to show you that you're wrong about me.
Strand! Do we have a deal? Stand down.
Stand down.
It's okay.
We'll take her downstairs.
That's not necessary.
We made an agreement.
What the hell are you talking about? I agreed to turn off the light in exchange for a cease-fire.
She's playing you.
- Can't you see that? - Uh, no.
They've got us surrounded.
The second you turn that light off, we're done.
- No, we're not.
- How do you know? Because she also agreed to live in the Tower with me.
Have you lost your mind? After everything you've done, you think she's just gonna accept that? - I do.
- Based on what? - My instincts.
- Come on.
Listening to them is what has made this place what it is.
I'm not gonna stop listening to them now.
I can't let you do this.
She's your blind spot.
Somebody's got to protect what you've built.
If you won't do it, I will.
You're outnumbered, Wes.
You guys want to go back to living out there? You want to give all this up because of what? His His instincts? The same ones that lost us the baby? - Uh-oh.
- The safety of the moat? That told him to bring Alicia in here? No.
No, we can't trust your instincts, Strand, - not anymore.
- We? Oh.
Oh, wow.
You want to turn that light off - Huh.
- you got to go through us.
It's over for the both of you.
I should have never let you in here.
Get him.
- We need to warn them.
- They'll be guarding the doors like hawks.
The tunnel, too.
We're not gonna be able to make it to the roof on our own.
We may have one ally left.
Come on.
- Yeah? - Kill the old man.
What? - Strand said that - Strand's not in charge anymore.
Hey, what the hell's going on up there? I've got it handled.
We can't take any chances, a'ight? Take him out.
You know why this is happening to you? It's never too late to learn new things.
When you handcuff a person, you put their hands in the back, not the front.
Daniel, stop, stop.
He's here to help.
Now, I know how it sounds.
Yeah, like he's lying to us.
The beacon light is drawing a herd here.
If we don't turn it off, everyone out there is gonna die.
- So, call off your dogs.
- They're no longer my dogs.
We need your help to get past them to the roof.
I'm not helping anyone until I see Ofelia.
She's here.
Where is she? Daniel, you remember what happened in Mexico? Strand helped you search for her.
He was gonna reunite you, but she got sick.
You didn't get there in time.
Ofelia was sick, yes.
But Strand never reunited us.
We never found her because he kept lying.
Ofelia's alive, and she is in this Tower.
And you know where she is, Victor.
Where is she? Do you want to end up like your friend here? She's on the top floor.
Ah, the penthouse.
Smart choice.
Are you lying to me? She's there.
We just need you to help us to get to her.
They surely heard that upstairs.
I'm going to the next level.
We'll hang back, make sure no one enters from below.
What's the play here, Strand? June, Grace, Wendell.
After what happened with that baby, I locked them on the top floor.
What do you think is gonna happen when he realizes Ofelia's not up there? By that time, it won't even matter.
We'll free them, get them on our side.
He'll have to relent.
You're lying to him.
I'm finishing what Luciana started.
It will destroy him.
I didn't put that thought into his head.
But if that's what's keeping this place standing.
Alicia, I know you must think I'm a monster, but I'm the same man I've always been.
I've just stopped apologizing for it.
Do you actually believe that? I do.
And so will you.
That's the reason why I'm willing to turn off that light because I want you to see that everything that I've done was worth it.
Come on! Okay.
Victor, I I ca - Oh! Hey! - Victor! We need to get her to the infirmary.
- We have a deal.
- And I will honor that, but first, we need to help her! Come on! Come on, come on, come on.
They found us.
We don't have time for this.
We need to move, Strand.
Ah! Epinephrine.
June had this on hand when I was poisoned.
This could help.
More will be coming.
We need to get out of here fast.
What is this? It's a record of everyone in the Tower.
Her name is not on here.
Why? Daniel she's not on the top floor.
I only told you that because I knew it was the only way that you would help me.
And now I can help you.
Do you want your daughter? Well, there she is.
Show me.
That's not my daughter.
Where is she? Ofelia died in Mexico, Daniel.
Luciana lied to you the same reason I did.
So you had something to fight for.
Daniel You're always trying to fool people.
I'm trying to save the closest thing that I have to a daughter.
Surely you can understand that, Daniel.
Ofelia's gone.
But it's not as if you have nothing left.
She means something to you.
She's sick.
She doesn't have much time left.
She's not my daughter! I'm finished with you.
No, Daniel.
Maybe you can do for her what you couldn't for Ofelia.
You could be there for her.
Daniel? Don't look, Charlie.
I don't want you to look at me.
I don't want this to be what you remember of me.
Don't do it, Daniel.
He's right.
Daniel be the man you wanted Ofelia to see.
Easy, now.
That's the adrenaline.
How you feelin'? Oh.
Thank you.
I should be thanking you.
He would have killed me if you hadn't appealed to his better angels.
What happened to her? Radiation exposure.
But that doesn't mean that It's worse than what you were exposed to.
We think it was Alpha particles from the same walkers that are headed here.
June and Grace say she may only have a couple weeks left.
There's nothing that can be done? I'm afraid not.
All the more reason to preserve this place, so at least those weeks can be spent in here, not out there.
Come on.
Daniel we have to go.
I can't leave her not now, not like this.
She needs me.
Can you still go up to the roof? - Daniel, it's okay.
You can go.
- No.
No, no, no.
This is where I want to be here, with you.
I'm so sorry I'm not her.
Oh, don't be.
Don't be.
You helped me remember why I wanted to find her before she died Ofelia.
Um, and, you know, being with you, it's helping me to think more clearly.
We stashed weapons on every floor after Arno's attack, so we'd be prepared in case anybody was planning an encore.
Did you mean it? Mean what? What you said to Daniel.
About me being the closest thing you had to a daughter.
He and I wanted the same thing.
I needed him to know that.
You did make him see it.
It wasn't just me that talked him down.
We used to do this sort of thing all the time saving people.
What, you mean Wes? It's been a while, but despite everything, I still think we make a pretty good team.
I guess we'll find out.
There are way more of them than us.
They're gonna see us coming.
Not necessarily.
We're flying blind here, Strand.
Not as blind as they are.
I'll clear the stairwell.
You stay here and deflect any stragglers.
Are you sure this is gonna work? This isn't my first time walking into the unknown.
Strand? Strand! Clear! Head to the sixth floor! Tear gas, Victor? Now, those remind me of the day we first met.
Yeah, but so much has changed since then, Victor.
You me her.
I know you want to believe the best in her, Victor.
I did, too.
But we are who we are.
You've come so far.
Finish what you started, Victor.
You have to protect what you've built here.
It's honest.
It's real.
It It doesn't try to be something that's not possible.
Do not throw it all away for her.
I'm not.
Alicia! Alicia! Strand.
Strand Hey, you alright? The adrenaline I I think it's starting to wear off.
Okay, alright.
I got you.
I got you.
Come here.
Come on.
I didn't think you'd come back for me.
Of course I would.
Last time I was in a fog like this, I was with Will.
He could've left me out there.
I gave him plenty of reasons to, but he didn't.
- Why? - 'Cause he knew I was trying to find you.
- I can't let you do this! - Go, go, go! Go.
- How much ammo do you have? - Not enough.
Aah! Hey, Vic, you coming out? Or you gonna make us come in there? I'm sorry, Alicia.
I wanted us to have a clean slate.
I wanted us to rebuild together.
I thought we had more time.
You know, to heal, to mend.
Last chance, Strand.
Will made me realize something that I should have told you a long time ago.
That I love you, Alicia.
You're the closest thing to family that I have left.
That's what this was about.
That's what it was always about.
I just wanted to prove something to you.
I hoped that this place would show you the the man that I am.
Everything I've done, everything that it's cost me that it was worth it because if it didn't then it was for nothing.
Hands up.
Please don't do this, Wes.
Those people out there don't deserve to die.
Neither do the ones in here.
You might want to, but you can't save everyone.
She says she would call off her army.
All we have to do is turn off that light.
- You honestly still believe that? - Yes, I do.
You know, I was thinking about the day we met.
And I told you that people are people.
I thought you were the exception to that rule.
But now I know no one is.
And I thought you understood that, which is why you kept her far away from here.
- It was a mistake.
- It wasn't.
This place won't be weaker if we help people out there.
- It will be stronger.
- No, it won't.
I found this in her bag.
- What is that? - A transmitter.
Now, out of all the things you could have brought in with you, why that? I brought it from the bunker.
I wanted to broadcast a message from the roof.
What message? There are people out there that need help.
And they thought they could find that with Padre.
There is no Padre.
At least, not out there.
So, I thought I could use the transmitter So you could build Padre here.
I told you I'm not afraid to die.
But this place will live long after I'm gone.
She's lying to you, - just like Luciana lied to Daniel.
- No! That is why she wants to go to the roof, not because of the light.
She's just telling you what she needs to, so she can get what she wants.
- And what is that, Wes?! - She sends that message, she draws more people here, and we don't stand a chance.
I told you, if you don't protect this place, I will.
No! I'm sorry, Alicia.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Drop it.
Daniel, are you okay? I'm fine.
You need to warn the others.
June, Grace, and Wendell they're locked in an apartment on the sixth floor.
Free them.
Then go down and tell everyone to get away from the herd.
Do it and I'll kill her.
Wes please.
I can't let you do it, Alicia.
I saved your life once.
We both did.
You believed in us once before.
And I'm just asking you to do the same thing Why would you do that? The same reason I built the Tower the way I did.
So you wouldn't have to.
He wasn't gonna stand down.
And we're running out of time.
Let's go turn that light off.
Alright, come on.
She should've been out by now.
We can't wait much longer.
Luci's got a point.
As long as that thing's a-spinnin', skinbags'll be on us like flies on a turd.
Someone's coming.
Wen You alright? I'm better now, sis.
- What the hell is goin' on in there? - How did you get past the Rangers? Listen, I don't have time to explain, but we all need to get back inside of the Tower now.
- W-where's Morgan? - He did what you said.
- He took her somewhere safe.
- Where? - We don't know yet.
- We need to hurry.
The dead in the crater the beacon light is drawing them here.
Well, how far are they? I'm not sure.
But Alicia and Strand are turning the light off as we speak.
Vic and AC are on the same team? What the hell did we miss? We can talk inside of the Tower.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
You need to let me patch that up, okay? See Charlie first.
Charlie? Move! They're on the roof! They're trying to box us out! Why are they still shooting? The Rangers guarding the tunnel must have circled around.
They're sitting ducks.
The walkers are almost here.
Turn it off.
I'll give them as much cover as I can.
Strand! What are you doing? What are you waiting for? Turn it off.
You're never gonna forgive me, are you? What? What are you talking about? Even if I turn it off, even if I help you save everyone, the damage is already done.
We don't have time for this.
It was never gonna be enough.
It was never gonna make you love me! It could've, but you ruined it! - How? - By what you did to Wes! I didn't have a choice! Of course you did! You always do! And you always make the wrong one! I was trying to save your life! No, you were trying to save yours! And you didn't care who you had to kill to do it! That's not true! Alicia! Don't! The person you used to be the person you said you wanted to forget that was never you! They're here.
What are you doing? It's too late.
There's no way out of here.
There's one.
This is Alicia Clark.
If you're listening to this, you're not alone.
The place you've been looking for, the place you've heard about, PADRE, it's here the Tower.
Coordinates 29 degrees, 20 minutes, 14.
1 seconds north, 94 degrees, 59 minutes, 25.
7 seconds west.
We're gonna build the new home you've been looking for.
We can help you.
But, first we're gonna need a little help from you.
Alicia! It's gonna spread through the whole building.
Alicia! Alicia! I'm here.
Can your friend really help us find Padre? We don't even know if that place is real.
We might actually have someplace to go.
Alicia's here for you.
Divine providence.
Strand, he realizes that Alicia has showed up with the army at his front doorstep, and it feels like all the cards are aligning for him.
She's right there.
This is exactly according to the plan.
But, as the episode goes on, we see what Strand viewed as divine providence might actually be quite the opposite.
- To new beginnings.
- Something tells me we have very different ideas of what that means.
He really wants to give her the tour and show her around.
Alicia has no interest in that.
She actually looks pretty disgusted with him.
She just wants to get this over with.
She shouldn't be here, Victor.
She and her friends left me to die in that bunker.
Wes is very much against Strand allowing Alicia into the tower.
He thinks it's a huge mistake.
Strand sees the Saint Christopher medallion around Alicia's neck.
He realizes that she must still have some feeling for him.
That's a shred of hope for him that "Maybe there's still a chance for us to reconcile.
" I took it off Will's body when I buried him.
After you killed him, of course.
Will, who Strand killed specifically to hurt her.
Strand is operating from a pretty desperate place.
Do it.
- Do what? - You have your army.
I have mine.
And, so, in sort of his twisted view at this point, if he can get her inside the tower in a way where she can't escape, he's literally going to bring these walkers to surround the tower to take out all of her friends.
You're gonna kill them.
They were never part of my vision for this place.
He knows that that will make her hate him, initially, but in time, she will grow to understand him.
Take her downstairs till this is all over.
And it's a very misguided way to look at things, but it just shows how desperate he is.
I know you feel this way right now, but we have a long future ahead of us.
When Strand hears that Alicia is getting worse and there doesn't seem to be a cure for what's making her be sick, that's an earthquake for him, because the thing that he thought he had was the luxury of time with Alicia.
But it can't end like this.
He thought, "There will be time to mend the rift and we'll be together and she'll understand me and she'll come to forgive me.
" Please.
When he realizes there is no time, that whole plan sort of goes out the window.
Everything that he'd been planning, his divine providence, her showing up at the door, and him sort of forcing her to be in this tower with him, suddenly, it all falls apart, and he realizes that's not gonna work and it radically changes how he looks at Alicia and what he has to do now in order to mend the relationship with her.
I should have never let you in here.
Get him.
We've done a story set in a tower before, in Season 6, with Dwight and Al forcing their way to the roof.
And the thing, I think, that interested us the most was seeing Strand now suddenly being the odd man out in his own house Do not throw it all away for her.
and he has to get to the roof to save all of Alicia's friends I'm not.
and that the people who are preventing him from doing that are the very ones that he brought in the tower in the first place.
Take him out.
Daniel believes that Ofelia is alive and in this tower, so when he realizes that's not the case Her name is not on here.
initially, Strand, in order to to save his own life, he knows that Charlie is someone Daniel's very close to.
So he tries to play it off like, "There's Ofelia.
" And, of course, Daniel doesn't fall for that.
She's not my daughter! But, ultimately, it proves to be the thing that snaps Daniel out of his fog.
He realizes that if he kills Strand, that's the exact opposite of what he would have wanted to do if he'd found Ofelia.
And he sort of sees this opportunity where he can do with Charlie what he hoped to do with Ofelia sort of let her in and see who he really is and to help her in a way that he couldn't help his own daughter.
Alicia! Alicia! The scene where Strand wades into the tear-gas fog is very much designed to be a parallel to Strand in the fog in the premiere episode of this season.
Both times he waded into the fog, it was all about Alicia.
In 701, it was about wanting to make sure that she was alive and that she was okay.
And in this case, it's about wanting to clear the walkers, clear the path not only so that Alicia will be okay, but so that he can do right by her and redeem himself by getting to that roof and turning off that beacon to save everyone else.
You believed in us once before, and I'm just asking you to do the same thing.
I think what's so tragic about that moment is that Alicia did feel like she was getting through to Wes and that she was starting to appeal to his Better Angels again.
And if she just had a little more time, maybe she would have been able to do that.
Strand saw it completely differently.
Strand looked at Wes and saw someone who was never going to stand down and that they were going to have to kill to get to the roof.
Let's go turn that light off.
He felt he was doing something good for her.
For Alicia, that was proof that Strand hasn't changed, and it's exactly the reason she doesn't trust him.
So it's this terrible tragic moment of conflicting motivations and understandings of each other that ultimately leads to the confrontation we see up on the roof.
What are you doing? Strand, what are you waiting for? Turn it off.
You're never gonna forgive me, are you? He ultimately realizes, "If I can't get her to love me, then I'm not even gonna try," and he's going to double down on his worst instinct, which had at the beginning of the episode, was to keep drawing those radioactive walkers here.
The beacon breaking is a metaphor for Strand himself.
He is broken by everything that's happened, by Alicia's lack of faith in him.
They are at their worst point yet, and they've already been at pretty low points.
The radioactive walkers have arrived, putting everyone else in peril.
The tower is on fire.
I think Strand feels this is the end for him.
There's nothing left he can do, and he will die having done the worst possible thing he could and just become the worst version of himself.
- He's as broken as that beacon.
- Alicia!
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