Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e01 Episode Script

Remember What They Took From You

I think we might actually
have someplace to go to.
She's better off with me than you.
You don't get to decide
what's best for my family.
- Let me go.
- I want my kid.
And you want yours.
I don't want to find them.
MAN: Hands where we can see them.
Hey. No one's gone until they're gone.
- Who's he?
- Collector.
He has something to offer.
Where the hell are we going?
Where is PADRE?
I don't know.

PADRE: I don't believe
introductions are necessary.
I know who you are.
And we know who you are.
Or we know who you were.

How long have I been here?
Long enough to verify your story.
We found the raft you told us about.
We're processing the passengers now.
How many people were on those rafts?
Not as many as you thought,
but enough to satisfy our needs.
How did you know they were out there?
I heard chatter on the radio,
and I thought you might
be interested in them.
If you want to be
part of what we're doing,
you need to show us that
you're committed to our vision.
No, I am.
I am, and I will.
We'll see about that.

What is this?
Our newest intake.
Why are you playing it for me?
PADRE: We want you to be a Collector,
to bring us children like this
one who recently joined the community,
brought to us by the same
Collector who recruited you.

What are What are they doing to her?
- Her?
- I had a daughter.
That's why I know.
We're drawing blood, giving her shots
to make sure she doesn't get sick.
To make sure she doesn't make
other children sick.
What about the parents?
Why can't we bring them in, too?
We tried.
We found they don't want
to build something better.
They want to re-build what we had,
and what we had got us into this mess.
She's not happy.
S-Somebody should comfort her.
Come on! She sounds scared!
Like all the children here,
she will learn to separate
herself from her emotions.
Okay, stop!
- What's the matter?
- This is a setup.
How did you know?
How did he know?! Did you tell him?!
A Collector bringing us
a child and a new recruit
in one day doesn't happen often.
We had to be sure.

Does it look like I sold you out?
You need to bring me that child.
If you want to live long enough
to see any of the things
you're trying to build here,
you will bring me
that child at the dock,
let me get on a boat,
and get out of here with my daughter.
Do what's best for her, not you.
That's what I'm doing.
I'll keep him honest till you're clear.
You sure?
I'm doing what I said I would do.
Your kid's not gonna grow up
on this island.

Thank you.

Do you really want to do this?
There's nothing you could do to me
that's worse than what
I'm already living.
We'll see about that.




MAN: Hold her!

Where did it come from?
Same place they always do.
The mainland.
Don't worry about it.
You're doing this for the same
reason we do everything.


Dove, help me!

What the hell happened in there?
- Why'd you freeze?
- I don't know.
PADRE should've never let you in here.
- You're just too young for this.
- I'm not.
You've gotta train me.
You've gotta show me
what you did in your trial.
I have my offshore training next week.
That means I've got to cram
on my survival basics.
What if I do your chores
so you can study?
For how long?
A week.
A month.


Hey, Wren.

MAN: Who are we learning this for?
Who sustains our way of life?
Who is teaching us to be strong?

Who is rebuilding the world?

WOMAN: [MUFFLED] Is someone there?
Hey! Can I get some help?
Are you okay?
Is anyone in there?
Wait, wait! Please!
I'm not gonna hurt you!
I just need your help.
Good morning, Lark.
It's that time of the week.
You gonna play nice today?
I see you're skipping meals again.
We have ways to make you eat.
See you next week, Lark.

Aah! Aah!
You really think we'd
bring live ammo down here?

I know you want to die, Lark.
not gonna let that happen.


- You don't have to go in there again.
- I want to.
I have to go to the Mainland
to help build our future.
- Then wait till you're old enough.
- I can't.
Every time I look out there,
I feel like something really big
is missing inside of me.
And you think you're gonna
find that on the Mainland?
Only thing that's out there
is more Carrion.
Ones with teeth.
That prisoner down there in the
cellar, why is she in there?
- How do you know about her?
- A tank fell down the stairs.
I went to get it,
and she asked for help
You talked to her?
- I called for the guard, but then she
- No.
Listen, you stay away from her.
That woman is dangerous.
We could get in
a lot of trouble if PADRE
found out you were down
there doing my chores.
Why is she there?
What did she do?
I shouldn't be telling you this.
Her name is Lark.
She was a Collector.
Rescued more kids than anybody.
Until, for some reason,
she helped some new recruit
and his kid get off the island.
I don't know, Wren.
Some dad and his baby girl.
I thought PADRE never lost a kid before.
I'm just telling you
what people told me.
She's down there for a reason.
They say she took out
over a dozen guards
with just a sledgehammer.
Twice as many Carrion.
She almost killed PADRE.
We training or not?

Why can't you do that in the Circle?
I don't know.

You assholes were
already here this morning.
YOUNG GIRL: I'm not here to hurt you.
You came back.
How did you get down here?
I snuck past the guards.
They leave it unmanned when they
do their rounds at shift change.
Why'd you come back?
I need you to teach me.
Teach you? What?
Teach you what?
How to kill Carrion.
Where'd you get that?
Gardening shed.
I know you helped someone
escape from the island.
I know you took out half the
settlement's guards with this.
Heard you even almost killed PADRE.
And y-you want to finish the job?
I shouldn't have come here.
No. Please, no.
I can help you.
You'll teach me?
What do you care about killing the dead?
I need to show PADRE he's wrong.
I'm not too young to wear the mantle.
I'll help you.
If you do something for me.
- What?
- See that valve?
See it?
I need you to turn it off.
What will that do?
Exactly what you think.
You want to die.
You want to know
how I took out so many guards?
I didn't care whether or not I lived.
I already did what I set out to do.
So, I show you how to use this,
you turn the valve.
Do we have a deal?
Yeah, we do.
Well, let me see your grip.
Okay. Now swing it.
You gotta let the the weight
of the hammer do the work.
I don't understand.
Well, I just think
you're gripping it too tight.
So, here let me show you.
Let me show you.
Okay. Yeah.
Back up. Back up!
What are you doing?!
You lied to me!
You didn't hold up your end of the deal.
What the hell's wrong with you, kid?!
I'm not getting in trouble
because of you!
Where'd you get that scar?
I don't know. I had
it since I was little.

- How old are you?
- 8.
Why are you asking me this?
- What?
- God dammit!
- It can't have been that long.
- What are you talking about?
What's your name?
No, it's not.
It's Mo.
I brought you here seven years ago.
I also helped you and
your father escape.
- What?
- That's why they locked me up.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- No.
I'm not the kid you got off the island.
You are. You got this during the escape.
- That doesn't make sense!
- I know it doesn't make sense!
So they must have brought you back.
MAN: Down here! Come on!
Change of plans.
We're leaving.
Don't do anything stupid, Lark.
- Let her go!
- Hand her over!
- I'll kill her!
- Step away from the girl!

Where are you taking me?
Where I thought your dad
took you a long time ago
as far away from PADRE as possible.

MAN: This is PADRE 1 I want patrols
in every direction for a 15-mile radius.
She needs to be found and
brought back immediately.
MAN #2: Copy that, PADRE 1.

MADISON: We walk the rest of the way.
No. I'm not getting off.
I made a promise to your dad,
and I intend to keep it.
Here, put this on.
It'll help hide you
when they come looking.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
To find your dad.
Do you even know if he's alive?
This is why PADRE built things
the way he did,
so people like you don't
do things like this.
You're gonna get us killed!
I'm not here to argue.
Head into the marsh.
It'll be impossible for anyone
to track us there.
Here. Here, let me
My foot, it's stuck.
Grab this.
Hey! Hey! What the hell
are you doing, kid?


PADRE, can you hear me?
This is Wren.
I repeat this is Wren.
I don't think so!
Back off, lady.
They're coming for me.
They're going to find me.
So are the dead.
And they're already here.
Lost my gun over there, too.
I can't to protect you out here.
We gotta move inland.
You won't get far without oxygen.
Come on. This way.
They won't find us the deeper
we go in the swamp.
You can't breathe.
You're gonna die out there.
You comin' or not?
I told you I'm waiting for PADRE.
It's gonna take them weeks
to find you out here.
I'm trained in survival.
But you never killed the dead.
We're already drawing them
in from all over.
I can handle myself.


What the hell happened? What was that?
I don't know.
Hey. You're 8 years old.
It's okay to be scared of them.
I'm not scared.
Okay. Let's go.
MAN: I wouldn't go that way.
Not safe in there.

Who's that?
That's your dad.

I knew you'd be alive, Morgan.
I'm not that easy to get rid of.
What the hell happened?
Why was she back at PADRE?
How'd you find us?
I heard the chatter on the walkies.
And this is where we landed
when we escaped seven years ago.

Are you really my father?

I am, Mo
My name is Wren.
I don't know what PADRE
told you about parents,
but I promise you, it is okay.
'Cause I'm here to take you back to him.

MAN: This is PADRE 1
Wren, do you copy?
Here. Can you take this?
Wren, do you copy?
This is PADRE 1. We heard your message.
What is your location?
- I repeat what is your location?
- This is Nightingale.
I have Wren.
Nightingale? This isn't
a sanctioned operation.
I heard the alert. I was nearby,
and I had an idea where they would land.
MADISON: You're with them?
You've been locked away for a long time.
What are they holding over you?
Just had to accept what you said
to me the first time we met.
She's better off with them than me.
It's okay.
I want to go back.
I spent seven years in a cell
so you could be with her.
This isn't about you.
This is about what's best for my kid.
Always was.
I know! I'm doing this for her!
No. You're doing it
to make yourself feel better
about all those other kids you took.
I do not want to hurt you.
I am bringing them both in.
MAN: Negative. Just the fledgling.
We no longer need Lark.
Wren is fine, and Lark
is no longer a threat.
I repeat we no longer need Lark.
She's become a liability
to the settlement.
What's that mean?
Means I'm not going back with you.

MAN: Do you copy, Nightingale?

Copy that.

I need you to go wait for me over there.



I'm sorry.
But if I don't do this,
they might not let her back in.
And if we're honest, this
is exactly what you wanted
when we were back
on that beach in Louisiana.

Can you go and wait for me
over there, please?
I need you to go wait for me.
Take her hammer with you.

Back on that beach, I said
I was gonna save your daughter.
I also said I was gonna save you.
I guess that's what
I'm gonna have to do.
We don't need saving!
He's right. I want to go back.
It's because you don't know
anything else.
And something made you forget.
We can't wait here.
That's our only option.
Get up.
We are screwed,
because that's the way I went
with her seven years ago.
What happened there?
No use scaring her.
This time's different.
She's got both of us now.
I'm not sure that's gonna be enough.


Swamps are like flypaper to walkers.
They all come in here,
but they can't get back out.
And it's only gonna get harder.
So how much you got left in that tank?
- I broke it.
- I'll get it working.
Just keep going. I can manage.
Doesn't sound like it to me.
I just need to last
long enough to convince
you not to take her back.
That's not gonna happen.
We get out of this swamp,
I'm gonna take you back
so you can live on that island
like me and you never met.
You understand?
I'll go back to doing
what I've been doing
for the past seven years.
Yeah, you're a Collector, aren't you?
That's why PADRE let you live.
You know, the least she knows
about me the better.
They got Mo. Who else they got?
Her mother?
Is that why you're doing this?
I don't understand.
That's how PADRE gets people
to do what they want.
They find out what matters
to you and threaten it.
They provide a way of life that works.
You really buy that bullshit, Morgan?
You need to call me
Nightingale in front of her.
MO: "Morgan"?
What kind of name is that?
It's your name, too, kid.

Wren suits you better.

Is that why you were a Collector?
Because PADRE threatened people
you cared about?
Is that why you rescued me?
They said they'd go after my kids
if I didn't do what they wanted.
- You have kids?
- I did.
A son and a daughter.
Were they on the island, too?
PADRE didn't take Nick and Alicia
because they were already dead.
But PADRE lied to me,
made me think they were alive,
that he knew where they were.
When I found out the truth,
that's when I decided
to help your dad get you back.
Probably be dead if you hadn't
brought me to the island.
- Is that what you want? Her thinking this?
- I want her to be alive.
And, also, she's right.
'Cause when you found us,
we were out of food,
damn near out of water,
and at the mercy of a posse.
It was only a matter of time
before things ended for us.

There's boats. PADRE.
Where the hell are they getting gas?
I don't know, but we need
to get out of here.
Come on. I was supposed
to get back with you.
You okay?
Now they think we're running.

They're trying to
flush us out to an estuary.
- It's a couple of miles ahead.
- How do you know?
Because that's exactly what
they did to us seven years ago.
You okay, kid?
- I'm fine.
- Give me my radio back.
I can call this off
and get us picked up.
- What the hell?
We're gonna need that.
Guess you can't take
the easy way out now.
We could die out here!
PADRE did that.
That's how they're keeping her "safe".
Because you took her off the island!
No. No, we have to go back.
We have to get that walkie!
You need to forget the walkie.
You're gonna get yourself hurt.
I can handle myself!
We have to find shelter.
I know a place.

Home, sweet home.
Is it safe?
Yeah, as long as we don't draw any more.


MADISON: Hey, kid.
You okay?
Did something happen to me here?
Told you, the less you know the better.
Come on. We need to stay ahead of them.

MO: They're still coming.
- MORGAN: I'd stay away from the window.
When we don't show up at that estuary,
PADRE's gonna come looking for us here.
Let me.
God, what were they doing
to you back there?
They drew blood.
Once a week.
I didn't always cooperate.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know they locked you up.
I'm still here.
Should've seen this coming.
They manipulated you
just like they did me.
Well, I gave myself a set of rules.
I only take kids who have
lost their parents
or kids whose parents give them
up willingly for a better life.
What's PADRE think about that?
PADRE doesn't know.
What happened here?
Is this where PADRE caught you and Mo?
That's not worth talking about.
You know what PADRE's training
the kids for on the island?
Come on. He doesn't
share his plans with me.
You don't train 8-year-olds
to kill without a good reason.
You think she's not safe there?
I've been locked up a long time.
I don't know what to think.
Who else is on that island?
Who was on those rafts?
Not many you would know.
Daniel, Luciana
I don't know where they ended up.
And Victor?
Well, he wasn't on the raft
when PADRE found them,
and nobody knows where he is now.
MO: What's this?

- What is it?
- I don't know. It's, uh
some kinda graffiti.

- "King County"?
What is that?

What does it mean?
I told you, I don't know.
It was already here
when I found the place.

What about all this stuff?
Was this here, too?
Did I not say?!
- I told you
- "The less I know"
I get it. You don't want to tell me.
What are you trying to hide?
Nothing, Wren. It is
Come on.
I said it was nothing.

Who's that?
That is just a song.

No, it's not!
Yeah, I'm ♪
Who's that?!
It's just just a song.

I remember.
It's okay.
They're gonna pull us under.
- What's she talking about?
- I remember!
- No.
- What's she talking about?
The Carrion are gonna pull us under.
Shouldn't have done this.
You shouldn't have taken me
off that island!
- Hey, stop!
- Whoa!
PADRE are gonna find us
before anything happens.
They don't even know we're here!
The Carrion are gonna
kill us because of you.
But you don't care!
Because that's what you want to die!
It's not true.
Wren, no!

More are gonna come now.

Why did you bring me here?
Because, Mo, I needed to save you.
Well, you can't save me.

Just get over on that side.
We need to get her out of here.
No, we'll get torn apart.

We wait for PADRE.
- What if they don't show up?
- They will.
Just like they did before.
How did they find us last time?
I radioed them.
I called them, told them to come.
I tried to kill the walkers to stop them
from pulling us under, but I couldn't.
There were too many of them.
Couldn't protect you then,
and I can't protect you now.
We don't have a radio.
We can't call them.
We have to do this ourselves.
You can barely stand, let alone fight.
I don't need to.
Then we go out this way.
There's not as many of them.

Come on.
Go! I'll draw them away.
Eyes ahead. Keep your eyes ahead.

We're all right.

My foot! My foot, it's stuck!
- Stuck?
- My foot's stuck!
She's stuck!

I thought this was what you needed.
I'm doing this for you.

You take care of her, all right?
Like you said.
You take care of her!

Take care of her. Get out of here!

Get her out of here.
Get her out of here!
This is what happened
last time, isn't it?
Yes. I'm so sorry.

MADISON: Over here!
Over here!
Over here!
Over here!
Over here!
Over here!

MO: They're going to kill her!
Over here!
Over here!
Come on.
No! No, we can't leave her behind!
You have to!
That's why I'm doing this.
- No!
- Mo!

- Come on!
- You did the same thing.
Because your boat was being
pulled under by the walkers!
Go, please!

How did you survive?
I killed as many as I could,
and then PADRE came and saved me,
but I don't think
they're coming this time.


I heard the radio chatter!
I got here as fast as I could.
Who are you?
I'm your mother.
Now let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
You're with PADRE, too?
He's got me maintaining
their radio towers.
Radio traffic exploded when you escaped.
I heard Nightingale's message.
Figured you'd end up
here at the houseboat
after he went silent.
Nightingale? Jesus
They got all of you.
Your voice.
You were the one singing on the tape.
I made that a long time ago.
I remembered it even
before I heard it on the boat.
You've got to try to put
that out of your mind.
You all dried off?
Just in case.
They still looking for us?
Haven't heard anything yet.
We don't have to go back.
What are you talking about?
MO: You did save me, you know.
Back then.
You called PADRE seven years
ago, and you didn't want to.
You almost died fighting
to get me back to them.
Did you not see what happened today?
MO: You showed up.
We can do this.
Yesterday, you're fighting
to get back to the island,
- and then today
- PADRE's been lying to me this whole time.
Telling me that you were selfish,
that you couldn't make
the hard calls to protect me.
But you did before.
And you did just now.
You can come with us.
I'll just slow you down.
I did what I set out to do.
So you think it's okay to
give up and die out here?
What about everyone else?
What are you talking about, Mo?
I can't be the only one you took.
What about all the other kids
you "rescued" for PADRE?
I can't help them.
Why not?
You helped me, and we wouldn't
be doing it alone.
It may not be that simple.
Why not?
- How'd they find us?
We radioed them.
- What?
- Morgan?
They can protect you
in ways that we can't.
No. That's not true.
This is not up for debate.
I won't go.
I don't want to.
There's so much I don't know about you.
You have to go back, Mo!
You have to forget everything
that happened back at the boat.

I can't.
When I looked ashore,
I knew something was missing.
It was you.
- You're my parents
- No, we're not.
Okay? We're not. We're not your parents.
Your parents were Isaac
and Rachel, and they're dead.

They died a long time ago,
and they made me promise
to take care of you.
And that is what I'm doing.
And that's why you're
going back to PADRE.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You have a chance to be with her,
and you're throwing it all away.
You You need to get out of here.
You need to run and not make
this any harder
than it already is.
You're making the biggest
mistake of your life.
PADRE will kill you.
Let him.
You have to save yourself.
You have to save yourself
so you can help everyone else.
I'm not gonna make it.
You have to try.

SHRIKE: Get her.

Don't worry. I still have use for you.
Remember what I showed you.
Remember what they took from you.
Let's go, Wren.

Heron, go to the Delta Receiver
for repairs.


Well, at least we got to see her.

That's what makes it harder.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

Where does PADRE want me to patrol now?
PADRE is retiring you as a Collector.
- I brought her back. I
- He's invested too much in that girl
to run the risk that she'll
cross paths with you again.
Not when she knows you're her father.
I made sure that that's not
gonna happen again.
Because you thought
that's what's best for her now.
That might not always be the case.
Take him away!

Write that down.
PADRE: You've had quite a day, Wren.
- I'm sorry.
- Sometimes we have to
learn lessons the hard way.
I'm just glad you're okay.
I have a feeling you're about
to play a crucial role
in the next steps the
settlement is about to take.
We need to talk.
I shouldn't have gone down there.
I want to be a part of the future
PADRE's building.
I'm glad to hear that.
We need citizens like you.
Lark showed me what it's like out there.
She showed me how lucky I am to be here.
Let me show PADRE
I'm not too young to protect it.
And that's why I'm willing to
let today's transgression slide.
But, Wren, any future transgressions
will bring harsh consequences.
Hope you learned your lesson.
Don't worry. I did.

I'm not gonna have to worry
about you ever again,
am I, Wren?
No, sir.
Nothing to worry about at all.
Do I have your word on that?

Yes, sir.

MO: PADRE isn't telling us the truth.
Something bad happened in there.
ADRIAN: We're forming an army.
You can help take on PADRE.
MADISON: Your parents
they could still be out there.
Our parents abandoned us.
DWIGHT: There's nowhere to go, Morgan!
Why are you really here?


GOLDBERG: When we come
into season eight,
we're introduced to this new character,
Wren, a young girl at Padre.
And she really, really
wants to prove herself.
We see that she's struggling
a bit with it,
and then to be quite sure why
to gain a higher status
in Padre's eyes.
CHAMBLISS: Padre is all about
putting the settlement first,
putting community first.
In many ways, we kind of thought of this
as kind of like a modern-day
version of Sparta,
where the children were taken
and were raised in barracks
and were taught how to fight,
were taught how to put
the city state first.
That's kind of what Padre is all about.
- MAN: Who sustains our way of life.
ALL: Padre!
GOLDBERG: And then she learns about
this mysterious prisoner named Lark.
- Hello?
Is anyone in there?
Wait, wait. Please.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Lark was put in this prison
for trying to help
one of the collectors
get his daughter off of Padre.
We realize, of course, that
Wren is Mo and Madison
failed to get Mo off
of the island seven years ago.

Where'd did you get that scar?
- WREN: What?
It can't have been that long.
So what Wren wants to do initially
is she wants Madison
to teach her how to fight.
I'll help you.
What are you doing?

GOLDBERG: What we were trying to achieve
with the houseboat sequence
was sort of this nod to this mystery
that's slowly unspooling
in the premiere episode
of what exactly happened when
Morgan tried to escape with Mo.
Why didn't it work out?
Home sweet home.
Is it safe?
Yeah, as long as we don't draw any more.
What we like with these set pieces
whenever we can is of course
we want them to be cool
and we want we want it to be,
you know, seeing swamp walkers
attacking the houseboat
and it's sinking.
But the most successful ones
are the the ones that sort of dovetail
with the emotional reveal
that as this is all happening,
it forces Morgan to reveal to Mo
what happened seven years ago.

MORGAN: We wait for Padre?
What if they don't show up?
They will.
Just like they did before.
How did they find us last time?
I radioed them.
I called them, told them to come.
It's kind of this huge shock
for both Madison,
for Wren, for the audience.
The thing that Madison thinks
will give him what he wants,
kind of their mission completed,
and he picks up his walkie
and he calls into Padre
and he says, "I've got her.
Let's get her back to the island".
What's wrong with you?
You have a chance to be with her
and you're throwing it all away.
It's all about creating
this question of
"What has to happen to a man
to make him lose
kind of his belief in family.
To think that giving his
daughter to a place like Padre
that wants to essentially kind of drive
any sort of personal
connection out of her,
what makes him think
that that's the right move?"
WREN: They're going to kill her.
We can't leave her behind.
Grace shows up at this pivotal moment
to help rescue Morgan,
Madison and Mo from these walkers
that are kind of threatening
to pull them under.
Who are you?
I'm your mother.
And here it feels like family
is saving the day.
For Mo it's this, like, glimmer
of what she's been missing.
Maybe Padre is wrong.
Maybe I'm meant to be out here.
Maybe I'm meant to be
with these two people.
And maybe we're going to get to
kind of ride off into the sunset
and finally be a family.
It's really setting Mo up for a fall
when she realizes that
both Morgan and Grace,
they've called Padre, and
they're handing her over.
- Padre.
- How did they find us?
We radioed them.

- What?
- Morgan.
MORGAN: They can protect you
in ways that we can't.
We realize that they do still love her,
that they do still want
what's best for her,
but they just think that's
her living on the island.
That's her being raised by Padre.
It's all about showing
how far they've fallen
and really creating some real
mystery about what it is
that makes them think that they
can't give Mo what she needs.
And that's kind of the question
that we spend
in the next five episodes unpacking.

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