Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e05 Episode Script

More Time Than You Know

There are thousands
of carrion in that shipyard.
We taught the kids how to fight
for a reason.
It's time they showed us
what they've learned.
PADRE wanted her to find a way
to stop the effect of walker bites,
a treatment, radiation.
- How are you feeling?
- I think the treatment worked.
- We'll meet you on the mainland.
- Okay.
I'm paying the price
for chasing the dead.
I'm sick, Morgan.
Help me! Help! [SCREAMS]
Come on. Come on.
MORGAN: Can we go faster?
She's burning up.
MO: She's losing so much blood.
Here, put this on it.
June do you copy?
Dad, she's waking up.
Hey, Grace.
It's okay.
Where are we?
We're on a boat.
What's going on?
You got bit.

I remember.
The house
in the rubble
It's gonna be okay.
- No, it's not.
- It is.
June has a way of treating bites.
- No one does.
- MO: It works.
Finch he got bit.
They're right. It's helping.
He's doing okay.
It helps to stop the infection,
and it stops the fever.
So we're gonna get to do
the things that we said.
We're gonna get to spend
some time together.
- You, me, and Mo
Shit. They caught up to us.
Everyone stay down.

They're getting closer.
I'm pushing it all I can!
June do you copy?
JUNE: Go for June.
It's Grace. She's bit on the side.
We can't amputate.
What you did for Finch,
you think it'll work for Grace?

We'll take maybe.

Morgan, to do it, we need
equipment that PADRE has.
- Where did you treat Finch?
- On a train car.

DWIGHT: She's overheating.
It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Morgan, what's her temperature?
Do you have a thermometer?
I don't, but she's hot.
She is really hot, June.
Okay, we need to treat her fast.
Where was the last place
you saw the train car?
- FEMALE VOICE: It's not there, Nightingale.
Why do you think I put it
on wheels in the first place?
To keep people like you
from messing with it.
What the hell do you want?
To help.
To save Grace's life.
Then tell these assholes
to stop shooting at us.
- Not before you hear me out.
- I don't have time for this.
No, Grace doesn't have time for this.
So listen carefully
I'll tell you where the train car is.
My people will escort you there.
I'll even allow Blue Jay
to administer the treatment.
Grace will get the care she needs.
And what exactly do you get?
I paid a little visit to King County.
I saw what you did outside your house.
I saw how many walkers
you killed single-handedly.
Well, except for the one who bit Grace.

What do you want?!
There's a shipyard, one that is
very important to our future.
And that has what to do with me?
There are thousands of Carrion inside,
and I need them all cleared.


I don't care if you get help
From Red Kite, Starling, Lark,
even that army of parents
you're assembling
I just want the Carrion dead.
I was going to have the prefects do it,
but why risk them when I have you?
That's how Grace gets a shot at living.

MORGAN: God, she's losing so much blood.
DWIGHT: We can't waste any more time
MO: I need another dressing
SHERRY: We shouldn't
even be on this truck
There's more of us than them.
MO: She's waking up.
Where am I?

Where are we going?
We're on our way to the shipyard.
And then they're going to take
you to the train to meet June.
You surrendered to them?
How do you know they're
gonna do what they say?
Because we're not gonna
clear the shipyard
until we're sure you're safe with June.
- It's too dangerous.
- We've got it handled.
Morgan for Daniel Where are we?
DANIEL: We're armed and ready, Morgan.
But we need assurances from that woman
that we're not walking into a trap.
I assure you the Carrion are real,
and I want them dead.
The contents of these containers,
they're valuable to me.

What are you gonna help her do?
We're gonna clear. We're gonna clear.
We got people, we got the weapons.
You need to tell us where the train is.
SHRIKE: No guns.
Has to be done by hand.
And why is that?
There's supplies in these containers,
supplies we need to rebuild the world.
Fertilizers, munitions
One stray bullet and PADRE's
entire legacy goes up in smoke.
Why didn't you tell us that before?
I knew you had an army.
I didn't know you had an armory, too.

You already told her too much, Morgan.
This is too dangerous now.
I can't ask my soldiers to do this.
What does that mean? Daniel.
Come on, don't do this.
Don't back out on us now.
I'm not the one you should
be angry with.
He's right.

Daniel, it's okay.
I don't want anyone to die for me.
I'm sorry, Grace.
I wish we could help you.
Over and out.
We can do it without them.
You don't know that.
You need to be here for Mo.
And you guys need to be here for Finch.
I had to watch Jenny die from a bite.
I can't do that again.
It's not up to us.
It is if we can save you.
You can't.
It's not like I had much time anyway.

What is she talking about?
Before the bite

I was sick.

It's cancer, Mo.

Can't June help?
No, my sweet girl.

I've been running away
from it for a long time.

It's finally catching up to me.

How much time do you have left?
Maybe a year?

Well, that's a lot more than a day.

Why are we stopping?
Shrike, what the hell is going on?
SHRIKE: If you're not gonna
take the deal,
we have to make sure Grace
doesn't hurt Wren or Finch
when she turns.

- MORGAN: What the hell?
- DWIGHT: Hey, easy, easy, easy.
- Don't do that.
- Mom!
- Easy, easy.
SHRIKE: Wren, this is to protect you.
Listen, I will do
whatever it is you want.
- Just please don't do this.
- GRACE: Don't make her watch.
- Don't make Mo watch.
- Look at me, Finch. Look at me.
- Don't let her watch!
- Stop. Please!


- SHRIKE: PADRE One, do you copy?
- You okay?
- Good instincts.
- Do you copy?
You trained me well, Red Kite.
What's your ETA?
Gonna fight for every minute
I can get with you.
Is it done?
Move on to Nightingale,
then Red Kite and Starling.
I'm afraid Kingfisher and Magpie
aren't gonna be able
to, uh, comply with those orders.
Just so you know, Red Kite,
others have tried,
but no one's ever stolen
a child from PADRE before.
Well, I think, uh, Finch and Mo
are gonna be the first of many.
MORGAN: Let's take a look
at the map in the cab.
Might have the location of the train.
Even if we find the train car,
we'll never make it there.
June will never make it there.
Doesn't mean we shouldn't try.
Just take me
Can you take me there?
I want to spend whatever
the time I have left
with you and Mo there.
What is this, Grace?
Just take me there.
Just take me there, please.
Hey. Fever's getting worse.
We don't have much time.
Is the train car on there?
I don't see it.

Those are the tracks it was on.
Shrike moved it.
It's got to be further down the line.
These coordinates.
I want to know what's here.

It's a repeater station.
Like the one Grace serviced for PADRE?
Why would she want to go there?
Because she's sick.
She doesn't know what she's saying.
I don't know. She seemed
pretty clear to me.
I just got you both back.
I'm not gonna lose you again.
When we first met,
you sent me back to PADRE
because you thought it was best for me.
- This is no different.
- Okay.
We're gonna do it, alright?
We're gonna take Grace to the train car.
Sherry, raise June.
Tell her to do everything
she can to meet us there.
Shrike is not gonna make this easy.
I know, Dad.
But we're fighting for someone we love.

That's why we're gonna win this.


SHRIKE: Status report
en route to target.
on the south access road
Keep looking.
We found Kingfisher and Magpie.
Are they breathing?
We found their trail.
How far are they?
It's okay.
They're not talking about us.
MORGAN: It's Dwight and Sherry
They're acting as a decoy for us.
- You okay?
Where are we?
We thought we'd be hard to track in here
even if they did figure out
what we're doing.
Well, the c the coordinates
they're inland.
Where are you taking me?
Those coordinates,
they were for one
of PADRE's repeater stations.
I know.
So where are you taking me?
To the train car.
What? No
June's gonna try and meet us there.
We can stop this, Grace.
We can give you more time.
There's no way PADRE's
leaving it unguarded.
Well, we still gotta try.
Trying is what's gonna get you killed.
Both of you.
What, so we should go
to some repeater station?
You want to tell me why?
[SIGHS] It doesn't matter.
- No, just tell me.
- It's too far now.
- They found us?
- No, that's not us.
Those shots are too far away.
Mo, raise Dwight for me, please.
Hey, Dwight, was that you?
- SHERRY: Go, go, go.

Dwight, you okay?

We're pinned, Morgan.
We can't stay here long, D.
They can flank us.
Look, they know they're
following the wrong people.
Okay? You may have company soon.
Copy that.
Shrike, if you're listening,
it's me you want,
not Dwight and Sherry.
Why don't you let them
take their kid and go?
D, you think she'll listen?
DWIGHT: There's no way she's calling
off her dogs after what we've done.
She sent prefects.
She knows we won't kill them.
I'll lay down suppressive fire.
If they do what I taught 'em,
they'll they'll
They'll fall back to regroup.
Okay? You take Finch and run.
- D What?
- I'll be right behind you.
- Go, go.
- Go, go.

This isn't what I wanted, Morgan.
This is why you should've
listened to me.
You want to tell me why you wanted to go
to that repeater station?
I told you it doesn't matter anymore.
Oh, come on, Grace. Why?
What is it?
It's our future.
Over the years,
I'd been scavenging for supplies
to fix things for PADRE, and

I collected other things, too.
Like what?

Things to make a home.

A place where we could live.
A place where you'd feel safe.
I didn't know that.
I thought we both agreed
that PADRE was the best place for her.
I did.
But it doesn't mean it's what I wanted.

Should've said something sooner.
Maybe that would've changed our minds.

But I waited until it was too late,
'cause that's what I always do.

If I'm not gonna make it
I at least wanted to give her
a moment there.

A moment for how
it could've been for us.
Hey, she still can.
We can take her there after June
has stopped the infection.

They know we're in here.

What's wrong?
We can't stop.
You okay?
I just gotta catch my breath.
Did you get Did you
Did he get shot?
- Did you check him?
- No, he H-he didn't get hit.
- D, D.
- What?
He's He's burning up.
Okay, yeah, I know. We've been running.
- No.
- You okay?
Yeah, I-I can still
I can still keep going.
- No, no, no.
- Hey, unh-unh. No, no, no.
It's okay. Sit down.
Alright, look here call June.
Uh, June do you copy?
JUNE: What's going on? How is Grace?
It's Finch. Um
He can't catch his breath,
and, June, he's burning up.
- How hot is he?
I don't know. He's hot.
What does the bite look like?

Oh, God.
Am I going to be okay?
- Hey.
- Oh, yeah.
Whatever it is, June's
gonna figure it out, okay?

It's red and inflamed.
Is it hot, the skin around it?

Uh, the infection It could be back,
but I'd have to see it to be sure.
What does that What does that
W-What do you mean "back"?
Dwight, I really need to see him
before I can make any kind
of assessment.
Where are you?
Uh, Grace's repeater station.
It's close by.
We'll send you the coordinates.
Copy. Standing by.
Morgan, were you listening?
I was, June.
You go to Finch. He needs you.
I'll get to the train car
as soon as I can,
and I'll talk you through it
over the walkie
if I have to, okay?
I know you will.
And thank you.
She has to get to the train car.
No, you heard her, Mo.
Looks like Finch's infection is back.
She said she needed to see him to tell.
No, Mo.
If his infection is back, then
Then whatever June's doing
it doesn't work.
We can't give up.
- I won't give up.
- I don't want that,
but I can't have you and your dad
risk your lives for a treatment
that doesn't work.
What are you saying?
I want to spend whatever time
I have left with you.
The carnival.
You remember that place we
walked through with Madison?
Look, it's not much, but if we block
off the entrances, we can be there.
For as much time as we have.
Let's do it.
We can't give up.
It's not giving up, my sweet girl.
It is accepting how things are.

Dwight was right.
They are getting closer.

I'm gonna lead them away,
and I'll take the long way
to the carnival.
- Dad, no.
- It's alright.
I will meet you both there.


Thank you for understanding, my love.
It's what I want.
But I'm gonna see you soon.
I promise you.

You go.

Mo, look after your mom, okay?

MORGAN: Mo, where are you?
I'm where we said, but you're not here.
Please answer.
I think I know where you are.
I'm coming for you both.
It's okay.
He'll understand when you're better.
What are you doing?
It can't be much further now.
Stop, please.
Please, Mo, stop.
We don't have time to stop.
Every minute's going to count.
I don't know why you can't see it,
I don't know why
Dad can't see, but I can.
We're going to save your life.
Even if we make it to the train car,
it's not gonna work.
I'm gonna show you you're wrong.
Mo Mo, I'm afraid you can't.
Good thing it's not up to you.
The prefects They're
gonna take you back.
They're gonna take you back to PADRE.
What is it? What is it?
Are you gonna turn around?
But you were right.
They found us.
Call your dad. He'll help us.
Mo walkie him.
He'll make us go back.

Mo, please walkie him.

Here it is.
Why do you think Grace
wanted to come here?
DWIGHT: I don't know.
But June's on her way.

We're gonna get you
better soon, okay, bud?

Let's get you comfortable, okay?
Grace must have been preparing
for life after PADRE.
She's still gonna get it.
And so are you, bud.
Okay. Lay down.
You're going to be okay, Finch.
Just stay strong for us, okay?
- It's June.
- Hey. Where is he?
- Come on.
He's in here.
Madison's standing guard
with some of Daniel's people.
You're safe here.
Stop right there.
I said stop.

Mo, do what they say.
They're not gonna hurt me.
Are you, Dove?
Wouldn't be so sure.
Mo. Come on.
Do they know?
Do you know?
Know what?
The truth about PADRE.
There is no PADRE.
He's been dead for a long time.
And that Shrike and Crane
are full of shit.
That they're doing all this
because they lost their dad.
PADRE isn't a person.
PADRE is an idea.
The right one.

Stop, Wren.

You'll have to kill me.
No, Mo
Mo, no.
- Don't make me do this.
- I know how upset you were
when you found out your mom was dead.
I don't think you want me
to feel that, too.


Mo, please.

I don't think any of you want that.
I don't think any of you will hurt me
just to keep me from trying to save her.

It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna save you.


It's gonna be okay.


We're gonna have more company.
They're drawing Carrion.

You okay?
How'd you know
the prefects wouldn't hurt you?

I didn't.
But I had to take the chance.
June, we made it.
I repeat we made it, June.
Do you copy?
I copy, Mo.
Can you help me?
I think so.
What's making Finch sick?
It's not the radiation.
The infection's back.
I didn't give him
a high enough dose to kill it
because I didn't want
the radiation to kill him.
But I came close to getting it.
And if Grace already has cancer

We don't have to worry about
how much radiation she gets.
It might work.
It might buy her the time you want.

What's gonna happen to Finch?
We're working on it.
Hey, Mo, whatever you do,
don't let them destroy
that equipment, okay?
Are you ready?
Tell me exactly what to do.
JUNE: line up the gantry
above the bite

make sure the guide lights
cover the bite
and the surrounding area
go to the back of the train car

wait for the radiation
to dissipate

Do you think it worked?

I hope so.

June, how long until we know
if it worked?
It could take a while.
We have to watch Grace's temperature.
If it starts to fall,
that's a good sign.
And if it keeps going up?
We'll deal with it.
Uh, what does that mean for Finch?
Grace had the infection
longer than Finch did
when I treated him.
If she responds to this dose
of radiation
it might work for him, too.
W-W-What do you mean "might"?
MO: June, what next?
Uh, power down the machine
and turn off that generator.
I don't want you to be exposed
to anything you don't have to.
We're not gonna be able
to get out of here ourselves.
GRACE: Your dad's on his way.
Where are the prefects?
I'm sure they're hanging
around somewhere.
Red Kite taught us never to
leave ourselves exposed
if we didn't have to.
They're gonna try to stop
Dad from getting to us.
You were so brave back there.
When they tried to stop you.
Losing you, that seemed scarier.
When I was your age,
I couldn't even work up the courage
to pick up the telephone
when my parents left me
at home with my sister.
What's a telephone?

I forget how different
things are for you.

That's what I was trying to do
at the repeater station.

Show you how things were.
How they still could be.

You'll still get to show me.

What is it?
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're getting hotter.
The fever Maybe it's breaking.
June, she's burning up.
She's way hotter than before.
JUNE: What's her temperature?
There's a thermometer
in that rolling cart.

It's 106.
What does that mean, June?
MO: June, what's happening?
I'm sorry. The radiotherapy
She didn't get it in time.
No, I got her here as fast as I could.
It's not you, Mo.
Even if she had gotten the treatment
right after the bite,
it might not have been enough.
It hasn't worked on anyone else.
We can give her more.
Tell me how much to give her.
No, don't do this.
Tell me how much.
Give her any more right now,
Mo, she won't survive.
She's not gonna survive the fever.
It's okay.
Tell me how much to give her.
It's okay.
You did everything you could.
Tell me how much.
I'm sorry. I can't help you any more.
All I can say
is enjoy the time you have, okay?
Come here, my sweet girl.
We don't have much time left.
Are you there?
Answer me, please.
Hey, I'm on my way to you.

I tried, Dad. I tried.
I know. I heard it all.
I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
You have nothing to be sorry about.

Be careful.
There are prefects in the woods.
Well, if they're smart,
they will listen to me,
because I know they can hear.
Don't try and stop me.
Don't you try and stop me!

You still in the train car
with your mom?
Then let me talk to her.

It wasn't meant to be.

Should've listened to you before.
No, it's okay.

I understand why you didn't.

Grace, I don't think I'm gonna
make it to you before

I'm so sorry, Morgan.
I'm gonna do everything I can
Everything I can To get there,
but if I can If I can't make it

Grace, Mo's gotta leave.
But she can't.
- There's walkers outside.

You know what you have to do, right?
I know.

I love you.

I love you so much, my darling.

And nothing

nothing will ever change that.

I love you.

I'm not ready to let you go.

Neither am I.

I don't want to hurt you
if I'm going to go before he comes.
I need you to.
If I can't hold out,
you have to promise me you'll do it
before I come back, okay?
I promise.
All you wanted was to spend
whatever time you had left
with me and Dad, and
I took that from you.
I took that from him.
- That's not true
- It is.
You gave us more time, Mo.
I wasted it.
I wasted all the time we had left.


I'm not talking about today.

There was a time
when things were really bleak

when your father and I
were thinking of ending things.

We came so close to doing it.

Do you know why we didn't?

Because we heard you crying.

You gave us a reason to live.

You gave us more time

than you know.


I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
I can't.
Mom, please.
SHRIKE: Nightingale.
We need to talk.
I'm gonna be right back.
It's a promise, Mo.
You're a brave man.
I thought we'd have to
come in there to get you.
Any one of your people
could've killed me before,
but they didn't.
They knew what Heron
would've done to Wren a
Grace. Alright? Her name was Grace.
We dug this out of storage.
We remember what you did with it
seven years ago
when you tried to run.
It's a shame you couldn't have
used those same skills today.
Can you leave us alone?
Let us just bury her properly.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
You can still make things right.
I wasn't asking permission.
You need to leave us be.
You're not going to hurt my prefects.
But they don't have that same
hang-up about you.
They're not the ones
you need to worried about.

Listen, Nightingale.
And listen closely.
I could kill you right now.
But I don't want to.

I know the pain Wren's in.
The whole reason I am doing
what I'm doing
is to prevent anyone else
from feeling that kind of pain.

She already lost a parent today.
Please, don't make her lose
a second one.
Dad stop.
Mo, go back inside.
Go inside.
She's right.
I don't want to feel like this any more.
There is nothing she can do
to make that go away.
Why do you need to get to
the containers in the shipyard?
So we can build new settlements
all over the country.
So we can make sure no one else
feels what you're feeling right now.
You can't run away from your feelings.
She won't be running from anything.
She'll be heading towards
a bright future.
What bright future?
You can't even get to the
containers in the shipyard.

I can clear it.

If you help me.
It's what PADRE's been
training us to do for years.
She's right.
Mo, those walkers are gonna kill you.
Not if we do it smart.
Not if we use our training.
Mo, please.

Who's with me?

Let's do it.

Mo don't.
Let's go. Please.
Don't do this!
It's not gonna work! Please don't!
[VOICE BREAKING] I can't lose you, too!
I can't!
And there we have it.
It's not about what she wants.
- It's about what you want.
- Hey. You?
You're gonna get my daughter killed.
I told you I don't want to kill you.


Smart man.


I warned you.

You're not gonna kill me
because you can't.
What makes you think that?
Because I don't die!

Everybody else does,
but I don't.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe you need to think about
why that keeps happening.

Make sure he can't get out!




MORGAN: Oh, my God.
I thought I was past this.
- What's going on, Morgan?
- All I do is kill.
- MADISON: What the hell happened?
Don't come after me.
Kill as many as you can.
We find him, we get the
coordinates before Shrike does.
Shrike's going to the swamp.
I'm gonna make sure she
doesn't come outta there.
- I need my axe.
- MADISON: Morgan!
Baby, run.

Dad. She's waking up.
Hey, Grace.
Morgan, what's going on?
You got bit.

- It's gonna be okay.
- No. No, it's not.
It is. June has a way of treating bites.
No one does.
When Shrike realizes what
has happened to Grace,
she offers Morgan this deal.
I'll tell you where the train car is.
I'll even allow Blue Jay
to administer the treatment.
What exactly do you get?
There's a shipyard.
One that is very
important to our future.
There are thousands of carrion inside,
and I need them all cleared.
That's how Grace gets a shot at living.
Morgan being presented with
this deal with the devil.
And it really is all designed to
kind of play on Morgan's fears.
You know, Dad, we're
fighting for someone we love.

That's why we're gonna win this.

Grace, when we first met her
on the show in Season Five,
she already believed she had
a ticking clock on her life.
She realizes that the
odds of the bite treatment
saving her are pretty low,
and she really just wants to
spend the final few moments
she knows she has with her family.
Over the years
I'd been scavenging for supplies
to fix things for PADRE,
I collected other things, too.
Like what?

Things to make a home.

But I can't have you and
your dad risk your lives
for a treatment that doesn't work.
The one person who can't accept the fact
that there is no hope for Grace is Mo.
She is just pushing forward kind
of against her mother's wishes.
It's okay. He'll understand
when you're better.
Please, Mo, stop.
We don't have time to stop.
Every minute's going to count.
It leads to what ultimately
is a really beautiful moment
where Grace ended up
getting what she wanted.
And that was this really kind
of sense of this strong girl
she was gonna be leaving behind.

If I can't hold out
you have to promise me
you'll do it before I come back, okay?
I promise.

It's so traumatic for
Mo seeing her mother die
that it actually scares her
and she wants to pull away
from family altogether.
And she goes all in on PADRE,
which for Morgan, then, is his
worst nightmare coming true,
which is he's lost the woman he loves
and now he's gonna lose his child.
I don't want to feel like this anymore.
There is nothing she can
do to make that go away.

Why do you need to get to the
containers in the shipyard?
So we can build new settlements
all over the country.
So we can make sure no one else feels
what you're feeling right now.
I can clear it.

Those walkers are gonna kill you.
- Mo
- Let's go.
Please, don't do this!
I want to spend whatever
time I have left with you.
My sweet girl.
It is accepting how things are.
When I think about
saying goodbye to Karen,
I think about the things
we were looking for
when we wanted to cast Grace.
She has to be an actor
who has kind of this
warmth beneath the surface,
and ultimately, Karen
has that in spades.
I mean, it's impossible
to kind of meet Karen,
to be in a room with her
and not feel that warmth.
And that's always the hardest part
in saying goodbye to these characters,
is saying, like, "Oh, man,
I'm not going to get to
kind of work with
them on a daily basis".
It's very painful to say
goodbye to Karen and to Grace.
When we lose characters on this show,
we want it to leave an emotional ripple.
And it's impossible not to feel
devastated to see Grace die.
And we're gonna miss her.
And I'm very grateful to Karen
for being part of the journey.

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