Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e06 Episode Script

All I See Is Red

MAN: There's a cure
that will change everything.
You are a monster.
My brother and I are
protecting these kids.
MADISON: Those kids are never
gonna follow me,
not after everything I've done.
I'm not the leader you need.
But I think I know who might be.
WOMAN: The whole reason
is to prevent anyone else
from feeling that kind of pain.
There are thousands of carrion
in that shipyard.
Carrion we put there
to protect what's inside.
- I can clear it.
- Mo, don't do this.
Make sure he can't get out.
MORGAN: Her name is Grace.
No! Please!
- Please!
I can't!
- Easy!
- Madison!
- Easy there.
Huh? What happened?
I heard about Grace.
I came to see if you were okay.
When I got here, you were killing them.

Why am I on the ground?
'Cause you swung your axe at me, Morgan.
I had to knock you out.
No, that that didn't happen.
- It did.
- Then why don't I remember?!
I don't know.
It's not your fault.
You weren't you.
How could you be?
- God. Mo!
- She's not here, Morgan.
No, she's running! Just like I was!
- Running where?
- The shipyard!
I gotta stop her!
- My axe! Where is it?
- Slow down.
Where is my axe?!
Had to make sure you wouldn't hurt me.
What's going on, Morgan?
Mo thinks she can clear
those containers by herself.
She's gonna die if we don't help her.
I'm not talking about that.
Then what are you talking about?

Oh, my God.
MADISON: Did you write that?
You need to get away from me.
- What's "clear"?
- You need to go. Now.
What's it mean?
It means it's happening again,
like it did before.
- What's happening?
- Losing!

Just like I lost Jenny.
- Losing Mo.
- You haven't lost her, Morgan.
No, but I will.
Like I did Duane.
You don't know that.
I thought I was past this.
I thought when I put them
to rest that I was past this.
Past what?
It's like I see red.
It's all I see, and all I do is kill.
Again and again.
Until I've cleared.
Cleared who?
Walkers, people
I don't see no difference.
All I see is red,
so you are not safe with me.
I don't believe that.
That's 'cause you weren't there.
You're not seeing how many I killed.
And it's like a it's like a-a cycle,
and it's starting all over again.
Then we're gonna break it.
I swung my axe at you!
I swung it, and I don't even remember!

Who knows what else I might do.

I'm not leaving you, Morgan.

Because I know what the thought
of losing my kids did to me.
When we first met, I'd lost myself, too.
But you helped bring me back.
Whatever happened to you before,
it's not gonna happen again.
How do you know?
Because I'm here.
Whatever happens now,
I'll be next to you.
I'll make sure you don't lose yourself.

We gotta come back here.
Gotta bury Grace right.

I can't lose Mo, Madison.

I don't think I could survive that.
Then let's not lose her.



What the hell happened here?
MORGAN: There were
more walkers than this.
Where's Mo?
Mo? Mo?

Oh, my God, no.



It It happened again.
I tried to stop you.

They helped.

MORGAN: I lost time. I don't remember.
It's okay.

Did I hurt you?
I managed to stay out of your way.

And was
- Was that her?
- No.
Prefects were here, but no one got hurt.
How do you know? How?
How do you know?!
DANIEL: We've got June monitoring
PADRE from the Repeater Station.
Mo and the prefects opened the gates.
The dead overwhelmed them
and pushed everybody
back toward the water.
And where are they now?
Mo led the herd into the marshes.
She's probably trying to slow them down
so that she can get ahead of them.
Ahead of them where?
The island?
The island's been evacuated.
Shrike thinks that the currents
will wash the walkers ashore at PADRE.
Shrike loaded containers
onto a cargo ship.
She's meeting the prefects
on the other side of the swamp.
Mo, can you hear me?
Baby, I need you to listen to me
because I want to tell you
something that a friend once told me.
He said you can hide, but you can't run.
He wanted me to know
that hurt will follow you.
It follows you wherever you go.
And he was right.
Only thing I know
that will ease it is
the people you still have left.
It's the same people
you're running from, Mo.
Just don't do what I did.
Don't run.
We gotta move.
Whoa. Where you going?
They make it to that ship,
Shrike's gonna send them all out
to establish settlements
all over the country, and I will
I will never see my kid again.
There are thousands of walkers
between you and her.
- Okay.
- MADISON: No, no.
Let me Let me go instead.
I wasn't able to stop you back there
without help from a lot of people.
You go in there,
you could hurt one of us
worse, you could hurt Mo.
I can't ask you to go in there for me.
You're not.
Mo ended up at PADRE because of me.
Let me try to make this right.
He's not the only one
with children in there.
We all go.
Daniel do you copy?
Go for Daniel.
We're picking up chatter
from the prefects in the swamp.
- And?
- They're getting bogged down.
It sounds like they're surrounded
by walkers on a couple sides.
- Oh, God.
- No, no, no.
Just easy, easy, easy.
Take a deep breath.
- Mo's taking them to a houseboat.
- A houseboat?
Okay, uh, copy that, June. Over and out.
You know that houseboat nearly
sank the last time we were in it.
- Yeah, we're gonna get to it before it does.
- I don't think you will.
Yes, we will. I promise you that.
Do you know where it is?
Do you remember?
- We'll find it.
- You'll show us on a map.
No. It's deep in the swamp.
It is overgrown.
You could be standing
10 feet away from it
- 10 feet and you won't even know it's right there.
- Okay.
Then it looks like you're gonna
have to be the tour guide.
I can't. You said I can't.
DANIEL: We stopped you once
at the containers.
We can do it again.



SHRIKE: Did you find them?
We have to be ready as soon
as the prefects get here.
We scrubbed every container.
Every single file he left in his office.
They're not on the ship.
- They have to be.
- They're not there, Sam.
It's Shrike. Shrike!
He was planning for the expansion.
- That's what he was headed off to do when he died.
- Yeah. I know.
They must be somewhere
we haven't looked.

There it is.


PADRE 1, was that you?
We need you to double back.
No, we're almost to the houseboat.
The coordinates we need
to launch the expansion
are inside this swamp.
We've looked everywhere else.
It's the only place left they could be.
Where are they?
On one of the Carrion.
Which one?

Is this about the coordinates
or because he's your father?
It's about the coordinates.
It's what it's always been about.
Why can't we just pick
our own coordinates?
These locations were developed
after years of study
by the U.S. military.
They provide the right geographical,
meteorological, and
topographical conditions
to ensure the communities
we seed survive.
We don't find them, we might as
well be throwing darts at a map.
There are thousands of Carrion here.
Only one has a pair
of binoculars around his neck.
The coordinates are hidden inside.
They have to be.
How are we supposed to track him down?
That flare will draw him to you.
Then you'll do what you trained for.
Kill as many as you can
until you find him.

Spread out!

Mo, don't you listen to her.
You get to the houseboat,
and you keep yourself safe
until I get there.
SHRIKE [OVER WALKIE]: You do that, Wren,
and everything we've
fought for will be dead.
She will get you killed, Mo.
- Listen to me.
- No, you will.
That's why I locked you
in that train car.
I'm doing this to spare
her life, like yours.
- Walk away, Nightingale.
- I'm not gonna walk away.
I'm not gonna lose my kid like this.
You already have.
Don't come after me.
Don't make this harder
than it already is.
Please, Mo.
We can do this.
If we find him, we get the
coordinates before Shrike does.
She can't take on those walkers,
even with those prefects.
She doesn't have to.
We fight our way towards her.
- I need my axe.
- No, you said
I know what I said! I need my axe!
It's happening again!


Oh, my God.
Oh, God. What have I done?

PADRE 1. Any sign of Krennick?
MO [OVER WALKIE]: There's too many.
We're going to split up
to cover more ground.
Mo, if you can hear me,
I need you to listen to me.
What happened back at the house
what you saw that I put on
the walls, it's happening again.
I don't know what I've done,
or or what I might do
So I need you to promise me something.
Forget what I just told you.
If I come anywhere close to you
baby, run.

How's he doing?
Just trying to keep
his temperature down.
- Where you going?
- Shrike's going to the swamp.
I'm gonna make sure
she doesn't come outta there.
Killing her won't save Finch.
Maybe not, but it'll stop her
from doing to other kids
what she's done to mine.
Let me do it.
No, Finch needs you.
There's, uh
There's not much I can do for him now.
I wasn't there at the end
for my daughter.
- I should've been.
He needs you.

So does Sherry.
Please. Just let me do this.




Dad! What's wrong with you?
Dad! Can you see me?!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You started killing the Carrion,
and then it was like you thought
I was one of them
It's okay. I know.
I know.


It's okay.
Daniel, Madison, do you copy?
I'm losing blood.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Morgan, I'm here.
I need you to come and help M-Mo.
We're at the houseboat.
I'll try, Morgan, but I don't know
if I can find it without you.

I need you to turn around and walk away.
Look at me. Mo, look at me.
Turn around and walk away.

Oh, God!
You passed out.
This was the only place
I could bring you.
Mo, you can't be in here!
It's the safest place.
You gotta cut me loose.
I'll kill as many as I can.
No, not after you tried to attack me.
How the hell'd you get me in here?
You would've been torn apart out there.
You need to get as far away
from me as you can.
That's what I was trying to do.
Why wouldn't you just let me go?
Why couldn't you do that?
And now we're trapped in here,
just like before.
Because of you.
I was trying to run away from you!
Then why didn't you? Why didn't you go?!
Because I didn't want to watch
you die like I had to watch her.
And now we're both gonna die.
We are not gonna die.
We're gonna break the cycle.
What cycle?
There's no way out of here.
If we call Shrike for help,
she'll kill you.
We're not calling Shrike.
What are you doing?
Madison, if you're there, look up.
That was me.
I see it, Morgan.

You're on your way?
I am.
And Daniel?
I don't know.
Is Mo okay?
Water's flooding in.
I'm on my way!
SHRIKE: No, you're not.
I just need to get to that houseboat.
So do I.
Then let's help each other.
None of us want Mo to die.
When we first found you, I told you
I had to make sure you were
willing to do what it took.
I thought you were,
but I should've just killed you.

The next one goes in your head.
By the way, meet the parents
of the children you stole.
I can assure you that's not
the way they see it.
DOVE: It doesn't matter how they see it.
HAWK: None of us are going
back with you.
- Drop your weapons.
- Why?
You're not gonna shoot us.
And that's why you're going to lose.
You're stuck trying to live a life
that's been dead for a long time.

Madison, get in the boat.
How are you gonna hold them off?
I was in the same situation
they're in when I was young.
I'm gonna try to get through to them.



Mo, give me my axe!

Come on! I can help you!
I've got it!

You can't do this all on your own.
I'd rather fight them than you!

Madison, where are you?

Morgan, I'm coming as fast as I can.
I'm not sure it'll be enough.
It has to be. Mo needs you!
And I need oxygen.
I told you I'd stay
by your side, Morgan.
I told you I'd help you save Mo.
You wouldn't let me.
Maybe you still can.
What are you talking about?
She just said she wouldn't be
able to make it in time.
She doesn't have to.
Her tank from before. Here it is.
You're gonna make it outta here, Mo.
There's too many Carrion.
You're gonna swim right under them.
Here. Put it on.
- No.
- Mo, put it on.
I'm not gonna leave you here to die.
I'll find a way out. Come on.
I'm not gonna make
the same mistake I did before.
What mistake?
Seven years ago, it was just like this.
Surrounded by walkers, the boat sinking.
You were just a baby,
and I thought it was all over.
I lost myself, Mo. I
I saw red, and when I came to,
my hands were covered in blood,
and I was standing over you.
And then I called PADRE because
I knew I couldn't protect you
and I couldn't break the cycle.
But I'm gonna break it now.
So put this on and swim.
And if you swim low enough,
you can go under them.
Keep swimming until you get
clear of this place.

Hey, Mo's gonna be okay.
I, uh I gave her your scuba tank,
and she's swimming out
to someplace safe.
MADISON [OVER WALKIE]: What about you?
Just find her and make sure
she doesn't get on that ship.
Wren is coming with us.
We're gonna find those coordinates,
and you'll never see her again.
- I don't think so.
- And why is that?
That walker you were looking for,
with binoculars?
He's right here in front of me.
You're lying.
Those coordinates you want?
I'm gonna bury them
at the bottom of this swamp.
You're never gonna find them.
Or him.




W-What happened?
What happened?!
MADISON: The houseboat went under.
I had to pull you out of the water.
Where's Mo?
- Where is she?
- I told you to find her!
I wasn't gonna leave you to drown.
I would have found my own way out!
Didn't look that way to me.

I gotta stop her!
- Listen
- You need to get out of my way.
No, you're gonna get yourself killed.
I can't lose her!

You're not gonna.
Just just get out of my way.
PADRE when they first
had their hooks in me,
my kids were the only thing
that kept me going.
Alicia, even when
she thought I was dead,
she she kept me with her.
- You told me that yourself.
- What are you saying?
You never really lose people, Morgan.
None of us do.

That's not true.
SHRIKE: Nightingale!
Where is he?
Where is he?!

He went down with the ship.
Then you can join him.
MORGAN: [DISTANTLY] She's running!
[DISTORTED] Just like I was.




- Shoot him!
- Shrike.
I'm so sorry.

[SOBBING] I'm so sorry
MAN: Don't let this die.
It's too important.

- Shrike!
- [SOBS]

I'm sorry.

Is that them?

We gotta get back
to the rest of the kids.
[GASPING] I'm sorry.
He was always with her.

Guns up!

Get down.
Don't look at me.
What's going on?
They tried stopping us
from finding the Carrion.
They didn't have what it took.
You know what comes next.

Come on.
This is what you trained for.
This is what you trained for.
Shoot them.

You were just given an order!
- They won't do it.
- You don't know anything.
Making a child kill for the first time
is harder than you think.
You're wrong.
You all heard Crane.
Pull the trigger.
Don't listen to them.

When I was young, I was
in the exact same position
you're in right now.
I wish someone would have
stopped me then.
You do this, it will haunt you
for the rest of your life.
You will never be able
to back away from it.
This ends now.
Guns up.

Pull the trigger!

Pull the trigger!

Pull the trigger.


Hey, look at me, look at me.
What's your name?
- [SHAKILY] Hawk.
- What's your name?!
- Hawk.
- Pull the trigger!
- Now!
- Hold your fire!

What are you doing here?
Don't speak to him.
He tried to kill you.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I'm not here to hurt anybody.
- Yeah, bullshit.
- MADISON: It's true.
We're not here to hurt you.
Those coordinates you wanted?
We've got them.
What do you want for them?
We're gonna give them to you.
You're lying.
- This is a trick.
- It's not a trick.
- You can have them.
- Morgan
If that's what it takes to end
all this, you can have them.
'Cause I'm letting you go, baby.

- You are?
- If that's what you want.
If it's what you think you need,
I'm not gonna stand in your way.
Don't listen to him.
But you said you didn't want to lose me.
I don't.
I really don't.
He's messing with your head.
He's messing with all of your heads!
Only head that's been
messed with is mine.

And for the longest time
since I lost my wife and my son,
I lost myself.
And then, when your mom died,
it started all over again.
But I think I can finally
break free of that cycle.
I think this will do it.
- How?
- Ignore him, Wren.
It was Madison that led me to it.
Told me that you never
really lose people.
Not the people who matter.
Okay. Enough!
MADISON: I saw it
with your sister, Crane.
She was gonna kill us, and she didn't.
- She couldn't.
- That's a lie.
She saw your father
coming out of the marsh.
And when she saw him, she
remembered what he stood for.
She doesn't know anything.
- What he died for.
- You don't know him.
What he wanted PADRE to be.

And that part of him is still alive.
Your sister saw it.
She remembered it.
'Cause the people who are closest to us,
they become a part of us.
So, go get on the ship.
- All of you, get on the ship
- No.
See where the coordinates lead you.
You hold your ground!
Just remember the people
you leave behind.
'Cause those people
are gonna remember you.
And you night not realize
today or tomorrow
how important that is,
but the day will come.

It will, Mo.

I don't want to just remember you.
I want to be with you.
Come here.

No! No!
No one's going to hear you.
H-How did you find me?
Morgan and Madison told me
where to find you.
I brought you here.
The The treatment.
There's still time.
Y-You you could give me
a higher dose of radiation.
It's not up to me.
Dwight, Sherry, what do you
want me to do with her?
Do you copy?
Don't make her feel this.
No one should feel this.

Make it quick, painless.


That's more than you deserve.


Don't shoot, please. Please.
I heard she was here.
I just want to see her.


Either you do it, or I will.


I'll do it.
I'll do it.

After you bury her, you should
look for another place to live.

[SOBBING] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

So, I wanted to thank you.
For helping me to find my daughter.
And for helping me to find myself again.
You're welcome.
There is something else.
Whatever comes next for you,
or those kids
I don't think you need me
to get it done, Madison.
- Morgan
- No, everything that's happened with Grace,
with Mo, it's
it's got me thinking about the people
I ran away from when
I first came to Texas.
And they're people that mean
as much to me as you all do.
I gotta find them.
I gotta see if they're still there.
Right my mistake and
make sure they're all okay.
I understand.
You know I wouldn't be
doing this if I didn't believe
I was leaving them in safe hands.
I'm not so sure they'll agree.
Don't think they'll ever
see me as anything
except the woman who took
their kids away from them.
They will, 'cause you'll
give them good reason to.
I truly believe that.
He's right, Madison.
You gave me a reason to believe.
I found this in the inventory,
back on the island.
Thought you should have it back.
Thank you.
Thank you, Madison.
Thank you.

I hope to see you again.

Both of you.

We will always be with you.

Finch was the name PADRE gave him.
Yeah, but he made it his own.
No one can take that from him.
What are we supposed to do now?
I don't know.
But, uh
I think this has got to be
the end of it.
Of what?
Of us. I mean, I-I don't know.
No matter where we go, what we do,
it just stays the same.
It never stops.
Never stops.
Just seems to get worse.
You know, maybe it's not
because of assholes
like Negan or Shrike, you know?

Maybe we're just not meant
to be together.

Where would you go?
Back home.
You know? Start over.

I think.


I don't want you to hurt anymore, D.
I don't want to hurt you,
either, but us together,
it just
seems like what we do to each other.

Then let's put an end to it.
I'm sorry.
Come here.

So, Nightingale
He's gone?
His name's Morgan.
And, yes, he is.
Mo, too.
And what now?
Are we getting on that ship?
We have We have the coordinates.
Supplies, fuel.
We do.
But I had a different idea.
There are files back on the island.
Files that tell us
where you came from
and who your parents are.

Some of them could still be out there.
We're gonna find them.
We're gonna bring them here.
And we're gonna make PADRE
what it was meant to be
in the first place.

You know what?
I got you something.
Found this for you.
Thanks, Dad.
You could practice.
You know, go through your forms?
I'll be right over.
Have you seen how much this has changed
since you first gave it to me here?
I suppose you'd say I have, too.
You made that all possible.
With all that you did
and all that you taught me.
There's something
I've realized just lately.
That all life is precious,
but that is not about
killing or not killing.
It's about
what you do with the time that you have.
And the the people
that you have, you know?
Need you to look after Grace for me.
Remember, every swing has a reason.
It's either a strike or a block.
Show me.
Come on. We need to get going.
The, um
Remember that friend I mentioned,
the one who told me not to run?
Thought we'd go look for him.
You really think we can find him?
You know, it wouldn't be the first time
we found our way back to each other.
This message is for Rick Grimes.
It's Morgan Jones.
Man, I'm gonna come and look for you,
whether you're at Alexandria or not.
I will leave this message
every morning at dawn,
and I'll leave the walkie on
for a few minutes after.
Who knows?
Maybe you might even be listening.

Let's go, baby.

I repeat. My name is Madison Clark.
If you can hear this message,
you are in the territory
PADRE once patrolled,
PADRE has fallen.
They are no longer a threat
to you or your children.
If you lost a child
come to the following
coordinates and send an SOS
on this channel.
31 degrees, 51 minutes north.
81 degrees, 10 minutes west.
We will find you.
We will do our best to reunite
you with your children.
We'll make up for all
the damage PADRE did to you.

I repeat. My name is Madison Clark.
If you can hear this message,
you are in a territory
PADRE once patrolled.
PADRE has fallen.
They are no longer a threat
to you or your children.
If you lost a child,
if you think they might have been taken,
come to the following coordinates

- [GRUNTS] Madison!
- Easy! Easy there!
- What happened?
- I heard about Grace.
I came to see if you were okay.
When I got here, you were killing them.
Well, the title
of the mid-season finale is
"All I See Is Red",
and that applies to Morgan's
mindset throughout this episode.
You swung your ax at me, Morgan.
- I had to knock you out.
- No, that
- that didn't happen!
- It did!
Then why don't I remember?!
It's not your fault. You weren't you.
We've heard him talk about
what "Seeing Red" was like
when he was in his clear days.
But it was really important
to us to actually see
what that looks like from
inside of Morgan's mind.
Her name
What we really wanted to do
was give the sense
that Morgan was completely
out of control,
that he lost sense of time,
of place, of who he was with.
And we do that through what in
script we we called "red jumps".
And it was essentially kind of
what Morgan experiences
when he succumbs to the violence.
And it was really creating
that sense of a man
being out of control that
we want to try to capture.
I tried to stop you.
They helped.
It was not an easy thing to
achieve on the production side
because there were a lot
of technical challenges
that came along with it.
But ultimately we are really excited
about the way it turned out
and think it kind of gave us
a unique perspective into Morgan's mind,
and that's really just a testament
to our production crew,
to our stunt coordinators
and the way they designed everything,
and ultimately to Lennie
to be able to kind of match action
on both sides of those cuts.
God, what have I done?
Where's Mo? Where is she?!
I told you to find her!
I wasn't going to leave you to drown.
I got to stop 'em!
You're gonna get yourself killed.
I can't lose her!
When they first had their hooks in me,
my kids were the only thing
that kept me going.
Alicia, even when she thought
I was dead, she
- She kept me with her.
- What are you saying?
You never really lose people, Morgan.
None of us do.
It is such a seismic moment
for him to realize
that you don't have to lose
yourself when you lose people,
that they become part of you
no matter what.
And then when they have
that beautiful moment
together in the swamp where
he's prepared to let Mo go
because he knows that deep down
he's never going to really lose her.
What are you doing here?
Not here to hurt you
because I'm letting you go, baby.
- You are.
- If that's what you want.
If it's what you think you need,
I'm not going to stand in your way.
I don't want to just remember you.
- I want to be with you.
- Come here.
Shrike is caught off guard
when she sees the walker
version of her father.
I'm so sorry!
Shrike is someone
who has spent, you know,
the entirety of the apocalypse
trying to forget her father,
trying to pretend like that pain
is not still with her.
Actually can't shake the love
she had for her father,
the connection she felt for him.
So I wanted to thank you
for helping me to find my daughter,
and for helping me to find myself again.
We knew it was coming this season,
and as we wrote it, we
we knew it was happening.
Then, like, the day comes
and you're like,
No, this can't be happening.
Lennie has been such a fixture
of "Fear The Walking Dead"
that it's really hard to imagine
making this show without him.
So there was always the hope,
at least in my heart,
- that we may see him again.
- Hey.
Come on. We need to get going.
I'm a bit in denial that
Lennie's gone, to be honest,
because he's been such a
such a vital part
of the journey for me and Andrew.
And he is as talented as he is kind.
And we know he's going to go on
to do other wonderful things,
but we'll be forever grateful
to Lennie for
for his time with us here on "Fear".
This message is for Rick Grimes.
It's Morgan Jones.
Man, I'm going to come and look for you,
whether you're at Alexandria or not.

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