Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e07 Episode Script


Who else is on that island? Victor?
Nobody knows where he is now.
You're the best and only shot to get
their children back from Padre.
There are files that tell us
where you came from
and who your parents are.
We're going to find them,
and we're going to make Padre
what it was meant to be
in the first place.
I repeat, my name is Madison Clark.
Come to the following coordinates.
Padre has fallen.






I'm sorry?
English, Klaus.
What my son is trying to ask you
is if you needed help.
I think it's infected, but, um,
I've been looking all over
for antibiotics, but
Well, you've come to the right place.
ELDERLY MAN: What exactly is it?

An oasis for the dispossessed,
the desperate, the weary.
What exactly does that mean?

We help people.
Ah, guten tag.
ELDERLY MAN: Why is everyone
speaking German?
FRANK: We were tourists
visiting this place
when the world changed.
The bus outside was our tour bus.
We never made it home,
so we decided to build one here.
We got a second chance.
This place is about making sure
other people get one, too.
Everyone deserves a second chance.


STRAND: How you doing? You doing good?
- Have you eaten?
- No, I haven't.
Well, come on, then.

STRAND: There you go.
How's the arm?
The infection's starting to clear.
Oh, good.
Eat up.
The schnitzel will do wonders
for your strength.
Eat up. It's homemade.

No, it can't be
H-His name is Anton.

Say something, Victor.
What are you doing here?

And why was he calling you Anton?
And why are you speaking German?
Victor, answer me.

I thought I lost you.

What's going on, Victor?
FRANK: Anton?


Is everything okay, Anton?
MADISON: His name's not Anton.
It's Victor Strand.

Tell them.

My name is Anton.
I've never heard of Victor Strand.
You must be mistaken.
He's not telling the truth
about who he is.
So you don't know this woman?

I've never seen her before in my life.
[WHEEZING] What are you talking about?
Anton! Anton!

Madison, are you there?
Madison, do you copy?
Who were those people ?
I'm trying to track them down.
Tell me where you are so I can
get to you before they do.
Is Madison blonde, about 5'6",
leather jacket?
And who am I talking to?
Someone who wants to help her.
If you want to help me,
give me your location.
- Anton.


Ah. You're awake.
You mind cutting me loose?
My dad said it's not safe.
What do you think?
So, uh, why do you think
my dad's this Victor Strand guy?
Because he is.
I know my dad. He wouldn't lie.
You don't know Victor.
Why would he pretend
to be somebody he's not?
Actually, I don't know.
But it's really pissing me off.
Who's Nick and Alicia?
They were my kids.
Mm. Were?
I'm sorry.
They rescued a bird once too
when they were about your age,
maybe a little younger.
They, uh, get confused
and fly into the hotel windows
And you always help them?
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Who taught you that?
My dad.
Where's your mother?
She and Papa split up when I was little.
He, uh, he brought me here on a holiday
just before the world changed.
those are as close as I got
to seeing beyond this hotel.
We, uh, we got stuck here.
And we've been here ever since.
I never saw Mama again.
I'm sure she'd be so proud of you.
You seem cool too.
I don't think everyone agrees with you.
The people who attacked you?
We listened to your walkie.
Is that why you came here?
- Yeah.
- Why are they after you?
Honestly, I'm not sure.
They hit us out of nowhere,
stole our boats.
You must've done something to them.
STRAND: Klaus.

I have to hand it to you, Victor.
Really made something here, you know,
even if it is all a lie.
He's not lying.
Here's the thing I don't get.
Why like this?
Why are you hiding?
What's going on?

How can we be of service?
We're looking for a woman.
We heard she's hiding out in the area.
Well, that doesn't narrow it down.
Her name's Madison.

What do you want with her?
That's our business.

I'm afraid we can't help.
You have children in there?
Well, this woman,
she used to be
one of PADRE's top collectors.
She's been broadcasting
how she's trying to rebuild it.
That seems like a good thing.
[CHUCKLES] Seems ain't is.
This particular leopard
don't change her spots.
How would you know?
The people I'm with,
the head of this little outfit?
He knows her for who she really is.
you are, I know you're listening.
I know this is the channel
you were moni
I'm sorry, but like I told you
before, she isn't here.

I think she is.
Which means there are
two ways this can go.
And what are those?

One, you let us in, hand
her over, we walk away.
And the other?
The voice you heard
on the radio, he's not alone.
And from our limited dealings with him,
he seemed pretty determined.
We'll fight him if we have to
to get to her.

Now, if that's a fight
you want on your doorstep

She's here.
Anton, what the hell?
Anton. Anton.


- Where the hell is she?
- FRANK: She's gone.
They both are.
She took him.
I told you she seemed dangerous.
We need to move. If she
gets him back to PADRE
you'll never see your son again.

That's not where they're going.
This is.
She tore the map off before she left.
FRANK: Why would she take him there?
Only one way to find out.

We came in on two of these.
She must've taken the other one.
They can't be that far ahead of us.
Let's move.
Your weapons.
Just to be safe.
Safe for who?
We'll give them back to you once
we get to where we're going.

DANIEL [OVER WALKIE]: Hello, Madison.
Madison, are you there?
Listen, old man, that place you've got?
You're gonna be better off without her.
Hurting her would be a grave mistake.
What happens to her ain't up to me.
Things will go a lot better
for her and for you if you back off.
It's too late for that.

Shit, he found us.
Get in the boat.

Let's go. We leave now,
we can still lose him!



Screw this.


So, are you going to say it or
are you going to make me ask?
- Why English?
- I want to hear it as you think it.
That woman, why does
she have you so upset?
She has our son, Frank.
I mean before that.
She got under your skin from
the minute she showed up.
She called me someone else.
Well? Are you?
How could you ask me that?
I know you haven't been
fully honest with me.
I've always known.
You think I don't know
what it is to live a lie?
All the years I spent living with Mia,
hiding from her who I was, from Klaus.
Whatever's going on, you can tell me.

There it is.

How did you know that was here?
I used it years ago,
before we found each other.
The years haven't been kind to it.
We're going to have to walk
the rest of the way.
I need you to go back to the hotel.
He's our son. I'm coming with you.
Please. Let me do this alone.

Hey! What are you doing?
- STRAND: Frank!
FRANK: You're hiding something.

Are you that man she talked about?
Are you Victor Strand?
Answer me!


Where the hell did that come from?
It's what I was looking for.
We should move. Now.
- Anton.
[SIGHS] There was nothing
we could've said
that would've made him stay.
She reminds him of his mother.
Klaus wasn't there for her
when the world changed.
He was here.
Maybe Madison made him feel like he had
a second chance at helping her.
You never told me what happened
after you told her your truth.
She was angry.
And confused.

In the end, the truth set us free.

I should've come clean sooner.

She forgave you?
Of course.

Just as I would you.

What are you talking about?

If you are Victor Strand.
- I'm not.
- But
if you are.

Whatever you did,
I'm sure it's forgivable.

I'm not that man.

There it is.
The library from the tour map.
They're here.
They're just like the raft in the woods.
Come on.
KLAUS: Wake up.
Wake up, wake up.
It's gonna be okay. Just stay with me.
FRANK: Klaus?
Dad! Papa!
FRANK: Klaus.

STRAND: [WHISPERING] We need to go.
What are you doing here? Where's Klaus?
I sent Klaus away with Frank.
So you can throw me to the wolves again?
The wolves are circling.
I came here to help you.
Since when?
Since I promised my son I would.
You can either come with me and live
or stay here and die.
STRAND: We need to get to the dock.
We can take their Zodiac.
- Then what?
- We can talk about that once we clear this place.
You wouldn't even protect me
at your own settlement, Victor.
My name is Anton.
You scared shitless your little family
is gonna find out who you really were?
They know who I am.
So much so that you were
ready to let me die
just to protect your secret.
I'm here, aren't I?
You gonna cut my throat with that sword?
Go back, tell your kid
those people did it?
I'm not who you think.
I don't even know who the hell
you are anymore.
Found you.
And you.
Don't do this.
Whatever she did, we can work it out.
- Whatever she did?
- Yeah.
You have no idea how far back
this goes, do you?
Why are you doing this?
I don't even know who you are.
But we know you, Madison.
Whoever you think she is,
that's not her anymore.
Believe me, I know.
Believe you? After
what you pulled on us?
You two are the same.
Both pretending to be
something you're not.
I'm not fooled by either one of you.
- Come on, let's go.
- For what?
What do you want?
We've been looking for a place
like it for a long time.
You're gonna show us where it is.
STRAND: Let's go!
RUSSELL: They're getting away!
Come on.
Over there!

The boat.
We're not gonna make it.

- Down there!
We have to go back.

The path, go, go, go!

It's not gonna hold!
- Is there a back way out?
- No.
Madison, the bookshelf!


- Now!



I'm out.
Frank, Klaus, we need your help!
Oh, shit. Oh.
I'm so sorry.
Is that you talking or Anton?
It's me, Madison.
Whatever I call myself.
Why are you pretending
to be someone else?
Because I had to.
Because I had to leave
that person behind.
What did you do, Victor?
I did what I had to do to build
a thriving tower,
a place people could be safe.
I was ruthless. Even to Alicia.
I betrayed her, Madison.
And when the tower fell,
we all washed up
on these shores, and we got separated.
Some were taken to PADRE.
Others were were struggling
to survive out here.
I tried to help them,
but they wouldn't let me.
They couldn't forgive me.
I tried to help them find food.
To make amends.
When I came back
they were dead, just like them.
I hated being Victor Strand.
So I killed him.
As far as I was concerned,
he died with everyone else that day.
What did you become?
Who are you?

The last time I saw Alicia
she told me that she loved me.
I didn't think anyone could.
I met Frank and Klaus,
and they changed everything.
I could be the person that
Alicia thought I could be.
But I could only do it as someone else.
As Anton.
I understand.
Klaus is a good kid.

I'd say you did alright.

Thank you.
Alicia had the chance to let me die.
And after everything I did,
I deserved it.
But she didn't.
Why didn't she?
Because her mother taught her
that no one is gone until they're gone.

That everyone deserves a second chance.
No matter what.

We're not so different, Victor.
PADRE, the people that were running it,
we got rid of them.
I promised those kids.

Kids that I took there
when I was a Collector,
I promised them I'd help them
find their parents.
I started sending out messages
on long range,
from the repeater station, just
just trying to get them
as far as I could,
just hoping that some
parents would hear me.
- Did they?
- Some.
Some, but they weren't
the only ones listening.

Those people heard my broadcast,
drew them right to me.
And now I've put everyone else
in danger because of it.
You were just trying to help.
That place, what I promised
those kids
that's all I have left, Victor.



You need to get back here.
Don't worry. We'll take you to them.

RUSSELL: [DISTANTLY] Welcome back.
What is this?
Klaus, Frank.
- Dad!
- What?
I told you to hand her over.
This could all have been avoided.
If you hurt them
It's like I said before.
It's not up to me.
Then who's it up to?
I'll let him tell you.

MAN: Hey there, Madison.

Been a while.
Yeah, see, I'm as surprised as you are.
I mean, I knew I'd find you
when I heard your radio
broadcast, but, uh
I didn't think you'd still be keeping
the same company from Mexico.
FRANK: You're making a mistake.
He's not who you think.

That's not Victor Strand?
His name is Anton.
You're confused.
My eyesight's not what it once was,
I'll give you that, my friend,
but, uh
I think you're the one that's confused.

About him
and certainly about her.

These are the people
that took her in, right?

Good. You know what?
I'm gonna tell you the truth
about who she is.
In fact, you know what?
Even better.
Let me, uh Let me show you.

See that?
I know it's not very pretty to look at.
Can happen, though.
Take a bad hit to the head
from, say, uh, a hammer.

Which is what she did to me

before she just left me
for dead in Mexico.
And that's after she destroyed
my family's ranch.
Can you believe that?

My brother My father

I lost them all because of her.

And he helped.

What do you want, Troy?
Oh, same thing I've wanted
since you took it from me, Madison.
Same thing I've been helping
all these good people find
since I pulled myself
out of the rubble in Mexico.
I'm just looking for a home, Madison.
You see, you took mine from me,
so I'm gonna take yours from you.
You're never gonna find it.
Yeah, I will.
Oh, yeah? How?
'Cause you're gonna tell me.

Or I'm gonna do to him
what you did to me.
Please, please, please.
Don't do it, Madison.
- Victor, Victor!
- No, no, no!
Don't tell them. Hold onto that place.
It's what Alicia would've wanted.
Please! Let him go. Don't hurt him.
Tell him what he wants to know.
I would listen to him, Madison,
because if you don't,
I'm not gonna stop with him, am I?
So, how many more people
are you prepared to hurt?
Anton, look at me.

My name is Victor Strand.

I lied to you about so much.
But what I felt for you was real.


- No.
- Alright.
Time's up, Madison.
- No.
- Aah!
Drop the hammer!
Drop it.
Do it!

STRAND: June Sherry

Drop your weapon.
I suggest you follow
your own advice, old timer.

Thank you, old friend.
We're not friends.
Hate to do to you what
I did to your daughter.

Troy Otto.

Next time, I'm gonna make sure
you really die.
You really think what you're
doing right now
is gonna stop us?

We know where this place is now.
We're just gonna keep coming back.
Yeah, you do that, Troy,
and there won't be anyone
here for you to hurt.
The place you want,
the place I'm building,
it's about to expand.
You all took me in when I needed help.
Now I'm doing the same for you.

I just told you what she did to me.
What makes you think she's not
gonna do the same to you?
I won't pretend I haven't
done things I regret.
But the place I'm building,
it's not about me.
It's about keeping
something bigger alive.
And what's that?
DANIEL: Madison, we don't know
how many people he has.
- We have to get out.
- My kids.
I'm gonna build that place into
what it should've always been,
for them, for Alicia.
Well, you can do that.
You're making a mistake.
Let's move on!
Why is that?

'Cause that's the same thinking
that got her killed
in the first place.
How the hell would you know?
'Cause I'm the one that killed her.
You're a liar!
Don't believe me?

Open it.

Don't listen to him.
Let's get outta here.

What is this?

TROY: You don't recognize it?

It belonged to Alicia.

I took it off her corpse
after I killed her.

- Aaah!
- No, Madison!
- Madison!
- You! Aah!
Don't let him get in your head.
See, I would've put her down, Madison.
After all the wandering around
I did in Mexico,
I thought it was only right
that Alicia should do the same.
You know, maybe one day you'll find her.
Or maybe she'll find you, or maybe not,
and finish the job.
You want a fight, Madison?
We'll give you that.
We'll give you a fight.

My question for you is
what are you even fighting for?

- Madison, wait.
- Someone has got to stop him.
Let me come with you.
- What's going on?
- I got it.
Doesn't look like it.
Alicia was in the herd.
MADISON: I need to put her to rest.
Then you can build PADRE
into what Alicia wanted.
STRAND: Where are you going?
To kill Troy.
TROY: Victor?
- Troy.
- We need a place to live.
Help me find PADRE.
STRAND: He's going to hit us
with everything he's got.

I'm gonna strangle him
with my bare hands!
Why do you care so much about PADRE?
Because you took everything from me.

What we see in the beginning
of this episode
is that Victor Strand has
completely reinvented himself.
You've come to the right place.
There is no trace
of the old Strand whatsoever.
He's going by a new name.
His name is Anton.
He's speaking German.
He has a new husband. He has a son.
He has this whole community
that he's built.
And Madison coming into that
story is an earthquake for him.
It's a major threat
not only to his livelihood,
but truly the life that
he's set up for himself
and his future.

It's taking him deeply back
into his past.
MADISON: What are you doing here?
DICKENS: It's almost like
her world starts to spin.
And why was he calling you Anton?
When she sees this man
that is Victor Strand,
he looks different, he's
got different clothes on,
but Madison is like,
"That's Victor Strand".
And she lets him have it.
His name's not Anton.
It's Victor Strand.
There is a shift
in this episode for Madison
to move towards trusting Victor again.
It's not gonna hold!
And I think forgiveness
comes because Madison does
seeing their similarities.
They both feel that, through each other,
they can honor Alicia.
And, of course, the moment they do that,
they realize that's gonna be
even harder than they thought
when Troy Otto resurfaces.
See that?
DICKENS: It was an incredible character.
And I always loved the dance
that Madison and Troy did,
and I look forward to more of that.
Which is what she did to me

- Roll two cameras!
- Rolling!

Being a director means you have
to wear so many different hats.
You have to have your eye
on so many different things,
so many more than you do as an actor.
And Danay just came in
and attacked it with grace,
and she was able to deliver
a fantastic episode.
You have to direct an entire world.
You get to see it from all kinds
of dimensions, and I loved that.
That was, for me, the challenge.
MAN: Roll! Steady! Rolling!
It was a beautiful experience.
I'm just looking for a home, Madison.
You see, you took mine from me,
so I'm gonna take yours from you.
- Please, please, please.
- Don't do it, Madison.
They crack Strand open in that scene,
and Strand confesses his lies.

My name is Victor Strand.

He's just laid bare.
I lied to you about so much.
But what I felt for you was real.
He has true love with Frank.
That is what I believe that they have.

And in one scene he says,
"If you are Victor Strand,
I'll forgive you".
I do think that that's
one of the greatest
expressions of love and of grace
and belief in your fellow man
that everyone can be redeemed.

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