Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e09 Episode Script


SHERRY: We played by Padre's
rules because it was
a safe place for our son.
This doesn't feel safe.
- This feels like
- Sanctuary.
When Finch wakes up,
we're going to take him
- away from this place.
- Try and be a family.
What's that got to do with me?
You're family.
My mother is dead because of you!
You can still have a family, Dove.
Even if it's not the one you thought.
How's he doing?
There's not much I can do for him now.
Maybe we're just not
meant to be together.
Where would you go?
Back home.
I'm sorry.
Go out there, and you make it right.


Don't shoot.
I thought the place was empty.
- Well, it's not.
- Do you live here?
That doesn't matter.
I'm Jay.
Okay. Jay.
You gonna walk out, or do you
want me to drag you out?
I got robbed.
What they stole, I'll die
if I don't get it back.
There's nothing that valuable anymore.
It is if you're diabetic.
What did you just say?
My insulin was in my bag.
- You're full of shit.
- I'm not.
No, there's none of that left anymore.
There was in my group.
Look. We had a guy who could make it.
He had me believing in miracles.
Until these guys came through and
they killed him.
They took everything.

What I had in that bag
is what I had to make
it through the week.
Are you messing with me?
You expect me to believe this
is some sort of coincidence?

Who told you?
Told me what?
Who told you about me?!
You said there's a week's supply left.
So what happens after that?
I don't know.
But even a week is a hell
of a lot better than being dead.
I lost everyone.
And I owe it to them
to make things right.
For however much time I got.

The guys who took your insulin.
You know where they're at?
MAN #1: Where you going?
MAN #2: Ah. I gotta take a leak.
Alright. Are you telling me
the guys that
that took your medicine
are in there?
- Good luck.
- No! Whoa.
Okay. Look.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Who told you about me?
Nobody. Why do you think that?
Because the last time I tried
to help somebody get insulin,
I ended up in there.
The factory?
Yeah. We didn't call it that, though.

What did you call it?

The Sanctuary.
My life has been shit ever
since I set foot in there.
So I don't know if it's you, you know,
or the universe that's
playing some sick joke on me,
but I'm not going in there
not for you, not for anyone.
Look. We're not that different.

My wife.
She was everything to me.

They killed her.
My son, too.
You came back, alone.
I think you lost somebody, too.
Maybe it was your wife.
Maybe it was more than her.
If you don't help me,
if we don't help each other,
what are we even doing here?


I'll meet you back at the house.
Okay. What am I looking for?

MAN: Do it! Do it, do it, do it!
NEGAN: Who are you, Dwight?
- MAN: Turn around, asshole.

What do we have there?
You took a man's medicine.
I'm just here to get it back for him.
Somebody did a number on your face.
I'm gonna walk out of here.
You'll never see me again.
You stole from us.
Now an example needs to be made,
starting with the other side
of your face.
No! No! No! No!
MAN: What the hell
do you think you're doing?
We will find you!
Jay! Where are you?! Hey!
Hey. I got it! Jay!
Oh, no.

You should have killed me
when you had the
I tried to make it right,
Daryl. I, uh
But I guess I couldn't.
You should've killed me when
you had the chance, Daryl.
You should've just killed me
when you had the chance!
Please come and do it right now! Please!
Come on!

What are you doing here?
We came here to find you.
We need you!

SHERRY: Sorry.
Ah. Shit.
You guys need to get out of here.
What happened, D?
Who did this?
That guy outside?
Then who?
It doesn't matter.
If they see you here with me,
they'll kill you.
- Oh. Stop. St
No, no. Hold still.
Okay. It's almost done.
Just do it again.
Pinch. Pierce.
Sorry. Okay.
Yeah. And then pull.
Ah. Shouldn't you be doing this?
It's better this way.
Look. I'm telling you. You need to go.
We're not leaving without you.
There's a fight coming.
Okay. What kind of fight?
One we can't win without you.
This guy Troy.
He's got a score to settle with Madison,
and he plans on settling it
by taking over PADRE.
Oh, it sounds like
Madison's fight to me.
Yeah, well she made it ours.
She's M.I.A. And she left
Strand in charge.
Victor's still alive?
A lot has happened since you left.
Dove, want to grab the wrap?
Yeah, w-what does any of this
have to do with me?
I'm I'm just a little confused here.
You trained every kid on the island.
They'll listen to you. They trust you.
There's nothing that
I could say or or do
that you couldn't do better.
And what You.
Why Why are you here?
PADRE is the only home I've ever known.
Without it
I don't
I got nothing.
Okay. Alright. Look. Thank you.
Look. I cannot help save those kids.
Okay? I-I couldn't even save my own son.
That's not your fault.
No, it doesn't matter whose fault it is.
Every time I try and
make something right,
someone gets hurt.
- That's not true.
- No, it is true.
The guy outside, he needed insulin.
- What?
- Yes.
Just like your sister.
He asked me for help,
and I couldn't get him
his insulin in time, and he died.
So look.
The best thing that
you guys can do for PADRE
and for those kids
is to leave me here alone.
Do you think I wanted to come here?
I-I I don't know. Why did you?
You could have given June directions.
No, no. I didn't come here for you.
- Oh. Who'd you come here for?
- Our son!
Finch is gone. [SCOFFS]
But PADRE isn't.
That place is the reason he's dead.
Why do you want to fight for that?
Because Because, D!
Maybe something good could
come from something bad.
It can't! Okay?!
We have to try!
Because Finch's life
needs to mean something!
And helping these kids,
helping make PADRE
into something better
that is how we honor him!
No, I can't go back there.
I'll honor him my own way.

What do you think Finch
would say if he knew
his father walked away from kids
who needed protection?
It's not because
I don't care about them.
It's because I do.

JUNE: Hey. It's fine.

Dove. Can you hear me?
Ah. What's wrong?
Dove's missing.
Has been since we woke up.
Dove, where are you?
Dove, please tell us where you are.
It's her. She looks hurt. Shit.
Oh, my God!
- What happened?
- Let me see.
[WEAKLY] No, I don't need your help.
There's no exit wound. We got to
get this bullet out right away.
Who did this?
Some assholes tried to steal the truck.
Said they were looking
for someone that burned their friend.
Okay. We got to get her inside now.
SHERRY: Alright. Let's get her
back in the house.
- Your medical kit?
- JUNE: It's not enough.
I need anesthetic.
We need surgical tools.
We have to get the bullet out
and get it all cleaned up
before she goes into septic shock.
I can't do this on my own, Dwight.
We need to get her help now!
Is there anywhere around here?
With medical supplies. Equipment.
MARTY: I should have known
she was with you!

I'm sorry about the girl.
But after what you did to Phil,
hell, it feels like
some beautiful karma.
What the hell is he talking about, D?
You. You're the one
that burned their friend?
She doesn't look so hot.
Maybe we could help.
- Doubt that.
Come on. You haven't even heard me out.
You know
we have some top-notch medical
supplies back at our place.
Hell, of course, you know that.
You were there.
The Sanctuary.
Tick-tock. What's it gonna be?
These medical supplies.
What do you want in exchange?
You know, Phil
he's right where your friend left him,
and he deserves the satisfaction
of finishing what he started.
And I intend to give it to him.
So you hand yourself over
we'll make sure
the girl gets patched up.

Nice try, asshole.

She needs those supplies.
And she's gonna get them.
We're going to the Sanctuary. Now.
No, if that psycho finds
us there, he'll kill us.
It's 20 miles from here.
They're on foot.
We'll be in and out before
they even know we're there.
DWIGHT: This is happening
all over again.
Us, a kid who needs surgery.
I mean, it never ends.
What choice do we have?
She's right, D.
We have to go now.


DWIGHT: [HUSHED] Careful. Some
of those guys could be here.


MAN: Put down your weapons!
Shit. I'm out.
Can't hide forever!
We need to move.

DWIGHT: The rest of the place is clear.
But we got to hurry up.
W-We probably have an hour
before they get here.
Yeah. We need to get started.
Um, put a load of 100 milligrams
of the lidocaine
into that syringe.
Best we can do for her
is subcutaneous anesthetic
injections around the wound.
Sherry, you okay?
- Sherry.
- Oh.
Okay? 100 milligrams into that syringe.
Dwight, grab the rubbing alcohol
and clean the wound, okay?
Okay. Alright, alright!
That'll do. Alright. Take the forceps.
Alright. You're gonna do
20 milligrams into the tissue
all around there, okay?
Deeper, the better.
June, you should be doing this.
I already told you, I can't.
It's not the train car.
It's more than that.
Alright. As soon as she's numb,
you can start the extraction.
H-Him? No. No. No, no.
I-I don't want him
- I don't want him to remove it.
- Shh.
- No, he's not gonna remove it.
- It's gonna be okay.
- No, no! He couldn't even save his own son!
- Dove. Stop.
No. No. I'm not letting him
do the same to me!
- No! No! No!
- JUNE: Shh.
- It's okay.
What is that?

DWIGHT: The gunfire
must have drawn them.
Perimeter fence is broken.
T-They're piling in.

- Ohh
- This isn't gonna work.
- Why not?
- The bullet's too close to one of her arteries.
One false move, a slip of the hand,
we could do more damage taking
it out than it did going in.
- We have to get them away from the wall.
- Yeah.
This place is hanging on by a thread.
I'll go.
- Well, I'm coming with.
- No! No, no, no.
You stay with June, and I'll
hold them off as long as I can.

Hey. I know what you're doing.
It's still there right where I left it.
No, I know why you want
to go fight those walkers alone.
Why is that?
Because you don't plan
on surviving, right?
Maybe Dove was right.
I mean, she's here
because of me. You all are.
That is defeatist bullshit.
Yeah, it is what it is, honey.
Hey. D!
- D.
- Yeah.
It doesn't have to be.
That guy that I tried to help,
he lost more than just insulin.
Okay? He had a wife. He had a kid.
Looks like he was
just about Finch's age.
Alright? I-I tried to help,
and it just landed us right back
here in this hellhole, okay?
And you can say
whatever you want to say,
but this is not a coincidence, okay?
And it's not some defeatist
mentality or whatever.
Alright. Then tell me what it is.
I drew that when
we were both living here.
I put them all over the place.
Places where Negan couldn't find them.
It was me and you.
Kept me going.
It made me feel like we could
turn something bad into something good.
- D, it can.
- No, we can't!
Alright? Not with us!
And I'm so tired of
making people suffer for it!
So you're just gonna go kill yourself?
I'm gonna clear the walkers.
And And maybe if I clear
them, maybe that'll save Dove.
Maybe that'll honor Finch.
Isn't that what you said?
You selfish asshole!

- Sherry!
- You don't get to give up like this!
DWIGHT: Sherry! Sherry! Sherry!

Why can't you just do it now?
We have to wait for
the building to be stable.
And I need I need the extra hands.
This is about your finger.
What happened on the train?
You said so yourself!
You need stay calm. Okay?
If your heart rate spikes, you could
No, no. What's the real reason,
Blue Jay?!
It's not important.
You're a nurse. Okay?
A-And I've got a bullet in me,
a bullet you won't take out.
We're going to take it out.
Every minute you wait
is a minute I could die!
You're not going to die!
Tell me why. Tell me why!
Because what happened to them
isn't going to happen to you!
Who is "them"?
And Hannah.
Rose. My daughter.
You have a kid?
Hm. She would have been
about your age now.
What happened to Rose?
Uh, she had pneumonia.
And, um, I went out
to look for medicine,
and I came back and
just was too late.
I couldn't save her.

[SOBS] Just like I couldn't save Finch.

You know, PADRE was right.
You can't protect me.
None of you can protect me!
- We can.
- No.
That's what we're going to do!
No, you can't!
It's exactly why I wanted to get away.
What are you talking about?
I didn't come here for Red Kite.
I came here to get as far away
from PADRE as I could.
I was trying to run away from you.
But you said it was the only
home you'd ever known.
But that's gone now.
Because people like you
are in charge now.
People who will just let us down,
because that's what people
who can't get over their own shit do!
Dwight. Sherry. What's happening?
Dwight. Sherry. Do you copy?
I'm working on it.
Just you? Where's Dwight?
I locked him in his old room.
What?! Why would you do that?
PADRE needs him.
Those kids will follow him
to the end of the Earth.
You know I'm right.
What about you? We need you.
I can keep them distracted.
You can't handle them all on your own.
June, just do what we came to do.
Help Dove and get
Dwight back to PADRE.
Promise me, June.
DWIGHT: Sherry!
Sherry, do you copy?



Come in! Sherry!


JUNE: Sherry needs you.



Dove, stop! No!
Get away from me!
Oh, my God.
You tried to get the bullet out.
I'm trying.
I'm going to.
Dove, you'll die. You You need help.
[CRYING] I'm not gonna get it from them.
And I'm not gonna get it from you!

Dove, no, no, no, no.
Dove, no, no, no. No, no. Stop. Dove.
- How did you get out here?
- June let me out. Thank God.
- I had it covered.
- You expect me to believe that?
You don't even believe that
for yourself.
- What are you talking about?
- You've been lying ever since
you showed up here!
I haven't lied about anything.
You said this was about honoring Finch,
t-that you wanted to keep me
alive to fight for PADRE,
and that's bullshit!
You're wrong, D.
Am I? Am I?
Or did you just lock me up
because you were planning
on doing the same thing I was out here?
- You think I wanted to die?
- I know you did!
And I know you don't believe
in that crap
- about good coming from bad.
- I-I do!
No. You want to.
I do, too. But it can't.
If that's true, D, I don't know
how to go on living!
Well, me neither!
JUNE: Sherry? Dwight?
W-We're outside.
We're just trying to keep
them away from the building.
We have another problem.
Dove. S-She tried to take
the bullet out herself.
What? Why would she do that?
She didn't believe any of us could.

Had a feeling I'd find you here.

Our friends are here.
I've locked the door, but
it won't hold much longer.
SHERRY: Neither will the building.
We have to get out and move her
somewhere safer for the surgery.
We need to move now!



Surrounded. I got her. I got her.

SHERRY: We got to get out of here.
DWIGHT: There's nowhere to go.

Sherry! Look out!
- No.

Do you remember what I told you?
About giving my friend satisfaction?
I think I'm going to enjoy this
even more than him.
There's nowhere to go.
Inside. The fire's out.
- What?
- Get in here.
Okay. Come on. Come on. Here we go.


[GROANS] What happened?
Why Why are we in here?
The building's collapsing.
It still hurts.
I'm so sorry, Dove.
This was never gonna work.
No, no, no. No. Don't give up.
You can't help me. You can't help us.
M-Maybe we can.
What are you talking about?
The furnace is stable.
T-That'll protect us from
whatever's happening out there.
We could do the surgery in here.
Hey. You can do it, June.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
How do you know?
Because Sherry is right.
A-About what?
You know, maybe something good
can come from something bad,
a-and maybe there's a reason
that we all wound up in here,
and we just needed each other to see it.

I don't want to hurt you.
Then don't.
You can do this, June.
What happened to you
what happened to all of us
it doesn't have to happen again.
And maybe we
Maybe we just needed
to work through the bad
to get to the good.

Do you trust me?
Ask me after you get the bullet out.
Fair enough.


Holy shit.
It's over.
DWIGHT: How's she doing?
She's still resting.
She's gonna be okay.
It's a Finch.


Should probably hit the road.
How you doing, kid?
Better now. You coming with us?
Yes. Yeah, I am.
Yeah. N-Never should have left.
Maybe we can turn that place
into what it's supposed to be.
You know?
The way that Finch wanted it.
Yeah. I think we can.

Oh, uh, June.
I made something for you.

Thank you.
You know, back at the train car,
um, before it went the way that it did,
I asked you to be a part of our family.

I And I-I ran away.
But I'm I'm here now.
So that offer still extends to you.
A-And to you, as well.
Thanks, Red Kite.
No, you don't
We're family. It's Dwight.
It's Odessa.
I like it.

Alright. We should go.
We got a lot of work to do.


Count the drops in a stream ♪
Run and catch the wind ♪
Sail to Spain on a dream ♪
Run and catch the wind ♪
TROY: Have you found her yet?
RUSSELL: Nothing yet, Troy. I'm sorry.
Stop telling me that you're sorry.
Because there's nothing to be sorry for.
My daughter is alive.
And I will find her.
Traveling free through the field ♪
What is this place?! Where am I?
Where's my dad?!
Let go of me!
It's okay. I'm just gonna remove this.
Who are you?
What do you want with me?
My name is Victor.
Good thing we found you when we did.
I'm gonna help you.
You're gonna help me.
Help you do what?

MADISON: The entire herd is stuck.
Alicia was in the herd.
This isn't about me. It's about her.
It's about PADRE.

Wait for me.
What makes you think I'm gonna
make a deal with you?
This doesn't end well.
For you.

GOLDBERG: Dwight is in
a really dark place
when we find him at
the beginning of this episode.
AMELIO: We kind of talked about
the fact that I'm sort of
at a point of, like, drifter,
wanderer who's hallucinating.
We wanted him, like, really far gone.
He and Sherry, of course, parted ways.
They were both utterly broken
by the loss of their son.
And Dwight has this feeling that,
as long as he and Sherry are together,
they're never gonna be able to
escape the pain from their past.
It's just gonna keep haunting him.
He wants to die.

What are you doing here?
We came here to find you.
ELFMAN: There's this sort of
mutual exchange of,
"We all need each other
to get through our own trauma.
We all mutually experienced
the pain of PADRE.
And we have all lost a child".
Through all of this trauma,
it's brought us back
to Dwight and Sherry's original
trauma of them as a couple.
We have some top-notch medical
supplies back at our place.
Of course, you know that.
You were there.
EVANGELISTA: We're actually in front of
this pretty incredible set
that they built
replicating the Sanctuary, which was
They built it in, like, a week.
- Did they?
- Yeah.
2, 1
GOLDBERG: Re-creating the Sanctuary
was one of the tallest orders
we've ever done on the show.
Every department needing to be
on the top of their game
to take this iconic location
from "The Walking Dead"
and re-create it on a scale
that we could for this episode.
It was incredibly exciting to see
how they were able to pull that off.
AMELIO: It's really cool.
They did a really good job.
It's different because it's
dilapidated and broken down.
EVANGELISTA: It was so surreal to see
the Sanctuary set for the first time.
I remember it so vividly,
so it really helps take us back
and helps show just the
culmination for these characters
and where they are now
and having this really
cathartic experience here.
ELFMAN: You have an episode
with, like, huge practical stunts
and things falling from the ceiling
and around the walkers
and us running through.
It felt so real.
Look out!
- Ohh!
- Sherry.
CHAMBLISS: The thing that
offered them salvation,
the thing that saved Dwight,
Sherry, Dove, and June
when the Sanctuary came collapsing down
was, in fact, the furnace,
kind of this thing
that is a symbol
of everything they lost,
where Dwight's face was burned,
where their lives were torn apart.
DWIGHT: Maybe there's a reason
that we all wound up in here
and we just needed each other to see it.
And they realize that
maybe turning to trauma
is the way you have to push through it
so that they can actually
start to heal together
and start to find a way
to remember their son.
And that, ultimately to them,
I think, is a sign
that maybe they need to look
at kind of the wreckage
that they see their life is
and start to rebuild that.
Let go of me!
CHAMBLISS: After we've seen
Strand and his new family
and seeing that he genuinely has
made a real effort to change,
I think the last thing we're expecting
was he's got this 8-year-old girl
who is very scared
locked in a jail cell
underground at PADRE.
Is he doing this ultimately
for the greater good,
or is he doing this once again
because it's what's best
for Victor Strand?
Those are kind of some questions
that we're gonna get answers for
in the next couple of episodes.
I'm gonna help you.
You're gonna help me.
Help you do what?

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