Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e10 Episode Script

Keeping Her Alive

We cremated what was left
of Nick and brought him here.
MADISON: This is my son?
TROY: Belonged to Alicia.
Took it off her corpse
after I killed her.
You took everything from me.
I'm just doing the same for you.
- What did I take from you?
- It doesn't matter.
What matters is PADRE.
MAN: Troy. It's Tracy. She's missing.
- LUCIANA: We lost Charlie.
And now Troy knows about my people.
- We're at risk.
- MADISON: You have to do it.
You have to keep the promise
you made to Alicia.
TRACY: What do you want with me?
You're going to help me save PADRE.
MAN: Be right back.
I'm gonna get some tools.
I need a couple sledgehammers.
All right, let's settle down.
We left with you, right?
Almost. You forgot to carry the one.

Hold it right there.
Step aside, please.
Afraid we cannot.
No one's to go down there.
Under whose orders?
Where is she?
Where's who?
We know you have
Troy's daughter down there.
You think we'd leave the fox
in the henhouse
without keeping eyes on you?
Perhaps we could discuss this
in a more civilized manner.
This seems pretty civilized.
Dwight, hello.
Been a long time.
Why'd you bring that girl here?
Because I knew Troy wouldn't
dream of attacking the island
if he knew we had
his daughter as leverage.
Or it's the perfect reason to attack.
He doesn't know that we're here.
Now you have his kid, he'll find it.
How? It's not like she's been
tagged for migratory purposes.
Maybe you'd know how badly
a parent would fight
for their kid if you were doing more
than playing father to Klaus.
After all these years,
you still don't know me.
Oh, I do, Victor.
I stood by that Tower and I watched you
make bad decision after bad decision.
People lost their lives
because of what you did.
John's father lost his life
because of what you did.
I'm not making that same mistake again.
June, many people lost their lives
because of you, as I remember,
when we first met.
We've all done things
to build and survive.
None of us are ones to throw stones.
The girl went missing
while you were gone.
I saw an opportunity.
Someone had to make the call.
Yeah, that's the thing, Victor
None of us remember asking you
to be the one to do that.
And there were plenty of prefects
that could've held down the fort.
They're children.
So are you.
I'm not the man I used to be.
How do we know that?
Because I know you're not
the woman that you used to be.
Am I right
- He's told me everything.
- I'm sorry. Who's this?
I'm his husband.
If you want us to believe
you've changed, Victor, show us.
Help us fix this.
How? The girl's already here.
We'll bring her back to her father.
You think that will satisfy Troy?
It might if we give him
the man who kidnapped her.
- Start walking.
- Hey, hey, wait, wait.
It's not gonna work.
You don't know Troy the way I do.
We already lost the hotel.
This island is the last chance
I have to do good on
what I promised to Alicia.
Ah, I wish I could believe that.
You want to show us you've
changed, now's the time.

Let's walk.
- I'll go get the girl.
- FRANK: Victor.
I'll come. Stay.
I won't let you do this.
You know me. I'll figure something out.
I saw what that man did at the hotel.
He'll kill you if you hand
yourself over.
And I'm afraid they will
as well if I don't.
I don't want you caught
in the crossfire.
Wait for me.
I'll come back to you.
I'll be waiting.

JUNE: Troy, if you're listening,
we have your daughter.
I repeat, we have your daughter.
She's safe.
We're willing to return her
to you if we can agree to terms.
DWIGHT: Don't worry, he'll pick up.
Is the blindfold really necessary?
- It's not going to work.
- What's not going to work?
They're not going to remove
your blindfold.
The reason this settlement
has lasted so long
is because it's impossible to find.
Stop trying to be my friend.
You're the one that brought me in.
JUNE: Troy, we repeat,
we have your daughter.
She is safe and we will
return her to you
if we can reach terms we both agree on.
No matter what he says,
he's gonna kill me and hurt her.
You don't know my dad.
He'd do anything to protect me.
I think I know your dad
a little bit better
than you think I do, and he's
not the man you think he is.
So you can change, but he can't?
He's a sociopath on a revenge
tour, I have issues.
There's a difference.
Why am I the only person
looking after the girl?
I think we all know who you're
really looking out for.
Okay, for the last time,
Sherry, this isn't about me.
It's about her. It's about PADRE.
It's about building the place
that Alicia wanted me to build.
TROY: Who is this? Who has my daughter?
You don't know me.
I'm one of the people that freed
Madison and Strand from the hotel.
Okay, well, where is Tracy?

You can talk to him.
It's okay, Dad.
They're gonna bring me back to you.
She's right, we will,
provided you can give assurances
that you will not try to take PADRE.
You took my daughter.
What makes you think I'm gonna
make a deal with you?
We didn't take her, Victor Strand did.
And we'll bring her back to you
and we will bring Victor to you, too.
Well, there's just one problem
with that proposition
It's that we need a place to live.
You've already got one.
You can stay at the hotel.
We won't bother you there.
And Madison's not even at PADRE anymore,
so whatever beef you had with
her, you don't have with us.
You want your daughter or not?
Okay, you have a deal.
Bring her to the hotel.
And bring Victor, too.
If this is a trick
It's not. We'll be there.
June! Don't do this.
- Please!
- It's too late.

Look around. Remember the lighthouse.
- Hey! Hey!
- Now you can't hand her over.
She'll tell him where PADRE is.
- Tracy!
What the hell did you do?!
Victor, stop!
Turn it around, D!
I-I can't, there's no power.


I'm not gonna hurt you.
Only 'cause I'm not worth
anything to you if I'm dead.
Come on.
Hey, wait, Where'd you get
that necklace?
What's it to you?
JUNE: Tracy!
We've gotta go. Come on.
You don't want them to find you.
They're not gonna take you
back to your father,
not after what you just saw.
Where are you going to take me?
To the one person
who can help both of us.
DWIGHT: We're not going to hurt you.
Come on.

Yeah! ♪

Plug me in, I'm alive tonight ♪
Out on the streets again ♪
Turn me on, I'm too hot to stop ♪
Something you'll never forget ♪
Take my fist, break down walls ♪
I'm on top tonight, no, no ♪
You better turn me loose ♪
You better set me free ♪
Because I'm hot, young, running free ♪
A little bit better
than I used to be ♪
'Cause I'm alive ♪
Live wire ♪

- VICTOR: Madison?
- Come on, baby ♪
Gotta play with me ♪
Well, I'm your live wire, yeah ♪
What are you doing here?
I already told you
I can't help you build
PADRE back into what it should be.
We'll have to agree to disagree on that.
But that's not why I'm here.
You're looking for Alicia, aren't you?
My kids deserve to be at rest.
I can do that with Nick,
I'm gonna do the same with Alicia.
You don't know where she is, Madison.
Who's your friend?
I'm not his friend.
Troy's daughter.
I found her wandering
around the wilderness.
I saved her life.
He kidnapped me.
Perhaps the truth lies
somewhere in the middle.
What's your name, kid?
You certainly have your father's eyes.
Don't worry, I won't make you
pay for his crimes.
What "crimes"?
He killed my daughter, on top
of a lot of other shit
he probably didn't tell you about.
He told me everything.
How you killed his father,
how you turned his brother against him,
how you left him for dead at the dam.
That's not exactly how it happened.
You also killed my mother.
Sorry, kid, but I don't know
what your father told you.
I don't know who your mother is.
He wouldn't make something like that up.
Why'd you bring this girl here, Victor?
I took her back to PADRE to use
her as leverage against Troy.
You took her to PADRE?
You weren't there.
It's the only play I had.
So what's she doing off the island?
The peasants revolted.
They thought it too risky
to keep her there.
Well, they're probably right,
so why'd you bring her here?
She may be your best shot
at finding Alicia.
This belonged to her.
How do you know that was Alicia's?
Because I gave it to her.
- Why?
- That doesn't matter.
What does matter is she may
be able to lead us to her.
Is that true, Tracy?
I'm not getting pulled
into this for a "maybe".
Well, perhaps she'll be
a bit more forthcoming
when she realizes that we're
the only people
who can save her life.
Save her from what?
June, Dwight, Sherry.
They're after her because
she knows where PADRE is,
- and they're not alone.
- She wasn't blindfolded?
He pulled it off.
They were going to send her
back to her father.
We can save her from that life.
By giving away PADRE's location?
The one thing that's keeping
Troy from attacking it?
I had to make it impossible for
them to turn her over to Troy.
It's what Alicia would've done.
He did it because they were
gonna hand him
over to my dad, too.

Madison, you're the only person
who knows the man
who I used to be and still
believes that I've changed,
so believe me when I say this
This isn't about saving my own skin.
It's about saving her's, too.
You really know where
I might find Alicia?
And you'll take me there?
I don't think I have a choice.
Smart girl.
All right, I'll help you keep her safe.
But first, we find Alicia.
What happens after I take you to her?
I don't know.
But Victor's right about one thing
You can't go back to your father.
Come on, big mouth.

- It's got a full tank.
- Ah, good.
Thank you, Luciana.
You think she's gonna mind?
Sign says, "Take what you need".
All right.
We're right there, so
where do we need to go?
TROY: I don't care how many
people are at the hotel.
You push west along the access road.
They're nowhere near us.
What about June, Dwight, and Sherry?
WOMAN: Madison's got to be
out there somewhere.
- Keep looking.
- Wait, go back.
Who's that? Why are they looking for me?
These are the coordinates she gave.
Are these your father's people?
They don't know I'm with you.
I've never heard them before.
Who the hell are they?
Don't worry, Madison.
We'll be long gone before
they catch up with us.
So, where do we go?
I need to see a bigger map.
My dad's fight with Alicia,
it happened way farther than this.
Huh. A bigger map.
Dad, I'm at a gas station off
Route 204
Don't ever do that again.
Do you even know where Alicia is?
Don't make me ask you that again.
It's okay, Madison.
Troy's people are by the hotel.
We still have time.
Are you sure?

What do you think you're doing?
We've been monitoring the radio chatter.
Why did you bring Troy's
daughter to my truck stop?
We're just passing through.
I made it clear
I didn't want to drag
my people into this fight.
Is that her in the truck?
We'll make sure Troy knows
you had nothing to do with it.
He won't believe you.
He's gonna think we helped kidnap her.
MADISON: I'm sorry, Luci.
We didn't mean for her
to send that message,
but we need you to let us pass.
You already put us in danger
by stopping here.
I can't let you travel on our roads.
Luci, she's helping me find Alicia
so I can just put her to rest with Nick.
I've got people who are
still breathing to protect.
So, please, step away from the truck.
What are you going to do with the girl?
- Give her back to Troy.
- Ah.
She knows where PADRE is.
That's not our problem.
You know more than anyone
what that madman is capable of.
That's why we have to give
her back to Troy, Victor.
Now step away from the truck.
Luciana, let them go.
Daniel, why?
Troy already knows about this place.
Even if they return the girl,
he's still gonna attack us
to get everything we have
because that's his nature.
Set up a defensive perimeter.
We have enough people to do that.
It will be easier to do now
without the distraction
that this girl brings.
What if Strand already made
a deal with Troy,
and what if Madison is in on it?
I need to get close to them
to find out what's going on.
VICTOR: Daniel.
Why on Earth would you want to help us?
- Why?
- Yeah, why?
Because I know what a parent
goes through
when they lose a daughter.
That's why.
I'd like to help you find
Alicia and bury her
if you let me, Madison.
We can use all the help we can get.

Take shotgun.


TRACY: Wait, wait, slow down.
Hang on. I'm
still trying to figure out
where it is on here.
You've been looking at that map
for 15 minutes.
She's a child, Daniel, not an atlas.
You're Daniel Salazar.
My dad told me about you.
Did Daddy also tell you
why I want to kill him?
Daniel, don't scare the girl.
She deserves to know the truth.
Even children have to understand
that what we do
or not do creates consequences.
They need to learn no one
gets a free pass.
He told me your daughter died
because she tried to poison
a lot of innocent people.
my daughter, Ofelia, died
because your lunatic father
led a herd of the dead
to destroy his own settlement.
She died fighting to defend it.
She died because of your father.
That's why you're here.
You don't give a shit whether
or not Madison buries Alicia.
You don't give a shit about the girl.
You want to use her to make
Troy feel what he's made you feel.
There's something
fundamentally wrong with you.
- Victor!
- We're leaving.
Why am I the only one
trying to do the right thing?
You both know how far I'll go
to do what I believe is right.
Come on. We're going.
- Go, go, go!
What the hell was that?
You want to find Alicia or not?

Ah, shit.
Ah. Really not in the mood today.


Oh! Aah!

Who are you? I thought you were
Alicia Clark? I get that a lot.

You coming or not?

VICTOR: How many of you are there?
Let's save the introductions for inside.

This is where we're gonna find Alicia?
It's what you said you wanted.

This is not a good idea.
It's the only one I got.

The entire herd is stuck.
You ever see anything like that before?
It's frozen.
Alicia was in the herd.
My father led it here
before the weather got cold.
The herd was following us
when we were travelling here.
He didn't want it to get near the hotel,
so, when the temperature
started dropping,
he knew the mud would freeze them here.
Your father told me
he didn't know where Alicia was.
He lied.
He didn't want you to find her.
He didn't want you to bury her.
How do you know all this?

It doesn't matter.
Let's go.

We're sitting ducks until
we get the guns reloaded.
SARA: We know nothing.
Troy doesn't know we're here.
For now.
You okay?
The last time I was in here,
I was with someone who I thought
I'd never see again.
We know.
Alicia told me
before she died.
Before Troy killed her.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
You knew her?
She passed through all of our lives.
Why are you dressed like her?
We're doing more than dressing like her.
We're keeping her alive.
Doing for other people
what she did for us.
Which was?
My settlement was under
siege from bandits
when Alicia passed through,
made them regret
they tried to shake us down.
I had pneumonia.
Alicia found antibiotics for me.
What about you?
You don't remember me, do you?
We spoke years ago, back in
Texas, when I was still a kid.
But maybe you didn't get
a good look at my face
because you were all
the way up on the roof.
You interviewed to enter the Tower.
I was with my dad.
You turned us away.
I thought we were gonna die
because of it.
We couldn't find food or water
that wasn't contaminated.
Didn't have a place to shelter
when the winds brought the bad air in.
But then, we heard a voice
transmitting a message.
Alicia, she told us
to come to your Tower,
that she needed help to
build it into something better.
So we went.
And when we got there,
there was a fire burning.
It was destroyed.
I should've left it in a better state.
We weren't the only people
who showed up.
Dozens of survivors heard the message.
We all stood there watching
the Tower burn,
thinking this is where
we were going to die.
But then, a figure
emerged on the horizon.
She, uh
went back to the Tower
after she put us on the rafts.
She went into the Tower.
She got fuel from the generators
in the basement.
She used this to drive us
out of that wasteland,
away from the radiation
that was slowly killing us all.
My father died a few months after that
from exposure.

I am so sorry.
Your father died because of me.
Why'd you save me back there
after all that?
It's what Alicia would've done.
How was she when you first
When you met her?
Was she still sick from the bite?
The fever stopped,
but I don't really know.
I didn't spend much time with her.
Once she got us settled, she
went off to help more people.
DELLA: It's where she met us.
Yeah, she never stayed
in one place for very long.
Word spread about her.
It gave people hope.
We're trying to spread some of the same.
What's your name?
We want Alicia's legacy to continue.
It's better if people believe
she's still out there helping.
So you want people to believe
that you're her.
Why are you here?
We heard Madison's message
on the radio and knew
Troy wouldn't be far behind.
Why did Troy kill Alicia?
We don't know.
But word spread because she wasn't
the only person he killed.
There used to be more of us.
Do you mind?

Madison, this is Victor. Please respond.
I need to talk to Tracy.
They could be anywhere.
We're not going to find them
driving blind.
TROY: Victor?
Victor, where is she?
Where's my daughter?
You better not have lost her.
I didn't lose her.
In fact, I know exactly
where she's going.
- Where?
- To wherever you hid Alicia.
She's with Daniel and Madison.
I can help her, but you got to
tell me where to go.
And why would I do that?
Because I don't know
what's gonna happen to her
after they find Alicia.
I may be her last chance.
You're the one who took her.
I'm the only one trying to save her now.
You'll never catch up,
- not on foot.
- Well, that's the thing
We're not gonna be on foot much longer.
What does that mean?
Where do you think you're going?
I remember you.
We don't want any trouble.
Well, it's a little too late for that
seeing as my daughter's already in some.
You can use our roads to get to her
as long as none of my people get hurt.
All right.
And you're gonna help me?
Even though Nick chose the,
uh the ranch instead of you?
My people are more important
than my pride.
Well, if you really care
about your people,
then you'll you'll stand down
because now you're outnumbered
and you're outgunned.
Fan out, men.
Take anything worth taking.
This doesn't end well.
For you, not for us.

All right, so this was
all bullshit, huh?
I just needed you to get close.
Now, why don't you stand down?
You know I trained every one
of these men, right?
Every one of them.
So we'll just take out more
of you than you will of us.
We'd be happy to test out
that theory, bud.
FRANK: So are we.
We've been looking to make
some room in our hotel again.
Well, that's nice.
That's really nice, but, look,
I-I really don't have time for this.
My daughter's in danger.
So stand down so we can
negotiate a cease-fire.
JUNE: Your daughter seems
as good a reason
as any to lower your weapons.
Easy, easy.
It's just a walkie, all right?
It's just a walkie.
Victor, are you still listening?
VICTOR: I'm listening.
I, uh I've been held up.
Which, unfortunately for you,
means you're
the only person that can help me.
Will you make sure
that my daughter is okay?
Now tell me, where are they?
Long way from home.
He's not the only one.
How long has this herd
been following you?
I-I don't know.
I didn't know about it
until we got here.
Something's not right.
This doesn't make sense.
- We should leave.
- We're here.
They can't hurt us.
Where is she?
Somewhere in here.
Madison, we should leave.
We're talking about a man
who led a herd of dead
against his own people.
You can go back.
I got her.
I'm not letting her out of my sight.



You want me to help you?
Give me a minute.
I'm so sorry.
I would've come for you if I'd known.
I would've stopped him
from doing this to you.

It's not her.
This was all bullshit.
I can't believe I listened to you.
- You killed her.
- Where is my daughter?
Where is she?!
Why did you lie to me?
She's my mother.
I wanted her to make you pay.
I've never seen that woman before.
But she saw you
and Alicia.
She believed what you believed.
That's why she's dead.
What does that mean? What does it mean?
"No one's gone until they're gone".
It killed her,
just like it killed your kids.

We should leave.
We need to figure out
what to do with her.
We use her to get to Troy
and make him pay for what
he did to our daughters.
She knows where PADRE is.
If Troy ever gets her back
There's only one way
to protect the island.

You got the stomach for that, Madison?
She just tried to use her
own mother to kill me.

No, no, no! You can't!
Look No! Y-You can't do
Should've thought about that
before you brought us out here.
No, please!
Y-You can't! Please!
Wait, I know where Alicia might be!
I-I know where my dad killed her.
I don't believe you.
Uh, an old mansion off Route 26
- near Fort Worth.
- Bullshit.
It's the truth, I-I swear!
Doesn't change the fact that
you know where the island is.
It was a lie, Victor.
Alicia wasn't here.
I'm sorry, Madison.
Her body may not be here,
but she still is.
These women, they're
carrying on Alicia's legacy.

You're just like my dad said.
They were gonna kill me!
N-No! She knows where PADRE is.
- You're gonna get killed.
- We have to go after her.

We'll help you protect PADRE.
We knew your daughter.
She wouldn't want you to die like this.

Let's go.


LUCIANA: Daniel!
So glad you're alive.
How bad is it?
Troy and his men, we
had them surrounded,
but it's like they didn't care
if they lived or died.
- Strand and Madison?
- They had no part in this.
JUNE: Clear a path. Hey.
VICTOR: Frank?
Frank? Frank!

Where is he? Where's Troy?
He's not here.
Someone stole one of our trucks
after the shooting broke out.
He's gonna find his kid,
he's gonna find PADRE.
Troy lost most of his men.
What does it matter
if he knows where PADRE is?
Because he's not gonna use
his men to take it.
He's gonna do what he did at the ranch.
The dead. That's what they were for.
They are his army.
How many people do we have left?
I don't know. We'll get a head count.
How far are your roads cleared?
I've lost too many people
by getting involved.
It's not about the fight
with Troy. His kid
She said Alicia was killed
in a mansion near Forth Worth.
Somewhere off Route 26.
I'll take you there after this is over.
Is there a problem?
No, it's just
you have no idea what it means for us
to be standing across
from you right now.
Until we heard your message
on the repeater network,
we thought you were dead.
I don't understand. How do you know me?
SARA: We watched your interview.
So many times that the tape wore out.
You put them up to this?
Alicia's not here. Nick's not here.
None of what I said
on that tape means anything.
It does, and you need to hear it.
When I came to you
at the library, it was because
I thought I needed you to face
what was coming, but I don't.
- You need me.
- You came looking for me.
You almost killed that little girl.
To protect everyone else!
You see, Victor, unlike you,
I don't have anyone left to disappoint.
I can get my hands dirty.
Madison, I pushed Alicia away
so she wouldn't get her hands dirty.
That medallion, I gave it to her
so she'd remember who she was
because I was afraid
I wouldn't be able to.
I thought I was protecting her,
but I was wrong, Madison.
It wasn't about protecting her.
It was about giving myself an
excuse not to be the better man.
I don't want that to happen to you.
I won't let that happen to you.
- Madison, wait.
- Someone has got to stop him.
Let me come with you.
Madison, let me come with you.
- What's going on?
- I got it.
Doesn't look like it.
Madison, please.
I hate Troy as much as you do.
Use me for this.
You could end up dead
like the rest of them.
I can help you one way right now
by finishing what I started
10 years ago at the dam.



This is not the way to end this!

MAN: Where are you going?
To kill Troy.
This is how we survive.
This is how PADRE survives.
We finally have a home.
He's gonna say whatever he has
to say to get what he wants.
Madison never gave up on me.
You killed my daughter.

Hold it right there.
Step aside, please.
I'm afraid we cannot.
No one's to go down there.
- Under whose orders?
- Mine.
This whole episode
is really asking the question,
can Victor Strand change?
- Where is she?
- Where's who?
A lot of what Strand is doing
is reminding them
of the Strand they knew from The Tower.
After all these years,
you still don't know me.
Oh, I do, Victor.
DOMINGO: People always looking
for something to do
in the name of good.
And they have that as their North Star.
And now I have Alicia as my North Star.
- I'm not the man I used to be.
- How do we know that?
Because I know you're not
the woman that you used to be.
Am I right?
Strand has been reconciling
how to honor Alicia
and his promise to her
the last time they saw each other.
You want to show us you've
changed, now's the time.
Let's walk.
GOLDBERG: What he's coming
to realize is that PADRE
is the way to do that.
It really represents the antithesis
of everything that Strand
built at The Tower
when he went down that dark path.
Tracy becomes a symbol for him
of how to achieve that.
This isn't about me.
It's about her. It's about PADRE.
He truly believes that
handing Tracy back over to Troy
is gonna lead her down
a path in her life
that is the opposite of what
she would have at PADRE.
STRAND: Look around.
Remember the lighthouse.
Hey, hey!
Says, "You can't turn her
back over to Troy
because I've just allowed her
to see where PADRE is".
And it just shows Strand
really putting his money
where his mouth is in terms of
he will do anything
to protect that settlement
and what it represents emotionally.

I'm not gonna hurt you.
Only 'cause I'm not worth
anything to you if I'm dead.
DICKENS: Once Strand is
finally in a place
where he does want to live
in Alicia's vision of a better place
Where are you going to take me?
To the one person
who can help both of us.
when he's finally
honestly in that place,
Madison then turns and decides,
you know what?
The way I thought
we should live for so long,
the way Alicia wanted us to live
No one's gone until they're gone,
giving second chances, forgiveness
It's never gonna work.
It's what gets people killed.
Madison is approaching this
from a much more
pained point of view
as it relates to Troy.
Madison was confronted at the
beginning of this half season
with Troy telling her that
he murdered her daughter.
You certainly have your father's eyes.
She may be your best shot
at finding Alicia.
The height of that comes
in the frozen swamp.
Madison has realized
that Tracy has led Madison
here to kill her.
And so Madison is prepared to go
to maybe the darkest place
we've ever seen Madison go
I need to figure out
what to do with her.
where she's prepared
to let Tracy die,
and that even surprises Daniel.
You got the stomach for that, Madison?
In an effort to protect
Alicia and her legacy
and her philosophy,
she is losing sight of her purpose.
She's so driven to protect that place
that she might lose her soul
in the process.
How can Madison honor
her daughter, her children,
but not lose her soul in the process?
I can help you one way right now
By finishing what I started
ten years ago at the dam.

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