Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e11 Episode Script

Fighting Like You

No more hiding behind the mirror.
Time to tell the truth.
- Tracy!
- Who's your friend?
STRAND: Troy's daughter.
She may be your best shot
at finding Alicia.
This belonged to her.
Who are you?
WOMAN: We want Alicia's
legacy to continue.
- The entire herd is stuck.
- Alicia was in the herd.
It's not her. Why did you lie to me?
She's my mother.
The dead, they are his army.
- Madison, wait.
- Someone has got to stop him.

Mississippi Queen ♪
You know what I mean ♪
Mississippi Queen ♪
She taught me everything ♪
Went down around Vicksburg ♪
Around Louisiana way ♪
Where lived the Cajun Lady ♪
Aboard the Mississippi Queen ♪
You know, she was a dancer ♪
She moved better on wine ♪
While the rest of them dudes
were gettin' their kicks ♪
Boy, I beg your pardon,
I was gettin' mine ♪

Mississippi Queen ♪
If you know what I mean ♪
Mississippi Queen ♪
She taught me everything ♪
This lady, she asked me ♪
If I would be her man ♪
You know that I told her ♪
I'd do what I can ♪
To keep her lookin' pretty ♪
Buy her dresses that shine ♪
While the rest of them dudes
were makin' their bread ♪
Boy, I beg your pardon,
I was losin' mine ♪
How you doing out there, Russell?
RUSSELL: Got 'em in formation.
We'll see you at the rendezvous.
Yeah, you sure will, pal.
How are we gonna get them to PADRE?
It's alright. We've got it covered.
It's an island.
We can't just walk them to the gates.
Who said anything about walking?
Russell came through.
Figured out the perfect way
to get them there.
You just wait till we catch up with him.
And then?
And then we'll finally have a home.
Mom. She pulled loose.
We need to tighten the ropes.
Oh, she's fine.
She's not gonna hurt us.
You know, when we get to PADRE,
she's gonna be the one
to make Madison pay
for everything she's done.
What's wrong?
Why does Mom have to kill Madison?
Well, you know why.
She's Alicia's mother.
She put the thinking in her head
that got people killed.
We can't let what happened
to Mom happen to anyone else.
I know all that.
So, what's wrong?
Your necklace?
Victor said it belonged to Alicia.
She She killed Mom.
Why would you want me
to wear her necklace?
Do you know how many
St. Christopher's medallions
there are?
- But Victor said
- Well, Victor's mistaken.
She gave it to me when she died.
And she made me promise
that I would give it to you
to keep you safe.
Which is what I've been
doing ever since.
- What the hell?
- What the
Dad, look out!
[ECHOING] Dad, Dad, wake up!
Wake up! Wake
Dad? Dad?
- Dad, wake up.
You've You've been out for hours.
Oh, what happened?
We We went over an embankment.
I think you ran over some
some kind of trap.
What trap?
Uh, I don't I don't know.
I'm pinned to the seat.
Where's my gun?
It got lost when we crashed.
I can't find it anywhere.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
We We have to catch up to Russell.
You can do it.
- Dad, Dad, please.
- I can't do it.
- I can't do it.
- No.
Dad, Dad, please.
You got to get out of here.
I need you to find Russell, okay?
I'll get you the coordinates.
No. No. I'm I'm not leaving you here.
- You have to.
- Why?
'Cause this is everything
we've fought for.
And if you don't make it
to PADRE, then all of this,
everything that I've done,
it won't mean anything.
I don't want to live in that place
if I can't live in it with you.
I'm going to find help.

To keep you safe.
Like she told you to do for me.

TROY: Go, Tracy. Go.
I'll come back for you.
And And then we'll do what we said.
We'll We'll make PADRE our home.


STRAND: Madison, do you copy?
Madison, answer me.
Tell me where you are.
I can't do it, Victor.
Why not?
'Cause if I do, you'll try and stop me.
There was a time you'd have
thanked me for such a thing.
Enough people have died because of me.
I can't put the rest of you at risk.
The rest is not that many, Madison.
What are you talking about?
It's just me and our newly
found friends of Alicia here.
The rest retreated to
the island to escape the herd.
All of you should do the same.
I can't let you do this alone.
I'm in a tank loaded with ammo and guns.
I don't need anybody else.
Madison, please.
It's like I told you before, Victor
Unlike you, I don't have
anyone left to disappoint.
I need to do this so you don't have to.
Then you can build PADRE into
what Alicia would have wanted.
This won't end well, Madison.
You think it'll just be this one thing.
But then you'll realize
you just can't stop.
I learned it the hard way. At the Tower.
There was just always one more thing
that I needed to do to keep it
safe, and before I knew it,
I was the thing people needed
to be protected from.
Please, Madison.
There's another way.

Don't shoot.
What are you doing here? Where's Troy?
He's hurt.
- Bullshit.
- It's true.
He crashed his truck.
Why didn't Russell help him?
He couldn't.
Yeah? Why not?
Because he's leading
the rest of the herd.
Where are they? Where's the herd?
I don't know.
Okay, well, who does know?
Dad, but he's gonna die
if he doesn't get help.
Is that why you're here?
I thought I could use your radio.
Maybe somebody might hear me.
Where's his truck? Where'd he crash?
Why should I tell you?
You're not gonna help him.
And you're not gonna use my radio.
So you're kind of running
out of options, aren't you?
Down an embankment.
About a mile east of here.
But I just came from there.
- You'd never be able to get to him in this.
- I'll walk.
No. Sit down.
What are you doing?!
Change of plans, Victor.
I'm leaving you the MRAP.
Tracy's inside, but
she won't be a problem.
I'll send you the coordinates.
STRAND: Where are you going?
To kill Troy.
No. No!
What happened to no one's gone
until they're gone?
I heard you outside. You
You told Victor you want
him to build PADRE
into what Alicia wanted.
I do.
If you did, you'd give my dad
a second chance.
No. He doesn't deserve one.
I thought everyone did.
Isn't that what Alicia believed?
If you believed it, you'd help my dad.

The way he helped her?

RUSSELL: Troy, do you copy?
Russell, I'm here.
I'm picking up your stragglers.
Where the hell are you?
I'm in the same place you left me.
And from the looks of it, I don't think
I'm going anywhere.
Russell, will you promise me something?
You know, whatever happens,
I want you to find Tracy,
and I want you to make
sure she gets there.
I want you to promise me.
I promise.
She'll finally have a home.
We all will.

We're gonna take that island.

No, they won't. And
neither will you, Troy.


Wait. Please.


No! No.
You had no right!
You had no right!
She was supposed to kill you.
I'll bury you next to her.

You really think killing me
is gonna help you build that island?
I know it will.
You killed my daughter.
I'll do what I have to do
to make sure her memory
doesn't die.
You want your people to believe
the same thing that she did.
When that's exactly the thing
that got her killed.
It can still work.
If people like you and me
are no longer in this world.
Wait, wait, wait.
You can't kill me.
You can't.
You want to stop that herd?
I'm the only person who knows
where Russell's leading it.
My people will figure it out.
No, they won't.
Not in time.
So tell me how to stop them.
I will, but I-I need you
do something for me.

I need to see my daughter.
I need to tell her something.

Tell her now.
No. No.

I need to see her.
Nice try, asshole.
[GROANS] Let me bury my wife
and then bring me to my daughter,
and I'll take you to Russell.
What could you possibly have
to tell her that's so important?

It just is.
How do I know you'll hold up
your end of the deal?
You don't.
Just like I don't know
that you won't kill me
as soon as I tell you where Russell is.
I'll take you to her.
And then?
What happens to me?
I'll do whatever it takes
to protect PADRE.
But at least you get to see
your daughter one more time.

Are you at the MRAP yet, Victor?
STRAND: Nearly. Why?
I'm coming back. I'm bringing Troy.
He's gonna lead us to the herd
if he gets to see Tracy.
Gonna have a hard time
walking with that thing.
Hold still. This might hurt.

ALICIA: My mom used to look
for a little bit of good
every time she went out into the world.
She would have liked this.
I haven't killed
since after the plane.
Just seeing that tree, I
I-I just
I didn't want to go back there.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for your father.
Is this some kind of trick?
In exchange for safe deliverance to you,
Troy has agreed to tell us
where the herd is heading.
You're lying.
I'm not.
Whether your father is
remains to be seen.
Taking PADRE is everything to him.
Why would he give that up?
I suppose we'll find out.
She's gonna kill him.
As soon as he gives her what she wants.
Why would you say that?
Because she told me.
She said he didn't deserve
a second chance.
How many of those tapes
have you watched?
I don't know.
Because the more you watch,
the more you'll see
Madison gave a lot of people
second chances.
Whether they deserved them or not.
Like who?
Like me.
Madison never gave up on me.
Neither did Alicia.
That's not her anymore.
It is. She just needs to be
reminded of that.
And you think you can do that?
STRAND: We're certainly gonna try.
Madison. Madison, where are you?
We'll be there shortly.
Just taking care of something.
Must be nice, getting to bury
the person you love.
Alicia can rot on her feet
forever for all I care.
Keep talking like that, I'll put
that branch back in you.
My wife's dead because of her.
It's not important.
It's important enough that
you killed my daughter over it.
Well, Serena was pregnant.
We were still looking
for a place to live
since Mexico, and
then she got bit.
Are you gonna tell me
that was Alicia's fault?

Alicia's the one that saved her.


We put a, uh, SOS on the radio.
She was the last person
we ever thought would respond.
But she did.

And she helped you.
Yeah. I mean, it surprises you.
Especially after how
we parted at Brokejaw.
Serena was bit on the arm
just like Alicia, so

she knew where to cut.
You know, how to do it.
And then what?
Well, and then when, uh
when Serena was out of the woods,
she just, uh, got back in
the MRAP and helped more people.

Yeah, I'm having a hard time
seeing how this led to you killing her.
Well, Serena changed after that.

Alicia changed her.
She wanted to be just like her.
Yeah? Was she?
She tried to help as many people
as she could.

And then one day, she got a call.
An SOS on the radio.
Some guy said he needed help.
When Serena showed up
he shot her.
He shot her, he robbed her,
took everything she owned

and then just left her for dead.
Now, I went looking for her,
and I found her holed up
in a strip mall.
Oh, it was too late to save her by then.
She'd, uh I don't know.
She'd lost too much blood.

And I held her while she died, Madison.
I listened to her weep.
She told me she'd never get
to watch her daughter grow up.

Because she allowed herself
to get wrapped up
in Alicia's bullshit.

So I made her a promise.

And what was that?
I promised I'd never let Tracy
hurt the way her mom did.

I'd never let my daughter
believe the same bullshit
that Alicia put in Serena's head.
And that's why you killed Alicia.

- I told you.
I made a promise.

What the hell?


Today just isn't your day, Troy.
Yours, either.
Hello, Lark.
CRANE: Welcome back.
How do you like my new digs, huh?
Doesn't quite measure up
to what we had at PADRE,
but it came in handy when we needed
to get supplies from the cargo ship.
Until we ran out of gas.
Who the hell are you?
What do you know about PADRE?
Or I was.
Belonged to me and my sister.
Till Lark got her killed.
Shrike got herself killed.
Would've done the same thing
to me, but Blue Jay spared me.
What do you want from us, Crane?
PADRE is my home.
- I built it.
- Oh.
I've been looking for a way
to get it back.
And today I found it.
I heard your conversation on the radio.
I'm prepared to give you what you want.
What's the catch?
Well, you can start
by telling your friends
to call off their dogs.
Why would I do that?
Because once I've taken PADRE back,
I will let you and
your daughter live there.
He's lying.
He's got more of a chance
with me than you, Lark.
You think after everything you've done,
we're just gonna roll over
and give you the keys?
You won't, but he might.
So, what do you say?
Do we have a deal?

Go on.
Call them off.
Strand, we're on a barge by the docks.
Crane's got us
- MAN: You okay, boss?
She should have killed you
when she had the chance.
Yeah. Maybe so.
I guess this is what happens
when you show people mercy.
This is the kind of bullshit my sister
and I were trying to save people from.
[SIGHS] Okay.
You know what?
Change of plans.
You can tell your friends to
call off their army in person.
You're gonna take us to the herd.
And if you try anything en route,
I will kill you both.

Get the truck ready.
Yes, sir.

STRAND: Madison, do you copy?
We're at the barge. Where are
CRANE: So, what changed, Lark?
Last time I saw you,
you risked your life
to reunite Wren with Nightingale.
But now you're using a father
against his own daughter?
Sound familiar?
Whatever happened to
"family is worth fighting for"?
It still is.
I'm just fighting like you guys.
- Uhh! Aah!
Get down!
Let's go!

Stay with me!


- Madison!
Let's go.
Luciana, let's go!

LUCIANA: Over here.
Victor, we're about
3 miles east of the barge.
Do you copy?
- STRAND: We're on our way.
- Madison, can we have
- Victor?
- coordinates?
- Victor?
He can't hear us. We have
to get to higher ground.
We're not going anywhere.
We tracked you here for a reason.
And what reason's that?
To do to you what you did
to my people at the truck stop.
And Ofelia.
And Charlie.
And everyone you've ever hurt.
- This ends here, Troy.
- No, it doesn't.
- You can't kill him.
- Why not?!
'Cause he's the only one
who knows where the herd is.
We can find it.
No, you can't.
Not without me.
And we're gonna believe this?
Unless you want PADRE overrun
by 5,000 dead,
then yeah.
He's right. We have a deal.
He's the only shot
we have at finding the herd.
We need the MRAP to get there.
Find Victor. We'll meet you on the road.

Relax. It's for your cuffs.
No. Leave it.
Can't have him running off
until we get what we need.
He's gonna say whatever he has to say
in order to get what he wants.
My eyes are wide open.
When this is all over,
I'll make sure he doesn't
hurt anyone else.
'Cause if you don't, I will.


You know, I wasn't gonna
take them to the herd.
You know, Crane and those guys.
I was taking them
in the wrong direction.
Why would you do that?
'Cause my deal was with you.
Not them.
I'll kill you quick as he would.
I don't think you would.
'Cause I don't think that's who you are.
You don't know who I am.
Well, maybe.
But I know what it is
to believe in something.
And how hard it is to let it go.
We have to turn back.
We can get across that.
Something's pulling them down.
It must be like quicksand in there.
If that breaks, we're both dead.
Victor, do you copy? Victor?
- Found you.
Come on.


There's nowhere to run, Lark!
Come on. We have to go.
Come on.





Don't be impatient.
They'll get to you soon.
Or that mud will suck you down first.
Pull us out, Crane.
TROY: I can still lead you to the herd.
I thought your deal was with me.
What are you waiting for?
I thought I needed PADRE back to make up
for what happened to my sister.
I was wrong.
After what you did to her,
this is exactly what you deserve.
What's he talking about?
She didn't tell you?
She let Shrike get bit.
Over and over.
Her and Nightingale.
Just stood and let it happen.
I just want to get to my daughter.
This is exactly why Shrike
and I were right.
People need to be protected
from themselves.
Especially when it comes to their kids.
Oh, you're full of shit.
Why do you think we saved you
from that stadium? Hmm?
Me and Shrike Yeah, we,
uh, heard you on the radio.

That speech you made to your kids. Uh
BOTH: No one's gone until they're gone.
Inspiring stuff.
And then, when we found you
in that water truck
gasping for air,
surrounded by Carrion
we didn't hesitate to pull you out.
You know why?
Because if you were willing
to die for them,
we knew we could get you
to do just about anything.
You thought that those beliefs
were gonna save your kids
but in the end, that's
what got them killed.

Hey! Over here!
Hey, come on! Come on!
- What the hell?
MADISON: Over here! Keep coming!

No! No!

I'm sorry, Madison.
I really
That's not gonna get us out of here.
You know, we're
we're really not that different,
you and I.
I'm nothing like you.

The northwest corner of the swamp.
That's where Russell's leading the dead.
You're lying.
No. No, I'm not.
He's hoping the current
will sweep them to the island's shore.
Why are you telling me that? Huh?
'Cause maybe I don't deserve
a second chance

but Tracy does.
It doesn't matter.
They're not gonna find us in time.

I'm sorry.
I didn't want it to end like this.
Truth is, PADRE's better off
without people like us.

STRAND: Madison. Madison, come back.
Stay with us.
It's alright.
You found them.
You saved me.
Daniel and Luciana found us.
But we're not the ones who saved you.
I grabbed a root.
Pulled us out.
Then used Crane's ax to snap the cuffs.
Why did you do that?
'Cause I wasn't telling you the truth.
About what?
I said that she regretted
following Alicia.
But that's that's not what happened.
What did, Troy?
Well, after Alicia helped Serena
she gave her this.
Said it would bring us luck.
But But you you told me that
I know. I know.
I lied to you.

Serena made me promise to keep
what Alicia believed in alive
so I'd always know what
I was fighting for, but

I, uh I broke that
promise, Madison.
[LAUGHS] You're such a liar.
I'm not lying.
Why should we believe that?
I told you that I knew what
it was to believe in something
and how hard it was to let it go.
I told you that because
I saw it in Serena's eyes
when she was dying.
More fiction.
She never let go of what
she believed in,
even though it got her killed.
Back there, when we were going under

something in your eyes,
it was the look of someone
who was gonna die believing in nothing.
I couldn't I couldn't
let that happen.
No, not for your sake.
Not for hers.

Look, I
I didn't do what Serena asked.
I-I didn't I didn't keep it alive.
But, uh, maybe I could.

If you gave me a second chance.

Like Alicia did.
That's what you wanted to tell her.
I told you before He's gonna say
whatever he needs to say
in order to get what he wants.

Let's find out.
You said you'd take us to the herd.
It's time to hold up
your end of the deal.

Steamroller, midnight shoulder ♪
What they been sayin' must be true ♪
Red-hot mama, velvet charmer ♪
RUSSELL: We're here, Troy.
Rest of the herd's caught up.
I just wish you could see it.
TROY: I do see it.
And you might want to get down.

Now you're messin' with a ♪
A son of a bitch ♪
Now you're messin'
with a son of a bitch ♪

Get down!
A son of a bitch ♪

Gonna take a lot more than that.
Yeah. We know.


We know how to herd, too.
Let's go!
MAN: Hey, walkers! Over here! Walkers!
Over here!

Come on!

Deep breath. Deep breath.
How is she?
I think she's got fluid in her lungs.
We need to get her back to the island.
We broke up the herd.
Are you sure?
We did it, Madison.
We need to get her back to PADRE.
And Troy?
He did what he said he would do.
He stopped the herd.
We need to give him
the benefit of the doubt.
You want to let him on the island?
How can you possibly trust him
after everything he's done?
Because that's what you do when
you give a person a second chance.
You just want to feel better
about yourself
after all the horrible things
you've done.
He has more than made up
for the man he used to be.
So has Troy.
I'm sure Alicia thought the same thing.
What if he's telling the truth?
What if he's changed? What then?
Are you willing to risk that?
It worked. It kept you safe.
Yeah, it did.
You did.
You did what you said.
You found us a home.
And you kept me safe.
I'm, um
I'm sorry I lied to you for so long.
getting ready to head out.
Will you help the others load up
so I can talk to your dad?
I've been thinking.
Yeah? What about?
How she gave you a second chance.
Despite everything.
This is all I have left of her.
It doesn't have to be.
I'll do everything
in my power to make sure
I'm worthy of the second chance
that she gave me.
And everyone on that island, too.
Things have changed.
You have to believe me.
That's just it, Troy.
I don't.


Madison! What did you do?
I'm done with second chances.
Troy was right.
That's what got Alicia killed.
That's why I had to do this.
If I didn't, I'd be putting
you all at risk.
This is how we survive.
This is how PADRE survives.
[WEAKLY] You have to fight f-for Tracy
like you fought for Nick and Alicia.
Why would I do anything you say?
'Cause she's not my daughter.
No. You said your wife was
pregnant when Alicia helped you.
She was.
But she died before
the baby could be born.
If Serena's not Tracy's mother, who is?


I-I took her child to make up
f-for what I lost.
No. No!
No! No!
Where's Tracy?
Where is she?
Fighting for something
better can get you killed.
It's also something that
can let you live forever.
PADRE is the safest place.
We need to get to that island.

DWIGHT: What the hell is this?

We can't stay here much longer.
It's over, Daniel.
STRAND: It can't end like this!

Dad! Look out!

MAN: Got it. Here we go.
We're gonna take that island.
No they won't, and
neither will you, Troy.
really thinks the only way
she can protect everyone
is to kill Troy Otto,
to take him off the table.
That will be the thing
that sets PADRE up.
he very much blames Alicia
for the death of his wife, Serena,
but it's not in the way
that Madison expected.
- TROY: No!
Serena was inspired by Alicia.
Alicia changed her.
She wanted to be just like her.
Yeah. Was she?
That, of course, had a dark end for her
because she helped the wrong person,
and that person ended up killing her.
And Madison was responsible
for putting that idea
in Alicia's head in the first place.
CHAMBLISS: The arc of the episode
is all designed to make us think
that Madison will be
reminded of that lesson,
and it seems like that message
is getting through to Madison.
DICKENS: Yeah, that was an incredibly
Well, we do have a manmade swamp
on this location in Savannah.
They basically dug out and lined
it and filled it with water,
made it look like a swamp,
kept it safe for us.
And at one point, they put up
this swinging rope bridge
that goes across the swamp.
It's very Indiana Jones.
Come on, we have to go. Come on.
You know, rushing across that bridge,
it was pretty precarious.
I almost fell one time, and I was like,
"Ooh, that's pretty scary".
But, you know, my stunt girl, Karen,
she took the fall into the swamp.

CHAMBLISS: Madison is surprised
to learn that Troy
was the one who saved her.
Why would you do that?
Because I wasn't telling you the truth.
Alicia helped Serena. She gave her this.
GOLDBERG: It brings
a new understanding of Troy,
and, of course, then
the question becomes.
Is it going to be enough?
Things have changed.
You have to believe me.
DICKENS: Yeah, Madison
had been pretty waterlogged.
She almost drowned and Troy rescued her.
But in that rescue, she still realizes
she's got to stick by her word,
which is to get rid of him.
That's just it, Troy. I don't.
DICKENS: I think that was one
of the more intense scenes
that we did this season.
It was pretty emotional for Madison.
GOLDBERG: Madison has gone
too far down this road now,
and she takes a very drastic,
very dark action by killing Troy.
I'm done with second chances.
This is how PADRE survives.
That decision comes
with this great price.
If Serena's not Tracy's mother,
who is?
DICKENS: That destroys Madison.
It's changed everything again for her,
and she's set off on this
journey to find this kid,
this last bit of her family
that she has.
Where's Tracy? Where is she?
Tracy? Tracy?

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