Fear The Walking Dead (2015) s08e12 Episode Script

The Road Ahead

TROY: Belonged to Alicia.
Took it off her corpse
after I killed her.
MADISON: You said
you'd take us to the herd.
It's time to hold up
your end of the deal.
MAN: We're here, Troy
The rest of the herd is caught up.
TROY: I see it, and you might
want to get down.
TROY: Things have changed.
This is how PADRE survives.
Tracy, she's not my daughter.
If Serena's not Tracy's mother, who is?
Where is she?! Tracy!

You don't have to be afraid.

- Tracy?
- Tracy!

- Tracy, come out!
- Tracy!
- Tracy!
WOMAN: Tracy?

DWIGHT: I got it.
SHERRY: June, we need you
over at the docks.
JUNE: Did you find her?
Not yet, but we found Troy's guy.
His right-hand man,
he's hurt pretty bad.
DANIEL: What are you doing?
Why are you helping him?
He's our declared enemy.
The herd's dispersed. Okay?
We keep him close, we find out
where the others went.
Find a car and get it ready.
We need to get as far away
from this mess as we can.
It's over, Daniel.
Not as long as that girl
is out there somewhere.
SHERRY: Tracy? You're scared of her?
Troy's followers are fanatics.
I'm not sticking around to see
what they're gonna do
- to help his daughter.
- Do what you want.
We got to keep moving.
How far is your refinery?
- A day's drive.
- Okay.
Get the car, and I'll get the supplies.

[WHIMPERS] Aah! Aah!

Come on. You're gonna
get yourself killed.
You don't care.
You killed my dad.
I do. You heard Troy.
Your mom My daughter
No. It's not true.
My mom's name was Serena. She died!
Why would he tell me what he did?
I don't know.
Come on. Come with me.
It's not safe out here.
There are dead everywhere.
It's not safe with you.
I did what I had to do.
Stay away from
Your ankle's hurt, okay?
What's left of that herd
is still out here.
I'm all you got. Now, come on.
What's wrong with you?
Where are you taking me?
To find your mother
find my daughter.

So we can put her to rest.
My dad, he said you would change.

You believe that?
Listen, he was right about one thing
pretending the world's
different than it is
that's what gets people killed.
And the sooner you realize
that, the better.
That's how you're gonna survive.
I figured that out too late
to save my own kids.
I'm not gonna make
the same mistake with you.

Daniel, I'm at
the restoration place near 17.
Meet me here when you find supplies.
Don't say anything.
DANIEL: Luciana, you're
breaking up. Repeat, please.
Turn off the walkie.
What is this about? I'm
just trying to get home.
You said your road network
goes to Fort Worth, right?
I need you to show us the way.
Come on, kid.
She looks hurt.
Why are you doing it this way?
I can't run the risk of you
taking her back to the island.
She needs to understand
that living the way
Strand wants to, the way
I used to think we could,
that's just gonna get her killed.
What does that have to do with me
driving you halfway across the country?
You said you'd take us there once
Troy was out of the picture.
Not like this.
Fix the car so we can get out of here!

I'm fine.
Alicia deserves to be put at rest.
Maybe that will help you
see beyond your anger.
Maybe that will show her
there is something more to fight for.
I need to get a new fuel pump.
Your walkie.

There. How's that?
Should keep the swelling down.
What you're trying to do,
pretending we're family,
it won't change what you did.
I know what I did seems unforgivable.
But at least this way, you're
gonna live long enough
to understand why I did it.
What's this for?
My dad said he got it from my mom.
If what he said was true
it belonged to Alicia.
Why are you giving it to me?
It doesn't work.
It didn't keep my dad safe.
Guess it didn't keep
Alicia safe, either.
Back away!

I'm not leaving you.
I said, back away.
Magazine's not loaded.
You think I'd risk pointing a loaded gun
at my daughter's kid?
Why are you keeping that?
We both know it doesn't work.
Well, besides you, it's all
I have left of my daughter.
We'll get a new chain for it.
STRAND: Madison,
what are you doing here?!
What the hell? You told them?
I gave you my walkie.

DANIEL: Luciana
We need to take Tracy back to PADRE
so she can process what's happened.
Help you process what Troy told you.
No. She can't go back there.
I can't go back there.
Madison, PADRE is the safest place.
The herd, it's done.
What you want to build there,
what Alicia wanted,
what I wanted it to be for so long,
it'll just get her killed!
What are you talking about, Madison?
Alicia she gave Troy a second chance,
and he killed her for it,
and then he stole her kid!

I know things may seem
very scary right now,
but you can trust me.
Get away from her, Victor!
- It's part of the herd!
- I got it!
Madison, you're not thinking clearly.
Don't follow us. Fix the car.
- There isn't time.
- Bullshit.
I am not going to let you
take Luciana away from me.
Nobody's gonna get hurt
if you just let us go.
Come on.
We'll go on foot if we have to.
- ADA: Shoot them!
- No!
We don't have enough bullets.
We'll only draw more of them.

We need to get inside!

Is there another way out?
LUCIANA: The back wall is caved in.
Another one of your fabricated
dead-ends, Madison.
If you'd just let us leave
STRAND: There's no point
in casting aspersions.
Let's get help.
PADRE ONE, this is Victor
do you copy?
PADRE ONE, this is
Victor do you copy?
FRANK: Victor, where the hell are you?
[SIGHS] Frank. We're pinned
inside an auto shop.
We need help.
We're not going to be able to help you.
We've got our own problem with the dead.


What the hell is this?
RUSSELL: You should have done
more than disperse 'em.
If Troy taught us one thing,
it's how to herd the dead.
They're gonna overrun this place,
and there's not a damn thing you
or anybody else can do about it.

This isn't what he wanted.
We had a truce! He told
us where the herd was!
And then you killed him.
You stop them.
Stop them!
I can't. [CHUCKLES]

Okay, get everyone inside!
Close the gates now!

We don't have enough firepower,
so we wait them out.
They'll tire eventually.
Time is one thing that we do not have.
Frank, Frank, do you copy?
Victor, can you hear me?
can you hear me?
I can, Victor.
I'm on the repeater network.
As long as it's running, you
should be able to hear us.
- Are you okay?
We're safe for now.
You? Klaus?
We're surrounded by walkers,
just like you.
But the walls are holding.
Is Tracy there?
She is. Why?
Troy's man, he wants to talk to her.
He says that if we hand her over,
his men will draw the walkers away.
- Victor, no.
- Tracy
- Victor, Victor
- Just
Tell him you're all right.
Is it really you, Russell?
I promised your your daddy
I'd take care of you,
and that's what I'm going to do.
Troy asked me to look after her.
After you gutted him.
The man wasn't in his
right mind, Madison.
She's all I have left, Russell.
That's not necessarily true.
What the hell does that mean?
Troy stabbed Alicia.
Left her for dead.
But he didn't see her die.

He told me she turned.
He said it because
that's what I told him.
You see, Troy cut her up pretty good.
But she got him, too.
Nearly drove that arm of hers
clean through his stomach.
Just like mother, like daughter.
And that's how he got it.
He limped home with that thing
still stuck in his belly.
Couple days after the fight,
Troy sent me and some of the men back
make sure the job was done.
We found a mattress soaked in blood.
The knife he stabbed her
with on the floor.
Bloody footprints heading out the door.
That doesn't necessarily
mean she's alive.
No, she could be.
He could be lying to get what he wants.
Why would you tell him that she died?
Troy was in a lot of pain.
He wasn't in a forgiving mood,
so I told him what he wanted to hear.
So give me Tracy,
and you go find your daughter.
LUCIANA: Don't fall for it, Madison.

Can't do that.
If Alicia is out there,
she deserves to be with her daughter.
She wouldn't want me
to turn her over to you.
I thought you might say that, Madison.
I guess we're just gonna have
to take this island then.
Walls are 10 feet thick.
The walkers can't get in here.
They don't have to get in.
We just have to get you out.
Tracy, get as far away
from there as you can!

Frank? Frank? Can you hear me?
Do you copy?
- We need to get to that island.
- DELLA: Tell that to them.
Help me! I'm doing this
with or without you!
- Victor, no!
- No, no!


How did you do that?
We've had a couple grenade
launchers for a while.
Just had to wait for the right
moment to let 'em rip.
The fire team can't get it
under control.
We can't stay here much longer.
SHERRY: Daniel was right.
We should have left him
out there to die.
Did you find them?
PADRE had them deep in storage,
but what are they?
A little help from the past. Good.
How far to the docks?
DWIGHT: A hundred yards,
if we go through the woods.
DIANE: How do we get past the dead?
Hey, you take the prefects
and you fire off as many flares
as you can on the far walls.
Will that draw enough away?
I don't know.

Look, the flares, they'll
thin the herds, okay?
But we're gonna create our own path.
Only kill walkers if you have to,
and whatever you do, do not stop
until you get to the dock!

Come on.

You ready?
For Finch.
Open 'em!
Are you insane? They'll eat you alive.
That's why you're here.
I think that's the last of them.
Everyone okay?
We can get to the island now.
This is the last time you put in danger
what's left of my family to save yours!
Daniel, you would do the same thing
if you knew that Luciana
was on that island.
Hey, I know what you're doing,
Victor Strand.
I know your game.
You're pursuing this
self-serving crusade
to help you feel better
about all the rotten things
that you've done.
You think that's what this is about?
The parts of me that you hate
are the things
that you don't like about yourself.
You're a psychiatrist now, Mr. Con-Man?
Every single person
I care for and I lost,
somehow you and you were a part of it!
We have all lost people, Daniel.
I was thinking about Los Angeles
the other day,
and I'm so sorry I let your husband
into my barbershop,
because ever since I did,
everything has been bad luck for me.
What have you ever done for us?!
And you know what?
I am sorry we let you into our home.
I'm sorry I let you onto my boat.
LUCIANA: I got the fuel pump working.
It's ready to go.
We can make it to the refinery
before sunrise.
I don't know if Alicia's alive,
but wherever she is,
she's better off without you.
- That's enough!
- Daniel!
This will get you where you want to go.
I left you a can of gas.
I hope you find her, and I hope
you find the peace you deserve.
Let her go. They got the right idea.
Run as far away from these
people as you can,
because you are losing your mind.
And you, you're a selfish,
pathological liar
that would've gotten
Luciana and myself killed,
just like every single person
I ever cared for!

Frank, do you copy?
FRANK: Victor, there are too many.
We can't get to the dock.
They're pushing us back to the center.
STRAND: Frank, what
are you talking about?
Why aren't you inside the fort?
Frank? Frank? Why aren't you answering?
Go, go!
I'm sorry, Victor.
We've got our hands full.
They're going to breach the net.
We need to move. The docks are close.
Come on. What are you waiting on?
We're not going with you, Victor.
Frank, Klaus, everyone,
they're at the island.
I have to find Alicia.
We will after we get to the island.
I'm in no shape for a fight.
If I go to the island,
I might not come back.
I need you, Madison.
I need my friend.
to try to save my family.

You are my friend,
but I can't.
You don't understand, Victor.
I've been seeing her.
Nick, too.
It's like a dream.
Just their faces.
Back in LA, before everything went bad.

If I have the chance
to find her, Victor,
I have to try.
Start over.
You don't think I want that?
I have my family.
I dream that you'll have yours, too.
Then you understand
why I have to look for her.

I can't go any further with you, Victor.

So this is it.

I came here to save her.
I came here to save you.
So I can give you a chance
to get things right.
And now Frank and Klaus
may die because of it.
I guess you're teaching her
what you want her to learn.
This is how you survive.

Let's move.
If you find Alicia
tell her I tried.

If you're so sure the world's shit,
why was it so important for Alicia
to believe it could be different?
I don't know, Tracy. I
I think parents just try
to give their kids
the things that they didn't have.
So, when you were a kid,
you didn't have anything to believe in?

My daddy used to drink.
And when he drank, he hurt my mama.
He'd hit her.
Then he'd apologize. He'd
claim he'd stop drinking,
but he never did.
I watched that happen for a long time.
I was like your age.
And then, one day, it just went too far.
I just saw too much.
Like all those moments
just sort of built up.
And I knew he was gonna kill my mama
And I wanted it to stop.

And I wanted it to stop so bad,
I shot him.

You did it to protect her.
You You didn't want Alicia
to have to do anything like that.

Yeah, I thought I could build a
a place where she wouldn't have to,
where she and my son could feel safe.
But all I ever did was just
put them in danger.
So you get it?

Get what?
Why I have to do this.

Why are you laughing?
Because you finally understand.
This is what happens when you
try to build something better.
You end up giving people hope.
End up putting them in danger.
You end up getting them killed.
Find Alicia.
Make sure she understands, too.
No! She's She's not my mom!
I'm done listening to you!

Can anyone hear me?! We're in trouble!
We need help! Someone! Anyone!
We can't fight them off on our own!
LUCIANA: Victor, we copy, but
we cannot get there in time.
It can't end like this!
It can't end like this!

I was looking for you

all night.
I shot Madison.
I had to.
But I think everyone died on the island.

I love you, Dad.



You were all I had left.
STRAND: Put the gun down, Tracy.
[SIGHS] Leave me alone.
If that's what you want.
But first, if you let me,
I'd like to help clean you up.
And there's something
I need to tell you.

Hmm. I know a place that's safe.

What do you want?
Why are you still here?
I'm here because you still have
something left to fight for.
You just don't know it yet.
How can you say that?
How are you even alive?
Because Madison saved me.
She saved all of us.
And I promised her I'd find you,
so I could tell you what she did.
No. No, no.
I-I shot her.
I killed her.

STRAND: She thought she was dying, too.
She thought it was all over.
What happened?

Something stopped the bullet.

The St. Christopher's medallion
Alicia's medallion.

I-I I don't understand.

After you shot her, after she realized
you wanted everything to end,
she knew she was wrong.
She knew she had to do something
big, something monumental,
in order to have any hope
of restoring your faith.
My faith?
In what?
In what's worth fighting for.

Move! Move!
Move that way!
STRAND: For the people we love.

For the people we have.

For the things that are bigger
than all of us.


For the things that we'd give up
our lives to protect.
There's no way
she could've saved you all.
Not with that many dead.
- But she did.
- How?
The same way she did once before.

She led the dead into PADRE's walls
so we could escape to the docks.
So we could live.


Why would she do that for you?
It wasn't just for us, Tracy.
It was for you, too, so you would know.
Know what?
That your dad, that Madison
they were right.
They knew that fighting
for something better can get you killed.
But it's also something that
just fighting to survive can't.
It can let you live forever.

Then I've got no one left.
Yes, you do.
You have me.
- No.
- And all the others.
She died for me.
And so did he.
I can't.
- Tra
- Can't.
I can't be here.

I found this chain in the supplies.
I wish this still worked.
Where am I?
You're awake.
I thought you were gonna die.
I had to drag you up here
on a stretcher.
I think your lungs got infected.
My dad, he trained all of
his kids in field medicine.
The fort it collapsed.
Took half a day to dig you
out of the rubble.
If you didn't have this on,
you would've suffocated.
You came back.
You're the only family I have left.
Victor told me what you did.
I am so sorry about your dad.
I know you are.
I'm sorry I I shot you.
I don't think I gave you much choice.
You did good.
You did real good.
WOMAN: Is anyone there?
I'll be okay.
Stop! Don't come any closer!
WOMAN: I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Keep your hands up and move
slowly towards the tent.
You can put the gun down.
I'm just here to bury my



I just can't believe it's real.
It is.
I promise you, it is.
You okay?
I will be.
What is that?
That is a very old friend I came across
searching a warehouse for supplies.
Trying to return him
to his rightful owner.
How did you find us?
A story.
About a woman who
sacrificed herself here.
And the person who told me
said her name was Madison.
And it didn't make any sense,
and I didn't know how you
could possibly be alive
but I had to be sure.
I saw the fort over there.
How are you still here?
Your daughter.
She came back. She saved me.
What are you talking about?

She's the child that Troy took from you.

I never had a kid.
You're not my mom?
No, I'm I'm not,
but I knew your mom
when you were a baby.
Her name was Serena.
She was a pretty amazing woman.
I don't understand why Troy would lie
about something like that.

TRACY: He knew how hard you
fought for your own kids.
He wanted to give you
a reason to fight for me.

You said you heard a story about me.
From who?
I've been picking up
radio chatter on the road.
I think their route runs by here.
You know I would've come looking for you
if I knew you were alive.
I would've come looking for you, too.
I never would've stopped.
After Troy attacked me,
after I got back on my feet,
I went to find the people
I'd been staying with.
And I saw something on the road,
these women that dressed
like me, they used weapons
I was using, they were doing
the things that I was doing.
They were helping people.
- We met some of them.
- Yeah.
It's like the story of what
I'd done was doing more good
than I could on my own.
And so I went somewhere else.
I started using a different name
so Troy couldn't find me.
If I hadn't have done that,
maybe we would've found each other.
You made the right choice.
You gave all those people
something to believe in.
Alicia, Madison.

The people who told me what you did,
they have one of those containers.

Because of me?
They don't even know you're alive.

Everyone has the maps?
Everyone knows where to refuel?
What direction you headed?
Uh, there's a cabin in Texas
I want to visit.
Someone there I
haven't seen in a while.
You want company?
It's far.
It's okay. Gives you time to teach me.
Teach you what?
What you did for me when I got shot
I want to learn how to do
the same for other people.
We're going to the right place, then.
Um, why's that?
The cabin belonged to my husband.
It's where I met him.
It's where he taught me to shoot
to survive

To live again.
If he can do that for me there,
maybe I can do the same for you
ADA: We'll get the repeater
stations working.
You'll be able to contact
each other, stay in touch.
You'll be hearing from us.
We think some of the parents
might still be out there.
Uh, we're gonna find them.
Well, we found each other,
against all odds.
We'd like to do the same for you.
And when you find them,
where will they live?
We'll figure it out.


What are you thinking?

I was thinking of The Sanctuary.
We We could take everybody there.
Why would you want to go back there?

Bec Because we know it,
it's defensible.
The streets are still intact.
Oh, my.
I ca
I lost you to that place before, D.
I can't lose you again.
Hey. You're not gonna lose me again.
We are family.
I mean, maybe
maybe we can take that place and
and and make it worthy of its name.
I don't know.
It'll make Finch proud.

Okay, let's try.

- I love you.
- I love you.

I've been thinking about
what I told you.
And I was wrong in some parts.
You did save me, you did save my family
when the world fell apart.
Thanks for the Abigail.
No need to thank me for something
that people should do for one other.
You just caught me on a good day.
Maybe you do remind me of
the worst things about myself.
I don't know if people like us
can act differently.
And that's why I have
a problem with you, Victor.

You know, but for the sake
of others and our own sakes
I guess we got to try to change.
I think I have.
Whether you have, that's up to you.


Take good care of yourself.
You, too.


Where did you come from?


Did you put this in here?
No. Why?
Nothing. Come on.
You did all that you could.
If Tracy wants to be found, she will.
We'll comb the area a few more times.

What are you looking at, Victor?

Where to?


Are you sure you're okay with this?
They don't need me.
They're like the people
who stepped in for Alicia.
They'll do better
if they think I'm gone.
Before I give them a reason
to stop believing.

Well, where to?
I kept having these visions
of you, of Nick
back before everything went bad.
Los Angeles.
We saw it get bombed.
That was a long time ago.
Probably still pretty rough there.
Probably a lot of people
who could use our help.

It's never gonna be what it was.
That doesn't mean we can't start over.

Let's go.
You in, Tracy?
Let's go home.
And a young'un's dream
of growing up to ride ♪
On a freight train leaving town ♪
Not knowing where I'm bound ♪
And no one could change
my mind, but mama tried ♪
Mama tried, mama tried
to raise me better ♪
But her pleading I denied ♪
That leaves only me to blame
'cause mama tried ♪

Well, well, well, we've come to our end.
I'd like to thank
the incredible fan base
of "Fear the Walking Dead" for
supporting us all these years.
Muchas gracias, and I
hope that you continue
to support us in the future as well.
Thank you to the fans for watching.
It's been fantastic to know
we're being supported by you.
So, thank you very much.
Thank you so much for all your love
and support for Grace and for me.
Thank you for making me feel welcome.
Thank you so much for your support,
for your passion.
Thank you for watching.
Thank you.

TRACY: My dad said he got it
from my mom.
If what he said was true,
it belonged to Alicia.
Why are you giving it to me?
It doesn't work.
Didn't keep my dad safe.
GOLDBERG: Madison starts this episode
in the aftermath of killing Troy,
and she wants to take Tracy,
who she believes is now
the only family she's got left,
as far away from PADRE as possible.
She wants to teach her to veer away from
"no one's gone until they're
gone" mentality in her,
which is completely different
than the Madison
that we even saw
at the beginning of this season.
DICKENS: I think that's been
part of her struggle,
and her arc this season is
sort of learning how to be there
and where she wants to be
in that doctrine.
Not going with you, Victor.
If I go to the island,
I might not come back.
I need you, Madison.
I need my friend
as I try to save my family.
You are my friend.
But I can't.
Good. Good. Cut. Cut.
DICKENS: Colman and I knew we
were going into that that day.
And we knew it would be
our last real scene together
as these characters
and that it was, in effect,
these characters,
it was their goodbye scene.
DOMINGO: You almost want
to put such grace around it.
And you don't want to think
about it too much more.
You want to let it be
and have a space for it.
So this is it?
That scene is going to bring
not only Madison and Strand
into the room
but Colman and Kim into the room
in eight seasons of
"Fear the Walking Dead" together
and being best friends
on camera and off camera.
DICKENS: Colman and I
love working together.
It's been a really magical
friendship that I made
many friendships, of course
but that one is really, um, powerful.
All I ever did was just
put them in danger.
- So you get it.
- Get what?
Why I have to do this.
this will be a moment
where Madison will be
kind of devastated,
but instead, Madison is glad
that Tracy has learned
this very dark lesson,
because she thinks that's what Tracy
will need to carry forward to live.
It's this deeply cynical,
broken aspect to Madison
that we haven't seen
in such a heightened way before.
CHAMBLISS: For us, it's a sad moment
because we've seen kind of
how far Madison has fallen
as a character,
that she actually believes that
with every fiber of her being.
DICKENS: You know, we think
Madison is felled by that,
but, in the end, is protected
by an empty magazine
as well as the Saint
Christopher's medal.
Madison realizes she does need
to live for something better,
in a better way.
And the only way to sort of
regain the trust
of this grandchild, really,
is to show her how to live
and to be a better person
and to sacrifice herself again.
And she knew she was going to
have to do something major.
AMELIO: We kind of always
joke about this,
but, like, we always burn something down
or some big compound gets destroyed.

CHAMBLISS: We had all of our characters
kind of at this crossroad
with the idea that they're all
going to these different corners
of the apocalyptic world.
They're going to spread the idea
of trying to build something better,
all of which was kind of
inspired by Madison's sacrifice.
And it was really this story of Madison
and what she could provide for everyone.
That almost makes the myth of Madison,
the legend of Madison more
important than the person.
GOLDBERG: Of course, what we then
realize in a very emotional way
is that that story did live on.
Madison not only lived,
but the story of her sacrifice lived on,
and it spread out in the world.
And that story found its way to Alicia.

CHAMBLISS: It felt like Madison's
story and Alicia's story
would never really be complete
if these two characters
weren't able to come together
one more time.
We'd talked about a lot
of different ways to do it,
but, ultimately, we felt like
the way they should be
reunited, for Madison,
should almost feel like
it was this karmic reward
for her making the right decision,
for her ultimately standing up
for what she believed in.
You know I would have come looking
for you if I knew you were alive.
I would have come looking for you, too.
I never would have stopped.
GOLDBERG: It was just wonderful
to really bring those journeys
full circle and to promise a story
between them and Tracy that
that will outlive "Fear".
DICKENS: Everybody join me in
thanking Alycia Debnam-Carey
for coming and being part
of our series finale.
Thank you, everyone. Thank you so much.
It's been amazing coming back.
I really, really appreciate
you all. Thank you.
I know when the
the gentleman talked to me
about coming back to the show,
they sort of pitched me this
idea of reuniting with Alicia
in the end.
She and I both love this show so much
and both love the fan base,
and we want to do that for them,
so we were happy to do that.
I just want to say what
a journey this has been.
CHAMBLISS: It's been
a lot of mixed emotions
saying goodbye to this show.
I don't think it's sunk in yet
that it's over.
DICKENS: I really love
playing the character.
I loved doing the show.
I'll miss it, for sure.
Our ride has been so special.
I feel grateful, I feel happy.
My heart is full.
this show for the fans,
and you truly are
the best fans in the world.
To share these episodes with you
and to know that they are
connecting with you
is what makes it all worth it.
DOMINGO: It's kind of a beautiful gift
that, like, you leave this show
and you know that you have love
wherever you go.
You change people's lives.
You really do.
EVANGELISTA: I've had the most wonderful
experiences with the fans,
and I'm so grateful that I got
to meet a lot of them in person
- at different events and things.
- Yeah. Yeah.
But even just just the love
and the support from you guys
is truly the reason the show has been on
- for as long as it has been.
- Yeah.
Just thank you for making the experience
as big and beautiful all around
as it was for me
between action and cut.
Thank you to the
"Fear the Walking Dead" fans.
Thank you.
Thank you guys so much.
That was it!
Victor's almost left the building.
Let's go home.

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