Feedback (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[ominous music playing]
[footsteps echoing]
- [glass clinks]
- [swallows]
[ominous music intensifies]
[lamp shatters]
[engine revving]
[horn honks]
[brakes screeching]
[horn honking]
[engine sputtering]
Fuck! Come on!
Fucking piece of shit.
Come on, you fuckin' son of a bitch!
Hi. You been waiting long?
Not really.
You told me to try to remember, right?
I found this at the train station.
Piotrek's wallet.
[exhales] And you think that's evidence?
Now that it's all covered
in your fingerprints?
- Piotrek was there.
- Come.
I don't remember how I knew
where they were going,
but I caught up with them.
At the train station.
I saw Piotrek getting dragged
into an underground passage.
One of them stayed behind
and beat the shit out of me.
He wore a black mask.
And that's when my wallet must've
fallen out by the Chinese restaurant.
And there's one more important thing.
Piotrek wanted to meet me
because he was afraid of them.
That, I remember perfectly.
He said, "Dad
those people are capable of anything."
After you left yesterday I had a chance to
speak with your daughter-in-law for a bit,
and she couldn't explain something.
Piotrek had a car, right?
Hold on. You don't give a shit
about what I'm saying, do you?
Because you've already made up your mind
that I was the one who hurt my son.
She claims that he barely ever drove it
and was always lending it to his friends.
Your daughter-in-law is wondering
where that car is right now.
It is registered in your name, right?
Hey, are you even listening
to what I'm saying?
He was attacked by two guys.
One of them wore a mask.
I didn't see the other one.
He might've had his face covered too.
But they were leading Piotrek
through the station.
He wasn't anywhere near his goddamn car!
Yeah. I know. I know. And we're
gonna check it all out. Believe me.
But if you really wanna help
Eh You might wanna try shedding
some light on the gaps in Piotrek's life.
Hold on a sec.
You really think that's more important
than the fact that somebody
kidnapped Piotrek in the street?
If you really think somebody hurt him,
we're definitely not gonna find out
anything hanging around the train station.
Our time's better spent
filling in those gaps in his life.
[spoon clinking]
I gave the car to Piotrek right after
you people took my driver's license.
I don't think I have to add why.
- It was a Volvo?
- Yes.
XC90. Metallic paint.
It's a 2007.
- What do those go for today?
- I have no idea.
[spoon clinking]
You're looking for
potential issues, right?
But his only issue is
that he made enemies.
Now, he was afraid of those people,
and he wanted to tell me about it.
Except I can't fucking remember
who they are or why he was afraid of them.
All I know is that they came for him.
Do you understand?
And I chased them into the station.
That's what you should be focusing on.
Did he ever borrow money from you?
Knock it off, alright?
The other cops already asked me that
when they picked me up.
No. There were never
any arguments about money. Okay?
Piotrek was making a good living.
Look. All I wanna know is if he had any
expensive habits we should know about.
Like what?
He's not into gambling,
or, uh, drugs of any kind,
Or alcohol, for that matter.
And when you were pissed
out of your mind, sleeping around,
and whatever other crap you were doing,
did everyone know about it
or did you at least try
to be a bit discreet?
At least in the beginning.
[exhales deeply]
[Marcin] The biggest mistake
an alcoholic can make
is convincing himself
that he doesn't care about anything.
If you convince yourself
that you never actually cared,
you can absolve yourself of sin.
And after you absolve yourself,
you immediately start drinking again.
Oh, you're gonna get it! Come here, you!
[Marcin growling]
Come here! Come here!
Ooh! Ho! Oh!
[Marcin laughing]
[Ula] It doesn't make any sense.
You say they kidnapped him
and put him in the car, right?
Then later, they give him
a ride to the train station.
And the whole time they're wearing
these stupid masks?
So, what?
They just stopped him to buy him a ticket?
Or maybe the kidnappers
all have monthly passes?
Tell me something, Ula. When did you
become an expert on kidnappings?
- Sorry I'm thinking so logically.
- [Marcin] Yeah, Ula. That's great.
Only problem is
you weren't there, were you?
And Piotrek was afraid of those people.
He knew they wanted to hurt him.
So, why didn't he go to the police?
Why didn't he say anything to anyone?
- He did tell someone.
- Yeah, sure he did. You. Just great.
The guy who can't remember anything.
Are you sure you were even there?
Or is everything you're telling us
just hallucinations from a drunk?
How about this? Did I dream this up?
How do you think that happened? Huh?
- I bash my own head against a wall?
- Maybe.
Everything was going fine. And suddenly
Piotrek disappears and doesn't say a word.
To me, to you, to Kinga, just him.
Mom, this doesn't make any sense.
Ula, please.
We're all on the same side here.
I see. So, you're defending him now?
After everything he did to us?
Ula, I'm really trying here.
I don't know what else you want me to do.
If anything happens to Piotrek,
I will never, ever forgive you.
You understand? Never.
[tense music builds]
[liquid pouring]
[Asia] Marcin.
[music fades out]
[Asia] You have to remember.
[Marcin exhales]
Asia, I'll find him.
[lo-fi music playing]
[lo-fi music fades out]
[grunts lightly, inhales]
[woman on PA] from East Warsaw Station
to Skierniewice Station
via stations Pruszkow And Grodz
[breathes deeply]
Listen, guys.
I'm coming here with nothing.
Piotrek's nowhere to be found.
He just disappeared.
To my family, I'm enemy number one.
My wife and daughter
both think it's all my fault.
And now the police are suggesting that
there may be things
we didn't know about him.
That maybe he used drugs or gambled.
But Piotrek isn't like I am.
I know that.
You know, if I'm being
totally honest about this,
he really was a cocky
little punk of a kid.
When he was a little boy, he
He loved Peter Pan
because he thought it was all about him.
And for me, that's um
my last completely good memory of my son.
[Jarek] Okay. Shall we take a break
or go right into feeds?
[Marcin] Feeds or feedback.
[Jarek] Who's first?
That's the enlightening part in all this.
- Uh
- [Jarek] Sylvia?
Um, so for Cugus.
[Marcin] Therapy helps us learn things
about ourselves. So, we keep coming.
It's something we all
ran away from our entire lives.
But here, we learn not to run anymore.
We were never taught that as children.
And eventually you'll find someone else.
Thank you. [clears throat]
For Marcin, uh
[Marcin] Of course, the hardest part about
feedback isn't speaking the honest truth,
but hearing it.
I don't think you can assume that your son
is completely different than you are.
First of all,
he's an adult child of an alcoholic.
You can't completely disregard
what the police are saying
just because it doesn't exactly fit
with that nice image
you have of Piotrek in your head.
Thank you, Sylvia.
[indistinct chattering]
- [foot scraping]
- [exhales deeply]
[chairs shuffling]
Please leave.
I just came here to eat something.
I'll call the police.
I swear to you,
I'll just have a bite to eat and take off.
Just do me a small favor.
Can you ask those guys
to sit somewhere else?
Alright. You can stay.
But you're gonna be sitting right here.
[chair scraping]
I'll have whatever
you recommend, my friend.
- [man 1] Alright. So, what did he do then?
- [man 2] He deleted his online profiles.
He wasn't answering
any of his texts or emails.
Nobody knew what was going on with him.
Except that he took off
for a vacation to Thailand, no less.
- Wow. Well, that's something.
- Excuse me, gentlemen. Sorry.
Hi, by the way.
I just Uh
So, listen. [chuckles]
There's been a bit of a mistake.
I, uh I'd reserved that table.
Well, you'll just have to take it up
with the staff, then.
Yeah. So, anyway, I've already
forgotten all about the guy.
But today I actually bumped
into his sister on the subway, so
I asked her if he had a good time
on his vacation in Thailand.
- And she tells me
- Gentlemen, how 'bout I pay for your meal?
I know it's a little bit weird,
but you'd be doing me a big favor.
Thanks! But we can
afford our own meals. Okay?
- Anyway, so go on.
- So, I ask her how her brother is.
And if he's back from Thailand yet
Look, please, I can't tell you
how important this is.
I really need to sit here.
You understand, don't you?
[man 2] Buddy, you're bothering us.
I'm bothering you, you piece of shit?
- Hey!
- Huh? Are you deaf?
Now, get the fuck outta here!
- All of you! Go on! Get the fuck out!
- Is everything alright?
Yeah. It's all good now.
These gentlemen
kindly offered to change tables.
I'm terribly sorry. Please.
Let me offer you a meal on the house.
[man 2] You can
shove that meal up your ass.
[chair scraping]
[silverware clinking]
[chair scraping]
[tense music builds slowly]
[Marcin] Help me remember, Piotrus.
Piotrus Pan!
Come here.
Hi, son.
Hey, Dad.
[chair scraping]
[sighs] Not a bad place.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
See that? Guy looks like
Doctor Pai-Chi-Wo from "Mr. Kleks".
I haven't seen that movie.
How about that guy from
Curse of Snake's Valley?
Think he looks like him?
[Piotr] Mm-hm.
Why you so tense? What's going on?
How's work?
How's Kinga doing?
[Piotr exhales]
Come on, Pioter. Talk to me here.
You're the one who wanted to meet.
I really hate you.
[rock chords reverberating]
[dishes clattering]
Sir, I need you to leave immediately.
[rock chords continue]
[grunts, groaning]
[cuffs rattling]
[Cezary] Thanks. I appreciate it.
[rock chords fade out]
They're letting you go this time.
But get yourself together, man,
because I'm not gonna vouch for you again.
- You got it?
- [exhales sharply]
I was only trying to remember something.
I need to.
You doing anything at all?
All I hear from you is, "Well he's gone,
and he may or may not come back."
"He may have some dark secret.
Blah, blah, blah." You don't give a shit.
Only when I bring you a fucking lead
do you get off your ass
and briefly check it out.
This might interest you. We spoke to HR
at the IT company your son was working at,
and he gave in his notice two months ago.
You might have to reconsider what
you know about your son, Marcin.
[tape squeaking]
Hello, excuse me. Do you know him?
Do you recognize him?
I don't want any trouble.
What do you mean, trouble?
There's no trouble.
I just wanna to know if you recognize him.
We just wanna find him.
Here. At least take a flyer.
There's a number here.
It's my friend's son.
His family is really worried about him,
and they just wanna find him.
If you could think of anything
that might help, please call them.
[tense music playing]
Do your friends have any idea
that their son is a criminal and a thief?
Jadzia, one thing at a time.
What did she tell you exactly?
[Jadzia] Apparently,
she first saw Piotrek
as he was loitering outside her house.
- [beeping]
- Mm-hmm.
She thought he might be a courier.
Eventually, she asked him
what he was doing there.
He said that he was waiting
for a friend or something.
Few days later,
she was having trouble sleeping.
Uh so, she came downstairs,
and he was in her house.
- She saw him and that scared him off.
- Hold on, Jadzia.
Look. This isn't making any sense.
The kid's a programmer, right?
He works on video games.
He's not a fuckin' burglar.
Think about it for a second.
Also, what would he be doing
in Podkowa Lesna?
Yeah. But it doesn't hurt
to check it out, does it?
I'll send you their address. Okay?
Jadzia, I know you mean well,
but this is totally crazy.
Leave me alone, okay? Please.
I have to go. Good night.
[keys clatter]
[rock music playing on stereo]
[heavy metal playing]
[bass riff playing]
[upbeat rock music playing]
[music fades out]
- That'll be on the third floor.
- Excuse me. Darkcode?
Yep. Take the stairs over there.
Yes. So, they're only open
between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m.
[man] Piotrek handled the analysis of
development needs on all software levels.
Formulation of solutions,
negotiating with partners,
troubleshooting, bug-fixing,
In a nutshell.
So, out of the blue,
he comes in one day and just quits?
Uh, well, he started missing deadlines.
Refused to take constructive criticism
and, in my opinion,
he just lacked a sense of responsibility.
Excuse me, I have to go.
I'm not done with you yet, pal.
Get back here.
Did he start acting different
or out of character recently?
He mention any problems? Or something
he was having trouble dealing with?
All due respect, in my opinion,
it was a simple matter
of him not being mature enough.
I really gotta get going. Sorry.
Is Lolus somewhere here? On this floor?
He hasn't been in for a week.
He's on a medical leave.
[Kinga] If Lolus is lying, I'm sure
it's because Piotrek asked him to.
That's it.
Shoes off.
Seriously, Kinga?
[Kinga] Look.
Nobody kidnapped him, alright?
Why won't you accept that?
People just leave sometimes.
They disappear and don't wanna be found.
Piotrek was seeing someone else. Okay?
And he's probably having
a lot of fun right now.
He's deliriously fucking happy that
he managed to finally get rid of you all.
Good fucking riddance, all of you.
Kinga, Piotrek didn't have anyone else.
You're turning this
into a conspiracy theory.
I'm turning it into a conspiracy theory?
[chuckles] Have you heard yourself lately?
Except I saw it myself.
- [Kinga] Yeah?
- Yeah.
Then tell me something.
Right before he disappeared,
he wired 100 grand to our joint account
with a message saying, "I'm sorry."
Why would he do that? Huh?
And before that, why was he always
going to help his senile old teacher?
Or shall I say his lover?
I don't know what more you need to hear.
[liquid pouring]
[glass clinking]
Bet you'd love a drink. Huh?
Tell me about this teacher.
What's her name?
He say anything else about her?
Seriously? There is no teacher.
He took that old car of his
out of the garage
and said he was driving her
to doctor's appointments
and helping her out
with some tenant issues.
It was a bunch of bullshit.
She doesn't exist.
He just made her up for an excuse.
Because you know what?
He's exactly like his daddy is.
Thank you.
Do you know where that car is now?
- Can you just get outta here?
- [chuckles lightly]
[mysterious music playing]
[line ringing]
Yes. Hello. I'm calling to find out if,
in the last several weeks,
you might've worked on a Volvo XC90?
Metallic, 2007.
Thank you.
No. I don't know if it's been picked up.
Alright. I'll wait. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but don't you have some kind
of system to check which shop in Warsaw
could've imported parts
for that particular model?
I don't think I'm asking
the impossible here.
Really? And you can't even check for me?
Is that too fucking much to ask?
Yeah. Sure. Fine. Thanks.
Thanks for nothing.
[phone buzzing]
Yeah. Yes, yes. I called.
It would've been about two weeks ago.
[tense music playing]
[mysterious music playing]
[man] Forget something?
You remember where
it might've been towed from?
An intersection in Podkowa.
[coughs, clears throat]
Need a ride?
- No, thanks. I'm not going far.
- Call me tomorrow, then.
Yeah. Thanks.
[truck engine turns over]
[tense music playing]
[door creaks]
- Stay.
- [gate creaks]
[dog whimpers]
- Hey. How ya doin'?
- Move over.
Jadzia, they took away
my driver's license,
not my ability to drive. Alright?
Either you move over and let me drive
or we're taking my car.
[chuckles lightly]
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Look. I'm sorry to bother you.
- I'm Piotrek Kania's father.
- [woman] Who?
The boy who's gone missing.
The one you recognized from the poster
I was putting up at the train station.
Piotrek apparently broke into your house.
[man] Who is it?
Parents of the kid.
- [Marcin sighs]
- Thank you, but we don't drink.
Did my son ever break into your house?
Darling, come over here for a minute.
Yes. That's definitely him.
And did you report it to the police?
- I wanted to
- [man coughs]
Excuse me.
[man clears throat] You know
Forgive me for being blunt,
but we're fairly wealthy people and, uh
we didn't want any unnecessary trouble.
And besides [chuckles]
what could he have stolen here?
[Marcin] Hmm.
I'm not stupid.
I don't keep money around the house.
So then what was my son doing here?
[Marcin exhales]
It's highly likely that
my friend's son was hurt.
Did you notice anything?
Nothing happened to him here.
[Marcin] I hate this fuckin' asshole.
Because he can drink, and I can't.
Even though I want it, I need it.
And without it, I'm just going
through life like I'm crossing the desert,
thirsty, feverish, and dying a slow death.
And he can just drink
to his heart's content.
[woman] Would you like
something to drink, gentlemen?
Goska, cut it out.
That's all I know.
Are you sure you don't want anything?
Fuck off, alright?
Would you, please?
[man 2] He tried once before
and screwed up, so he came back.
Except this time Bugajski caught him.
You gonna take care of him?
Come on.
Let's go.
What do you do,
if you don't mind my asking?
None of your business.
Is it that big a secret?
[man grunts lightly]
[chuckles lightly] I get it now.
You two are journalists, right?
Yeah, that guy who's been calling me.
He was the one who sent you, isn't he?
It's getting late.
I think you should leave now.
[man] I never stole anything from anyone.
Nobody helped me out. Not even my brother.
Please. We'd like you to leave now.
[man] This is none of your business,
so keep your nose out
Listen to me, you fuck.
My son is not a burglar or a thief.
Are we clear?
He's just a normal young kid.
- What son?
- What was he doing here?
Tell me what my son
was doing in your house
before I beat the shit out of you!
That wasn't your fucking son, was it?
- Please. Just get out of here. Alright?
- Marcin!
Marcin. Marcin. Let's go!
[Marcin breathing heavily]
Those people definitely could use
some professional help.
[line ringing]
You said before that you found
a bunch of receipts in the car
from gas stations and shops in Podkowa.
And that's where
they towed the car from. Right?
So, he had to have
gone there for a reason.
Did he have a friend there?
Could he have been having an affair?
He told his wife that he was going
to help some senile old teacher of his.
But she says he was going there
to get some action on the side.
Did she say anything else?
No. Just that he was supposedly
helping out with some tenant issues.
And he was driving her
to doctor's appointments.
He didn't happen to have
mentioned her name, did he?
Piotrek was probably
only saying what was convenient.
And we're both well aware
of that trick, aren't we?
- And where was he towed from exactly?
- From Turkusowa Street.
Hmm Well, let's go, then.
Where to?
Just come.
[tense music playing]
[Jadzia] She's kind of a local celebrity.
Well, celebrity's a strong word.
Some might say
she's more of a shit-disturber.
Depends on who you ask.
Orszanska fights for tenants' rights
in Warsaw and in Podkowa.
She's made a lot of enemies,
but for a good cause.
[intercom ringing]
You sure this is the place?
[intercom ringing]
[gate clanking]
Come on!
[Marcin sighs]
- [doorbell chimes]
- Jadzia, there's nobody here.
She might be sleeping.
We'll just wake her up.
- [knocking]
- [Marcin sighs]
[man] Hello. What are you doing here?
- Visiting a friend.
- [man] At this hour?
Excuse me. What business is that of yours?
Do you live here?
[man] Your friend isn't home, ma'am.
Are you gentlemen
friends of Mrs. Orszanska?
[man] It's just that
there's been a lot of burglaries here.
Please leave.
Jadzia. Jadzia, give it a rest.
Excuse me. Are you gentlemen
some kind of neighborhood watch?
[tense music builds]
[man] You still have
a daughter, don't you?
Now mind your own
fuckin' business or else.
[music intensifies]
[shouts] Jadzia!
[tense music fades out]
[lo-fi music playing]
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