Feedback (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- [Marcin grunting]
- [ominous music playing]
Okay. Jadzia.
Hey! Hang on, okay?
[Marcin] Fuck.
Jadzia, can you hear me?
- Jadzia?
- [moans]
- Fuck!
- [engine revving]
[horn honking]
Jadzia, we're almost there.
Get a doctor!
Get a doctor!
[exhales sharply]
[Marcin] Jadzia.
[man] You still have
a daughter, don't you?
[man] Now mind your own
fuckin' business or else.
[Marcin] Jadzia!
[Marcin] Someone!
[Piotr] This is your fault.
I hate you.
- [grunts]
- [clanging]
[Piotr] You have no idea
what kind of people they are.
They can kill you just like that.
[breathing heavily]
They're untouchable.
[Marcin grunting forcefully]
[rock music playing]
Hey, listen. I'll be, uh
I'll be right back.
How you guys doin'? Looking good!
Listen. I'll be back in a minute, alright?
Hey, you feel like a drink?
So, the cops bust into the hotel room.
Right? They ask, "What's going on here?"
And we go,
"Gentlemen, don't fucking interrupt!
- "The Calgary Olympic Games are on."
- Yeah?
"And we're the fuckin' Jamaican
bobsled team, so just be irie, man!"
[both laughing]
You also had that hit song.
What was it called?
Ah It's on the tip of my tongue.
"I Love You Like Russia".
- Yes! [laughs]
- Yeah, that's it.
A lot of people said it was
kinda cheesy but I liked it.
And, uh Overall,
I thought it was romantic.
Mmm? So, uh, how would you like me
to tell you a funny little story? Huh?
And, uh, nobody really knows about this.
But, "I Love You Like Russia"
is my song.
Your song?
- Mm-hmm.
- [chuckles]
I played it once at a rehearsal,
and everyone loved it!
Except Zbyszek, of course, because
he thought it was a piece of fuckin' shit.
"Who the fuck loves Russia, anyway?"
But he ate those words
when our album went platinum.
Right to the top.
Wow. Great.
You know what? I lost my friend somewhere.
There's some drama going on.
See you later, okay?
All right. I'll be right here.
Right, um Right here.
- Marcin fucking Kania!
- There he is! Zbychu! [chuckles]
- Fuckin' guy!
- You just about killed me! Woah, whoa!
You get your fucking teeth done?
Or did you rip them all out
and get fuckin' dentures?
What can I say, man?
The people still love me.
You fucking believe that?
After all this time.
Come on, man!
Let's do some shots and get shitfaced.
- And
- Zbychu, a birthday toast!
Let's get fucked up!
Yeah! Mmm!
[glass shatters]
- Yeah!
- [laughs]
- [glass shatters]
- Fuck!
[both grunt]
- Hey, you old bastard!
- Robercik!
Hey, Zbychu!
What do you say to some powdered coffee?
[rock music playing]
[inhales sharply]
[no audible dialogue]
Come on!
[no audible dialogue]
[club music playing]
The fuck you lookin' at?
- Hey, dude. C'mon.
- Who fucking sent you?
Hey. Fuck off!
- [grunting]
- It's cool.
- Whoa! What are you doing?
- Hey! Hey! I'm cool. I'm cool.
- Just stop following me, alright?
- It's cool.
Ah we got him! We got him!
- [clapping]
- Yeah!
[music ends]
[grunting softly]
[groaning lightly]
Get up.
I said wake up.
[Marcin] Piotrus
I'm not feeling so hot. Just
let me sleep a bit.
[Marcin groans lightly]
[rock music playing]
[Marcin] Turn that off!
Are you fucking deaf? Turn if off!
[music stops]
I'm not leaving
until you agree to get treatment.
Get me, uh
Get me somethin' to drink, will ya?
Either you agree to get help
or you have to move out.
And if you don't, then,
Mom and Ula are gonna move out,
and you can drink yourself to death.
- Ugh.
- And it won't even take all that long.
Hang on a minute,
what's the problem here, son?
I just went a little overboard.
That's all.
Give me the water. Alright?
This is a list
of treatment centers in Warsaw.
Are are you serious?
It was Zbyszek's birthday yesterday.
We partied hard. I'm sorry. I overdid it.
But I really don't think
you have to turn it into such a big deal.
Do do do you think I don't
notice when you've been drinking, Dad?
Ever since I can remember,
you've always been loaded.
When was the last time
you were sober for two days? Hmm?
Or even one day?
Hm! And you say you don't have a problem.
Mm There never was
a cockier boy than Peter Pan.
Stop. Stop quoting Peter Pan.
You're not funny. Just fucking stop!
This is my home.
And you have no right
making any demands, you got that?
You wanna fucking boss me around?
Is that it?
Then have me fucking committed.
Go ahead. Good luck.
- Now give me that fucking water.
- Nothing gets through to you, huh?
You have no idea
what you're doing to us. Here, fuck you.
[breathing heavily]
For your information,
when you stumbled in here last night,
you were yelling and screaming
some kind of bullshit
about everyone being against you, and
Ula was trying to calm you down.
And you know what?
You fucking hit her.
Your own fucking daughter.
[ambient sounds swelling]
Alright. So, your daughter gave us a list,
uh of some of your son's friends.
We haven't been able
to talk to all of them.
But the one we're most interested in is,
uh, Krystian Lolewski.
Lolus, huh.
he wasn't at his current address,
so we checked his mother's place,
and he wasn't there either.
What about Orszanska?
You been there?
And our next issue, uh
We're gonna need details
about Piotr's social media accounts.
The IT expert couldn't find anything.
Looks like his computer was wiped.
Piotrek never had
any kind of social media.
I don't understand why we're sitting here
talking about Lolus and social media.
If anyone knows anything,
it would be Orszanska.
Her neighbors haven't seen her
for the past few days.
We're trying to locate her.
So, suddenly, everyone
just fucking vanished into thin air?
Is that what you're saying?
Explain to me how you plan to find Piotrek
if you can't locate anyone?
[Asia] Ula and I tried
to find information on her.
[Ula] Yeah, but there's
not a whole lot out there.
I found a few articles in the press.
Uh, about her heading up
some kind of tenants' association.
She was arrested a few times
after some protests.
And she replaced that woman,
the one who was burnt alive
in the Kabacki forest.
Mm. Kalska.
- Yeah.
- I'm familiar with the case.
But Piotrek never even mentioned her.
He also didn't mention that he hadn't been
working for the past two months.
[breathes deeply]
Czarek. Come on. Let's go to Podkowa. Now.
We'll go back to Podkowa
when we have something concrete.
Okay. Hold on! A woman in hospital
with a broken jaw and a concussion,
that isn't concrete enough for you?
It would be if you provide us
with descriptions of who did it.
That would definitely help.
How many times do I have to tell you
they were wearing black masks. Remember?
What more can I fuckin' describe?
Their eye color? Their shoe size?
If you really wanna help, it would be
great if you could locate Piotr's friend.
Mm. Tell him to come
into the police station.
Explain something to me.
What are you even doing here?
I told you they threatened me.
Actually, we're doing quite a bit more
than we usually do
for a missing persons case.
You're not doing shit! I have to give you
everything on a platter. Everything.
The train station, the masks,
the wallet, Podkowa. Everything.
I even had to find
Piotrek's fucking car on my own!
You remember us talking
about your son's car?
I do.
You told me to find the car. And I did
because you couldn't be bothered.
Then later, you asked about
the business card in the wallet.
I said it didn't matter anymore.
We actually found the car
in a repair shop in Ursus.
You're really something, Karlowicz,
you know that?
I put in a call to you.
But you didn't pick up.
Yeah, and I called you back.
Don't you remember?
[ominous music plays]
[phone buzzing]
Hi, Czarek.
[Marcin] Thanks.
Marcin, is there something
you're not telling me?
[inhales deeply]
[exhales sharply]
Maybe it'd be best if you and Ula
stayed in a hotel for a little while.
- Huh?
- Why should we?
I don't know, just in case.
We don't know who we're dealing with here.
We have no idea
what they might be capable of.
- I just wanna be extra cautious.
- Wait a minute.
What if Piotr
What if they don't find him?
No, that's impossible.
It is possible.
- [woman] Good morning.
- Hello.
[dramatic musical flourish]
[muttering indistinctly]
[continues sobbing]
[woman] Are you looking for someone?
Uh, no.
Brought you some crossword puzzles.
But I can see you already have a few.
These are better, actually.
Here you go.
I'm so sorry, Jadzia.
For dragging you into this. I'm sorry.
I've already given the police
descriptions of those motherfuckers.
But, as I suspected,
they don't think I'm a reliable source.
So they're gonna wanna talk to you.
Do you think you might
be able to describe them?
Hold on. Say that for me again.
Mm. Bugajscy
Bugajscy? No, I'm not asking about them.
I'm asking about those two guys.
At Orszańska's. Do you remember them?
The ones who attacked us.
Don't you remember?
I'm gonna catch those fuckin' assholes.
They're gonna pay
for what they did. I swear.
[Jadzia] Mm.
[somber music builds slowly]
[intercom chiming]
Hello, is anyone there? Hello?
I'm Piotrek Kania's father.
I wanted to talk. Hello?
[sighs deeply]
Get cleaned up and go to the store.
There, I made a list.
Why are you being like this? Huh?
I'm trying here. I really am.
I'll believe you're really trying
when you get some professional help.
Asia. I don't need some shrink
explaining to me why alcohol is bad.
- Do you think I'm blind?
- [sighs]
Huh? You think I don't know
that this has gone foo far?
So get help, then.
Guys, hey. Have I not done something?
Huh? Do I look like some wino
living on the street?
I just had to get a grip, that's all.
Haven't I done that? Huh?
I haven't had so much as a beer
in the last two months.
Things are good.
Your father's going to the store.
Do you need anything?
I don't have a father.
You seriously surprised?
Alright, listen.
I know. I know this is all my fault.
But, guys, please. It's it's Easter.
Either you get professional help
or there's nothing else to talk about.
So you want me to go
right this very second?
Or is it alright
if I get the shopping done first?
So, you'll go to therapy?
Yes! If that's what it takes
to satisfy all of you, I'll go! Yes!
I'll go after Easter.
[hard rock music playing]
[cart clanging]
What's up, Robercik?
I'm out shopping.
Yeah? So, what do you care?
You know my situation.
I might be able to sit down for a coffee.
Look! Just leave me alone. Alright?
[Marcin] Life without drinking
is horrific.
Because it's an existence
that requires constant refraining.
Constant abstaining.
The tension on your muscles is torture.
Your inner voice
always saying, ''No. No. No.''
Constantly denying yourself something
you know will bring you instant relief
and let you smile again.
[line ringing]
[line clicks]
Asia, hey.
Uh, what was I supposed to get again?
[Asia] I gave you a list.
Well, can't you just tell me?
Unsalted butter,
baking soda, baking powder,
apples, flour, eggs, onions,
yeast, uh and rectified spirit.
What do you need the spirit for?
The cake.
What did you think?
[Marcin] Dumb, dumber, dumbest.
Bad, terrible, the worst.
Two months of hiding and sneaking around.
Two months of sweating, pain,
convulsions, with no reward.
I can try to be nice and
helpful but, in the end,
I'll just get kicked in the gut again.
How many times can you apologize or beg?
Sometimes, I think,
''Why should I believe them?''
Maybe I never hit her at all.
Maybe they're lying to me?
Taking advantage of my situation
and using it as an excuse to kick me out.
As if that's not possible?
Like some families wouldn't do that?
No. It's not that I'm not good enough.
It's that I'm too good.
["Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop playing]
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Here comes Johnny Yen again ♪
With the liquor and drugs ♪
And the flesh machine ♪
He's gonna do another striptease ♪
[song ends]
[pop song playing on radio]
[woman] Can I get you anything?
I'll have a schnitzel, a Coke,
and two shots of vodka.
- Bring the shots first, please.
- Okay.
[phone buzzing]
[exhales deeply]
Look who's here.
Sorry, guys. Do we know each other?
Kania, are you for real?
Tomeczek? [laughs]
Come here.
[Marcin] Hey!
We're in Wilanow.
Classy, gentlemen. Fucking classy.
Sławus has done well for himself, huh?
- Slawus!
- Marcin Kania!
You are a sight for sore eyes!
[laughing] Come here, you nut job.
- Marcin, long time no see.
- Hey
- I occasionally hear from Zbyszek.
- You guys are still friends?
Yeah. Of course we are.
We got a lot in common.
You know, Zbyszek is a great guy.
- Mm-hmm.
- His last album was pretty
It's fuckin' terrible is what it is.
The old stuff was great.
You know, from the first album.
Do you know why they were great?
Because you fucking wrote them.
- [laughs]
- Thanks but I just played the bass. Hm!
[pop song playing over speakers]
Zbyszek tells me you've written songs.
Beautiful melodies.
But you keep them locked away.
- And you only play them when you're drunk.
- [both chuckling]
Says you'd be a billionaire
if you weren't so shy.
Do me a favor and get me another drink,
would you, Slawus?
What are you doing now, Marcin?
Working on a new album?
I've Invested some money.
Not a fortune, of course.
I'm just dabbling a bit.
- So, what's this new investment?
- Ah. Apartments.
[Slawus] Zbyszek helped you
with those investments, right?
Those apartments that you bought?
It's all bullshit and ancient history.
It wasn't that long ago.
It's not bullshit.
What was it?
About five years ago?
- Hold on. Mm.
- [phone buzzing]
The world is made of
faith and trust and pixie dust.
[laughing] Piotrus!
Piotr Piotrus?
I'll tell you, Marcin,
'cause you might not know this.
But all this property business
that Zbyszek does, he does with me.
This was my idea.
Meaning what?
You have an apartment on Ochota.
Don't you?
Yeah. Two even.
[chuckling quietly]
We were the ones who reclaimed
the lots for this investment.
And now we're sitting on the board.
What a small, small, small, small world.
[woman] Marcin
- Hey
- [exhales]
- Marcin
- [echoing] What's up, man? Get up.
[distant] Get a hold of yourself.
Hey, have a shot. You'll feel better.
- [exhales]
- [woman] Marcin
Hey, get up
- [man] Hey!
- [glass clinks]
[tense music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
Why are you staring at me like that?
Hey! You deaf?
Are you deaf?
You fat fuck!
Get the
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off! Fuckin' prick!
[groaning softly]
The door! Marcin, out the door!
[Marcin vomiting]
- [grunts]
- Here.
Huh? Huh? This'll make you feel better.
Snort it. Snort it.
Here. Grab a second helping.
[chuckles softly]
It's great to see you, Robercik!
[Robercik laughing] Listen.
Kania, fuck, I can't believe
you picked a fight
at Slawek Kurzyna's house.
You're gonna have to apologize
to a few very important people.
They just realized that
that I'd seen through them.
And they wanted to stop me.
From doing what? The fuck are you saying?
We need to pick up some groceries.
Let's go for a drink. Huh?
Then, head to my place.
You can get some rest and wash up a bit.
And then go back to your family
for Easter breakfast.
Baking soda, spirits, tinfoil, and yeast.
All the fucking stores are closed.
- How much are they paying you for this?
- What?
You cut some kind
of fuckin' deal with them?
- No. Stop it.
- How much are they paying you for this?
Fuck. You know what?
You're fucking unbelievable!
I'm just trying to fuckin' get you home.
- I'm trying to fuckin' help.
- Fuck! How much?!
- [grunting]
- Knock it off! Ah! Marcin, please!
[tires squealing]
[ethereal music playing]
[birds chirping]
[somber music playing]
Did we take any mugs from home? Huh?
Or glasses at least?
Listen, if you want something
from home just call me. Okay?
We don't want you just showing up.
It'd be best if you just
forgot the address.
Don't have to be so cocky
about this Peter Pan, seriously!
Have a seat.
I'll make some tea, and we can talk.
- Feel like some takeout?
- You even hear what I'm saying?
I know, uh
I know you tried to let me know
how bad I was being.
But I see it now.
And I'll get the help I need.
I'm gonna fix everything, I swear it.
Hm? I promise.
See ya, Dad.
See ya.
[Marcin] Hi, I'm Marcin.
And I'm an alcoholic.
[sighs] I've been sober for a month.
This is my first time here.
I've been through detox.
And I'm still looking for answers.
That's why I'm here.
After my last bender,
I was in an accident.
My friend Robercik was driving.
Car flipped over.
And it's all my fault because none of this
would've happened if I hadn't called him.
And I don't remember what happened.
But he was definitely driving too fast.
And, um unfortunately,
he suffered a fractured spine.
[keys clatter]
[grunts] Christ, Marcin!
I'm sorry, Kinga.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I thought you might be here, but
didn't wanna let me in.
- I don't wanna let you in!
- Kinga, I need to find Lolus.
Help me find him, and I'll leave.
[Kinga sighs]
Kinga, please. I don't know what you think
Piotrek did, but it's not true. Alright?
He didn't cheat on you.
That teacher really exists! I swear!
She really exists. Listen.
Just listen. It's true, okay.
Her name's Bozena Orszanska.
She's some older lady, and I don't know
why Piotrek didn't tell you everything.
Just so you know, I'm calling the cops.
This woman is the head of some association
made up of people who are against
privatizing apartment buildings.
And I don't know yet
what Piotrek had to do with all that,
but I know she was the one
who got him mixed up in something.
Piotrek didn't cheat on you.
There was no one else.
Someone just hurt him. I swear.
[woman] 911, What's your emergency?
Sorry, wrong number.
Lolus might know something,
but he dropped off the face of the Earth.
- What about his mother?
- Cops already went to see her.
How hard did they try? [sighs]
'Cause she sure as shit
kept him away from being an adult.
So, keeping him away from the police
would be piece of cake for her.
I've sent you a pin.
[phone buzzing]
Thank you.
Give me back your key and get out.
[keys jangling]
[keys clatter]
[Lolus grunts]
- It's not my fault! Okay?
- Shut up, punk!
[grunts] Piotrek asked me
not to say anything.
Yeah? Well now, Piotrek has
no fuckin' say in the matter.
- Karlowicz isn't here.
- What do you mean?
He isn't here. Come back tomorrow.
- [scoffs]
- I'll just come back tomorrow.
I swear.
Shut the fuck up and sit down.
Sit down!
Hey. What day is it?
As in day of the week?
Alright. C'mon. Come on!
My mother said she's got cancer.
[sighs] Things aren't looking too good.
Actually, they're, uh
They're bad.
And I'm not gonna lie
[Marcin] Czarek!
[man] Um
I had a few drinks
before coming here today.
I just don't want anything
to do with this. That's all.
You don't want anything to do with what?
Tell him what Piotrek told you.
Fucking talk!
[exhales deeply]
He said he's working
for some organization.
A tenants' association or something.
And that he has to help them
or there'd be more dead bodies.
That the woman they found all burnt
in the forest was just the beginning.
And how was Piotrek supposed to help them?
[sighs] Piotrek's
a fuckin' amazing programmer.
So, he was supposed to help them with
anything that has to do with computers.
That's all he said to me.
And that's the last time
I heard from him. I swear.
[Marcin] So?
Is that finally concrete enough for you?
[Cezary] It's not necessarily linked.
Not necessarily?
My point is that we have to
walk in there with an open mind,
so let me do the talking.
Don't go mentioning masks,
kidnapping or assault.
And that's if anyone's even there at all.
Czarek. My son suddenly quits his job,
gets involved with
some tenants' association,
gets kidnapped from the street,
I get assaulted outside the house
of the boss of that association.
Then, they threaten to hurt my daughter.
And you think this is all
some huge fucking coincidence?
In my job it's never a good thing
to assume you know everything.
So don't assume you know anything.
That's all I'm saying.
Can you just explain something?
Help me understand.
When you drive your car, you put your life
in the hands of some saint. Don't you?
Because your driving skills
aren't good enough. Right?
You're not the one actually driving.
It's Saint fucking Christopher
who's doing the driving.
You might as well down a fuckin'
bottle of scotch or put on a blindfold.
But when you're actually working a case,
you think that analyzing
completely obvious cause-and-effect
relationships is unnecessary.
That's not assuming. It's fucking logic!
When people sober up,
they start to remember things.
Things that were hidden by their drinking.
Some people find pills helpful.
Others CrossFit.
Most of us just start drinking again.
I tend to lean on whatever is closest.
Man, I don't give a fuck about
what works for you, what doesn't.
I don't give a shit
what you do about your drinking.
But what I do care about is
what you're doing with my son's case.
And in my opinion, that's where you keep
relying on some invisible fuckin' faith.
And you think that I
I don't know, made it all up?
Or that none of it is connected.
Alright. This is it.
[doorbell ringing]
[door creaks open]
Hello. Cezary Karlowicz, Criminal Bureau
of the National Police Headquarters.
Um, my mom's not here,
and she won't be home today.
Can we come in?
Do you have to?
Be easier if we did.
It shouldn't take too long.
My mom already told the police everything.
Our lawyer can confirm it.
She acted in self-defense.
She didn't attack first.
- We're here about a different case.
- Ms. Ewa?
My name is Marcin Kania,
and this is about my son, Piotrek.
Piotrek worked for the organization
that your mother runs.
My mom doesn't run
any organization anymore.
She's in the hospital.
- She had a stroke.
- [sighs]
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
Can you tell me how Piotrek got involved
with the association, what he did there?
Ms. Ewa?
I don't know.
I think he found Mom on Facebook.
Piotrek wasn't on Facebook,
or any other social media for that matter.
What exactly did he help you with?
I'm just curious. Mm.
if Piotrek wasn't from a rich family,
would you still be here
with his working-class father
asking me all these questions?
Piotrik's family reported him missing.
I'm doing everything I can to find him.
And I'm not interested in
the family's financial situation.
What I am interested in
is what you know about Piotrek Kania.
[distant dog barking]
[Marcin] Ms. Ewa.
All I'm asking here
is to have a conversation about my son.
That is the only reason we're here. Okay?
We, uh noticed that
the last few months Piotrek
I don't know,
drifted apart from his family.
And your mother's association
is the only part of his life
we didn't know anything about.
We had no idea
that he was interested in these things.
What "things" do you mean?
Give me an example.
Like people getting evicted
onto the street?
All I wanna know is, you may have gotten
to know a few things about him
in the last few months
that we knew nothing about.
And maybe you could help us find him.
Piotrek handled everything
having to do with computers.
I guess he was looking
for purpose in life, I dunno.
It just happened to be us.
After Kalska's death,
my mother took over everything.
The entire association
was like a bunch of lost children.
The average age was 70.
Piotrek saw that we were having trouble
handling it and wanted to help us somehow.
So, he volunteered
to set up a website for us
and uploaded all the documents
about illegal reprivatization.
[Cezary] I know about Kalska's case.
I may even have spoken to your mother.
My mother told you everything.
She gave you names
of specific people and specific places.
A lot of good it did her.
Nothing ever happened!
Ms. Ewa, can we get back to Piotrek?
Did you also take bribes
from the town hall?
My sole reason for coming here today
was to talk about Piotrek Kania.
His father is here on behalf of a family.
And you're not helping the situation.
They smashed our windows.
Threw firecrackers
and set fire to our front door.
Mom was beaten up at the train station.
She was saved by a transit worker.
All the big newspapers printed articles
that were paid for by developers.
They said my mother was deceiving
the Social Insurance Institution.
That she took out loans
in my grandma's name.
That she's a drunk.
And a convicted criminal.
And you knew all about it.
[Marcin] Ms. Ewa, please.
Let's get back to Piotrek.
Who killed Kalska? Who pays for all this?
Who's kicking people out onto the street?
You knew everything,
and you did nothing about it!
Miss, I came here
to have a civil conversation.
But I can just as easily
bring you down to the station
and have you answer my questions there.
It's up to you. Now what'll it be?
Get the fuck out.
Get out of my house now!
Just so you know,
my friend is in the hospital too.
We were assaulted here,
outside your house.
Probably by the same people
who attacked your mother at
the train station and kidnapped Piotrek.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm begging you, please. What do you know?
What do you know about my son?
Why don't you ask Homer Zork?
Who's Homer Zork?
Never mind.
You couldn't just have
a normal conversation?
You had to provoke her?
Don't worry, I'll get a warrant.
That won't be a problem.
What's so fuckin' funny?
In case you hadn't noticed,
she knows where your son is.
[pensive music playing]
You can all imagine what a nightmare
the last few days have been for me.
I'm sure you all noticed
the state I was in. Right?
But now, for the very first time
I get the feeling that
Piotrek will be found.
I mean, I know it.
I just do, and that's that.
This absolute certainty
It's like something
I've never felt before, and
I just know we'll all be together again.
All of us.
And thank you for your support,
for your kind words, the posters
That's it.
[phone ringing]
- [grunts softly]
- [ringing continues]
Yeah. It's me. You called? What's up?
Forest ranger found him.
[tense music builds slowly]
You need to identify him.
[sobbing softly]
[tense music builds to crescendo]
[lo-fi music playing]
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