Feedback (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[lilting, somber musical intro plays]
["2 Wicky" by Hooverphonic playing]
Prophet 60091 ♪
This is the flight number ♪
Of our galactic sun ♪
Hey, Asia.
Stop your whining and look at that.
Just have a look at that view.
Yeah. You kept saying
we shouldn't go, huh.
- [Asia sighs]
- What's the matter?
Are you sulking already?
No. I'm not sulking.
- [Asia] Piotrus. Piotrek!
- [Piotr] Hm?
See if the camera's back there.
It should be in its case.
Is this about Zbyszek?
- [Ula] Are we almost there?
- Not long now, sweetie.
Asia, he's my friend.
He invited us on a holiday.
He didn't have to.
Yeah, well, that friend of yours
was conning you for years,
and you kept letting him.
- [Ula] Can you just stop?
- Come on, stop.
Let's just drop it.
Marcin, over the years, Zbyszek made
millions because of your music and lyrics.
And you haven't seen any of it.
Now, he suddenly decides
it's a good idea to throw you a bone.
Asia, it's not just a bone. Alright?
Think about it.
We can pay off our mortgage.
Maybe even buy the kids their own places.
And we can take off
and go on vacation wherever we want.
Hey, look.
If we can go on vacation wherever we want,
why are we going to Zbyszek's place?
- [camera beeps]
- Ah.
Come here.
[Asia chuckles]
- Dad?
- Did it go?
- I think it clicked.
- When?
- Did it?
- A second ago. I'm pretty sure, check.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Hold on. I'll check.
- [camera beeping]
[camera clicks]
[Zbyszek] Hey!
What took you so long, you old dog?
[Marcin] Zbychu! Man!
[both laughing]
- [Marcin] You look fuckin' great!
- Meet Marika. This is Marika.
- Oh, hi.
- This is Marcin Kania, my friend.
- Hi. Marika.
Hey, Piotrus.
- [Zbyszek] Hi there.
- Come on. Leave it.
- Come on.
- [Zbyszek] Oh!
- Recognize him?
- Holy shit! Jesus! Chip off the old block.
How old is he? How old are you?
- Huh?
- He'll be a man soon.
Must be about 17 by now. How you doing?
Hey, Piotrus.
Do you even recognize your uncle?
So, how's it going?
Good, you know?
Very good, Zbychu.
And it's pretty much thanks to you.
So, cheers, old friend.
Come on, Kania. I just wanted
to make things right, that's all.
Want a beer?
- Why don't you come sit with us.
- Uh No, thanks.
So, all it took was some publisher.
Things are like that now.
No sleazy assholes in gold chains.
All you need is one guy
in a nice suit, who's like,
"Gentlemen, your books are a mess."
You know? And did you know,
that half of our fucking songs
weren't even registered?
- [Marcin chuckles] Yeah.
- Mmm.
So now who wrote what? Right?
Of course, The Puppet Theatre band, right?
Except the fucking Puppet Theatre band
went through, like,
20 different lineups since then.
I mean, except for me, every new album
was written by different people.
[Marcin] Mm-hmm.
And the truth is that
all the songs on our first album
were written by you, Kania.
That means a lot, man. Thanks.
I'm getting a ton of money from it.
- I appreciate it.
- [Zbyszek] No problem.
Hey, tell me.
Ever give any thought of what you're gonna
do with all that money? Just curious.
I don't know. We'll definitely
pay off the mortgage to start with.
And then I guess we'll see.
But your mortgage is just
a fraction of all that dough, right?
- What about all the rest?
- Why? You got an idea?
Well, there is something
I wanted to float by you.
Let's hear it.
Couple of friends came up with a business
that'll blow your mind.
They bought apartments.
There's a lot of them. And they're cheap.
In ten years you'll double your money.
- Tell me more about it.
- They're apartment buildings.
Forty to 100 square meters.
So that'd mean
- Yeah?
- four and a half K per meter.
Dude, that sounds fucking sick.
But for something that good,
there has to be a catch.
- Ah. [chuckles]
- Huh? [chuckles]
So here's the catch.
After you buy the place,
you're gonna have to
wait a bit till you get it.
- Why is that?
- Because there's people living there.
So I'm supposed to buy places
with people living there?
These people are fucking lowlifes, Kania.
- Fucking deadbeats.
- [Marcin] Uh-huh.
They just sit there in their
government-funded apartments,
living off welfare
and getting drunk on our dime.
The fucking commies stole those places
from people right after the war,
so they'd have a place to dump
all the riffraff coming into the country.
Those places used to belong to someone.
- And who's that? All your friends?
- Well, fuck, not my friends.
But I tell you this. They're taking back
what the commies stole in the first place.
[Marcin chuckles]
Hey. Take my advice.
You won't get another chance like this.
You buy ten apartments, rent them out,
and you're set for the rest of your life.
Remember, they'll never go down in price.
I can see that you've changed, Zbychu.
I remember you saying that Stratocasters
were only for pretentious assholes.
[Zbyszek] It's a nice toy.
The Hendrix model. Hmm.
His old man was fucking nuts. Remember?
He believed playing left-handed
was the sign of the devil.
Hey, let me tell you.
Let he who didn't have a fucked-up father
cast the first stone. [laughs]
Wanna go?
No, thanks.
Avast belay, yo ho, heave to
A-pirating we go ♪
And if we're parted by a shot
We're sure to meet below! ♪
Come here, Piotrus!
Get your mom to take a picture of us!
Come on! Ha!
- Look! A crocodile!
- [woman] He's gonna do it!
Here goes! [grunts]
[indistinct chattering]
What do you mean? [laughs]
[Zbyszek] Hey, Piotrus? You're a whiz kid
with computer stuff, right?
- Hey, listen to this.
- [Zbyszek] Hmm.
He's so good that
the fuckin' cops came to the house
to confiscate his computer once.
- Really.
- Get the fuck out of here? How?
What did you hack, Piotrus? It was, um
It was, um the Ministry of Education?
- Right? Huh?
- [Marika] Really?
[Asia] He wanted to check the questions
for a math competition.
And he was able to cover his tracks
so well that they couldn't prove anything.
- Well, now, that's a competitor.
- My brother.
Piotrus! Hey!
What, does your mother
have to speak for you?
Can't speak for yourself?
What? You don't speak English?
Hey. It's cool, Kania.
He's just modest and a bit shy,
that's all. Just like his old man.
[light laughter]
Or maybe he just
doesn't want to talk to you.
That it? Don't wanna talk to me, Piotrus?
So, what do you want? Tell me.
I can give you anything you want.
- How about an apartment? Want one?
- Alright, Kania. Take it easy.
Nah, nah. Hold on. What about you ladies?
What do you want? Huh?
You want a new house? A palace?
Maybe a nice vacation somewhere?
Just tell me, where?
Africa? America?
The Moon maybe?
Should I buy the moon for you? [chuckles]
What the fuck else do you want from me?
What we'd really like is
for you to shut the fuck up.
Did you hear that?
Is that how you talk to your father? Huh?
Don't you understand English?
You're a big man now, huh? Huh?
A real tough son of a bitch.
- Kania, give it a rest. Let's get
- Hold on.
Look at this kid, Asia. It's your fault.
- You need to shut up, now.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks to you,
he's growing up to be a loser, a wimp.
A grown man who plays video games
and reads comic books.
Look at him.
Look at your fucking loser son.
Shut the fuck up.
You're shit, you know. A drunk.
And I fucking hate you.
- Piotrek!
- Hey, Piotrus.
Let's go. Mom.
No, Mom, let's go home.
- [waiter] Right this way, sir, please.
- [chair scrapes]
[Marcin] Fuck.
[Marika] Jeez
What was that? Hmm?
Will you wait up? Fuck!
[sobbing softly]
Tell me
Why, uh Why don't we talk anymore?
We used to be such great buddies.
Huh? Tell me.
Just leave me alone, alright.
Ha! Ah
What? You're gonna throw that at me?
Is that it?
You're gonna fucking miss me anyway.
[both grunt]
Fuck Oh, you fucking little shit!
[Marcin growls]
Want me to leave you alone?
- Do ya?
- Yes. Get off!
- Want me to leave you the fuck alone?
- Let me go, you fucking shit. Fuck!
I said leave me alone, you fucking shit!
[camera beeping and clicking]
[unsettling music playing]
[Cezary] We need you to identify him.
[camera beeps and clicks]
Yes, this is my son.
Piotr Kania.
[camera beeping and clicking]
All the evidence would suggest
that he committed suicide by hanging.
He didn't commit suicide, alright.
- He didn't kill himself.
- The autopsy will explain everything.
He didn't kill himself. It was them.
They fucking hanged him
from that tree. I know it.
- Marcin.
- You You have to catch them.
You have to fucking catch them.
You have to catch them. Fuck.
You have to catch
those motherfuckers. You hear me?
You have to catch the motherfuckers
who killed my little boy!
[Ula] Mom!
[Ula crying]
[camera clicking]
[Cezary] I know he's got bruises
and scratches but it's nothing conclusive.
Yes, someone might have hit him,
but he could've just as easily
fallen down running through the forest.
No signs of torture, and nothing
to suggest there was any kind of struggle.
The pathologist's opinion
is unequivocal, that it was suicide.
An opinion, as you call it,
is just an opinion.
Not fact.
People have tons of opinions,
like the Earth is flat.
And there are also poisons
that can't be detected.
If he was poisoned
with an undetectable substance,
how can anyone detect it?
- [scoffs]
- Tell me.
Have you found his cell phone?
They took his phone.
Yeah, to get rid of any evidence.
He may have also lost it
or thrown it away.
Have you ever thrown away your phone?
Even at my drunkest,
I've never thrown away my phone.
You visited that girl, remember?
First, that woman.
Now our kid.
The Kalska woman was murdered.
Piotrek was murdered too.
There's also this.
Fresh cuts on his wrists.
Not very deep, and not fully healed yet.
Someone did that to him.
First, they cut him,
then they hanged him from a tree.
You all know I'm right.
You believe me, right?
Say something.
- [softly] I'm sorry.
- Asia.
They have to answer for this.
You have to fucking find them.
We deserve justice.
Marcin, please, your son
committed suicide by hanging.
And the photos prove
it wasn't his first attempt.
Because that's what
they wanted you to think.
- Who, Marcin? Who wanted that?
- You know who.
Did they tell you to cover it all up?
Karlowicz, what do they have on you?
What did they fuckin' promise you?
Those guys who chased you at the station,
the guys who beat up your friend
and wore black masks
What else did they do, Marcin?
Make you get drunk?
Wiped your memory so you wouldn't
remember what your son told you
before he killed himself?
Orszanska's daughter was right.
You're their lapdog.
They killed our son, and you've been
fucking protecting them from the start.
I'm very sorry for your loss, Marcin.
Fuck you.
[somber music playing]
Stay strong.
Avast belay, yo ho, and heave ho ♪
A-pirating we will go ♪
And if we're parted by a shot ♪
We're sure to meet below, my son ♪
[exhales shakily]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
[line ringing]
[line ringing]
[woman] You've reached
the voicemail of number 679
[Marcin] That motherfucker.
[phone beeps]
[woman] Please leave a message
after the beep.
You're fucking loving this, aren't you?
You like tormenting people?
You get off on that, you shit?
Wait. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
Look. Please understand
that this is a very difficult time for me.
Whoever you are,
if you really do know something,
I'm begging you, call
Call me back.
I'm sorry.
[breathes deeply]
[phone buzzing]
[exhales sharply]
[Marcin] Therapy doesn't completely
remove the urge to drink.
But it removes the comfort of drinking
because you always feel remorse.
It's one of the commandments
for an alcoholic, a sacred law.
You'll always have a guilty conscience.
[Piotr] You were so tenacious.
So determined to find death
at the bottom of a bottle.
I actually admired you.
A lot of people would have given up,
but not you.
You just kept looking and looking.
- It's a bitch about Robercik, though.
- Stop it!
He'll never recover from it.
You know he'll be in a wheelchair
for the rest of his life.
And he'll never forgive you.
- Never return your calls.
- Piotrus. That's enough.
He'll try to sue you, but Zbyszek will
get you a lawyer who will get you off.
And forensics won't prove anything.
He'll have no proof you were at fault.
- That you put him in that chair.
- Shut up.
But you'll always know that you did.
You might bury it deep down inside,
but you'll know.
You know what you are.
- [grunts]
- [bottle shatters]
My son approached me recently
and asked me if I'm having sex
with his mother.
[clears throat]
So, I told him,
"Yeah, Kajtek. Sometimes I do."
And then he says, uh
"I want you to stop having sex
with Mom right now, you hear!"
[stifling laughter]
I almost burst out laughing, but
I wasn't about to
laugh at my kid, you know.
Listen up.
[hard rock music playing]
Attaboy. You keep on playing.
Don't tell Mommy now, alright.
[Jarek] Thanks, Michu.
It's your turn to speak if you want,
but there's no pressure.
[young Piotr crying]
[distorted soundscape echoing]
Sorry, I have to go.
[phone buzzing]
[rock music playing]
[man] Marcin!
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Had to make sure you'd come alone.
Without your cop friend.
What the fuck? Are you
Are you serious right now?
We can talk, but not here.
Come on.
Come on!
It took him a while
to talk about that association.
- Mm-hmm.
- But when he finally did
[sighs]he was like a different person.
Like those people
in documentaries who join a cult.
What are you saying?
Like, your head gets so fucked up
you're barely recognizable.
Like a switch gets flipped in your head.
And that's what it was like with him.
And one day, we're sitting there,
talking about PS5 or whatever.
Laughing about how
one of us farted or something.
And the next day, he comes over
and gives me a lecture about how
Warsaw was built on the backs of the poor.
And the blood of of the Jews,
insurrection fighters,
and Stalin's victims,
and now, these apartment buildings.
[distorted soundscape]
When you meet with people,
meet with them during the day, in cafés,
popular chains.
They're safe.
Best of all, they don't serve alcohol.
[Lolus] He just gathered the information
and uploaded it onto the Internet.
I think he really believed in
what he was doing.
But why was he doing it?
Well, I'm guessing
it was because of Kinga.
She treated him like shit.
She actually came up to me once and said,
"If you want to keep
being friends with Piotrek,
don't make any plans with him
until you run it by me."
[scoffs] I just laughed
in her freakin' face.
A few days later,
she texts me in the middle of the night
saying not to come by anymore.
She's fucking nuts.
Listen up, Lolus, we're not here to talk
about your issues with Kinga. Alright?
I'm just trying to explain it to you.
And find a reason why Piotrek was
so into that whole reprivatization thing.
[Marcin sighs]
[Jarek] When nothing else works,
take deep breaths.
Breathe in three times deeper than normal.
Take ten breaths, even 20,
to get high on oxygen.
And try to calm down.
It felt like he was dead.
But I couldn't bring myself to tell you.
There would've been interrogations,
police stations, testifying.
And you only fucking thought
about yourself, right? Not about my son.
Selfish prick.
I didn't have to tell you anything.
Piotrek tried to kill himself.
And I saved him.
What are you saying now?
I'd been worried about him for a while.
I thought he might cut me off too.
Just like he did everyone else.
I knew something was wrong.
So I drove over there.
The door was open.
He was lying there
in the bathtub with his wrists cut.
Luckily, he botched it,
so he was still alive,
but there was blood everywhere.
On his shirt, his pants,
his shoes, wallet, phone.
The entire bathroom was covered in blood.
He'd also taken some pills,
and he was totally out of it.
I got him out of the bathtub
and cleaned him up.
I grabbed a towel and a sheet
to stop the bleeding.
Then I put the whole fucking thing
in the washing machine,
but I still had to clean up the bathroom
Fuck, forget it.
[swallows, inhales]
I just wanted to tell you that
that Piotrek tried to kill himself.
And it looks like
he succeeded on his second try.
They succeeded on the second try.
They were threatening Piotrek.
And that's probably why
he tried to kill himself.
They hounded him,
and then they just fucking killed him.
Got that?
[somber music playing]
[engine turns over]
[woman] On this day, in my presence,
Malgorzata Wagner-Galkowska,
a notary based in Warsaw,
personally appeared,
Mariusz Wieclawski,
representing the company Gigaplex
- Mr. Kania.
- Yeah?
- I'm going to need your full attention.
- [Marcin] Sure.
- Yeah, go ahead.
- Can we?
and Mr. Marcin Kania,
whose Social Security number is
- [pounding]
- You're being evicted!
[woman]Czapliniecka Street,
apartment number 8,
with a total number of 78 square meters,
sold for the gross sum of 351,000
[man] Hello! Eviction time!
[explosion echoes]
[woman]with a total area
of 98 square meters,
for the gross sum of 441,000 złotys.
8 Czapliniecka Street,
apartment number 12,
for the gross sum of 405,000 złotys
Get the fuck out!
[woman]with a total area
of 98 square meters,
for the gross sum of 441,000 złotys
to Marcin Kania, who hereby states
I'm calling the police!
[man laughs]
Get out of here!
Get the fuck out, Granny!
[woman] at 8 Czapliniecka Street,
apartment number 5,
with a total area of 98 square meters,
for the gross sum of 441,000 złotys
to Mr. Marcin Kania,
who hereby states
he is buying the property.
I think this calls for a drink.
[fire crackling]
[Marcin] 8 Czapliniecka Street,
apartment 12.
Robert Kurylewicz, 47 years old.
- Battery assault resulting in a coma.
- [groans]
Died a week later.
The police concluded that the case
had nothing to do with illegal evictions.
In apartment 8,
Wieslawa Kalita, 62 years old.
[explosion echoes]
Died due to an overdose of sleeping pills.
In apartment 5, Stanislawa Bednarek,
80 years old, heart attack.
Unknown suspects set her door on fire.
All three died within a week.
[keys jangling]
All three, my apartments.
- [chuckles]
- [door slams]
Do you like it?
[both chuckle softly]
[Marcin chuckles]
- Whoo!
- [both chuckling]
It's all yours. Enjoy it, Piotrus.
- Come here.
- [both chuckle]
[Marcin groans]
[Piotr sighs, chuckles]
[Marcin] Piotrus.
It wasn't your fault.
Wasn't mine either.
We didn't do anything wrong.
We didn't know anything about it.
How could we have known anything about it?
Shouldn't you be getting dressed?
[Piotr sighs, grunts]
Great. As reliable as always.
[keys jangling]
[door slams]
[line ringing]
[Cezary] What do you want?
Czarek. We have to go back to Podkowa.
Orszanska's daughter lied to us.
I got carried away back there.
I know. I'm sorry.
Look, I know you did
everything that you could.
You were right, okay.
But you can't pack it in now.
We have to go back there
and interrogate her.
Czarek, you there?
[Cezary] The case is closed, Marcin,
so just leave me alone.
Hey, what's up? Did
Did you fall off the wagon?
Look, give me your address.
I'll come over and get you sorted out.
Then we'll go tomorrow. Alright?
[line disconnects]
[somber music playing]
[chuckles nervously]
- [chair scrapes]
- [Piotr chuckles softly]
Um, so, uh
Tell me about yourself.
Maybe we should start
with something a little easier.
[woman] This mansion
was originally designed
to be the central point
of the garden city of Podkowa Lesna.
It changed hands many times
in the last hundred years.
It served as a sports club,
a hotel and resort,
uh, a school, a community center.
Everyone you see here
put a lot of time and energy
into making it look and feel
like an actual home.
A group home, but a home nonetheless.
People love living here.
Three hundred people in total.
But to Gigaplex, they're not even human.
The same way the tenants of
the reprivatized apartments weren't human.
[woman] Ewa! Can you come here a second?
[Ewa] Yeah.
Make yourself at home.
And don't worry.
There's no biting, anymore.
We used to have bedbugs. [chuckles]
[engine cuts off]
[intercom ringing]
I'm in front of the house.
Can you open up?
Asia, stop it, okay? I'm sober.
[doorbell ringing]
[phone buzzing]
- [knocking]
- [phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [doorbell ringing]
I called you last night. Do you remember?
Do you remember what I told you?
Hey! Get yourself together, man!
[knocking at door]
[Asia] Anybody home?
[pounding on door]
[Asia sighs]
[Marcin sighs]
Asia, what the fuck! What are you doing?
What do you want?
You didn't tell us everything.
- I don't have to tell you anything.
- I think you do.
If you hide inside,
I'll smash all of your windows.
What did he get into?
"Get into"?
- Meaning, what did I get him into? Right?
- Isn't that it?
Didn't he do this because of you?
You don't think your son
has a mind of his own?
I just want you
to explain to me how a boy who
was only supposed to help
was found dead in the forest?
We received an eviction notice from
the mansion, and the case seemed lost.
Until Piotrek got an idea to record them.
And that's why
he broke into Bugajski's place?
Bugajski was only a kind of
middleman between his brother,
who happens to be the mayor,
and the Gigaplex people.
After a few days,
we had dozens of hours on tape.
Solid proof of their dirty deals.
- [Marcin sighs]
- [door shuts]
Is anybody at your place?
[Marcin exhales]
["Wake Up" by Mad Season playing]
I'm sorry, but
I don't have any mugs. [chuckles]
You stink of vodka.
You only think I do.
Wake up, young man ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
Your love affair has got to go ♪
For ten long years ♪
For ten long years ♪
The leaves to rake up ♪
Slow suicide's no way to go ♪
You ruined my life.
I know.
Blue, clouded gray ♪
You're not a crack-up ♪
Dizzy and weakened by the haze ♪
["Wake Up" fades out]
I want to go there.
[tense music playing]
[keys jangling]
[Bugajski] Make me a couple of sausages!
And bring me some pickles
while you're at it.
Hey, you fuckin' deaf or what?
What are you doing here?
Did you see him get murdered?
- Did you? Were you there?
- You need to get out of here.
Go on. Get the fuck out
Call the police, you fuckin' idiot!
Sit on your ass down. Sit.
My husband asked if you were
in those woods when they murdered him.
What are you talking about, lady?
What woods? Murder who?
- [grunts]
- We have nothing to lose.
No, no, no, no, no. Please! [panting]
I'm I'm sorry! I
I don't know what you want from me.
You killed my son
because he recorded you. Right?
Let me just get this straight, alright.
That boy who was found in the woods,
in the tree, was your son?
Who killed him? Who did your friends
at Gigaplex send to kill my son?
- I don't know anything about that boy.
- Fucking tell me!
- Talk!
- The prosecutor heard those tapes.
He told Orszanska
she'd go to jail herself, that moron.
Everyone would go to jail.
I swear to God.
Even your boy.
Maybe he hanged himself
because he didn't want to go to jail.
Did you just say he hanged himself
because he was afraid of going to jail?
We were talking business.
I am a businessman, madam.
- It's still legal in Poland.
- Who killed my child?
[Bugajski] Why don't you
just go to the police with this?
I want to know who killed my son.
Look, lady, I don't give a shit
about who killed your son
- [both grunt]
- Hey! Hey! Hey.
[gurgled panting]
- Let's go.
- [Bugajski groaning]
[chuckling quietly]
I don't know what happened in there.
- [sighs] But there's gonna be trouble.
- Don't worry.
Zbyszek knows the people at Gigaplex.
He'll know who we should talk to.
I'm really worried about Ula.
She's the only one I've got.
I don't want to lose her.
I never thought about her.
It was always about Piotrek.
He took up all the space.
I broke that child.
You didn't do anything wrong, Asia.
It's all my fucking fault.
Can I come in?
What for?
I just don't want
to leave things like this.
You just don't want
to be alone, that's all.
[Marcin breathes deeply]
[Ewa] I'm going to bed.
Uh, sorry, I'm just finishing up.
You don't have to go.
You're welcome
to stay the night if you want.
I can make up the sofa.
Give me five minutes, I'll be out.
Good night.
Good night.
[footsteps departing]
[door creaks shut]
[tense music playing]
[scanner whirring]
- Thank you.
- No problem.
[exhales deeply]
[lo-fi music builds slowly]
What do you got for me?
This is everything
the association has on all of you.
[lo-fi music intensifies]
Well I knew you were a good guy.
Just don't put it in your account.
At least not all at once, right.
Oh, and Piotrus.
My friends would really like to meet you.
Yeah. Keep doing your thing.
I'll stay in touch.
- Yeah?
- [door opens]
Ah, almost forgot my fries.
[tires squeaking]
Marcin, long time no see.
I was really hoping
we could avoid doing this.
But I can't have you going around
beating up my business partner.
[lo-fi music playing]
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