Feedback (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[country rock song playing]
Let's roll.
Oh, Zbychu?
I'll be in touch.
Sure thing, Slawek. Talk to you later.
Wait up a second, okay?
Well, the bad dog comin' home ♪
To stay ♪
Yeah, the bad dog comin' home ♪
Today ♪
Yeah, we're all good.
My friends really took a shine to you.
- You need a ride anywhere, Piotrus?
- No, I'm good.
[country rock song fades out]
[unsettling music plays]
[can crumples, clinks]
- Fuck! [grunts]
- [can clattering]
[breathing heavily]
- Get out.
- You killed my son, motherfuckers!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
Be a good boy and get out.
- Come on.
- [Marcin] Fuck you!
He never did anything to you!
He didn't didn't do anything!
[Slawek] Nobody killed your son, Kania.
And it's horrible that you think that.
You killed him because he had you on tape.
He knew everything about you.
Have a drink, Marcin.
You're a lot cooler when you drink.
[Marcin swallows]
[Asia] So now you're drinking
with your son's killer?
You're actually drinking
with your son's killer?
Drinking with your son's killer.
[Slawek] After Kalska was murdered
the entire tenants' association
got a second wind.
Reporters were crawling
out of the woods to talk to them.
And these guys started
spewing all kinds of bullshit
about dead bodies and firecrackers.
Our asses were on the line.
We had a potential buyer
for that mansion in Podkowa.
But the Swiss fund would've
backed out if they got wind of any
inquiry or investigation.
Don't try to justify it.
Be a man and admit that it was
fucking Barti and Wrona who hanged him.
Then they beat the shit out of my friend,
for no fucking reason.
Why was that?
Because you wanted it.
- Because you were fucking scared.
- I don't have to tell you anything.
- [Tomeczek] Everything okay?
- Ah, he's pissing me off.
Were you there too, Tomeczek?
Were you the one telling them what to do?
I have no idea
what you're talking about, Marcin.
Don't hold back, Sławek.
Explain it to me
like I'm a fucking five-year-old
how a terrified kid,
who only wanted
to fucking stand up for poor people,
suddenly became
some huge threat to your business.
Tell me!
[Slawek] As I was saying,
things were getting too hot. [sniffs]
We wanted to handle it more delicately,
but we were running out of options.
And one day,
Zbyszek, uh, says, um,
"This place is just full of old people."
"And maybe
Maybe we ought to plant someone here,
you know, to help them
with the online stuff."
"And it just so happens that I know
this kid who's a whiz with computers"
What the fuck you talking about?
"Kania's son. Piotrek."
[unsettling music plays]
[Robercik] Hey, you old bastard.
[Marcin sniffs]
[exhales shakily]
Want some powdered coffee?
He recorded you. Exposed all your scams.
So why the fuck would he do that
if he was supposedly working for you?
Yeah, well, your boy
did turn his back on us.
So, consequently, I gave Zbyszek the boot.
And to put it mildly [chuckles]
he didn't take it all that well.
Hey, Kania? You smashed already?
Tell me, Kania
because I've always been really curious.
Why did you leave the band?
You were one of the greatest fucking
rock guitarists in the entire country.
Amazing riffs
flew out of you like diarrhea.
[Slawek chuckles]
I think I know why.
Because you allowed yourself to be
manipulated by that motherfucker Zbyszek.
He made you play the bass
because he couldn't handle
having two stars in the band.
And then, years later,
he suddenly does you a favor
and gives you credit
for writing some of the songs.
You know why?
Because I told him to do that.
He's fucked you over your whole life.
It's just too bad you never noticed.
How are you holding up there? Good?
[Slawek] So, if I were
in your shoes right now,
I'd think very carefully
before you accuse the wrong person.
[cell phone vibrating]
[cell phone vibrating]
[exhales deeply]
- [engine running]
- [car horn honking]
[car door slams]
[Marcin grunts]
[car door shuts]
[vehicle departing]
[grunting softly]
[Slawek] Yeah, a woman in Wola
kept chickens and geese in her apartment.
[Bugajski] Chickens in her apartment,
are you serious?
[Slawek] You call these people tenants?
The city owes us a debt of gratitude
for getting rid of all of them.
Mom, it goes on and on.
- Why don't we take a break for a bit?
- No. I want to hear it all.
[man laughing]
[Slawek] That's why I'm telling you
to forget about trying to come up with
a compromise with those fucked-up broads
at the association.
Let's just sign the contract.
Next in line, we work on
the Potulickis' and Teichfeld's villas.
Do you think you could
get me a list of all
Your friend from Gigaplex just texted you.
Ewa, I can explain everything. I was
- Get the fuck out.
- [Piotr] Ewa!
[Marcin inhales, grunts]
[tense music builds slowly]
[Marcin] I remember. The couch,
the blanket, the smell of home.
Asia and Ula arguing about me.
And I remember lying on the road.
And before that,
I remember everything at Sławek's house
and that moment of epiphany.
It was Zbyszek.
It had been Zbyszek all along.
[Piotr] I wanted to quit.
But I was afraid of Zbyszek.
I was afraid of those people.
They can kill you
as easily as you order
a round of vodka shots in a bar.
[gasps softly]
Hey, Zbychu. Got a minute today?
Can I come over?
Nah. I just feel like talking, that's all.
Alright, see you.
[exhales deeply]
[ominous music playing]
[Marcin] People say that
you lose your family over alcohol.
You don't lose them.
You kill your family over alcohol.
Day by day, year by year.
Until the only things left are ghosts.
[Asia humming a tune]
[Marcin] Asia, Ula, me, even Piotrek.
We're nothing but ghosts.
[Asia continues humming]
What is it?
It was Zbyszek.
What was Zbyszek?
[Marcin takes a deep breath]
Marcin, stop! No. Please.
No. I won't let you go.
- No, I won't let you go. Please!
- We have to put an end to all of it.
- Marcin!
- Otherwise, we'll never get over it.
- Doing this is not gonna bring him back.
- Let go of the door. Drive.
- Please. No, don't do this.
- Drive!
Get out of the car, Marcin!
Please, don't do this!
[somber music playing]
[knocking on door]
Hey. Ah, Kania!
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you out of your fucking mind?
You're sick, buddy.
That alcohol's eaten away at your brain.
You should get some fucking help! Ow!
Fuck! Marcin!
[Marcin] You hired my son, right?
You fuckin' shit!
And then Piotrek wanted out, didn't he?
Think about what you're fucking doing.
Fuck, Marcin.
How long have we fucking known each other?
I dunno who told you what,
but I'm your friend
Those people punctured our tires.
Smeared shit all over your door handles.
Don't you know that? They got in the way
of legal fucking investments.
You know that! Your son was a grown man.
He knew what he was doing.
He didn't need your permission.
What the fuck did you do, Zbychu?
Marcin, please. [sniffs]
Just put the fucking knife down
and think for a second, alright?
- Calm down and put the knife away.
- What did you do to him, piece of shit?
I didn't fucking do anything to him.
I even told him he's a moron
if he believes anything they say.
That he was going to get
in a shitload of trouble
because what the tenants' association
was doing was illegal.
You really do think
I'm fucking stupid, don't you? Huh?
Alcoholic loser Marcin Kania
will believe anything you tell him, right?
No, Zbyszek.
- You're not fucking fooling me anymore.
- Marcin, listen to me.
That's not what I think.
I always tried to be straight with you.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Fuck, no!
Shut up.
Slawek Kurzyna fired you.
You wanted to get revenge, right?
- Tell me. Now!
- No, Kania!
That's not it at all.
I swear to fucking God.
You gotta believe me.
- Kania, I am begging you.
- You made a deal with Tomeczek.
- Didn't you?
- No.
They kidnapped Piotrek
because you told them to.
- And they fucking hung him from a tree.
- No, no. Marcin, please, listen to me.
Fuck, listen to me. I would never
in my life do something like that.
Fuck, I fucking swear, please
- Shut the fuck up!
- [Marcin huffs]
- Marcin, please, fuck
I'd never do that to you. To you
You're my friend. Please don't do this!
Just let me go!
Fuckin' fuck!
[stifled shouting and pleading]
Are you done?
[somber music playing]
Ready for this?
Look at me.
Fucking look at me.
[phone ringing]
[music intensifies]
[Marcin shuddering]
[phone continues ringing]
[Zbyszek exhales, panting]
[music fades slowly]
[Marcin exhales sharply]
[line ringing]
Yeah. What do you want?
[Cezary] Just wanted you to know
we found Piotrek's phone.
Forensics got the evidence envelopes
mixed up.
What does that mean?
Marcin, you need to come in.
Your son left a message for you.
Tell me.
Marcin, I have to warn you.
- This isn't gonna be pleasant.
- Stop talking. Just play it.
[Piotr] Hey, Dad. [clears throat]
Okay, so
I know we already saw each other today.
But I wanted to say hi again.
For the last time.
Something terrible happened.
I told you about it
a few hours ago at the restaurant.
I know you probably don't remember,
but don't worry.
I'll jog your memory.
- [muffled footsteps thudding]
- [gasps]
- Fuck, Piotrek.
- [water sloshing]
[Lolus grunting]
Hey! Are you here?
Fuck me
Don't pass out on me, alright?
We'll use this for now,
until the ambulance comes.
[line ringing]
I don't want to
[line ringing]
Just hang up.
[line cuts out]
- Fuck, Piotrek
- [phone clatters]
[line ringing]
[Marcin] Hey, Peter Pan! [chuckles]
- How is it going?
- Hey, Dad.
Just wanna know
if you got any free time tonight.
[Piotr] She told me to get out.
I tried explaining to her that
working with them was a mistake.
And that I wasn't gonna do it anymore.
[inhales] That I wanted
nothing more to do with them.
That I love her.
- That she's my only friend.
- [swallows]
[Marcin grunts]
All those things that
I was too scared [inhales shakily]
to say to her before.
Alright, then.
Why not give Kinga another chance?
Mmm Maybe whatever you thought was wrong
You know, it's possible
to get back together after a rough patch.
- Believe me, I know.
- You dumb shit.
Dumb shit?
Ooh, Peter Pan is here, huh?
Why are you so pissed off?
- 'Cause you're not listening to me.
- What do you mean? I am listening.
But you're not hearing shit.
You're just thinking
about your next drink.
Once I told you I wouldn't tell Mom that
your whole therapy thing was a big lie,
you've only gotten worse than ever.
But it's not like it used to be, Piotrus.
I know how to control it now. Huh.
I didn't call you
to watch you get shitfaced.
Nobody ever told me that I was okay.
Except Ewa.
Nobody ever accepted me
for who I really am.
- It sucks, Dad. It may be a simple thing.
- You.
- But my brain needed to process
- Uh Wait.
Hang on. I'm not getting something here.
You said something
terrible happened, right?
[laughs] And this is fucking it?
That Zbyszek got you a job?
That you got to be some sort of
fucking James Bond for a while?
And you accidentally fell in love,
and then she dumped you?
Is that it?
Or is it some old broad who used to be
in the Secret Service had a heart attack?
I mean, I know it kinda sucks,
but is it my fault? Is it yours?
No, Dad.
I was born, and that's what sucks.
Fuck that.
"Odds, bobs, hammer, and tongs."
Hold up.
You think that by quoting
some stupid line from Peter Pan,
we'll have a laugh,
and everything will be okay?
Listen up, you're a young man.
You should I dunno, have a drink.
Have some fun.
Do something.
And if that doesn't help,
then, uh, write a sad poem.
Or a song. Huh?
[Marcin sniffs]
Do you remember Croatia?
- Or what happened later, actually.
- [scoffs]
I apologized to you
because I didn't wanna be like you.
And in your twisted head, you thought
it was some sort of fresh start.
That now we'd just be best buddies.
[Marcin sighs softly]
I avoided you, and that pissed you off.
You yelled, and screamed,
and pounded on my door.
Mom even threatened to call the cops,
but that was an empty threat.
But I'm not like that anymore.
So, finally it was
sometime around Christmas,
you barged into my room in a hissy fit
and started taking things off my shelves.
My books on programming,
collectible masks, and, um other things.
Games in their original boxes.
You grabbed everything,
tossed it all into a barrel,
and set it all on fire, saying,
now I would fucking respect you.
I was in high school,
but I felt like I was three years old.
And I've felt like that
my whole life around you.
[Piotr sniffs]
[Piotr exhales shakily]
What's this?
Show me
You know.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
I never wanted to exist, Dad.
I never should've been born.
You stupid moron.
What the fuck did you just say?
Sit down. Don't make a scene.
You think you can
talk to your father like this?
Shut up.
Shut up, you say?
- We gave you fucking everything!
- Sit down.
A family, a home, a fucking job!
You got an apartment!
- You ungrateful
- [dishes clattering]
[Piotr panting]
[waiter] Gentlemen, please.
I need you to leave and never come back.
Get the fuck out of here.
I said fuck off!
You need help, Piotrus.
You hear?
[slow rock tune playing]
[Marcin] Piotrus, wait up!
Just take it easy, alright?
Will you wait?
- We have to talk about this.
- Fuck off.
Calm down!
- Fuck off, I said!
- Piotr! [grunts, groaning]
Piotrus! Piotr!
Stop. Stop!
[slow rock tune intensifies]
[Marcin] Piotrus, wait up!
Just stop a second!
- Wait.
- Can't you leave me alone?
[Marcin panting]
You dropped this.
Just get away from me, okay?
Things will sort themselves out.
You can't just tell me
to leave you alone.
I'm not gonna do that.
Come here. Come.
Listen to me, I know. Alright?
We just need to sit down calmly
and talk this all out. Hey
I'll get you the best doctors to help.
The best. Everything's gonna be fine.
Come on, let's go back.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Leave me alone.
- Let's go! Ow! Let's go.
- Leave me alone! Just go home.
- Get the fuck off me!
- [Marcin grunts]
- [Marcin panting]
- [Piotr grunting]
I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry, Piotrus.
Piotrus Piotrus
I can't just leave you alone,
do you understand?
I won't let you go.
- Piotrus. Piotrus!
- [Piotr shouts]
[Marcin groaning]
[pulsing rhythm thrumming]
[Piotr] I'll make fucking sure
you remember this.
[tense music builds slowly]
[breathing heavily]
Hey, Dad. [clears throat]
Okay, so
I know we already saw each other today.
But I wanted to say hi again.
[Marcin] Piotrek.
[chuckles lightly]
- Piotrus!
- [whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
Hey, wait.
Wait. Wait!
Get out of the way.
- Fuck off!
- [man grunts]
[Marcin panting]
[tense music builds]
[tense music plays steadily]
[Piotr] I'm ashamed of you.
Actually, I've been
ashamed of you my whole life.
You're like a fucking joke,
only not funny.
And even if you hadn't been a drunk
I'd still hate you.
But now all of your evil,
drinking, beatings, verbal abuse
all of your destruction,
and the constant stress,
the unbearable fear
and plain disgust
doesn't matter anymore.
I'm telling you all of this
so that you know.
So that you'll live with it.
If you listen to this a couple of times,
maybe you'll understand.
That you're a nobody. [chuckles softly]
[pulsing rhythm thrumming]
[sobbing quietly]
[Piotr] I don't feel bad for Kinga.
She'll be better off without me.
I don't know if I'll feel sorry for Mom.
It'll be terrible for her,
but I can't keep suffering for her sake.
I definitely feel sorry for Ula.
If you're listening to this, I'm so sorry.
When I met Ewa,
I saw her pain right away.
I saw myself in it.
And I believed
we were made for each other.
But I didn't know how to love.
You never taught me that.
I don't know what it means.
I fucked up.
Just like you.
But I know one thing for sure.
Thanks to Ewa,
I discovered that you could be kind.
That you can
actually touch people's hearts.
And that's the discovery, Dad.
I'm just too tired.
My hatred for you has exhausted me.
I'm too tired to keep running from you.
You were my Captain Hook.
Constantly running away is no way to live.
I think you might've
actually understood that.
And that's why you drank.
So you wouldn't have to see
all the damage you caused.
So you wouldn't feel that you're alone.
That you're impossible to love.
I understand that, because I feel it too.
[breathing shakily]
But no more running away, Dad.
[sobbing softly]
[Piotr sobbing softly on recording]
[Piotr sniffs]
I have to go.
Bye, Dad. [sniffs]
[somber music playing]
[sobbing silently]
[birds chirping]
[tires screeching]
[high-pitched ringing]
[high-pitched ringing stops]
["Rings of Saturn"
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds playing]
[car alarm chirps]
Upside down and inside out
And on all eights ♪
You're like a funnel web
Like a black fly on the ceiling ♪
Skinny white haunches high and skyward ♪
And a black, oily gash
Crawlin' backwards across the carpet ♪
To smash all over everything ♪
[Marcin] I remember everything now.
Over the shops and the cars
And the crowds and the town ♪
And this is the moment
This is exactly what she was born to be ♪
[Marcin grumbles]
What do you want?
[exhales, scoffs]
This is what she does
And this is what she is ♪
[Marcin grunts]
I'm sorry.
- [Marcin grunting]
- [Jadzia] Marcin, calm down!
You're hammered.
You're not thinking rationally.
The woman's gonna call the police.
Then you won't find out anything from her.
- Marcin! Let's go home, you'll sober up.
- [grunts] Let go of me.
- We'll come back tom
- [both grunt]
[Marcin] There were no black masks.
No Wrona, no Barti.
They belonged to a different time,
a different place.
Memories were pasted together
in a more palatable version
that would allow you to forgive yourself.
[Marcin speaking indistinctly]
Memory is truth.
Truth is pain.
I was never on the side of truth.
I ran from it every time
it appeared on the horizon.
And this is the moment
This is exactly what she was born to be ♪
This is what she is
And this is what she does ♪
[Piotr] Bye, Dad.
[Ula] Are you alive?
["Rings of Saturn" fades out]
You actually trying to kill yourself?
Isn't one death enough?
[birds chirping]
[soft instrumental music plays]
Can I ask you something?
Did you love my son?
I can tell you Piotrek loved you.
He hated me.
And the reason he left you such
a long message is because he hated you?
[breathes deeply]
[Marcin] There are some things
that can never be undone.
But you can still talk about them.
I never stopped drinking.
That's my truth.
Well, now they know everything.
I can't forgive you
because what you did was horrible.
Even though I used to punch my husband
in the face when I was drunk myself.
You know, Marcin,
thanks to you, I know what it's like
to get beaten up by a drunk.
Jadzka, are you actually
defending him now?
- Sylwia, I'm telling you how I feel.
- [scoffs]
[Sylwia sighs]
[Marcin] I should feel relieved now.
But I don't feel anything anymore.
You don't plead guilty to feel something.
I just wanted them to know
that they're important to me.
[Jarek] There's no question
you've suffered an enormous loss, Marcin.
But, you have to understand,
you've abused our trust.
- [Marcin sighs]
- By deceiving us for the last two years.
By making a mockery
of therapy, abstinence
You completely undermined
the purpose of what we do here.
I know I did, and I'm sorry.
[Jarek] Alright, then.
I think we should take a vote
on whether Marcin
can remain part of our group.
If it's okay with all of you,
I'm gonna close my eyes.
Just tell me when you're done
what the verdict is.
[breathes shakily]
["Looking Too Closely" by Fink playing]
[Jarek] All in favor of Marcin no longer
attending our therapy group meetings,
raise your hands.
[Marcin] I'm not seeing
who's raising their hands.
As promised, my eyes are closed.
It's a funny feeling to keep your word.
This is a song about somebody else ♪
So don't worry yourself
Worry yourself ♪
Should you or anyone around you need help,
it is available. You are not alone.
to find organizations that can help you.
Looking too closely ♪
Looking too closely ♪
Put your arms around somebody else ♪
Don't punish yourself, punish yourself ♪
Truth is like blood
Underneath your fingernails ♪
And you don't wanna hurt yourself
Hurt yourself ♪
Looking too closely ♪
Looking too closely ♪
Oh, no, no, no ♪
Oh, no, no, no ♪
You don't wanna hurt yourself
Hurt yourself ♪
You don't wanna hurt yourself
Hurt yourself ♪
Oh, no, no, no ♪
And I could be wrong
About anybody else ♪
So don't kid yourself, kid yourself ♪
It's you right there
Right there in the mirror ♪
And you don't wanna hurt yourself
Hurt yourself ♪
Looking too closely ♪
Ooh ♪
Looking too closely ♪
Ooh ♪
Yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Looking too closely ♪
You don't wanna hurt yourself ♪
You don't wanna hurt yourself
Hurt yourself ♪
Looking too close ♪
[song fades out]
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