Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

You're Wonderful

Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, there's ice cream in the kitchen!
Tell your mother I said it's okay.
Thanks, Dad, the last thing
they need is more sugar.
- It's a party.
- The grandkids are going
to miss Hawk so much
when we go to Milan.
I don't know what
Kimberly's going to do.
Well, she'll ship them over
in the diplomatic pouch.
I almost gave up my dream
of moving to Italy with the man I love.
In the end, she settled
for going with me.
Is that Marcus?
I didn't know he was in town.
Bring him over to say hi.
Yeah, I will.
Excuse me.
When did you get in?
I didn't know you were having a party.
Oh, no, no. It's just
a little celebration.
I've finally been posted to Milan.
Oh, congratulations on
your new book, by the way.
- I've been meaning to write you
- Can we talk?
In private?
It's about Tim.
Yeah, let's
Let's go into my office.
So, how are you?
How's San Francisco?
Fine. Uh, Hawk.
When Tim heard I was coming to DC,
- he asked me to drop by, and
- Oh, how is he?
How are any of us?
You don't know from one
day to the next who's
Sorry. I'm just tired
of going to funerals.
Tim's organizing his
life, settling things.
Wants you to have this.
How bad is it?
How long does he have
I'm not a fortune teller.
And you?
No, so far.
How about you?
It's not impossible.
- I'm careful.
- Careful?
Is he with someone?
He's had a couple romances.
Nothing that lasted.
Something kept getting in the way.
I better go.
- Give my best to Lucy.
- Do you have a number for him?
Yeah, I should at least call
Hawk, Tim doesn't want to hear from you.
He asked me to make that clear.
You have a beautiful family.
A beautiful life.
I hope it was worth it.
Hawkins Fuller!
You're at the wrong party.
Your man's a Democrat.
I'm neutral, like Switzerland.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What do you want?
To drink.
- A glass of milk.
- What?
To Hawk and Lucy,
the deputy consul of Milan
and the woman who makes it all possible.
And our letters tell him so ♪
Nobody's for McCarthy but the people ♪
And our votes will tell him so ♪
Senator Joseph McCarthy!
Well, we did it!
We have a new president!
One who doesn't want
party-line thinkers or fellow travelers.
Ike will conduct the fight!
And together, we will
make America safe
and strong again!
Oh, Christ.
It's a landslide victory
for the Republican Party.
Many believe that credit
for Eisenhower's win belongs
to Senator McCarthy and
his campaign against
There you'll never be ♪
Can I have a smoke?
And if you sing this melody ♪
You'll be pretending just like ♪
I'm Eddie. How about you?
But my friends call me Uncle Milty.
Listen, I know the score, okay?
I know a lot of my friends
will trick with a guy
and then press him for
money, but that's not me.
Okay? I got a
I got a job at the State Department.
Didn't have you pegged
for the Diplomatic Corps.
Just logistics.
Uh, you know, packing up
offices, moving furniture.
- Lighter.
- Why?
What, you think I was gonna steal it?
No, this was fun. I mean
You wanna give me your number?
Give me the lighter.
Just like me ♪
The world is mine ♪
It can be yours, my friend ♪
Good night, Eddie.
So why don't you pretend ♪
Four months after the landing at Anzio,
I was leading a squad
of the 141st Regiment,
36th Infantry Division,
when General Clark ordered
the offensive against
the Nazis' Caesar line.
It had just been fortified.
We finally broke through
at this little town.
Velletri. It was in shambles.
But slowly, the Italians
came out of hiding.
Mothers, wives.
Crying, shouting, "Gli
Americani sono qui!"
"The Americans are here!"
Look, fellas,
and this is what I want you
to take back to your bosses.
The Voice of America
is doing for our allies
what the 141st did in Velletri,
and they need to remember that
when they're doling
out the pork in HR3053.
I will ask you specifically.
Are you at this time a
member of the Communist Party?
Senator McCarthy.
I've already said
that I must avail myself of my rights
under the Fifth Amendment
and refuse to answer.
You refuse to answer that question
Miss Addison will
send over those tickets
to the City Series, won't you, darling?
Of course, Mr. Fuller.
You're gonna love the seats.
- Thank you.
- The third baseline.
The Voice of America
lives to see another day.
Good work.
It's a worthy program.
It'll be even better when
they clean out all the Reds.
I'm running down to the commissary.
May I bring you anything?
Ah, you're a doll, but
I'm on my way out. Thanks.
Now, don't be jealous, Miss Johnson.
Don't flatter yourself.
Listen, if Morton asks,
I'm having lunch with Senator Smith.
I have to cool him down.
He's chomping at the bit to
take on McCarthy and Cohn.
Well, someone should.
May I?
Election night.
That's right.
What were you doing at that party?
You had to know someone.
I worked on the New York campaign.
I thought it would land me
a good job in Washington.
Any luck?
I interned for three months at the Star.
In the mail room.
I have a degree in political
science and history.
I think I should aim a
little higher, don't you?
You've come to Washington
to make a difference.
Are you making fun of me, Mr. Fuller?
You know my name?
I looked you up in the
Biographical Register.
May I ask you a personal question?
All right.
Is this, uh
Is this milk drinking a habit of yours?
I think my parents were
hoping it would make me taller.
I'm Tim Laughlin, by the way.
Pleased to meet you, Tim Laughlin.
So, what kind of work you looking for?
What keeps you up at night?
Well, that's easy.
Stalin's plan for world domination.
For or against?
Now you are making fun of me.
The threat of communism is real.
Down, boy. I'm no Red.
I'm a war hero.
- They include that in the Register?
- They did.
Along with your degree from Penn,
and your work at the State Department,
the last two years in the Bureau
of Congressional Relations.
Did you memorize my entry?
Give me your number.
You know, in case I hear of anything
in the Making the World Safe
for Democracy department.
You make it sound like a bad thing.
Wanting to do some good in the world.
No. Not bad.
Just rare.
Now I have to go and
you should be careful.
Look here. Behind you.
Don't stare.
It's park police.
It's the end of the month.
They have to hit their quota.
Quota of?
- Oh.
- Oh.
I should leave soon anyway.
Job interview?
It's noon Mass at St. Joseph's.
I'll spend the afternoon
picturing you kneeling in prayer.
The witness has acknowledged
a youthful interest
in some ideas that are,
to many of us, foolish or distasteful.
But I believe we all agree that,
as Americans, we are
guaranteed the right
to hold ideas that may
be offensive to others.
Is the senator from Pennsylvania
defending the idea
that the American form
of government is evil
and ought to be replaced
by the Soviet system?
Mr. Cohn, this witness
has not said that he signed
any petitions or joined
any party or group.
He has clearly stated
that he was merely
invited to a few meetings.
Meetings at which a member
of the National Committee
of the Communist Party
was present, advocating
for the overthrow
of the United States
government by force and
Who's the Randolph Scott-type
sitting next to Cohn?
I want to ask you
Gerard David Schine.
organizations. First of all
Roy's brought him on as an
anti-Communist consultant.
Can't wait to hear his qualifications.
Heir to the Schine family hotel fortune.
If you're lucky enough to stay
in one of their luxury hotels,
you'll find this pamphlet,
authored by Mr. Schine,
in the nightstand by the Bible.
Apparently, the pamphlet
caught Roy's eye.
Mm. Something caught his eye.
But I don't think it was the pamphlet.
Once again, are you at this time
a member of the Communist Party?
I refuse to answer that on the grounds
of the Fifth Amendment.
We are adjourned until
the afternoon session.
McCarthy is sending Cohn
and his sidekick to Europe
to expose commie influence
in our overseas libraries.
In anticipation of their visit,
librarians have started burning books.
Now, that remind you of anything?
I'm just suggesting,
sir, this isn't the moment
to take a noble stand against McCarthy.
He and Roy could blow up your career.
And that's not part of our plan.
Your plan, me in the
White House in eight years.
Can't think of a man
who'd be better for our country.
I should be on my way.
Lucy's back from Europe.
I'm sure she'd like to see you.
Tell her I'll call.
Thank you.
Look forward to hearing
about her travels.
The unholy trinity.
Look at Cohn, fussing over
that boy like a newlywed.
Turns a man's stomach.
It's an honor. Thank
you. Thank you both.
- Senator McCarthy
- It certainly does.
Tim! Phone!
Some man for you.
- Mr. Laughlin.
- This is I.
I'm going to give you an address.
Mr. Fuller?
Took me a few days to
find the right job for you.
Unless you've already found one.
No. I mean, I'm considering
a couple of positions.
Start writing.
105 Russell. Constitution Ave.
Job's a junior assistant
with writing duties.
Send your resume to the
attention of Miss Jean Kerr.
Jean Kerr? She works for
Your hero, Tail Gunner Joe.
I don't know how to thank you.
We'll work on that. Just remember,
you've been recommended by one of
Senator Smith's donors.
Although you think
Smith is soft on Reds.
He is.
And watch out for Joe's hands.
Good morning.
How are we doing?
Well, the new fella.
How's he working out, Jean?
He's an eager beaver, Senator.
Could stand to improve his spelling.
You'll have to do this one again.
Oh. Sorry.
Isn't she beautiful?
She is. And very nice.
She tells me you're a good Catholic boy.
- I try, sir.
- Don't try too hard.
The great thing about our religion, son,
we know our sins will be forgiven,
so you might as well commit a few.
From Mr. McLeod in Security.
They're starting investigations
in our division next month.
And not a moment too soon if you ask me.
Subversives and deviants.
Hello. Is Mr. Fuller in?
I'm afraid he's not.
Do you know when he'll be back?
I have something for him.
- I'll take it.
- You can give it to me.
Look Homeward, Angel.
Wolfe's a great writer.
Will Mr. Fuller know who it's from?
I wrote a note inside.
You'll be sure he gets it?
- Promise.
- Thank you.
Hmm. He seems very artistic.
- Your front door was open.
- Mr. Fuller.
I'm not allowed visitors.
You're gonna burn that.
I came by to see if you'd
let me buy you supper.
You brought me a book.
That was to thank you.
Looks like you're
already cooking something.
What is it?
Chicken noodle soup.
And I really shouldn't go out.
It's a sin to waste food.
Mortal or venial?
I spent half a year
in Jesuit high school.
Didn't go well.
I'd say wasting a can of
soup would be a venial sin.
What if you were to let me kiss you?
Would that be mortal or venial?
Mortal, I'm pretty sure.
Would you like me to kiss you?
No, Mr. Fuller.
Well, that one's got to be mortal,
if the size of the lie figures in.
You like working for your hero?
The Washington elite look
down their noses at McCarthy.
And I know his tactics are rough.
But the Soviet threat is real,
and so is the atomic bomb.
And, yes, I am happy working for him.
And grateful.
Maybe you could do me a favor.
Let me know what you're
asked to research.
Keep your ears open.
What's the matter?
The job.
I didn't realize you
had ulterior motives.
Welcome to the capital
of ulterior motives.
It was my second year at Fordham.
I belonged to the YRC.
Of course you did.
Our faculty advisor was Father Gallagher
from the Religion Department.
Not much older than I was.
And we both loved the Church.
The liturgy, the rituals.
One thing led to another and then
When it was over, I asked Bob,
that was his name,
if he thought God would
forgive us for what we'd done.
He said God would forgive us.
But he could never forgive
God for making him what he was.
What about you?
Who was your first?
Is this all right?
May I?
Pull 'em off.
Fold 'em.
Fold them.
Who's my boy?
- Who's my boy?
- I am! I am!
That was nice, Skippy.
But you need a radio.
Who's Skippy?
It's what I'm gonna call you.
Any particular reason?
It suits you.
Like the glasses.
Next time, we'll turn
her toward the wall.
You turned the tables on me ♪
And now I'm falling for you ♪
You turned the tables on me ♪
I can't believe that it's true ♪
I always thought when you brought ♪
The lovely presents you bought ♪
Why hadn't you brought me more? ♪
But now if you'd come ♪
I'd welcome anything from ♪
The five and ten cent store ♪
You used to call me the top ♪
You put me up on a throne ♪
You let me fall with a drop ♪
Now I'm out on my own ♪
But after thinking it over and over ♪
I got what was coming to me ♪
Aunt Bridget, the nun.
Uncle Daniel, the priest.
- This is Uncle Ronald.
- Hmm.
The drunken designated
hopeless sinner of the family.
I think you're giving Uncle
Ron a run for that title.
Thanks to you.
You love your family.
And they love me.
Well, the part of me that they know.
I don't know anything about you.
You never talk about your family.
Or your politics.
What political party you belong to,
if you believe in God.
Anything else?
You never told me
about your first lover.
Or any of your lovers,
though I have heard rumors.
Do tell.
Jean Kerr says you're
unofficially engaged
to Senator Smith's daughter, Lucy.
And it's a scandal
because you practically
grew up in the same house.
It's late.
What, now you're angry?
I'm not angry.
But I don't like being
questioned like a witness
at one of McCarthy
and Cohn's show trials.
It's normal to want to know
something about the person
The person you fuck.
It's normal to want to know something
about the person I'm fucking.
- That sounds so ugly.
- Okay.
Here you go.
I'm not engaged to anyone at the moment.
The first person I slept
with, I didn't catch his name.
- I said first lover.
- I'm a registered Republican.
But I don't vote because I
really don't see the point.
And I feel pretty much
the same way about God.
Feel free to pray for me
the next time you're at mass.
I've stopped going.
Well, that's progress.
It's not funny.
I feel like a hypocrite going to church.
Especially when I'm supposed
to be spying on my boss,
who's regarded as a saint
by millions of Catholics.
I don't want you to do
anything you don't wanna do.
Not for God,
not for me.
I mean it.
I just want to know you.
You know me.
- So nice talking to you.
- Thank you for your time.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
Tere. That's "Pleased
to meet you" in Estonian,
which I learned from Congressman Lipp,
who's pledged to protect the V.O.A.
I see that promotion on the horizon,
to some foreign post, no doubt.
I'm thinking Athens.
Although the Aegean's a
little rough for sailing.
How are you enjoying
Look Homeward, Angel?
Although I have trouble finishing a book
before I want to start another.
He seems sincere, Fuller. Don't
George. It's been a while.
Uh, Mary Johnson, George Bauers.
Which bureau is it, George?
Uh, Educational Exchange.
Hawk, um, do you have a minute?
Something I need to, uh
- I'm sorry.
- Of course.
Why don't we step away?
I got ya.
Sorry I've been out of touch.
How's Sylvie?
I'm being investigated.
They had me followed
and caught me coming
out of the Chicken Hut.
The Chicken Hut?
Christ, George. Even my mother
knows that place is queer.
I love Sylvie, and I adore my kids,
but I have needs. If
anyone should understand,
- it's you.
- Keep your voice down.
McLeod wants names.
Reds or queers in the Department.
If I don't produce names,
they'll go to Sylvie
and tell her everything.
What am I gonna do?
- Give them a name.
- I I can't.
I wouldn't do that to you.
- Would you do that to me?
- Give them the name
of someone with a low security clearance
who can survive being
banned from government work.
I don't know anyone like that.
Shh! Think!
Any of your tricks?
I don't ask their names.
I can barely stand to look at them.
This is going to kill
Sylvie. Just kill her.
Hey. Christ.
Stop! Stop!
Stop it. Here, here, here.
Look, just hold out as long as you can.
I'll see if I can put in a word for you.
You're lucky. You have
all those war medals.
You're bulletproof.
My fellow Americans,
at 7:00 this evening, Eastern Time,
air and naval forces
of the United States
launched a series of strikes
against the headquarters,
terrorist facilities and military assets
that support Muammar Gaddafi's
subversive activities.
Congresswoman Johnson.
Soon to be ex-Congresswoman.
Six years of Reagan has obliterated
any last vestiges of
liberal idealism I once had.
I have a feeling you're
calling about Tim.
I am.
You still in touch?
I talk to him when he's well enough.
Or his sister, when things get bad.
If you're thinking of seeing him,
you should do it soon.
He said he doesn't want to see me.
Of course he said that.
He expects that you won't show up,
and he doesn't want to be disappointed.
Wait. He's on the phone.
It's complicated.
Hawkins, he's not getting better.
There's no getting better.
Our government is letting people die.
I'm gonna give you his address.
1209 20th Street Apt.3.
Give Phyllis my best.
Hawk, the kids want to know
if you're ready for waffles.
Oh, am I ready for waffles?
Pop, do you want maple
syrup or whipped cream?
Do I want maple syrup or whipped cream?
Both, of course.
And I'm gonna eat 'em
all before you get to 'em
if you don't go first, 'cause
I am the waffle monster!
No, I'm gonna eat them.
I'm gonna eat ten of them.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Small world, huh?
You work here, too?
I don't. I'm over at Commerce.
I have a meeting upstairs.
Do we know each other?
Eddie. From the, uh, park.
Eddie Kofler. Remember? Gold lighter?
I'm sorry. I don't think we've met.
Who do you think you are, huh?
You stuck up son of a bitch.
You know exactly who I am.
I'm afraid you have me
confused with somebody else.
Good morning, Mr. Fuller.
George Bauers, please,
in Educational Exchange.
Hello. George Bauers.
George, it's Hawk.
I have a name for you.
The President's engaging
in a little saber
rattling. Nothing more.
He's cashing in on your cause, Senator.
Our cause.
We can't let Eisenhower hijack
the subversives issue, Senator.
We have to get out in front of it.
We need to issue a statement
before the President
signs that damn order.
It'll look like you forced his hand.
I own the subversives cause
and Eisenhower knows
it. He needs my blessing.
Hell, he owes his presidency to me.
Skippy, get in here.
I heard something.
How'd you find my place?
You're in the directory.
"Hawkins Z. Fuller."
I'd love to know what
the "Z" stands for.
Next time, you call from the
phone booth on the corner.
I'm gonna go.
Relax, relax.
Can I get you a drink?
I'm all out of milk.
I'll have a beer.
- Zebadiah?
- Don't start.
You going out?
Yeah, one of Joe Alsop's
Sunday night drunks,
as he calls them.
Will there be important
people at this party?
Joe only knows important people.
Hey, give me that.
Now, what'd you want to tell me, Skippy?
There was an argument at the office
about Eisenhower.
Take off your jacket.
The President is going to issue an E.O.
Whatever that is.
Executive Order.
Come here.
And they're worried Eisenhower is trying
to undermine them with it.
By taking the lead on the
anti-communist crusade?
I think so.
Senator McCarthy wants to ignore it,
but Roy thinks that they should
Roy? You're on a first-name basis?
Mr. Cohn thinks the smarter move
is to make people think
that they, McCarthy and Cohn,
are behind the order.
That they forced Eisenhower
to do the right thing.
Any idea what the
executive order's about?
I'm sorry.
What are you gonna do
with this information?
You share it with Senator Smith?
Only if I have to.
I try to protect the senator
from his own best impulses.
I have to get dressed.
I want to go to the party.
To Joe's?
I mean, don't get me wrong.
He would glom on to
you like a jellyfish.
So take me.
You're not dressed for it.
And you don't have a date.
I'd be with you.
This is the real world, Skippy.
I'm your boy, right?
Well, well.
And your boy wants to go to the party.
How much does he want to go?
Not yet.
Open up. Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Now, show me what my boy really wants.
Oh, yeah.
Does he walk into that
fancy Georgetown party
with my smell on him? Hmm?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Does he want to chat with
the Kennedys and the Grahams
with the taste of me in his mouth?
I suppose I could loan
you a tie and a topcoat.
Find you a beard.
Oh, yeah!
Oh! Oh, Jesus!
I made the terrapin soup myself.
You have to boil the turtle for hours,
adding heaps of butter to the broth,
a little sherry and cayenne pepper.
My wife says the aroma is
somewhat reminiscent of feet.
I can promise you
it tastes perfectly marvelous.
You know, you'd be interested to hear
what their limo driver has
to say about the two of them.
It's true, Mr. Kennedy. Don't deny it.
Have you met Mrs. Smith?
She's just returned from Europe.
May I get you another drink?
Thank you, sir.
You are an attentive escort.
I'm sure your family is
glad to have you back.
A champagne, please.
- Enjoying yourself, Skippy?
- Yes.
Keep your eyes on the bartender.
Champagne cocktail.
I'll take you out
later for some real fun.
Lucy wants to know
if you've gone to China for her drink.
Well, duty calls.
This is Marcus.
Don't tell him my secrets.
He's a stinking, rotten
commie journalist.
- And a damn good one at that.
- Ah.
Who do you write for?
I'm a stringer for The Courier.
The Black paper.
I think it's printed on white
newsprint, like all the rest.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
- Relax.
- That was so
If that's the worst thing
anyone says to me tonight,
I'll be doing just fine.
How do you know Mr. Fuller?
We belong to the same club.
Have the Have the two of you
In one respect, we're
perfectly suited to each other.
We prefer sex without
emotional entanglements.
You've been warned.
Dad said you took good care of him
the entire time I was in Europe.
I did my best.
You know he has plans for us.
He only drops a hint about
it several times a week.
Poor Dad. He doesn't realize
I'm planning to marry the
richest man I can find.
Good for you.
Even if he's ugly.
No, especially if he's ugly.
So I won't have to work
hard to hold on to him.
When you were a kid, you said
you'd only marry for love.
When you were a kid,
you said you were going
to be a race car driver.
There's still time.
Ladies and gentlemen,
David Schine and Roy Cohn have arrived.
And Mr. Schine has brought Cubans.
- Here they are.
- Cigars, that is.
Gentlemen, to the library,
ladies, cake and sherry
in the dining room.
What do you say we get out of here?
Where we going?
Someplace way more exciting.
There is a land, they say ♪
They say it's far away ♪
I used to think that
it was heaven above ♪
But now it's my land ♪
Of love ♪
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I hope you're going to
dance with me tonight.
I'll think about it.
Hey, buster,
see that red light on
the cash register there?
That comes on,
you better make 12 inches of daylight
between you and your friend right here.
And do it fast.
Only takes three seconds for
the cops to come downstairs.
And you.
You're responsible for them.
Oh, come, my love ♪
And live ♪
With me ♪
You all right?
I'm a little drunk.
You don't gulp scotch.
You sip it.
Okay, Hawk, I have
to ask you a question.
Are you sure you have to ask?
What we're doing,
I've stopped thinking
if it's right or wrong
or even sin, I don't care.
But there is one thing I
don't think I could live with.
Are you going to marry Lucy Smith?
What did I do?
You're drunk, so I'll let it go.
Can I get a black coffee, pal?
Yeah, you got it.
We had fun, didn't we?
- Yes!
- It was a fun night.
We played a room full of
Washington know-it-alls
for fools and we got away with it.
You were sweet. Really sweet.
But, Skippy, that's all it was.
That's all it can be.
I'm sorry.
Is there a problem?
No, no, there's no problem. Come on.
Drink your coffee, I'll take you home.
I committed mortal sins for you.
Oh, here we go.
I could go to hell.
Hell's a fantasy, Skippy.
So is heaven, the Trinity, democracy
and the holy war against communism.
Grand ideas that just get
people killed. Now, come on.
- Why don't you sit down?
- No, I don't wanna sit down.
Suit yourself.
I don't know how you do it.
Caring only about what you want.
What gives you pleasure
at any given moment.
Here comes the sermon.
You let me know when I should genuflect.
I'm not ashamed to feel things.
That I need to feel
things, believe in things.
You're the coward, not me!
Hawk, this just came
for you by messenger.
Did you look inside?
Have I ever, in all these
years, opened your mail?
It's from your travel agent.
So I assume it's a plane ticket.
Yeah, I have to make a quick trip.
Just two or three days at the most.
I know where you're going.
I heard you talking to Mary.
I wasn't trying to
listen. It just happened.
The rental agent's coming on Friday.
I'd like you to be home for that.
I will.
Is it
Does he have
Is he dying?
I don't know.
- Lucy.
- Hmm?
You're everything to me.
If I was everything,
you wouldn't be going
where you're going.
You'll need your raincoat.
I think it's in the front hall closet.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the
fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of
God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
If you don't mind me saying so,
you look a little troubled.
I suppose I am, Father.
I could hear your
confession if it would help.
It would.
But I can't make confession today.
Why not?
Aren't we meant to come to confession
with perfect contrition?
If we've sinned, all God asks
is that we be sorry for it.
Is there a particular
sin weighing on your mind?
I've had
carnal relations.
That's a serious sin.
Are you in love with the young woman?
It's not a woman.
Even for the gravest of sins,
if you are sincerely sorry,
God will forgive you and make you pure.
But that's the problem.
What is?
When I committed this sin,
I felt pure.
More pure than I felt in my entire life.
So how can I be sorry for it?
- Thanks for coming.
- What do you want, George?
I cooperated, used that name.
They're going to let me resign quietly.
- I'm glad it worked out.
- It didn't exactly work out.
That kid. The name you
gave me, they picked him up.
Told him they were going
to open an investigation.
Hawk, he tried to kill himself.
They had to pump his stomach.
- I owe the kid something.
- Stay away from him.
They could still be watching you.
Go home, kiss your wife, hug your kids.
Be grateful for what you have.
How am I supposed to live with myself?
Christ, George, how the hell do I know?
The executive order
that President Eisenhower
will sign tomorrow will
expand security investigations
to all branches of government,
facilitating the
coordination of the efforts
among various agencies,
including the State Department's M unit,
the FBI's Sex Deviants
Investigations unit,
and the Washington D.C.
Police Sex Perversion
elimination program.
Those accused and investigated
will be judged by their trustworthiness
and whether they have committed
criminal or immoral acts
that would leave them
susceptible to coercion.
These are people the
rest of us consider sad,
sick, even pathetic.
The investigations conducted
shall relate but not be
limited to the following.
Any criminal, infamous,
dishonest, immoral,
or notoriously disgraceful conduct.
Habitual use of intoxicants
to excess, drug addiction.
Sexual perversion.
An investigation may be commenced
based on an accusation
by a fellow employee,
even if the employee making the
accusation prefers to remain anonymous.
One of my friends said the other day,
why worry about those individuals?
You don't claim they're
all communists, do you?"
The answer is obviously no.
Some of them are very energetic,
very loyal Americans.
Some of them have
that unusual affliction
through no fault of their own.
We're not disturbed about
them because of their morals.
Were disturbed about them
because they are
dangerous to this country.
Thank you.
God bless you,
and God bless the
United States of America.
Do you have a minute?
That was his name. My first.
Remember, you asked?
Eleventh grade
played on the tennis team together.
That paperweight that
you saw in my apartment.
I was with Kenny when he
picked it up on our senior trip.
You know?
Sweet Kenny. He loved beautiful things.
The other boys razzed
him about it pretty bad.
And that's
That's when I started
putting distance between us.
I guess you could say
I deserted him.
I went into the Army
and Kenny signed up too.
I think he was trying to
stay connected to me somehow.
Only I ended up in Europe
and Kenny was sent to the Pacific.
He died on the beach
trying to take Luzon.
I'd like to come up to your room.
I want to hold you tonight.
If you'll let me.
I'm afraid.
I imagine a lot of
people are afraid tonight.
I don't mean the executive order.
I'm afraid of you.
I don't know what to do.
What should I do?
My advice?
Go inside,
shut that door
and lock it behind you.
Unfortunately, the lock is broken.
It's Hawk.
I'm in San Francisco.
I'd like to see you.
I'm calling from a diner just
down the street from your building.
If you were able to see me,
would this be a good time?
I know this is out of nowhere.
I didn't want to call first
and have you tell me not to come.
I thought if I just showed up, maybe
You there?
I'm here.
All right.
I'll tell you what, I'm
gonna give you a number.
I'd really like to see you.
Think about it.
I'll I'll stay here
and wait for your call.
They're open all night,
but I hope you won't
make me wait that long.
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