Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on Fellow Travelers
[MARCUS] Tim's organizing his life.
Wants you to have this.
He doesn't want to hear from you.
- Would you like me to kiss you?
- No, Mr. Fuller.
- I just want to know you.
I don't like being
questioned like a witness
at one of McCarthy
and Cohn's show trials.
Are you at this time a
member of the Communist Party?
Cohn fussing over that boy.
Turns a man's stomach.
It certainly does.
[PRIEST] Even for the gravest of sins,
God will forgive you and make you pure.
[TIM] But that's the problem.
When I committed this sin, I felt pure.
- Lucy, you're everything to me.
- If I was everything,
you wouldn't be going
where you're going.
[HAWK] It's Hawk.
I'm in San Francisco.
I'll stay here and wait for your call.
Thank you for coming.
- You're, uh
- Maggie.
- Maggie.
- Tim's sister.
Yeah. When you called
earlier, I was surprised.
- That it was me?
- Yeah.
I don't see it.
Although he swears no
one else even came close.
Is he up for a visit?
You stole that from him.
His ever being able
to have a real partner.
He told Marcus he
didn't want to see you.
This isn't between me and Marcus.
Well, I don't want you
anywhere near my brother.
No offense,
it's not between me and you either.
[WAITRESS] Hey, darlin'.
I'd think you'd be relieved
to not have to see him.
Why would I fly 3,000 miles
if I didn't want to see him?
I don't know.
So that you can say that you tried?
For he's a jolly good fellow ♪
For he's a jolly good fellow ♪
Which nobody can deny ♪
- Thank you.
Well, another year older
and none the wiser, I'm afraid.
- [WOMAN] It is true.
I am delighted all of
you could come tonight.
It means the world
and I have to thank my wife, Helen,
for putting this together,
like she puts everything together.
My daughter, Lucy, son Leonard,
and Hawk. So, thank you.
- And now enjoy yourself here.
- Hear, hear!
Many happy returns, Senator.
Thanks, Hawk. For everything.
Of course.
Enjoy your night.
I'm surprised you didn't make a toast.
Have you become shy?
Well, the men in Europe are much bolder.
So I hear.
You've heard correctly.
- [LEONARD] Having fun? Me too.
Let me help you with that.
Here you go.
- Cheers.
- He's gotten worse.
I'll take care of it.
Come on. Come on, you two. Get closer.
Now, smile.
Thank you.
Save that for later.
Cubans for the big boys out back.
Your father's asked you to join him,
and I'm telling you to do
what your father asks for once.
My father.
Smoke his cigars. Kiss his ass.
I guess you figure
you'll be living off his money someday,
maybe even living in this house?
It's all yours.
Had I known there'd be pictures
I would have worn my best tie.
You shouldn't be surprised.
Not a camera in the world
that your boss wouldn't
put himself in front of.
I'm going to need a stiff drink.
You ready?
Senator McCarthy, Miss Kerr.
This is my friend, Mary Johnson.
How do you do?
You can pick 'em, Tim!
Joe's guy, right?
- At the office?
- Yes, sir, Mr. Cohn.
This your date?
Mary Johnson. She works at State.
Muddy. I want you to meet some people.
[MUDDY] Excuse us.
Takes a confident man to bring
his own mother as his date.
Thanks for being mine.
It's my pleasure.
Oh, yeah!
How was your night?
Mary's a good sport.
Even smiled when she
shook the Senator's hand.
- I think she might be growing fond of me.
She doesn't want to fuck you, Skippy.
if that's what you're worried about.
She likes women.
Membership's free but dues'll kill ya.
[TIM] Why didn't you tell me?
We're friends.
Loose lips sink ships.
Keep seeing each other.
You both need cover.
What about you?
I have a Bronze Star.
In case you hadn't
noticed, I'm bulletproof.
Do you like it this way?
Your life like this?
I'll keep plugging away for
another five years or so.
Just until I get posted overseas.
Fewer eyes on you over there.
When they call me back, I'll quit.
Buy a villa.
Someplace on the water with a nice view.
- [TIM] Hmm.
- Where I can eat what I want
and fuck who I want without
anyone giving a damn.
That's top secret, by the way.
I'll take it to my grave.
Oh, Christ. Skippy.
Skippy, wake up.
Hey. Hey. We fell asleep.
You need to get going.
God damn it!
Hey, hey. Take a breath.
When am I gonna see you again?
I'm gonna look outside
and make sure it's clear.
Take the stairs.
Oh, shit.
Oh, Christ.
- Morning.
- Morning.
New paperboy.
Now, the impending executions
of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
are seen by our European allies
as an erosion of our moral authority.
And they've prompted
protests in over 48 countries.
We've instructed our diplomatic corps
to stress the damage
caused by the Rosenbergs
in passing atomic
secrets to the Soviets,
and the danger it represents
in pushing our two countries
closer to a catastrophic nuclear war.
Thank you, Fuller.
Mr. McLeod from Security.
Yes, our country is under
threat from Soviet spies
and those who support them.
But there's another risk
to national security.
The sheer volume of
deviants in our midst.
The M Unit has dismissed
or forced the resignation
of twice as many federal
employees for homosexuality
as our counterparts have
for communist leanings.
Quite simply, we are overrun.
Now, as you may know,
- we've begun issuing summons
- Thank you.
to those reported or suspected.
The State Department
has been one of the most
trusted institutions
in the post war world.
With your help, we'll get it back there.
Well said.
- [MARY] That went well.
- [HAWK] I think it's safe to say democracy
will live to see another day.
[MARY] I was being sarcastic.
I don't know why you're not
more concerned about this.
And I am not talking about
the future of democracy.
When's your next date with Tim?
Hello, darling.
I was wondering, since you're in town,
if I could buy you lunch.
All right. You take care.
Mmm! A real looker and takes shorthand?
Phew! Girl like that'd fit
in real nice around here.
Yeah, maybe your paper'll
pony up for it, not mine.
Now, how about the Courier, Marcus?
Don't you think your
people in Pittsburgh
are willing to kick in so we
can get some secretarial help?
"The old and rich will live on a while,
as always, eating blood and gold."
Best writer of the 20th century.
- Who?
- Langston.
You don't know Langston Hughes is?
I know who Langston Hughes is.
Yeah, you should read some of this.
Now y'all remember,
we can barely afford rent
just the four of us now.
[MARCUS] Eugene's right.
And you're behind two months.
Guess if I had a plum gig in
the Senate, I wouldn't care.
- Steadway.
- That Schine fella's up there, isn't he?
- Oh, yeah.
- And he sure as hell ain't no politician.
Ain't no lawyer either.
No, but he's rich and white
And cozy with that
"National Guard" motherfucker
Roy Cohn. All fired
up about fighting Reds
while they send our
Black boys off to Korea?
Langston Hughes is on
the front lines today
facing Cohn and McCarthy.
[OLIVER] Except they might find
something on that one, though.
Because I hear he's
not just a little pinko.
He a little pinky.
[EUGENE] See, that right there,
that is the last thing
colored folks need.
One of our own doing us dirty.
Makes us all look bad.
Ask me, the last thing
we need is Black men
spitting on our greatest poet.
That man needs to get more pussy.
- Right?
" the 12 Communists are sent to jail,
in a little while, they will send
Negroes to jail for being Negroes,
and to concentration
camps for being colored."
Were you joking when you
wrote those things, Mr. Hughes?
Why did you write those?
From my very earliest
childhood memories,
I've encountered very serious
and very hurtful problems.
One of my earliest childhood memories
[COHN] I do not want to interrupt you.
Look at Bobby Kennedy.
- Christ, he hates Cohn.
- [COHN] What we are trying
to determine, for our purpose, is this.
Was the solution to which you turned
Soviet-style communism?
I'd be happy to explain
communism to you, sir,
having written
extensively on the subject.
With all due respect,
Mr. Chairman, the, uh
eight pages Mr. Schine is
so proudly the author of
hardly constitute an extensive
treatise on any subject.
- I'll ask the Senator from Pennsylvania
to allow the chief consultant
to speak without interruption.
[SCHINE] Thank you, Mister Chairman.
Mr. Hughes, at any time in your life
did you desire to make the
United States of America
So what is your next move
with Hughes providing no names?
He may not, but true patriots will.
The communists are waging
war on our way of life,
and we will keep fighting
them with all that we've got.
If you're such an avid anticommunist,
why aren't you in Korea shooting them?
How about a question
from a real reporter?
- New York Times.
- [REPORTER] Uh, Mr. Cohn?
I'm getting tired of
visiting your precious city.
- All anyone talks of is politics.
Is it a two-gimlet lunch we're having?
And I'm tired of my siblings.
Always the same complaints.
Aren't you grateful I
didn't burden you with any?
Speaking of, how is Uncle Howard?
The IRS finally caught up with him.
If you were counting on that
windfall, you're out of luck.
Is that why you asked me to lunch?
A man has a right to see
his own mother, doesn't he?
Sounds like you're looking
for a quick getaway.
Don't tell me you've gotten
some poor girl in trouble.
Didn't think so.
You do have another
resource available to you
- Nope.
- Your father is dying, Hawk.
I think it's real this time.
And he's had a change of heart.
Doesn't seem likely
in the absence of one.
He's open to putting
you back in the will.
You'd get your rightful
share. I want that for you.
He's open
on what condition?
Promise of an heir to carry on the
family name, that sort of thing.
More than anything, he'd like an apology
For what?
The State Department
doesn't pay you nearly enough
to take that principled a stand.
It's a significant inheritance.
And it's yours for a simple apology,
even one that's insincere.
- Mmm.
Your egg salad.
I'm putting all my husband
trapping skills to good use.
My parents would be so proud.
Does it bother you
that they wouldn't be?
Proud of who you really are.
I try not to think about it.
Living 1,000 miles away helps.
Given your, uh, fondness for McCarthy,
I assume that yours are quite devout.
Are you?
For most of my life, I thought
I was going to be a priest.
That went out the window with
Well, you know.
I think Hawk's angry with me.
I made a mistake, and I
- Hello.
- [WOMAN 1] Hello.
- Nice day, isn't it?
- [WOMAN 1] Lovely.
I should have been more careful.
It's all this pretending, I
[SIGHS] You think I'd be good at it,
I've been doing it my whole life.
hiding a part of yourself
and killing it are two different things.
- Hello.
- [WOMAN 2] Hello.
Maybe it is better to kill
it and be finished with it.
It's better than
constantly yearning for
something you can't have.
Will you come to my house tonight?
I'm having some friends over.
I'm hoping, you know
He'll call.
I'm gonna write down our address.
- We're all full up.
- I'm with the Pittsburgh Courier.
I've been here for every session.
There's nowhere for you to sit.
Mr. Cohn's orders.
There are times you need to
keep your mouth shut, my friend.
[MCCARTHY] The committee
will come to order.
Will you rise and be sworn, please.
[MAN ON TV] The execution date
for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg looms,
picketers marched
outside the White House
in the hopes of convincing
President Eisenhower
- to grant leniency
to the convicted spies.
Although many Americans
believe the prosecution
[WOMAN] Hello.
Hello, Mother.
[MAN ON TV] others
questioned the morality
of sending a mother of
two to the electric chair.
- Whoa! Bop-do-day ♪
- Oh, what a girl ♪
Oh, bop-do-day ♪
I guess I'm in the right place.
[MARY] Come on in.
They're all in here.
Everybody, this is Tim.
Tim, this is Caroline, Gloria, Luis.
Uh, and everybody.
[ALL] Hi, Tim.
We came together but, uh,
no, we're not a couple.
- Stop!
I've heard a lot about you
and I'll bet you've
heard nothing about me.
Oh, behave.
- Can I take your coat and hat?
- Thank you. Thanks.
- [MARY] Do you want a drink?
[TIM] Yeah, sure.
you live together.
Why shouldn't we?
The neighbors just think that
we're roommates on a budget.
Though I'd rather you
didn't mention it to Hawkins.
Because he wouldn't approve.
'Cause we're all allowed our secrets.
You folks want to play some Charades?
- Why not?
Okay. Come with me!
[TIM] That was a fun evening.
It sure was.
Girls are great hostesses.
Mary says you're Catholic?
I am, or was.
I'm not sure where I'd land now.
Lapsed, I guess?
Hmm. Do you, uh Do you miss it?
I miss God.
I have God.
- Oh, I I thought you
- I am.
- Then how do you manage
- I'm celibate.
I made that choice a while back.
You have to decide what
matters most to you.
You're an excellent
Charades player, by the way.
This is where I turn off.
Good night.
I touch your lips ♪
And all at once the sparks go flying ♪
Those devil lips ♪
That know so well the art of lying ♪
And though I see the danger ♪
Still the flame grows higher ♪
I know I must surrender
to your kiss of fire ♪
Just like a torch ♪
You set the soul within me burning ♪
I must go on along this
road of no returning ♪
You're prettier when you smile.
Fuck you.
Guess we could go another round,
we'd have the same old argument.
[BOTH] I don't bottom.
Lost the sub-committee beat.
Took a shot at Schine and Cohn.
- That was stupid.
- Yeah.
Just couldn't take them going
at Langston like they did.
All these goddamn white men.
Should I be taking this personally?
Maybe. [SCOFFS]
There's no escaping you people.
Not even in here.
I know that I must have your kiss ♪
Although it dooms me ♪
Though it consumes me ♪
[HAWK] Now you're mad
the place is integrated?
Mm-mmm. Can't call it that if
the door only opens one way.
At least Cohn only likes
'em big, dumb, and white.
So is Schine
[HAWK] I don't think so,
but I'm sure the little
cocksucker's working on it.
What do you know about him?
A silver spoon who wants to be a hero,
which is hard to do when you're 4-F.
- Hmm, looks fit to me.
- Yeah.
Might look into that.
- He's out of New York, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
Uh, yeah, another Glen
Mhor on the rocks. Thanks.
What about you?
You need something, baby?
Sure, I'll have a refill.
Variety is the spice of life.
You know, Tim is a good guy.
- I know.
- That why you're here?
With Tim
- it's not easy.
- Hmm.
This is.
Know what the difference
is between you and me,
aside from the obvious?
Sometime, somewhere,
I'd like more than this.
Hawkins, I'm so glad you came.
Come say hello to the family.
Here he is!
- Hello, everyone.
- Hello.
- Hello, Hawk.
- I'm afraid your father's asleep.
You don't have a bag.
Yeah. I won't be staying long.
Have to be honest, we
didn't think you'd come.
It's been quite a while.
Yes, well, I've been busy.
are things in Washington?
Must be exciting there,
all the political intrigue.
[HAWK] It's work.
What do you do for play then?
Is Senator Smith's daughter
still in the picture?
Frances reads the society pages.
You know, it was a long drive.
I wouldn't mind resting my head
for a bit, if that's all right.
Harriet tidied your old room.
[HAWK] I'll see you all shortly.
Please enjoy your tea.
Neither snow nor rain nor
heat or gloom of night.
I thought you were off the Senate beat.
News does travel fast.
I am. I have other business here.
Have you been in touch with Hawk?
I'll answer your question
if you answer one of mine.
You see David Schine in the
flesh on a regular basis.
- So?
- Does he limp,
show any injury that
look like a 4-F to you?
He works for my employer,
whom I happen to admire.
Saw Hawk the other night.
David doesn't limp.
There's no injury
that I've ever noticed.
Plays squash three times a week.
Last time I saw Hawk,
he was at the Cozy Corner,
looking for trouble.
Which is what you'll get
if you don't let him go.
Senate Affairs.
One moment please.
Mary, it's for you. It's a young lady.
She says it's important.
Yes, that's fine.
Yes. Bye-bye.
Is everything all right?
I'm going to run these
down to the mailroom,
so they go out today.
Who reported you?
[STAMMERS] I don't know. I don't know.
It might have been, um
I didn't want to tell you
because I knew you'd get mad.
This fellow in my office,
he kept asking me out,
and I kept saying no. And
And some men, they
don't like hearing that.
- [ESTELLE] Hawkins?
- Yeah. Just a moment.
[ESTELLE] Your father's awake.
I knew it would bring
you back, me dying.
Actually, I've been wanting
to come home for some time.
If that's true at all, it's
only because of your mother.
That was my mistake.
Letting her make you a mama's boy.
Are you in much pain?
You were good at a lot, son,
but you were never good
at concealing yourself.
Has it changed?
Have you?
I'd say so.
Then you'll be getting
married and having children.
That would be the expectation.
And all that remains is your apology.
And I'm to apologize
for what, precisely?
I'd just I'd like to get this right.
For having no shame.
For making me endure rumors
about my homosexual son.
For me walking in and having to see you
on your knees to that boy Kenny.
I'm sorry
that you're dying.
That not a single
fucking soul gives a shit.
And that you didn't knock first.
[RUSSELL] You're not getting my money.
[IN DISTANCE] You hear me?
Not a goddamned dime!
I assume this means you're
not staying for dinner.
I'm sorry, Mother.
An apology.
You see how easy that was?
I should have convinced
you to leave him.
You couldn't have.
I was a grown woman. I
knew what I was doing.
This is what I wanted.
The marriage was the
way for me to have it.
May I have one of those?
I dare not smoke in
front of your father,
what with his condition.
So that's why you stayed?
That and the same
reason that you never do.
It's easier.
There is someone now.
I'm glad.
- [TIM] What are you
- Your lock's still broken downstairs.
Where have you been?
Doesn't matter.
I'm home now.
[MCCARTHY] Looks like Wesley
Smith has found his nerve.
I didn't know he had it in him.
How much are we supposed to take
from that sanctimonious son of a bitch?
[JEAN] Calm down, Roy.
[COHN] Smith attacked me
for prosecuting traitors.
That makes him a traitor.
And he mocks David in the hearing.
[JEAN] David gives our
enemies plenty of ammunition.
He's donating his time to the committee
and a hell of a lot of money.
Take it easy, both of
you. We can handle Smith.
Even the most righteous among
us has something to hide.
[COHN] David is loyal to you, sir,
and to the cause.
He doesn't deserve to be
attacked by your enemies.
[MCCARTHY] Smith's got
a skeleton in his closet.
We just have to find it.
[BARKER] So you sleep on the sofa, then?
Yes, sir. Since Mary has the bedroom,
- I pay less for rent.
- [FBI AGENT] It's a full mattress,
sagging on both sides.
My mother and father gave me
their old bed when I moved here.
[FBI AGENT] The blue
sleepwear appears mannish.
- Whose is it?
- [CAROLINE] Mine.
[FBI AGENT] There's not
much in the way of cosmetics.
[BARKER] One thing I've
noticed is that there are
very few items of a
personal nature here.
No photographs, no scrapbooks.
[MARY] We don't have time
for that sort of thing.
We're both dedicated to our work.
We're done for now. Thank
you for your cooperation.
Call us if there's anything
else we need to know.
Your review's being scheduled.
And so you're aware, Miss Stuart,
we may have questions for your family
and your co-workers, too.
- We'll be in touch.
- [MARY] Of course.
- Thank you.
No, no, no, no. They're right out there.
The door's locked.
- Skippy.
- I had to come.
Just Get in here.
What the hell is going on?
- Mary has a girlfriend.
- So?
Caroline, she works at
the State Department.
They live together.
They really love each other, Hawk.
- You should see the way
- Get to the point.
She's being investigated.
Some fella she works with
reported her out of malice.
It doesn't matter how
she got their attention.
- She did.
- And now?
[HAWK] She's screwed.
They're both screwed.
You sound angry at them.
What they did was dangerous.
You understand that?
For God's sake, living with someone.
I thought Mary had more sense than that.
How do you know they live together?
They asked me over when
you were avoiding me.
I met their friends.
Can you help them?
Ask your boss? Or Senator Smith?
Here! Sit down!
All right. Write this down,
word for word.
"Dear Mary." Just write. You have to.
"I fell for you the first
moment I laid eyes on you.
Right away, I was taken by your beauty,
but I was won over by your mind.
To touch you,
to feel your body against
mine brought me more happiness
than you could ever know.
I know you love me.
And my feelings for you are deep.
But I've always known
we have no real future together."
- I can't do this.
- You broke the rule, Skippy.
You went there. You palled
around with a bunch of queers.
You're practically on
record. Do you realize that?
And I'm just now hearing about it!
You keep writing!
"Your not being Catholic is a
problem for me and for my family.
I don't mean to hurt you.
But I think it's better
for both of us to part ways.
With affection, Tim."
You slip that under Mary's door
and refuse contact with either one.
- They are my friends.
- They are liabilities.
If it's any consolation, it
throws the heat off you both.
Mary can use the
letter to clear herself,
pin it all on Caroline.
She loves her. She would never do that.
Watch her.
I don't understand you.
I don't understand us!
Come on. You don't have to go.
- As long as we're careful
- You mean you want me to, what,
stay for an hour for sex?
Senator Smith is on
McCarthy's Enemy List.
They're going to try and
find something on him.
And that is the last dirty thing
I'm ever going to do for you.
[LUCY ON MACHINE] Hello. You've reached
the Fuller house. Please
leave us a message.
Lucy, sweetheart, I'm
sorry I missed you.
Listen, I'm on standby
for a flight that
leaves tomorrow morning.
Gets me to Dulles in the afternoon.
I love you.
Hey, walk the night ♪
Hey, gonna walk the night ♪
Hey, walk the night ♪
Hey, gonna walk the night ♪
Hey, walk the night ♪
Hey, gonna walk the night ♪
Hey, walk the night ♪
Hey, gonna walk the night ♪
Creeper, creeper gonna
creep and walk the night ♪
All right all right ♪
Look out night ♪
Creeper got mad and angry eyes ♪
One look from him can paralyze ♪
Resist at any time or place ♪
Creeper done slap
right cross your face ♪
Hey, Dad. Lookin' good.
When was the last time you
made a really big mistake?
Whatever happened to "come here often?"
Never mind.
I'm on a date, but I
could be free later.
I'm curious about something.
With everything that's going on,
aren't you even a little concerned?
I take care of myself.
I work out. I'm young,
dumb, and full of cum.
You're bulletproof.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah, I like that.
You know what it's taken
me a long time to realize?
Not everybody else is.
Take care of yourself.
Oh. You coming in?
Yeah. Thanks.
[TIM] Door's open, Maggie.
Did you forget your keys?
Well, we both know my
eyesight is terrible.
And maybe the dementia
is setting in, but I think
Hawkins Fuller is
standing in my apartment.
Hi, Skippy.
Don't be afraid.
It's not airborne.
That's not what I'm afraid of.
Yeah, it's you.
Is he staying for dinner?
If he wants to.
[MARY] I was very much in love with Tim,
but he broke up with me.
And I'm only showing you this because
Well, I think
Caroline may have been
part of the reason why.
[BARKER] How so?
Tim kept trying to warn me.
When we were intimate,
he said he thought
there was something off about her.
We even fought about it a few times,
but I didn't listen.
And then after your visit,
I confronted her about it and
She admitted it was true.
But you had no idea prior?
Of course, I asked her
to move out right away.
She went back to her
parents' home in Ohio.
[BARKER] Thank you, Miss Johnson.
This has been very helpful.
[BOBBY] Name doesn't ring a bell
but his address makes
him a Mundt constituent
[MARCUS] Mr. Kennedy? Mr. Kennedy.
Marcus Gaines, Pittsburgh Courier.
Might I speak with you off the record?
[AIDE] Yes, sir.
- What's all this about?
- McCarthy's sub-committee.
You should've been
Chief Counsel, not Cohn.
- Everyone knows that.
- What's your point?
I imagine it must be
difficult to stand by and watch
as Cohn allows his friend, David Schine,
to pontificate about
fighting communists,
while Schine himself is
actively avoiding the draft.
- Go on.
- Mr. Schine,
who resides in New York,
somehow managed a 4-F
classification in California,
where his family owns
the Ambassador Hotel
and has a few local politicians
in their back pocket.
I've done the research.
It's all in here.
Why are you giving this to me?
Because my paper doesn't
have the power to tackle this.
And you do.
[NEWSCASTER] In order to
spare himself the same fate,
self-confessed agent of
espionage, David Greenglass,
testified against his own sister,
which all but ensured the guilty verdict
that sent Julius and Ethel
to the electric chair today.
- It's over, is it?
- Well, this part is.
You can turn it off.
[NEWSCASTER] Their sons Michael
and Robert, now orphaned,
and rejected by their
[HELEN] I'll go see to Lucy.
She's taking this pretty hard.
You're on McCarthy's Enemies List, sir.
They're looking for something on you.
Well, let 'em look.
I got nothing to hide.
We all have something to hide.
They can't hurt you,
they'll go after someone close to you.
If they can't find
something, they'll invent it.
So what are you suggesting?
McCarthy is not invincible.
He's got three weak spots,
booze, Cohn's ego,
and the utter uselessness
of David Schine.
That combo could be their downfall.
I just need to find some
ammo to speed it along.
I wish you didn't have
to get your hands dirty
so that mine can stay clean.
It's the least I can do.
You know, I I remember
the summer that Leonard
first brought you by.
You wanted to practice
on a tennis court.
- You were, uh, 15, 16.
- Hmm.
I hope I haven't worn out my welcome.
Not at all.
But someone asked me the other day
why one of the most
eligible bachelors in town
hasn't married yet.
And I, uh
Well, I couldn't think of an answer.
You all right?
I'm thinking how horrible
it must have been for Ethel,
knowing she was leaving
her boys behind alone.
Makes me think twice about bringing
children into a world like this.
You'll make a wonderful mother.
I don't know about that.
You'll teach them to have principles.
Stand up for them.
You always found my principles annoying.
- No.
- Silly even.
Come on, everybody knows I'm
too smart for my own good.
[FRANKIE] Nice story.
You read my paper?
Drag queens can read.
It's a beautiful article.
What's your favorite
Langston Hughes story?
"This is for the kids who die.
Black and white. For
kids will die certainly.
The old and rich will
live on awhile, as always,
eating blood and gold,
letting kids die."
You're a very interesting man.
Interesting is a liability these days.
[FRANKIE] Yeah, tell me about it.
I have been interesting
since the age of four,
when I put on my
sister's pink silk slip.
That didn't go down well in Tennessee.
Do you know any more of that poem?
The whole thing by heart.
"Listen, kids, who die,
maybe, now, there will
be no monument for you
except in our hearts.
Maybe your bodies will
be lost in a swamp,
or a prison grave,
or the potter's field.
But the day will come.
You are sure yourself that it is coming.
When the marching feet of the masses
will raise for you a living monument
of love and joy and laughter.
And black hands and white
hands clasped as one.
A song that reaches the sky.
The song of the new life, triumphant.
Through the kids who die."
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
[TIM] Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
It has been four months
since my last confession.
[PRIEST] And what do
you wish to confess?
I've had carnal relations
with a man.
[PRIEST] Are you truly
sorry for this sin?
Where's the compassion ♪
To make your tired heart sing? ♪
I'm tired of being a spokesman ♪
For every tired thing ♪
I'm just a shy boy
sitting in a house ♪
When everyone is gone from now on ♪
From now on ♪
Ah ♪
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