Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Hit Me

Previously on Fellow Travelers
Someone asked why one of the most
eligible bachelors in
town hasn't married yet,
and I couldn't think of an answer.
[HAWK] I have to make a quick trip.
Just two or three days.
Rental agent's coming on Friday.
- I'd like you to be home for that.
- I will.
- [LUCY] Is he dying?
- [HAWK] I don't know.
You need something, baby?
Variety is the spice of life.
Sometime, somewhere,
I'd like more than this.
[HAWK] McCarthy's got three weak spots,
booze, Cohn's ego and David Schine.
[MARCUS] Mr. Kennedy, David
Schine is actively avoiding the draft.
[HAWK] You palled around
with a bunch of queers,
and I'm just now hearing
about it! You keep writing!
[TIM] Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
I've had carnal relations with a man.
[PRIEST] Are you truly
sorry for this sin?


[TIM] You took that.
[HAWK] I remember.
It was our road trip.
We need to change that bandage.
Yeah, I'll do it after my shower.
- You're sure?
- I'll be fine.
Go to your movie.
And thank you for dinner.
I don't think she likes me.
Oh, she's exhausted.
We both need a break.
How long are you staying?
Uh, I'm booked out of
here early in the morning.
[TIM] Twenty-four hours.
That's a long way to
travel for Chinese takeout.
[SIGHS] There's just
a lot going on at home.
We're moving to Milan.
I finally got that European posting.
All through dinner,
I was wondering, "Why is he here?"
Do you know?
Your sister thinks I want
to ease my conscience.
You'll need a few centuries
in purgatory to do that.
Well, that won't work. I'm Presbyterian.
We skip purgatory, go straight to hell.
It's Kaposi sarcoma.
Some weird cancer.
Only old European men
are supposed to get.
My friends and I debate who
has the best chance to survive,
the ones with KS or the ones with PCP.
They say if you have lesions and PCP,
it's a matter of months.
- Have you had
- PCP? Yes.
May I use your bathroom?
Through the kitchen.

beware of these communists
and queers who are not worthy
of the confidence of
the American people.
Why is it that these
so-called powerful men
cringe in the face of communism
when rooting out communism
has always been a bare-knuckle job?
As long as I am in the Senate,
it will continue as a bare-knuckle job!
You're sure that your
source is reliable?
Yeah. We served together.
I trust him with my life.
Well, we don't wanna destroy a man
because he's made a mistake or two.
They destroy men for much less, sir.
There you are! He's all mine tonight.
I'm dragging him to the symphony.
Well, I didn't know you went
in for the long-hair stuff.
Yeah, lately I can't
get enough Beethoven.
It's Ravel tonight, and we don't
want to miss the first movement.
God forbid.
Well, good night, you two.
We'll speak when I'm back.
Are you going out of town?
Yeah, it's an old army
friend. He's not doing well.
We're invited to Roger
and Marie's Saturday.
- Did you forget?
- Oh, God, I just found out
about my friend yesterday.
I meant to tell you.
- What was that for?
- Tolerating Ravel.
[STORME] Mad about the boy ♪
I know it's stupid to
be mad about the boy ♪
I'm so ashamed of it ♪
But must admit the
sleepless nights ♪
Your tip checks out.
A couple years ago, an army corporal
sent a letter to Senator Benton.
Big McCarthy critic.
- Went down in flames in '52.
- Exactly.
Described an alleged
incident with McCarthy.
I don't know the details.
But Benton lost the election
and never followed up.
Where's this corporal now?
Selling himself in Rehoboth Beach.
Um, nice place to spend a weekend.
- You going alone?
- I am.
But that doesn't mean I'll be alone.
Fewer eyes on you down there.
[FRANKIE] On the house, handsome.
Seen Tim lately?
- He walked out my door
- Hmm.
slammed it behind him, as I recall.
Apparently I offend
his sense of morality.
You offend my sense of morality.
And, not that you care,
but you missed his birthday.
He noticed.
[MCCARTHY] Let me ask
the question again.
Do these petitions,
supporting communist candidates,
contain your signature?
[PALMIERO] It was many years ago.
Did you sign them?
God bless you, son.
I signed them, but I
work in a warehouse.
I load supplies from trucks.
Do you think a person
who belongs to a communist organization
should be handling our
nation's military supplies?
[PALMIERO] I don't know.
I take a box, I put it in the warehouse.
Sometimes I take a
box from the warehouse,
I put it in the trucks.
If this lachrymose display of emotion
is intended to gain the
committee's sympathy,
sir, I warn you, I believe
it rather suggests your guilt!
[SENATOR SMITH] Mr. Palmiero,
is it true that your mother
passed away yesterday?
Yes, sir.
Is it possible that your distress
and your tears have
been caused by that loss?
Yes, sir. I'm very distressed about it.
if the point of these
closed door hearings is
to allow you to badger
Take this to Senator
Smith, please. Thank you.
Mr. Laughlin.
I see you've been promoted.
- Head water boy.
- Mr. Fuller.
I need to speak with this young man
on a very urgent matter
of national security.
Would you mind?
Thank you, sir.
- I've decided to forgive you.
- Forgive me?
You haven't called in three weeks.
- Four.
- "How do I love thee?"
"Let me count the weeks."
I'm going away for the weekend.
Well, I hope you enjoy yourself.
I will, if you join me.
That letter you made me write Mary
was the ugliest thing I have ever done.
Shh. It was all for the best, wasn't it?
We're still employed, including Mary.
I am so sorry to hear
about your aunt's passing.
I hope she didn't suffer long.
Listen, Skippy.
I wanna spend the weekend with you.
Go back to the office, tell Dragon Lady
you don't feel well.
Meet me on the southwest corner
of Independence and Third in 15 minutes.
- Fifteen?
- Green Ford.
and happy birthday.
[JEAN] "McCarthy's Men."
How's it going with
the Italian communist?
When I left, he was weeping.
Cowards always cry when they get caught.
His mother just died.
Don't waste your pity on our enemies.
Christ says we should love our enemies.
What has gotten into you?
I don't feel well. I should go home.
That leaves me in a bit of a pickle.
- We have a big
- I'll come in early Monday and catch up.

This is nice.
I should get going.
- No, don't.
- Got to.
Interviewing someone about
the transit union strike.
Don't expect to win a Pulitzer,
but it's a paycheck.
I'll make you some Sanka.
You miss it, don't you?
- [MARCUS] Hmm?
- The Senate beat.
[MARCUS] Not as much
as my father misses it.
Don't you know I'm supposed to be
the Jackie Robinson of journalism?
Well, I hope this isn't
too forward, but
if you need a break from wallowing
come to our show tonight.
[MARCUS] Duke's at Foggy Bottom.
That's a white club, and
I don't think it's queer.
No, those white squares love Storme.
- Do I scare you?
Why would you scare me?
Well, for one, I'm not
exactly like the studs
you used to leave the bar with.
I'm a man who likes to fuck men.
And I don't apologize for it.
Sorry if that came out a little rough.
My dad was a drunk ex-boxer.
I can handle myself.
The question is, "Can you handle me?"
Night is cold ♪
The moon is new ♪
But love is old ♪
And while I'm waiting here ♪
This heart of mine is singing ♪
Lover come back to me ♪
[HAWK] Welcome to the famous Nomad Bar.
[TIM] What's it famous for?
[HAWK] Cheap booze and rough trade.
Glen Mhor and soda.
And a Sea Breeze for my friend.
- Comin' right up.
- You'll love this drink.
Is this my birthday present?
It's more like an education.
- Educate me.
- All right.
Clientele are DC professionals
who can afford a weekend away.
They feel safer out here,
100 miles between them
and Hoover's agents and McLeod's spies.
What about the "rough trade"?
They'll offer to blow
you for five bucks,
but 50/50, they just beat
you up and take your wallet.
Why would anybody take that risk?
It's the risk that makes
it exciting, Skippy.
[BARTENDER] Here you go, gentlemen.
Do you find it exciting?
Lover come back to me ♪
[HAWK] All right! Bull's-eye!
- Yeah!
- Every time?
[HAWK] All right. Yeah, sure.
- You got this.
- [TIM] No pressure.
- [HAWK] All right.
- [PATRONS] Ooh!
- [HAWK] Hey, Skippy!
[ALL] Hey!
All right.
Hey, I'm gonna take a
little stroll out back.
All right. All right.
Just, uh, hang tight for me, okay?
Hey, I've gotta take a little walk.
- What?
- It's an army friend next door
Bill and I are helping
out. Twenty minutes, tops.
So he's gonna ask for money.
I see him hustling the
Nomad a lot these days.
- You're sure he has the goods?
- He says he does.
So, if you love me, baby ♪
Can you turn that off?
Corporal Cherney? I'm Sgt. Fuller.
- Bill's friend.
Hey, snap out of it,
Corporal. We need to talk.
- [BILL] Hawk?
What? What's that Stop.
Yeah, put some salt in warm water.
We need to coax the pills out of him.
I'm up. I'm up. I'm up.
- Yes.
- Corporal Cherney! Hey!
I hear you got a story about McCarthy?
You got a cigarette?
[MCCARTHY] Despite Mr.
Palmiero's repeated denials,
his emotions spoke the truth.
He knew he was caught, fellas,
and his tears were clearly
an admission of his guilt.
[REPORTER 1] Do you
expect a confession, sir?
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need lunch.
- [REPORTER 2] But, sir
- Senator McCarthy.
Lookin' lively there, Johnny!
[SECRETARY] Senator McCarthy's office.
They work for you, and I don't believe
- they're helping your cause.
- I need Roy and he needs David, so
Do you know how the East Coast
elite refers to the three of you?
I have a feeling
you're about to tell me.
"Bonnie, Bonnie and Clyde."
I assume I'm Clyde in that equation.
- It's not funny, Senator.
Jean, they've been
saying all sorts of things
about me for years. Nothing sticks.
We can't control the press,
protected as they are by
the commie-loving courts.
Perhaps we should focus
on things we can control.
- Such as?
- Well, has it occurred to you
that the three men leading
the Christian crusade against communism,
you, Roy and David are all bachelors?
Have you thought about that?
It's crossed my mind.
You won't have to worry
about David much longer.
Someone managed to get his draft
status changed from 4F to 1A.
[CHUCKLES] Eligible to serve.
[REBER] Mr. Schine is not qualified
for a direct commission.
General, I'll be frank with you.
I'm a man of power and influence.
I tend to get what I want,
often at the expense of
those who try to prevent me
from getting what I want.
Well, I'm afraid there's
nothing to be done here.
If Mr. Schine is drafted,
which I expect he will be,
he'll be inducted and
treated as any other soldier.
Good day, gentlemen.
I can't be drafted.
An officer is one thing,
but an enlisted man
living in the barracks?
Taking orders from the kinds of brutes
that you see fighting on 14th Street,
that I wouldn't let
shine my fucking shoes.
Won't let that happen.
I'll go over Reber's head
all the way up to the
Secretary of Defense
or Eisenhower, if I have to.
What's the matter, Dave?
"I am a man of power and influence,
and I always get what I want!"
- Don't you dare mock me!
- But you can't help a friend
when he needs you the most!
Where Where are you going?
New York.
- I have a date.
Is this a new girl?
Yes, Roy.
She's beautiful.
She got tits like you wouldn't believe.
And her face is perfection.
And, Roy, she will do anything for me
anything that I ask.
'Cause I've got something to say ♪
I heard a bluebird ♪
A-passin' the good word ♪
Ain't this a wonderful day? ♪
Life is a pleasure ♪
That you can measure ♪
And wear what the birds have to say ♪
I heard a bluebird ♪
A-passin' the good word ♪
Ain't this a wonderful day? ♪
While I was dreamin' ♪
- Hello.
- Um, hi.
I shouldn't have done that.
Why not?
I'm with someone.
You've been sitting by yourself.
Anyone that'd leave you behind
doesn't deserve to keep you.
[TIM] I'm sorry.
[HAWK] How's he doing?
He just needs to sleep it off.
This evidence, do you have any idea
where he might hide it?
No, but it's got to
be in here somewhere.
[HAWK] Do you have any idea where
he might have hidden the evidence?
[BILL] Well, not that
many places he would.
[HAWK] What is it
that we're looking for?
[TIM] Hawk?
[HAWK] Shit.
Get some food in him. Keep
him away from the booze.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Hey! Hey, Skippy. Will you stop?
I don't like being spied on.
I don't like being abandoned!
- Who was that?
- It's a friend of Bill's.
- He's having some trouble.
Will you get out of the street? Christ.
Look I had some business.
I didn't think it would take long,
- and then you and me could
- We could, we could what?
Fuck like rabbits comes to mind.
Tim, what do you want?
- I wanna be with you.
- Let's go inside.
No! No. I wanna be with you.
Sleep in the same bed
with you all night.
Not get kicked out at midnight
so the neighbors won't see
me leaving in the morning!
I wanna eat a meal with
you like other couples.
We've never eaten in a restaurant!
Men do eat in restaurants!
I could be your cousin.
From the poor side of the family.
Obviously. Come on.
[CLERK] Here's your key, sir.
- [HAWK] Thank you.
- [CLERK] Enjoy your stay.
[HAWK] Thanks.
[CLERK] Good afternoon. Checking in?
[MAN] Hello. Uh, reservation. Anderson.

- [JENNY] Hello?
- Hey there, sweetheart.
[JENNY] Hi, Pop.
Uh, you're up late tonight, huh?
[JENNY] You know what?
We're pretending we're camping.
You were? Hey, is Grandma there?
Goddamn it!
You okay?
[JENNY] Hello?
Hey, Jenny, Grandpap has to go, okay?
- [JENNY] Pop?
- No, I'm okay.
Tell Grandma I called,
right? I love you.
- Tim?
[TIM] No, don't come in!
Do not come in!
Just get out!
[HAWK] All right.
- [SHOUTING] Get out!
- I'm gonna help you up, okay?
All right. I'm just
gonna-I'm gonna help you up.
- Come on.
- [HAWK] I'm sorry.
- [TIM] It's okay.
[HAWK] All right. All
right. All right. All right.
I'm so Let's get you covered up.
Here you go.
- [TIM] My legs buckled,
- All right.
- in the shower.
- All right.
I scraped my elbow on the damn sink.
[HAWK] It's okay. You're okay.
Okay. You're okay.
What do you want, Hawk?
Did you come here
looking for forgiveness?
Because I don't have any left to give.
I'm too angry to forgive anybody.
I needed to see you, Skippy.
That's all I know.
Just go. Wash your hands.
You need an AIDS test.
I don't have any cuts on my hands.
I'm not talking about my blood.
I'm talking about your life.
- [MAITRE D'] Name, please?
- [MARCUS] Marcus Gaines.
You have a reservation?
Yes, sir.
[CHUCKLES] I don't see you.
Uh, one of the performers
put me on the list.
- Are you alone?
- Yes, sir.
Let me see if I can
find something for you.
Just one moment, please.
[MAITRE D' CHUCKLING] Ah, welcome.
Mr. York and company.
[WOMAN] Hello.
[MAN] Watkins.
Congratulations on your birthday, sir.
[TIM] Thank you.
My uncle is treating me to dinner.
No, thanks.
Don't overdo it, Skippy.
You're not a convincing liar.
Maybe you should give me some lessons.
Take it easy on the wine, nephew.
You never told me.
How did you end up at
the State Department?
I came out of the war with four assets,
degree from Penn, a hero's war record,
no particular political ideology,
and a passing acquaintance
with three languages.
Throw in a talent for prevaricating
and a taste for travel and fine clothes,
you have the makings of a competent,
mid-level Foreign Service bureaucrat.
Not an ambassador?
An ambassador can't have
what I'm looking for.
And what are you looking for?
Complete personal freedom.
You mean not giving yourself
to something or somebody.
If you want to see it that way.
How does Lucy Smith see it?
I'm cutting you off.
[WOMAN] Oh, live music.
I love this song!
Sing it to me like you do at home.
- [MAN] No. I can't .
- [WOMAN] Come on. it's our anniversary!
You won't admit you love me ♪
And so ♪
How am I ever to know ♪
You always tell me
"Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" ♪
A million times I ask you ♪
And then I ask you over again ♪
You always answer
"Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" ♪
So if you really love me say yes ♪
Or if you don't dear, confess ♪
But please don't t ♪
That's sweet.
- [WOMAN] Oh!
My nephew's not feeling well.
- Could I just get the check?
- Yes, sir.
Thanks, boss.
- May I ask what's the holdup?
- I'm sorry for the delay.
We confirmed that you had
been placed on the list.
- Great.
- But, unfortunately,
there's been an
overbooking of reservations.
We just don't have any more tables.
What about standing room at the back?
- I'm sure I could stand there.
- Something wrong?
So this is how you're dodging
the desegregation laws?
"Overbooking reservations"?
I think you should leave?
You mean, "I think you
should leave, nigger."
- [FRANKIE] Marcus?
- Don't worry,
I wouldn't waste my money
in this alley dump anyway.
Marcus! What's going on?
They won't let you in?
- It's fine. Just go back
- It's not fine.
Just forget it. I'm leaving any
No! Who do you think all
of these people came to see?
He goes, or you both go.
Fine with me, we're
overrun with fags tonight.
What are you trying to say?
I'm saying you and your boyfriend
- need to get out of here.
- That's not my boyfriend, you shit, huh!
That's not my fuckin'
boyfriend! [GRUNTS]
[BOUNCER] Get outta here! Go!
[FRANKIE] Come on! Let's
- [MARCUS] Get off of me!
- Come on.
[FRANKIE] Marcus! Wait!
[MARCUS] Why'd you do that back there?
- [FRANKIE] Do what?
- To them, I'm just another Negro
walking around Foggy Bottom.
But you had to come
out and make it worse.
I was standin' up for you.
I don't need you to stand up for me.
Not there, not anywhere.
Oh, you're upset
because he called us fags
in front of all those
good-paying white folks.
They called you one!
Cover yourself up.
And get out of the street
before you get yourself arrested.
I need my stuff.
Walk me back to the club.
I embarrassed you.
- [HAWK] I can't have this.
- I know.
You can't have this.
This emotion.
And you can't hold your liquor.
You'd rather be with one
of the guys from the Nomad.
One of the rough trade
you find so exciting.
Someone who doesn't ask questions.
You know, that would be refreshing.
At the bar, I kissed a man.
I could've gone home with him.
He wanted me.
You want me to be rough trade?
Hit me.
Take your pants off.
Keep lookin' at me!
All of it.
Put your hands out.
Who do you belong to?
- Who do you belong to?
- You.
Who do you belong to?
- That's it. You can take it.
- Who do you belong to?
- You.
- Say it.
- You.
- Say it.
- I belong to you.
[HAWK] Say the whole thing. My name.
- [TIM] Hawkins Fuller!
- The whole thing. I belong
- I belong
- To Hawkins Fuller.
I belong to Hawkins Fuller.
[COHN] C-o-h-n!
Do you not read the Washington Post?
Time magazine?
Have Colonel Ladue call
Roy Cohn immediately!
It's an urgent matter
concerning G. David Schine,
Chief Consultant to
the Senate Subcommittee
on Investigations! Thank you.
Thanks for this, Ma.
I was a year old and
I wasn't pretty enough.
You had to fix my nose?
You fixed it all right.

[MARCUS] It was surreal
coming back from the war
a colored man in America.
Knowing you've put your
life on the line for persons
who see no value in it.
[MARCUS] A lie. Like
President Eisenhower's
declaration of a desegregated D.C.
Tonight I was blocked at the door
as white people walked right in.
Promises are great when they are upheld.
But how long do we wait
for these promises to be fulfilled?
How'd you get this?
[SIGHS] Italy.
I led a squad of four men
in the push to liberate Velletri.
We got pinned down by a Krupp K5.
It's a heavy railway gun
with a 70-foot-long barrel.
The Krauts had two of 'em pointed at us.
When they fired the K5,
you could count the
seconds after the boom
to know when it was gonna hit.
We all took a piece of it.
By the time they got to
us, two of my men were dead.
Was it bad? The wound.
I needed a couple surgeries,
but mostly it was my
head that was screwed up.
Senator Smith took care of me.
Rented me a little house.
He didn't let anyone come near me
till I got my thinking straight.
So now you do things for him.
Bad things?
Necessary things.
Senator Smith is a good man, Skippy.
Like you.
Can I come in?
I'm not sure.
Would you read this?
I need your opinion.
The words just Just kept coming.
Oh. I can tell.
It's good.
Really good. But
I don't mean to sound
like a prima donna,
I know.
The bouncer called us
fags. You forget that?
That's not a fight I can win right now.
No editor would run that story.
I'll always be a colored man first.
- It's all folks see.
- When I was a kid, no one noticed me.
Which was a good thing,
because when they noticed
me, it was with a curse,
or a smack or a shove.
But the first time I
went full drag to a club,
in a cheap Halloween wig and
a borrowed poodle skirt
people noticed.
They looked at me.
I'm lookin' at you.
Dave. Come in.
My car is waiting downstairs.
I told you that I'm going to New York.
For your date.
But you said that it was important.
Sit down. Here, let's have a cigar.
The pinko laborer we
interrogated yesterday.
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
Wop who cried like a girl.
I dug through a thousand transcripts.
Found testimony on at least
a dozen military personnel
with communist ties working
out of Fort Monmouth.
Does that name sound familiar?
That was the base of operations
for the Julius Rosenberg spy ring.
Where military engineers
built radio equipment
for the Voice of America.
This begs the question,
how are so many security risks
allowed to work so closely
to the inner workings
of our own military?
Either the Army's administrative
officials are inept, [CHUCKLES]
unable to identify subversives
working under their own goddamned noses,
or they're corrupt,
and there's a conspiracy afoot.
[CHUCKLES] Either way,
I think the Army needs
to be investigated.
And, if it turns out
that the Army Command
is riddled with commies,
we'll smoke 'em out,
every last stinkin' pinko traitor.
And when we do, Dave,
they won't dare to touch you.
We have a lot of work to do.
[DANIEL] I met McCarthy
at an Elk's Club dinner
when I was on leave.
It was a couple of years ago.
McCarthy noticed I liked bourbon.
At some point, he says
he wants to see the town.
So, we stopped off a few places.
Ended up getting a
room at a motor hotel,
and kept on drinking.
That's all?
[CHUCKLES] The Senator
performed sodomy on me.
It wasn't my first time.
I'm that way. Especially when I drink.
I'm not proud of it.
I'm not judging you.
At the time, I was
stationed in Fort Campbell,
and he said he could get me transferred
to a base closer to home.
My mother was alone, you see, not well.
And I didn't hear from him, so I
wrote him a letter, just very polite.
Reminded him of what he offered to do.
Next thing I know, the
FBI's breaking down my door,
sayin' I'm going to
prison for making threats.
I didn't threaten no one!
It's okay.
They said they were gonna
tell my mother what I was.
I begged them not to. She was sick.
They told her anyway.
She never looked at me again.
Bill said you have evidence.
He said you have money.
Take care of yourself.
[SIGHS] Careful.
You don't want to burn
that sensitive Irish skin.
Are we going now?
Yeah, I have to get back.
Back to leaving in the
middle of the night.
Sneaking down the stairs. Lying.
Skippy, everybody lies about somethin'.
You and me, we lie
about who we sleep with.
I know it hurts you
'cause you're good
But the lying gets easier.
Eventually, it doesn't hurt as much.
'Cause you have no choice.
- Not "who we sleep with."
- What?
It's not who we sleep with.
It's who we love.
Mr. Ruvalcaba?
Won't be long, Tim.
[WOMAN] Castro Mission Health Center.
They know you?
I worked here. Before.
You said your sister needs a break.
I nursed my kids through measles, mumps.
- Broken arms.
- Hawk. No.
- How long would she need?
- No. No.
- It's not a good idea.
- How long?
What, a week?
I can do that.
Skippy, just
- Will you give me a chance?
- A chance to do what?
To fuck it up again.
- Are you sure?
- No.
I'm not sure of anything anymore.
[NURSE] Mr. Fuller?
[MCCARTHY] We have unearthed a trail
of dangerous espionage activity
at the Army's Fort
Monmouth radar laboratories.
The very same site where the
Rosenberg Spy Ring was hatched.
My Subcommittee will
immediately reconvene
to get to the bottom of this scandal.
The champions of communism
have selected this as the time
to destroy the Christian world.
We will do what it takes
to protect the security
of every American citizen
and every citizen of the free world.
[REPORTER] Senator, how
widespread is the corruption?
[MCCARTHY] On another note,
soon you will be addressing
Miss Kerr as Mrs. McCarthy,
as we are engaged to be married.
[NURSE] Do you have a
regular sexual partner?
Do you and your partner use condoms?
No, she's my wife.
[NURSE] Have you had a
sexually transmitted disease
- in the past year?
- No.
[NURSE] Have you injected drugs
or shared needles in the past year?
Of course not.
[NURSE] In the past six months,
have you had sex with another man?
- Penetrative?
- Yes. With condoms.
Were you an active or
a passive participant?
Active. Always.
What is the frequency
of these sexual contacts?
Oh, it's not frequent. It's, uh
I don't know, three
Three or four times a year.
With the same partner?
Not if I can help it.
Okay. You can roll up your sleeve now.
Oh, yes ♪
I'm the great pretender ♪
Pretending I'm doing well ♪
My need is such ♪
I pretend too much ♪
I'm lonely but no one can tell ♪
Oh, yes ♪
I'm the great pretender ♪
Adrift in a world of my own ♪
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