Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Your Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

[NARRATOR] Previously
on Fellow Travelers
- [HAWK] Who do you belong to?
- To Hawkins Fuller.
[FRANKIE] You miss the Senate beat.
Don't you know I'm supposed to be
the Jackie Robinson of journalism?
[MR. MCLEOD] We've begun issuing summons
to those reported or
suspected of homosexuality.
[COHN] I think the Army
needs to be investigated.
And when we do, they
won't dare to touch you.
We have unearthed espionage activity
at the Army's Fort
Monmouth radar laboratories.
[JEAN] Has it occurred to
you that the three men leading
the Christian crusade against communism
are all bachelors?
They've been saying all
sorts of things about me.
Nothing sticks.
The Senator performed sodomy on me.
You need an AIDS test.
[NURSE] Okay. You can
roll up your sleeve now.


Your coat, sir.

[SANTA] Merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho!
[MAN 1] Jesus Christ.
[DRIVER] He came out of nowhere.
- I couldn't do anything.
- [MAN 1] Oh, my God.
[OFFICER 1] Please, folks.
There's nothing you can do.
[OFFICER 2] Stay back, everyone.
[DRIVER] It wasn't my fault, I swear.
[TIM] We're talking about a governor
who supports the far
right fascist Prop 64.
He's as passionate about
his left wing politics
as he was about McCarthy.
[TIM] AIDS patients into
quarantine or let us die.
Jerome. Hawk.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
[FRANKIE] like last year.
Making his right-wing voters happy.
They're worried these bills
will give legal sanction to
He lives with us. Former student.
Homeless when I met him.
You want a refill?
Oh, yeah, just diet soda.
I'm more or less sober.
Ain't that like being
more or less pregnant?
- Come on.
- [TIM] Which is neither.
They're just the louder voice.
[MARCUS] How are
things going over there?
No, his sister gave
me my marching orders.
He needs to rest, but he thinks
he's leading a revolution.
Tim says you got tested.
- Did you hear?
- Not yet.
I'm not worried.
That bullshit doesn't work anymore.
Go fuck yourself, my friend.
Watch your fucking language in my house.
Baby, I need you to run out
and grab another 12 pack.
Everyone is staying to watch
that bitch on 60 Minutes.
[MARCUS] Our old friend, Roy Cohn.
Love you, baby.
You're a changed man.
I'll go grab us some more beers.
[JEROME] the conservatives
being as loud as they are.
[FRANKIE] Justifying
every hateful thing they do
with the fucking Bible.
- Sorry.
- Someone needs to be louder.
Someone who is on the
right side of things.
[JEROME] Someone should go in there
- and get in old George's ear.
- Oh, I'd be glad to.
[JEROME] Called the governor's
office a dozen times.
[FRANKIE] But can we get
in to actually see someone,
his chief of staff?
If he makes the appointment, we can.
What appointment am I making?
We're going to talk about it later.
[JEROME] We should draw
up a list of demands.
Impetuous youth.
[JEROME] Minorities are the
largest group affected by AIDS.
- [WOMAN] Right.
[COHN] Yeah, I feel great.
I'm in total remission.
Are you dying of AIDS?
- Well, no, I do not have AIDS.
- [WOMAN] Come on.
[INTERVIEWER] You know why people ask?
[COHN] Sure. Of course.
[INTERVIEWER] They wanna
know if you are a homosexual.
Anybody who knows me,
the way my mind works,
would have an awfully
hard time reconciling that
with any kind of homosexuality.
In other words, every
facet of my personality,
my aggressiveness, my toughness,
is totally incompatible
with anything homosexual.
[HAWK] That's a festive
sweater, Miss Addison.
Thank you, Mr. Fuller.
Come in.
Mr. Fuller, may I have a word
about this afternoon's meeting?
Did you find it? I put it in your desk.
Looks like I finally have
a date with Mr. Right.
Or should I say Mr. Right-Wing?
Did Miss Addison see it?
She hadn't come in yet.
Do you think Morton knows?
No. The boss is always the last to know.
And they only tell them
if the subject is
recommended for separation.
- When's the interview?
- Tomorrow.
They don't waste time, do they?
Better get back out there.
Miss Johnson.
I appreciate what you did.
Chalk it up to the Christmas spirit.
They'll be watching you.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.

Mr. Morton to see you.
- Fuller.
- [HAWK] Sir.
About your report into the
Fort Monmouth investigation,
my position hasn't changed.
With all due respect, sir,
McCarthy and Cohn have crossed a line.
What, going after engineers
doing honorable work for
our nation's military?
I don't disagree with you,
but the department can't afford
to draw fire from McCarthy.
Not with the M Unit cleaning house.
We're understaffed, morale is low.
That's exactly why we need
to exert our position with more force.
We're under attack.
Don't rock the boat, Fuller.
You're doing well.
I see a foreign posting in your future.
Look, my car is waiting.
Change your mind about tonight.
- Well
- Just a little holiday soirée.
Just bureau heads and their wives,
if they have them.
Actually, sir, my
schedule just cleared up.
- I can make it after all.
- Terrific.
You know, Edna will be delighted.
I'm looking forward to it.

- [HELEN] Hello.
- Hello, Helen.
Is Lucy home?
[BRIDGES] Congratulations
on your nuptials, Joe.
I'm sure Jean will make you very happy.
She will. I just didn't understand
that once you're married,
they're always around.
Stick around, son.
Keep the libations flowing.
'Tis the season.
You can trust him, fellas.
A good Catholic boy.
[MUNDT] Joe, I got word last night
of a memo being prepared at
the Pentagon by John Adams,
Army's legal counsel,
detailing all of Cohn's badgering
on behalf of David Schine.
[BRIDGES] Ever since Schine was drafted,
Cohn has been demanding weekends off,
reduced basic training,
even custom-made boots.
[MUNDT] There are details in this memo
that are disturbing, scandalous.
There are rumors of these
two men being fairies.
[BRIDGES] There is a simple solution,
fire Roy.
Save yourself, save your cause.
[MUNDT] If you don't fire him, Joe,
this whole thing's going
to have to be investigated,
maybe even in front
of television cameras.
You know, Roy graduated
law school at 20,
sent two atomic spies to
the electric chair at 25.
He's smarter and more useful
than any dozen of you
senators put together.
The Army is pushing back
on our investigations at Fort Monmouth.
The place is loaded
with commies and queers,
and they don't want it exposed.
You're telling me to let them
protect spies in their ranks?
What do you think, son?
I don't know, sir.
Go on. Don't be shy.
If Mr. Cohn was truly
dedicated to your cause,
shouldn't he put aside
any personal issue
to protect it?
He should.
And he will.
Or face the consequences.
Set up a meeting with
Adams this week in New York.
I'm taking the missus to see Oklahoma!
You're coming.
Dig that crazy Santa Claus ♪
With his red suit on ♪
[SCHINE] I need another weekend pass.
[COHN] Don't we have
enough trouble to deal with?
The press is having a
field day with your boots.
Yeah, well, the Army
doesn't make my size.
Tell that to The New York Times.
Dave, this is serious.
They're threatening
to send you overseas.
Send me where?
Germany, or Korea.
Hey, Private. Nice boots.
Yeah, nice boots.
I won't survive overseas, Roy.
There are senators working
to get me fired right now.
We have to be strategic.
If McCarthy kicks me off the committee,
they could send you to Siberia,
and I won't be able to do a damn thing.
Like you didn't do a damn thing
about me getting drafted.
We're trying to sort it out!
We're meeting with the
Army's lawyer in New York.
And what about my weekend pass?
I'll try.
Do you have a date?
I I did.
But, you know, I can't stand the thought
of going to another Christmas party.
Goy women are insatiable
this time of year.
But I'd rather have a weekend in.
I'll come to New York, I'll
go to that meeting with you.
And And after, we'll
go back to the Waldorf.
You, me, brandy.
Eat when we want, fart when we want.
Can't do that with women,
like you can with a pal, right?
What do you say?
- Thank you.
- [WOMAN] You're welcome.
Right this way.
Ah, Mr. Morton.
This is Miss Smith.
It's a pleasure.
[MR. MORTON] All mine, my dear.
Come, join the party in the dining room.
- It's a buffet tonight.
- Ah.
Um, Edna will set you up.
- Edna will set us up.
It's my first time in the boss's house.
What do you think?
Oh, here's a fellow you need to meet.
Mr. McLeod?
Fuller. Senate Affairs.
Yes, of course.
May I introduce the stunning Miss Smith?
You certainly may.
Scott McLeod. How do you do?
- Very well. Thank you.
- [MR. MCLEOD] Mmm.
Mr. McLeod's our head of security.
He works night and day
to purify Foggy Bottom.
Just doing my duty.
Your Senator Smith's daughter?
- That's right.
- Yes, your father's quite the provocateur.
Seems to take great
pleasure in being a thorn
in Senator McCarthy's side.
Mr. McLeod has a signed
portrait of McCarthy
hanging on the wall of his office.
- So I hear.
- Oh, it's true.
He's a personal hero of mine.
People say there'd be no
McLeod without McCarthy.
Ah. They'd be right.
My father is not
afraid to speak his mind
in defense of his country.
Well, like your father, I do what I can
to defend my country.
- [LUCY] Mmm.
- Pardon me. Morton.
- I'll see you at dinner.
- Ah. Yes.
What an insufferable prig.
Get ready.
You're about to have dinner
with several of the same.
Be careful. I might get used to this.
Used to?
Walking into a room on your arm.
[EDWARD] I'm really impressed
by your work, Mr. Gaines,
especially the piece that won you
the Newspaper Guild Award.
Shocking, the way you were
turned away from that club.
It's a fine piece of writing.
Just tried to tell the truth.
You exposed DC's desegregation
laws for the sham they are.
Are you happy at The Courier?
I'm proud to have my work
published by a Black paper.
With your talents, you
could have a larger audience,
a better salary.
Well, I'll get right to it.
I'd like to offer you
a temporary desk here at The Post.
Call it a trial run.
That's a very intriguing offer.
Well, pitch me some leads.
We'll take it from there.
A, uh, Negro writer writing
about the Negro experience.
There's more than one.
Different Negroes have
different experiences.
[CHUCKLES] Uh-huh.
We're interested in
breaking barriers here.
I mean, at least some of us are.
Some? Are you expecting problems?
No, not really. But,
well, as you're getting
situated, it might be best
if you avoided the
newsroom's facilities for now.
Uh, there's a smaller
bathroom on the fourth floor.
It'll give you more privacy.
I'm embarrassed to even bring it up.
[TRABAND] Mr. Fuller.
Right on time.
Fred Traband. Special agent
in charge of investigations.
Pleased to meet you.
We believe we have reason
to ask you a series of questions.
- What reason?
- We're not at liberty to say.
Are you at liberty to say
who gave you this reason?
That is also confidential.
Please have a seat.
And let me be frank,
eighty percent of these
sessions end with the admission
of at least one prescribed
behavior by the interviewee.
Our batting average is now
one resignation per day.
Well, your efforts
have not been in vain.
How long have you worked at State?
Since '48.
That's four years and ten months.
Would you like the
number of days as well?
What is your marital status?
But there is a special
lady in the picture.
She and Mr. McLeod have met, actually.
Mr. Fuller, please get up
and walk across the room.
Please return to your seat.
The second to last
paragraph on the page.
Read it aloud.
"Philip opened a large cupboard
filled with dresses.
And stepping in, took as many of them
as he could in his arms
and buried his face in them.
They smelt of the sent his mother "
That's all for today.
How'd I do?
- I'm not
- At liberty to say. Got it.
The gentleman who left
the unit last week,
he stepped in front of a truck.
That must affect
someone in your position.
Unfortunately, we're seeing an
average of one suicide per week.
You ever worry that someone
might kill you instead?
One moment.
You'll have to return
tomorrow for a polygraph.
[HAWK] No, that won't be necessary.
Just speak to Mr. McLeod.
When we believe a polygraph is required,
cooperation is mandatory.
We're trying to clear the
backlog before the holidays.
Can you come back tomorrow after hours?
[HAWK] Pardon me.
Pardon me.
All right, all right. I know everyone
wants to get back to the
festivities, so I'll be brief.
On behalf of Mr. Morton
and the entire Bureau,
I'd like to thank all of you
for another brilliant year.
May your spouses be merry
and may your hearts be filled with joy.
Merry Christmas.
- [ALL] Merry Christmas.
- [HAWK] Cheers. Hear, hear.
How'd it go?
If that nonsense is a test of manhood,
my mother could pass it.
There's a second part. Polygraph.
Oh, dear. I was afraid of that.
- Did Caroline
- Yes.
They're going to ask you questions
about your private activities in detail.
I hope they've scheduled
several hours for that.
I thought you were
taking this seriously.
I am.
You take nothing seriously.
You're all wrong for him, Fuller.
He is deeply sincere, and
you're going to hurt him.
I know who you're talking about.
The boy who gave Mr. Fuller that book?
Yeah, I saw what he wrote inside.
"Mr. Fuller,
thank you for everything.
You're wonderful."
You reported him.
You're right, Miss Addison.
I am wonderful.
So why don't you just suffer?
Merry Christmas.
Maggie said we have
to keep your weight up.
- Pasta.
- [TIM SIGHS] What else?
Peanut butter.
- They didn't have crunchy?
- No, I looked.
You said you know someone
connected to the governor.
Dave Holm. He's a Republican fundraiser.
Okay, how well do you know him?
Not well.
- You know, he's
- What, he's straight?
The way that you're straight?
You can't smoke in here.
I know, I know.
What do you want, Tim?
Call your friend.
Ask him.
Convince him to set up a meeting
with the governor's chief of staff.
- And why am I doing this?
- To introduce me.
There is an AIDS
anti-discrimination bill
sitting on the governor's desk.
I need to convince him to sign it.
We've been waiting for
this meeting for weeks.
They're ignoring us.
They can't ignore you.
Of course they can.
Come on. You gonna eat something?
[TIM] I'm not hungry.
Well, I told Maggie I
would make sure you eat.
[TIM] Stop playing the
compassionate nurse.
It doesn't suit you.
I certainly know what
it's like to lose someone.
Of course you do.
That was a stupid thing to say.
You suffered a tremendous loss.
How is Lucy?
She's managing.
We've been managing for seven years now,
but it never really feels managed.
Skippy, I can't make that call.
Why not?
You think that by walking
into that office with me,
you'll be coming out.
Guilt by association.
I am married.
I have a family, grandkids.
I have a right to protect them.
And I have a right not to die!
- You're not dying.
- Oh, so you're a doctor now?
- Jesus Christ.
- Where are you going?
Out. I need a drink.
I thought you were sober.
I am, between drinks.
You know, the bathhouses are closed.
[HAWK] Goddamn it.
I'm sure you can find a
backroom still operating!
[HAWK] Oh, fuck you.
In view of the fact that the Rosenbergs
were executed for the same crime
of which you are obviously guilty,
can you see any reason
why you should not meet
the same fate that they did?
May I say, sir, it's my duty
to obey my military superiors.
They forbid me to give you
the classified information.
You are hiding behind that claim
in order to protect
and cover up information
that this committee needs.
With all due respect, Mr. Chairman,
these attacks on loyal soldiers
at Fort Monmouth are an insult
to every man and woman in uniform.
[MCCARTHY] Senator Smith,
are we in the business
of exposing communists
or protecting them?
record speaks for itself,
- Senator McCarthy.
[TIM] Merry Christmas.
[HAWK] Very elegant.
[TIM] I can return
it. I got the receipt.
I like it, Skippy. I like it.
Oh, what's this?
- There's something
- What?
Just right there. There's a little
Oh, no. Oh!
- [HAWK] I love it.
- Do you?
[HAWK] Yes. Yeah, I do.
I got something for you in here.
[GRUNTS] Oh, careful.
Careful. Don't leave a mark.
Ah, are you worried what
Grandma Laughlin will think?
No, Senator McCarthy.
I shouldn't have told you that.
I can't tell you.
You want me to go?
Why don't you tell me the
part that I'll find out anyway?
There's a meeting in New York.
It's McCarthy, Cohn and John Adams.
Adams? The Army's lawyer?
- Not Schine?
No, they didn't want him,
but he insisted on coming.
And Jean and I are
supposed to be stationed
at the door to keep
him out of the meeting.
Because the meeting's about Schine.
All the favors Roy's
been asking on his behalf.
The Army brass is fed up.
And McCarthy's getting
pressured to fire Roy.
- Is that it?
- No, no, no.
I've said too much.
[HAWK] And you'll be there.
My boy's coming up in the world.
Speaking of coming up.
I shouldn't have told
you about the meeting.
Why can I never say no to you?
I'm irresistible.
Come here.
[HAWK] No.
It's your turn tonight.
I wish we could spend
Christmas together in New York.
I know that's just a fantasy.
What would we do?
If we could.
[TIM] Hmm.
I wanna see the Rockettes
at the Radio City Music Hall.
- What?
- That's sweet.
Be right back.

Merry Christmas.
It's for you.
It's, uh

I can't.
Sure you can.
I can't bear being this happy.
Oh, that's sweet.
Before you go, I need a favor.
Give this to Schine tomorrow.
No one else.
What is it?
I can't tell you.
At least tell me,
will it hurt anyone?
It might stop innocent
people from getting hurt.
Come on. I'll see you out.
Will I see you again?

What was that for?
So you'll remember me.
Come on.
- Hello.
- [LUCY] Hello. Is my husband there?
I'm sorry. It's Lucy Fuller.
Hawk gave me your number.
He went out to the drug store.
Can I have him call you back?
Please. It's not urgent.
Uh, thanks for letting
him stay a few days.
I don't know if I "let" him.
He said he needed to be there
until your sister comes back.
I didn't really have a choice.
How are you?
Getting by.
How are you?
Getting by.
I'll tell him you called.
Na, na, na, na, na ♪
Na, na, na, na, na ♪
Na, na, na, na, na ♪
I know nobody ever taught you ♪
How to dance like that ♪
Nobody ever taught you
how to dance like that ♪
Nobody ever taught you
how to dance like that ♪
Nobody ever taught me
how to dance like that ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
I know ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
I know ♪
I been workin' 25 hours a day ♪
weeks with one day off ♪
Stop the train ♪
I'm getting off ♪
Getting off ♪
Getting off, getting off ♪
Getting off, getting off ♪
Getting off ♪
Heartache ♪
Getting off, getting off ♪
Heartache ♪
Getting off ♪
Get off me!
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
Heartache, too late
and I gotta get up ♪
I know ♪
[JEAN] Merry Christmas, Tim.
I got him to sign it for you.
Thanks. It's very kind.
This spat with the
Army has to end tonight.
We can't allow it to
derail the committee.
Take this into Joe and linger.
Be my eyes and ears.
It's a boys' club
tonight, and you're a boy.
All right.
I'll keep my eye out for David.
Keep him out of there if I can.
[ADAMS] As general counsel for the Army,
I have to protest the
extravagant pressure
brought on by Mr. Cohn
to make Private Schine's
life in the service a holiday.
[MCCARTHY] I think we can
all agree that Mr. Schine
is equally valuable to both parties.
Precisely why his important work
on our committee can't be interrupted.
[TIM] Mrs. McCarthy thought
you might need this, sir.
[MCCARTHY] Thank you, son.
[ADAMS] He would be valuable to the Army
if he were present
on base half the time.
Subcommittee's been up to
our eyes since Fort Monmouth.
Indeed. And we provided Mr. Schine
with a private room to write
his subcommittee reports.
A room he has yet to set foot in
because Mr. Cohn called
to inform us it was vital
he work out of a penthouse in Manhattan.
A penthouse in which
he apparently spends
a lot of time with Mr. Cohn.
We know what's really happening here.
The Army is holding Mr. Schine hostage
to pressure us into
dropping our investigation
into subversives at Fort Monmouth.
That's absurd. Senator
McCarthy, are you aware
that you could be brought up on charges
for using the influence of your office
to gain special privileges
for a uniformed soldier?
No more requests will
be made by Mr. Cohn.
Right, Roy?
Unless the Army intends
to ship him overseas.
Private Schine is a
patriot above all else.
He will go wherever he needs to go.
- Right, Roy?
If the Army intends
to station him anywhere
that's not within driving
distance to Washington,
I'll wreck the goddamn Army.
Joe, he has got to go.
What are you lurking there for?
[ADAMS] You're treading
dangerous water, Senator.
[COHN] Fort Monmouth is overflowing
with security risks.
Who are you protecting?
Mr. Fuller, were you sent overseas
to serve in the United
States Army in 1943?
In which country were you stationed?
Have you ever attended
meetings affiliated
- with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?
- No.
Have you ever frequented a
Washington DC establishment
called the Chicken Hut,
at the corner of H Street and 17th?
Have you ever been present at
a Washington DC establishment
called the Cozy Corner in Midcity?
Have you ever had
inappropriate physical contact
with a male foreign national
either in the United
States or while abroad?
Have you ever engaged in sodomy?
Or oral genital contact
with another male?
Have you ever given or received
presents of a romantic
nature to or from another man?
Shall I repeat the question?
And the answer is no.
Have you ever considered yourself
to be in love with another male?
[HAWK] Oh, yeah. Oh.
Answer the question.
[JEAN] Are you in love?
Don't be shy.
Not at the moment.
A love for God is purer than romance.
But don't you think sometimes
the love for another person
can take on a godly quality?
[JEAN] That's true.
I believe my marriage to
Joe is ordained by God.
What saddens me are the people
trying to stab my husband in the back.
What happens if they win?
Can you imagine a world without God?
I can't.
I just wish people
didn't have to get hurt.
Who's getting hurt?
Commies and deviants.
Clerks, janitors, engineers.
- People are taking their own lives.
- Timothy.
Senator McCarthy is our only hope.
His enemies are God's enemies.
Let them die. That's how we win.
[SIGHS] David's here.
You're late.
The stupid driver got lost.
- Where's Roy?
- [ADAMS] This meeting is over.
[COHN] You'll be sorry, Mr. Adams.
- What happened?
- They're idiots.
- Idiots.
- [JEAN] Joe.
[COHN] You can't blackmail me.
We're not going to back down.
- Roy, what happened?
- Joe, what's going on?
[ADAMS] You're facing an investigation.
- [SCHINE] Roy.
- Get out of my way!
[SCHINE] Roy, tell me what's going on.
Bartender, whiskey, neat, quick.
Joe, what happened?
- Army's bringing charges.
- Charges against who?
Me and Roy, using the
power of our office.
Eisenhower's behind the whole thing.
I could end up censured or expelled.
- Bartender!
- Who conducts the investigation?
The Senate Subcommittee
on Investigations.
My committee.
You've got to get rid
of that little Jew
and his pervert friend.
You cut them free and
let them twist in the wind
before it's too late.
[COHN] Come on, David. Let's go.
[TIM] Mr. Schine?
This came into the
office for you yesterday.
It says confidential.
For God's sake, get in!
How'd I do?
[TRABAND] We're not supposed to say.
Ah, what the hell? It's Christmas.
Clean as a whistle.
Happy holidays.
Open it.
Oh, your cufflinks.
They're beautiful.
Let me see the other one.
"H" and "F".
What's it stand for?
Fordham, my alma mater,
and history, my major.
[HAWK] You have to keep them closed.
- [LUCY] They're closed.
- [HAWK] They're really closed?
- Yes, they're really closed.
- All right.
No peeking.
Okay, you can open 'em.
My goodness!
Hawk, it's stunning.
May I?
Yes, please.
Merry Christmas, Hawkins.
Spending the holiday with your family?
Oh, I forgot. You don't have one.
That's why you're always here.
Leonard, don't you think
you should slow down?
Ah, contraire, dear sister.
I'm just getting started.
He's so unhappy, and no one knows why.
Santa baby, just slip
a sable under the tree ♪
For me ♪
Been an awful good girl ♪
Santa baby ♪
So hurry down the chimney tonight ♪
Santa baby ♪
A '54 convertible, too ♪
- Light blue ♪
- Oh ♪
I'll wait up for you, dear ♪
Santa baby ♪
So hurry down the chimney tonight ♪
I really do believe in you ♪
So let's see if you believe in me ♪
- Santa baby ♪
- Yes ♪
Forgot to mention one little thing ♪
- A ring ♪
- A ring ♪
And I don't mean on the phone ♪
Santa baby ♪
So hurry down the chimney ♪
Tonight ♪
Congratulations on your job at The Post.
Ah, still auditioning
until they feel comfortable enough
with the idea that I
could pass as one of them.
[WAITER] Your drink.
Or use the same restroom.
To success.
At least the appearance of it.
I'm curious.
When the interrogator
asked you those questions,
how did you block out the memories?
Keep your mind blank?
See, it occurred to me you
don't pass with the truth.
You pass with the absence of guilt.
Guilt cranks the machine.
And I felt none.
"Let us have a dagger between our teeth,
a bomb in our hand
and infinite scorn in our hearts."
- Who said that?
- Mussolini.
Did they ask you if you
ever loved another man?
They did.
And did you think about Tim?
- For a second.
- And you passed.
Clean as a whistle.
So you're celebrating
because you don't love Tim?
Or because you're such a damn good liar?
I'm not celebrating.
McCarthy is gonna fire
me to save his skin.
He can't fire me.
I'm a Jew.
If he fires me,
everyone's going to
think he's a Jew hater.
- [SCHINE] Roy.
- [COHN] He probably is a Jew hater.
They're all Jew haters
until they need us.
You need to look at this.
Oh, I'll be damned.
Uh, what does it mean?
It means this is a time of nachas, Dave.
A time of nachas indeed.
That stupid, alcoholic fat Mick
isn't gonna fire Roy Cohn,
and Gerard David Schine
is not goin' to Korea.
Oh. Kick off your shoes and
crack open the brandy, Dave.
We're not going anywhere.
[FRANKIE] I am baking you
a sweet potato pie for Christmas.
On the hot plate?
Downstairs, in the bar kitchen.
You know, I have to spend
Christmas Day with the folks.
They'll want to hear
all about the new job.
Will your old girlfriend be there?
I knew I shouldn't
have told you about her.
I don't really mind.
It's exciting.
Thinking of you
with a woman.
Merry Christmas, Santa baby.
The jingle bells are jingling ♪
The streets are white with snow ♪
The happy crowds are mingling ♪
But there's no one that I know ♪
[TIM'S UNCLE] We give
Thee thanks, Almighty God,
for these and all the gifts
which we have received from your bounty.
I guess I've got the Christmas blues ♪
I've done my window shopping ♪
- Amen.
- There's not a store I've missed ♪
But what's the use of stopping ♪
When there's no one on your list ♪
You'll know the way I'm feeling ♪
When you love and you lose ♪
I guess I've got ♪
[HAWK] Hey, Skippy.
Oh, Christ.
Hey, Tim.
Skippy, I'm sorry about earlier, okay?
I'll call my friend and ask
for that meeting you want.
I can't guarantee anything, but
[JEROME] Hello?
Mr. Fuller. I
Where's Tim?
The hospital.
It's lucky. We were
here when it happened.
And Frankie went with him
in the ambulance and
What happened?
He had a seizure.
It's bad.
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