Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Promise You Won't Write

[NARRATOR] Previously
on Fellow Travelers
[EDWARD] I'd like to offer you a
temporary desk here at The Post.
It might be best if you avoided
the newsroom's facilities for now.
[HAWK] You like working for your hero?
[TIM] The Washington elite look
down their noses at McCarthy.
And I know his tactics are rough.
[HAWK] You're on McCarthy's
Enemies List, sir.
I got nothing to hide.
[HAWK] We all have something to hide.
He's so unhappy, and no one knows why.
Hawk, I can't bear being this happy.
Army's bringing charges.
Me and Roy, using the
power of our office.
You've got to get rid
of that little Jew
and his pervert friend.
Give this to Schine. No one else.
What is it?
[COHN] That stupid, alcoholic Mick
isn't gonna fire Roy Cohn.
- [HAWK] Where's Tim?
- [JEROME] The hospital.
He had a seizure.
It's bad.
Tim Laughlin.
- Who?
- Laughlin, Laughlin.
He, uh He came by ambulance
maybe half an hour ago.
Do you need to see a doctor?
Oh, for Chrissake!
Excuse me, sir.
[NURSE] You shouldn't be here.
It's all right. Come on.
Come on.
- Hey, Jimmy, how you doing?
- Hey, Hawk.
Listen, Leonard Smith hasn't
been home the last two nights.
I'm guessing he's on a bender.
You seen him?
Threw him out of here last night.
Causing a ruckus.
All right, do me a favor.
Sit on him if he comes
back. I'll check in later.
Hey, neighborhood's crawling with cops.
Looks like a crackdown. Be careful.
I'm always careful.
[STORME] Speak low ♪
When you speak love ♪
Our summer's day withers away ♪
Too soon, too soon ♪
I feel wherever I go ♪
That tomorrow is near ♪
Tomorrow is here ♪
And always too soon ♪
Time is so old ♪
And love so brief ♪
Love is pure gold ♪
And time, a thief ♪
Where ♪
[OFFICER 1] Police! Police! Nobody move!
This is a raid!
- Go! Now!
- [MAN] Let's get outta here!
[OFFICER 1] Everyone,
stay where you are!
- [MAN 2] Come on!
- [FRANKIE] Come with me!
[OFFICER 2] Break it up! Everyone out!
- [OFFICER 3] Let's go!
- [OFFICER 2] Let's go! Out!
Come on! Let's go!
Hey, wait.
[OFFICER 1] Right! Stop where you are!
[STORME] Frankie! Frankie!
- [OFFICER 2] Move it!
- [OFFICER 1] Come on!
[FRANKIE] Marcus! Marcus!
Searched three precinct
houses before I found him.
Thanks, Frank.
Anybody tip off the papers?
Not that I know of.
We need to get our hands
on the arrest record.
Between you and me.
- I'll see what I can do.
- [HAWK] All right.
You know how much it's gonna cost
to get your record buried?
If I can manage to do it.
What do you care?
It's my father's money, not yours.
Your father will never hear
about this, you understand?
Here, wipe your face.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What time is it?
Almost 5:00.
You said you were gonna be an hour.
What happened?
Like I told you.
Lucy was at her friend's,
and her car wouldn't start.
Sent her home in a taxi
and had to wait on the tow truck.
- I should go.
- What?
Oh, I've got a big day tomorrow.
Jean wants me to sit
with her in the hearings.
[HAWK] Mmm. And watch
her husband being grilled
rather than doing the grilling?
We still have an hour before
it starts to get light.
You know, you've been
rather sweet lately.
Your Honor, I stand before
you accused of being sweet.
[SENATOR SMITH] I have been
informed that these requests
made by Cohn, working
for Senator McCarthy,
[OVER TV] requests made on Schine's
behalf for special assignments,
have never been matched
in the history of the Army.
[MCCARTHY] Private Schine's work with us
fighting communists and subversives
required these requests.
He has proven tireless in his efforts
to protect American interests.
[MUNDT] Counsel for the Army, Mr. Welch.
You may proceed if you wish.
We commend Mr. Schine for
his tireless service, Senator.
However, a fur-lined coat,
custom boots, steak dinners,
working from a penthouse in Manhattan,
all while being on active duty.
Was this all necessary for
Private Schine's important work?
Do you think Cohn will fall
on his sword for his boyfriend?
- I hear he does that every night.
[MCCARTHY] Mr. Welch, do
we want to argue for weeks
about whether or not David Schine
wore shoes that fit him,
or do we want to investigate
communist infiltration among
military personnel at Fort Monmouth?
Committee's special
counsel, Mr. Jenkins.
Do you have any questions for
Senator McCarthy or Mr. Cohn?
Indeed I do, sir.
Mr. Cohn, how long have
you known Mr. Schine?
I would say about two years.
And in all fairness,
Mr. Cohn, isn't it a fact
Mr. Schine is one of your best friends?
We all have our best friends, Mr. Cohn.
There's no criticism
of you on that account.
[COHN] Of course not, sir.
[JENKINS] We all have
friends whom we love.
I do.
And your relationship
with David Schine has been
very, well, close for the
past two years, hasn't it?
Yes, sir. He is one of many good friends
I am proud to have.
Have you known him socially?
I have.
- Have you visited in his home?
- Yes, sir.
- [JENKINS] Has he visited in your home?
- Yes, sir.
Well, perhaps you've
double-dated together.
There's no reflection on
anything about that, Mr. Cohn.
I'm just
You're both single men, as
we generally understand it.
We have been on double dates, sir.
Welch and Jenkins and
that bastard Senator Smith,
all those things that they're
insinuating about me, it's bull, okay?
I don't need anyone's special favors.
I didn't need Mr. Roy Cohn
to get into Harvard, did I?
Look at this.
Stevens asked me for this picture.
The Secretary of the Army
asked to take this photograph with me.
No, David,
I asked Secretary Stevens
to take that photo with you.
When I heard he was visiting
the base, I called him.
I thought it would make you happy.
Don't worry about Welch and Jenkins.
They're just
They're just lawyers.
As for Smith, he's not gonna
be a problem much longer.
How do you know?
I just do. Trust me.
- I'll get us out of this.
- You better.
Mr. Cohn.
Senator McCarthy is asking for you.
How long were you standing there?
Not long.
[SENATOR SMITH] So I had a visit today
from Senators Bridges and Welker,
close allies of McCarthy's, as you know.
- Go on.
- They claim Leonard was arrested
for some sordid business,
and they'll expose it if I don't resign.
- And what did you say?
- I showed them the door.
Why, it's clearly some malicious lie.
A rumor. I can't take it seriously.
Luce, would you give us a moment?
I'm not leaving.
It's not a lie.
About a week ago, Leonard was arrested
during a citywide crackdown.
Arrested for?
Commission of obscene and indecent acts.
He was caught in a public restroom
- servicing another man.
- That's enough.
- Christ.
Uh, did they show you anything?
An arrest record, a witness statement?
No, nothing like that.
Then they don't have
any hard evidence yet.
For now, tell Welker and Bridges
that you'll back off McCarthy.
And if it comes to it,
you'll vote against
expelling him from the Senate.
It's just to stall them.
Until we locate the record
and have it destroyed.
[LEONARD] Hey, Luce. Are you upstairs?
I can't find my keys.
For God's sake, just
keep him outta here.
I can't look at him now.
Sir, I will do everything
in my power to bury this,
but it will be expensive.
As much as it takes.
This comes out, I'm ruined.
What about Lenny?
They say it's
It's a compulsion.
What's to stop him from doing it again?
And getting caught again?
There are places that help men like him.
I'll look into it.
Just thinking of him like that
so thoroughly disgusts me.
Don't blame yourself, sir.
Poor Leonard.
He's just one of nature's mistakes.
I didn't know you smoked.
We all have our secrets.
When I was in Madrid,
I met two gentlemen at the Prado.
They called themselves
traveling companions.
We struck up a
conversation about Tiepolo.
They invited me to dinner.
They were well traveled and so charming.
At some point, one of
them allowed his hand
to rest on the hand of his friend.
I must have been staring
because he quickly pulled his hand away.
Our eyes met.
And I'll never forget
the look on his face.
And I remembered that
I'd seen that look before.
On Leonard's face.
He can't help what he is.
No one would choose to
live with all that
- I'm a mess.
- No.
No, you are not a mess.
You're not a mess.
[COHN] Here's the photograph.
Now, how soon can you
get this back to me?
Hey, shut that door.
As I recall, you were
recommended to Senator McCarthy
by one of Senator Smith's donors.
Is that correct?
Yes, sir.
What do you think of Whining Wesley?
Or do you prefer [CHUCKLES]
Sanctimonious Smith?
I respect Senator Smith.
Oh, you've switched sides.
No, sir.
I still believe in the
anti-communist cause.
You know, we've heard
his, uh, son is a faggot.
That true?
That he was arrested for it.
Sucking cock in a public toilet.
That's the rumor that's
going around Washington.
Is it true?
I wouldn't know.
I think you would.
Know, I mean. I think it's
very possible you know.
Thank you for the package, by the way.
The one you gave to Mr.
Schine around Christmas time.
The one with the interesting materials.
Just curious.
Where'd you get it?
Uh, somebody left it on my desk.
Oh. Kid.
You're a terrible liar.
You should work on that.
Any word on the arrest record?
Frank, is there any
chance they beat us to it?
Mr. Fuller, someone to see you.
I'll call you back.
That Tim Laughlin from
Senator McCarthy's office?
I can handle him, hon. Thanks.
Today is not a great
day to break the rules.
Roy Cohn followed me into
the bathroom last night.
Cohn asked about Smith.
And did I know that
his son was a faggot.
- Listen, I have a meeting
- What was in that envelope?
The one you gave me at Christmas?
Roy thanked me for it.
You have some chocolates, okay?
My secretary brought them in.
She's trying to fatten me up.
Hawk, I'm not leaving until you tell me.
That envelope contained a letter
from Corporal Daniel
Cherney stating that McCarthy
got him drunk and sodomized him.
And giving it to Schine
Stuck McCarthy, Cohn and
Schine together like glue.
Putting Senator McCarthy in
the situation he's in now.
Very good, Skippy. You're learning.
Did Cohn ask about the envelope?
I said someone left it on my desk.
What? That's not plausible, is it?
Why would he put it on your desk
when Schine's office is ten steps away?
I guess I don't lie as easily as you do.
Then you won't survive.
It's funny.
Cohn said more or less the same thing.
Thanks for coming.
I was glad you called.
I thought maybe you forgot about me.
This is a lot less
intimate than the Cozy.
Frankie, I can't go back there.
The owners have upped their bribes.
You can come back. It's safe.
It's not.
Not for me.
My father's a brilliant pianist,
classically trained.
He wanted to play in an orchestra.
Now he's stuck behind
a counter selling shoes.
Ever since I started writing
and making a living at it,
he reads every word.
When he sees something
of mine in the paper,
I know I'm going to get a call from him
telling me how proud he is.
Do you know what it means for him
to see my byline in The Post?
So you're not gonna go out?
Not gonna fall in love?
I just want to be honest with you.
Do you like my nails, Marcus?
Allen, that busboy from the bar,
he painted them for me.
He even did my toes.
Just a gloss, though,
since I was coming to
see you in the park.
I should have let him paint them red.
That's what I really wanted.
Look, Luce, they have tennis.
Maybe I'll finally
nail my backhand, huh?
What did you tell Mother?
That your drinking's gotten out of hand,
and you're going to a
nice place to dry out.
That's only half a lie, I guess.
[LUCY] I try not to lie, Leonard.
Oh, but you do, sister dear.
You just don't know it.
I told Welker and Bridges
I'd take it easy on Joe.
For now, at least.
And they didn't press you on resigning?
Then they haven't found
Leonard's arrest record.
- So it's over?
- No, sir, it's not over.
Trust me, there's a
desk sergeant out there
willing to sell the record.
DC cops have a thriving
business in that market.
We just have to get to it first.
Well, look at us.
Down on our bellies,
crawling through the mud,
just like the men we
think we're better than.
You are better, sir.
This will be good for you, son.
I stopped being your
son the day he showed up.
The sad orphan, the tennis star.
A goddamn war hero for Christ's sake.
The son you thought you deserved.
Your son.
I never had a chance.
We should get going.
And Father, whatever
disgusting thing I am,
you made me this way.
[SENATOR SMITH] He's right, Hawk.
You took his place.
And I let you do it.
[JENKINS] Mr. Cohn, did
you or did you not tell me
you had documentary evidence
in the form of a photo
to substantiate your
defense against the Army?
Yes, sir.
Has this photo been
submitted to evidence?
Yes, sir.
As to the particular
charges about threats
- that I had supposedly made
How'd you get in?
A Washington Post press
pass carries a lot of weight.
[COHN] persuasions
that had been attempted
by myself on Schine's behalf
for special privileges.
I told you, sir,
that I have very substantial proof
that such threats were
never made nor necessary.
Proof, which I hold up now.
This photo shows Private G. David Schine
with Secretary Stevens at Fort Dix.
Secretary Stevens was not
only most solicitous of Schine,
but was in his company twice.
And it was he, Army Secretary Stevens,
who asked to be photographed
with Private Schine.
That is what I told
you, and that is a fact.
So I ask, why would I
need to use my influence
to gain special privileges
for Private Schine
when he does so well on his own?
That photo, it's not right.
How so?
I was in their office.
I saw it. It's different.
They doctored it?
Are you gonna tell someone?
Senator McCarthy should know.
What makes you think he doesn't?
[MUNDT] Ladies and gentlemen, please.
Please let the hearing proceed.
[DR. FREMONT] The successful
treatment of homosexuals
depends on their willingness
to face what they really are.
Many of them become so skilled
at camouflaging their true natures,
- they begin to think they're normal.
- Oh.
So they believe they're
normal men, like us?
They really do.
And they live even more
lonely and isolated lives.
- Hmm.
- Hopping from one sexual partner to the next,
like frogs on lily pads.
But you can change them?
With a combination of aversion therapy
and intermittent
electroconvulsive treatments,
we see progress in some cases.
Shock therapy?
But it's a small price to
pay to be sane and happy.
Don't you agree?
Shall we get your friend settled?
One more thing.
Leonard's family believes
that he'll have a better
chance of being cured
if he's placed in a secure environment.
I can assure you our
facility is quite secure.
Yes, but we believe he will benefit
from limited contact
with the outside world.
He runs with a very disreputable crowd.
No calls in or out, no visitors.
Our policy exactly.
They're ready for you.
You know what I've been thinking about?
I can't imagine.
That first summer
when you started spending
time at our house,
we went camping by that river.
One at the end of the Billy Goat Trail.
It got dark.
We drank some of my
mother's mint schnapps.
Oh, God.
- That stuff was awful.
- Yeah.
Then we jacked off together by the fire.
All boys do that.
Normal men grow out of it.
I thought about telling
my father about you.
Tell him what?
Some sad, twisted fantasy you created
in your perverted brain?
Why don't you tell him?
No, I'll tell you why.
Because you know he'd never believe you.
You're right.
He wouldn't.
He'd always take your word over mine.
You're gonna be okay.
Won't be so bad in there.
I don't care.
I need to be free of this thing.
Mr. Smith.
I want to be cured.
Yes, just this way.
We'll get you settled.
You can't see what's happening, can you?
Welch, Jenkins, the Red-loving press,
they are painting you
with the same brush
they use on Roy and David.
Smearing Roy and David's filth
all over you and your cause.
- Why can't you see it?
- See what?
All this hullaballoo
because Roy likes the kid?
They're pals. What's the harm?
Men need the companionship of other men.
Women can't understand.
Oh, I think I do understand.
Why didn't you fire Roy
when you had the chance, Joe?
Why have you stuck with him?
Let him drag you down?
What does he have on you?
Men from Wisconsin don't
turn on their friends.
You would think a man from Wisconsin
would know how to get his wife pregnant.
You learn to knock on the
doors of your superiors.
What is it, Tim?
Senator, the photograph
of Mr. Schine with Secretary Stevens.
What about it?
Roy did something to it. He changed it.
What are you trying to do?
I thought you'd want to know.
Do you know that I was once voted
the worst senator in Washington?
It's true.
Another man might have
heard that and crumbled.
But not me.
I went to Wheeling, West Virginia.
I remember the day, February 9th, 1950.
Colder than a witch's left tit.
Gave a speech to a bunch of ladies
who could barely recite their A, B, Cs.
Do you know what I told them?
I told them 205 employees
of the State Department
were known to be members
of the American Communist Party.
Known not suspected. 205.
Where'd I come up with that number?
Who knows? Divine
intervention, I reckon.
Do you know what those
broads did when I finished?
Got on their damn feet and applauded.
And now I'm one of the
most powerful senators
in the history of our nation,
one of the most powerful men in America.
So, Tim, what exactly
did you want to tell me
about some fucking photograph?
Operator, get me
Senator Bridges' office.
Where do we stand with our
friend from Pennsylvania?
I'm going to need that vote.
Roy knocked the stuffing
At least they know we're not
going to lie down and take it.
Welch has a Red on his staff.
We've known about it for weeks.
We made a deal to keep him off the table
as long as Welch doesn't get
into Roy's service record.
Can I help you?
I'd like to see Mr.
Welch, the Army's lawyer.
He's not here at the moment.
Can you give him this?
It's important.
[HOGAN] Looks like Cohn's
pulled a rabbit out of his hat.
Marcus, what can I do for you?
I wanna cover the Senate beat.
Well, we've already got
reporters covering Congress.
But none of them have the access I do.
I spent a couple of
years developing sources.
What, with janitors and security guards?
I did an excellent job covering
the Senate for the Courier.
Yeah, but that's a, uh
A what?
[STAN] A Negro paper.
Or do you prefer Black now?
Honestly, I can never keep
up with what you people want.
Stan, get back to work.
I only quit the Senate beat
because of a dust-up with Cohn.
But he can't lock out a
reporter from The Post.
I wanna keep you on
the city desk for now.
- Well, you know what they say.
Real change comes slowly.
Real change is what
white people talk about
when they don't want
anything to actually change.
[MUNDT] Mr. Welch, do
you have a point of order?
[WELCH] Yes, sir, I do.
Earlier this week, a
photograph was produced
by Senator McCarthy
and Mr. Cohn as evidence
of Private Schine's close relationship
to Secretary of the Army Stevens.
Before we question Private Schine,
I would like to offer this picture
as the original,
unaltered piece of evidence
that we received from
Secretary Stevens' office.
Private Schine, do you
recognize this photograph?
Uh, yes, sir.
It was hanging in my office.
[JENKINS] And can you tell me
the circumstances behind it?
Uh, Mr. Stevens, the
Secretary of the Army,
asked me to stand next
to him for the picture.
And as a result of that
request, what did you do?
I obeyed, sir.
[JENKINS] In this original photograph,
who is the man on your immediate right?
That is Colonel Bradley, sir.
I should be there.
You're right where you should be, sir.
Out of the line of fire.
[JENKINS] Well, Mr. Schine,
do you have any knowledge
of the circumstances
under which the picture of
Colonel Bradley was omitted?
No, sir.
So, in this altered photograph,
you alone with the
Secretary of the Army,
I would ask whether you'd ever seen this
particular photograph until now.
[SCHINE] I never saw this print
before these hearings, sir.
[WELCH] You had nothing to
do with its being altered?
No, sir.
[MCCARTHY] Are you insinuating
that evidence was tampered with?
We merely show two pictures
with obvious man-made
differences, Senator.
That is a hefty accusation.
It is, indeed.
So if this photograph wasn't altered,
where'd it come from, a pixie?
[MCCARTHY] If counsel
could, for my benefit,
define what a pixie is.
You might be more of an expert on that.
I should say, Mr. Senator,
that a pixie is a close
relative of a fairy.
- Shall I proceed, sir?
- Have I enlightened you?
[MUNDT] Let's let the hearing proceed.
Shouldn't you be at the Senate?
[COHN] Mr. Welch, you have no proof
that this photograph was altered
by anyone on this committee.
This all sounds like pure
conjecture on your part.
The fact remains that Secretary Stevens
asked to meet with Private
Schine and express
[STAN] Hey. You're not
supposed to be in here.
What the fuck?
Goddamn it!
I'm scheduled for questioning tomorrow.
I'm going to deny everything.
After, you and I should confront
the lying press together.
I'm not coming in tomorrow.
I got you a three-day pass.
I am going to New York to
spend time with my family.
David, we're going to get through this.
We are not going to
get through anything.
You and McCarthy are facing charges.
Not me.
I am not like you, Roy.
I'm normal.
Quit Quit my job.
I had to.
Can we go upstairs?
- I'm going out.
- Out hunting?
Take me with you.
- You wouldn't enjoy it.
- No, I'd be with you.
Everything's gone, Hawk.
I don't know what to believe.
I just I knew I needed to see you.
I should have left you alone.
And I am so glad you didn't.
Please, just take me upstairs.
- Skippy.
- Take me upstairs.
Skippy, listen to me!
I don't want you to read
about it in the papers.
I'm going to ask Lucy Smith to marry me.
[LUCY] Dad.
It's after 2:00.
Look at this.
Where was this?
Paisley, Pennsylvania.
My first campaign.
Talking to striking coal miners.
Trying to give them some hope
that people in Washington
care about them.
Look at Lenny, how innocent he was.
I got a call this evening
from Senator Welker.
They found Lenny's arrest record.
There's no compromising now,
they've made their ultimatum.
If I resign,
they'll keep Lenny's
arrest record under wraps.
Governor Fine will replace me
with a Republican and McCarthy ally,
and that might be the vote
McCarthy needs to hold on to power.
And if I don't resign,
they'll release Lenny's arrest record
to the press tomorrow afternoon,
in time for the evening editions.
I doubt your mother
will show her face in public again.
And Lenny
when he comes out of that hospital,
even if he's cured,
what chance will he have
to live a normal life?
This will hound him for
the rest of his days.
And it will be my fault.
I will have destroyed him.
What are we going to do?
Well, you are not to worry.
You and Hawk have each other.
You'll be fine.
We'll all be fine.
[SENATOR SMITH] The United States
has long been a symbol of freedom
and enjoyed well-earned respect
as the greatest democracy in the world.
But our democracy is under attack
by those who at times preach loudest,
hoping to sow fear within our imperfect
but always striving union.
A union defined by ideals
which we hold to be
true and self-evident,
that all men are created equal.
But truth is now in question.
The truth has been replaced with fear.
It is fear which rots the bones
of our American body.
If we do not have good men
and women seeking truth
[SERGEANT] Present arms! Order, arms!
then we do not have America.
[SERGEANT] Stand by.
[SENATOR SMITH] So strive for truth.
[SERGEANT] Ready. Aim.
out to your fellow man.
Fight for the promise of America.
- [SERGEANT] Fire!
- [SERGEANT] Ready.
Aim. Fire.
[MARCUS] You're here.
I wasn't going to come,
but curiosity got the better of me.
Glad it did.
Aren't you nervous
someone from The Post
might see you with me?
I don't think I have much
of a future at The Post.
I wasn't happy doing the
work they wanted me to do.
And I've received a few
calls from a new publication.
Jet magazine.
Not a huge readership, but
I look out at that damn city
and can't help but think
about what it denies us.
I'm gonna write about that.
The things that matter.
So what are we going to do?
I'm gonna drink this damn coffee.
I'm going on the road with Storme.
The Jewel Box Revue.
Up and down the East Coast.
But when I come back, I'd
like a place of my own.
Not a room over a bar,
but an apartment with
a bathtub and a kitchen,
and someone waiting in it for me.
Your nails.
Do you like them?
They're growing on me.
aftermath of the hearings,
Chief Counsel Roy Cohn has resigned
- from the committee.
And Senator McCarthy,
his approval ratings plummeting,
faces censure or even
expulsion from the Senate.
May I come in?
Got your letter of condolence.
It meant a lot. Thank you.
I'm due at Fort Dix in two days.
I'm not gonna wait for you.
- I want to take you somewhere.
- Hawk.
Come on.
The Army owns your body now.
I can't steal you from them.
- Or can I?
- No.
- You can't.
- Then give me an hour.
One hour.
Where are we going?
You trust me?
Don't answer that.
Come on.
Hawk, I'm sorry about Senator Smith.
I know you loved him.
There isn't much good
and decent in this world.
He was good.
And decent.
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier.
I have to go.
I have to get over you.
You do.
Promise you won't write.
I won't.
- [NURSE] Okay.
[NURSE] There you go.
There you go. You can
lean on me if you need to.
[PATIENT] Thank you.
Mama, I have something
important to say ♪
Yes, I know you didn't plan for me ♪
Turning out this way ♪
Well, you didn't fail me, Mom ♪
And I don't love you any less ♪
Because for me it's just a matter ♪
Of what suits me best ♪
Well, I know it's
hard for you to take ♪
And it's nothing you would brag ♪
When your first-born ♪
Turns out to be gay ♪
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