Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Beyond Measure

[NARRATOR] Previously
on Fellow Travelers
[TIM] I'm due at Fort Dix in two days.
I have to go. I have to get over you.
Yeah. You do.
[MARCUS] My father's
a brilliant pianist.
Now he's stuck behind
a counter selling shoes.
When he sees something
of mine in the paper,
I know I'm going to get a call from him
telling me how proud he is.
So you're not gonna go
out? Not gonna fall in love?
I just want to be honest with you.
[TIM] The photograph,
Roy did something to it.
I'm one of the most powerful senators
in the history of our nation.
So, Tim, what exactly
did you want to tell me
about some fucking photograph?
[TIM] Quit my job.
Everything's gone, Hawk.
I don't know what to believe.
I'm going to ask Lucy Smith to marry me.
I guess I don't lie as easily as you do.
Then you won't survive.
[NURSE] Is that all right?
Yeah. Thanks.
There you go.
How you feeling?
I'm surprised.
How so?
I mean, to be alive?
And you're still here.
That surprises me.
Well, that makes two of us.
I've never gotten used to this.
My prison tattoo.
Did you forget that
I'm a convicted felon?
Don't worry, we're just
here for the draft cards.
Ma'am, we need you to stand over here.
[FATHER LAWRENCE] Let's go. Quickly.
I'm sorry, but you can't leave.
Stay there. Thank you.
as many as you can.
Fill up the bags.
- [TIM] Hey, give me a bag!
- [WOMAN] There's one here.
[TIM] Is it okay?
[FATHER LAWRENCE] We should go.
[MAN] Yeah. Got it.
- Sorry.
And thank you.
this in the name of life.
We do this so that men
will not be made to kill.
We offer this prayer
in the name of peace, God and decency.
- Amen.
- Our Father,
Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory.
Forever and ever. Amen.
- [MAN] Come here.
- [WOMAN] Okay, let's go.
- [MAN] Let's go.
- [WOMAN] Come on.
[OFFICER 1] Party's
over, folks. Come on.
- [OFFICER 1] Get down!
- [OFFICER 2] Come here!
- I got one of them.
- [TIM] Hey. Hey.
[MAN] Let's go. No, we gotta go.
[JACKSON] Kimberly! Kimberly!
Kimberly, give it back.
- [KIMBERLY] I found it.
- [HAWK] Hey, hey, hey.
- [KIMBERLY] Finders keeper!
- I'm on the phone.
- [JACKSON] Give it back.
- I'm on the phone.
- [JACKSON] Give it back!
- [HAWK] Jackson.
- Jackson, let her go.
She took my guitar pick.
So? You have a hundred guitar picks.
Let her go. Jackson.
[JACKSON] But, Dad
[SIGHS] Forget it.
[KIMBERLY] Fine, you
want it so bad? Take it.
- [JACKSON] Shut up!
- Sorry about that.
What did he say?
He's grateful for your offer,
but reluctant to accept
for obvious reasons.
[HAWK] The FBI is involved now.
He needs to get out of Baltimore.
That's what I said.
And your place isn't an option.
[CYNTHIA] Do you need something?
[DONALD] May I have a crossword puzzle?
[CYNTHIA] Oh, here it is.
Definitely not.
Right. I'll wire you the cash.
You make sure he gets
on that bus tomorrow.
[MARCUS] Will do.
Hawk, Tim was curious
how you knew he was in trouble.
Had you been keeping tabs
on him all these years?
[LUCY] Hawk.
Oh. Thanks for letting me know.
Uh, I'll come right up.
[LUCY] I was thinking
of lamb for dinner.
How does that sound?
Great, great. But I won't be here.
I just spoke with the caretaker.
There's no water at the country house.
The pump's broken.
We're supposed to go up this weekend.
Well, we'll go up another time.
It's the Stovers' anniversary.
We're throwing them a party.
Did you forget?
We can't throw a party
if we don't have water.
invited a dozen people.
[HAWK] I'll try to get a plumber
working on it as soon as I can.
I'll call you from the house.
Let you know if it's safe to come up.
Give me a ticket for an airplane ♪
Ain't got time to take a fast train ♪
Lonely days are
gone I'm a-goin' home ♪
My baby just-a wrote me a letter ♪
I don't care how much
money I gotta spend ♪
Got to get back to my baby again ♪
Lonely days are
gone I'm a-goin' home ♪
My baby just-a wrote me a letter ♪
Well, she wrote me a letter ♪
Said she ♪
Nice to see you, Skippy.
Or is it Father Skippy now?
I'm not a priest, I'm in seminary.
And I wouldn't be
here if I had a choice.
But you don't.
It's best if you lie down in the back.
You worried about the FBI?
[SIGHS] Worse.
Well, she wrote me a letter ♪
Said she couldn't
live without me no more ♪
Listen, mister, can't
you see I got to get back ♪
To my baby once-a more ♪
Anyway, yeah ♪
[CYNTHIA] Your father's napping.
I'll be on my way.
[MARCUS] Cynthia.
I really appreciate you being here.
If it wasn't for you, I
wouldn't get any work done.
Your father is so proud of you.
He says you're writing a new book.
On the Fair Housing Act.
I was supposed to be out
there in the heat of it all.
But you know what they
say about making plans.
- God laughs.
- He can be so cruel.
[CHUCKLES] I don't mind helping out.
Your folks were always good to me.
And it's been nice seeing you, too.
Like old times.
Maybe you'll let me take
you to dinner sometime.
To thank you.
That would be nice.
[TIM] Where am I, exactly?
[HAWK] It's our country property.
The, uh, main house is a
quarter mile through the woods.
This is Daddy's hunting cabin.
Where you do your hunting.
I manage to bag a buck
every now and then.
So you're in seminary.
Looking to become a priest?
More like a place where you figure out
if you're meant to be one.
So no vow of celibacy then?
Not yet, but I practice it.
Or try to.
I slip now and then.
Not with somebody.
Man's second-best friend.
Hawk, I'm grateful.
But I'm only staying
until I get instructions
from Father Lawrence.
Some of us will be turning ourselves in
to call attention to the cause.
That the radical priest
who got you into this?
He's my mentor.
When I was in the Army,
I lost faith in almost everything.
He helped me find it again.
What about the vow you took?
I honor it.
By lowering my zipper only occasionally
and only with strangers.
That sounds so empty.
I found you a lawyer.
He's top notch.
You can't go to jail
for something like this.
I don't regret what we've done.
It's an evil war.
I'll check in on you later.
Make yourself at home, Father.
- Daddy, we're here.
- Hey.
What a nice surprise.
Mommy said you needed some company.
[HAWK] She did, huh?
I wondered where you were.
I had to check the
plumbing at the cabin.
Just got the main line
turned back on this morning.
Mmm. Good timing on our part then.
- Where's Jackson?
- [LUCY] Upstairs, moping.
- Would you check on him?
- Yeah, sure.
Dinner in about an hour.
[HAWK] Hey, Jax.
Glad you're here, buddy.
Make sure you get cleaned up for dinner.
Well, Hawk, what you've
done with the renovation
is nothing short of a miracle.
Well, thank you.
But I had plenty of design help
from this young lady.
- Didn't I?
- Oh, you did.
Think it's a hidden talent you have.
Thank you.
- Oh.
Sounds like you've got company.
[LUCY] Andrew's here.
Oh, yeah, that's our contractor.
He's renovating the cabin.
[LUCY] Since he's
giving up his apartment,
Hawk insists on having
a lair in the woods.
[HAWK] What husband wouldn't?
I won't be long. Excuse me.
I'm surprised that he finally agreed
to give up his apartment.
He seemed quite attached to it.
It was handy, working
in town like he does.
And so late sometimes.
But he agreed.
We don't need the extra expense.
[HAWK] Hey.
Your father was the same.
Away from home all hours.
Take comfort in the fact
that you're the one he loves
and comes home to.
And the rest is all just
about the meeting of needs.
I have no idea what you mean.
[HAWK] So what are we looking at?
[SICKLER] A felony.
The destruction of federal property.
And the government's
also pressing charges
for interference with
the Selective Service Act.
- And for kidnapping.
- What?
We didn't kidnap anyone.
You forced a clerk to
stay inside the building.
We asked her politely.
Government doesn't care
what really happened.
What they want is to make an example
of you, Lawrence, and the rest.
On inflated charges.
You know what they'd do to
someone like him in prison?
I do.
And it might be for as long as 12 years.
[HAWK] Jesus.
Now, I could try and negotiate
a deal for no jail time,
but you'd have to provide the names
of all the other protesters.
What, rat out my friends?
Twelve years is a long time.
We'll circle back, Jerry.
[SICKLER] Okay. Let me know.
We're all willing to go
to prison for our beliefs.
But I thought a few months, a year.
You have a way out.
Jerry can arrange it.
What he can arrange is
not a way out for me.
- I'm scared.
- Hey.
Come here.
Come here, come here, come here.
Anyone would be scared.
You don't understand.
I'm scared I don't have the courage
to do the right thing.
[HAWK] I missed you, Skippy.
[TIM] Hawk, stop.
I keep going back to something
Father Lawrence says all the time.
There is no God higher than truth.
Are you cheating on
the Bible with Gandhi?
In the past, I held two truths.
My love for you and my love for God.
One was real
and one was a fantasy.
I feel the same way about my family.
They're my truth now.
And they're here.
Lucy brought Kimberly and
Jackson up for the weekend.
You should go and be with them.

Father, why do I always fail?
Why do I always give in?
Why is my love for You never enough?
Father, why is it never enough?
It's never enough.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I have indulged in impure thoughts.
I can't stop them.
[FATHER LAWRENCE] Of a sexual nature?
[TIM] Yes.
I'm in love with someone I can't have.
I can't stop thinking about him.
[FATHER LAWRENCE] Am I to understand
that you have feelings for another man?
Are you aware that the Church
views this as a mortal sin?
I am.
But I don't know how love can be a sin.
[LUCY] Bless us, O Lord,
and these Thy gifts,
which we are about to
receive from Thy bounty.
[HAWK] All right. Let's eat.
[LUCY] Napkins in your lap, kids.
And no skimping on the green beans.
They're good for you.
Can I go to the Snyders' tomorrow night?
No, we're having a party tomorrow night.
But it doesn't matter if I'm here.
- Can we have fireworks?
- Of course it matters.
Susan said the oldest
Snyder boy sells drugs.
- He does not.
- We're not having fireworks.
- Why do I have to be here?
It's only ever a bunch
of your snobby friends
and their stupid kids.
Don't talk to your mother that way.
I'll check the garage.
I think I saved some from the Fourth.
I'm not hungry. Can I be excused?
Not until you finish your dinner.
And I mean all of it.
[LUCY] Listen to your father.
You barely ate any lunch.
Can I have some more gravy, please?
[LUCY] Yes, of course.
Don't encourage him.
- Thank you.
- Jackson.
- [HAWK] Enough!
Leave the table.
Go to your room.
No, I said upstairs!
- [JACKSON] This is bullshit!
- [LUCY] Hawk.
Let him blow off steam.
- [KIMBERLY] Daddy!
- Okay, you gotta teach me.
- You gotta teach me.
- [LUCY] That's a great dance.
[HAWK] Look at her, Luce!
Have some patience
with your old man here.
Here we go! Yeah!
Evening, Officer.
[OFFICER] Evening, Mr. Fuller.
Is there something I can help you with?
[OFFICER] Yes, we've had
some break-ins lately.
Cash and jewelry were stolen.
Any idea who's responsible?
Probably just some kids
getting into things.
They come up from the
city looking for trouble.
Just letting you know.
- You have a good night.
- You, too, sir.
- What was all that about?
- Ah, it's nothing.
Hey, did Jackson come back?
I think so.
[HAWK] Hey, Jax.
What are you doing in our cabin?
friend of your father's.
You must be Jackson.
Your father told me
about you and your sister.
It's Kimberly, right?
Can you please put the gun down?
It's not loaded.
Do you want a soda?
Is this your hideout, too?
No, I only come when I
know my father's not here.
How do you know him?
I used to work for the government.
I found myself in a rough spot recently.
I needed a place to stay.
He didn't tell Mom about it.
My old boss treated
your grandfather badly.
Your dad didn't want to upset her.
Do you want to put the gun
back to where it belongs?
You a writer?
And a smoker.
Are you gonna tell my dad about that?
I enjoy a smoke myself now and then.
[TIM] "He takes a step
on the frozen snow,
without a trace of the winter's glow.
The lesser of two, with nowhere to go."
That's pretty good.
Where would you go?
Like the hobos who ride the trains.
I just want to get away from here.
Sounds stupid, but
[TIM] No, no, it doesn't.
Sometimes it's hard to
know where we belong.
Do you write about your family?
Can I have it back?
This yours?
Someone gave it to me.
I'm asking you if it belongs to you.
I told you someone gave it to me.
- I don't like being lied to.
- That's funny.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're not to leave this house.
Do you understand? Look at me.
And you're giving this
and whatever else you took
- to whoever it belongs to.
- I didn't
And you're going to apologize to them.
You've really disappointed me, Jackson.
What else is new?
You're just getting in at this hour?
Jackson, what is going on with you?
Dad's got someone staying at his cabin.
Did you know that?
Or do you not care?
It's late. You better go to bed.
Foreign policy objective
of our next administration
will be to bring an honorable end
to the war in Vietnam.
[ANNOUNCER] This time,
vote like your whole
world depended on it.
- [MAN ON TV] Here's our host.
Answer the door.
- What?
- [DONALD] Door.
I asked you to call me.
Did you get my note?
I've been busy.
Well, I have something for you.
This was a birthday present, remember?
It's been hanging in
the apartment forever,
and I won't be taking it
with me to San Francisco.
San Francisco?
- What about Les Girls?
- I'm done performing.
I'm going back to school.
Social work.
Those girls go through a lot of pain.
And where do they get help?
The gay liberation groups laugh at them,
doctors think they're disturbed
and want them committed.
They need someone who understands them.
You'll be good at that.
You're tougher than most.
About some things.
[DONALD] Marcus.
I guess you're not gonna invite me in.
Take care of yourself.
[DONALD] Marcus, I'm hungry.
[MARCUS] Here you go,
Pops. Made it myself.
Settle down with that Cynthia,
you wouldn't have to cook.
- I don't mind.
- But I do.
You can't cook for shit, son.
I really like that girl.
She seems to like you, too.
Eat before it gets cold.
I'm no spring chicken, Marcus.
By the time you have kids
I won't, Pop.
I won't be having kids.
No wife, either.
I like being free.
You ever love somebody, son?
She have a name?
That's a funny name for a girl.
Yeah, it is.

- Skippy.
- [TIM] I'm getting dressed.
I have good news.
Sickler got in touch with the lawyer
for Father Lawrence.
He wants to turn himself in.
And he's willing to let you give the FBI
his name and location
to get you your deal.
I'm not gonna do that.
He'll have a much easier
time than you in prison.
You know what happens
to men like you in there.
You mean men like us.
For God's sake, he's giving you an out.
Take it.
Why do you care?
About any of this.
Look, the season's ending.
We don't use this place
much in the winter.
You can stay here
while Sickler navigates
your case through the courts.
You'll have time to think.
Do whatever it is you need to do.
Where would you be?
When I can.
If you want me to be.
You know I can't.
[SOFTLY] We don't have
to do what we used to do.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just get away from me.
There is no sin in
what you and I just did.
- It's natural.
- Just go away. Please.
Go away. Just go away.

Could've used your help earlier.
- Sorry. I'm here now.
- Chairs.
In all these years, I've never
intruded on you at the cabin.
I've never needed to.
As long as I knew that
family comes first.
Does it?
[HAWK] That's them.
I'll get that, hon.
- [WOMAN] We're here!
- [HAWK] Hey, there they are!
- [MAN] Hey, this is great.
- [WOMAN] Hi.
- [MAN] Wow.
Andrew says you let him go.
I did.
His work has been sloppy lately,
and he's never on time.
Well, you might've asked me first.
But that's fine.
I mean, we'll find someone else.
- Hawk.
- [HAWK] Mmm.
[LUCY] When I was in
Europe, I had an affair.
Surely you knew when we married
that I was not a virgin.
I hadn't given it much thought.
All this time, I thought that
was why our married life was
Hey, Lucy.
I think you're the most
beautiful woman in the world.
I want a family.
Well, so do I.
Then give me a baby.

Everybody raise a glass to the Stovers.
To Susan, for always being the anchor
of an inspiring and
beautiful union, truly.
And to Chet,
for always knowing when to
say those three magic words.
- "You're right, dear."
You've discovered the
secret to our happiness.
- Fifteen more years.
- [MAN] Hear, hear.
My parents are having a party,
and I I dropped acid.
How much did you take?
Half a tab.
And when did you take it?
A couple of hours ago.
There's so much light around you.
Is it nice light?
It has a lot of colors.
I think we're gonna be okay.
We, uh
We just have to wait it out.
- All right.
Here we go. Come on.
How can you not move to that?
Judy, come on, get up.
- [JUDY] Okay.
- [HAWK] Here we go.
Come on, everybody.
Let's add some life to this party.
I wouldn't know what it meant ♪
To be loved to death ♪
You made me feel like
I've never felt ♪
[HAWK] There she is.
You didn't have to
squeeze me but you did ♪
But you did, but you did ♪
And I thank you ♪
You didn't have to
hold me but you did ♪
But you did, but you did ♪
And I thank you ♪
Every day was something new ♪
You pull out your bag
and your fine to-do ♪
You got me trying ♪
- [HAWK] Everybody ready?
- [KIMBERLY] Yes, Daddy.
[MAN] Wow!
[HAWK] We haven't even
gotten to the good ones yet.
Without your love,
baby it's a crying shame ♪
And now I know what the
fellas are talking about ♪
When they say that
they been turned out ♪
- I want to thank you ♪
- Thank you ♪
- Thank you ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
- Thank you, baby ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
- I gotta be thanking ♪
You didn't have to
love me like you did ♪
But you did, but you did ♪
And I thank you ♪
You didn't have to
hold me like you did ♪
But you did, but you did ♪
And I thank you ♪
Jackson, I'm right here.
You're safe.
I wish my dad could be as cool as you.
[TIM] Maybe your dad isn't
as bad as you think he is.
I hate him.

Jackson, sometimes we
feel like we hate someone
because we think they don't
love us when we want them to.
But maybe your father loves you
the best way he knows how.
He lies.
And so does Mom.
We all lie sometimes.
Mostly to ourselves.

There you go.
Do you not like that?
Honey, you're drunk.
What I'd like is for
you to get some sleep.
Am I that unattractive to you?
Don't be ridiculous.
You're a beautiful woman.
[LUCY] Mmm.
That's the problem, isn't it?

- [HAWK] I'm sorry
- He's here. He's asleep.
Oh, thank God.
I thought he was in his room.
I went to check and he
He comes here a lot, apparently.
And he came back
tonight after taking LSD.
Where the hell would he get that?
I don't know.
Is that really what's important?
I don't know why he
does the things he does.
Did you know he was a poet?
He's good. He's very sensitive.
[HAWK] He never talks about it.
He'll be fine by morning.
And you know this how?
I've experimented.
I seem to be always
searching for something
to lose myself in completely.
It's like we say in seminary,
beyond measure.
Hawk, I can't stay here.
It's not good for me.
And it's not good for your family.
You cannot go to
prison. I won't allow it.
- Hawk
- Do you hear me?
I won't let you be a
martyr to some cause.
You'll stay here. We'll work this out.
I think you should take your son home.
[HAWK] Hey, get up.
Daddy's gonna take care of you, okay?
I got you.
aware the Church views this
as a mortal sin?
[TIM] I am.
But I don't know how love can be a sin.

Are you willing to give
this love to God as a gift?
I can try.
Uh, hi.
My car broke down up the roadway.
- I was wondering if I could
- I know who you are.
Hawk isn't here.
He drove our daughter
to her riding lesson.
May I use your phone?
It's important.
Mr. Sickler, it's Tim Laughlin.
I don't know what Hawk has told you,
but I want to turn myself in.
Yes. I know what it means.
I'm prepared for that. Yes.
[TIM] The bus stop.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
You've been staying at Hawk's cabin?
It was wrong. I'm sorry.
You have a beautiful family.
Years ago, you wrote
my husband a letter.
You slipped it under the
door of his apartment.
Do you remember?
I burned it.
He never saw it.

[TIM] "Dear Hawk,
I went into the Army
to get away from you.
I thought time and distance would help.
But it hasn't.
Hawk, I still love you.
But I'm hoping to find something else.
Maybe a deeper faith someday.

Are you the only one who matters?
Your children are here,
I'm here.
How dare you bring
that man into our lives?
Look, it doesn't mean anything.
Don't insult my intelligence.
He's on the run from the law.
He's not a criminal, he's an activist.
He's wanted by the police,
and you helped him hide, Hawk!
Do you know what you've risked?
All we've built together,
your career, my life,
our children's lives.
You married me.
If you can't give me all your love,
give me enough respect
to keep whatever this
is out of our home.

[OFFICER] Watch your head. Let's go.
I don't have a lot of time. Come in.
- How's your father?
- He's hanging on.
I'll be there as long as he needs me.
- And then?
- Go back on the road.
Chicago, Detroit, then down South.
I wanna see if anything's
changed in this country
since Dr. King's murder.
If anything's ever gonna change.
When do you leave for San Francisco?
Day after tomorrow.
Be sure to wear ♪
[FRANKIE] A flower in my hair.
Baby, I'm gonna be wearing
nothing but flowers.
How about a kiss goodbye?
I don't like goodbyes.
And you said goodbye a long time ago.
How about a kiss, then?
[SIGHS] Marcus.
Marcus, Marcus.

Guess we're both growing up.
I feel like I'm 100 years old.

[HAWK] Nice toss, bud.
How you feeling?
Did your friend tell you?
Don't do that again.
I hear you're a poet.
- He tell you that, too?
- He did.
Question is why you didn't.
You'd think it's stupid,
and it probably is.
It isn't.
I'd like to read some of your writing.
- If you'd let me.
Do you know that I love you?
I do.
I love you beyond measure.
I'm not gonna tell
your mom about the acid
or the other stuff. Just
Do better, okay?

- Dad?
- Yeah.
I think there's something wrong with me.
Come here, buddy. No.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You're gonna be fine, son.
We're all gonna be fine.
Take your time ♪
I don't mind ♪
Because I know ♪
I know, I know ♪
Loving grows up slow ♪
Mm-hm ♪
Love me easy Love me good ♪
Ah, love me ♪
Love me like I know you could ♪
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