Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

White Nights

[NARRATOR] Previously
on Fellow Travelers
[HAWK] The FBI is involved now.
He needs to get out of Baltimore.
Nice to see you, Skippy.
[TIM] In the past, I held two truths.
My love for you and my love for God.
One was real
and one was a fantasy.
[HAWK] I feel the same
way about my family.
They're my truth now.
- Enough!
Jackson, your father loves
you the best way he knows how.
He lies.
And so does Mom.
We all lie sometimes.
You ever love somebody, son?
- Yes.
- She have a name?
[FRANKIE] I'm going to San Francisco.
I know who you are.
Years ago, you wrote
my husband a letter.
I burned it. He never saw it.
[TIM] I don't know
what Hawk has told you,
but I want to turn myself in.
I think there's something wrong with me.
Heaven loves ya ♪
The clouds part for ya ♪
Nothing stands in your way ♪
When you're a boy ♪
Clothes always fit ya ♪
Life is a pop of the cherry ♪
When you're a boy ♪
Both Mayor Moscone and
Supervisor Harvey Milk
have been shot and killed.
[MAN 1] Oh, Jesus Christ!
- The
- [MAN 2] Quiet!
- [MAN 3] Quiet! Quiet!
The suspect is Supervisor Dan White.
was six months ago.
Today, the jury in the trial
of former Supervisor Dan White
enters their third day of deliberations,
deciding whether to accept
White's Twinkie defense,
that at the time of the shooting
Dan White was suffering from depression,
aggravated by the consumption
of sugary drinks and
snacks, like Twinkies.
- White, a former City of San Francisco
policeman and firefighter,
has the support of many fellow officers.
Would they let me kill someone
because I ate too much sugar?
[SIGHS] Tim!
You are not serious about going.
I owe my parents a visit.
Fire Island's a ferry ride away.
If White gets off, this
city is going to explode.
Timothy, I need you here.
Not chasing after your long
lost whatever he is to you.
He's been through a tragedy.
The tragedy is you holding on to him.
Like you hold on to Marcus?
At least Marcus and I
sleep in the same bed.
Most of the time.
I was sick through both my pregnancies.
I'm fine.
You worry too much.
Would you prefer a
parent who doesn't care?
Both my parents care.
But one of them is
here and one is isn't.
Drink up. You need your calcium.
That must be Mark.
Someone named Tim Laughlin.
Tell him Hawk isn't here.
He asked for you.
This is late, but I want to
say I'm sorry for your loss.
- I sent a card.
- We got it. Thank you.
And thanks for the call.
Hawk's been in touch.
He calls late at night
when he's been drinking.
Are you there?
Two months ago, I
gave Hawk an ultimatum.
Do something about his drinking
or find somewhere else to live.
He left.
I don't even know where he is.
Somewhere in New York.
- Mr. Laughlin
- Call me Tim.
Mr. Laughlin, I can't worry about Hawk.
I have a pregnant daughter
and soon a grandchild to care for.
And I can barely [BREATHES DEEPLY]
I think he's in trouble.
I want to see him.
Are you asking for my permission?
He is in trouble.
Turn back the time to the days ♪
When our love was new ♪
- Do you remember? ♪
No matter what was happenin' ♪
I was there with you ♪
But if we all stand up
for what we believe ♪
[MAN 1] Who's making drinks?
[MAN 1] Someone's here.
Turn down the music.
- [MAN 2] Hawk, company.
I'm sorry.
Nothing happening down there anyway.
Should I take my shoes off?
You can take off whatever you like.
Come on in. Dinner's almost ready.
Would you like a drink?
[MAN 1] I'm stirring up a
fresh pitcher of martinis.
A beer, if you have one.
[MAN 2] We heard you might be coming,
but we weren't quite sure.
- I'm Rafael. That's Joel.
- [JOEL] Hi.
That's Barry working it over there.
And that is Craig.
- Is Hawk here?
- He'll be down in a minute.
[RAFAEL] I'll get some glasses out.
You don't look like a priest.
You look more like a lumberjack.
Or a lesbian.
[CRAIG] A lesbian lumberjack.
I'm not a priest.
- I'm a clinical social worker.
- [CRAIG] Oh, really?
Sorry I'm late. I got off
the ferry at the wrong stop.
Did you wander into The Meat Rack?
Pay no attention to these hyenas.
- They don't bite.
- [BARRY] Yes, we do.
Hi, Skippy.
- Hi.
- [HAWK] Caught me by surprise.
You invited me, remember?
I guess I wasn't sure if
you'd take me up on it.
So, how long has it been since
you two have seen each other?
[EXHALES SHARPLY] A few years.
There's a general rule about the island.
You don't ask people their last names.
Or what they do for a living.
Rent boy doesn't count.
- Fuck off.
- Why? Why not?
People have lives back on the
mainland they need to protect.
And in some cases, wives and children.
I mean, look, this is gay paradise.
But when we leave Oz and go back
to the good old US of A,
- we take off our ruby slippers.
- And deepen our voices.
[IN DEEP VOICE] How about those Mets?
Baseball players have the best asses.
I'm so gay. [LAUGHS]
Shh. Hawk hates the "G" word.
I prefer homosexual.
- Why?
- It's more accurate.
For me, at least.
Homo, from the Latin
for man, which I am,
and sexual, which I am as well.
[CRAIG] When he can get it up.
- [BARRY] Ooh.
[TIM] Homosexual is a clinical term.
It implies we're
suffering from an illness
that needs to be cured.
I have clients who have
been sent to psych wards,
given electroshock therapy.
At least we chose the
word gay for ourselves.
Viva la gay revolucion.
What is for dessert, my love?
And then we're gonna go out
and kill some homosexuals.
[JOEL] You're from San Francisco.
Did you know Milk?
[TIM] Yeah. Everybody did.
He was
He was a beacon.
I'll be right back. Excuse me.
He needs to see a doctor.
[JOEL] You can tell him.
[CRAIG] Hey, enough of this
senior citizen jazz shit.
- Hawk.
- [HAWK] I'm fine.
- Let me
- [HAWK] I'm fine!
Gastritis from alcohol.
[TIM] Does he ever talk about Jackson?
[CRAIG] Who?
His son.
Hawk doesn't talk about his family.
I think he keeps some photos somewhere.
Jackson died about six months ago.
Heroin overdose.
You didn't know?
Of course I knew.
[HAWK] Hey, who changed the music?
[CRAIG] It was me.
- Shut up and
- [HAWK] Why'd you do that?
[CRAIG] Because we're gonna dance.
[HAWK] All right. I'm
gonna need a bump or two.
[CRAIG] I got you. I got you.
A lot of journalists and
pundits claim to be objective.
But are there times when objectivity
is a way of burying the truth?
Hmm? Anyone?
All this attention given to
Dan White is total hypocrisy.
- [MARCUS] Hmm.
- Given the fact that
Black folks are killed every day.
You hardly ever hear about it.
But are you reporting
on that objectively
or giving us the truth?
It's the truth.
Truthfully, Dan White is
a murderer and a coward.
Harvey deserved better.
Harvey? I guess you two
were pretty close, huh?
- [GIRL] Wow.
- [MARCUS] Okay.
Seriously, Dan White was a Vietnam vet.
Imagine serving your
country as a soldier,
a firefighter, a police officer,
and watching your hometown
get taken over by hippies and queers.
- Adam
- What?
That's where we'll leave it off.
Have a great weekend.
Jerome, can I talk to you?
You've been missing classes,
and you still haven't
handed in your midterm.
Everything okay at home?
Why didn't you say anything just now?
Shut Adam down?
I need that paper on Monday.
You're middle aged, you're
unmarried in San Francisco.
I'm sorry, but this conversation
- is inappropriate.
- And you [SIGHS]
You looked away.
And you didn't answer my question.
About home.
I'm curious because you're still wearing
the same clothes you wore on Wednesday,
and frankly, you smell.
You wanna talk about it?
I'm sorry,
but this conversation is inappropriate.
- [LUCY] Kimberly.
- I'm in here.
I've made something for lunch.
Who's Tim Laughlin?
A friend of your father's. Why?
You've been quiet ever since he called,
and I've never seen you
drink in the daytime.
I guess I've picked up some
of your father's bad habits.
Luckily, deserting my
family isn't one of them.
Mom, a long time ago,
Jackson mentioned a man.
Apparently he stayed at
our cabin in the country.
- Was it him?
- I don't remember.
Jackson called him Dad's special friend.
Your father has a lot of friends.
He's very popular.
- Mom, please!
- Please what?
Your father's not here, Kimberly.
I am.
Do you have any idea
what it takes for me
to get out of bed in the morning
and just walk to the shower?
If you want to know about
your father's relationship
with Mr. Laughlin,
you'll have to ask him about it.
If you can find him.
[TIM] Surprised you have
the energy for a swim.
- After last night.
- [HAWK] I swim every day.
I run, too, as proof.
Of what?
That I'm still alive, I guess.
Are you working?
My reward for years of faithful service
- to the diplomatic corps.
- Hmm.
Hey, I'm really glad you're here.
You insisted.
- So you've said.
- A few times over the phone.
Usually drunk.
Drunk or not, I meant it.
And while you're here, I have a little
business proposition for you.
What kind of business?
I'll tell you tonight over dinner.
We have the place to ourselves.
Sent the boys into town.
I am cooking,
believe it or not, in your honor.
- Come on.
- Hawk.
Let's go for a run, huh?
Show you the island.
Parts they don't talk
about in the brochures.
- I'll race you.
Well, I warn you, I do aerobics.
[HAWK] Whoo! Come on.
[TIM] Come on. What's wrong? You okay?
I can't I can't My breath.
[TIM] What?
[HAWK] Whoo!
- Oh!
- Whoo!
Maybe Maybe we should go.
No, no, no. Look, no talking.
Just like church.
Where are you?
Because you're not here.
Well, something's on your mind.
Or someone.
Am I gonna have to
go through this again?
How many times do I have
to say I'm sorry, hmm?
- You're smoking again.
- Obviously.
Oh, great. Just great.
You know, I don't mind if you stop
at the baths now and then,
but you lied to me, Marcus, for months.
- Is it happening again?
- No.
That's not why.
I'm worried about one of my students.
He was called out today for
admiring your pal Harvey.
Don't talk about Harvey like
And I didn't do anything about it.
I let it happen, and I feel like shit.
And that's why my dick can't
get hard for you right now, okay?
And I think he's homeless on top of it.
Why didn't you help him?
To keep my job.
I work at a state university.
That's so typical of you.
You went from slinging
drinks in gay bars
to handing out hugs in the Castro.
I live and work in the real world.
Do you know what I did today?
I added four more names
to our suicide watchlist
because of all of this
Dan White bullshit.
That's not real enough for you?
Two white men get shot
and the whole world stops.
Excuse me? Harvey was a friend.
And I'm saying I have to suck it up
and fight for respect every day.
Like I have to fight for
respect in my own home?
Jesus Christ.
What do you want from me?
That's a good question.
Let me know when you have an answer.
When I got out of prison,
after a year and a half
Thank you.
I followed Frankie and
Marcus to San Francisco.
Got my counseling degree
and decided to live a
completely honest life.
- Completely?
- Out of the closet.
Even to my family.
- Did they call in an exorcist?
I'm sure my mother prays
every day for my eternal soul.
But I'm happy.
More or less.
- What about you?
- I'm getting by.
As long as Craig supplies
you with everything you need.
Don't be jealous of Craig.
How is your family?
I'm no good for them.
I ruined Kimberly's baby shower.
I was drunk, and I just I knocked
I knocked over the goddamn gift table.
The way she looked at me.
I was always her hero.
we missed so much.
We don't have to keep missing it.
I'm seeing someone.
It's new.
His name
His name's Arthur.
What does Arthur do?
Don't laugh.
He's a poet.
- You're laughing at him.
- Mmm-mmm.
You're You're laughing.
All right.
What is this business
you want to talk about?
Let's have another drink.
Then I'll explain it to you.
- No.
- Yes.
Now, Hawk.
Hawk, I know you. Now.
You went to a lot of
trouble to get me here.
I'm here.
What do you want?
It's about this house.
I want to put the deed in your name.
You want to what?
I'm not saying you're gonna move in,
but we could meet up a few times a year.
You know, make up for lost time.
You can't just give me your house.
Why not, Skippy?
You're living on a
social worker's salary.
I doubt you have assets.
So someday, this house will be yours.
It'll get you through your old age.
Are you planning to kill yourself?
- That's what it sounds like.
- For Christ's sake,
- what are you
- You're settling your affairs.
What? No.
Don't be so dramatic.
- I want to
- You have a family.
They don't need this place.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you want to
hide this house from them.
Because it's on gay Fire Island.
Oh, my God.
Your wife said she
doesn't know where you are.
- You talked to Lucy?
- "Skippy, I need you."
- Did you talk to my wife?
- All you want is my signature
on a piece of paper to
protect your secrets.
And you plan to keep
on lying about yourself
- even when you're dead.
- For Christ's sake.
And when are we going
to talk about Jackson?
No. You don't!
You don't!
Do you want to know what I see in Craig?
- He doesn't judge me.
- I don't.
You are nothing but judgment.
You always were.
Saint Tim, the fucking holy.
Where are you going now, The Meat Rack?
We locals call it The Rack.
Yeah, I might end up there.
I'm sure you don't want to come,
considering what a
fucking self-righteous bore
you've turned into.
[REPORTER] Tensions are
running high in San Francisco
as a verdict is expected today
in the trial of Dan White.
In the Castro, the
neighborhood represented
by slain supervisor Harvey Milk,
members of the gay community are hoping
that justice is served
for one of their own.
In the restaurants and bars,
the verdict is of grave concern
- for these gay men and women
who say there is a level
of anger and frustration
unlike any they've ever seen.
[BARRY] I brought some goodies.
Hey. There it is.
[TIM] On my way out, I'll tell
Hawk you're stealing from him.
Like I need to steal from Hawk.
Is this him?
The son?
You didn't know about him, did you?
His son, was he like Hawk?
He was completely different.
And exactly the same.
Hiding himself.
The drugs you give Hawk,
you know you could kill him.
If I don't give him a
couple of Seconal at night,
he takes four or five.
It is the same with the coke.
I control the supply
so he doesn't overdo it.
- Boy toy.
Doctor and pharmacist all in one.
And the best fuck he has ever had.
Or so, he tells me.
[HAWK] Hey, Craig. Tea Dance.
Where are you?
I try to take care of
him. I do the best I can.
What are you doing, asshole?
Pablo Escobar line going on right there.
- I want one of those.
- [BARRY] The real thing.
[RAFAEL] You're leaving?
He's leaving.
Hey, Skip
[RAFAEL] Whoo! He's hooked.
[RAFAEL] You're one of us now.
Found a cure ♪
Ooh, for your heartache ♪
Before you wake ♪
Before you wake ♪
Don't take no medicine ♪
Take a little of this ♪
It worked for me and it can't miss ♪
Found a cure, oh, try it ♪
It's by far better than
any kind of medicine ♪
'Cause it'll take away the tears ♪
And that ain't all you get ♪
Whatever it is love will fix it ♪
Found a cure ♪
Found a cure ♪
Found a ♪
Ooh, for loneliness ♪
I promise this I promise this ♪
For all your hopes and
all your empty dreams ♪
Comin' at you is a sure thing ♪
Found a cure, oh, try it ♪
It's by far better than ♪
Any kind of medicine ♪
'Cause it'll take away the pain ♪
And here's the big surprise ♪
Whenever it rains ♪
[WOMAN] Health Center.
He isn't here.
Can you hold a minute?
Can I help you?
I, um Can I talk to someone?
Just a minute.
Mr. Laughlin is in New York.
One more question, what kind of services
or, um, who are your clients?
We're a non-profit agency
providing services primarily for
the gay and lesbian community.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Sorry about that.
Can I ask what this is about,
so I can find the right
person for you to talk to?
- Health Center.
I want to talk to someone now!
I know, I know.
Please take a seat. I'll try.
Health Center.
Open till 8:00.
Spring was never
waiting for us, dear ♪
It ran one step ahead ♪
As we followed in the dance ♪
MacArthur's Park is
melting in the dark ♪
All the sweet green
icing flowing down ♪
Someone left the
cake out in the rain ♪
I don't think that I can take it ♪
'Cause it took so long to bake it ♪
And I'll never have
that recipe again ♪
Oh, no! ♪
This verdict is a travesty.
Dan White was convicted of manslaughter,
what you get for a hit and run.
I saw what Dan White's bullets did.
It wasn't manslaughter. It was murder!
Out of the bars and into the streets.
[ALL CHANTING] Out of the
bars and into the streets!
Out of the bars and into the streets!
Out of the bars and into the streets!
Out of the bars and into the streets!
Out of the bars and into the streets!
- What are you doing here?
- I came to walk you home.
I'm going downtown with everybody else.
There are cops all over the place.
- This could get ugly.
- Yeah, let it get ugly.
Tomorrow is Harvey's birthday.
- Happy birthday, Harvey.
- Babe, babe, babe.
Open your eyes. This
fight is for whites.
If you go out there half-cocked,
who do you think they're
gonna swing at first?
We've been doing this too long.
What does that mean?
This isn't the time.
What the fuck do you mean?
Do you even look in the
mirror when you shave?
Because I have news for you.
You are a big, chocolate gay man.
Everyone is meeting up at
the Elephant Walk later.
If you can find your balls by then.
Don't get messed up in this shit.
They're not worth it.
- [PROTESTORS] We want justice!
[PROTESTOR] Justice for Harvey Milk!
[CRAIG] Don't drop
any weed on the carpet.
- [HAWK] You can lick that up.
- [CRAIG] Amateur hour.
Skippy, there you are.
Where were you?
You left me in the club.
Craig said you went home with someone.
That's a lie.
It's a lie.
All right. I-I guess I made a mistake.
[HAWK] Hey, hey. Hey!
- Hey, hey!
- [CRAIG] Fucking try it!
Guys! Hey, come on!
Guys, stop! Stop.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
Come on.
Where are you going?
You know where I'm going.
[HAWK] Skippy.
Please do this for me.
[HAWK] Yeah.
- I want you to fuck me.
- [HAWK] Yeah?
- [HAWK] Skippy.
[CRAIG] Oh, come on.
I just need [MOANS]
Get in there.
Come on. Get fucking hard for me, Hawk.
Get fucking hard for me.
Stay with me.
Will you stay with me?
Stay with me.
- I want you to get inside
- [HAWK] Yeah.
and I want you to fuck me.
Yeah! Yeah!
[CRAIG] What?
What did you do?
[CRAIG] I wanted to see him.
[HAWK] What did you do?
I wanted to know you.
I wanted to see him.
[STAMMERS] I just wanted
I wanted to see him.
You had no fucking right!
I will fucking kill you!
- Stop! Stop!
- Don't touch my son!
- Hawk.
- Don't touch my son!
[CRAIG] Fucking asshole!
Fuck this.
My little boy.
My little boy.
He's dead.
- [TIM] Shh.
- Oh, God. Oh, fuck.
- It's okay.
[GRUNTS] Skippy, my boy's dead.
- He's
- Shh, shh!
Oh, God.
Skippy, my boy's dead.
- He's dead.
- I'm sorry. I know.
- Let me die.
- No.
- Please let me die.
- No, Hawk, I can't do that.
I can't.
[TIM] Shh!
justice! We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice!
[PROTESTORS] Cops out of the Castro!
Cops out of the Castro!
Cops out of the Castro!
- Cops out of the Castro!
- [WOMAN] Cops out of the Castro!
[JEROME] Pigs out of the Castro!
Pigs out of the Castro!
- Pigs
- Trying to get yourself killed?
Come on!
[PROTESTORS] Cops out of the Castro!
[MARCUS] Sit your ass down.
Whiskey, straight.
Where's Frankie?
We got separated at City Hall.
That queen can scrap.
Tell me about it. We live together.
Hey, let me get a clean rag.
Hold still.
One swig.
[MARCUS] What's going on with you? Hmm?
Living in the street.
Better than getting
my ass whooped at home.
I couldn't take the questions.
Watching my every move.
So I just told them I'm gay.
Said it right to my father's face.
You know, if my mom
hadn't stood between us,
I think he would have killed me.
I wanted to tell my dad
before he died, but
I couldn't.
Man, your generation,
you're afraid to tell the truth.
I just I can't live like that.
I won't.
I wanted to write, do my
part for the Black community,
and I wanted Frankie. I wanted both.
Maybe I wasn't marching in
the streets for gay rights,
but I've loved a man for 20 years
and lived with the consequences.
Do you have any idea what
fucking courage that
- [JEROME] Whoa!
[MARCUS] Come on, come on, come on.
[JEROME] Marcus!
[MARCUS] Get off him!
Kimberly, there are
things about your father
I don't understand.
But I loved the life we made together.
So I did what women of my
generation were taught to do.
I closed my eyes to things
I didn't want to see.
You and your father were so close.
I always thought of Jackson as mine.
My sweet boy.
Maybe that wasn't right.
Mom, if the baby's a boy,
I'd like to name him Jack.
Is that all right?
I think that would be lovely.
[HAWK] I tried everything
to get him clean.
Therapy, methadone.
AA for addicts.
At times we thought we
found the right thing.
You know, he
He'd stay clean,
get excited about his music,
his writing, his future.
And then he'd disappear again.
And come back sick.
Sorry, promising to stop.
But he wouldn't touch alcohol.
You wanna know why?
Because that's what I did.
And the thing he wanted
most was not to be me.
Hawk, we don't know why
people become addicts.
He knew.
He always knew I was
lying about everything.
Okay, you lied.
But you didn't lie about everything.
Did you love him?
- So much.
- And that love was real.
Your wife and your daughter love you.
That is real.
Hawk, you have to stop
trying to kill yourself.
Your family needs you.
Don't you need me, Skippy?
I have you.
Dirty cops.
Took off their badges.
They just came to break heads.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- [FRANKIE] Well, now they know.
- [MARCUS] Know what?
We're not gonna lie
down and take it anymore.
You're beautiful.
It's after midnight.
Harvey's birthday.
- To Harvey.
- [OTHERS] To Harvey.
- To Harvey!
- [OTHERS] To Harvey!
- To Harvey!
- [OTHERS] To Harvey!
[REPORTER ON TV] It was a night of rage.
Angry gays attacking City Hall
and setting police cars on fire.
Then police getting
revenge on a Castro bar.
The violence continued
for over six hours,
stretching from City
[SCOFFS] We think we've won our freedom,
that we're liberated,
and then something like this happens,
and you realize that
to many people in this country,
our lives are worthless.
We're sorry to see you go.
Well, I'm needed at home.
I think Hawk's gonna do better.
Or try at least.
We'll keep an eye on him.
Maybe I shouldn't care so much.
My darling.
There will be people that will say,
"You must get over him
if you want to be happy,"
[CHUCKLES] and they will be right.
But it will also be the stupidest thing
anyone ever says to you.
- [BARRY] Mmm-hmm.
- [HAWK] Just a little bit.
Just a little morning pick me up.
- Where are you going?
- [RAFAEL] I'll wait outside.
Walk you to the ferry.
It meant nothing to you.
Everything we said last night.
Everything we have been through.
What is wrong with me?
- Skippy. No.
- What is wrong with me?
This is not about you.
Why can I not stop
believing anything you say?
If this is what you want, fine.
If you want to die, go on, fucking die.
Your wife and your daughter
have already buried a son and a brother,
and they're gonna have to bury you.
But you don't care because
you're so fucking selfish!
I've wasted all this time.
My life on you.
- Don't go.
- No.
- Don't go. No, please.
- Hawk, I'm done with you.
I'm free.
Go. Get out here.
Just get out, okay?
Go! Fucking go!
It's Daddy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Daddy, I miss you.
We miss you.
I'm coming home.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You'll tell your mother?
Of course.
We have a lot to talk about.
I know.
[NURSE] Mr. Fuller.
I'm afraid Tim's had another seizure.
What do you mean? How bad is it?
It was severe, but they were
able to pull him out of it.
He's in his room.
Thank you.
They are falling ♪
All around me ♪
They are falling ♪
All around me ♪
They are falling ♪
All around me ♪
The strongest leaves ♪
Of my tree ♪
Every paper brings ♪
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