Fellow Travelers (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Make It Easy

[NARRATOR] Previously
on Fellow Travelers
[MARCUS] Tim's organizing his life.
He wants you to have this.
He doesn't want to hear from you.
[HAWK] Is this milk
drinking a habit of yours?
I think my parents were
hoping it would make me taller.
- [HAWK] Who's my boy?
- [TIM] I am! I am!
[FRANKIE] Do I scare you?
[MARCUS] Why would you scare me?
[FRANKIE] I can handle myself.
The question is, "Can you handle me?"
[HAWK] Mr. McLeod's
our head of security.
[MR. MCLEOD] We've begun issuing summons
to those reported or
suspected of homosexuality.
Have you ever considered yourself
to be in love with another male?
Pigs out of the Castro! Pigs
Trying to get yourself killed? Come on!
I've loved a man for 20 years
and lived with the consequences.
Do you have any idea what
fucking courage that takes?
Jerome lives with us.
Former student. Homeless when I met him.
Kimberly, there are
things about your father
I don't understand.
But I loved the life we made together.
I wish my dad could be as cool as you.
[TIM] Your father loves you
the best way he knows how.
Skippy, my boy's dead.
He's dead.
[TIM] I've wasted all this time.
- [HAWK] No.
- My life on you.
[HAWK] I have to make a quick trip.
Just two or three days.
The rental agent's coming on Friday.
I'd like you to be home for that.
I will.
Lucy, you're everything to me.
If I was everything,
you wouldn't be going
where you're going.
[TIM] You said you know someone
connected to the governor.
Convince him to set up a meeting
with the governor's chief of staff.
Skippy, I can't make that call.
I have a family.
I have a right to protect them.
And I have a right not to die!
[NURSE RANDY] Tim's had another seizure.
It was severe, but they were
able to pull him out of it.
[TIM] I seem to be always
searching for something
to lose myself in completely.
It's like we say in seminary,
beyond measure.
I have to go.
I have to get over you.
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier.
[TIM] Hawk.
Promise you won't write.
I won't.
It's me.
Yeah, I thought it was the hospital.
It's been a rough 48 hours.
- Hawk
- I'm sorry I haven't called.
I'm here.
San Francisco.
I didn't hear from you. I was worried.
Is everything all
right? Are the kids okay?
No, nothing like that. Everyone's fine.
I was worried about you.
I am worried.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What about the house?
The movers.
All that's on hold.
I see.
We need to talk.
[REPORTER] California
Governor George Deukmejian
is being pressured by
gay rights advocates
to sign legislation aimed at preventing
AIDS patients from being
fired or denied housing.
Look who's here.
Let's take you for a stroll.
Careful with the scarf.
I don't want to go out like Isadora.
[PAUL] Mm-hmm.
[REPORTER] According to the governor,
compassion for victims of AIDS
is not a sufficient reason
to make a significant
change in existing law.
He says, "There is too
little evidence "
- Turn it off.
- " that these groups face discrimination."
[ACTIVISTS ON TV] Shame! Shame!
Replenished your supplies.
How're you feeling?
I'm seeing my friend this afternoon.
The fundraiser, who knows
the governor's chief of staff.
That meeting that you wanted,
that we had the big fight over.
I woke up last night, and
I didn't know where I was.
I knew I was in a hospital,
but I couldn't remember.
I didn't know who I was.
Timothy David Laughlin.
That adorable Catholic
boy from Staten Island.
It's not true what they say about vodka.
I can smell it on you.
Really, Hawk?
10:00 in the morning.
I'll let you know how
it goes with my friend.
You're welcome, by the way.
What's this?
A do-not-resuscitate order.
There's a chance I could come out
of the next seizure on life support.
The social worker thinks
I might want to consider.
I'll be back.
What can I get you?
Something for your throat, a Popsicle?
I had you pegged for cherry.
Lucy's in town.
She asked if she could see you.
Excuse me.
Tim, I need to change your IV.
Too early for me.
Know where my wife is right now?
I give up.
The Fairmont Hotel.
The one in San Francisco.
I'm glad you think it's funny.
You can't smoke in here, sir.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I think Jerome has the virus.
- What?
- He hasn't told me,
but he's been cold to me lately.
I see him whispering with Frankie.
Why won't he tell me?
What about 'em?
Well, they never want to talk
about what's eating at them.
It's up to you to make the first move.
Before it's too late.
It's not fair.
The kid was just
figuring himself out
when it was spreading.
And here I was, finally
settled and faithful to Frankie.
And you?
Your test?
Son of a bitch.
Still bulletproof.
And the kick is wide,
keeping Army in the lead.
We'll pause now to remind our listeners
that the Red Cross is working tirelessly
on behalf of thousands
of Hungarian refugees
fleeing the brutal Soviet invasion.
- [LUCY] Who's winning?
- Army.
humanitarian effort by donating
- You're having a big day.
Getting settled in your new study?
Mm. This'll always be
your father's study.
- What's this?
- A telegram.
It just came for you.
Anything to worry about?
No. It's just the boss
dogging me on my day off.
Sweetheart, would you fetch
your hardworking husband a beer?
Happy to.
Mr. Fuller.
Corporal Laughlin.
You broke your promise.
"Promise you won't write." You wrote.
You sent a telegram. Very succinct.
"Hawk. The Hungarian
refugees. Do something."
If the Soviets hadn't invaded Hungary,
I might never have heard from you.
I was stuck behind a desk at Fort Polk.
I couldn't do anything,
but I knew someone
at the State Department who could.
Still fighting the anti-communism cause.
But I didn't expect a job offer.
Well, you don't have the job yet.
Come on.
- [MAN 1] Good afternoon.
- [MAN 2] Hello.
[OSBORNE] When Congress
passed the Relief Act,
we set up this office to process
as many Hungarian refugees as we can.
How many positions are
you looking to fill?
Right now? Just five.
Your application may
take some time to process.
But a veteran with your experience
shouldn't have any trouble
getting a security clearance.
And you have a
better-than-average chance
of being selected,
considering you've been
recommended by Mr. Fuller.
He tells me you used to
work for Senator McCarthy.
That's right. Yeah.
Those cowards who censured
him in '54 were wrong.
History will show.
He's a great American.
Looks like that went well.
Hawk, getting security clearance,
that's McLeod's department.
The M Unit.
Yeah, you don't have
to worry about McLeod.
He's going to be the
ambassador to Ireland.
Exposing perverts pays off.
The M Unit's still in business,
but they're running out of steam.
You excited about the job?
I am.
I don't know how to thank you.
I could think of a few ways.
That's not what I meant.
The last time you and I
I had to join the Army
to get away from you.
What's next?
The Foreign Legion?
Thanks for your help.
See you.
I'll let you know when
I hear from Osborne.
Just right over there.
- [MAN 1] Sure.
- Thank you.
- Here you go, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
- [MAN 1] All right. Right there.
- [MAN 2] Perfect.
- Mm.
- What?
He's kicking.
- Can I
- Don't be afraid to touch.
You're sure it's a boy in there?
I have a hunch.
Doesn't every man want a boy?
I just want you and
the baby to be healthy.
[MAN 1] Ma'am?
Right here.
- He's going to town there.
[MAN 2] Excuse me.
Where would you like this?
Right there is perfect.
We'll get the rest.
[LUCY] Thank you.
[MARY] I'm writing speeches
for Representative Sullivan.
- Missouri's own.
- [MARY] Mm-hmm.
- She must be a hero of yours.
- [MARY] She is.
And I intend to run
for her seat someday.
Best part,
I am no longer on the
federal government's payroll,
so no risk of the FBI
raiding my underwear drawer.
And you? Have you found something?
I've applied for a position
in the Refugee Relief Office.
At State?
And, yes.
Yes, he recommended me.
- Don't worry, he's changed.
- Do people change?
I have. I've stopped
worshipping false idols.
McCarthy, Bishop Sheen.
Even you-know-who.
Aren't you proud of me?
I got a letter last week from Caroline.
She's married.
Living in Ohio with her husband.
That's her baby.
I wonder sometimes,
when it all happened,
if I had offered to leave D.C. with her
and find some cottage somewhere.
We could have been those
two eccentric old ladies
that all the busybodies
in town whisper about.
The one with all the
cats and no husbands.
Have you read The Catcher in the Rye?
- Mm-mm.
- There's a line in it.
Something like, "If a kid
wants to grab for the gold ring,
you have to let him do it.
If they fall, they fall."
What's the gold ring?
I don't know if Salinger would agree,
but I think it's love.
I'm here to see a
patient, Timothy Laughlin.
Room 511, straight ahead.
I don't need to wear gloves, do I?
No, you're perfectly safe.
Thank you.
May I?
How are you?
I have KS, recurring seizures,
and my hair is falling
out. What else? Um
Uh, my social worker suggested I sign
a do-not-resuscitate order. How are you?
The government ought
to do more about this.
It's terrible.
They could do more.
But people like you would
have to pay higher taxes.
My father used to argue for
a national healthcare system.
He believed government should
take care of its citizens.
So do I.
It's not always wise to
judge someone on appearances.
You're right.
This hospital is not
what I expected it to be.
It's the only one
like it in the country,
where people with AIDS are
treated like human beings.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Fuller,
but why are you here?
I don't know.
You mean something to my husband.
I suppose I had to see
you so I would know.
How much you mean to him.
Shouldn't you ask him?
That wouldn't get you anywhere.
My time with Hawk was
rushed, with years in between.
You had him most of his life.
But you were always there.
I could never get away from you.
- It's not a contest.
- Of course it is.
It always has been.
Then why didn't you leave him?
Because we had a good life.
And children.
And then when Jackson
You don't want to hear this.
When Jackson died, it was so unbearable.
The only comfort I had
was knowing that Hawk
understood that suffering,
felt the same way.
If I had had to bear that alone,
I wouldn't have lived through it.
I should be going.
Mrs. Fuller, thank you
for coming to see me.
[HAWK] It's a favor for a friend.
He'll settle for anyone
on the governor's staff,
but he's really hoping
to meet with Lonigan.
- Howard?
- Yeah.
Your friend's aiming high.
You raise a lot of
money for the governor.
How do you know this friend?
He's actually Lucy's friend.
He just He wants to have a civil
conversation about this disease.
It's killing an awful lot of people.
Yeah, but it's killing the wrong people,
or the right people,
depending on how you look at it.
How do you look at it?
Helping kids with cancer
gives you votes and donations.
Fags with AIDS, who gives a shit?
Besides, they made a choice.
Nobody chooses to get a terminal disease
because they wanted to fuck somebody.
God knows, you put your dick in
plenty of holes back in the day.
Are you taking this personally?
No. [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
Ah. Lucy is. It's just, uh,
I'm trying to keep the
peace at home, you know.
Happy wife, happy life.
It's a big ask, Hawk.
Nobody wants to talk
about freaking AIDS.
[WAITRESS] Mm-hmm.
- Two of them.
- Just the bill, baby?
[WAITRESS] Mm-hmm.
She's young.
[CHUCKLES] What can I
say? I like it tight.
Yep. That reminds me
of that congressman's aide
at the Republican Convention.
What was that, 1980?
Didn't security take
her out of your room
in the middle of the night
because the two of you were shit faced
- and making so much noise?
- Yeah.
Christ. [CHUCKLES]
Did Linda ever find out about that?
That's low, Hawk.
Even for you.
I'll see what I can do
to help Lucy's friend,
but don't get your hopes up.
[REPORTER] Thousands
appeared to pay their respects
to Senator Joseph McCarthy,
who died of hepatitis
at Bethesda Naval Hospital on Thursday.
Some 70 senators, Vice President Nixon
and FBI Director Hoover
were in attendance.
Tomorrow, McCarthy's body will be moved
to St. Matthew's Cathedral
for a Requiem Mass.
[SERGEANT] Present arms!
[WOMAN 1] Rest in peace.
[MAN 1] You served
our country well, sir.
[WOMAN 2] Rest in peace, Senator.
[MAN 2] God bless you, sir.
You're Mr. Fuller's friend.
That's right. Do I know you?
You don't belong here.
Get out of here!
[MAN 3] Hey, hey, careful.
Hey. I had a hunch you'd be here.
Come on.
Lucy made me give up my apartment,
so I use this place.
We inherited it after one of
Lucy's great uncles passed.
We plan to sell in the fall,
after we've settled with the baby.
What do you do here, exactly?
Read, listen to music.
What a man does when he
gets the chance to be alone.
I'm the epitome of marital fidelity.
Can I get you a beer?
There's milk, if you change your mind.
[TIM] Charles Mingus.
Yeah, Lucy hates jazz.
It's Brahms or Cole Porter at our house.
Although I suspect, when I'm not home,
she puts on that Elvis character.
You're happy.
Happy within reason.
So, tell me what's bothering you.
You can't be grieving
for Tail Gunner Joe.
At the end, I saw
McCarthy for what he was.
A rabble rouser, demagogue.
So why do I feel like I've lost someone?
Because you knew him.
And you're a decent person.
He believed in something. He had ideals.
And even if they were misguided,
he held them with passion.
I used to have passion like that.
Does the bathroom work?
Yeah, it's down there.
The epitome of marital fidelity.
I try.
You bring men here?
You'd be the first.
Don't believe you.
Shut up and drink your milk.
The Army made a man out of my Skippy.
- Yeah, it did.
- Yeah.
He's all grown up now.
I am.
I want you to fuck me.
- Oh, shit!
Oh, God!
I'll check with Osborne
about your application.
[TIM] Is that a bribe?
To get me to come back?
Do I have to bribe you to come back?
I knew this was going to happen
the minute I opened your letter.
Leave a message for me at the Y.
I'll meet you here whenever you want.
I'll leave the key on
the frame above the door.
Come when you like.
I promise I won't be any trouble.
I don't have any expectations.
I have plenty.
[LUCY] I can't find it, Hawk.
I think it's at the cleaner's.
It's okay, Luce. I'll
wear the light blue.
[LUCY] Wait. Here it is.
I might have to give it a quick press.
I'm going to give it a quick press.
Thanks, sweetheart.
[SIGHS] Oh, fuck.
- May I come in?
- [LUCY] Of course.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Would you like a soda?
You talked to Tim.
I did.
I'm sorry that I've
been away for so long.
I shouldn't have left you hanging.
I know that the move's been stressful.
If we have to,
we'll push things back a week or two.
I'll let the office know.
I'll make some excuse.
I'm not moving to Italy.
What are you talking about?
I'm not moving.
The kids are in D.C.
My life is there.
- I have to go to Italy. It's my job.
- I know.
But I'm not going with you.
I can't.
Okay. Then I won't go.
You don't understand.
- I'll put in for retirement.
- Hawk
- And you and I can make
- Hawk.
When you first came
out here, I didn't mind.
Tim means something to you.
You deserve a chance to say goodbye.
And I thought
God forgive me.
When he dies, it will be over.
The two of you.
And you and I can have our life together
in a way we never had it.
Free of him.
[CLEARS THROAT] But now I know
it will never be over.
I'll fly home tomorrow,
if that's what you want.
- That's not
- Today. Whatever you need.
No, Hawk. Stop.
You have unfinished business here.
You need to see it through.
Come home when you're
ready, but when you do,
I don't think I'll be there.
I have to leave for the airport.
I moved up my flight.
I will stay with Kimberly
and Mark for a while.
You're not going to throw away
thirty years of marriage just like that.
We have a family.
- Grandbabies.
- What about desire?
Like the kind you had for Tim.
- Lucy
- I have lived my whole life
not knowing what it's
like to be desired.
Do you have any idea
how lonely that's been?
Look, we are going to work this out.
We always do.
Goodbye, Hawk.
- Luce.
That's game.
Run it back. Your ball.
Take it out!
What's going on with you?
You've been avoiding me.
I can't get more than
two words out of you.
- Just fucking play.
- No.
What's going on with
you? Tell me what's wrong.
- Nothing.
- Tell me what's wrong.
- Nothing.
- Cut the bullshit.
I'm fucking positive!
You happy now?
Don't. Just don't.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not
- It's not about you.
- It is about me.
It's about you, it's about me.
Don't you understand that by now?
I was so fucking stupid.
It's my fault.
I I shouldn't have fucked around.
I should have been more careful.
- Stupid.
- No, no, no.
- It's too fucking
- You're young.
You have the right to explore.
You're Black in a country
that will try to convince
you you ain't shit.
You're gay, and your own
people may never accept you.
But listen to me, and hear this.
You're innocent.
You are
[MARCUS] Mm-hmm.
Say it.
Go on, say it.
- I'm innocent.
- You're innocent.
- I'm innocent.
- You're innocent.
You're innocent.
I'm innocent.
- I'm innocent.
- You're innocent.
Innocent. You're innocent.
You're innocent.
[ROGER] Paul's the social
one, believe it or not.
- [TIM] Mm.
- Well, he loves to dance.
Oh, we used to dance all the time.
Paul's a terrific dancer.
Did we get the meeting?
It doesn't look good.
[ROGER] We took tango lessons.
We were one of two gay
couples in the class.
No one cared.
That's San Francisco.
How long have you two been together?
Seventeen years.
We were We were babies when we met.
I don't know if it was
love at first sight,
but we met in college
and moved in together right away.
We haven't been apart for
more than a week since.
What chance would I have ♪
Why let the fire start? ♪
I long to know ♪
The thrill of your sweet embrace ♪
Yet when we're face to face ♪
I just look at you ♪
I long to know ♪
The thrill of your sweet embrace ♪
Yet when we're face to face ♪
It's funny.
[HAWK] What?
When I get that job
we'll be colleagues.
We'll see each other every day.
[HAWK] Skippy.
You were making noises.
I was worried.
- [TIM] I'm okay.
- All right.
I'm cold.
- Hawk.
- Yeah?
Hawk, the do-not-resuscitate-order
I'm not gonna sign it.
If something happens to me,
I want them to bring me back.
I wanna fight.
I'm glad.
- I'll get the nurse.
- No. Don't.
Don't go.
It's all right, buddy.
That better?
- Oh, yeah.
I feel like I'm fading away.
I'm disappearing a little every day.
- No, I'm here.
I've got you.
I've got you.
[HAWK] Come on, Dave.
I can't get Lonigan to
meet with your friend.
Listen, if this was
about the joke I made,
I was just kidding around.
AIDS is a touchy issue
for the governor right now.
Look, there's this
thing, a fundraiser gala.
I could get you a couple tickets.
- When?
- Friday night.
Lonigan'll be there.
I can arrange for you to
have five minutes with him.
Maybe he'll agree to see
Lucy's friend at some point.
At some point? No,
that's not good enough.
I promised him, Dave!
You don't understand.
I owe him.
It's the best I can do.
You said Lucy was in town. Bring her.
[HAWK] Skippy.
I don't suppose you
happen to own a tuxedo.
the lawyer and right-hand man
to the late Senator Joseph McCarthy
during the infamous Red
Scare of the 1950s, is dead.
Cohn died today in Bethesda,
Maryland, at the age of 59.
The causes were a heart
attack and complications
from the HTLV-III virus,
which is thought to cause AIDS.
The last two decades of
his career were marred
Roy Cohn died.
Guess that fucker was human after all.
- [MARCUS] Hmm.
- What do you think?
It's just about Tim's size.
Ah, got this too.
Not officially black tie, but
It's always been you.
You've always been the stronger one.
He told you?
It's gonna be okay.
I I just don't want to let him down.
You won't, baby.
We won't.
[JEROME] We're here.
Do you think Hawk has any
idea what he's getting into?
Not a clue.
- [HAWK] Almost there.
There. You okay?
- All right.
- There he is, big guy.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
[HAWK] Lucy.
What are you doing home?
Well, your mother left word for me.
- The doctor was here?
- I had a little scare,
but it turned out to be nothing.
Helen said you'd been
feeling ill all week.
You know how she exaggerates.
I'm uncomfortable, but that's natural,
and it's only a few hours a day.
You never said anything.
I tried you at the
office but you were out.
- Yesterday?
- Yesterday.
And the day before.
I'm fine.
It's a woman's job to
worry about the baby.
You have your work, I have mine.
Go on. Go back to the office.
All right.
I'll see you at dinner, then.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Fuller. Senate Affairs.
[HAWK] That's right.
What can I do for you? [CLEARS THROAT]
It's about a fellow who's
getting close to a job
in the Hungarian Refugee Relief program.
His name?
Timothy Laughlin.
And the issue is?
He's got a few problems in the area
you once questioned me about.
[TIM] Osborne's office
sent me this letter.
I don't satisfy their
security considerations.
You know what that means?
Somebody's told them that
Shh. Calm down.
Honest, Mary. Mary?
I don't understand.
I have lived a perfectly
clean life in the Army.
There isn't a soul in
Washington who knows.
It was Hawkins.
No, that's impossible.
He came to see me last night.
He wanted me to tell you.
That's why I invited you to lunch.
He reported you to the M Unit.
I don't understand.
He wanted to do it now
before you got the job,
so there won't be an investigation.
They'll just You will be
Be banned from working
for the federal government
for the rest of my life.
He knew how much I wanted that job.
You'd become inconvenient.
- He isn't like that.
- He is.
He is exactly like that.
- I have to see him.
- You can't.
Lucy went into labor.
They've been at Sibley
Memorial all night.
[HAWK] Thanks.
I can dream about you ♪
If I can't hold you tonight ♪
Here you go.
I can dream about you ♪
It feels like we're on a date.
I should warn you, I may make a pass.
A girl can hope, can't she?
Oh. There's Dave.
You ready?
All right, all right.
[DAVE] Nice to see you.
So glad you could come.
Enjoy the evening.
- [HAWK] Dave.
- Hawk.
Lucy couldn't make it,
so I brought the friend
- I was telling you about.
- Ah.
Dave Holm. Tim Laughlin.
Nice to meet you.
We're looking forward
to meeting Mr. Lonigan.
Maybe even the governor,
if he makes an appearance.
- I'm not sure Howard's here.
- He's right there.
[DAVE] Oh, right.
Well, I don't want to
interrupt him right now.
Maybe later. But, uh, I
can't make any promises.
Dave, he came all this
way to meet Lonigan
- It's fine.
- We're not leaving.
It's fine.
We'll wait.
I'm gonna get some air.
Look, Hawk,
the governor's gonna
veto the AIDS bill anyway,
so introducing Lucy's friend to Lonigan,
- it's a waste of time.
- Oh.
- No hard feelings.
- Me?
- Just to be clear
- What the fuck?
Tim isn't Lucy's friend.
He's my friend.
He just got out of the hospital.
I was there with him the whole time.
I climbed into his bed and held him.
Great party, Dave.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
A long time ago, I did
something to hurt you.
And I think, even being
in your life hurt you
- in some way.
- Hawk.
You don't have
I spent most of my life
waiting for God to love me.
And then I realized the
only thing that matters
is I love God.
It's the same with you.
I have loved you my whole life.
I've never loved anyone but you.
You were my great, consuming love.
And most people don't get one of those.
I did.
I have no regrets.
Mm. Would you look at that?
In public, and the world
didn't come to an end.
What are you doing here?
I'll take your badge.
Marcus is going inside with me.
He needs your badge to get in.
I don't understand.
I knew Lonigan would refuse to see us.
And we'd never get
close to the Governor.
And then
I invited you to the gala.
I mean, it was very convenient.
I think I've been used.
A little.
All right.
Hey. Give us a minute?
Look, whatever you're up to,
and I don't want to
know all the details,
I'll wait for you.
No. You need to go home.
Where you belong.
It's not
I want to stay.
I have to fight this fight.
That means letting
go of everything else.
And if you're around, I
will not be able to let go.
But I wanna show up for you.
Go home, Hawk.
Make it easy for me.
Hey, Skippy.
Promise you won't write.
I won't.
[LONIGAN] Thank you.
I'm honored to be representing
Governor Deukmejian tonight,
a candidate who can lead
this party and this state
into the 21st century.
Governor Deukmejian is grateful
for your support tonight,
ladies and gentlemen.
And I hope you will
do everything you can
to help keep him in his seat
as California's governor.
Your help is essential
in securing the gains we've made
and keeping this great
state moving forward.
[LONIGAN] And our governor is a champion
of the opportunity
society of the future.
[TIM] Uh, the Fullers. They
just had a baby. Where
Mr. Fuller went home to change,
and I believe Mrs. Fuller is resting.
All right, one moment.
Let me go and check.
- Let's go.
- [LONIGAN] Governor Deukmejian
is grateful
- Excuse me. Gentleman
- [WOMAN 1] Get it.
- [MAN 1] I got it.
- Excuse me.
What are you people doing?
[BODYGUARD] This way, sir.
[WOMAN 1] I got it. Here.
- [MAN 1] All right.
- [WOMAN 1] Yes. Got it.
- [MAN 1] Ready?
- [WOMAN 1] Yes.
Three thousand Californians
with HIV have died.
But Governor Deukmejian
continues to veto
legislation to protect us.
We're not dying from AIDS,
we're dying from indifference.
Our government is killing us!
AIDS funding now!
government is killing us!
AIDS funding now!
Our government is killing us!
AIDS funding now!
Love is overtaking me ♪
And my heart ♪
Pounds out your name in the night ♪
It's the same when I see you cry ♪
And it's waking my heart up ♪
And it's breaking my heart ♪
But mostly, taking it over ♪
Like the sun shines gloriously ♪
Through the sky ♪
I know it seems like we just met ♪
Oh, but it's so different now ♪
Is it so different now? ♪
Is it so different now? ♪
Is it so ♪
Our government is killing
us! AIDS funding now!
Our government is killing
us! AIDS funding now!
Our government is killing us!
AIDS funding now!
I know you're
shivering and you're wet ♪
Oh, but won't you please lie still? ♪
Won't you please lie still? ♪
Won't you please lie still? ♪
Oh, it's just the way I feel ♪
Just the way I feel ♪
You found him?
It's beautiful.
From what you've told me,
it really suits your friend.
It does.
- Sweetheart.
- Hmm?
He wasn't my friend.
He was the man I loved.
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