Femme Fatales (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Visions (1)

[channels changing on radio] [Male deejay] Good morning, Cuesta Verde.
Hope you're having a wonderful morning.
And if you're looking forward to a wonderful evening, you might want to check out Foster Prentiss, the psychic who has spellbound audiences with his incredible medium skills.
And if you're the fourth caller, you'll get two tickets to tonight's sold-out show at the Mysterium Manor for two hours of entertainment that's sure to turn even you skeptics into true believers.
And in 15 minutes, we'll have Prentiss, live on air in our studio, but first we're gonna go Colleen Gray with traffic.
Colleen, how's it look out there? [soft jazz] [people chattering] [Waitress] Here you go.
[applause] And now, ladies and gentlemen, Foster Prentiss, the Amazing Mysterium.
[Man] Bravo! [Person whistling] [English accent] Good evening and welcome.
You've all been invited here today by special invitation to witness something very few people get to experience.
Together, we're going to reach out past the world as we know it and touch beyond.
And then maybe, just maybe, if we're very lucky, we'll learn something about the beyond and also about ourselves.
Thanks for coming.
Do you mind telling me your name, sir? You're the Amazing Mysterium.
You tell me.
I shall.
Oh, it's "Richard Hollis.
"604 Kirkside Drive, Cuesta Verde, California.
[audience chuckles] More like a '69 baby to me, don't you think? You should really keep an eye on your belongings, Mr.
Can I ask you a question? Do you believe that we can see beyond the world as you know it? I believe what you do is a load of crap.
[audience tittering] No disrespect, sir, but my friend here dragged me to your show.
Please, please.
I totally understand.
You see, I used to be very much like you, Mr.
That was until I started having the visions.
Would you be so kind to let me touch your hand? But we've only just met.
[breathing heavily] Oh, you're thinking about your father.
His name is Ike.
No, no, no.
Michael Samuel Hollis.
Is that right? Oh, you were very close.
He taught you how to ice skate on a pond in Maine where you grew up.
About a year-- year ago, he got sick, very sick, and he died.
Mmm, died on Richard's birthday, March 7.
He died on your birthday, March 7.
How do you know that? 'Cause he's here, Mr.
His spirit is in the room as we speak.
Wha-- [breathes heavily] He's a history professor at Cuesta Verde University.
[scoffs] What a loser.
You're a history professor.
Why don't you tell him he loves him? You know they always love to hear that.
He wants you to know he loves you very much and always will.
[breathing heavily] [audience murmuring] [Woman] The Amazing Mysterium.
[applause] [Man] Bravo! [applause continues] [sighs] You're a hot piece of crumpet, I tell you.
[chuckles] Enough with the English accent already.
Come on.
You said it turns you on.
You turn me on.
Jesus, you're insatiable.
[laughs] [giggles] [Woman] Ahh.
[chuckling] Ahh.
This is gonna-- Ahh.
fuck you up.
This is gonna-- Ahh.
fuck you up.
You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go Ahh.
This is gonna-- Ahh.
fuck you up.
This is gonna-- Ahh.
fuck you up.
[laughs] You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go [laughing] [laughing continues] [laughing] [laughing continues] This is gonna fuck you up.
This is gonna fuck you up.
This is gonna [crowd cheering] fuck you up.
This is gonna [crowd cheering] fuck you up.
You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go down You wanna go [moan] They don't call me the Amazing Mysterium for nothing.
[chuckles] Don't flatter yourself.
Aw, Jesus, you're such a cunt.
You have to ruin it, don't you? You know I'm going through a rough patch.
[chuckles] More like a broke patch.
Yeah, unfortunately, my greatest illusion is making everybody think that I'm rich.
You know what? That's not my problem.
I need more money.
I have expenses, too, you know.
You get two and a half percent of the gate, plus all the other perks of doing this job.
I think that's enough for now.
If you consider fucking you a perk, think again.
Oh, come on.
You're a glorified phone operator.
What, you show a little bit of cleavage, some leg? Anybody can do your job.
I think your cut is quite enough, all right? You know what? If things don't change around here, I'm gonna tell everybody the truth about the not-so-amazing Mysterium.
[chuckles] Get your magic wand out of my face or I'm calling TMZ.
You're gonna ruin me? You can't.
I'm in debt, and I need that money.
Do you realize how much the rent and the overhead is on this place? I understand that things have been a little bit slow recently, but they don't just make suckers like they used to.
Well, that's not my problem.
Come on.
You've got to give me a little bit more time, then we can renegotiate.
Time's up.
You know, that's not a very healthy attitude, Tara.
[scoffs] I am so sick of your tricks.
Don't you threaten me.
This is not a trick.
I'm gonna make you disappear forever.
I've got my eye on you I've got my eye on you And I'm hooked, dear, too Your fooling around's Getting blood on my shoes, oh Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa I've set my sights on you I've set my sights on you I've got an alibi, too So don't look around I've got nothing to lose [gunshot] Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa [gunshot] Mentalism is a performing art whose practitioners demonstrate highly developed mental and intuitive abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and mind control.
Foster Prentiss, the Amazing Mysterium, possesses no such skill.
He is a complete and utter fraud.
Unfortunately, there's nothing phony about murder.
Foster will stop at nothing to get what he wants and must put on a performance of a lifetime.
But maybe this time, the ruse is on him.
[loud splash] Can I help you? I think we can help each other.
I hear you're looking for a new assistant.
I've seen your act.
You're very good.
But you could be great with the right help.
Yeah, I'm not looking for any help, thank you.
I look fabulous in fishnets and even better without them.
Won't you consider letting me audition, or at least fetching me that towel? [laughing continues] By the way, my name is Jessica.
Pleased to meet you, Jessica.
[laughing] [Jessica] Oh.
[chuckles] [moaning] That was a very convincing job interview.
Your references are impeccable.
Both of them.
[giggles] Well, I don't have to have visions to know you're destined for great things, Prentiss.
I just want to be a small part of that success.
How small? I don't want to be the one to kill the golden goose.
I think there's enough to go around for everyone.
You sure about that? Mmm.
Read my mind.
Yeah, I don't think that's your mind.
[chuckles] I know how to score some serious cash, but I need you help.
I was introduced to a rich old lady.
Her daughter went missing.
Thinks she might be dead.
She wants to communicate with her from beyond the grave.
Think you can connect them? Yeah, I think I can do that.
All you gotta do is convince her you can communicate with the afterworld, set up a private reading, and she'll pay big time.
[Woman] It's very interesting.
You don't look anything like your profile picture.
Are you really a doctor? No.
[chuckling] Are you really a demonologist? Yes.
[soft jazz] [chattering] [applause] And how can the Amazing Mysterium amaze and astound you, my dear? Please tell me your name.
[Woman] Veronica Lombard.
Veronica Lombard.
[electricity arcing] Veronica Lombard, I'm gonna tell you something about yourself that nobody else knows.
[arcing continues] Shit! Foster, we got a problem.
Foster, can you hear me? Foster! Veronica Lombard [static] [typing] I'm sorry.
I feel like I'm being distracted by those lovely eyes.
[giggles] [audience murmuring] Um, just give me a second to compose myself again.
Wow, I've never had this kind of trouble getting a reading before.
You have this amazing, very special aura around you.
Um I predict great happiness and success in your future.
Um, good luck.
[breathing heavily] [Woman] Happy anniversary.
Greg? [gunshots] [crying] Answer me! When I check out, I'm gonna go out something fierce.
Please don't-- Clear! Aah! [audience gasping, murmuring] You're a nurse.
Yes, I was.
You worked at a hospital.
I made a career change.
Didn't really work out.
Something happened at the hospital.
Remember when you told me that you wanted to go out something fierce? Well, guess what? You're gonna get your wish.
Oh, my.
What did you see? Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
It's-- It's time for the intermission.
[audience murmuring] I don't know how this can beappening to me.
I saw her, I saw what she did, and I saw her kill a guy.
She knows that I know.
She knows I know.
What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do now? [yells] You just tell me what-- Fucking hell! You hit me? Jesus! You crazy? Calm the fuck down.
Ohh! Nobody killed anybody.
You didn't see anything.
[sighs] That was incredible.
Whatever hell scam you're pulling is working.
[sighs] Did you see their faces out there? They're eating it up.
Yeah-- No, no, it wasn't a scam.
What I felt out there was real.
Sure it was.
But nowyou gotta keep your eye on the prize.
If we're gonna score any of that rich bitch's cash, she needs to be believe that you can talk to her dead daughter.
So get out there and finish the goddamn show.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, okay.
[audience chuckling] [Foster] Well, you've certainly recovered splendidly, ladies, from your spring break trip to San Padre, I believe.
No, you really shouldn't have got that nasty tattoo down on your I'm not gonna say in front of everybody.
[chuckling] And, no, do not tell your father.
[audience applauding, chuckling] Good evening.
I get it.
The silent treatment.
Is that because you don't believe, or is that because you do? It's okay.
You don't have to talk.
I'm very gregarious.
Hey, this is Jay Roma, Crazy Chixx.
How old are you? I just turned 18.
What are you doing? You said you wanted to do this, right? Yeah-- No, I do.
You got me drunk.
And then you ruined our lives.
We had to drop out of school, change our names, and no matter where we moved or what we did, we could not get away from what we did for you! We all appeared in your videos.
Now it's your turn to be in ours.
What are you doing? Hey-- Hey, come back here.
No! Come back! Come back! [gasps] [breathing heavily] [whispering] [typing] So the man you apparently saw is Jay Roma.
He started Crazy Chixx.
He was murdered a few months back, and his death was streamed on the Internet.
Why is this happening to me, though? That's what I don't understand.
The other tart is Violet Macready.
She is a person of interest in two recent killings: one of a local, prestigious surgeon, the other-- some two-bit gangbanger.
You know, I never thought this was possible.
Why have I been given such a powerful gift? The question you should be asking yourself is, how can we exploit it? Exploit it? Jesus! Do I have to spell everything out to you? Blackmail.
You're already a fraud.
What's another sin, or three? You don't believe me, do you? [sighs] Do you see anything interesting, swami? [ventilator cycling] [monitor beeping] [heart beating] Logan.
[Logan] I thought you loved me.
[no audible dialogue] No.
But I will say this for you-- you have a very good heart.
[long, sustained beep] You killed your boyfriend, set him up and sold his organs for spare parts.
How did you No one knows about that.
I told you, the visions are real, Jessica.
You know what, Foster? I think we're gonna be really, really rich.
Something shifted, it's true Truer than the deep blue Left her shoes by the shore Hung your coat at the door I could tell by the stars Venus, Mercury, and Mars There were warnings of vast Stormy clouds racing past Something inside Had died Something inside [electricity arcing] [Man] Kill, Ubu, kill.
Good fish.