Femme Fatales (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Visions (2)

Previously, on Femme Fatales The Amazing Mysterium.
Good evening and welcome.
Mentalism is a performing art whose practitioners demonstrate highly developed mental and intuitive abilities.
Oh, you're thinking about your father.
Foster Prentiss, the Amazing Mysterium, possesses no such skill.
He died on Richard's birthday.
He died on your birthday, March 7th.
How do you know that? He is a complete and utter fraud.
Don't you threaten me.
Unfortunately, there's nothing phony about murder.
I'm gonna make you disappear forever.
I hear you're looking for a new assistant.
I was introduced to a rich old lady.
Her daughter went missing.
Thinks she might be dead.
Think you can connect them? But maybe this time, the ruse is on him.
You're gonna get your wish.
I saw her.
I saw what she did and I saw her kill a guy.
Hey, this is Jay Roma.
Crazy chicks.
We all appeared in your videos.
Now it's your turn to be in ours.
You know, I never thought this was possible.
[equipment beeping] [heart beating] Logan.
You have a very good heart.
[machine flatlines] You killed your boyfriend.
Set him up and sold his organs for spare parts.
You know what, Foster? I think we're gonna be really rich.
[Woman] Wake up, asshole.
Firstly, of course, I would like to apologize for keeping you waiting so long.
But I bet you're wondering what you're both doing here, right? No shit, Sherlock.
Well, you do have a temper on you, don't you? See, I invited you both here to give you a chance to move on with the rest of your life.
I'm so gone.
Shut up and listen.
Yeah, I think you should listen to her.
Or of course I could just call the authorities and tell them about Jay Roma.
--And say "crazy chicks.
" Whoo! Look sexy.
Yeah, there you go.
Who? Don't be coy, darling.
The world may not miss a smut peddler like that, but it still won't get you off with the cops.
And you, Violet.
You're not as sweet and innocent as you look.
Are you? Ooh, someone fucked with the wrong nurse.
Eh, chica? Good God, bitch.
You remember when you told me you wanted to go out something fierce? Well, guess what? You're gonna get your wish.
How do you know all this? 'Cause I'm the Amazing Mysterium.
And I know all.
What do you want with us, Mr.
Amazing? What do I want? What could I possibly want? What could I want? How about money? That's exactly what I want.
Well, you better take another look into your crystal ball, because I'm not an ATM.
I'm broke.
And I'm still trying to pay off my student loans.
So you've got the wrong chica, ese.
Well then, you better find some money fast.
Both of you got 48 hours or the next time you sit down with somebody, it'll be with a public defender.
Why don't you just think about it a little bit, okay? Good afternoon, ladies.
I hope you enjoy the show.
I've got my eye on you I've got my eye on you And I'm hooked, dear, too Your fooling around's Getting blood on my shoes, oh Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa I've set my sights on you I've set my sights on you I've got an alibi, too So don't look around I've got nothing to lose Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa Whoa-oa, oh, oh Whoa-oa [gunshot] We haven't formally met.
You've got incredible eyes, Violet.
Nice dress, Wilma Flinstone.
So, did you really kill that douchebag Jay Roma? Yeah.
Do you regret it? Not for a minute.
I think we're going to get along swell.
Don't push it.
How'd you get this way? What way? You know what I'm talking about.
We're one and the same, Violet.
You weren't always like this.
What happened? Greg? I had a really bad day.
So, I've got a question, and you totally don't have to answer it if you don't want to.
But what are you gonna do? You are going to make Foster Prentiss pay for what he did.
That is what you are going to do.
I know you.
What is wrong with people? They're human.
Well, I don't.
How'd you get in here? I go by many names.
But you can call me Lilith.
Are you getting blackmailed too? No.
But we have so much in common.
We were all blessed with great hair? Men in our pasts have wronged us.
What's this all about? It's very simple, actually.
Foster Prentiss killed a girl once.
And now you are going to kill Foster Prentiss.
And in exchange for this task, you will never have to worry about anyone finding out your secrets again.
You will be truly safe.
Why the sad faces, girls? It's not like you haven't killed before.
So, what's one more dead jerk-off, right? Exactly.
Why don't you kill him, then? And not share the fun? Oh.
You forgot to thank me for those tickets to the show.
It's not like they arrived by magic, you know.
So, what do we do now? I've got an idea, chica.
[typing] Anything? The only thing I can tell you about Lilith is that according to Jewish folklore, she left her husband Adam after she refused to become subservient to him.
Although Dr.
Holly Brown writes, "The demonization of Lilith "was designed to keep women alienated "from their own power and spiritual authority.
" Now, that's what I call girl power.
She was a demon? She's Jewish? I don't know who this chick is, but it's obvious she knows way too much about us.
Lilith isn't the problem.
Foster Prentiss is.
Not for long.
I don't usually go around killing random dudes without a really good reason.
The jerk threatened you.
He's trying to extort you.
He's obviously a total sleaze.
What choice do you have? What choice do we have? What do you think that I should do, Mortimer? What do you think that I should do, Mortimer? Do you think we need to make him go away? Can you do that? I think you can.
I don't know what to do.
What? I can't hear you.
You quack me up.
I'm sorry.
I'll do it for you.
Wake up.
[Woman] This is the third show she's attending, Prentiss.
She's almost convinced you really can speak to the dead.
Tonight, we close the deal and open our bank accounts.
Now, reel her in and convince her you're in touch with her dead daughter beyond the grave.
Your dearly departed daughter misses you very, very much.
And she wants you to give a smooch to your adorable pooch Matilda.
Tell her we can set up a private reading to explore this more.
And we accept all major credit cards.
We need to chat.
We really need to chat.
[applause] [no audible dialogue] [applause continues] Who the hell are you? I'm your biggest fan.
I think I'm your biggest fan.
Good things come to those who wait.
You tease.
[giggles] You got any tunage? I like everything but country and show tunes.
Like, so lame.
You would think I would like show tunes.
I mean, all the musicals and fun stuff you could dance around to, but I totally just don't.
They get on my nerves so bad.
I'd rather have something sexy and fun, ridiculous, so I can strip for you.
[dance] Oh, I love this song.
When we're all done, will you sign my chest? I'm your biggest fan.
The Amazing Mysterium.
Not yet.
So sexy.
And so hot.
Will you talk dirty to me, please? Please talk dirty.
I like the dirty talk.
[laughs] You're just so hot and sexy.
I want you all over me.
Let's tie you up.
I like it.
Do you? That's my middle name.
You like that.
Down boy.
Why won't you let me touch you? I'm gonna bring someone else in.
You like girls? Come on in.
Oh, hi, Jessica.
[laughing] I'm Ashley.
Yeah, she's my best friend.
We don't have to do this if you don't want to.
This is Crazy Chicks.
[Jay] Oh, yeah.
Crazy chicks! Crazy chicks.
We're gonna be on TV.
What? You're friends, right? Yeah.
You talk all the time? BFFs.
Now's not the time for talking.
Kip, where do you find them? Where do you find these girls? Okay.
Let's start getting freaky, girls.
All right, Kip, now we're getting something.
Look, fun time's over, fucking girls, let's get this going.
Spank her.
Spank her, like that.
Come on.
Kip said it was just kissing and stuff.
You're friends with this retard? All right, look, go down on her or something, would you? I haven't rested since I met you, Jay.
I have a feeling I'll rest tonight.
What the hell? What the hell? We know what you did, Foster.
We know what you did and you're gonna pay.
[grunting] Gum? What did you inject me with? Sodium pentathol.
Truth serum.
And you told me everything.
I know all about your magical evening with Tara.
You're a hot piece of crumpet, I tell you.
I need more money.
I think what you get is enough for now.
I'm going to tell everybody the truth about the not-so-amazing Mysterium.
You're gonna ruin me? Don't threaten me.
Oh, this is no threat.
I'm gonna make you disappear forever.
Oh, come on.
How can you give this up, sweetheart, when we're having so much fun? Know what? Fuck you and forget TMZ.
I'm calling the cops and the IRS.
Come here.
Please, please.
Please, you can't.
Listen to me.
Ever since I was a kid, watching The Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, this has been my dream.
All of this.
And I've clawed my way.
I've done whatever I needed to do to get this.
Whatever we needed to do.
And then I realized it was you that was truly amazing.
See, I've wanted to tell you this and I'm really sorry and I should have done, I know.
But there's a hotel in Vegas looking at us.
I'm talking big.
Main stage.
The big act.
Everything we talked about.
You can't leave now.
We are so close.
You know, it's too bad that you really can't read minds.
Because if you could, you would know how full of shit I think you are.
Goodbye, Foster.
No! [grunts] [screams] Goodbye, Tara.
[moaning] And then what happened, asshole? I cleaned the pool.
Where did you put the body? I buried it in Costa Verde park.
I knew none would find it there.
I was safe.
What are you gonna do with me? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
The human body can survive three to five days without water.
Payback's a bitch.
But dehydration is even worse.
Please don't do that.
Don't do it.
Don't do it! [screaming] Your daughter knew how much you loved her, Mrs.
Just know that she carries that love with her now too.
Oh, there's just one more order of business to attend to, Mrs.
I believe you owe me some money for finding out what happened to your missing daughter.
Here's the check you requested.
Thank you very much.
It's been a pleasure, ladies.
Not that I care, but how did you find all this out? I can be very persuasive when I want to be.
Remind me not to get on your bad side.
Too late, bitch.
I'll see you girls again.
Don't you doubt it.
Get the fuck out.
I'm sorry about Tara, Mrs.
I hold on To all I know It's what I do In silence I feel alone As I wait for you Say No more Say No more Say No more Imagine being murdered with no one the wiser.
Only a grieving mother that held out fruitless hope that you were still alive.
Imagine what you would do to get revenge and rest in peace.
[screams] You are going to make Foster Prentiss pay for what he did.
Don't do it! Don't! [Prentiss screams] [Lilith] Now just imagine.
[Girl laughs] Say No more [Lilith] And wouldn't you know it, they also found another body buried in the grave.
I wonder whose.
I am the dream child Lilith Cloaked in haloed hungers The wind sings with her fingers Across my silk fire heavens Angels' voices sigh And languish in my skirts Silently bellowing Time is mellowing Nothing And something Sweeter than desire [electricity arcing] Kill, Ubu.
Good fish.