Fight For My Way (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

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- Next fight! - Muay Thai!
The ones who made noise, get up.
No one?
- No one? No one? - Thank you.
Look at your uniforms. Are you old ladies going hiking?
Are you trying to show all the colors of the rainbow?
Sir, it was just one word.
Please forgive us.
Is that so?
Dong Man and Joo Man. Our Man Brothers.
- Get this question right, and I won't hit. - Sir?
Don't make a deal with students. Be generous.
I agree.
Fine then, I'll just hit you. Come up.
Let's go. I'll challenge myself.
Listen carefully.
There's 20 percent chance you'll know the question.
You have 40 percent chance of getting it wrong.
What percent is the chance of your butts staying safe?
Is that the question?
- Could you repeat that? - Five.
- 4, 3. - I think 50 percent.
- 2 - It's 50.
It's 50 percent.
It's 50? Give them a hand.
I'll give you two a reward. Come up.
We're coming for our reward.
- Gosh. - We're here.
- Great. Turn around. - Pardon?
Both of you, turn around.
Since you were sure it was 50, I'll hit you 50 times.
I thought we had one percent chance.
One? Just turn around.
Does anyone know the answer?
Yes, Moo Bin.
It's 11 percent.
- Jerk. - He's chirping again.
Sir, hold on. Sir. That was my bone.
- I really got hit on the bone. - Punks.
(Pungwoon Girls' High School in Seosan, 2006)
Please, Ma'am. That hurts.
(Episode 1)
Are you going around to perform?
It's her dream to become an anchor.
Give me your headband.
Hurry up.
Can't you let it go just once?
No, ma'am.
When I become an anchor, I'll look for you on a show
- where they search for people. - Ae Ra.
You have to
study really well to become an anchor.
Ma'am, she's smart.
She even placed 29th last time.
Miss 35th place.
Are you going to become an anchor like Ae Ra?
No, I'm going to be a good housewife.
Anyway, enough talking.
Clean the auditorium if your items were confiscated.
No, not today.
Move it before I snap your wrist.
- Gosh. - What is this?
They're out of coffee milk.
- No. - Bo Ram.
Here. I bought it in advance.
Don't do this anymore. Your mom will scold me.
You'll come to tutor today, right?
I can't. I have to skip school for Gangnam.
Gangnam? Why?
It's none of your business.
The convenience store lady is in trouble.
- Why does it - Does it taste like persimmons?
Are you a chef? Do you have an absolute taste?
It smells like a burger.
That's why I told her not to use the same microwave.
I already told her.
What is this? Why are you wearing that today?
To match my outfit.
You have yet to become a city guy.
Can you at least act like you're from Seoul?
Just look at me.
And the wolf-cut.
Are you going to confess in that?
- Who'd I confess to? - To Jang Bo Ram.
What for?
You're our best fighter. She rules the girls.
Won't you make an alliance?
An alliance?
What's that?
So anyway,
did she say she likes me?
Can't you tell by the coffee-flavored milk?
Do you know how hard it is
to get coffee-flavored milk in our school?
(From Bo Ram)
Even I wouldn't want to get involved with
a guy in a ragged, red shirt.
Moses Park. No, what's your name?
- It's Moo Bin. - Right, Park Moo Bin.
Sponsor the poor guy.
Lend him your expensive shirt.
Your classmate's entering the National Sports Festival.
Can't you do that much for him?
He's going to Gangnam. You'll get it back
before evening study hall.
That's where his taekwondo match is.
He'll come first
and take off his uniform for a look-good ceremony.
If he were to show those trademark,
plaid colors on his shoulders,
he'll look good like a kid from Seoul.
Look what he's offering.
That is a precious gift.
I can't ignore the importance of a good ceremony.
It's the fate of a star fighter, you see.
Do you get what I mean?
What time's the match?
6pm. Do you think we can catch the 3pm train?
You bet we can.
We look perfect.
She's so sick.
Ma'am, I think we both have the flu.
We need to be isolated.
Can we go home?
Your lips are so pale, the both of you.
Let's go.
I think we have acute conjunctivitis.
I can smell the pain relief gel from over here.
Don't put it around your eyes. You could go blind.
I got hit by a shuttlecock during PE class.
It hurt as if I was hit by Hyeon Jeong Hwa.
Hyeon Jeong Hwa played table tennis.
You're trying way too hard.
We're doomed. Nothing worked.
Shall we try saying we broke an ankle?
Who touched my car this time? It's new too.
I have a great idea.
Follow me.
The plastic mic. Where is it?
Hey, what are you doing?
Put that down. Don't do it.
Where are you going? Yellow and Pink, I saw you!
Where do you think you're going?
Choi Ae Ra, Baek Sul Hee!
See you tomorrow!
Why'd you take that? Do you only live once?
What about tomorrow?
I didn't think about tomorrow. I don't think!
(Kukkiwon, Seoul, 2006)
Do you know why men fixate on hometown friends?
To drink together?
It's because country bumpkins aren't intimidated.
We practically raised him since he was six.
We have to support him.
- Ko Dong Man. - Ko Dong Man.
Keep your distance. Good.
Separate. Separate.
- Fight. - Dong Man, use your feet.
Your feet!
You idiot. Go for it. Move in first!
Kick him!
Kick him!
Kick him!
Just kick him already.
What's she doing there?
- Kick him! - The psycho mic girl's here again.
- Do it! - Kick him.
- Kick him! - Go for it.
Ko Dong
Seosan's Ong-Bak, Ko Dong Man!
(Round 1. One-time Ong-Bak, One-time Baek Ji Yeon)
Watch out. Watch your left.
Get out of the way.
- Ko Dong Man! - You're doing good!
Keep them quiet.
Do you know how scary southern girls are?
What's wrong with them?
Bo Ram.
What are you doing here?
Why did you give the milk I gave you to Dong Man?
What? Did you come here to ask me that?
Don't you have class?
Do you like him by any chance?
- Ko Dong Man! - Ko Dong Man!
From now on,
say you have a boyfriend.
Date me,
Jang Bo Ram!
Hey, did you hear that?
- My goodness. - Congratulations.
We have an alliance now!
It's not that.
What did he just say?
Something about all and lance.
How dare you give away your uniform? Come here.
- Can you let go of my ear? - Come.
See you.
He was sent to Seoul to train
and look what he's getting up to.
Did she snap her neck?
Why can't she keep her head still?
Are you really going to date him?
Yes, I will. Why?
Tell my mom.
I really will.
He can't calculate probabilities
and always gets beaten up in class.
He even wears a Red Devil t-shirt, so why?
He looks good. He's the best.
I only date the best.
When did we drop this?
Sorry. My bad.
- Hold back. - Hey!
I said sorry!
Did the legendary Knuckleheads from back then
really become legends?
Sorry, excuse me.
Are they letting VIPs in first?
The mic girl who wanted to read the news
now mans an information desk.
Please enter in an orderly fashion to avoid accidents.
Which suite, sir?
P, the penthouse.
The taekwondo prodigy who wanted to smash the world
We got rid of all the ticks.
I sprayed some phytoncide just to be sure.
He crushes bugs now.
(Doctor Mite, Ko Dong Man)
The pink princess who wanted to be a good wife
- Hello, have a nice day. - Hello, have a nice day.
She is now in customer service.
Hello, this is Dream Home Shopping where happiness
The snack-loving Joo Man became
Let's cut it by 5 each for 2,000.
Can't you discount it by five?
You can't cut it by 5 cents each for 2,000 fishcakes?
It's soft.
- He's a buyer for a home shopping channel. - What?
- It's all natural. - It is, right?
We are starting the real legend
of the Fantastic Four Knuckleheads.
(Fantastic 4)
(How did it go?)
Why won't you pick up?
Moo Ki! Pick up.
Did he fail again?
Choi Ae Ra?
Ae Ra, it is you.
Yes. Should I go now?
It is you.
Who were you again?
It's me. The second Kim Ju Ha.
Don't you remember me?
How could I not?
Hold on.
You work here, but you've never been in here, right?
It's my first time too thanks to my boyfriend's card.
Don't feel too intimidated by me.
(Lucky Department Store, Designer bag)
All done.
But seriously, how could we meet like this today?
It's so good to see you.
No way.
I'm getting married.
- Crud. - He's a doctor.
I didn't ask.
We're getting married in the Diamond Hall.
We're moving into Dogok Palace. The ring is 2.5 carats.
Our honeymoon
I thought you were rapping.
I was cheering the Korean soccer team,
got carried away, and got on top of a car.
That was caught by the news,
so my mom saw and flipped out.
I was too loud, wasn't I? I'm sorry.
Also, when I was in the fifth grade,
I was in the same class as Du Jun from Beast.
Seriously, back then, I was
a much better dancer and much more popular
Can't you talk about the present and not the past?
Kyung Koo said you were a specialist.
Yes. I dedicated my life for the health of the people.
Then are you a doctor?
I help treat eczema in people.
Oh, my. Dermatologist?
Dermatology is all the rage now.
That's it. That.
I got a new car
I'm on my way to you
Come out
You seem excited.
I'm a man with a car. I'll drive you later.
No, it's fine.
When I sold bidets, I took the subway everywhere,
it cost as much as rent for my studio apartment.
A studio.
When you pay rent on a month-to-month basis,
don't you feel like you're being robbed?
I have an annual lease.
You do?
You must be rich.
Didn't you major in anything?
I heard you were famous for some sport before.
What did you do?
I didn't do sports. No.
I see.
did you give up on being the second Baek Ji Yeon?
You were going to the be second Kim Ju Ha.
Why are you depending on your guy's credit card?
What do you mean? It's love.
You should get married before it's too late.
I have someone.
- Really? - He's a judge, prosecutor
in training.
It's hard supporting someone still studying, isn't it?
Hey, why didn't you post the age
of your boyfriend doctor?
Does it start
with a three?
He looks very young for his age.
I see. He must really
look young.
You should get ready.
You'll find someone soon
if you lower your standards to at par with you.
Even shoes made of straw has a match.
- Straw? - Yes.
Is he coming to your wedding?
You know.
That boy from Pungmul Band.
Why would he?
You still think I came onto him, don't you?
But you know,
I care about guys' looks.
He was on the same level as you.
Hey. I'm prettier than you now.
You must've been so upset.
You're saying the blanket you received
smells like someone farted on it. Is that it?
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
I see.
People's farts all smell the same!
I have a sensitive nose! Come smell it yourself.
I'm terribly sorry, but I have rhinitis,
so I can't even smell my own fart.
So if you with the sensitive nose
What do you mean? What was that?
I'll help you process the return.
Please confirm your information first.
Are you Park Jum Soon?
No, that's my wife!
I see. Then what is my wife's number
What? Your wife? What did you say?
I'm sorry.
Hello, sir. We apologize for the inconvenience.
I'm sorry.
Ye Jin.
Yes? Hello.
This is going to the conference room, right?
Yes. I'll be done soon.
I'll do it.
You will?
There are 100 sets.
- I need to make 100 sets. - Sure.
I like doing these things.
(Dream Home Shopping)
It's 100.
(Dream Home Shopping)
I'm sorry.
Don't you have a boyfriend?
- I do. - You do?
Then just get married.
The full-time workers look down on us already.
You know people like you make it worse.
We have a meeting here.
Hello, sir. I'm sorry. We're done
Let's get it together.
I'm sorry.
Just for a minute. I need to recharge.
What will I do with you?
You came because of me, didn't you?
Your meeting is two hours from now.
What is it now? What did you do this time?
Stop getting stuff on you like this.
Sweetie. Should I really
just get married?
- What? - What do you think?
Why are you doing that again?
Are you on your period?
Seriously. I'm not trying to start a fight.
We've been dating for six years.
(Choi Ae Ra)
Why did you ignore all my texts?
Did you
fail again?
I'm sorry.
Why can't you ever pass?
Where are you?
I'm eating alone.
But hey,
I'm thinking of traveling across the country.
What? Traveling across the country?
Do you have time and luxury to go around biking?
I'm going to bike around and refresh my brain.
That's only if you passed.
If you used your brain, you would need to refresh it.
I was going to treat him to rib eye if he made it.
How am I going to look after him from now on?
What should we have for lunch?
There's this really good clam noodle place nearby.
Sorry but I have to be somewhere. I need to go.
You have to leave?
- I'll drive you then. Come here. - It's okay.
Taxi? Hold on. Wait, please!
Taxi? Can you give me a moment, sir?
Can I have your number?
- I'll give it to Kyung Koo. - Okay, ma'am.
I got coffee so why don't you pay for soju on Friday?
There's a place in Sillim-dong known for gizzards.
They give you 3 dishes for 9.90 dollars. Now
Hey, let's just say I paid for the tea today.
- Sorry? - So I don't need to
buy soju this Friday, right?
We can go.
(Ae Ra)
What is it?
What? Hey, why do I have to go
all the way there for you to eat?
No, I'm not coming. What? Rib eye?
Rib eye, did you say?
She wanted to have lunch. Why isn't she answering?
You should get some hair transplant before the wedding.
You need to look as young as you can.
I keep changing for the better.
I even cut my facial bones for you,
and you can't even get some hair transplant? Fine, bye.
- What? - Why is this being annoying too?
What's going on?
Wait. I'll try to fix it.
(Ko Dong Man)
Are you all right?
- You must be a doctor. - Sorry?
You have thick hair too.
We're sorry. We're very sorry.
Why did you come so late? My lunch is almost over.
Hey, I came on time. You weren't at your desk.
Hey, Park Chan Sook.
Why are you so red?
I'm not red.
Do you know him, by the way?
You should introduce me to him.
Why? Hey, Dong Man.
- This is my friend - I'm Chan Sook, Dong Man.
So? Are you going to kiss her hand?
- I'm Ko Dong Man. - I see.
- And he - He's not your boyfriend.
He's not, right?
I'm not. That can't be.
So you are friends? Just friends?
Kind of.
- "Kind of"? - Yes.
We're kind of friends.
If he's not your boyfriend or just friend, what is he?
To tell you the truth
What nonsense is she saying now?
He likes me.
Stop lying.
And you won't go out with him?
He's handsome and is a doctor.
- Doctor? - I saw his white coat.
That white coat?
And you won't go out with him?
Let me remind you. I care about their looks.
His face is enough
I guess he's just okay-looking.
That doesn't make any sense.
Then is your unemployed boyfriend
He's the best. He'll drive you nuts.
When I look at him, all my fatigue goes away.
When it comes to men, looks matter the most.
It's been so long since I had beef. Meat, meat.
Hey, let's switch seats.
The sun's too bright. Just switch seats.
Hurry up.
Just sit anywhere. You are so picky.
It's not even that bright.
Hey, can you pat my head?
What did you say?
Can you pat my hair?
When you watch dramas, the guy pats the girl's head.
No. I don't want to touch you.
If you want the rib eye, do it.
My goodness. You're so dirty and unfair.
Did you not wash your hair?
Why are you
making me touch your hair?
This is crazy.
I told you to pat my head, not grab my hair.
Are you around 185cm tall?
I'm 185.6cm.
Would you like to order?
Yes. Can we have three servings of rib eye
Really? Did your boyfriend pass the bar exam?
Can we have beer and soju as well?
- He failed. - Okay.
I'm going to rejuvenate myself and work forever.
If he doesn't pass the exam, I'll have to retire there.
Gosh, he's such a punk.
- What? - Why isn't he paying back your deposit?
Well He will.
Sure, he will.
His girlfriend has varicose veins at her age
and stands all day at work to support him financially.
He must have lost his mind.
Hey, don't say that about him.
If he's a good guy, he would do physical labor.
I won't let him do that.
Oh, dear. What a virtuous woman.
Nice to meet you, ma'am. Have a great lunch.
Leave. I'm not treating you to lunch!
Can we have the rib eye now?
Don't stare at it too much. Are you getting it?
- How much discount? - Hey.
It's already at 50 percent. I can't give more discount.
It has eight gears.
Bus 171 will be arriving soon.
(Apply now.)
(Join KBS with your creative self.)
You should take a taxi.
The number you're calling
is currently not available. Please leave a message
- after the beep. - Why isn't he picking up?
Room 208?
Room 208?
What was that?
Hey, radish. Radish!
- Radish. Hey. - What is it?
Put it away. Room 208 is here.
- She's back. - Hurry up.
Put the radish away first.
- Put it in. - Clean it up.
Get Moo Ki.
Get Moo Ki. Hurry up and clean!
Moo Ki. Moo Ki.
(Gyeryong Residence)
Are you here? What brings you here?
Why won't you pick up your phone?
I was sleeping.
How can you sleep?
Don't just stand there. Take this.
Right. What is the bike for?
I thought you were going to tour around the country.
Don't tell me you'll ride the broken bike you have.
- Don't make me a widower. - Right.
Gosh. You didn't have to buy me one.
It's only an eight-speed.
Gosh. Okay.
Why are your pants inside out?
The tag is hanging out.
You need to come to your senses, all right?
Hey, it's the lady from the radish barley rice place.
- Hello. - Yes, hello.
Do you deliver these days?
Yes. I'm just trying to make a living.
Did you bring the whole container for them?
You won't make a profit if you give away so much.
How's business?
Your radish kimchi is the best.
Can I have one?
- No, no. - Don't.
You'll ruin your clothes. Don't use your hand. Here.
Do you have hand tremor?
Maybe it's because I quit smoking.
That rat
The rat hair tie with a missing ear is mine.
I'm sure it's mine.
Why does it look like Moo Ki's pants
and your top look like one outfit?
This smells like Moo Ki's cigarettes.
- Did you dodge? Come here. - Wait.
- Come here. - No, I
- I'm sorry. - You.
- Come here. - No, please.
- Don't go in. - Run.
- Hey! - Stop it.
You jerk.
Help me.
(Gyeryong Residence)
Moo Ki.
You gave me this bag last year and said
we should get married when you pass the bar.
Yes. But
I keep failing it.
This bag
was the very first brand bag I got.
I yelled at you for buying it
and scolded you for wasting money then,
but I saw that it was real.
Thinking about your saving pocket money to buy it
made my heart ache.
I felt so thankful and I trusted you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ae Ra.
I already knew you didn't have the brains.
If you failed again this time,
I was going to tell you to give up first.
If you were to fail again,
I was going to just take care of you.
- Hey. - What?
Go on your knees at least.
Do you know how much I make at the information desk?
Since I paid for your deposit and gave you allowance,
did you think I was paid millions?
Do you think I don't have a dream?
Do you think that's why I supported you?
I'm really sorry.
How can you be so foolish?
If it was someone younger
or someone really rich,
I wouldn't mind.
But how
She's just
She's just a small restaurant owner.
Actually, it's not small.
(Radish Kimchi and Barley Rice)
The line is so long here.
Like I said,
it's not that small.
She wasn't a cook at a small restaurant.
She had customers lining up due to a television show.
She's the queen of radish kimchi.
He wasn't foolish at all.
(Traveling across Korea)
(Radish Kimchi and Barley Rice)
- Are you all packed up? - Yes.
- Are you leaving now? - Yes.
I already booked all the accommodations,
so I have to go.
The bike was enough.
You didn't have to lend me the car.
It's okay. The car isn't important.
You're more important.
That bike
must go up to 18-speed, right?
It's 28-speed.
I've been wanting to give this to you for a while.
This is the deposit for Moo Ki's room.
I added 300 dollars on top.
Is that my compensation?
Just take it.
Take it.
Yes. You should take it.
Do you want a ride?
You have to take that bike. It was heavy.
Yes, take the car. Go.
Get on.
- What? - Hey, wait.
What's wrong?
What's this?
This is mine.
- What? Just say so. - I know.
Gosh. Why isn't it working?
Gosh. No.
It doesn't fit.
It doesn't fit, okay?
Just call a truck.
Or you can ride the bike home.
I don't know how to ride a bike.
I asked for sausage, not liver.
You should eat protein to build muscle, not carbs.
That isn't protein. It's cheap fat.
What was that, punk?
Once a coach, forever a coach.
Once a martial artist, always a martial artist.
A competitor must remain in competition form
if you want to make a comeback.
- Who said I'd make a comeback? - Did I say anything?
Let me come out and ask you.
- Why do you keep coming here? - To sell sausages.
You know you stand no chance against them.
It's David and Goliath's fight.
I'm the coach that trained
a 185.6cm tall, 64kg slim-fit David.
If you're still trying to get me to go back, give up.
I'm never doing taekwondo again.
I'll be 30 soon. I can't make the national team.
Who said anything about taekwondo?
Choo Sung Hoon was born in 1975.
In the fighting world, you're still young.
Will you waste your legs? Aren't you itching to kick?
You were first in Korea with your roundhouse kick.
Doesn't it kill you to see men worse than you up there?
I won't do any sport ever again.
That number one roundhouse kick died November 3, 2007.
So leave me alone. Let me live.
You still can't forget?
Forget already.
I won't do sports ever again. It never made me happy.
It was always humiliating and too intense.
I'll never do it again. Never!
Are you happy now?
Are you doing anything intensely?
Is she sleeping?
Leave her.
I'm so humiliated that I feel sick.
The boyband BSS held a concert last night,
drawing a crowd of tens of thousands.
Why am I
so pathetic even with my breakup?
We have sad news.
Park Hye Ran, who had retired when she got married,
announced that her marriage is over after three years.
She's the one who married into a conglomerate family.
- In 2013 - You're right.
Wow. I wonder what happened.
What's that?
- What was that? - What?
- What's wrong? - Stop it.
- Why are you - There's a person!
Are you okay? Oh no.
Are you okay?
- There's a person. - What?
There's a person.
Sir! Are you okay?
- Are you okay? - Didn't you see the red light?
Are you here to see Ae Ra?
Did you get a new car?
With what money?
Do you know him?
Are you okay? Did I hit you hard?
I'm fine. You didn't hit me.
- Go on - Stay down. Call your insurance company.
You were with him?
We're like family. There's no need
Drop the gibberish.
Call the police and the insurance company.
Get admitted into the hospital while you're at it.
Did you two fight?
- You see - Sir.
Who is this person? Is she your aunt?
- I'm not her aunt. - She's his baby's mom.
That scumbag's
baby's mother.
What are you talking about?
She's Moo Ki's mom?
Hello, ma'am.
What a place to meet.
In this old lady's belly
is that jerk's baby.
He used the money I gave him
to eat in his old lady's restaurant.
Eating meat
and then they
I'm so
Speak coherently!
They have a baby together.
- Sir. Please be rational. - Hey.
- That's not completely - Please.
You shameless, little sleazebag!
I'll kill you!
Hey! Let go!
What are you doing?
Let go of Moo Ki!
If you touch him, I'll kill you! Don't mess with me!
You should let go.
- Let go! - Hold on.
Did I get hurt here? Look.
Check your teeth to see if they're loose.
They're fine.
Did that lady play sports or something?
She was super strong.
She made a million dollars,
making radish kimchi with those arms.
Why did you have to attack him?
Idiot. Did you really do taekwondo?
Should I've done a roundhouse kick on a pregnant woman?
But seriously.
Now, you get dumped by someone still studying?
Tell everyone
I dumped him.
What's wrong with you? You're so frustrating.
- Worry about yourself. - I'm fine.
- What? - Hye Ran.
She got a divorce.
Get your act together, okay?
I'll be watching.
This day really stinks.
I told you to stop buying fakes!
There are so many good quality, affordable items.
Darn it.
Stop crying.
Why are you kicking my shoe?
Darn it.
She has a brother?
No, he isn't her brother.
- Then who is he? - A 20-year-long boyfriend.
I mean, a guy friend.
He lives across the street from her.
What girl is so cunning.
What, a guy friend?
I shouldn't have given her the money.
Anyway, Moo Ki.
Did you buy her designer goods?
I have no money.
They're fake.
You're so frugal.
Darn it. It got scratched up.
Throw it away.
Why are you holding onto something from that jerk?
This one is real.
This is authentic.
I'll get it fixed tomorrow.
So you'll keep carrying something that rat gave you?
I'll fix it and sell it.
I'll sell it and drink with you.
Darn it.
Are you an idiot or a flat-out moron?
Hey. Come with me.
Where are you going?
Are you going to buy me a handbag?
Just choose.
Take this. This one's the prettiest.
It's quite new. It's 22 dollars.
It's the most expensive new handbag out there.
This is much more durable than yours.
You should hit people with this from now on.
And when you have to hit Moo Ki,
put a stone inside and smack it at him.
This won't break.
- Hey, Dong Man. - What?
I'll carry this bag until the day I die.
You don't have to carry it until the day you die.
Choose a pair of shoes too.
Do you take credit card, sir?
(Ko Dong Man)
You have a good eye.
Are they comfortable?
Yes, they're so comfortable.
This bag is really nice too.
- It's sturdy, right? - Yes.
I can fit 5 to 6 soju bottles in here.
Hey, it's not for alcohol.
That's not why I got it for you.
Dong Man, I didn't know you buy handbags for women.
You're so lame.
Why do you giggle like that?
Yes, this.
This is it. This is what I wanted earlier.
- This? - Yes, this.
This makes your heart flutter.
Did this make your heart flutter?
Why would my heart flutter over you?
Then why is your face so red?
It's like you were just welding something.
I don't know. Why am I red?
You need to quit drinking.
I should quit, right?
Is it the alcohol?
At the National Sports Festival
which was held in Gangnam yesterday,
something more interesting than the matches took place.
We'll end the sports news
with our last video of the day.
Bo Ram, nobody can stop her.
Just Just let go.
Let go. Stop it, Ae Ra!
- Hey. - Hey.
Hey. Why did you scratch her?
That's cheating.
Hey, Dong Man.
Let me see. My gosh.
Why would you start up a fight when you can't even win?
We have to go see a doctor.
Move over.
Did you see that?
(Fight for My Way)
Didn't you serve in the military?
You don't want to? Quit. I won't stop you.
How have you been, Ae Ra?
I heard you work at an information desk.
It's fun. I like to talk in the microphone
and I make announcements sometimes.
Ae Ra, please save me.
Please show us how carefree your are.
Who is she?
Should we make a 1,000-dollar bet on her today?
Don't take the bus back home later.
What's going on?
Can you come pick me up?
Say that again.
I can't go by myself, so come.
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