Fight For My Way (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

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Dong Man! Sul Hee! Hurry up!
You drunkard. Aren't you going to work?
I need to go do the news.
That's not how you wear a tie.
This is much more stylish.
Honey. Wifey.
Things are a mess up there.
North Korea's Kim Il Sung stated they will break
the Non-Proliferation Treaty, causing tension.
With KBC News, I'm Baek Ji Yeon.
I told you not to say things that I can't understand.
We aren't playing "News time".
Playing house is boring for me!
No, no. It's fun. It's super fun.
Honey, I'm going to the studio now.
Kiddies, it's time to eat and get to kindergarten.
Dong Man! You made Sul Hee cry again!
Why do you keep breaking everything?
Mommy. Ae Ra hit me again!
Sorry! I'm sorry!
(Seoul 2017, Namil Villa)
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Do this for me, will you?
For old times' sake.
You annoying brat.
Thanks again, Dong Man.
Are you immigrating?
I'm going away for work this weekend.
See you later.
Make a lot of money, honey!
Honey, throw them away.
Honey? Don't call me "honey". I'll kill you.
Fine, honey. Thanks.
Look at that shameless punk.
(Round 2: Whatever they say, we'll go our way.)
Going somewhere?
A classmate's wedding. How do I look?
Do I look like a career woman?
Does it scream, "I'm doing very well"?
You're like Australopithecus.
- What? - I witness evolution
on a daily basis thanks to you.
How could change so quickly in an hour?
Do I look that pretty?
Don't try to act pretty. I haven't eaten yet.
I'm annoying if I act pretty, right?
It's such a dilemma.
I'm not acting pretty. I was born pretty.
I can hit a girl.
But people say I'm acting pretty,
so it's hard for Ae Ra.
She's so annoying.
Wait for me.
Hey. You must like this bag.
You're still carrying it.
Yes, it's super convenient.
Do you want another if a new one comes out?
Will you buy Ae Ra another bag?
Stop it. I said to stop. Stop it!
How can you put a choke hold on a girl?
How did you find Grandpa's Tteokbokki?
It's sold out for five shows since its launch.
People think I'm chubby because I eat anything,
but I'm quite the epicurean.
When I first tasted it in Gyeongdong Market,
I surpassed joy and felt a sense of duty.
"The people of this country need to taste this."
We sold 200,000 dollars worth of rice cakes
that cost 23,400 dollars for 100 packs.
- 200,000 dollars? - Yes.
It really is a big hit.
Then my commission
Of course, you'll get it.
After taxes,
it'll be 195 dollars. You'll get it.
You are such a valuable worker.
Thank you.
(Awaiting Approval)
(Movie ticket)
Waiting by elevator car 8 on the 1st floor.
I packed your shaver in the inside pocket
and some emergency cash.
Did you?
How could you not pack for your business trip?
You're more absentminded than I am at times.
You're so bold.
When did you come to my desk?
- What? - I heard "Yong Ja" is super fun.
"Yong Ja"? Did that start already?
- What? - When?
- Come on. - I mean it.
- Mr. Kim. - Yes?
I hear "Yong Ja" is very fun.
They say it's very fun
and hard to get tickets.
- See you. - Let's go.
Excuse me. You forgot your luggage.
That isn't mine.
You must like pink.
Is he the "Mr. Kim" that Ye Jin's smitten with?
Yes, that's him.
But what's "Yong Ja"? Did she give him movie tickets?
I guess so.
This is made in Germany,
so its parts are crazy expensive.
Don't you train them?
Don't you know the motor breaks
if you don't clean the filter?
I told you at least 1,000 times
to clean it.
You again?
Why do you always cause trouble?
It wasn't me. This isn't mine. It's his.
Did you drink again last night?
- I did, but - Look. It's yours.
You're borderline alcoholic.
Forget it. Get to work. Now.
Have a nice day. Sorry.
Isn't this your machine?
Didn't you go to the army?
You act like you were never in the army.
You're incredibly frustrating.
You don't want to do it? Quit. I won't stop you.
Clean it.
Get lost!
You went already. It's my turn now.
It's our last chance, so I should do it.
(Woori Stationery)
(Woori Stationery)
Step aside. I'll earn you another round.
- Why should we let you? - Why?
Seriously, these little kids. Fine.
Here. Happy?
I'll do it, okay? You'll get a bonus round anyway.
Wow. He's so full of it.
Don't you see that? It says, "no kicking."
- He's awesome. - I'm sorry.
- Incredible. - See? I said I'd win you another game.
Have fun.
- No way. - Isn't he a cyborg?
- He's unbelievable. - I got to warm up.
(Kyung Koo)
Hello? Hi, Kyung Koo.
Right now? I'm free.
What? Do you have a blind date lined up?
My poor legs.
What wedding's held so far from town?
Here comes the bride.
She looks so happy.
All that dating since high school was good practice.
- Thanks. - She's marrying a doctor.
- What's his specialty? - Plastic surgery.
I heard Choi Ae Ra's coming.
- Where? - Would she want to come?
- Ae Ra. - Gosh, are you Ae Ra?
It's been so long. I didn't think you'd show up.
I wanted to come earlier, but I was busy.
We'd have understood if you decided not to come.
- Yes. - I had to come.
I missed you guys so much.
- I'm glad you're here. - It's good to see you.
- Dong Man. - Kyung Koo.
- The weather's great today. - Isn't it?
- We have to go. - Now?
- We're late. - Like right now?
- Let's hurry. - Just like that?
I came because you asked, but can I appear on the show?
You're replacing a random guy that didn't show up.
We won't ask anything. You just have to stand there.
"No place has a mountain, clean water, and this."
What's missing? 1, water veins. 2, pavilions.
Three, house price.
We'll ask player number 12 to tell us what he thinks.
Which do you think is the correct answer?
Number one sounds a bit superstitious.
Number two Well
I don't think the word is fit for television.
What's he talking about?
Why isn't that word fit for TV?
I think the answer's number three, house price.
I thought this question was selected to reflect
the current housing situation and trend.
He is very smart.
The house price within Seoul is crazy.
I chose number three.
The correct answer is
Number two, pavilion.
I'm sorry, Bronin, you're out.
Who brought him?
- Picking a lock in one go - He's not a bad guy.
- Sorry. - 2, 2 percent.
3, 7 percent.
This question will decide if we have a winner.
Select your answer.
The correct answer is
number 1, 1 percent.
We have a final winner.
- Congratulations. - One percent.
Park Hye Ran joined KBS as an announcer in 2013.
Known for her good looks, she hosted variety shows
and talk shows on current issues,
gaining the trust and love of the public.
You forgot to take your drink.
It's fine. I don't drink coffee milk.
Would you mind if I took yours as well?
- No, go ahead. - Thank you.
Excuse me.
It's you, the smart kid!
I recognized you right away.
- Who - I'm Ko Dong Man from Chunbang High.
- "Who?" I'm - It's Moo Bin.
- Hello, I'm Producer Jang Kyung Koo. - Hi.
- Would you like to join us? - Sure.
It's been so long. How've you been?
- You're a legend. - Thanks.
Okay, so you see
We're doing a year-end special with
all the winners, and we'd like you to be on it.
You don't remember me?
I'm Ko Dong Man from Chunbang High.
I don't know you.
Think harder. I'm the Ko Dong Man.
You lent me a t-shirt one day,
and you came to cheer me on.
I won and did this to celebrate in front of the crowd.
Don't you remember that?
I don't.
- You're making him feel uncomfortable. - But
- Can I take this call? - Sure.
Take your time.
- Hello? - Stop it.
He isn't happy.
Dong Man, I'm sorry.
We give the guests gift certificates, but this one's
registered in the other guy's name. You can't have it.
Do you know that doctor?
- The doctor? - Today's winner.
Can you ask him to appear on the year-end
winners only special?
Never mind.
- What? - I don't think
you two are that close. Forget that I asked.
We weren't that close.
- Take this. - It's fine.
- I called you over. - Well
Okay, thanks. Bye.
I'm a fan.
- She's so pretty. - She's back. She's beautiful.
In a short while,
we will begin the second part of the celebrations.
Can the guests stop walking about
and take your seats, please?
Come over here.
When can your aunt sing pansori?
- It's her bedtime soon. - Mother.
Must she really sing?
- Wait just a bit longer. - Hey.
Why are you hosting your own wedding?
Where's the MC?
- Well - Hey.
- She needs to sing soon. - Come here.
What do you think you're doing?
Where's your announcer friend who said she'd host?
You're the bride. You shouldn't be doing it yourself.
I don't know.
She works in Hong Kong.
Her flight was delayed, and I can't reach her.
- I don't think she can make it. - What?
You told your in-laws you had an announcer friend.
This is so embarrassing.
Why did you call a friend from Hong Kong?
She speaks fluent Korean.
She's the foreign friend that will make me look good.
My goodness. That is true, but
do you have a replacement?
Like who?
How have you been, Ae Ra?
Are you
- dating? - Are you?
I'm just I'm more focused on work.
Next time, we'll come over to where you are.
Let's meet up in her part of town next time.
- Our treat. - Yes.
Come over. I'll treat you.
- Okay, then. You can buy. - Okay.
Try not to miss our gatherings.
We should see each other from time to time.
Right. What are friends for?
We'll let you pay half the membership fee.
- Right. - Why?
Why should I pay half?
- What? - Watch it.
What are you doing?
Are you being considerate or insulting?
I don't have a boyfriend, I didn't study abroad,
and I don't have a flashy job. Am I a charity case?
I'm doing fine.
I enjoy my life just fine.
I'm fine with my life. Why do you look down on me?
That's ridiculous.
- We just - Well
We only meant
This is when I should go to the restroom, right?
You won't go straight home or anything, will you?
I'll tell you if and when I decide to leave.
Choi Ae Ra, how lame.
You're twisted.
I should have just let it slip.
Gosh, stop being embarrassing. Let's leave.
They won't notice if I'm gone.
Ae Ra.
Please save me.
I'm Choi Ae Ra, not Cindy Jung.
No, I won't do it. Ask somebody else.
You like speaking into the microphone.
If not the next Baek Ji Yeon, who would be the host?
I don't even know who Cindy Jung is
and all our friends know I'm not her.
I'll make sure they don't say a word
and nobody else knows who Cindy Jung is either.
Have you watched Hong Kong news in your life?
Cindy is an anchor in Hong Kong and was raised abroad.
Nobody would know her face.
If you say okay to this, you'll become
Cindy Jung this one evening.
Forget it. I don't want to. I won't.
Hey, you owe me this.
You stole my boyfriend from me.
Hey, is that what you want to say on your wedding day?
If you don't help me, my wedding will be ruined.
Please save me.
Why do you have to make me feel uncomfortable?
If you agree to do it,
you get to wear this.
It was for Cindy Jung,
but you can wear it.
It mustn't have been the prince whom
the innocent Cinderella fell in love with,
but the dress.
I'm late.
- It's okay. - Welcome.
I wore the dress
and at the end of this aisle is a microphone.
Everybody is looking at me.
I'm supposed to say I'm nervous,
but I feel so happy.
As soon as I wrap my hand around the microphone,
the world becomes mine.
Here's an announcement for all the guests.
In a short time, we'll be starting the wedding party
of Kim Young Gyu and Park Chan Sook.
Please don't remain seated
and please show us how carefree you are.
All right. Let's get the party started.
Who is she?
Before we get to the performance by the groom's aunt
Let's see if you can't get married
If you can't sing.
We'll find that out.
You can do everything you want,
but I just need one thing.
Let me sing.
Make it as smooth as you can.
Where's our beautiful bride?
- Chan Sook. - Oh, dear.
Oh, dear. Why is she doing that?
Why is she doing that?
- Go on. - Please come up.
My gosh.
She's an anchor from Hong Kong.
She was raised abroad.
Her name is Cindy Jung.
She's a global talent.
Why didn't you say it?
Or couldn't you say it?
Didn't you
She's singing a song like she has an untold story.
It's so emotional.
If you liked me
She never studied, right?
I noticed at first sight.
Why didn't he hook up
with a girl at his level?
Why did you say that?
Must I hate you?
Young Gyu's bride is so talented.
- She's so good. - Sure.
Do I have to blame myself?
If I can turn back time
Why is she singing "Resignation" on her wedding day?
I want to return
To the old days
Please give her a round of applause.
I can't believe Chan Sook is getting married today.
It's a miracle.
I never imagined that Chan Sook
would get married before me.
When we were in Pungmul Band together,
she was something else.
She must be crazy.
Is she going to talk about that guy from the band?
Ms. Park Chan Sook
only knew how to strike a gong.
She never knew how to hang out with guys.
I can't believe that innocent fool met a man.
She met a reliable lifetime partner
and she's getting married today.
I'm so touched and moved to tears.
A precious daughter from a family
became a precious daughter-in-law.
Our bride is still young and sensitive,
but I hope that her road to a new life
is filled with guidance by the adults.
We'll now have the person of great influence,
the groom's aunt, to give us a performance.
- Me? - Yes.
Good job.
Hey, I think I'm going to change my host to Ae Ra too.
She's the same Ae Ra as before with the microphone.
Baek Ji Yeon is back.
I never stole your boyfriend,
but I paid back what I owed anyway.
Be happy.
Thank you.
- Hey. - Gosh.
You still make me feel uncomfortable.
She's so smart.
Don't you see a halo around her?
She's so charming.
I need to meet a luxurious person like her.
Why did you buy this?
You should use money on yourself. This is unnecessary.
I wanted to eat outside.
Why would you prepare your own birthday dinner?
Stop saying that your back hurts.
This is actually really good.
As soon as I put it on, it feels like my back is fine.
But it was expensive, right? How much did you pay?
You're so talkative. We need to eat.
Stop yelling at Mom.
She's 60 soon.
Where did you get the money to buy that?
I earned it. I didn't steal it.
Do you even work?
You do some part-time work, right?
You're starting again.
He won't come home because of you.
I don't do nothing.
I work.
Don't waste your time. Become a taekwondo instructor.
You need to work in your field.
Why would you do something else?
Just look for an instructor job somewhere.
If you look up my name on the website,
the articles from November 3, 2007 still pop up.
Who would take lessons from me? Who?
Stop being unmanly. Does that still bother you?
You're so pathetic.
How will you live a proper life with that mindset?
You're right. I can't live a proper life.
I just live day by day as it goes by.
All I'm capable of doing is taekwondo.
It's not easy to earn money by doing something else.
It's pathetic.
You want me to become an instructor?
I'm not even going to go near that sport again.
So don't ever say that to me again.
Just let it go.
Why are you still so angry about
It's not because I'm angry!
I'm scared that I might want to do it again.
Okay? I'm scared that I might really want to do it.
So I don't even want to think about it.
If you were able to use your connections back then,
I wouldn't have gotten eliminated.
If you hadn't failed your business,
I wouldn't have entered that competition at all.
Dong Man.
- Dong Hee will hear you. - You're the one
who should've protected Dong Hee, not me.
Why did it have to be me?
Why me?
Why is it always me?
My gosh.
- Here. - Hey.
Why did you bring so many bottles?
You completely saved me today.
You brought so many bottles.
You can drink everything here.
This is French cheese.
They should be serving shark's fin soup.
Hey, try to pronounce it more softly.
Bottoms up.
My goodness.
So many people are watching you.
Okay, fine.
Let's drink this.
I'm so happy today.
Pour me a glass.
Honey, we should greet our guests.
You shouldn't be drinking right now.
Honey, do I reek of alcohol?
My gosh, you're such a jolly person.
Please take care of my friend, Cindy.
Hello, Cindy.
Let's have a drink together.
- My gosh. - That's incredible.
I never saw a woman pull this kind of trick before.
How should I say this? Seeing a woman doing this is
How should I put this in words?
Do you mean
I'm unique. I'm a unique woman.
"Unique". You just used English.
- Drink as punishment - Drink as punishment
- Drink - Why am I the only one who's getting caught?
You should drink slowly.
You drank a lot.
Cindy, I'll drink that for you. Give me your glass.
Why would I share my drink with you? It's such a waste.
Cindy, I'll drink it for you.
Instead, my wish is to drive you home.
Cindy, I'll drink it for you and drive you home.
No, I said it first. I'll drive you home.
What are you saying?
My goodness, what's with you guys?
I'm a strong drinker. Don't worry.
Cindy, tell us.
Which one of us will you choose?
- It's me, right? - It's me, right?
I'm just asking for fun.
I'll ask him to drink it for me.
He was the quietest.
- Me? - You can't give it to him.
He can't drink.
- Hey! - No!
- Hey. - It's too late.
My gosh, we're in trouble.
Please give us a glass of ice water.
(The Path of Martial Arts)
(National Athlete's Sundae)
Give your dad a call.
If you leave like that,
he won't be able to sleep tonight.
And Dong Hee
will also feel upset.
He has a great kick.
He doesn't have a great kick. He has a weak hook.
His kick is just better than his hook.
My gosh, you're so cheap with compliments.
He's not satisfied with anyone.
What are you talking about? He's very
generous towards his first love.
Coach, is he that good?
Is he better than me?
You think too highly of yourself.
On the other hand, he underestimates himself too much.
By the way, you jerk.
I heard that you still go around
fighting people like a dog these days.
I guess I fight like a dog because I am one.
This is my last warning. Don't fight, okay?
Mom packed a lot of side dishes for me.
I came to have a drink with my coach.
It's been ages since your coach opened a restaurant.
It took you so long to drop by and say hello.
I heard you had the best kick ever.
Stop talking nonsense.
Let's have a match.
I'd love to learn a few moves from you.
That's funny.
I'm just curious about how talented you are
because our coach is still head over heels for you.
I just want to see for myself.
I'm really jealous.
Are you drunk?
Oh, right. He doesn't fight for nothing, does he?
Then let's bet 100 dollars.
Let's just have one light match.
Go inside and sleep if you're drunk.
Okay, fine. Forget it.
You probably aren't proud to say that you played it.
I guess that makes you a normal person.
It won't be fair for you to go against a pro like me.
Let's do it.
Let's fight.
Dong Man.
You haven't worn this in 10 years, have you?
I wonder if it'll still fit you.
I don't want to wear it.
You're going to fight with no protection?
I guess you think you can easily beat me.
You're right. It's not like you're a nonprofessional.
You won't need this.
Just think of this as a warm up, okay?
This is the first and last round.
Let's see how good you are. Come on.
Coach, you told me that he's fast.
I'm not even doing my best right now.
Stop it!
Get out, all of you.
I'm going to go sell sundae.
That jerk has become useless.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
You're on your way to my neighborhood, right?
Can you give me a ride?
I'm not going near your neighborhood anymore.
Right? I'm hopeless, aren't I?
How could I ever fight again? I'm a total moron now.
Wipe your mouth. Stop upsetting me.
But it was nice.
It was nice being hit.
I felt so relieved when I got hit.
I said to go, you punk!
If you can't drink, you should've refused.
What are you, a kid?
You inconvenienced us both.
- Because of the wish. - Sorry?
I really can't drink,
but I risked my life to drink for you.
Was that the first time you drank for a girl?
I'll use my wish now.
Go ahead. What do you want?
Well, you see
You're going home later, right?
Of course, I'm going home. Where else would I go?
Get it together and stop babbling.
Take the bus home alone later.
Take the bus home alone. That's my wish.
your friends insist on taking me home, so why
- would I take the bus? - No.
Just take the bus home alone.
It's all about the 1,000 dollars.
- Look at this. - What is it?
This is Cindy Jung?
- Then who is she? - An impostor, obviously.
She must've wanted to become Cinderella today.
Cinderella would've been found easily in modern times.
- I'm sure she had a reason. - Okay.
Then should we make her the 1,000 girl?
She should be punished for doing something bad.
- I'm in. - I'm in.
Come on. You don't even know anything.
Okay, depending on whose car
the fake Cindy Jung gets into later,
that person gets 1,000 dollars.
Let's play fair.
- 1, 2, 3, let's go. - Let's go.
Getting her in your car gets you 1,000 dollars.
If you take the fake to a hotel, it's 2,000.
She isn't classy enough for a hotel.
- Let's make it a motel. - You need to send a photo.
She really will be Cinderella for the night.
Please go first. I'll be right out.
I'll wait outside.
(Dong Man)
Pick me up.
Just come.
I feel so humiliated
I can't leave by myself, so come.
I'm not your driver.
I don't even have a car.
Hey, what's wrong?
Did something happen?
- Is must be that microphone moron. - Speak clearly!
Where are you?
Okay. Bye.
I'm leaving.
Only the microphone moron can awake the sleeping Hulk.
Cindy, sorry our weakling friend caused you trouble.
Cindy, did you wash your face?
Yes. I wanted to wake myself up.
What's wrong with being a little drunk?
I'll take you home safely anyway.
- I'll go home on my own. - Cindy.
I'll drive you.
I won't go with you.
I just got a new car.
It's super hot.
Do you know what it is?
- What car is it? - That there.
- Isn't it awesome? - Just go in my car.
- A classic luxury car is the best. - Cindy.
- My car - And what do you drive?
Mine is What?
So, it's
these, right? 1, 2, 3.
Oh, no!
Stop it! No!
No! Darn it.
Listen up. I won't repeat myself.
I'm not Cindy Jung,
but Choi Ae Ra of Lucky Department Store.
Bring me your invoice for fixing your mirrors.
I'll give you your 1,000 dollars.
I'll pay you back.
Make sure to bring the receipt and come to get revenge.
Why you You freakshow!
You can't even talk straight.
If we meet again, I'll show you a real freakshow.
Let's bet our lives for 1,000 dollars.
Let's meet again.
You crazy witch. Where do you think you're going?
Hey. Let go of her.
Let go. Are you insane?
How dare you cheap scammer pull this garbage?
What? You have pride, is that it?
If I'm a scammer, you're just lowlife scumbags.
What? 2,000 if you take me to a hotel?
Only because it's a bet among us. You're not worth 200.
I wouldn't sleep with you for 20 million dollars.
You couldn't get a girl in bed without money.
- They're fighting. - You loser.
- Hey. - Get up.
Brats like this need to learn a lesson.
You can repay me for my mirror with this.
Hey, you!
Run. Get in your car and lock the door.
Hey. Call the cops. Get in.
Hey. What are you? He just hit my hand.
He hit my hand.
He slapped me.
My face He slapped me.
- That hurts! - It does, right?
Then why did you hit her?
- Why did you slap a girl? - Why you
- Why did you hit her? - That was a vital point.
I'm getting
Why did you hit her?
That hurts.
That's enough. Let's go.
Hey. Did you call the cops?
- I did. - Yes.
You pathetic losers!
Hey, you. If you want to live, shut your mouth.
A witch like that needs to be hit to learn her lesson!
I said to shut your mouth.
- Why that little - Goodness.
He suddenly ran at me and did a flying kick.
I can't bend my wrist.
I didn't hit him. I didn't want to stoop to his level.
They hit each other. Why is he the only one locked up?
Look, miss. How was this mutual?
Look before you speak.
They deserved to be beaten up.
Plus, for Ko Dong Man,
if he hit people, it becomes an attempted murder.
Why would a former Korean taekwondo representative
hit civilians?
See? I knew it.
I usually don't get hit.
I'm not negotiating. Officer, you should arrest her.
She's a gold digger.
No, she's not.
She only broke your rearview mirror.
Be quiet.
Here, Coach.
Is he here to negotiate for you?
I'm sorry for calling you, Coach,
but I didn't know whom else to call.
I'm not negotiating.
Are your ribs broken?
How did you get hit? Was it a punch or a kick?
- What? - What about your teeth?
Are they okay? Open your mouth.
I have a few loose teeth,
but I'm not negotiating.
Did it just take 1 punch? 2 teeth?
- Yes. - Are you sure?
What are you doing?
Where did you come from?
In his heyday, he knocked out 2 teeth with 1 blow
and broke 3 ribs with 1 kick.
But I guess he can still do it.
Does he have a criminal history?
It wasn't in his record.
He's still powerful.
Are you here to check his strength?
Did you guys all go insane?
Officer, I don't need money. Please put him in jail.
How dare a dumbhead athlete hit me?
What did you say?
A dumbhead what?
You picked on the wrong person. Do you know who I am?
My uncle is a judge at Jeonju Prosecutors' Office.
My gosh.
Fine, put him in jail.
But do you know who I am?
What? Who are you? What did you do?
You should pick on me less than
the nephew of the judge at the prosecutors' office.
I'm a cuckoo.
If he goes to jail, I'll go to your hospital every day.
I'll print out your dirty chatting logs
and hand them out at the entrance of your hospital.
I'll follow you until the day I die.
Your wedding?
Of course. I'll follow you with the chatting logs
even on your children's school entrance ceremonies.
Fine, let's do this for life. All right?
How did you find her?
Did you do something wrong? Why are you looking down?
I'll pay you back.
We were supposed to pay him for the damage anyways.
Let's just say that was your settlement money.
You saved that up
to get married.
I'm not getting married. Hurry. I'm hungry.
By the way,
wasn't that your first spinning kick in a long time?
Aren't you happy?
What's the whole point?
This was the first time I held the mic in a while too.
Were you happy?
You're unbelievable when you kick, right?
I'm the same way when I grab onto a mic.
What? Let me see.
Did your gum split open?
I should have killed that crazy jerk.
Let's see. Let me see.
You can't even look after yourself,
but you always try to defend others.
Hey, we're not strangers.
I can live an embarrassing life, but you shouldn't.
Don't let others think lowly of you.
Why is your life so embarrassing?
how he said I was a dumbhead athlete?
I'm that lame dude.
Hey, Dong Man.
You're a dumbhead,
but you're not lame.
You'll make it big. I know it.
Everybody thinks I'm lame.
Do they even know you?
I've known you for 20 years.
Nobody else knows you more than I do. Trust me.
Regardless of what people say,
you'll make it.
And you're still so young.
You'll become something.
You'll make it. I promise you.
Darn it.
Let's go. Let's go home and order some chicken feet.
What are you doing?
You made me cry.
You give Sul Hee a hug when you make her cry.
- Are you crying? - Come on.
You fed me gimbap when I was starving.
I was really hungry today.
You are not really crying, right?
Pat me. Go ahead.
When did you get so big?
Is this your bottom?
It's my waist.
Please stop hanging around with the bad guys.
Stop making me mad.
You just got dumped by Moo Ki and came home crying too.
Darn it.
- Get up. Let's go. - Gosh.
You hit me so hard
so why do you let other people hit you? Don't let them.
Don't go around crying.
Don't drive around breaking people's rearview mirrors.
Just hang around with me.
Hang around with me.
I'll spend time with you.
What do you mean?
Are you drunk?
Go. Let's have soju with chicken feet.
Let's go.
It's on me today.
Soju and chicken feet are on me.
Yes, it's on you.
Hey! What are you guys doing?
I can't even work in the fields
because of you.
Goodness. Why do you even learn taekwondo?
You see I was
supposed to be the prince, but they hit me.
Hey, watch me.
This smallest guy is you.
You're a crybaby and bedwetter who's weaker than me.
But you're sometimes cute, Dong Man.
But if you hide this,
nobody will know that you're a dork.
So open your eyes wide
and say, "I'll never cry."
Think, "I'll beat all of you"
and punch them. Got it?
But I still won't marry you.
I won't marry you either.
I won't marry you.
(Fight For My Way)
People have to do what they want in life.
Are you happy you got to do what you wanted?
If I do mixed martial arts,
can I make a lot of money?
If you want to make money, stay away from here.
I made myself clear.
I said I'd kill you if I ever saw you again.
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