Fight For My Way (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

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(Episode 3)
I'm so sleepy.
(Don't touch.)
The 2017 KBC announcer
- Sit and wait. I won't be long. - Thanks.
Share your creative future with KBC and
It will be slightly colder than yesterday. Wrap up.
A thin cardigan
Why don't you wrap up a bit more?
The trough of low pressure
will cause rain in some areas.
- Open wide. - Be prepared for it.
Let's check the current temperature.
Do it yourself.
Just go and do it.
- Do what? - I know you're upset since it's
around time for the open recruitment for announcers.
Forget it.
Why not? If I were born with your looks,
I'd apply and see if I could fly.
Do you think I can fly?
It's tofu, not bean sprout soup. Share with Dong Man.
See you later.
You two went to prison yesterday.
It wasn't prison.
I'm off to make money.
Open up.
Comes out
- At times - Oh dear. He'll be so embarrassed
- when he comes out. - Without knowing
Like a lost butterfly
I cried and begged
I can't hit the high notes today. Why you
I told you not to come in here.
You should've changed your passcode.
0070 is so easy to remember.
What body lotion do you use?
Do you think you're Song Seung Heon? Your eyebrows
It's delicious.
It's so itchy. Is it because I didn't wash my hair?
Let's try not meet in the mornings.
I just prefer seeing you in the evening.
Why do you want to see me in the evenings?
Who is it that you're ignoring the call?
It's a telemarketer.
Why are you being so nosy?
Did she call you?
She didn't, so eat up.
I told her clearly back then
that I'd kill her if she showed up around you again.
Wait and see if I'm true to my words.
Hello, how have you been?
I miss everyone.
Do you know what she's doing now?
I think her name was Ae Ra.
Yes, that's right, Choi Ae Ra.
No, we weren't close.
I thought she'd be in my field by now.
What? At a department store?
you got back from changing and found this here?
What could it be?
Who'd leave this here?
Did a terrorist leave it?
What do you think?
Should I open it?
Why not? Do you have a bad feeling too?
This was packed by an expert.
It looks like the packaging alone cost 20 dollars.
What if the owner comes back and demands compensation?
Let's leave it then.
I'll put out a broadcast and ask if someone lost it.
Let's leave it here for now.
(Reject Call)
Answer your phone, or I'll go to where you live.
One gimbap, please.
Hey, Ae Ra.
Park Hye Ran is eating a dollar gimbap right now.
Is this reality?
Aren't you going to eat?
I'm dieting.
Then why are you here?
I bought it for someone.
But coincidentally, I saw you here.
What are the chances?
Was it really a coincidence?
Park Hye Ran, a conglomerate family's daughter-in-law,
happened to show up at a dollar gimbap place
by my job during my lunch break.
That's a coincidence?
Nothing happens by coincidence with you.
Since we met anyway, give me Dong Man's number.
Or his address.
Why do you care?
I have no reason to tell you.
You know his number, right?
No, I don't.
You don't?
We don't keep in touch anymore,
ever since he got married and moved away.
It felt strange calling a married man.
That's proper etiquette.
I see. Is that right?
You know what that is, don't you?
Leave Dong Man alone.
Don't think about him and stay away from him.
You are such a busybody, as always.
This is so heavy.
If you exterminate the mites,
I'll work on the bidet and filter
You want me to do the fumigation?
That's your part.
We need to do our own parts to finish quickly.
Do you like dividing up the duties?
But you know, in Korea,
we follow hierarchy. You know, seniority.
So are you telling me
to do everything myself?
Why are you asking?
You sound like you haven't served in the military.
Does this work? My bad. Sorry.
My gosh.
They're so stingy.
Why are they making us eat the cherries?
I like it. It's like break time.
- It tastes good. - We need to shoot people
eating the cherries, so look like they taste good.
- Okay. - Okay.
Also, mix it with the salad and yogurt too.
Yes, sir.
- Okay. - Okay.
I said not the yogurt.
Let's start.
Smile more, please.
What are they saying? Why are they smiling?
"Me too"? "Me too" what?
Me too.
What's wrong with her?
- Oh no. - Are you okay?
Someone help! I think she's choking!
Step aside.
Can you do it, Dong Man?
Why does Sul Hee get to play Snow White?
Because she is.
- Got a problem with that? - You're just a tree.
I'm a special tree.
You just have to kiss Sul Hee now.
I don't want to.
What's wrong with you?
Just do it!
Kiss her!
My fantasy was always being Snow White.
And now, finally,
I felt like I became Snow White.
Why would you put cherries in yogurt?
You eat cherries by themselves! Not with yogurt!
You can just dip it if you want!
Just dip it!
I'm so sick of my stupid IBS.
The person who left behind their spare battery
in the third floor women's department,
please come pick it up
- right away. - What's that?
Isn't that Mr. Kim?
Why is he making the announcement?
Who says, "battery" like that?
The PA girl suddenly took
three months off.
She's getting married.
Mr. Kim. Here.
What is it this time? You're scaring me.
I thought you'd be extra tired today.
You have your own job, plus the announcements.
What is it? Say what you want.
It's what I've been asking you for a while already.
To give me a heads up if the PA position opens up.
You are quite the ambitious one, aren't you?
You must've been flustered by the sudden resignation.
People like me need to act quickly in these situations.
People like you?
People on your side.
Mr. Kim, you have the best eye.
You should be a doctor.
It looked like your own wife was dying.
I learned the Heimlich maneuver during training.
Sure. I hope you'll work hard
on cleaning up too.
Oh, my head.
Why that
- Mr. Kim. - Yes?
You were super cool. A real knight in shining armor.
It made me wish I had eaten that cherry.
It isn't that complicated.
Just don't burp into the microphone.
I'll hold interviews no matter who may come.
You can give it a shot then too.
If you do well then, you can make this seat yours.
How dare someone who served
as a private lecture an Army sharp shooter sergeant
about respecting seniority? Why that
Gosh, I can't take this anymore.
(Ae Ra)
You have such a bad timing, Ae Ra.
What do you want? Why are you calling me?
How dare you order me to come?
What? There's big news?
So you're going to do the in-house broadcasting today?
Wait. But why did you ask me to come over?
You should be here to witness the historical moment.
You also need to do something for me.
My first broadcast starts at 3:30pm.
It'll be my debut, so please record it for me.
You want me to record it? My goodness.
You're making me do such ridiculous stuff.
We only have 20 minutes left until the live broadcast.
I should hurry up and wait beneath the speaker.
My gosh, you really know how to do a good job.
Okay, let's go.
Here's an announcement for all our customers.
Outdoor wear are on sale on the eighth floor.
If you're interested, please make a visit.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement.
My gosh, she did a great job.
She's as good as Baek Ji Yeon. Don't you think?
My gosh, what should I do?
Hey, she just said her name, right?
Gosh, why would she say her name?
Put on your gloves. You'll burn yourself.
Outdoor wear are on sale on the eighth floor.
If you're interested, please make a visit.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement.
My gosh.
What should I do?
Why? Is there something wrong?
It sounded perfect to me.
What should I do?
so happy.
I'm really happy.
I guess people really need to do what they love.
Now that you've done what you love,
are you that happy?
I could die.
An unknown box is being kept
at the information desk on the first floor.
The person who used to be at the information desk?
Oh, are you talking about Ae Ra?
She's the one who's talking right now.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for now.
- Let's have spicy pig's feet and soju. - Where?
I'm not Cindy Jung,
but Choi Ae Ra of Lucky Department Store.
Make sure to bring the receipt and come to get revenge.
Take your hand off me, you pervert.
Don't follow me.
My gosh.
Let's go.
My goodness.
I'm sorry for cursing at you earlier.
Why were you following me?
No, it's just that
I got this for you, but it was in the Lost and Found.
What is it?
Ae Ra, once you get off work, wear these sneakers
and come to the gate. I'll be waiting. From Moo Bin.
When you kicked the rearview mirror last time,
you broke your heels.
I got you these so that you can walk comfortably
the next time you have to kick anything.
These are air sneakers.
Do you think this is funny?
Are you guys betting on shoes this time?
No, that's not it.
I feel extremely uncomfortable having to look at you.
So quit this joke, and let's not see each other again.
I want to be with you.
I missed you.
After I saw you that night, I kept thinking of you.
I spent so many nights coming up with this idea
so that I could come and see you tonight.
This is a brand new jacket.
I even got a haircut today.
I also made a reservation at a restaurant,
and I even filled my car up with gasoline.
That was a bit cute.
Why did you fill your car up with gasoline?
Well, just in case you wanted to go for a drive
or go to Mount Nam.
That's so lame.
By any chance,
do you have a boyfriend?
What will you do if I don't?
Then try going on 10 dates with me.
I'm confident.
I'll do my best.
I do my best in everything.
My gosh, why are you so straight-forward?
Well, it's because you're so pretty.
Other guys might also be after you.
Ae Ra, try these on and see if they fit.
I think your foot size is around 230mm.
It's 235mm.
Then they'll fit you perfectly. Please try them on.
Try them on like Cinderella tried on her glass shoes.
My foot size is 245mm.
Should I try squishing my feet inside these sneakers?
(Martial arts)
(The Path of Martial Arts)
Now that you've done what you love,
are you that happy?
I could die.
Go. Go.
(No yo-yo syndrome)
Why does he keep making sudden visits?
That jerk is here again.
Let me ask you just one question.
If, by any chance,
I decide to start martial arts
Yes? Go on.
Will I be able to make a lot of money?
Can I make money with mixed martial arts
when I get old and can't fight in matches?
Why do you keep bringing up money?
Is money all that matters in life?
Instead of money, you should think about your dreams,
and heart, and give your best shot at life.
I must have money to dream and care about others.
Gosh, you're too young to be tainted by the world.
want to buy a house for my mom
and a brand, new car for my dad.
These are my wishes, but I need money for them.
People say money isn't important, but it is.
I ask because I can't do this just to fulfill my dream.
Besides, I have to protect Dong Hee until the end.
I can't give this a shot if I were to fail.
Darn it!
So can I make a lot of money doing mixed martial arts?
If you want to make money, stay away from here.
Don't even show your face to me, you jerk.
I'm worried I might want to do this.
I'm afraid that this might be what I want to do!
- Forget about it. - You are a man.
How can you still not be over it?
I won't do it. Do whatever you are supposed to do.
- Tak Su. - Why is he being such a jerk about it?
Dad, so today,
I really did make announcements.
I did!
Of course.
"I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement."
This was it. I'll send you the recording.
So you are going to do it tomorrow and the day after?
If that's the case, I will visit you tomorrow.
- I'll close the shop and go. - I think
Ae Ra might be doing something.
- I don't know. - How can I not go? My daughter
finally made announcements.
Why don't we do this? Let's have lunch tomorrow.
I'll open for the morning and be there. I'll hang up.
Gosh, I'm so proud.
- Gosh. - Hey,
bring us sea bream sashimi.
You had sea bream?
Why haven't you brought it out?
You. Don't even think about paying for this.
Everything including the sea bream is on me.
Why? Is Ae Ra getting married?
That's not what matters now.
I became the dad of an anchor for the department store.
Goodness, he drives me crazy.
Why is he coming all the way to Seoul? It's lame.
Hey, you crazy moron.
Gosh, are you a gangster?
- Get up. - Gosh.
Darn it.
This is nice.
Should an anchor go home standing on the bus?
Sul Hee.
Is that tteokbokki that you're holding?
Is that from the three-way intersection?
Do you have beer in that bag?
Do you have soju too?
- Soju, beer, and tteokbokki - Gosh, unbelievable.
I have to check if you two are on drugs.
- Drug test, drug test - Drug test, drug test
You two look like you lost your senses.
- Where's Joo Man? - At work. He won't come home.
Joo Man became a big shot. He's working late.
He really looks like an office worker.
Anyway, that's why I am free tonight.
- I'm free tonight. - Sul Hee.
Sul Hee, it's pronounced "free".
This is so refreshing.
I can't leave this place because of this Namil Bar.
By the way, don't you think the new landlord
hasn't found out about this place yet, right?
But have you two seen the new landlord?
I haven't seen the landlord on the fifth floor either.
She's Nam Il's mom. It's the name of the villa.
- Just like Sulhee Jokbal? - Yes.
So the real landlord of this villa moved in.
That's what the laundromat lady told me.
By the way, she is a bit odd.
- What? - The new landlord.
She's odd.
Could she be a ghost?
No one has seen her coming in or out.
It's weird that she suddenly moved in.
Why do I keep hearing people talking?
- That's a lot of soju. - It tastes better this way.
Here we go.
Thank you.
Give me the bomb shot too.
- Really? - Don't give it to her.
If she gets drunk, I have to take care of her.
One shot of soju makes her crawl.
- Let me just have a taste. - Hey.
Hey, did something happen?
- Did you and Joo Man have a fight? - No.
It's not that.
Isn't it funny to attach jewelries on your nails?
Why? Did someone put jewelries on her nails?
The new intern at my company did.
Yesterday, her sleeves were lacy
and wore a princess outfit.
Today, she wore a pink skirt suit.
Is she pretty?
Don't you think she's trying to show off?
She's ridiculous.
So is she pretty?
Why? Did she hit on Joo Man?
He won't fall for her even if she does.
Forget it. She's just someone at work.
So answer me. Is she pretty? Am I invisible?
Why are you treating me like a ghost?
So I have a question now.
Women don't like
mixed martial arts, do they?
- Mixed martial arts? - Yes.
Don't those fighters bleed?
Well, not really. They don't bleed.
- Hey. - What?
What are you up to these days?
What are you doing?
Don't act like my grandmother.
You punk.
I'm sleepy.
Sul Hee, you are going to call Joo Man, right?
Hey, try playing hard to get.
I won't call him.
If you're interested,
please make a visit.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement.
I am Choi Ae Ra, and that's it for the announcement.
Are you that happy?
Doesn't my voice resemble Baek Ji Yeon's?
How did you manage to live without being an anchor?
Give it your best shot. Try it even if you might fail.
I think they are recruiting anchors now.
I won't.
You told me you perform well in front of a microphone.
That's why you are using a microphone at your desk.
- I won't do it. - Why?
I don't want to be a prop.
- A prop? - It says the school I attended
and age aren't of importance. It's all a lie.
Don't just tell me to chase my dream. What about yours?
My dream is
to be rich.
What a stupid dream.
It sounds stupid but so identifiable as well.
How dare you.
When you become rich, will you make me a rich madam?
See, this is why I can't become rich.
Hey, relax your arm.
I am relaxed.
When we were in school, we had to
write down what we wanted to be.
The teachers said we could be anything.
Now that I'm older
The adults duped us clueless kids in many ways.
I wrote everything from winning the Miss Korea
to becoming the president.
Back then,
my dream changed almost every day.
(The market, 1993)
What will you be when you grow up?
A skewered rice cake.
I'll be a skewered rice cake when I grow up.
(Red Devil)
- Dong Man. - Goodness.
Sit down.
I'll become Yoon Do Hyun!
The national competition's coming up.
Send me to Seoul!
Skewered rice cake.
What's your dream now?
Let's say I don't have one.
Why must we say you don't have one?
It's better to pretend to not have a dream.
Having one will only make you feel pathetic.
You're right. What's the point in dreaming
when your reality blows?
Dreaming of reading the news only infuriates me.
I won't dream anymore.
Do we all need to dream?
Society works even when someone like me doesn't dream.
Don't fall asleep.
I'll just leave you here.
You could end up with
a lopsided face for sleeping up here.
Do you know what facial nerve palsy is?
You could get that.
Hey, you
You have tiny nostrils.
You have great skin for someone so ugly.
It's so
soft and smooth.
Don't do that.
Do what?
I let you off the last time.
You hugged me on the way back from the police station.
I remember it clearly.
Oh, that?
You don't have to remember it clearly.
I'm warning you. Don't you dare
touch me again.
What? This is just unbelievable.
Someone would think that
I groped you or molested you or something.
from the countryside, so I get the wrong idea.
You don't think much. You're practically a moron.
Puberty barely hit you and ran off,
so I can do this
or this.
I could do something like this
or this
and you'd feel nothing, but I
I feel almost sick.
Don't make me want to vomit.
Don't touch me. Don't cross the line.
Why How could she just
touch me up like that?
Why is it so hot?
It's so warm.
I'm burning up.
(Namil Villa PSA)
What's that?
A bag for your laptop.
It came in the post yesterday.
It's made with Italian cowhide
and it's extremely light.
I got it online for a bargain.
- For how much? - 300 dollars.
- 300 dollars? - Yes.
Do smart office workers all have one?
You can't lose out.
Well? Isn't it pretty?
Why do you keep acting like my mom?
How so?
If you carry a torn fake leather bag
and buy me an Italian cowhide bag,
do you think I'd like it?
You meet a lot of people
and sign deals. It helps to look smart.
I don't want to be a son to you.
Let's not be like a family.
Can't we have fun and enjoy life?
- Okay? - Honey.
Don't you like me anymore?
You silly, I say this because I like you.
You silly thing. You can be so infuriating.
It's been a while since we kissed.
Here comes your wife.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
Dong Man's fan.
His best friend.
That's me.
What? You're Dong Man's best friend?
Is it you then?
We're all best friends to each other.
Go on. He's waiting for you.
- Go on. - He's such a nuisance.
Hello, morning sundae.
Do you do business here in the mornings too?
You told me not to come and see you.
After all that yelling,
you came to see me the very next day.
What? What?
You're actually quite clingy.
- Ouch. - Move.
Don't pretend to actually open up.
What do you want?
Will you do it for me?
Let's hear it first.
Will you do it for me?
Have a great day.
Go! Get lost!
What are you doing?
I bought those for 198 dollars each to go with you.
Throw them away or sell them. I don't care.
You're such a nuisance. Do you know that?
You won't even grant me a simple wish.
You're a jerk, a traitor.
What time is it?
You have eyes. See for yourself!
Testing for the morning broadcast.
Testing for the morning broadcast.
It can be tough.
I'll come over and help you out sometimes.
My goodness. You're here early, Ms. Choi.
Who is she?
Well, you see
I'm the new announcer.
What's going on?
What happened?
Let's go outside.
- We'll talk outside. - But
Is there a problem? What's all this fuss?
A recommendation from the last announcer
and the announcer academy Well
For many complicated reasons, I had to
hire her as the new internal broadcaster.
You said there would definitely be an interview.
It's unfair to not give me a shot.
This is about trust between labor and management.
Labor and management?
Is there a labor union in our company?
This could be the catalyst to
a labor issue.
- Be quiet. - Why are you so thoughtless?
Let's interview. Fairly.
Let's go.
Thank you.
I'm so tired.
If you suddenly pass on your job to me
Are you angry?
That's not it.
Look. She wants to break up with me.
Do you think I want to kill mites right now?
You did that to me last time too. And again today
She wants to break up with me. How could I not drink?
You can drink. Sure. But
if we get double-booked and the customer complains
like last time, our branch will look bad
- Pull over. - Sorry?
Pull over.
(Doctor for You)
Do you feel nauseated? Why did you
Dong Man.
Hey. Are you lecturing me?
I'm sorry.
You clenched your teeth.
Must I get your permission to clench my teeth?
- No, right? - Why you punk.
Do it again.
Are you upset?
Are you?
Clench your teeth again.
Clench your teeth again!
I'm sorry. I'll be better.
Just quit then.
Please quit.
I won't stop you!
Whatever! That punk.
I came because you said it was mine. I'm so annoyed.
So you talk to that jerk again.
Your husband got scared once she brought up labor law.
What's the use in owning a department store?
Take care of it!
US has increased their production of gasoline.
Thus, everyone is watching carefully
to see how it affects gas prices
here in Korea.
Your enunciation is superb. Just like an academy grad.
Next. Do you have something prepared?
Please check out the food section in the basement.
Domestic oxtail is on sale right now. Domestic oxtail.
For only 20 dollars per kg. Limited time only.
If you are planning a trip abroad with your alums,
you should hurry downstairs. Don't miss out.
I'd like to go with the oxtail sale.
Well Still,
a more professional feeling
Would discussing
gas prices be very useful in making announcements
at a department store?
I believe knowing the store is more important.
Yun Ji, how old are you?
I'm 23 years old. 23.
I see.
I believe there was no age requirement.
Then after adding up the various scores,
we'll go with Yun Ji.
Miss Choi, you should return to your post
and work hard on what you were assigned.
I should go back down.
I didn't graduate from an academy, I'm old,
and have no connections, so naturally,
I should lose.
You never
should've bothered saying
you'd give me an interview.
What are you looking at?
May I have your attention, please?
We are having
a special event on housewares.
If you are interested, please head to the event hall.
Dad. Don't come up.
Yes, ma'am. How may I help you?
Where's the bathroom?
- This way, ma'am. - Thank you.
What's with you?
I didn't even ask you to come this time.
Is something wrong?
I was passing by and thought I'd eat with you.
You wear this to make announcements too?
Did you make announcements today?
You know me.
I can't sit still all day long.
I started getting stiff
and felt so trapped.
I couldn't handle it.
So I quit.
My dad's too busy to come up anyway. It's for the best.
Why are you turning around?
This is a fort.
My back is ridiculously wide. No one can see you.
So what?
Just cry.
You're funny.
It isn't cool
to act tough when you want to cry.
It's cool to cry when you want to.
Who wants to cry?
Why are people such jerks?
How could they give and then take it away?
You were so happy.
You were jumping for joy. How could they cut you?
I'm so upset.
Cover me well.
If anyone I know sees me, I'll just die.
I really want to do it.
Why can't I ever get what I want?
It's tasty.
You know how I buy you sausages all the time?
Did you tell your mom?
I did, but she still wants me to quit.
- Why? - I don't know.
Did you get hit again?
Do 100 kicks.
You keep coming by.
Coach, I got hit.
You got hit? By whom?
A jerk who ended his service as a private
kicked me in front of a crowd of people.
And I got hit here four times by a tiny fist.
Why are you both getting beaten up? I'm so upset!
Is that why you're here?
- You can go if you want. - Who was it?
Want me to beat them up?
Not that.
You said it's at 8pm.
You'll go? Really?
Sure. We can go. You said it's your wish.
You're not on the bus, right?
There's no need to come.
I quit because the PA room was too stuffy.
I'm eating now.
Why are you asking what I'm eating?
Like you'd know what it was.
Why do you always ask what I eat, Dad? It's annoying.
You're the one who's annoying me.
Do you think I'm starving or something?
You're always asking if I'm eating well.
Every single time.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
This way.
This is the last of our martial arts career together.
Let's have fun here and close the book for good.
You sound like you'll never see me again.
Let's stop seeing each other as coach and player.
Let's be friends now.
What was that just now?
No. We can't be friends.
Let's go.
He's so pig-headed.
What do you think? Isn't it fun?
Isn't it entertaining?
Isn't your heart racing?
Aren't you getting worked up?
When will it end? It's so long.
There's one fight left.
The kid coming up dominated after just two years.
He's got great legs
Anyway, he does.
Just watch. Okay?
Now, for the main event.
Here comes Kim Tak Su!
(Kim Tak Su)
In the red corner,
Tak Su Kim!
Watch. Watch how he's living now.
You did stupid things together.
Why must you hang your head?
Why are you being so cruel to me?
(Friends Dictionary)
What are you doing? I said not to touch me.
You're so ugly.
("You're so ugly" means)
Darn it.
Hey. What is this smell from your hair?
Did you have pork ribs?
You look like a hog too.
(That just means you're ugly.)
Hey. Stop touching my hair. I don't like it.
I'll kill you.
Must I know what you've eaten?
Gross. I'm going home.
(Fight For My Way)
Ae Ra, let's go on a date tomorrow.
I'll plan the entire evening.
Are you here to see me?
- Are you afraid I'd make a comeback? - You punk.
Hey you, Tak Su!
If I see you in a ring, you're dead.
I'll feel better when I see you go in.
Ae Ra!
Why are you in front of my house?
I'm going to date Ae Ra officially.
Guys and girls can't be friends.
He and I are like siblings.
We aren't siblings.
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