Fight For My Way (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

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(Episode 4)
RFC Lightweight Pro Fight.
Please cheer for Kim Tak Su.
In the red corner,
Tak Su Kim!
Why are you being so cruel to me?
Aren't you being cruel to yourself?
Look at him.
Watch. Watch how he's living now.
You did stupid things together.
Why must you hang your head?
That's what you call winning.
Here are the fighters of the RFC Lightweight Pro Fight.
In the red corner. Height, 181cm.
Weight, 70kg.
Professional MMA record, 23 wins and 4 losses.
Tiger MMA with a specialty in taekwondo.
The pride of Korean lightweight fighters.
Kim Tak Su!
He's looking good.
Ready, fight!
Take your time.
Go, go. Go.
That's it.
Right, right.
- Breathe. - Right side.
That's it.
- Nice one! - Another KO win for Kim Tak Su.
A KO win just one minute into the match.
He used his specialty, the roundhouse kick.
I don't think anyone can defeat him.
Tak Su is quite impressive.
He is so powerful.
That's yours.
Him of all people
shouldn't be the one to use your specialty.
(Taekwondo National Team Selection, 2007)
Dong Man.
I don't want you to make it tougher for yourself.
If you get too tired during the match,
you don't have to get up.
Why are you making things hard for everyone?
If you give in,
we can all be happy.
No one will be happy.
No one in my family
wants me to lose.
I'll win the gold medal,
pay off my dad's debts,
and make my mom's life better.
I'm going to fix Dong Hee myself too.
So I won't lose.
Dong Man, are you nervous?
Don't be nervous. You trained hard.
Step lightly,
and take him down easily and go to Beijing.
They fly the national team business class.
Have you ever flown business? The chair lays flat.
Dong Man.
Hello, sir. You never come to the tournaments.
Win, okay?
Lose, and I'll kill you.
I won't lose.
Your son never loses.
Just watch, okay?
Ko Dong Man is going to Beijing!
(National Taekwondo Institute)
Dong Man, you can do it.
Back off.
Step back.
That's it!
- That's it! - Yes!
- Dong Man, you can do it. - Start!
Dong Man! You can do it!
Go, Dong Man!
Let's go, Dong Man!
Get up.
- Concentrate, you punk! - One.
- Two. - What are you doing?
- Get up! - 3, 4, 5.
- Again. Go for 3. - 6, 7, 8.
I heard Dong Man's sister can walk
if she gets surgery.
Cut and go in.
I've paid the overdue hospital bills
for Dong Man's sister.
Dong Man.
- 1, 2. - Get up!
3, 4.
- Dong Man! - 5, 6.
- Get up! - Get up!
- Get up! - What's wrong with you?
- Dong Man! Get up! - Get up!
- Dong Man! - Get up!
- Dong Man! - If you don't get up,
I'll never talk to you again! I won't play with you!
Dong Man! Dong Man!
We'll pay you back by tomorrow.
Give me your account number and leave.
If you'd let Tak Su win the spot on the national team,
his wealthy father will pay off your husband's debts
- You scumbag. - Oh my gosh.
Would you have your own child do that?
Would you tell your child to lose for money?
Get out. Get out of my house!
Get out, you jerk!
(Ko Dong Man's heading to Beijing!)
Win, okay? Lose, and I'll kill you.
I won't lose.
Your son never loses.
Kim Tak Su wins.
Kim Tak Su!
We need to talk.
- Why? - Something's off.
He just grazed him, so why?
It wasn't that he couldn't get up,
but he didn't.
(Press Conference: National Team Qualifier Fix)
Is he banned from competing again?
Of course.
Why is a young kid so into money already?
Dong Man, go in there alone. Okay?
- Earn your pay. - Tak Su.
- What? Let go. - Seriously.
We were caught because he was so obvious.
I'm going to be disciplined too because of him.
Hey, Choi. Why is this scumbag such a jerk?
Hey. What did you just say?
You lack skills, paid your way up, and hurt Dong Man.
How dare you blame him?
Tak Su's father has an election coming up next year,
so he doesn't want Tak Su gaining attention for this.
So? So what?
You want Dong Man to be his bulletproof vest?
You don't want to do it? Dong Man, you won't do it?
Then give back the money.
I won't go in,
so pay back your sister's hospital bills.
Hey, hey, hey. Come here.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
Shut it, punk.
Hey. How could you make a fool of your coach like this?
How could you do this without even consulting me?
Darn it. Am I just a coach to you? Am I?
You didn't know what was going on.
You'll be blamed for nothing.
I'll go by myself. You should
You should just leave.
If your face gets in the papers, you can't even teach.
You idiot. Is this funny to you?
Come with me.
- There he is. - Please tell us what happened.
- Is it true? - Look this way please.
Please tell us
Why isn't he coming out?
Does he plan to watch the whole thing alone?
Darn it.
There he is!
You were great!
- You're awesome! - You rocked!
You're so hot!
We'll make a public announcement.
I'll post it soon.
Aren't you Ko Dong Man?
Ko Dong Man?
Do you know him?
It's been a while.
Yes, it has, Dong Man.
What brings you here?
Why are you here?
Someone gave me tickets to the fight.
So why are you watching fights?
Tak Su, come on. He can watch fights. Why are you
Are you here
to see me?
Why? Do you need more money?
Tak Su. People are watching.
Since I'm doing well,
are you hoping to pick up some scraps?
I see.
True. That beggar's mentality would never change.
Dong Man, any time I see you, I feel like crud.
So don't hang around me, got it?
Don't even come near the octagon.
If you show up and act out again,
you'll mess up my life again.
Are you
Why are you rambling on? How humiliating.
This punk. Listen to him talk.
Are you afraid I'll make a comeback?
Hey. You were an ace 10 years ago.
You still have a mouth on you, don't you?
- Cameras, cameras. - Let go.
You need to crush these losers properly.
Gosh, I almost forgot.
What happened to your sister?
Can she walk now?
Kim Tak Su!
What? "Kim Tak Su"?
If you're going to copy my move, do it properly.
I I I can't believe this.
Don't get scared already. It's only the beginning.
If we ever meet in the ring,
you're dead.
- My gosh, wait. - Mr. Kim Tak Su.
My goodness.
(ID pictures for cabin crew and announcers)
- I think the black box is working. - Who are they?
Why are they gathered in front of my truck?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Excuse me. I need to take my truck out.
Are you the owner of this sundae truck?
He's here.
Sir, is your dash cam working right now?
Yes. Why?
Please sell us the video footage of it.
Why? Did something happen here?
Kim Tak Su got knocked out in front of your truck.
What? That crazy jerk.
How did he do that?
(Kim Tak Su got knocked out.)
I'll improve myself. I'm sorry.
You Are you crazy?
Which unit did you serve in the army?
I was only
I'll do better next time.
Where are you?
Are you kidding me right now? Where are you?
Clench your teeth again.
Clench your teeth again!
Don't even come near the octagon.
I guess people really need to do what they love.
Are you happy now?
Are you doing anything intensely?
I don't think I can do a good job.
You always tell me to quit if that's all I can do.
But you see,
that's the best I can do because I don't like that job.
So you know what?
I'm going to quit!
I'm going to quit! I quit!
I don't care now. I'll just go for it!
(Round 4: Just Go for It!)
- Coach! - My gosh, you surprised me.
Where in the world were you? You've caused a ruckus.
Jang Ho!
You little punk.
- I want to do it! - Do what?
I really want to do it!
I'm going to do martial arts!
I'm going to do it! I'm going to do it!
Are you being serious?
I don't care about anything. I'll just go for it.
You told me to not care and give it a go.
You're not saying this after getting drunk, right?
Okay! Let's do this!
Ae Ra.
You surprised me. Are you a stalker?
I heard that women like these kinds of surprises.
Women don't like it when guys show up unexpectedly.
It's only because I miss you all the time.
I have a three-hour break.
But I already used an hour to wait for you.
I only have two hours left.
So can you please get in the car?
- Cheers! - Cheers!
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Let us hear a couple words from our new recruits.
I'm Kim Chan Ho of the sales team. I'll do my best!
Hello, I'm Jang Ye Jin. I hope we get along well.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Please give us 2 bottles of soju, 3 bottles of beer,
- some greens, and wet tissues. - Sun Hee
really is quick with keeping things in order.
- My name is Sul Hee. - I know. Sul Hee.
- I said Sul Hee. - You called me Sun Hee.
Didn't you say that your parents
sell pig's feet at a market in the countryside?
I guess that's why she's so good at cutting meat.
We should always bring her to all of our team dinners.
- Okay? - Yes, sir.
- Hey, Joo Man. About that - Yes?
My goodness, you don't need to do that.
Who makes female workers pour drinks these days?
I should be the one to pour you a drink. Here.
No, I'll pour her a drink.
Let me pour you a drink.
I can't drink that well, so just pour me a little bit.
Okay. I won't give you that much.
My goodness. Ye Jin's face became red
after Joo Man poured her a drink.
You can't make female workers pour alcohol these days.
You said you don't have a girlfriend, right?
Shouldn't you get married?
I need to make money.
What do you think about Jang Ye Jin, the new recruit?
I think she likes you.
If you start dating her, you can quit right away.
Her family sells pig's feet.
Granny Park's Pig's Feet.
Her family owns that brand.
Hey, look at those two.
One looks like a black-and-white TV,
and the other looks like a color TV.
I don't like the fact that the prince charming
is driving me home.
You have arrived at your destination.
You should have dropped me off at the station.
You didn't have to drop me off in front of my house.
So your house is really located here?
What do you mean by "really located here"?
I'll get going now.
Already? We just got here.
Then what? Do you want to have ramyeon at my house?
Why do you look so scared?
I guess you like jjolmyeon, not ramyeon.
I mean I like both ramyeon and jjolmyeon a lot.
You like both of them.
Do you know that it's fun to tease you, Moo Bin?
You must've had a hard time when you were in school.
What do you mean it's fun to tease me?
You're cute.
I am not cute.
I won't be cute.
Your route has been off the course.
Your route has been off the course.
I got it, you wench.
I guess shoe thieves are still active these days.
Why did this thief only steal one of the pair?
Is he perverted or something?
- Who is the owner of vehicle 0824? - That's me.
- You called for chauffeur service? - Yes.
That's your car, Ye Jin?
Oh, my. Your car is quite nice.
I will get going now.
- All right. See you tomorrow, Ye Jin. - Bye.
Joo Man,
don't you live in Oksu-dong? I pass through there.
Should I drop you off on the way?
- Get on. Hurry and get on the car. - Gosh.
No, that's fine. I have plans after this.
I see.
You should go.
You are quite stubborn.
I'll feel better when I see you go in.
I live right there. There's no need for that.
Gosh, aren't you nice?
If you live right there, then those shirts are
(Talented Feet)
No. I live over there. All the way there.
I see. All the way there.
Ae Ra, it seems like you like gold.
Why did the landlord put that thing there?
Ae Ra, don't say hi to the tenant on the second floor.
I have a bad feeling about that man.
Why do you think that a man lives there?
Ae Ra!
Gosh, you started me.
Why did you have to come now? Wait
Crazy jerk. I told you not to do things like that.
I quit my job.
I am going to do mixed martial arts from now on.
What? Are you serious?
With this mixed martial arts career, I will make
a good life for Mom, Dad, Dong Hee, Coach, and you.
I'm going to turn our lives around.
- Who is he? - He is
- He's my friend. - Hey, Moo Bin.
Why are you in front of our house?
- Our house? - He lives across from mine.
It's not the same house. He lives next door.
By the way, do you know each other?
- We're high school alumni. - We're alumni.
But why are you in front of our house?
I dropped Ae Ra off here.
I am going to date her officially.
We don't have to date officially not just yet.
So don't hug her like that.
Moo Bin,
I think you have gotten the wrong idea.
Dong Man and I are like
We are best friends.
Ae Ra, guys and girls can't be friends.
It's an excuse to keep the other one in your reach
because you don't want to date that person.
I don't want you to be friends with him.
We are not just friends.
He and I are like siblings.
We are
not siblings though.
- What? - We aren't siblings.
I don't like it too.
I don't want you
to date him whether it's official or not.
You have never meddled with my dating life before.
I don't know.
But I don't like it now.
(Administration Manager)
Shouldn't you get going now?
- I - Bye.
- I'll have that ramyeon. - What did you say, punk?
You asked me if I wanted ramyeon before.
Have you gone mad?
I said it to tease him.
When I go back to the emergency room,
I won't get to eat anything.
I'll be too hungry.
We can have ramyeon together, can't we?
Let's go up together. I'll cook you ramyeon.
I am really good at cooking ramyeon.
I can't let this fly. I ought to tell your dad.
- What? - I'll tell him that since you live alone,
you are about to have ramyeon with a guy.
I am going to tell him. I'll let him know.
Where is his number?
Gosh, what is wrong with you today?
Are you drunk?
Are you going to cook him ramyeon?
What is it to you if I cook him ramyeon
or a meal with 18 side dishes?
- Gosh. - All right. I understand.
It might have been too soon. That wasn't gentlemanlike.
You think so too, don't you?
I thought that you could have been a womanizer.
Please invite me to your house later.
Today, let's buy ramyeon and eat it here.
It's on me.
What's the matter with you two?
I want ramyeon too.
I want to eat ramyeon too.
Thank you, Moo Bin.
If you went to the same high school together,
were you two close?
- Not at all. - Not at all.
I couldn't be friends with just anybody.
Especially with jerks who kept chirping.
I wasn't friends with mere athletes.
Our teacher punished him a lot.
Gosh, it's hot.
Did you want to eat ramyeon this badly?
Ae Ra, I really went out of my way to meet you today.
I might get fired when I go back to the hospital later.
Why did you do that?
We could have met another time.
I had to see you.
From the first day I met you until today,
I thought about you a few dozen times.
I thought about you about 50 times a day.
If I don't see you, I can't do anything.
Gosh, I'm so hot.
I see. You are quite straightforward, aren't you?
Ae Ra, let's go on a date tomorrow.
I'll plan the entire evening. Full-course.
Full-course? Goodness.
Now that I think about it, you like pulling surprises.
You startled me.
What is it?
Hey, your ramyeon is getting soggy.
Stop chatting and eat up. Let's go home soon.
Why did you pull my chair?
You didn't have to pull my chair.
You startled me.
Why were you startled? You didn't know I'd be here?
I was thinking about something.
You're right. There might be people from our workplace.
Why are you eating ice cream after eating so much meat?
You spilled some.
I was hungry. I was too busy grilling meat to eat any.
Do you have to wear a uniform?
Aren't these hard to clean?
We can dress casually if we want to.
Why do you always wear a uniform then?
Don't you want to look pretty?
Then I'd have to rotate at least three outfits a week.
I can't afford all that. I prefer the uniform.
I can buy you some clothes.
Why don't you ever ask me for something?
I got a raise and I can spend it all on you.
How can I spend that?
You earned it by buttering up your superiors
and working so hard. I can't spend it on my clothes.
Do you want that?
That's really expensive.
I'll buy it for you.
No, it's expensive.
I don't think the color suits me.
Your skin's so white that it suits you perfectly.
No, the size I mean.
It looks almost tailored. Don't you look so slim?
I don't think it's my style.
I'll pay for it.
But It's too
Oh, no.
I didn't want it. Why did you go off and pay?
Where would I go wearing this?
To work. Wear it to work!
Wear pink, your favorite color. Act prim and proper.
Don't let others walk over you. Don't grill meat!
Why are you shouting?
I told you to get it.
I didn't want the dress.
It's not my style.
What is your style?
- What? - Cheap, cheap, cheap.
That's your style.
I know very well that you ended up like this
trying to support a poor guy like me for six years.
I'm so grateful for that.
But now, it's almost suffocating.
I'm sorry, Sul Hee.
I lost my mind.
Sul Hee.
Sul Hee.
Sul Hee.
- Yes? - Can you
drop me off at the nearest subway station?
Mr. Kim, you're still here.
You'll never get a taxi. Get in.
No thanks, I'll
Get in before we cause a traffic jam.
Now, can you please leave?
You first.
I want to see you go home safely.
Okay, then. I'll head home.
- You can leave as well. - Sure.
I'll call you.
What are you doing? Why go further up?
I don't want him to know where you live.
We can come back down later.
Okay, then. Lead the way.
Let's go.
Go on home.
Go. Go on. Bye.
I said go.
You're being weird today.
Are you in a beauty pageant?
Shut it.
Let's go.
(Sul Hee)
What's this? It looks like a woman's clothing.
Oh, this?
It's pink.
Mr. Kim.
I like pink a lot.
How pretty.
Am I pretty?
Your fingernails are.
Let me off here.
Why don't you get off in front of your house?
I want to get some tteokbokki.
Can I join you?
I can call another driver and I'm feeling peckish.
- Ye Jin, I - Yes?
Some other time. I'll gather all the interns
and treat you all.
Oh, okay
Thanks for the lift.
Take care. Thank you.
Mr. Kim.
Don't call all the interns.
Treat just me.
Why just her?
Sneaky Choi, since when did you
Forget about him. Why did you quit killing bugs?
- Go get into MMA? - Yes.
I was on a high until I saw you and crashed.
So you'll quit a job that pays a salary
to beat people up in a ring?
It's an actual art of fighting.
I said no. Don't even try.
Why do you think you have a say?
You haven't exercised in 10 years.
You'll only get beaten up.
I really don't like the way you said that.
You can be an announcer after years
and I won't amount to anything?
You'd been mentioning MMA every now and then,
so I looked it up and people get punched in the eye.
They get broken noses and lose blood.
Why do you assume I'll get beaten up?
I could win.
You still get hit.
- What? - I saw it all.
You get hit whether you win or lose.
I can't let you get hit.
Oh, so
Are you saying this out of concern?
Who said I'm concerned? I don't want you to get hit.
Would you like it if Baek Hee got beaten up?
What? Are you comparing me to a dog?
Even if your pet dog gets hit, you'd get furious.
Darn it.
You're so lucky you were born a girl.
If you were a guy, I would've
You would've seen stars.
Darn it. Forget it.
Anyway, get ready to get a job tomorrow.
Or I'll get you one.
Where are you going?
Let's Let's talk some more.
Why you
This doesn't make you a tough guy.
It makes you a jerk.
What's wrong with you?
I told you, no touching. Don't touch.
Whatever. I'm going to do what I want.
Play with me.
Don't go on some full-course whatever with that punk.
"That punk"?
Why is he a punk?
Because he is. What else should I call him?
Why did you follow us when we went to eat?
Because Because I was hungry.
Why were you so weird? Why were you so immature?
Why do you care whom I see?
Then what? Should I not care at all? Are we strangers?
Yes, we're strangers. Total strangers.
- How could you say that? I'm hurt. - Hey, kiddo.
Look at me.
Darn it.
Listen to me.
You may have no clue what I'm saying,
but in the adult world, your actions are unacceptable.
Get it together.
Don't confuse a simple, country girl.
I swear I'll kill you.
Darn it, that beast.
What's with him?
Why that She used to look like Chewbacca.
Is he going through puberty or something?
Darn it. Why does she keep getting prettier?
Why are his hands so big?
You look so pretty.
I got it cleaned right away, so the stain came out.
Forget it. You can't wear this.
It makes me look short, right?
It's too spectacular.
It shows off your incredible figure too much.
- No. - Exactly. I look short.
Sul Hee.
Are you going to sleep downstairs again?
Let go.
I'm sorry. I told you I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
For everything. I'm just sorry.
Everything, what? What are you sorry for?
I'm sorry for buying you the dress,
and I was wrong for raising my voice.
Is that all?
Is that all you did wrong?
- What? - You don't even know what you did wrong.
- Sul Hee. - Forget it. We need to talk.
What's up with your skin today?
- What about it? - Did you do something?
Forget the popular, dewy look.
It's fiery.
You know fire is better than water, right?
Fiery is the best.
Your skin is fiery. You have fiery skin.
Was "fiery" a bit much?
Mister, I guess security
isn't so great in places like this, right?
How much would places like this cost?
Are these all month-to-month?
Oh my gosh.
You were a woman.
Do you want to live here?
You have over 10,000 dollars draped over your body.
Why are you asking about rent in a place like this?
I never said I'd like to live in a place like this.
And who are you to ask if I want to live here?
I am
the owner of a place like this.
I don't take in pretty girls.
- Pardon? - Pretty girls are noisy.
Their fates are noisy, and so are their lives.
I know from experience.
My fate is pretty good.
Divorce is nothing in this day and age.
Are you divorced?
This place must be a quiet, wholesome,
and peaceful villa.
I I am wholesome.
No sleepovers allowed.
We sleep separately at times.
- Why are you telling her that? - Gosh.
Aren't you Dong Man's friends?
It's you, right? Dong Man's
Yes, I am. I came to see him.
What are you doing?
Ae Ra!
Ae Ra!
Ae Ra!
How dare you come here?
You said he got married and left town.
Why'd you lie?
I felt like it. Would you have told the truth?
- I can't hear you. - What?
I need to talk to her, so be quiet.
Let's just go.
Stay still.
You're stuck to him like glue.
Dong Man isn't at your beck and call.
If you keep coming back after dumping him,
do you think he'd take you back?
Yes, I think he will.
Be honest. You think the same.
Why I ought to
I hit girls, you know.
Dong Man.
So annoying. There she goes again.
Dong Man.
Stop saying his name with that nasally voice,
will you?
- The air is so nice here. - Hey.
This is the scent of society. This is the perfect food.
Dong Man.
Dong Man.
I broke up with him.
Why Why that crazy little
How was your blind date?
Was she pretty?
She looked like Kim Hyo Jin.
- That's awesome. - Awesome.
She's totally hot?
No. Not that Kim Hyo Jin.
She must've been cute.
Dong Man.
Loser. Again?
- Zero. - Zero.
- Seven. - Bang!
- 007. - Bang!
- Get over here. - Get down.
- Drum roll! - Drum roll!
- Drink! - It's here. It's here.
- The food's here. - Just a minute.
We have a coupon for a free
Dong Man.
Dong Man.
Why are we hiding?
Then what? You want to walk out? Now?
Did you just curse right now?
Did I?
Hye Ran was like poison to Dong Man,
and we wanted to feed her poison.
Put it back on. Why are you taking off your vest?
So annoying.
I'll go for today. Answer my calls, okay?
Why can't he speak?
He must be stunned.
What is this so early in the morning?
I'll see you all again.
Hey, you.
Dong Man may be a moron,
but you know I've got his back, and I'm tough.
Me too.
Look. Please keep your nose out of it.
I'll always keep my nose "in" it,
so take me down first if you want to get to him.
Take me down too.
You'll have to shoot me first.
Ae Ra. Good luck.
Try your very best.
See you.
(Friends Dictionary)
Do you want to
come over for some noodles?
("Do you want to come over for some noodles?" means)
What was that?
- Come on. How could you die there? - Who?
- Go get some rice. - You get it.
- You get it. - You get it.
(It means just to eat noodles.)
Fine. I'll get it.
Yes! That was awesome!
(Fight For My Way)
Dong Man.
- Let's have him debut tomorrow. - What?
- This is the last match. - No.
Trust me.
I said no.
Why not? Even local kids compete.
Your coach said no, so no!
Dong Man. I know why you're doing this
with your head full of hot air.
You talked him into it, didn't you?
I did not.
Train your workers properly.
With the amount of money I spend, I have the right
to make her kneel at my feet.
- She quits as of today. - Hey.
You have no right to make her do that.
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