Fight For My Way (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

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I'll see you all again.
Hey, you.
Dong Man may be a moron,
but you know I've got his back, and I'm tough.
Me too.
Please keep your nose out of it.
I'll always keep my nose "in" it,
so take me down first if you want to get to him.
Take me down too.
You'll have to shoot me first.
Ae Ra. Good luck.
Try your very best.
See you.
(Episode 5)
Dong Man, I really missed you.
(Coach Hwang)
Dong Man, that fool. What if he falls for it again?
(Kim Tak Su got knocked down.)
So many people are out of their minds.
Why would they beat anyone up?
Wait It's
Coach Hwang.
You really didn't have to pick me up.
Let's go for your morning workout.
You have to push yourself for next year.
Why are you whispering?
You told me the crazy girl lives here.
- The microphone moron? - Oh, Ae Ra?
Hey, Dong Man.
Hey. Explain this.
Are you a gangster? Why would you go beat people?
Are you really going to go into martial arts?
I decided to go with it however it turns out.
- The life of a martial arts master - A master?
I know exactly what got you excited and jumping.
You lured him in, didn't you?
No, I didn't. I'd only do that to women.
It's true. You lured me.
He's so disloyal. Don't you think?
You better not follow that man around.
Come to the department store by lunch no matter what.
Why are you always ordering me around?
Remember we have to attend a special lesson at lunch.
Just come if I tell you to.
If you don't, I'll come to you.
I'll make a visit to this man's studio.
Go. You should go see her.
You have to eat lunch anyway.
It's just a little happening.
You know, don't you? People will forget soon.
You shouldn't run a business emotionally
- like this. - Isn't it time I get my roots touched?
I'm shooting a magazine pictorial today. Contour
my face to make it look smaller.
You lost both of your advertisement gigs.
It's no time for you to be getting your hair done.
- Aren't you going for training? - Enough nagging.
Just tell me how to put out the fire.
Let me think about it, okay?
Here, Tak Su. Tak Su.
The public Gosh.
The public is going crazy right now.
Should we start a new training schedule
for a revenge match?
We can analyze your opponent's techniques.
Hey. Will you ever wake up?
I guess not.
It's hot. I only drink cold drinks.
I don't think it's something that requires my action.
It was just a minor happening.
However, many are requesting a revenge match.
- Do you plan on doing it? - Come on.
I don't think I should fight a neighborhood thug.
I'm not in a place to get into a match like that.
Fool. He's scared.
People call him a street fighter and are interested.
However, he's nothing but a thug from the streets.
Also, if people like him get up to the octagon,
they'll come on 2 feet then crawl back out on 4.
Okay, fine. If that guy wins just once
at an amateur game, I'll let him challenge me.
I told you no already.
Stop watching garbage, and do skipping.
Let's just go into a game right away.
You had a break for 10 years.
You need to build your muscles and train more.
I never took a break.
I was a mover and a courier man. I trained my strength.
Tak Su lazed around in an air-conditioned gym,
but my muscles were built on hard work and sweat.
Taekwondo and MMA are different.
You don't have enough low attacks.
I can kick them.
Spin kick. High kick.
Flying kick. I won't lose!
Stop yelling at me, punk.
If you enter the ring in this condition,
you'll end up with injuries.
We can see whether or not I can do it.
You always said I should take the risk and try.
Why did I bring this knucklehead here?
Your coach said no, so no!
Don't watch TV. Run 10 laps around the yard.
Darn it.
(KBC Job Application)
(Submit Application)
(Application Submitted)
Are you a flight attendant or an announcer?
- Pardon? - They're slightly different.
Do I look like an announcer?
Aren't you? That's what I thought when you walked in.
You're right.
Make me look like an announcer.
Okay, an announcer it is.
Here we go. 1, 2
What are you doing?
Sorry? I was just looking at something.
What is this?
I found it on my way here.
If the broadcaster position opens up again,
I'll recommend you for it and do what I can.
From what I see,
that new girl? That girl
is pretty.
She's very pretty.
She'll probably get married right away.
You're trying to console me, right?
If she quits,
I'll support you all the way
Forget it.
A horse who decides to run in the wild
doesn't return to the barn.
Run where?
If you feel guilty for what happened,
you should show it through action.
Sure, sure. What?
Then I'll buy you lunch today.
What do you want? Seonjiguk? Pollack soup?
Well, actually
Introduce me to the head of security.
He's married.
The sundae truck opens at 7pm.
I see.
Sir! Aren't you Mr. Ko Dong Man?
- Who are you? - Me?
I'm Yang Tae Hee of Tiger MMA.
I see. Nice to meet you.
But what are you doing here?
Wait. How do you know my name?
(Hiring Security Guard)
What? Level five black belt in taekwondo?
He isn't only good in taekwondo.
He's a man of character.
He's kind of an airhead, but he's nice.
He's kind of dense, but he doesn't try anything either.
Is that a compliment or an insult?
he's pretty good looking.
It'll be nice if our security guards
look good in their black suits.
Okay, then. Tell him to come in for now.
"For now"? Why do you need to see his face?
Just What are families all about?
I owe Ms. Choi one, and Come on.
Help me out, will you?
Fine, fine.
It'd be good for us to get someone good. Hold on.
What floor? Speak up.
First floor.
That's the luxury brands.
(RFC Amateur Tournament Application)
Coach. Let's have Dong Man
debut tomorrow.
Let's win the amateur fight Tak Su mentioned tomorrow.
Let's win there and win your ticket to revenge.
But still. Tomorrow is a bit soon, no?
If not tomorrow,
you'll never be able to even make your debut.
- What? - Tak Su knows Dong Man's skills.
Why would he have set that condition?
Don't ask me. Just show your cards.
He'll cut off Dong Man's arms and legs.
Forget Seoul. Not even small towns
will accept Dong Man's application to compete.
Tak Su is a sponsor in this field, so there's no way.
Then why aren't you following suit?
I'm a believer that birds of a feather flock together.
To be honest, I
I used to be Tak Su's waiter at a club.
For several years, I cleaned up after his messes
and learned to know too much about him.
Of course, he didn't want me to become arrogant.
He's the type to make enemies left and right.
Tomorrow's amateur tournament
is the last one I can use my pull on.
Let's create a new stage together.
I understand why you want to join our side,
but I don't trust migratory birds,
and tomorrow is ridiculous.
What do you mean?
What else can you do other than kick?
Let's win his ticket to revenge before it's too late.
We can train after
Look. I promised to take responsibility for his life.
I'll check every bridge carefully before crossing them.
We won't do it. We won't.
Darn it. He's so inflexible.
Mr. Ko. I don't bet on a losing fight.
You're Ko Dong Man, the man who KOed Kim Tak Su.
That's why I'm betting my life on you.
Trust me and go with me.
Where are you? Get over here.
I'm not going.
I'll kill you.
Play it slowly.
That's it.
You're right. She did take it.
It disappeared when she walked by.
That watch costs 10,000 dollars.
- Enjoy your day. - Enjoy your day.
I said to rush over. Why are you showing up now?
What now? Why did you call me here?
Just go up to the security room on the ninth floor.
Tell them I sent you.
Why would I go to the security room?
Get a job with the security team here.
Go and tell them you can start working tomorrow.
You don't listen to a word I say.
I told you I'm going to do MMA.
Stop being stupid.
Live as you have been.
Why are you suddenly
You loved it when you grabbed the microphone.
You said one must do what they love.
Rather than end my life running in a hamster wheel,
I'm going to do something stupid.
Are you a pubescent teen?
What's wrong with you?
- I'm leaving. Bye. - Hey. Hey.
That lady.
She can't leave.
Ma'am. Did you enjoy your time here?
Did you find everything you wanted?
What is it? Do you want to say something?
Ma'am. Did you
forget to pay for anything?
If you forgot
Ma'am. Would you like some coffee or tea?
Did you by mistake
drop something in your bag
Look. Is there anything in there? Is there?
I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm sorry.
Put them back in.
Yes, of course.
Look carefully. Do you see a watch in there?
Ma'am. I never said it was a watch.
Do you know that you just made an incredible mistake?
What is your problem?
I don't think I made a mistake.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Our employee insulted you. She didn't know better.
I will not let her get away with this.
Ms. Choi, will you please apologize to her?
Excuse me.
Sorry for butting in,
but why should she apologize when she caught a thief?
What? A thief?
Shall we go inside, ma'am?
Follow me.
Stay out here.
This doesn't make any sense.
Stay here.
I don't want to be shamed in front of you.
Don't you know me?
I'm King's chairman's second wife.
Do you want to go and check just how much
I spend here a month?
I apologize, ma'am.
My employee didn't recognize you and crossed the line.
I was going to show my husband the watch
and then pay for it later on.
Yes, of course.
I apologize.
This happening is the fault of our employees.
You're quite proud for someone who named me a thief.
Why did you hide it under your hat if you meant to pay?
- How dare you. - Forget it.
I will tell my members not to shop here anymore.
Let's see how you do without your VIP customers.
I won't spend a dollar at a place with untrained staff.
Ms. Choi, apologize immediately.
Let's see how you manage.
Ma'am, ma'am.
Ms. Choi, come on. Why won't you apologize?
I apologize, ma'am.
She's still very young, ma'am.
Please let it go.
I feel even worse because a girl treated me so badly.
What should I do about this?
What should I do to make myself feel better?
They should reward her for catching a thief.
Why are they scolding her?
Thank you, ma'am.
I was merciful enough to let it off at this.
Anyone else would have made a huge fuss.
Train your staff properly.
The money I spend here includes her pay, tips,
and the right to make her kneel, doesn't it?
I'll reprimand her.
- My goodness. - Hey.
What are you doing?
She quits as of this moment.
Does the teeny salary you pay her
give you the right to do this?
What you spend doesn't include the right to abuse
You have no right to do this.
VIP or not, you're just a thief!
She's an employee who caught a thief.
Let go.
That hurts.
Why are you always causing trouble?
You just lost me my job.
Were you going to stay on after going through that?
Kneeling for a bit doesn't wear my kneecaps down.
I just have to grit my teeth and take a deep breath.
Then I can pretend that nothing happened.
I can
I can go back to working at the information desk.
It'll be like nothing happened
and no one will find out that I knelt in front of her.
It'll just
My feet.
They hurt so much.
Back in my locker are
my slippers, bag,
clothes, and everything.
I need to get them all.
It's so embarrassing.
Why did you stay out there?
Because of you
That was honestly nothing.
(It's okay even if you're jobless.)
Are you still at work?
I didn't ask for
Ye Jin.
I heard you'd be working late.
Isn't work too hard or anything?
It's terrible.
The worst part is waking up in the morning.
Why do you work then?
You don't have to work, do you?
Everyone thinks I work here
just for the fun of it.
I want to go on working here.
I love coming to work.
Are you born to have
a career of your own or something?
It's not really that.
It's because of you.
I get up at six every morning to curl my hair
for an hour just for you.
My goodness. Sorry.
Oh, no.
Pretend you didn't hear that.
That was hilarious.
Hello, Sul Hee.
Hi. I left something behind.
We're wearing the same hoodie.
We are. It must be a popular item.
I should've gotten a fake too.
I bought overseas and had it shipped over.
The logo looks so similar you can't tell them apart.
It's a waste of money.
Oh, I had no idea. I just got it because it was pink.
I love everything in pink as well.
Where do you usually shop?
- What? - I think
we have similar tastes
and you look much older than me.
Can I call you by your name?
Sure, why not?
I don't think I'm that much older.
It's my mom.
I have to go first.
- Okay. - See you tomorrow.
- See you. - Bye.
- Bye. - Bye.
Why are you still waving?
She's so cheerful, isn't she?
Why did you bring me food?
To surprise you.
What was so funny?
You were laughing really loudly.
- Me? - Yes.
I wasn't.
Please wire your rent.
Look what you put us into.
Do you want both of us to be homeless?
Why do you keep causing trouble?
I'll take care of you.
How are you going to take care of me?
You can be my manager.
What did I just hear?
Do I have to reply?
You'll be a sport manager. It's a professional job.
You got in through connections.
You get me fired and what do you say?
You're just a loser. Are you out of your mind?
Manager? Shut your nerveless mouth right now.
Is that what you want?
Please save me this once.
Thank you so much.
please fill in for a few more days.
Why did she quit all of a sudden?
- I'm glad she left. - What?
He threw the hat, and they ran off.
I was so relieved.
I think she'll do well in whatever she does, right?
And I hope she does.
You were looking for Ae Ra last time, right?
I guess she's not here again.
She quit.
Sorry? She quit?
Since when?
We're both unemployed so should we have a drink?
I have a few bottles of soju in my fridge.
- I can't. - No way. Is this real?
Did you just turn down soju?
My face will get puffy.
Who cares? You're unemployed. You have nowhere to go.
I do have somewhere to go.
Where are you going?
Where are you going? Why aren't you telling me?
You're going to go see that punk, right?
I told you not to call him a punk.
What are you going to do with him?
Kids don't know. That's what we're going to do.
Baby, sleep early, okay?
Sleep tight.
My gosh.
You crazy punk.
Is he really a kid or what?
(Intern Jang Ye Jin: I won't like it if you ignore me.)
Mr. Kim, let's go to Yeouido this Saturday.
Please help me find some information at the library.
I can take you to the fireworks
and treat you to rib eye with wine.
You're not going to ignore me like last time, right?
Honey, let's take the selfie stick to the fireworks.
I haven't posted too many pictures of us,
so people on my blog are wondering.
They're just saying that.
There are going to be so many people at the fireworks.
Should I wear the dress you bought me?
Yes, wear whatever you like.
Joo Man, should we just not go?
I mean, if you're busy, we don't have to go.
To tell you the truth,
I do have to work this Saturday.
What? What is it for?
Please don't lie to me. Please don't.
You see
The intern keeps on asking me to help.
If this all goes wrong, my overtime work goes to waste.
The intern said if I helped, I'd get
rib eye and wine.
That's not what I wanted.
People like that intern
who are bright but clueless are troublesome. Right?
Be nice.
Stop criticizing.
This is when Mr. Kim of the sales team steps up.
Let's go on our date next week.
Let's go for good food.
This is all because of Chan Ho.
It's this new, scrawny intern named Kim Chan Ho.
This is all his fault.
Let's sleep.
Someone who plays recreational soccer doesn't become
a professional player with new cleats.
Should I tie it?
Or should I let it down?
You have to tie it. He has to see your neckline.
You didn't forget the move I told you, right?
- Right. The one Joo Man fell for? - Yes.
Try it. Let's do it.
Other way.
- Turn your neck completely. - Is it true?
I pretended to fall for it. She did that all day.
You're truly incredible.
Who won't fall for it? Any guy will.
Even I would fall for it.
Guys, stop putting on a show.
I think you should look it up.
What's the date plan?
Well We'll watch a movie,
have tea, and have a drink. That should be it.
- I'm so jealous. - Hey!
- Why are you putting that on? - You startled me.
- Why are you yelling at me? - You punk.
Make sure you get back before the sun goes down.
- Do I look like a kid? - Get back by 7pm, okay?
Who are you to tell me what to do?
Hey, get this straight. I'm Choi Ae Ra.
Let me tell you our levels. If I'm here,
you're down here.
You used to hold my school bag for me. How dare you?
Come home by 7pm. If you're late, I'll tell your dad.
"She put on perfume and went on a date with some dude,"
"and she's not back yet." Gosh.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you overreacting?
What do I do? He's almost here.
- Get ready. - What do I do?
Excuse me.
Yes? Who are you?
I live on the fifth floor.
I'm the new landlord and the owner of this villa.
I see.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
Didn't you see my text message yesterday?
Well I saw it,
but I am facing some changes.
Can I pay the rent by the end of the month?
Did you lose your job?
pay me what you can for now.
I don't think I have any
Take out what you have.
Is she stealing money from me?
Do girls really find men who can reverse hot?
(Do girls really find men who can reverse hot?)
Yes, 100 percent. Make sure to reverse with one hand.
You must hold the passenger seat with your right hand.
Left hand is there to assist. Good luck.
Like this? Right hand on the passenger seat.
Left is here to assist.
This is the way to do it.
Ae Ra.
Why did you come so early?
Get on. We have a busy day today.
I'm so glad you're on vacation.
We can go on a date together on my day off.
Yes, right.
I should take a long vacation while I'm at it.
You can look forward to today.
I've prepared the perfect date course.
You have really silky hair.
I've never seen anyone reverse like that.
I'm sorry.
You're taking today off?
I already took it off.
I know you can't go because of work. I can't miss it.
I told you not to go.
I hate thinking about you going there alone.
I must. It's the first birthday of your cousin's baby.
I'll make a quick drop by.
Why aren't you checking your chat?
This is our work group chat.
It's annoying to check.
Who's in the chat?
Is Kim Chan Ho in it?
- Who? - Intern Kim Chan Ho.
How do you know Chan Ho?
Right, I mentioned him yesterday.
Yes. He wanted you to help him this weekend.
He promised to treat you to steak and wine.
The weakest among the interns.
I should tell him when I meet him.
Tell him what?
That he should prepare the presentation
on his own instead of asking you for help.
The soup is red.
Instead of cabbage, it'd be nice to use radish kimchi.
Hey, did you get my text from yesterday?
You didn't reply.
Sure. We can prepare it together on the weekend.
We have to do a good job.
Then I'll reserve a really nice restaurant for dinner.
We can watch the fireworks after we're done
We can order dinner in.
- Pardon? - Instead of going so far,
we can prepare at the office. As for dinner,
we can order jjajangmyeon.
While we're at it, let's invite Chan Ho and Min Jung.
I'll contact them.
Am I
being dumped right now?
The presentation
It's okay. I'll do it by myself.
I broke up with my ex because he cheated on me.
I see.
I'm not sure why, but seeing you shut me down
like that makes me trust you more.
I'm sorry?
I think you'll do the same to other girls.
That's why I
I like you even more.
I want to date you.
You don't have a girlfriend, do you?
I heard the dish today is hangover soup.
I drank so much until I threw up last night.
Just burping makes me feel drunk.
Hey, give me a bowl.
Have you tried your trick yet?
(Have you tried your trick yet?)
I thought the movie would be good,
but their trailer was all there was.
Yes, you're right.
What is it? Why are you staring?
What's wrong?
You look like a giraffe.
Does your neck hurt?
No, I
Is it here?
I can see that your cervical spine is protruding.
Here, this. What is this?
It's my trapezius muscle.
I see, trapezius muscle.
You must work out a lot.
Who are you eating lunch with? Eat with me.
I'm full. I'm not eating.
Why not?
(Counselor on break)
Mr. Kim, what do I do with this?
Can you give that to Chan Ho?
Pass it to me.
- Hot! - It's hot!
- I'm sorry, Mr. Kim. - Gosh.
- Chan Ho, the ladle. - What do we do?
- That's hot. - It was hot, right?
It's okay.
- Let me do this. - Hold on.
- You should see a doctor. - Hang on.
You shouldn't rub right there.
It looks like love is blooming.
Sul Hee, what brings you here?
I should know what it tastes like to sell them.
She's a professional.
What are you doing, Chan Ho? Give her a bowl.
Yes, sir.
Chan Ho.
Are you Kim Chan Ho?
Yes, I'm Chan Ho.
Mr. Kim.
Yes. Yes?
What is it?
I was a fan of Park Chan Ho.
Park Chan
Are you talking about the baseball player?
I'm Kim Chan Ho.
Yes. I know.
He's our hero during IMF.
Yes, sure. He was a hero.
I used to eat his ice cream a lot.
I see. I didn't eat his ice cream.
You didn't?
- Did you have something to say to me? - Chan Ho.
- Chan Ho. - Yes, Mr. Kim?
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Shouldn't we go prepare our presentation?
Yes, we should. Right, Mr. Kim.
We should meet this weekend to prepare for it, right?
- We have to meet this weekend. - Right!
Ye Jin said she'll do it all.
Did you hear?
She must be interested in me.
Pardon? What? What did you say?
She knew me and started talking about Park Chan Ho.
She was kind of cute.
You're very amusing.
- Pardon? - You know the presentations?
Gather them and bring them to me.
Right now?
- Right this instant. - But
1, 2.
1, 2, spot.
Get it together, punk.
Why are you checking the time while training?
If you're not going to do it right, just leave.
Wait down there.
I'm leaving.
Why? Why won't you let me go?
I looked up who was competing.
There's an old man who took up boxing to lose weight
and even high school kids.
Why won't you let me compete? Why?
It's because you're worse than a high school kid
in your judgment.
What's this?
Was that a hook? Right?
That was a hook, not a kick.
My goodness. What a great gym.
Hello, coach. How have you been?
What are they doing here?
We came to discuss something.
Can we talk?
You're making me nervous.
I heard
he came by.
Tae Hee lives right here, you see.
I know everything he does.
Hey. Do you even know what he used to do?
- Do you? - Hey.
- I'm busy. - Why?
- Are you preparing to make a debut? - Yes.
You are still so naive, aren't you?
And you are still just a big jerk.
Why is he here?
I wanted to discuss something good for everyone.
Whatever. It'll be good only for him.
The truth is, no good will come
of Tak Su and Dong Man's getting involved again.
If their past gets brought up, they'll both be hurt.
Tak Su's father still feels
responsible toward Dong Man.
The old man is such a sucker.
His father wants
to make Dong Man the company warehouse manager.
He'll guarantee his retirement fund too.
You benefit so much because of me.
Your sister was able to get surgery thanks to me.
Why are you bringing up his sister?
Hey. I think you should just leave.
Dong Man. You stupid, easy boy.
The lead and supporting roles are predetermined.
The caterpillar who knows his place
and is grateful for the generosity
can eat the leaves, you know?
- Hey. - Yes?
Do you train him to run his mouth?
Look at that head.
Hey, you. Get over here.
- Coach. Calm down. - Hey, you.
- Get over here. - Please.
- Please stop. - How dare you?
- Why you - Coach.
You paid for the movie,
so I'll pay for this.
No way.
I told you, it's all on me today.
Plus, this place is super expensive.
Next time, when we go for chicken and beer,
you can treat.
I can pay for steak too.
That's not what I meant.
Ae Ra.
Why are you so uncomfortable with me?
Who cares who pays here?
I doubt you'd be this way with Dong Man.
That's because Dong Man is Dong Man.
To be honest, I don't like that you're close to him.
I don't like that he lives across from you.
I feel like that neighborhood isn't safe.
There are many nice studio apartments near me.
Can't you move there?
Sure, I can move there, but
my place grew on me.
How is it working at the department store?
Isn't it hard?
It's not bad.
They say you can know a woman from her mother.
Do you take after your mother too?
I do not.
And I don't want to.
Because I want to live long.
Tell me more about your mother.
I feel like you'd be a lot like her.
It's the same thing.
We fight all the time like other moms.
She nags like crazy, makes me food
Same old, same old.
It's so obvious that you were loved a lot as a child.
I like your cheerful disposition.
- I need to use the restroom. - Sure.
Why did I lie?
I'm such a loser.
I feel so uncomfortable.
Sul Hee.
Why did you have to check my phone?
Don't you trust me?
Is my checking your phone the problem here?
That's not what I mean.
I trust you, so I don't check yours.
Then go ahead and check it.
I have nothing to hide. I don't lie.
I lied in case you'd worry.
In case you'd let your imagination run wild and stress.
I told Ye Jin that I can't go to Yeouido,
that I won't go.
You must talk to her a lot.
It was a white lie for your benefit.
A little, white lie.
How could a lie be white?
Who are you to call it white?
I told her I won't go this weekend too.
Just meet with her.
- What? - That would be better.
Meet with her and tell her the truth. Don't lie.
I was worried you'd be bothered
that I got a text from a woman late at night.
More than the fact that Ye Jin texted you at night
More than the fact that she asked you to get rib eye,
the fact that
The fact that you lied that Ye Jin was Chan Ho
To me, that really
That really
was like a bullet through the heart.
My dear Sul Hee.
I'm really sorry. I was wrong.
Let go. You've never lied to me before.
It's true that you're being weird.
I made a mistake.
I'm a jerk.
I must've lost my mind.
I was shot.
You weren't shot.
It was
just a lie.
All lies are black.
They're all dirty. They're all gibberish.
They're all fake. Don't give me that garbage.
Don't try to fool me.
- Sul Hee. - Please.
I'm sorry. I was wrong.
But Sul Hee,
you should stop playing with Ae Ra.
Mr. Ko. Today's amateur tournament
is at Road House in Cheongdam-dong at 8pm.
Dong Man. You stupid, easy boy.
The lead and supporting roles are predetermined.
Mr. Yang.
Can we really turn things around?
Finally, Ko Dong Man makes his debut as an amateur.
Come to Road House in Cheongdam-dong by 8pm.
Ae Ra. Where we're headed now
is the highlight of the night.
The view of the city lights is incredible there.
It is?
Get over here. I need my manager.
I'm kind of scared.
I'm really sorry,
but can we go to the highlight another time?
Why? Is something wrong?
My friend wants to meet urgently in Cheongdam-dong.
I see.
Would you drop me off up there?
Sure. We can do the rest another time.
I'm not loose enough yet.
You'll be fighting a Brazilian man.
There's no information on him. He seems brand new.
But you have to avoid injury at all cost.
You're nervous, aren't you?
Should I ask Coach Hwang to come?
No. He'll probably stop me if he finds out.
I'll call my manager.
You have a manager already?
You're supposed to eat hot dogs while watching MMA.
I'll take 2. Buy me 2.
I'll eat 1 now, and 1 while watching the fight.
Didn't that punk even feed you?
- I'll take two. - Okay.
I ate a steak the size of a chicken's head
for the price of 10 whole chickens.
So hurry. I'm starved. Let's get chicken feet and soju.
Hey. I have a question.
It's your first time watching an MMA fight live.
Aren't you worried about me
or more nervous than I am or something?
This isn't the first time watching you compete.
It's an amateur fight. One kick from you and it's over.
You punk.
Hey you. You have a lot of faith in me, don't you?
You rejected steak and came to watch me win.
I came here today
because this is your debut and retirement fight.
You need to try it once before giving up.
Insolent little brats need to burn their hand
on the frying pan before knowing never to do it again.
You should thank the stars you were born a girl.
- Your hot dogs are ready. - Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You'll get the best view from here. Sit here and watch.
Are you fighting that foreigner?
He looks smaller than you.
Yes. He's shorter. I doubt winning will do much for me.
Fighters, please enter the cage.
- Here. - Okay.
I'll be back.
Ready? Fight.
- Okay. - Let's go!
- Good. - Let's go.
- Move quickly. - Get low.
- Waist. Attack. - Attack!
- That's it. - Yes.
- Hang in there! - Let's go!
- That's right. - Good.
Yes. Good.
I got the video. I'll send it now, so post it online.
You are such a great actor.
I chase Dong Man, and you pull him in.
Our teamwork was great.
Did you send an ambulance?
Dong Man!
What are you doing?
What are you doing there?
- Do you work here? - No.
We're unemployed.
Unemployed. We're unemployed.
We're both unemployed.
- Have a nice day. - Have a nice day.
Where did we park our car?
Hold on.
Hey! Stop!
If you go around stealing again,
you're out. Got it?
Get in.
Who did this?
What is this?
Who did this?
(Fight For My Way)
Don't look down on Sul Hee.
Why should she work during the party?
Tell me. Did we make you work?
I won't forgive you if you look down on her.
Are you even going to marry her?
Do you like coming here now?
I'll get to the point, Miss Fake,
pretending to be a friend.
A psycho is better than a pathetic girl.
Do you like me? Let's each stand behind the line.
I don't want to hear the psycho call me pathetic.
Let's be careful how we act toward each other.
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