Fight For My Way (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

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What do we do?
What do we do?
You're embarrassing me. Stop crying.
- I'm not dead. - Don't do it.
Don't ever do it. I'll never see you again if you do.
If you do it again, I'll never see you.
Don't you dare.
Hey, does that punk know?
Know what?
That you look like a baboon when you cry.
And that you're a crybaby.
Be quiet.
Don't you tell me you'll do it again.
Why are you crying so much? You'll tire yourself out.
Gosh. Don't eat your hair.
Come on. Don't eat it.
What are you doing here?
Are you okay?
Why do you keep showing up?
Since I'm here, you can go now.
Who are you to tell me to go?
I pity you.
Who do you think you are?
I told you, go.
Just go.
- No, you should go. - What?
You should go.
Don't text me or call me.
Don't come looking for me at home.
You make me sick.
I'll go for today since I see that you're okay.
I'll have more chances in the future.
Are you trying to pick a fight?
I told you not to hang around Dong Man.
Ae Ra.
- You should know your place. - What?
I'll make it clear since you look confused.
The reason why he's holding your hand right now
is not because he wants to.
He's doing it to show me.
Hey, what do you know?
Pick up the phone when I call.
If you don't, I'll take it as if you want me to visit.
Why are you glaring at me?
Did you really grab my hand for her to see?
Why did you grab my hand?
I don't know.
I'm hurt.
She's pure evil.
How could she even think about coming back to you?
Still, she waited for me
for two years when I was in the military.
I really don't know why you think she waited for you.
I told you. I saw her in a karaoke room with some guy.
She likes to sing.
She likes to sing,
so she was singing a duet
alone with a guy at midnight.
It's all in the past.
You look like
it isn't all in the past.
It's so obvious
what she'll do, and how big of a sucker
you will be for her. It's clear as day.
What is so clear?
Do you know everything about us?
- What? "Us"? - Well
I mean Why are you being that way?
You know that's not what I meant.
Sure. I shouldn't get involved in "your" business.
I shouldn't care if you do something moronic and die.
Mister, go kill him.
Wait. Wait. I meant to tell you.
Hold on. Calm down.
My My brow's all ripped up.
I'm injured. Injured, I tell you.
I'm glad you're alive.
You're lucky you didn't die.
(Streetfighter's True Identity)
That's so good.
So you did land a punch, right?
I don't know. I got beaten up too much to remember.
He shook a little after being hit by you.
People are so quick. When did they shoot this?
Who else? It was probably Tae Hee.
Mr. Yang?
Why are you calling him "Mister"?
Hey. Those jerks completely duped you.
That's why they didn't shoot Karel's face at all.
- Those scumbags. - Karel?
Do you know the guy who fought me?
Look here. This tattoo is their symbol.
Thank you.
Your wife will be okay. And
Yes. Money. Money go.
I'll send you money What am I saying?
Tell him I sent the money for his wife's medical bills.
You He knows. He checked right after the fight.
Hey. Thank you.
Yes. What? What is it?
Try your best to avoid him
because you will lose.
Wow. What did he say?
The public doesn't know about Karel.
He just coached his nephews at home.
But what family is his family like?
Brazilian jujitsu champions for three generations.
The guy you fought is their second son.
The nephew that he trained informally at home
is the UFC legend John Carlos.
It's like a kindergartener landed a punch
on a college student.
You won.
Here's your protein-mixed coffee.
Coach. You bought him a business class ticket.
You're so generous with other people's money.
Then? Should I have someone with a broken rib
fly coach to Brazil?
He broke a rib? Why?
Dong Man landed an attack 58 seconds into the fight.
It broke two of his ribs. But the thing is,
it wasn't a kick but a hook.
Play the video again.
- Okay. - You heard what Karel said, right?
How would I know what he said?
He said do all you can to avoid Dong Man.
- What? - He said you'll lose.
That punk. I gave him money,
and he spews out nonsense.
So? Will you go to the hospital or the gym?
The hospital? Are you sick? Are you hurt?
He wants to get a Botox touch-up.
Let's go to the gym.
Just say hi and leave, okay, Sul Hee?
I don't want you staying there.
The cookie was overbaked.
You're not listening.
Make a lot of money.
Dong Man.
Why are you making laps around the neighborhood?
He needs to be beaten up more to give up MMA fighting.
He wasn't beaten up enough.
Hey. The swelling's down.
Sul Hee. Are you going to the baby's birthday party?
Yes. How do I look? Do I look sweet?
- That's what you look like. - What?
The Cheongdam-dong, subtle look.
You know, the subtle but luxurious look.
I know.
You can just wear trainers.
You look like the ideal daughter-in-law.
Adults like the puppy type like you.
Really? What about you?
You're the kitten type that guys like.
I am? A kitten?
Why aren't you saying anything?
I'm offended.
Why would a human talk while animals are yapping?
Why you
Dog. Enjoy the birthday party.
Cat. Let's go eat.
Why would I eat with you?
Eat with your girl Hye Ran.
Why is she being different?
Why is she getting annoyed?
She's acting like a girl.
Wait for me!
(EBC Announcer Recruitment)
(EBC Announcer Recruitment)
(EBC Announcer Recruitment)
(KBC Announcer Recruitment)
(You have passed round one.)
Oh my gosh.
It went through.
It went through? What did? Where?
I don't see anything.
I made it through round one for the announcer job.
You did?
They want to interview me!
Oh my gosh! That's great!
What do I do?
What do I wear? What should I wear?
Hold on.
Do you
Why do you go around like that?
I know we're right by home, but
I'm going crazy. Why won't she pick up?
What use is a phone if you don't pick up?
Sul Hee. Hang up.
You drive me crazy.
You said you don't have much.
- Give it to me. - Don't get it on you.
You should've taken a cab
if you have so much stuff, not the subway.
I was afraid there'd be traffic.
Do you have liquid in here?
Yes, a couple of bottles of the sweet rice drink.
You said you just made a little bit of food.
How can I send that to our future in-law's party?
It's a little bit of japchae,
and a tiny bit of pork trotters
since that's my specialty.
How could you forget that? Where's your head?
Still, this isn't necessary.
I know
this much isn't necessary.
What was that?
Are you two close?
She lives on the fifth floor.
She's our landlady and she moved in recently.
I'm not married.
My name is Ganako Hwang.
How are you?
Do you wallpaper the rooms yourself?
Why should I waste money on laborers?
I dislike people who don't work and play all day
more than anything or anyone.
Pay your rent on time.
One more thing.
However close you may be,
you cannot sleep in the same room together.
Why would we even do that?
I shut out and prevent all possible advances.
Those on our floor are more innocent than
monks living in a temple.
Don't look at me.
I like how resolute the guy is for a change.
Make me some instant coffee. I like it sweet.
You aren't coming in here.
I'm blocking you out.
Why is she getting upset all of a sudden?
I said to stop acting like a woman around me.
I guess you're ready to get married.
I can't believe you baked cookies.
Only because I got bored after work last night.
Why do you work so hard anyway?
Quit when you get married.
Your dad turns off the TV
whenever he lands on a home shopping channel.
He can't stop thinking that his own daughter's
always on the phone taking orders over the phone.
He says it makes him sick and angry.
I just have to sit down and answer the phone.
This is it.
Will you come in and say hi?
No, of course not.
I'm not dressed well enough.
I think you look just fine.
- I told you to get bangs. - Don't touch my hair.
My goodness.
When you see your future mother-in-law,
ask her when our families should meet.
Okay, I will.
I'm off.
That's so much food.
- Are you sure? - See you.
Take care and answer your phone.
To solve the North's nuclear issue, President Trump
reportedly decided to put pressure on
Should I just nuke her?
(Park Hye Ran Returns to TV)
How dare she show up in front of Dong Man again?
And he's about to fall for her again.
Get your coffee from a temple somewhere.
Share a coffee with Hye Ran.
Your Hye Ran
Talking about me?
Is this where you live?
Do you want to become an announcer again?
With me as a role model?
Do you have a habit of coming by now?
I dropped by to see you before visiting Dong Man.
To say something.
Say it or not. I don't care.
I won't do anything you want.
- Ae Ra. - What?
Do you know you sound like a mom saying
"Get married or quit"?
Do you want me to sit here with you
and talk over some coffee or something?
Okay. I'll get to the point.
Dong Man and I will start over.
Why would he
Did he say he would?
Hey, he has still
never been married.
Does it have to be the man who makes a comeback?
I have it all.
Money, connections, and name value.
Now, I really
just need Dong Man.
I told you never to show up in front of him again.
I'm not here for your permission.
It's a notice.
He is mine
And I should stay away?
Don't make yourself any more pathetic.
What did you just say?
Whom are you calling pathetic?
You pretend to be a loyal friend
when you can't even be the one.
It's hilarious.
It's better to be crazy than being pathetic.
Hey, you.
I told you I can hit women too.
Think about it.
Was there ever a time when you beat me?
Excuse me. You in there.
I take back what I said involving
you and a temple.
Why do you keep getting on my nerves
by getting upset?
Why do you keep acting out of character?
Are you acting out of character?
What for?
That's so sad.
Your Hye Ran's in here. Take her away.
Dong Man.
Dong Man.
What are you doing here?
I got worried and wanted to see how you're doing.
Should I be grateful?
I told you to answer your phone.
Hye Ran.
When I heard of your divorce,
my heart sank.
When you called me,
I thought I could barely breathe.
His heart sank?
That idiot is at it again.
Sure. That loser and the witch are made for each other.
I won't care about neither of them anymore.
A call from me was enough to make you nervous.
Yes. In case you did this again.
I got afraid you'd put me through
a replay of our horrid five years again.
Do me a favor.
Please get lost.
What's all this you brought?
This is sikhye that my mom made herself.
People who tried it
ask her to send them bottles of it.
She sent as many as two bottles.
Did she even send some pork trotters?
This is what my family sells in our restaurant.
She didn't use any additives.
She broiled the trotters in medicinal herbs only.
Cover it up. It reeks of pork.
Everyone has morning sickness.
You aren't special.
Pig trotters are pork. That's why they smell of pork.
Thank you so much for the thought and effort,
but we're going with a brunch party theme.
Pig trotters don't fit the menu.
What's in the suitcase? Are you traveling?
These are
I made a few for you to give out
to the guests as they leave.
My goodness. This is incredible.
Weren't you busy at work?
I took a day off.
I had to do something for Min Seo's first party.
Did Joo Man say he can't make it?
Did you try talking to him?
Mr. Kim.
What do I do now?
All of a sudden, it
I need to make 100 copies of this.
I think I broke it.
What do I do? I think I broke it again.
Why do I keep causing trouble?
Why do I keep causing trouble?
Move over. Don't get your clothes stained.
Open the door. Let's talk.
(Moo Bin)
Hello, Moo Bin.
You're at the department store?
Why are you there?
You're going to wait for me until I'm done?
You should just curse at me.
Why do you keep getting mad? It's not like you.
You hang around pretending like you're his friend.
It's quite funny.
Sure, I'll come. Let's meet.
Let's talk. Where are you going?
Let go.
Where are you going now?
Why do you care where I go?
I didn't call her.
- She came on her own. - Why are you telling me that?
Do you like me?
Or do I like you?
Let's keep our boundaries.
I don't want that crazy witch to pity me.
Let's behave ourselves.
This printer tends to get jammed.
When you print double-sided, insert pages separately.
You have ink on your face.
Mr. Kim.
Thank you so much. I have to buy you a drink today.
There's this new souvlaki place. It's really good,
and the atmosphere's great. Let's have a drink today.
I have a heavy workload, so I have to work tonight.
Then do you want to watch a movie this weekend?
I have family plans this weekend.
- What about tomorrow for dinner? - Tomorrow
I need to watch soccer.
I said I was thank you.
Let's have a drink. Why are you complicating things?
(Dear, don't give me that kiss.)
(Ae Ra)
Sorry. I don't know what this is about.
(Sorry. I don't know what this is about.)
Sorry, anyway.
Hurry up. Why are you not keeping up?
What's this? Why did you put my shoe size down?
- What? - Why is this so detailed?
I don't know if women in this town
will find you appealing.
As an instructor, I mean.
This is so strategic.
I don't even know why I asked him for help.
Come here.
- Hello. - Welcome.
- Did you eat? - Yes.
I wanted to meet the star fast.
- The star? - Hello.
- Hello. - Let's see.
Go to the restroom and wet your hair for a picture.
What's this? What's it for?
Counterattack. The prelude to counterattack.
You need to give a response.
- Sir, have you confirmed everything? - Yes.
I have Carl Carelas' hotel check-in information
and his departure information right after the match.
Tak Su's scheme is quite messy.
This will make a story.
Right. Did you think I was going to let this go?
Look at you. You look cold, but you're so warm-hearted.
Get ready to die. I booked your debut match.
Are you serious?
You're the one who needs to counterattack.
You didn't look too bad fighting the Brazilian.
Coach Hwang, can I call you my brother?
- You - Guard.
- Guard. - You little
Look here. Lift one arm.
Here we go.
Good. Come in.
Different pose.
All right. Here we go.
Sorry, do you mind moving over?
You too. Thank you.
- Last one. Here we go. - I'm sorry.
Good one.
Stand up straight.
Good. Looking great.
Great. Here it is.
- I think that's enough. - Let's go for a smoke.
- Good job. - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Be my sparring partner. - Sorry?
You don't want to?
I will.
Hey, why would you get an interview?
It's for something.
I see. When you got beaten up? I saw that.
You got beaten up, and I cracked up.
If I were you, I would have quit from embarrassment.
That's not it. I got tricked into it.
Don't talk back.
In this gym, you're that. The sandbag.
Whose sandbag? Mine.
All right, Dong Man? Take my punches.
Here I go.
I almost forgot.
I forgot the most important thing.
Oh, dear. I'm tired.
Mrs. Kim, you can leave it. I'll clean up.
- Sul Hee, I'm sorry - Yes.
- but can you set this table up? - Sure.
I'll do it now.
She makes me feel so uncomfortable.
She even baked these cookies.
Is she the one your brother started dating in college?
- Her mom sells pig's feet, right? - For a man
to be successful, he has to look at the girl's family.
He's such a moron.
We call her the Crawling Sul Hee.
Her family has nothing, so she crawls in front of us.
- Goodness. - Hey.
It's better that way.
Your sister-in-law is going to be disciplined.
She's not my sister-in-law.
You don't know who's going to walk down the aisle.
should I cancel Joo Man's blind date?
What does her family do?
They own a restaurant.
They own a restaurant in Garosu-gil Road.
Ae Ra.
Why did you come all of a sudden?
I suddenly got the day off.
I made a surprise visit.
You sure love surprises.
Why aren't you wearing your uniform?
I have a stomachache, so I was going to go home.
Get on.
Ms. Hwang. Are you leaving already?
You should look around. There are many new releases.
This place has bad rumors.
You need to control those that visit the place.
King's chairman's second wife.
She's known for her hobby in shoplifting.
On top of that,
I heard an innocent staff
had to kneel and apologize.
That incident?
You're pretty brave.
These days, that kind of incident
would lead to store closure.
You guys need to take care of things properly.
What I want is simple.
No matter which department store it is,
no VIPs should be able to abuse their power.
Are you telling me to expel her?
It's simple and just.
what a promising department store should do.
You must really love Japanese music.
It's another Japanese song.
How is your stomach, Ae Ra? Does it hurt often?
I have a minor irritable bowel syndrome.
Today, I had a few things happen to me.
I hear it has a huge psychological influence.
You can't get stressed.
Having you show up like this
isn't actually that good either.
Did I make you uncomfortable?
I just missed you a lot.
If I keep on visiting you at the hospital,
it could make you uncomfortable too.
I think I'd love that.
If you would surprise me,
I'd be so happy.
I'll make sure to call next time.
Moo Bin.
I was just embarrassed.
I wasn't sure if I should tell people this or not,
but I quit work.
I see.
There's something else I want to do.
What is it?
It's embarrassing to say.
What is it?
Can't you tell me?
An announcer.
I just passed through the documentation process,
so I'm going to go for my interview.
I'm not just saying this.
I think it suits you really well.
- Really? - Yes.
Why do I feel so happy?
I think it's cool that you quit
and it's exciting that you passed.
But I'm most thankful that you told me
everything honestly.
Why are you so thankful?
I don't know.
You weren't sure if you could tell others,
but you told me.
That means
we're not strangers anymore.
Hey. Hey.
Did you clean this up?
I could have done it.
No, it wasn't me.
- Really? - Enjoy.
Sul Hee, you're working so hard.
By the way,
when should we
have the parents meet?
Right, we should set the date.
I recently hurt my knee, remember?
It's been so hectic getting treatment and all.
What is it? Are your parents rushing you?
No, no. I just asked.
My baby.
Gosh, my pumpkin.
Honey, look. There are flowers.
(Kim Tak Su)
57, 58,
80, 81.
Why are you looking him up?
56, 57
Aren't you training? Did you practice your 100 punches?
How can I do it 100 times?
- I'm not like this kid. - 60.
Also, Tak Su's having fun at clubs.
What did you say?
He's not training.
Why do you care if he's at a club?
The more I think about it,
it makes me upset that they fooled me.
I'm speechless.
Why? You were always fooled.
You were like that since middle school.
Hey, what are you thinking?
Don't think.
Your brain isn't meant to be used.
Sonya, I don't even know who Alice is.
How can I have her number?
Fine, just show me. Let me look.
Sonya. Sonya.
Do you want to die? So it's true.
You texted Alice first, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
Then why won't you show me your phone?
Just show me proof.
This is a matter of trust.
Do you really want to die?
Seriously. Should I just show it to you?
I could, but
what really bothers me right now
isn't the false rumor about me hitting on Alice.
It's that you don't believe me.
Enough with your lies. Just show me your text.
Sonya, watch your mouth.
Sonya, I'm a sportsman.
I would never act like a thug.
Hey. Alice and I are in the same group.
You really are a thug.
We know that already.
You don't have to worry.
We already took care of all the press.
Of course.
Also, please don't call me anymore.
Mr. Yang.
One moment, please. Gosh.
Dong Man. What brings you here?
He must be downstairs.
Aren't you going down?
I think I have to finish this call.
I'm too busy.
Sonya, I'm going to the washroom.
Why are you taking your phone to the washroom?
Hey, Dong Man. What are you doing here?
I'm okay. Don't worry.
Tak Su.
I didn't know zip about jiu jitsu,
but I got to learn it thanks to you.
Thanks for helping me train with a Brazilian coach.
I wasn't ready for it. You're a thug.
How can you make an attack on a drunk person?
Tak Su.
You jerk.
Give me your best shot.
No matter how hard you try,
you'll end up on the ring with me.
"Kim Young Soo. Kim Kyung Ah."
There's one from a guy.
"Jun Ha Yun".
(Congratulations. From Sul Hee's Mom)
"Sul Hee's"
Did her mom come by?
She must've sent money with Sul Hee.
There's 300 dollars in here.
The pork trotter in-law went out of her way.
Hey. She isn't an in-law.
You made it.
Joo Man. I thought you had to work late.
How did you come?
- Where is she? - Over there.
You said you couldn't make it today.
What is it? Let go.
Mom. Sis. All of you.
Don't look down on Sul Hee.
If you do, I won't forgive you.
- Hey. - Sons are all useless.
Sul Hee.
Did you call him?
No. I'm sorry.
What's gotten into you?
You don't go to your in-laws during the holidays!
So why must Sul Hee clean up after your son's party?
She's a precious daughter
in her family too.
Get your act together.
Hey. Tell him.
Did we make you work?
No. I did it because I wanted to.
Joo Man. I wanted to do it.
Stop it.
Treat Sul Hee well.
Don't look down on her.
- Oh my gosh. - What's wrong with you?
Am I so great?
I come from a poor family.
I went to a local college
and am only an assistant manager.
And whom do I have to thank for that?
All four years of college, she worked and paid my rent,
and supported me when I started work. You know that!
It's Sul Hee.
You should bow to her and thank her.
Don't do this.
What a great boyfriend.
Are you even going to marry her?
You're not so
Sure, I may not marry her.
if I don't marry her,
I won't marry anyone else!
Joo Man.
My stomach.
You're going to watch me go in again, right?
No. I'm going in with you this time.
Why would you go in with me?
Why do you keep saying you'll go into a woman's home?
Are you that
I heard this is how Ahn Jae Hyun won over Koo Hye Sun.
Oh my.
You should stop surfing the web.
You're prettier in my eyes than Koo Hye Sun,
so I added to it.
You always massage your legs.
When did you see me do that?
Pardon? I wasn't staring or anything.
Fine. I'll say you didn't stare.
That's right. You're not well.
I'll bring this in and then leave.
No, I can carry it.
You can't carry this up five flights of stairs.
Let's go.
I said, it's okay.
I can take it from here.
I'll drop this off and then go.
I can really take it from here.
I'll just drop this off.
I'll take it.
Wait. Moo Bin.
Hold on. I need to tell you something.
Wait. Moo Bin.
Moo Bin, I need to tell you something.
What is it?
- Pardon? - Why are you going up?
Why are you going up?
That's not it.
- Ae Ra! - Miss.
Hey. Hey!
- Ae Ra. - Hey.
Don't go to my house again.
Were you worried that I'd be working too hard?
You didn't like that? You got annoyed?
You are too submissive.
What do you lack that you're like that to me?
It's not because I lack anything.
It's because I like you.
It's because I like you so much
that I want you to like me.
That's why I want your family to like me too.
Do you like me that much?
- Yes. - Gosh.
You know, earlier,
when you got all angry and stuff,
I thought you looked kind of sexy.
Are my lips here?
I was so happy that you came.
I thought you had to work late.
Did you leave early because you were worried about me?
Your mother texted, so I left early.
My mom? She did?
- Yes. - My mom texted you?
It was the first time she texted me,
so I was shocked.
My mom doesn't know how to text.
- A suit, okay? - Okay.
Friends are the best.
- Look at that. - How adorable.
Eat slowly.
He takes after me.
- You must've been hungry. - Right?
That moron. That idiot.
You acted like all that in front of your mom,
but you're a complete idiot. Moron. Imbecile.
That jerk.
That jerk. That disgusting family. I'm going to
Where is it? That jerk.
Forget getting married.
Don't show your face in front of Sul Hee again.
I won't let a family like that have my daughter.
(Forget getting married)
(Forget getting married)
Joo Man. How are you doing?
Long time no see.
Sul Hee went to the birthday party by herself.
She likes you very much.
Please be good to my girl.
What's wrong? What is it?
My mom
cleaned up the garbage
What garbage?
My mom My mom must've seen everything.
She must've seen everything.
Don't cry.
(Sul Hee's Pork Trotters)
When are the families meeting?
This month sometime?
What about Sul Hee?
Is she doing well?
- Honey. - Yes?
Should we close the port trotters shop
and open a restaurant?
What are you talking about?
I don't like
that Sul Hee's parents run a pork trotter place.
It's IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
- Is it serious? - Yes.
Her stomach was full of gas.
She fainted because of gas?
That's not common.
I think she fainted from the pain caused by the gas.
She was extremely stressed.
How much did you stress her out
that she fainted during a date?
She's okay now, right?
You saw her release the gas, right?
I want to die.
Yes. Twice.
Once was very long.
I can never open my eyes again.
(Bar? Soju? Beer? Answer, or you get nothing.)
Are you sleeping?
Are you screening me?
She's really getting to me.
- What - You. 102.
Are you en route to 101 or the announcer who came back?
The 101 girl
fainted and was taken to the hospital.
Who, Ae Ra?
- Ae Ra is in the hospital? - Yes.
Severance Hospital. Room 2701.
The Royal Suite room.
Not again.
I'm awake now.
Are you awake? Are you okay?
You fainted.
Your belly was filled with gas because of your IBS.
Thankfully, the gas came out.
It wasn't serious, but the gas had to come out.
Please Please stop.
Please stop talking about gas.
Can't you take this out for me?
I want to go home.
You should sleep here tonight.
I want to go home. It's uncomfortable.
Why do you always want to go home when you're with me?
(Dong Man)
Why won't she pick up? Why did she faint?
She's strong enough to knock down a cow.
(Dong Man)
Don't answer that.
Ae Ra, can't you look at me?
- Sorry? - The truth is,
this room is very expensive.
I wanted to do all I could to win points with you,
so that's why I requested it.
I didn't even get this for my mom
when she had her appendectomy.
Why are you telling me
And actually, I'm off today,
but I went and got my lab coat to look cool.
I want to do anything I can to win points with you.
Why do you find me so uncomfortable?
Why does your stomach hurt when you're with me?
Why is a guy so sweet?
He's giving me a cavity.
No lie. I think about you all day long.
I think of any excuse possible
like a massager, saying I'm off, or anything
just to see you one more time.
Please stop.
I'm feeling weak right now.
A person's heart gets soft when they're hurting.
To me, you are
a dream.
When I look at you, even if you don't say anything
Even just
by looking at you,
my heart
goes crazy.
You can't do this when someone's sick.
That's low.
Then I'll be low today.
Dong Man. This isn't what you think.
It hurts.
Who was that?
I think it was Ae Ra.
- Dong Man. That stinks. - Did he poop?
You pretty thing. You did good.
It's all yours.
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