Fight For My Way (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

You can't do this when someone's sick.
That's low.
Then I'll be low today.
Dong Man.
This isn't what you think.
- Are you two dating? - What?
Are you boyfriend and girlfriend? Are you?
No, not exactly.
If you're not exactly dating, why'd you kiss her?
You should ask her to be your girlfriend
and make it clear before kissing her.
Why are you coming onto her without being clear?
Why are you just kissing her like some scumbag?
Why do you care?
Drop the friends mumbo jumbo
and tell me clearly.
What's it to you?
Do you like her?
Do you?
I am her guardian.
He's so dependable that I want to stab him.
Just have a fling. A fling. Don't cross the line.
Watch it before I lose my temper.
Who are you to lose your temper?
Why are you crossing the line?
Is there any reason why I can't date him?
He does all sorts of things to impress me.
He says I'm a dream.
That's why he's a fraud.
You You're no dream, to be honest.
I said she's a dream because she is. Is that wrong?
See? He's a freak.
So put up a wall between you.
- No. I don't want to. - What?
Excuse me?
He's successful and kind.
He likes me like crazy. He's nuts about me.
Why must I put up a wall between us?
Did I say anything?
Who are you to stick your nose in?
Do you like me?
I do like you! I do.
You, Sul Hee, and Joo Man are all important to me.
You're my friends.
Since I'm your friend,
congratulate me.
Congratulate you for what?
We kissed.
If friends do that, he's a scumbag, as you said. So
we're dating as of today.
That's right.
I'm so sorry.
Not at all.
I was totally moved by what you said
When you said, "We're dating," my heart
I'm sorry because
it's not like I'm totally into you or anything.
I was being impulsive when I said we were dating.
Even if you were, you can't take it back.
No takesies backsies.
- What? - Plenty of people kiss and then date.
Many like the other person after they start dating.
So please give me just 10 dates.
I know I can get you to like me.
I'll make you a princess.
A princess?
- Me? - Yes.
So whatever the case may be, we're dating, right?
The cab fee will go up. You said your stomach hurts.
We need to get a cab.
Did you throw a rock at me?
Is that a real rock?
You didn't get hurt, so you can't complain.
I can't complain?
What gibberish is that?
- My lovely Ae Ra. - What? Lovely what?
Call me before you go to sleep.
What? Why? Do you have something to tell me?
Well Couples usually
That's why.
It's been so long since I dated someone new.
I dated Moo Ki for two years,
so my dating brain cells have all died, so I forgot.
Why are you rambling on like an idiot?
Anyway, let's talk before going to sleep.
Okay. Get home safely.
Hey. Sit up front.
Hey, IBS.
Hey, Gas Girl.
Are you really dating?
Are you really?
Why would I fake it?
Extra pork ears, please.
Extra liver for me.
You jerk.
I wasn't that crazy about Moo Ki at first either,
but I grew to like him more.
Guys grow on me once I date them.
I'll do my best not to hurt him. He's a nice guy.
I told you, I'm against it.
It seems shady.
Calling you a dream is just weird.
How could he call you a dream?
Have you ever been slapped while eating?
Hey. Take it.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
Ae Ra. If he asks you to guarantee a loan,
tell him you're close to a martial artist.
The way he sweet talks people is so fake.
"My lovely Ae Ra"? A dream?
I need to date him.
Life is too bitter and exhausting. I need sugar.
Not a stupid guy friend.
Someone that's mine.
Someone sweet and forward. I need someone that's mine.
It's a shame you're not a dog I can put a leash on.
Sul Hee, this tastes good.
It's good.
You really got a boyfriend?
You're going on a real date tonight?
Yes. It's black or white with me. No gray.
How could Ae Ra be dating Moo Bin?
You and he keep getting involved with the same girl.
What girl?
Don't you remember from high school? Jang
- Jang Hee Kyung. - Jang Hee Kyung? No.
Then Shim Min Young?
I told you, I never dated her.
Then Choi Yun Mi? The big mouth Yun Mi?
Jang Bo Ram. One of the Five Princesses.
Oh, her? The "I only date the best" girl?
I only date the best.
Moo Bin liked her.
- Really? - Yes.
Why would my Moo Bin like someone like that?
She was probably mistaken.
"My Moo Bin"?
Yes. My lovely Moo Bin.
You have your Hye Ran too.
(Bus Stop)
Ae Ra.
Don't do anything stupid and come home early.
- Why? - Why?
Is something going on?
Don't you want to watch "Happy Together"? Twice is on.
Twice is going to be on?
Don't give me lip, and come home early.
- I'll see. - What? You'll see?
My roomie. You're not staying out all night, are you?
Will all the Twice members be on?
Wow. All of you have lost your minds.
Dong Man. There's your bus.
See you tonight.
No. See you tomorrow.
I think you look great with a ponytail.
You look like Twice.
- Really? - Yes.
Which member?
Why that I'll kill you.
There's a new building over there.
It's very profitable.
What about this gym?
This here? This is just a warehouse.
It isn't worth investing in.
I like this building.
- What? - I feel like
it's in a good location.
If the owner ever wants to put it on the market,
contact me first.
Yes, sure. I got it.
(Become an announcer with Boom Up Academy!)
For a special case like you
A special case?
You'd need to take the premium intensive course.
You're not young.
Also it's not about filling gaps in your experience.
It's practically nonexistent.
I see.
We just started a special course.
We'll have famous announcers come in
who are likely your role models.
- You look so pretty. - You're beautiful.
- Gosh. - You're my role model.
Can I take a picture with you?
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Isn't she so pretty?
- Gosh. - This one is so nice.
What an ill-fated relationship.
(Interview for New Announcers)
What kind of an announcer do you want to become?
I want to become just like Baek Ji Yeon.
I don't want to take after anyone.
I'll make a name for myself as Park Hye Ran.
She beat me with a "Honey", then she upgraded
When she called him "Father",
I knew the game was over.
Are you really going to try it?
What do you mean by that?
I just think you're brave.
If you can do it, why can't I?
I'll just give it my all.
You sure do try hard at everything.
Did you park?
Yes, it's 2079.
Ae Ra.
Moo Bin.
You're early.
Yes. It's our first official date. I can't be late.
Yes, hello.
What is it? Are you her fan too?
No, she's our hospital's VIP, so I saw her before.
You were worried, but it's settling in well.
Excuse me.
I see. Announcer Park,
you sure try hard too, don't you?
- Let's go, Moo Bin. - Okay.
Let's say your opponent is weak and on the floor.
However, he's trying to survive and is circling.
Then just circle around with him.
Keep on hitting. Just keep punching.
And then, he'll fall.
Then choke him. This isn't the Ultraman pose.
It's a choke. If he still has strength,
punch him again.
Hello. Hello.
He's weak. Take his left arm
and do an armlock.
Armlock. This is the special move.
This is very dangerous and you could kill people.
Make sure you're careful when using it.
Why would I ever need to choke anyone?
Come on. I think you do.
Is your husband coming home early now?
Don't ask me.
I wish a dog would just snatch him away.
- Pardon? - The coach
is the sexy type.
While he is cute
like a son.
By the way, does Young Ki's mom know about him?
She wouldn't sit still if she did.
Who is Young Ki's mom?
The landlord. Since the coach is behind on rent,
she'll be mad if she knows a new instructor was hired.
We're behind on rent?
("Why Did a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Player Come to Korea?")
It's all about timing with the press.
They're going to release this right after
the match with Ko Dong Man.
I got this in advance. Your initials were mentioned.
They're crazy.
Are they crazy?
Sue them for defamation right away.
Tak Su, it's fact. How can we sue them?
Then what do you plan on doing?
Hold on. Issues need issues to cover it.
We need to find something bigger.
Like what?
What's worse than this?
Do you even realize how bad it is?
Instead of scheming something,
- train - Forget it.
I'm going to do things my way this time.
You all better keep your mouths shut. Got it?
I can't give you any more time. That's it.
Ma'am, I promise.
I'll pay rent next month for sure.
I'm not a charity.
I have someone who wants to buy this place right now.
Why should I be considerate of you?
Ma'am, don't be like that.
Don't you know I respect you? I always buy you sundae.
Why do you keep buying me sundae? I'm on a diet.
You're on a diet? You should be working out here.
Forget it. Anyway, I warned you.
Ma'am, how can I move out next month?
Won't you please understand?
I know we'll have a star born from here. Ma'am?
Hey, scholarship student.
Hey, you. Hwang Jang Ho's favorite, Ko Dong Man.
What's with you again?
Be quiet.
Don't you know why coach is using
his own money to train you?
Why does the coach have to do this for your dream?
Did you know he started working lunch hours too?
He told me it's a busy season for sundae.
How can there be seasons for sundae, you fool?
Forget it.
Did you finish talking already?
Well, I told him.
I'm sorry.
The chief director came from Japan all of a sudden.
I'll just greet him and come right back.
It's okay, take your time.
I'll wait in the coffee shop for you.
Right? You're my girlfriend now,
so you wouldn't mind waiting for me.
You're my girlfriend.
You're like
A little kid.
Didn't you say you were born in 1990?
Dramas these days ruined all men.
Little kid? What?
My lovely Ae Ra's sexy when she sounds like an old man.
It's just Ae Ra. Don't say "My lovely Ae Ra".
Use your tongue properly.
I will. I'll be right back.
What brings you here?
I have business to attend.
I see.
He even speaks Japanese.
Why is he so perfect?
(New patient registration)
Wait. Hello.
I've been wanting to see you.
Why would you want to see me?
Well I wanted to officially apologize.
What? Same with me.
I want to officially apologize as well.
We heard from Moo Bin.
We didn't know this would happen.
Please excuse my manners.
Would it have been all right if it was a girl
that has nothing to do with your friend?
I'm sorry.
We'll have to keep seeing each other, so
Don't sit down.
Okay. Also, we have to meet up tomorrow night.
It'd be better if we can make up in advance.
Why should I see you tomorrow?
Aren't you coming to the event at 6pm tomorrow?
The "People in Medicine event".
"People in Medicine event"?
Maybe he didn't tell you yet.
He wasn't sure if he should ask you.
He didn't want to pressure you.
Everyone's bringing partners.
Moo Bin always came alone and stayed in the corner.
I think he really likes you, Ae Ra.
I think he almost loves you already.
Is that seafood stew?
You'll never make a profit doing that.
The sundae too.
Do they have to be so well-stuffed?
Your debut match is days away. Why worry about sundae?
Get back to your training.
Did you do the jiu jitsu move 100 times?
- I'll come with you. - Where to?
To sell sundae.
Why would you do that?
I'll help you from now on.
I'll be your intern for no pay.
Drive-in cinemas are so boring.
One netizen
had his first kiss in a drive-in cinema.
You should really stop looking things up online.
Let's go to a street stall after this.
In "A Moment to Remember", the actor and actress
drink shots of soju together at a street stall.
That was them acting.
To me, you're prettier than Son Ye Jin or Ku Hye Seon.
You're up there with Song Hye Kyo.
You must like Song Hye Kyo.
She's my ideal woman.
Can I ask if
this is your first time?
What? What is?
When was your last date?
My last date
When I did my mandatory army service,
I liked the daughter of a galbi restaurateur.
Now, I'm not sure if I liked her or the galbi.
Did it go both ways? Did you like each other?
That means you never really dated
- someone for - I'm experienced.
I'm well-versed.
You're really well-versed.
Watch your hand.
- What? - Where's the salt?
- What? - Where's the salt?
You took some salt from me last August.
Why do you need salt so late at night? You're a psycho.
- Not you, Moo Bin. I meant him. - Right.
Are you still with that jerk?
It's none of your business.
Are you indoors or out?
I really think you need help.
Moo Bin, I'll go outside and be frank with him.
You can talk here.
Are you indoors or outdoors?
We're both indoors and outdoors.
What nonsense is that? Where are you?
- In a car. - What? A car?
- Why are you in a car? - To watch a movie.
Why would you watch a movie in a car?
- We're at a drive-in. - What?
A drive-in cinema?
Hang on.
Are you just watching a movie?
I will decide whether I just watch a movie or not.
If you keep calling me for nothing, I will block you.
Hang up.
Wait, wait. What's this noise?
What is this lunatic doing?
- What's this noise? - This?
It's the sound of kissing.
Hello? Hello?
No Hang on. Let me think.
(Drive-in cinemas in Seoul)
Coach, are drive-in cinemas different from DVD rooms?
- Drive-in cinemas and what? - Never mind.
How would you know? You've never been to one.
I've been to one before. I'm a huge fan.
"Are drive-in cinemas family-friendly?"
"Of course not."
"In a drive-in, I"
What's he laughing about?
What is he laughing about?
Oh no.
What are you doing?
Get in right now!
Why? What for? What's wrong?
I need to put these away. Wait a bit.
I need to go now!
- We need to take these! - Get in!
Talk to me. Where are we going?
To sell sundae.
Hello? Is that the Jamsil drive-in cinema?
Are you showing a movie right now?
Movie sundae?
We're selling in a cinema?
Is that the Namsan drive-in cinema?
Hey, don't be so rough.
Park properly. Where are you going?
Come back!
Where are you going?
Why did it go in there?
Choi Ae Ra!
You brat! I'm so sorry!
Another couple's kissing. I hate this place.
This is so annoying.
Where is she?
- Why you - Why are you here?
I was just
Just a moment. I
Where is he?
Did you eat half the popcorn?
Yes, I was so hungry.
Ae Ra, wear your seatbelt.
- The movie's not over yet. - It's a happy ending.
Where is he? Park Moo Bin!
What did you just do?
- Hey! - I'd always wanted to pull a girl's hair.
(Who on earth are you looking at?)
It was worth the try.
There's something called a business district.
If we sold sundae, what about the dried fish sellers?
- What? - Drive-in cafeterias
need the business.
I don't want to steal their business to sell sundae.
That's my business motto.
Okay, fine. I won't come up with ideas anymore.
I always told you.
Your head isn't meant to churn out ideas.
What? Why do you keep calling?
Hey, what are you doing? Why didn't you answer earlier?
I went around looking for you.
What do you mean?
What is it?
Is it urgent?
Never mind.
Get me some ice cream on your way home.
Why did I ever get you ice cream?
You never do so you can get me one now.
Stop calling for no reason.
Is it Dong Man again?
I don't know what's wrong with him today.
What is she doing? Why does she keep hanging up?
Dong Man.
I got grocery so that I can make dinner for you.
You liked carbonara.
I don't like carbonara.
I ate because you liked it.
I guess there's something I don't know about you.
You hardly know me.
When I was with you, I wasn't myself.
There she goes again. There she goes.
Why isn't she getting off?
Ae Ra, hold on.
Have a seat.
What What is this?
Look at what the scumbag is doing.
Before we were dating,
I gave you sneakers,
but now that we're dating,
I wanted to give you something Cinderella-like.
Try it on. I remembered your shoe size.
And this.
I wrote you a card too.
Aren't these real jewels?
- Pardon? - If you keep giving me gifts,
I feel a bit uncomfortable.
These look expensive.
I'll be throwing 68 dollars down the drain.
What? 60 what?
The owner said it's on sale so it's not refundable.
The owner who sold you these shoes?
I'll take these
and buy you a pair too.
I can get you something that's 100 dollars.
Let's just do it that way.
You don't have to give something back.
Hey. Move your car.
Move your car. Move.
Don't you know there's assigned parking here?
Is this your spot?
Do you even have a car?
Right. Get back to your place.
Why are you trying to get in between us?
Are you getting mad?
You shouldn't come here then.
- This is my territory. - Goodness.
Didn't Ae Ra tell you to keep your boundaries?
Guy friends like you
shouldn't even talk to her official boyfriend.
You don't know what you're saying.
I'm not any guy friend to her.
What are you then?
Yes. What are you then?
I am
sort of
her first partner.
What? First what?
Friends who've been through tough times.
Her owner. Major shareholder. Her dad's proxy.
Did my dad say he'll give you the permission?
Are you taking his side?
Ae Ra, are you taking my side?
Why would she take your side? You're funny.
Why do you keep talking down on my Moo Bin?
My Moo Bin?
Have I ever called your Hye Ran
this wench or witch?
You haven't?
I did it behind her back.
She only did it behind her back.
They're calling you again.
You should get going. I'll call you tomorrow.
You should go too.
I don't want carbonara.
My lovely Ae Ra, tomorrow
Never mind.
For goodness' sake.
Hye Ran was waiting in front of my house.
I didn't call her.
(To Ae Ra)
(From Dong Man: I didn't call her.)
(Ae Ra)
- Yes. - Why are you telling me she was hiding?
You see You might think I called her.
What was that about salt? What about ice cream?
Why did you ask him to move the car?
It's reserved parking.
But it's not reserved parking.
You got home
and he parked the car, so you should get off
and say good bye. Why were you wasting your time?
What were you planning to do?
Gosh, she hung up again.
It's bothering me so much.
(Pretty ladies fart too.)
(You're prettier than Son Ye Jin or Ku Hye Sun.)
He did all this by hand.
(Don't be sick, my lovely Ae Ra.)
(I spent 3 hours making this.)
When we were in middle school,
we used to write love letters to our crush.
That's exactly what he's doing.
(If you get stressed, you'll feel bloated.)
Is this me?
I want you to date somebody like him,
and not Moo Ki.
(My day off)
Ae Ra, you're so pretty. You're a beauty.
For a woman to be happy,
she's supposed to meet a man that likes her more,
and not the other way around.
(Choi Ae Ra)
Gosh. He liked all my photos.
Look at that.
Moo Bin is a total psycho.
There are hearts everywhere.
He's chirping on her social media too.
(My day off)
(Ae Ra, you're so pretty. You're a beauty.)
(Dong Man liked your picture.)
Why did this punk like it?
(My day off)
You're ugly.
My gosh.
He says she's prettier than Son Ye Jin, Ku Hye Sun
or Song Hye Kyo.
Song Hye Kyo? Hey.
You mean Song Hae?
- "Singing Contest"! - "Singing Contest"!
He made her a nice scrapbook
and he got her heels like Cinderella's crystal shoes.
Hey, she never even
watched any princess cartoons when she was a kid.
Zhang Fei from "Three Kingdoms" was her role model.
If Ae Ra was ever a princess,
she would have ridden a horse and started a war.
Are you going to that "The People in Medicine event"
today? Are you going?
Of course she is.
He's so good to her.
I don't want to see him getting disappointed.
I'm going to look so insanely sexy
Insanely what?
I'm going to boost his morale.
Ae Ra is such a loyal person.
If Ae Ra were a dog,
she won't be Chihuahua or a Yorkshire.
She's more like a Shepherd, Jindo dog,
Chow Chow, Tosa
or a stray dog on Mount Bukhan.
That's enough.
Let it go.
I'm going to bite you.
(Developing Healthy Food Through Organic Farming)
Dolsan kimchi will be delivered right to homes.
That's the important point.
- Mr. Kim. - Yes.
Mr. Kim, are you familiar with Chun's Kimchi?
I did speak to their marketing team.
I'm trying to reach the owner but
No, I mean the family.
Do you personally know the Chun's family?
Of course I don't, but I'll try to get to know them.
Why did they say that then?
They picked you as the launching manager.
They wanted Kim Joo Man of Sales Team.
I have good news. I got the contract for Chun's Kimchi.
- Really? - Yes.
- Were you able to reach them? - No, they picked me.
They only want to speak to me.
That's awesome.
I'm trying to remember anybody with that last name,
but I don't know anyone else who's a "Chun".
I think it's because word got out at how good you are.
The fishcakes, the salted fish
Everything you launched sold out.
You have a point.
They said if you make this one a success,
you'd be promoted for sure.
Right. I'm so happy I'm losing my mind.
Why is this locked?
Someone must be inside.
They would've opened the door then. It's locked.
- Get the key. - Okay.
"It is becoming difficult to gauge"
"the effect this will have on the investment market."
"In order to revive the market"
You're coming to the event at 6pm, right?
The People in Medicine event.
Do I have to go?
Everyone brings a date,
but Moo Bin always came alone and dejected.
I think it would be awesome.
It would be awesome if you'd surprise me.
Why is he so foolishly nice?
I feel so bad.
Were you napping?
Yes. I had food coma.
You had tempura, didn't you?
I had cold noodles.
Then why are your lips all shiny?
It looks like you're wearing lip gloss.
If you had a girlfriend, we would've thought
you were kissing here or something.
What brings you all here?
Didn't you get the email about the emergency meeting?
The Chung Kimchi was scheduled for a show.
So where should we start?
Chung Kimchi
Hey. The gym was sold.
What? What do we do then?
Are we out on the street?
But they said to stay.
They said to move out just yesterday.
The buyer from yesterday didn't buy it.
A new buyer showed up and bought it.
- Suddenly? - But that new owner
said to let the gym continue operating.
Why did that warehouse suddenly become so hot?
Is it going to undergo redevelopment?
Darn it. The owner's daughter-in-law is back.
Hey, you! Man Dong!
If you swipe the money again, you're dead meat!
How could you do this in front of our restaurant?
Move it!
Rather than what we always do,
isn't there a fresh, new idea?
Who's snoring?
Why don't we step out and get some fresh air?
Let's have a smoke.
Ye Jin. Why don't you use the restroom or something?
- Mr. Kim. - Ye Jin.
Don't say anything.
How about a smoke or
a snack
How much
must I show you?
What do you mean? What did I see? Don't say that.
My heart. How much of my heart must I show you?
No. Let's talk another time.
We even kissed by the copier.
Why won't you say anything about that kiss?
When When did we ever
You kissed me. I didn't kiss you.
Since we kissed,
there should be something else.
Why are you acting the same?
To you, is a kiss
nothing but a kiss?
Why do you keep talking about kissing?
- All we did was kiss. - Stop it.
All we did was kiss.
Forget it.
Did you guys kiss?
I should've told them my true measurement.
(Guest List)
Only members are permitted in our private lounge.
People not on the list
must be accompanied by someone who is.
I see.
- Then I'll call him and come back together. - Okay.
(People in Medicine)
I wanted to surprise him.
What's going on?
Who is she? Do you know her?
She's a patient.
She got a nose job
at our hospital.
I see.
I'll wait for you inside.
Okay. Go in first with the director.
Hi, my sweet Mei.
I'm done with the consultation.
I'll be right in.
The chief that kept calling
was the woman you're marrying?
She's your "sweet May", and I'm your "lovely Ae Ra"?
That's why you always listened to Japanese music.
Ae Ra. My feelings for you were sincere.
I liked you more than Mei.
I could really talk to you
That's a given. It's because I'm Korean.
And you're funnier and spunky.
And you're beautiful. You're like a dream.
You're 100 percent my dream girl.
So what?
You wanted to break off your engagement?
I'd be a horrible son.
And doing this is being a good one.
They bought all the tickets for the event, too.
when were you planning on dumping me?
The day before your wedding?
I wasn't planning on breaking up with you.
Why should we break up just because I get married?
Nothing has changed between us.
When I'm in Korea,
I can't completely focus on you.
Why you
You're really a piece of trash.
Ae Ra. This costs 10 times more than 68 dollars.
I'll make it up to you
by making you a princess with other things.
Why'd you have to come
when I didn't even ask you to?
You lied about everything
with that innocent-looking face. How
I didn't lie. I was sincere.
And I told you
to go out on 10 dates with me.
That's what
those "10 dates" meant?
It's so good to see you again.
How long has it been? 10 years?
Hey. We met once after graduation.
We did?
That's how I finally grew up.
You know.
I only date the best.
I'll introduce you to my man Moo Bin soon.
- Okay. - Wow.
I haven't heard that line in so long.
Where are we going anyway?
I ran into someone I hadn't seen in a while.
I wanted to show you too.
Darn it. I barely took a bite.
Let's go.
- Hello. - Hello.
- How much would you like? - Fill it up.
Fill it up? Okay.
Excuse me. You don't need to wash my windshield.
- Okay. - You're so sweaty.
Wait a second.
What high school did you go to?
Chunbang High. Why?
Right? Park Moo Bin.
It's me. Ko Dong Man.
Bo Ram. Do you know this guy?
He says he went to our school.
It felt like he dated me just to show you
that he took something from you.
Ko Dong Man.
He adores you so much.
I think that's why I was so drawn to you at first.
my feelings for you are sincere now.
What does Dong Man have to do with it?
He's such a show off.
He has nothing, but he's always so happy.
That annoys me.
Even if he shows off, even if he has nothing,
he's better than a piece of trash like you.
Why won't she pick up?
He's a scumbag through and through.
What? He sent you a what?
How could he send me his wedding invitation?
You must think the world is full of women
dying to ride on your white horse,
but Cinderella stories aren't popular anymore.
In the real world,
it is filled with moronic women who work hard
and succeed on their own.
So take your glass slippers
and feed them to the dogs.
(Dong Man)
Forget that Cinderella brat who sold a lie to girls.
The barefoot general Zhang Fei
of the Three Kingdoms who commanded thousands
is much sexier.
You know Shi Kyung is a prankster.
I understand.
That's how an inferiority complex is.
Then you wasted that money for the suite for nothing.
The suite at the hospital?
I didn't pay for that.
I went to pay for it, and someone had already paid.
Dong Man must've paid for it.
Then you didn't lose anything. Good riddance.
That girl was a total freak anyway.
(Dong Man)
What happened? Why are you here like this?
How'd you know?
Where's that work? Get up! Take me to him!
Sit down. Just stay with me.
Look at me.
Did you get hit again?
Did he hit you?
Would I let a punk like that hit me?
I let him have it and left.
Then why are you shivering?
Why are you here looking all pathetic? It's annoying!
And why do you keep losing your shoes?
It's not like he scammed me out of money.
It's not like I loved him.
I only dated him because I was angry.
I'm not pathetic just because he looks down on me.
As long as I don't think I'm pathetic.
Then it doesn't matter.
What the
Just tell me where he is!
I just stepped on turd, that's all.
So stop overreacting. It's annoying.
If you get slapped by someone
and then someone else takes your side,
it just makes you cry for no reason,
when there's nothing to cry about.
Stop doing things like this. Stay out of it, will you?
Stop roaming around and getting me angry.
Just stay holed up in your house or something.
Just don't date any guys.
What's it to you whether or not I date another guy?
Why are you hugging me?
I told you to stay out of it.
I told you you'll regret it.
Would I get involved if you did anything right?
It's because you always get hit and step on turd
I'm saying you make my heart flutter.
My heart flutters
every time you do that.
That's why.
My heart flutters.
Something's wrong with me.
(Thank you, Choi Woo Shik, for the special appearance.)
It's Moo Bin.
That doctor is Park Moo Bin, right?
Yes, it is.
There is no justice in this world.
- Why? - Never mind.
Do you know Dr. Park?
I really shouldn't say this.
It's so gross, I'm shaking.
- Did you hear? - What?
Dr. Park Moo Bin of cosmetic surgery.
He seduced a woman while he was engaged.
He asked her to see him even after he got married.
He kept on acting nasty.
- So? - So
So she
I turned it into a huge myth and made people gossip.
She hung herself.
- The woman hung herself. - What?
She died.
She already died.
She died?
She died.
This wedding is cancelled.
(Fight For My Way)
You can make this kimchi project a big hit
and get married.
You can't forget about him from my failed love stories.
My first true love.
Do you still think about your first love?
You're going out with him?
He's going to become my official boyfriend soon.
Why are you doing this to me?
He doesn't listen to me at all.
You don't like seeing me fight.
Is this your playground?
Why did you bring a woman here?
You're going to get knocked out on your debut match.
Get it together, punk.
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