Fight For My Way (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

I told you to stay out of it.
I told you to stay out of it.
Would I get involved if you did anything right?
It's because you always get hit
and step on turd
I'm saying you make my heart flutter.
My heart flutters
every time you do that.
That's why.
My heart flutters.
Something's wrong with me.
That's why you better watch out.
I'm not cool, and I'm not sophisticated either.
I'm like a dog.
Once I bite, I won't let go. I'll go all the way.
What What made you like that?
I'm just about to take that bite.
You better keep your best guard up.
I might even shoot a nuclear weapon at you.
That's why we should both be careful.
Wear them when you're driving.
Go, go.
- Go. - Go.
Hurry up and get on.
Hey, that's uncomfortable. Why are you doing that?
It's so that you can focus on driving.
You're worried for nothing.
One's back nerves
can't detect something so small.
Let's go.
Hold tight.
Sul Hee, I'm really sorry.
But it was really short. It wasn't even like this.
Why are you reenacting it?
I was surprised since she attacked me.
It's not like I can slap a woman,
or sue her either.
How was it?
It wasn't bad, right?
It was just
I felt like a slug stuck on my lips.
You're so original and detailed.
What? A slug?
That's not what I meant.
What you're saying is,
you weren't excited in the least when she kissed?
No way. It's not like that.
Then I'll handle the slug.
What do you plan on doing?
Sul Hee.
My heart flutters
every time you do that. That's why.
Hey. If you don't have anything
the day after tomorrow
What? Did you want to do something?
Do you want to come watch my match?
It's at 4pm at Dongchook Gymnasium.
You're fighting again?
You were beaten to a pulp, and you still
Just be like your normal self. I'm fine.
Wow, there are a lot of stars tonight.
There. Is that the big digger?
It's Big Dipper.
Hey, do you want to
drink at Namil Bar tonight?
Really? Are you sure?
Yes. Sure.
What are you doing?
I'm glad you guys are here.
Us Fantastic Four should go to Namil Bar.
Are you in?
I won't go if Joo Man goes. You guys go ahead.
Gosh. What is it now?
Then the three of us can drink.
Didn't you two have a drink already?
Ae Ra looks flushed.
- Why are your ears so red? - Are you color blind?
My ears are not red. It's just hot.
- Why are you yelling? - Enough chatting. Let's go.
Let's open up the plum wine.
No, I'm going in.
You two go ahead.
Just us two?
You always drink by yourselves. What's wrong?
I'm going.
Anyway, that
Park Moo Bin.
I'll take care of him.
How? Are you going to beat him?
I'm not a gangster. Why would I beat a person?
I have strategies, you know.
He's not someone you can handle.
Why do you always date such thugs?
When did I do that?
During middle school,
a guy borrowed your phone and transferred schools.
- Park Doo Young. - How do you remember his name?
He was your first love.
He wasn't my first love.
In university, you dated a guy in a traditional band.
We didn't date.
Then the last boyfriend you supported for two years
left you for another woman.
That's enough.
Now there's Park Moo Bin.
Do you collect thugs? Is it your hobby?
You forgot one from my list of defected men.
My true first love.
The wrist guy?
Yes. Thanks to him,
my wrist still aches when it rains.
Where did you find such a jerk? How is that first love?
Leaving my home behind and on a train
I'm on my way to the camp.
That's enough.
Once you go to the army, you'll forget everything.
Did you know? They still sell Fin.K.L bread there.
When things get difficult,
men miss their girlfriends more. You're clueless.
Is she your girlfriend?
You two broke up ages ago.
Take this off too.
Come on.
Have hangover porridge and go to the army. I'll wait.
From your first lady Choi.
She scared me.
Is she a homeless?
He must be sleeping.
It'd be his last chance to sleep in. He might as well.
"Have hangover porridge and go to the army. I'll wait."
She looks pretty even with clumpy mascara.
(Are you okay? I'm waiting outside.)
Are you okay?
I'm waiting outside. Let's sober up together.
Dong Man.
Did you really wait for me all night long?
I forgot to bring him kimchi.
Did she leave?
What's this?
Is there a mouse here or something?
What was that?
Hey! Darn it.
Are Are you all right?
Oh, that hurts.
Are you still drunk?
Aren't you leaving? Do you want to be late?
Are you going somewhere?
Do you have to go?
I can't live without you.
She's acting like she'd wait for him.
Two years will fly by.
Why is she holding my porridge?
I said I'd give you all the rice I have left.
Why did you bring that out?
Did I ask for your rice? Did I?
Why did you bring kimchi and fall down the stairs?
Let me see.
Does it hurt a lot?
Forget it.
Are you crying?
Are you a kid? Are you crying because you fell?
Hey. I told you. You look ugly when you cry.
You get discharged on September 5, 2012, right?
You'll really get out then, right?
Stay out of trouble, okay?
How do you hurt your wrist by liking someone?
Did you beat him up?
Did he deserve it?
Yes. He was so utterly clueless.
He probably had no idea I liked him.
You know, there's no cure for being clueless.
They don't even know that they are clueless.
Go to sleep.
Do you still think about
your first love and stuff?
First love is like an immunization shot.
You're nervous before getting it,
and it hurts briefly when you get it,
but then you're fine afterward. It just leaves a scar.
Hey. I told you. First loves are nothing.
Who is it?
An immunization shot?
Who is it?
(She was pretty)
Dieting is the hardest part of training.
So? You dumped him?
Are you a dog?
It is.
Why did you spray on Febreeze to breakfast?
I can't tell if I'm eating beans or Febreeze.
It's the scent of my skin.
Your skin?
Have you lost your mind?
Ae Ra, are you a food fighter?
Why aren't you talking?
Are you preparing for a fight?
Did you two fight?
Why aren't you talking to each other?
Do you think we fight all the time or something?
Did he call you ugly again?
Did he say you need to be reborn?
Hey. When was I that blunt with her?
Ae Ra. Did you put on lip tint?
I did not.
Yes, you did.
Why did you put on lip tint before brushing your teeth?
She didn't put on lip tint.
- What? - That's just the color of her lips.
I taste Febreeze in the eggs
because of this punk.
Hey. Come out.
Why do you keep clearing your throat?
Are you phlegmy?
Do you still smoke
You do, don't you?
Hey. I never smoked.
Why did you stop walking?
Because I felt like it.
Are you going somewhere? Meeting someone?
Why is he asking so many questions?
You're unemployed, so where are you going?
I'm going to shop so that I can stop being unemployed.
- Shop? - I have an interview tomorrow.
So I'm shopping for a suit.
Alone? What about Sul Hee?
- Is she unemployed? - Right.
How long will you take?
It was really brief.
It was like a slug
Stop talking about that stupid slug.
Let's talk later.
What are you doing?
We can't carry a bag together?
I didn't grab your hand or link arms.
Can't we carry a stupid bag together?
Look around.
Who else is carrying a bag together?
Who else kisses a slug in the copy room?
Sul Hee.
You're gross.
She buys clothes online all year round,
but she goes shopping for every single event.
Women are so strange.
If she used that money on gaming,
she would've been number one by now.
How do I look?
It's just
It's just
It's just
Why did you come along?
Did you come for the coffee?
Did you come for the air conditioning?
You need to say which looks pretty
or which is better. At least say something.
They're all just You You look pretty in them all!
Hurry up. Let's go.
Was it this copy room?
Mr. Kim, looks like we're eating meat for lunch today.
Hi there, Sun Hee.
It's Sul Hee.
Mr. Kim.
The last time as well.
Do you
put something on your lips?
You're stylish, aren't you?
Shouldn't you go?
Are you going to the gym again?
Yes, to exercise. I have a match tomorrow.
You never do as you're told.
You need to get beaten up so bad you can
barely lift a spoon to say you'll give up MMA for good.
Why are you still here nagging?
I want to tag along and see the place.
Back from the copy room again?
What's wrong with you?
You're making me so nervous I can't work.
Speak up so you don't have to be nervous.
We dated for six years and practically live together.
Say I'm the mistress of our de facto marriage.
You don't use "mistress" in this context.
You do if it's a secret de facto marriage.
Why should I be the mistress?
Sorry. I have an urgent meeting.
Why are you acting so silly?
Are you a child?
No. I should've been more careful.
What for?
- What? - Spill the beans.
Tell the truth.
Why tiptoe around? Brand him.
- What? - Yell it out.
"Kim Joo Man is mine." Make an announcement.
If you don't have the guts to, then at least act cool.
You remind me of
myself 10 years ago.
It's frustrating and heartbreaking.
Isn't this an illegal temporary building?
Does it have building permission?
Do you have adequate fire extinguishing facilities?
Do you make him teach too?
Pay him at least minimum wage.
The Ministry of Employment and Labor's hotline
is 1350.
Byung Joo!
Punch the sandbag.
The newbie makes the best sandbag.
Quit playing favorites.
You're not the only one competing tomorrow.
He has a match too. You both need to be careful.
I'm teaching him a few moves.
Or put the two losers up against each other.
- Why that - I see
he likes to beat up Dong Man a bit.
Do you not have any other plans for the day?
Come on. Jab.
Byung Joo!
I got carried away.
You jerk. Is he your sandbag?
Then let him put on gloves and fight properly.
Why are you high-kicking someone wearing mitts?
I need to throw real punches
and he needs to take them to see what it's like.
I'm building up his pain threshold.
I'm fine, coach. It was a glancing blow.
Ae Ra wants to have a go.
Could you teach me, mister?
- Me? - Hey.
He's busy. Don't talk nonsense.
I'll teach you.
Not you. Him.
He's the strongest and best-looking guy here.
My goodness.
Come on up here. It's okay to have some fun.
Come on. Watch your head. There you go.
Okay then.
Ae Ra, don't go psycho on him.
You're putting on head gear to fight a woman?
Ae Ra's about to lose interest.
Sorry, my bad. I'm a grown man.
Can experts like you really tell
when you're about to get punched?
You bet. Now watch.
This is what I see.
It's almost in slow motion, you see.
I see and evade everything.
Let's play.
Wow, you're amazing.
A true fighter has to have
better hand-eye coordination than a punch.
Let's move a little faster.
I'm not good at punching.
It's okay. It's me you're facing.
I can see every punch.
Real experts protect their faces well.
- It's instinctual. - Punch.
We're born with it.
- Punch. - I see it coming.
- Right. - You're too slow.
Left. Right.
- Faster. - Left.
I can't not avoid
- Come here. Come here! - Sorry.
- Sorry. - Freeze.
Do you want to beat up women too?
Your nose
It's bleeding.
Come here. You took lessons!
You dated for six years?
We had no idea.
Aren't they our first in-house couple?
How did you start dating? You work on different floors.
Was it more about love and less about work for you?
That's why we're treating you to lunch.
I hope you understand.
- I hope you understand. - Thank you.
I hope you understand. Come to our wedding.
- Congratulations. - Thanks.
Enjoy the food.
I'm so envious.
Don't say that.
There are quite a few here who don't have boyfriends.
I don't drink soda.
She's seeing someone, sir.
I have a boyfriend.
Come out of the cabinet.
Is anyone else looking to date a colleague?
Don't suddenly shove us a wedding invitation.
I dated for six years too.
We'll get married soon.
Great. Good for you.
I have a feeling there's a couple waiting in the wings.
Mr. Kim, make sure your kimchi is a hit,
get promoted, and get married.
He works in a large company,
is a full-time employee, born in 1989,
type O blood, height 178.7cm, weight
Okay. Good luck.
- What? - I hope to hear the good news soon.
Ye Jin, how would you describe your ideal man?
I like Park Bo Gum.
My boyfriend looks exactly like Park Bo Gum.
What's wrong with you?
Are you drowning?
- Really? - The restroom?
I'm fine.
- Ye Jin. - Yes?
If you have the time,
shall we have some tea?
I'd love that.
Let's go to a cafe for some cake.
Byung Joo
Oh dear.
I think he cried.
Did he really?
He got hit on the nose. Even Fedor would wince.
Noses hurt extra.
He attacked Dong Man's nose first with his foot.
Sorry. I got carried away, just like you.
I heard your mom sells pig trotters too.
Was your nickname "pigfeet" as well?
Yes. "Pink Pigfeet".
Mine too.
Our parents own a pork trotter place, and we like pink.
When I was young, I wished I had an older sister.
Can I be good friends with you?
In dramas,
girls like her are rude.
Ye Jin, you are
not rude. You're pretty.
You think I'm pretty? You too.
If I knew how to drink, we could have had a drink.
But I can't, so I wanted to have tea with you instead.
What is it, Sul Hee? What do you want to talk about?
Did you argue with your boyfriend?
How's your boyfriend like, by the way?
He's like a teddy bear.
He's like a cub.
My boyfriend is exactly like that.
Our tastes in men are similar too.
You have a boyfriend?
It's a secret at work, but I have somebody too.
Really? I didn't know you had somebody.
I totally understand.
If you say you have a boyfriend, they'll ask questions.
Do you want to see him?
We took a picture together this morning.
I bet he looks like Park Bo Gum.
But Sul Hee, this is a secret. Okay?
It's Mr. Kim.
You two are dating?
I have a crush on him, but he'll become my boyfriend.
I like him so much.
I just look at him, and I'm so happy.
Ye Jin, why are you doing this?
I thought my first love was in middle school,
but I was wrong.
I think about him all day, and my heart
goes all over the place. If that's love,
Mr. Kim must be my first love.
I must be crazy, Sul Hee.
I thought Hong Sik was my first love,
but I was wrong.
I think about Mr. Kim all day.
I'm going to die like this.
I must be crazy.
I like him so much.
Should I splash water on her?
I'm thinking about how I should tell him.
How do I ask him out and maintain a long relationship?
Should I slap her?
What do I do now?
In dramas, they slap the girl with kimchi.
That's playing by the book.
Can you give me some tips?
You want tips from me?
That's when I realized something.
In the course of one's life
I'm happy
I told you this though.
It's really difficult
to slap somebody.
Stop looking at the camera, Sonya.
Are you on "Music Bank"?
I can't help it.
Wait, Tak Su. Did you just get mad at me?
I wasn't mad at you.
This scandal's a huge blow
to me before the release of my second album.
To be honest, nobody knows this is your second album.
- Gosh. - You'll get publicity as my girlfriend,
and it'll benefit me too.
Sonya, this is a win-win situation.
Is this a business relationship?
It's It's love.
Sonya, why do you keep looking at the camera?
- This is not a selfie, right? - Isn't it enough?
If you look at other scandal photos, they're blurry.
Let's go again. She keeps on staring at the camera.
It doesn't look like a paparazzi cut at all.
Let's go again. Be natural. Practice your acting.
That scumbag.
You made his nose bleed. Why are you still angry?
Hey, would you lose if you fought him fairly?
You tell me not to fight, but you don't want me losing.
People get mad even when their little puppy
- gets beaten up. - That's enough.
I called the other two, so change and come to the bar.
I have an interview tomorrow. I can't drink.
We're not drinking. It's a rehearsal.
Let's go.
Age doesn't matter unless you're cheese.
If you're not cheese, age doesn't matter at all.
With an earnest desire,
with age and experience,
I'll become Choi Ae Ra of KBC News.
- That's perfect. - That's perfect.
Ae Ra's a great speaker. You'd make a good saleswoman.
If I had a choice, I'd pick you. It's 100 percent.
I was having such a lousy day.
You guys make me excited, and my heart flutters.
I'm tearing up for some reason.
Why are you exaggerating?
I saw you practicing to be an announcer,
and Dong Man doing taekwondo and breaking everything
since we were young.
You two are finally doing it in real life tomorrow.
I feel nervous. I'm getting emotional.
Honey, it's not like I got in already.
Mommy, did I win already? Why are you crying?
I feel like you're already halfway there.
You guys are sparkling right now.
She's right. You guys
are making me jealous.
Let's drink. Drink it up.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Your match is tomorrow, right?
If you become an MMA fighter, would you meet Sa Rang?
Choo Sa Rang?
Why would I meet her?
Kim Dong Hyun met her.
Hold on.
You look nervous.
Of course I am. Why would I not be?
Does my hair look okay?
Do my clothes look okay?
They look all right.
Do I really look okay?
Look at me in the eyes and say something.
you look like an animal
But what?
You look
- kind of - Hey.
He means you're pretty.
- She scared me. I almost cursed. - My goodness.
Why are you yelling?
It's like you got caught doing something.
- Did you do something? - Did we?
I don't remember.
You do plastering yourself?
Madam, do you even have the license to do this?
102 is pursuing 101 now?
Use a cab. Use it for today.
I bet Gangbyeon Expressway is really busy right now.
Don't tire your legs. You need to use them later on.
I'm your first sponsor. Pay me back with fight money.
You told me not to fight. Why would you sponsor me?
- Get going. - Ae Ra.
You're not coming to watch, right?
It's 4pm. It's at Dongchook Gymnasium, entrance 4.
I will never watch you fight again.
Hey, Ko Dong Man.
Don't get intimidated.
Get them all.
You're acting like my father.
I hope you beat them all too.
Bye. Go.
(2017 KBC Announcer Interviews)
(Interviewee Waiting Room)
I'm number 24, Park Na Ri.
Hello. Hello.
(Sample Interview Questions)
Hello, I'm KBC announcer, Park Na Ri.
I'll give my best to
(Interviewee Waiting Room)
23, 24, and 25.
- Yes. - Yes.
I believe friendliness will draw me closer to viewers.
Lastly, I think sense of duty is the most important
qualification for an announcer.
Okay, thank you.
If you don't have any other questions, we'll
Excuse me.
You haven't asked me anything yet.
(2017 KBC Announcer Interviews)
Do you have any talents?
For example, something you can do on variety shows.
Variety shows?
How about a song? Should I sing?
That would take too long.
We'll just consider we listened to it.
- Good job, everyone. - Then
how about a dance?
I can do a cover dance of AOA.
I understand you're passionate,
but if you dance right now,
it'll make everyone feel awkward.
I prepared an introductory opening.
Number 25.
- Yes? - I'm not sure how it's like for you,
but time is gold to us.
If you want to steal our time,
you should have filled up your time first.
Other interviewees went abroad to study,
went to graduate school, and volunteered.
What were you doing during that time?
Passion should be proven through your experiences.
earned money.
While they went abroad to study and volunteer,
was earning money.
(Choi Ae Ra)
How did it go? Get on.
Hey Dad, what are you doing?
Are you busy?
Can I
come see you?
I'm really busy because the boat just came in.
Let's talk later. Okay.
We were always short on time.
I tend to doze off during the day,
but I can't sleep at night.
I'm more focused at night too.
We wake up earlier than anyone
and we sleep later, but we never had enough time.
I'm a night owl,
so working late is not a problem.
Jab. Jab.
We lived harder than anyone,
but our resumes don't show a thing.
They seem to be everything of our history.
It makes me mad
and upset.
Once the news releases after the match,
all of the cameras will be on you.
If you can help it,
it'd be good to look like a sexy fighter.
Is this what you call sexy?
I look like a 90s office worker.
Even if two people score the same,
the camera will turn to the handsome one.
In that sense, why do you think
my sundaes sell so well?
Sure, sure. You'll be rich in no time.
Wait. Did the news get released already?
What is this?
("Kim Tak Su Admits to Dating Sonya")
("Kim Tak Su and Sonya Often Dated in His Studio flat")
We stopped Ko Dong Man's news with your scandal.
We promised to buy two advertisements
at this newspaper in exchange of the scandal.
Dong Man costs me so much money. He's a money eater.
He tires me out.
No one cares about a no name fighter.
You're a star. The scandal will cover everything.
That's the best.
He's having his debut match today.
You need to do your job right.
Do you want me to send you back home?
It's not a real match.
It's like an opening act at a concert.
They won't air it anyway.
No one cares.
I do.
I care, okay? I do.
Don't let him come near the ring at all.
By the way, I talked to the matchmaker.
I already planned out everything.
There's someone who's confident he'll beat Dong Man.
We'll put him against Dong Man.
What a joke.
What could an amateur know about Dong Man?
He beat Dong Man before.
He has?
I wish people would just notice.
I'd rather have people find out.
We're always together, but no one suspects us.
Sul Hee, you know that would make us uncomfortable.
It'd be disadvantageous for us.
I'm so nervous.
Because of everything.
You're kissing someone else at work.
Stop thinking about that.
Why is she so pretty and young?
She's from a rich family,
but she's so nice.
You're a lot more beautiful.
No one even imagines that I'm dating you.
I already know that your mother
and your sisters don't like me.
That's why
I feel like I'm dragging you down.
I feel like I'm your secret mistress. I feel foolish.
It really makes me feel awful. I'm sad.
Why would you think that way?
Sometimes I wish you weren't an assistant manager.
I wish you never went to college like me.
I want you to earn 50 dollars less than me.
Even if that was the case, I could
still love you for 100 years just like now.
If we sell out the kimchi this time
and I become a manager,
let's tell work.
After that, you should quit.
I know you wanted to become a power blogger.
Once you quit, I'll support you
to become a power blogger.
You can do that as the manager's wife.
Once I become a manager,
let's do it.
Let's get married.
("Star Fighter and a Girl Group Idol Are Dating")
How would you like it done?
Make me look better than idol girl groups.
Are you going to be on a variety show?
I want to support my man.
I want my man to become the star.
Make that obvious for everyone.
Yes, I ate.
I'm working.
Mom, I'm at work right now.
Dong Man.
Do you want me to send you some money?
You think your grown son doesn't have money?
I'm working.
That's not it.
- Your dad - What now?
Did he say something? That I can't even feed myself?
No. That's not it.
He's worried that you may have run out of money
and aren't eating well.
Is he there?
Yes, he is. Do you want to talk to him?
I told you to make up with him.
- Hey - No, no, no.
Mom. Don't give him the phone. I have to get to work.
Just give Dad a message for me.
Ask him
to believe in his son.
What is there to believe in?
You're so
He'll win in anything he does.
(Ko Dong Man, Lee Byung Joo)
You can't change the match-up last minute like this.
You're making me feel bad.
Yes, new fighters usually go up against each other,
but the one who was supposed to fight Dong Man
suddenly forfeited.
Suddenly? Right before the fight?
Should I feel bad about this?
I'll go easy on you.
Coach, I'm fine.
You should help Dong Man from his corner.
I feel so bad.
Even if you have no one else,
Byung Joo was a champion in his region.
How can you match him up with someone making his debut?
Why are you playing so dirty?
Let's just do it.
- What? - I think I can do it.
It's been ages since we walked through here together.
How long has it been? 10 years?
Don't be nervous. There's no need.
- Coach. - Yes? What? What?
You're nervous? Your stomach hurts? You need to pee?
Do I have to take off my shirt?
I'm used to wearing a shirt. To take it off
You're nervous? Your stomach hurts? You need to pee?
I'm a little I'm a little embarrassed.
There are so many women out there too.
I see. They'll be so far away anyway.
You'll look like two kidney beans. They can't see you.
- Kidney beans? - Yes.
Wow. Dong Man. You look good wearing gloves.
- Hello. - Hi.
What are you here for?
I enjoyed the scandal article.
Tak Su is second to none when it comes to being shady.
Why did you do something you're not familiar with?
You can't even do it well.
Why did you meet with a reporter?
Just stick to what you know.
Goodness. Am I an idiot? Should I have just taken it?
Don't let Tak Su shake you up. You and Dong Man
should do what you're good at.
Win with skills.
Did you hear that?
Stupid idiots
- have to use their bodies. - Hey.
Darn it.
Dong Man. I'm here today as your fan.
Let me see you fly again.
Thank you.
Honey. Do you think Dong Man
Does he think he's Choo Sung Hoon or something?
He'd better be just as good.
Next up. Here comes Ko Dong Man.
Burn it up.
Don't let him set the pace.
In this field, the one dating a celebrity isn't king.
The one with skills is.
Whatever. I'm just going to enjoy it.
It's been a while since I've been here.
Open up.
Enjoy it.
And now, for the main event. RFC's Super Fight.
Let me introduce the fighters.
First, in the red corner.
Standing at 180cm tall, weighing 71kg.
With a 10-0 MMA record,
- Boxing Face. - Isn't that Park Hye Ran?
Is Park Hye Ran here to watch an MMA fight?
She's so pretty.
- Film her. - It is her.
Lee Byung Joo!
Aren't you Park Hye Ran?
Are you here alone?
Whom are you here with?
- Were you invited? - May we get an interview?
What brings you to an MMA fight?
I came to cheer on a fighter.
You did? Whom?
The fighter standing in the ring right now.
Ko Dong Man!
Keep it clean!
Ready? Fight!
He's down!
- Did you get that? - It ended in 19 seconds.
What? Is it over?
He just knocked him out.
Is it over already?
How did he keep it in all these years?
We will announce the winner
of the main event.
After knocking down his opponent in 19 seconds,
the winner with a KO is
Ko Dong Man!
Sorry, but what's your name?
This was your debut, right?
What agency are you with?
How do you know Park Hye Ran?
How do you feel about your match?
Did you expect to win?
May we get a brief interview?
A word, please.
What are you doing?
I won.
Do you really have to do this?
I can't bear to watch.
I'm in trouble.
you look pretty even when you cry.
Dong Man.
If you feed only Whitey because Blacky is ugly,
wouldn't Blacky be sad?
Don't you feel bad?
The uglier they are, the nicer you should be, okay?
What are you doing?
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