Fight For My Way (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

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(Episode 9)
Why does he have his shirt off?
No way.
He's so handsome.
He must be a rookie.
Why are you zooming in?
- Pardon? - I said, why are you zooming in?
Wow, what is this?
I can zoom in or take a video if I want. Who are you?
Why are you zooming in when he's about to get beat up?
What's wrong with you?
Weighing 70kg.
Professional MMA debut match.
Is she out of her mind?
He's a rookie street fighter.
Here comes Ko Dong Man!
Keep it clean! Ready, fight!
What do I do?
What if he gets beaten up again?
What are you doing?
I won.
Do you really have to do this?
I can't bear to watch.
I'm in trouble.
you look pretty even when you cry.
Look at you. You're such a girl now.
Why are you holding my hand like that?
What about it?
Do you get goose bumps?
Do I give you butterflies?
Why do you keep asking me?
I don't think it's just you.
I keep feeling strange too.
I could only see you from afar.
I feel like you're somehow getting pretty.
I only thought about doing headlocks
- and mooning each other before. - Hey.
How can you say that?
When I hold your hand,
it feels good.
When you look at me
What about when I look at you?
I sometimes want to kiss you.
What? How are you so honest?
You should keep that to yourself.
Why? Do you feel the same?
Do you think about it by yourself?
Don't think out loud. Okay?
Thank you.
Honey. Do you think Dong Man
What are you doing here?
I swear I heard you say "honey".
You did, didn't you?
She called him "honey".
I swear I heard her say it.
She got it done.
What is she? An ostrich?
Why are her lashes so long?
Are they hers?
I'm speechless.
Are they yours?
Then why did he make the photocopies for me?
Why did he fix the copier?
Did Mr. Kim do things like that for you?
Who cares if he looks like Park Bo Gum?
I really
I really I really
I really liked him.
I really liked him, that's why.
Why did you run?
What do I do?
What do you mean? Why do you care?
Still, she's a coworker.
She got drunk and passed out at a bus stop.
- We can't just leave her. - Then what?
Will you let her sleep at your place?
I'm so glad she has such nice coworkers.
Thank you.
You must live in the same neighborhood.
We had a company dinner nearby.
You're Kim Joo Man, correct?
Yes, I am. How did you know my name?
I'd really like to see you again sometime.
Why can't you stop moving your chin?
Why don't you two spend some time alone?
Hey. What do you mean?
There you go again.
Will you cry every time I win?
You flew for the first time in 10 years.
I followed you around for 10 years
just to see that again.
Be good to me.
Give me a life of luxury.
Go home.
Get in your truck and leave.
Hey. Let me hug you just once.
- What? - Didn't you see
Park Ji Sung hug Hiddink? Like this.
This guy is such a pain.
Try it.
People will get the wrong idea if they see us.
My baby.
- Move your car. - Hello.
Look. I don't judge.
But move the car first, then you can continue.
Continue what? What do you mean?
Who is that?
I've seen her before.
You're a star now. Eat some meat.
Here, Mr. Star.
Star, my foot.
You guys
Did you see?
What's going on?
Why is he working out so early?
(Super Rookie Ko Dong Man KOs Opponent in 19 Seconds)
(Kim Tak Su Stunned by Rookie's Kick)
It must eat him up inside.
No wonder he tried to keep him out.
Dong Hee, it's time for breakfast.
Come out.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
(Thanking a Fan)
Why am I a fan?
We are true fans.
We were Dong Man's cheering squad since grade school.
Why did they blur out my face?
Am I a criminal or something?
Are you practicing enunciation? Cheongju tomorrow?
Cheongju KBC.
I'm going to knock them dead at this interview.
That's right. Sul Hee.
I'll deposit
this month's rent by next weekend.
Let's forget about this month. I paid it already.
Hey. Why did you pay the rent by yourself?
If I end up quitting my job,
you can pay that month.
Then we'll be even.
Then I'll use my "friend lifeline".
Go on. Practice.
(Namil Villa)
Why are you calling so early?
Can't your daughter call early in the morning?
Why are you being like that?
What have you been up to?
- Well - Are you even making money?
Are you even eating?
What about rent?
You don't think I can even afford to pay rent?
Stop being stupid. I'll send you money.
Don't you dare.
Don't annoy me, okay?
How can you pay rent after quitting your job?
I'm the one who quit. Why should you have to pay?
I'm the one who quit,
so I'll take care of it myself.
Spend your own money, Dad.
Your grown daughter can't even send you money.
Why do you keep giving me money?
I feel really cruddy whenever I take your money.
Don't you dare send it.
His store isn't even doing well.
(Youth, My Way)
So this is a program about super rookies
of all different fields.
So I'll be the super rookie of MMA fighting?
Of course.
I know what your fist feels like.
- I see. - Don't feel bad.
We can laugh about it now.
I don't know about laughing.
Anyway, after what happened back then,
I never thought you'd call me first like this.
With this too,
and the blind date.
Come on. That was ancient history.
We can have a drink and let bygones be bygones.
You're so sensitive.
Anyway, while we're on the topic, should we set it up?
What is Ae Ra up to these days?
Don't ask me about her.
(The fight money has been deposited minus the tax.)
Mom! It's your son!
Yes, that great son of yours.
Your son sent you some money.
If you don't do it right, I won't pay you.
I sent you spending money.
You need spending money?
No, I sent you money.
You sent me spending money? Why?
Mom. I made money doing something I actually like.
It's really meaningful, you see.
So I decided to wire you some.
Are you in trouble?
I'm about to get into some real trouble.
Believe in your son.
Why? Is Dong Man in trouble again?
Don't say "again".
He will be the death of me, I swear.
It's just that my eldest son
He said he wired me some money.
My allowance.
He's so concerned that I work too hard.
That's all he seems to care about.
He doesn't want me to suffer.
He's always saying he'll let me retire comfortably.
It was a really short call.
Did he say all that?
You know he talks fast.
Where'd he get the money?
He can be so silly.
I told him not to bother.
Can you post it from here?
Write down the recipient's address.
(Wonmi-dong, Bucheon)
(Kangmi Villa Suite 101, Ko Dong Hee)
I have to give a presentation on tomorrow's show.
I can't get promoted if you don't charge my batteries.
This is just a charge.
A rapid charge.
No way. Who's that?
Are they gone?
Why are you coming out of there?
I wanted to get some coffee.
Did you walk down?
Did you walk down from the 10th floor to get coffee?
I'm trying to lose weight, you see.
Mr. Kim's quite interested in fashion.
Look. He's got something on his lips.
Hang on.
Were you in there
- eating something? - No.
Excuse me.
I'm right. He ate something.
You said MMA is your priority and sundae's second.
Then why are you out here at lunchtime?
It's not like you have a family to support.
The moms who live here
wait for me to come by at lunchtime.
Of course, it could be me they're waiting for.
Right, of course it is.
Why don't you run for office?
Get ready to go to Daecheon tomorrow.
To eat clams?
Do you think you have time for clams?
We're going to make money.
Daecheon Scallop Festival.
You're going to demonstrate how to smash things.
I must perform in public?
You can practice and make money.
You can't do anything on 900 dollars a month.
You want to buy your mom a house.
Get your dad a new car, and support your sister.
You need to get married soon too.
How much for this?
As if you ever paid for sundae.
I'll pay for everything I ate so far.
Hey, I thought you wouldn't be here today.
Hello, madam.
Jang Ho had to come because he missed you so much.
- I missed you too. - I missed you more.
You two are ridiculous.
- Sundae? - Yes.
- How much? - Three portions.
- Three? - With offal.
- I'll give you some extra. - Thank you.
The offal's extra tasty today.
Sounds perfect.
I turn 30 pretty soon.
This is an embarrassing present.
You loved stuffed toys since you were six.
These can't even be recycled.
They don't fit in trash bags either.
They need to be torn into pieces first.
Joo Man, brace yourself and log in.
What? Me? Why?
I left a little something in your item box.
A suit of armor? You bought me armor?
This is awesome. I feel like crying.
Did you not get Ae Ra anything?
This. They're supposed to be comfortable.
Hey, this is for everyone.
Why don't I get anything?
You don't like stuffed toys or games.
I couldn't get you anything.
I didn't ask you to buy something.
Get me something for me.
Let's have another drink. How about mulberry wine?
Let's eat some chicken feet.
Which one? Very spicy? Medium? Not spicy?
I suddenly feel very sleepy.
I think I'm coming down with something.
Great. Alcohol will chase away the aches.
Forget it. We're tired as well.
Let's all go home.
- Are you tired? - Bye.
Is it normal for someone to suddenly feel sick?
Do you think those two will really cross the line?
That guy
will make it big one day. He's my friend,
but I swear he's a great guy.
Why? Because he got you the armor?
I told you to quit playing games.
I need to shower.
What? Do you have something for me?
You got me something, didn't you?
Where are you taking it out from?
Open it.
Why is it so yellow?
Pure gold.
Pure gold?
Who gifts gold rings these days?
Pure gold is an investment.
Pure gold
can be sold when you're broke.
Are we a third-world country?
You played a big role in
making me get back into sports.
Seeing you with a microphone
made me want to try again.
You even
came to root for me.
Is that why you got me a gold ring?
Gold is an investment as well as an emergency fund.
It could pay rent.
You really are a country bumpkin.
Pure gold's the best.
Thieves never leave gold behind.
We lost all the gold rings we had hidden.
I can't wear this in public
and I can't sell it right away either.
Gold is priced quite high at the moment.
Why did you get me a ring of all things?
You're giving me the shivers.
Don't I look too simple for an interview?
I did your hair since you were six.
You need to look twice as neat
to look as neat as everyone else.
One mistake could turn you into a rowdy country girl.
By the way, did he go running again?
He's acting like a professional athlete.
I've been following him since I was a kid.
He probably forgot that I have an interview today.
Here comes the martial arts master.
Have some taffies.
You went to get those?
Who sells taffies this early in the morning?
Well I was walking
and saw some.
- I was coming back - Was it on the ground?
- Yes. - I guess people drop things on the ground.
It's a leftover taffy then.
I'm going to Cheongju KBC.
- I'm - You're going to fight.
I'm going to get the kimchi contract.
I'm going to look after you. I'm your office wife.
- Let's do our best - To cause some trouble.
Why would you cause trouble? Are you a bully?
We don't have to be in pain. We should cause trouble.
You can't influence Sul Hee in a bad way.
Kimchi, office wife,
KBC, and a fighter?
What a mess.
(Youth is Only Youth When You Cause Trouble.)
- What is it? - My ears hurt.
Let me see.
It's finally your time.
My ears get rubbed against the ground too much.
I can't even sleep because I'm in so much pain.
Wait for it. They don't hurt once they turn like this.
How long does it take?
I don't know when they turned this way.
I think they look cool. It's like a medal.
What medal? My daughter
cries and says, "You have a monster's ears."
Let's go, guys.
Let's go. We have to go to Daecheon.
- Byung Joo's not here yet. - He is
coming next week. He has a cold.
Is he that embarrassed?
Let's just say he's sick. Hurry up.
(Pain is a blessing to youth.)
It took you long enough.
The divorce was a few months ago, and you come now?
I was a bit busy. How have you been?
It's always the same with me.
Looking at these reminds me
- of the old days. - Do you want to sit in?
Show your face so that they can't make fun of us.
It's okay.
(Application Form)
Yes, ma'am.
Are you talking about the kimchi that's airing now?
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but the product doesn't include radish kimchi.
Can you take that radish kimchi out?
What? Why?
That crunchy sound is grabbing people's attention.
It looks good to me, so what would the customers think?
Focus the camera on the host and take the radish out.
Why does she keep scratching herself?
She's allergic to pork?
- Take her out. - Hold on.
But if only the old man, woman, and the child are left,
it'll look so sad.
Instead of having the grandparents and grandchild,
let's do grandparents and a married couple.
I'm sorry, but they don't come with it.
- Right. - Why would you show it then?
Hey, I'll buy the kimchi,
so give me some boxes of radish kimchi too.
They look good, so I want both of them.
Why do you keep saying no?
Hey, do you hear me?
No! Radish kimchi doesn't come with it!
- Who is she? Grab her. - Who's that?
Play the video.
Come out. What's going on?
It has a good variety.
Should we order those?
- Why does that look so tasty? - It's not very spicy,
- so it makes a very tasty dish. - Oh, dear.
Isn't that Sul Hee?
Look. Sul Hee is on TV.
It is her. Isn't that Dong Man next to her?
It's a great dish.
It goes great with rice. As you see,
- we have a family here. - She's awesome.
Would you like to order kimchi?
Please go ahead.
- What is your number? - Yes, ma'am.
Is that it?
Here's your order.
Why is she always so full of herself
and always
above my level?
Here's your first question. Out of you three,
who do you think will not pass today?
Announcers don't hesitate. They're quick on their feet.
I think number 17 will not make it.
I think so as well.
number 17, Choi Ae Ra.
You're older and have no experience.
Your face also looks the biggest on screen so why you?
Can you give me 10 reasons why we should pick you?
10 reasons?
Yes Sure.
- First of all, I'm very passionate - Stop.
It's about passion again?
- Pardon? - Sorry.
I've heard that too many times while I'm here today.
Oh, I see.
To be honest,
what you like to do and what you can do are different.
Whoever figures that out first
succeeds in their field.
This is hurting my pride.
People think anybody can become announcers nowadays.
Why don't you just keep your current job?
I was going to do that,
but I wanted this so much that I couldn't just live.
I don't know if I should say you're bold.
Everybody has their limits.
Do you know what a Maginot Line is?
It's been less than 10 minutes since we've met.
How do you know what I'm capable of?
You've aged without wisdom.
You don't know how to reply to interview questions.
Are you seeing how I can adapt to pressure?
Or is this a personal attack?
Ms. Choi, as an experienced person,
let me give you some advice.
Do not.
You're not going to pass me.
Then don't hurt me. I
I have the right not to be hurt.
I'll decide
what I'm capable of.
Ae Ra.
Do you think you'll make it?
Yes. Seeing you, I think I can.
You were an anchor and got married to a wealthy family.
You were first place in everything.
So? Are you going to consider me as your role model?
I thought first place was reserved for the best,
but seeing you makes me doubt myself.
I know I can be better than you.
Ae Ra.
That's an ambitious plan.
We can talk if you pass.
You'll see.
I'll make sure
you never smirk again.
I wired you money.
Go and check.
Are you in Daecheon?
I'm coming there right now.
Why would you come here?
You have to watch your weight.
I'm spending the night here.
I'm not going home tonight either.
I don't want to go home tonight.
I won't.
You can eat it all.
When I saw it, I really wanted to eat it.
It turned out fine,
but we were really startled.
Sun Hee, are you gluttonous?
We sold out thanks to her eating well.
It was for the better.
Still, we were on live.
We need things to be controlled, at least internally.
You needed another person anyway.
We'll consider them the couple,
and she can be the sister-in-law.
That's good. Let's stick to that.
I'm not the sister-in-law.
I'm the wife.
Is that important right now?
Do you think we're playing house at work?
Who cares who's the wife?
Gosh. Ma'am, you're here.
I heard we sold out.
We sell out every time.
You should allow us to handle your next sale as well.
I know it's all thanks to Mr. Kim Joo Man.
He has an absolute taste. Where did you hear about him?
My little sister recommended him to me.
I heard he's good at what he does.
Is this your sister?
But how do you know him?
I'm her sister
and Ye Jin's mother.
Then do you own Granny Park's Pig's Feet?
All of our family members are in the food industry.
So that's why you asked for Mr. Kim.
Is that you?
It's you, isn't it? You were with Mr. Kim before.
The one wearing pink?
You said you had a team dinner in Oksu-dong.
Did we have a team dinner then?
Did you guys go out without me?
No, sir. It's not like that.
Why isn't she speaking?
We saw each other, right?
What is it? Is something off?
You've been going home early these days.
What is this?
Were you with Sun Hee?
Why won't you say anything? Just say it.
Sun Hee, what's going on?
Let's do it.
I'm Mr. Kim's common-law-wife, Baek Sul Hee.
That's why you shouldn't kiss him, Ye Jin.
Also, Mr. Choi.
I'm not Sun Hee.
It's Baek Sul Hee, Baek Sul Hee!
My name is Baek Sul Hee.
Sul Hee.
Why aren't you talking?
She's strange.
She's my girlfriend.
What nonsense are you talking about?
It's not nonsense.
I'm dating Sul Hee.
It's been six years,
and I like her a lot.
Mr. Choi. Please stop calling her Sun Hee.
Ye Jin,
I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't cross the line.
We'll invite a team to do a martial arts demonstration.
Could that be it?
Thank you.
Next up is
We'll have them break boards in order.
(Daecheon Scallop Festival)
It's fake.
They cheated. I know so.
They have the boards pre-cut.
Quiet down, darling.
Ha Na.
Ha Na. Ha Na!
Your lines. Keep going.
My lines Next up is
This is crazy.
Why did you tell them to break boards again?
We ran out of boards.
Can you go to a construction site
to see if we can get something similar?
What are you talking about? They're not superheroes.
Didn't you say a singer was coming? What's her name?
- Hong Se Ri? When is she coming? - She's on her way.
We need you to delay us a little bit.
How about just one more round of breaking boards?
- Are you kidding me? - What about the host?
I told you to delete the line about soju.
Just looking at something green makes me throw up.
Why would you come to work
and drink so much soju with scallops?
We need a host to delay the show.
Please, we need you to go again.
- I already told you no. - Then do you want me to?
- Fine, I'll just go. - No, no.
It's up to you to fix it.
- What is this? - What's wrong with you?
Is this a festival?
- We just need you to stall. - How can we do more?
- Why won't you - Hold on. Hold on.
I know a well-qualified person.
Let me get this straight.
The host is drunk
and Hong Se Ri is late.
He has to continue breaking boards
and the governor's mad.
What time is Hong Se Ri arriving?
In 20 minutes.
She's been saying that for a while.
Then, first
I have 20 minutes to myself, right?
Still, you shouldn't do anything too crazy.
There are political circles here.
The governor will be watching you.
You can't get involved once I'm up there.
Those 20 minutes are mine. Okay?
Excuse me, you have to go up this way.
Mr. Governor, please excuse me.
Hey, who are you? How dare you
I thought you'd be upset at the pictures later.
My grandpa was just like you.
There's that one strand.
Why are you getting rid of that?
Just let her be.
We have a lot of room.
Come sit up close. Come on.
Don't forget what I told you.
Hello, residents of Daecheon Beach,
the heart of Korea in the summer.
Welcome to the sixth Daecheon Scallop Festival.
I am your host for today, Choi Ae Ra.
How about a round of applause to thank the governor
for tearing down the wall
and for providing us with the venue for the festival?
Governor Jang isn't good at his job,
but he's a good man.
Of course.
It doesn't matter who wins. No one does the job well.
Anyway, where's Hong Se Ri?
You're right.
Isn't she coming out? Where is she?
Where's Hong Se Ri?
Everyone. You're dying to see Hong Se Ri, aren't you?
She should change the subject, not bring it up.
She comes every day if you turn on the TV.
Every single day.
But not me. I don't come when you turn on the TV.
This is your only chance to see me.
She's such a feisty one.
How did she keep it in all these years?
I don't sing for people ever.
You can't even pay to hear me sing.
Choi Ae Ra is more expensive than Hong Se Ri.
I'm Chungnam's daughter. Chungnam's pearl.
How about a song by Kim Wan Sun,
Chuncheon's very own?
- Applause! - Yes!
Wearing a red hat
I'm a clown that always smiles
Behind the blue smile
Are tears that no one sees
Doo Shik's mother, your husband is here.
Please take him back.
Even if you laugh at me
I think I look beautiful
Once she has a microphone, it's game over.
No one can say a word
What's that?
There must be a show.
My battery
Ma'am. You don't need to be the best looking
- It's okay! - Ma'am?
You don't need to have the best body
It's okay!
You care only for me
And that makes you the best for me
Did you have fun today?
- Yes! - She's great.
She's part of an agency, right?
Hey. If the martial artists and that moron
I mean, if the martial artists and she travel as a set,
would we get paid more?
Yes. That's right.
I was the MC. The MC.
Daecheon is a short drive away.
Should I go tomorrow?
You said you're doing it tomorrow too.
Why would the father of a future star come to this?
Dad. Just stand by.
I'll repay you for raising me
all on your own.
I'll give you a life of crazy luxury.
I don't need luxury.
Just take care of yourself.
Is this really Ae Ra?
She was the MC of the festival.
Really? Are you paying today too?
I told you the dream I had before she was born, right?
A huge dragon the size of the house
was holding a magic pearl
the size of my fist with its front claws
and shot up
He added a pearl this time.
Every time he tells the story, things get added.
Have a drink.
- Drink up. - Thank you.
This is a large. I put in a lot.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you.
This is on the house. Enjoy.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
They're so nice.
Which one should I post? Which came out the best?
Are you addicted to social media?
Why are you posting already?
Others always brag about eating and buying nice things.
Why can't I brag too?
Go ahead. Brag. Brag.
This one looks the most human.
I'll post this one.
I feel so good right now.
Our MC seems to be in a good mood.
Your MC?
Why are you grinning like a madwoman?
Since we're at the beach, let's drink. Let's drink.
Go home.
- Let's drink! - Let's drink!
Let's drink.
Ae Ra. He won't drink. What should we do?
Doo Ho. You didn't finish your shot?
Is it because no one's singing?
Don't do what I think you're about to do.
Sweetie, bottoms up
You have to shoot it
I don't know about "sweetie".
I'm three years younger. Ma'am.
How long will you make me dance?
Bottoms up, bottoms up, bottoms up
- Let's drink. - What if
she gets worse the more she drinks?
Bottoms up.
- Let's drink, let's drink - She
Bottoms up, bottoms up
She looks cute.
Hey. Take her inside.
You're drunk. Go in and go to sleep.
Since everyone wants, let's drink!
Let's drink!
I was in such a good mood. Why did you make me leave?
Where did you learn things like that?
Sweetie, bottoms up
You have to shoot it
Is Doo Ho your "sweetie"?
He's younger than you.
That's just how the song goes.
You've never sung that "bottoms up" song to me.
Why'd you sing it for him?
Why were you so cute?
What was that?
Was I cute?
They never have enough rooms at times like this
and always have just one left, right?
She's taking a while.
It's peak time, after all. So it's to be expected.
I'm sorry, but we have plenty of rooms.
We have too many, so I was wondering
which floor to put you on.
Just put us on the same floor as the festival people.
Why are you getting angry?
You won't be scared?
What if I am? You want to sleep with me?
Who said that?
How could you say something like that so easily?
Just sleep. Sleep.
Just sleeping.
You have such a dirty mind.
You must be possessed.
What's this?
Why do I feel like I'm being watched?
Is there a camera in here?
You scared me to death!
Darn it.
Die! Die! Die!
Darn it.
Ae Ra!
Dong Man! Did you hear me scream?
There's a cockroach in my room! Gross!
I hate them! I think I'm going to die!
There's another one next to you.
Where? Where?
- I'm going to Daecheon to sketch. - Okay.
Are you a man?
Why do you dry your hair like that?
Should girls dry their hair differently?
Why are you drying your hair like my army sergeant?
Get down. Why are you on the bed?
You can move that and sleep on the floor.
Why you little punk.
Then just sit next to me.
We sat on the same bed all the time.
How is that the same?
Is it different?
It's the same.
Let's watch TV.
Don't turn it on.
Why not?
Just don't.
It'll get awkward.
Why are you facing me? Turn away.
- I can't. - Why not?
- My ear hurts. - Your ear?
What happened to your ear?
I've been doing ground training lately.
What's that?
When you roll on the ground, like in wrestling,
you scratch your ear and stuff.
You're driving me crazy.
Your ear's crazy hot.
You You shouldn't
touch people's ear like that.
It feels like it'll explode. It's super hot.
Maybe it's infected or something.
Are you a doctor now?
That's That's not
why it's hot.
Did you
do something?
- Like what? - Your face
seems different.
Did you get a filler or something?
I can't afford rent. How could I afford a filler?
Go back to your room.
Not until Coach gets back.
I can't be alone with a cockroach.
Why you You're such a pain.
Then why don't we drink some more?
Should I go get some?
There should be a menu for late night delivery places.
You know so well. You must go to motels often.
It's my first time.
Dong Man!
Neither of them are home?
I said it wasn't allowed before marriage.
Darn it.
(Oops! We Did It! Motel)
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