Fight For My Way (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

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(Episode 10)
Darn it.
Hey, do you think this is your room?
Why are you shirtless?
You startled me.
Don't you remember?
- Are you acting like you don't? - Forget it.
Who told you to sleep here?
You were in the mood.
You're the one who wanted to drink.
You said you'd leave soon. You were waiting for coach.
Do you really not remember?
I remember your heavy breathing very clearly.
Shut it.
Why did you do it?
Why do you have to be so handsome?
You're giving me the shivers.
How can you sleep?
Are you an animal? How can you sleep so well?
You punk. You're too gutsy.
Why did you blow your hot breath on my face?
Did you have a dream?
You're talking nonsense.
You did.
You came up close and
touched my face.
I didn't touch you.
I swear you were breathing right at my face.
Forget it.
No, we're not moving on.
What about you? Why are you undressed?
I don't know. Did I take it off while sleeping?
Was it you by any chance?
Are you crazy? What are you saying?
Did you ask for a morning call?
Do you think this is a hotel?
Have you been to a lot of hotels as well?
Didn't you hear someone knock earlier?
Who is that?
Maybe it's Coach.
Darn it. I'm kind of embarrassed.
Darn it.
Sorry. I kind of fell asleep.
Who is it?
Why Why are you
In life, timing is always
(One hour ago before doors open)
Say I'll go up once I have my sketch.
Okay. Thanks.
The person you have reached is not available.
Please leave a message after the tone.
(30 minutes before doors open)
Why won't she pick up?
Is she here already?
No, no. This won't work.
Look at this. My kids aren't from the Shaolin Temple.
There you go again.
Just use with anything.
How could you say that just because it isn't you?
There are breaking boards for these things.
See how they break?
Yes. They can hit it with their hands like yesterday.
That was with their knees. Try it yourself.
- They can do it. - Excuse me.
Yes? How may I help you?
I'm with a staff member.
The MC.
The MC Choi Ae Ra is my daughter.
Oh my. You're Ae Ra's father.
- Hello. - Yes, hello.
(15 minutes before doors open)
Why are there so many?
Where is he?
(Oops! We Did It! Motel)
You raised your daughter so well. She's tough.
But she's a girl.
She's solid like a rock. A hard rock.
Ae Ra wouldn't even lose to Ronda Rousey.
Why would she fight her?
I'm more afraid of Ae Ra than any woman in the world.
Ever since her microphone moron days, I
What moron?
- Here. Please, come in. - Here?
"Oops! We did it!" Of all the names
We all stayed in the same motel,
so I'm sure he got her a room here.
- Who did? - You didn't hear?
Dong Man. Ko Dong Man.
Dong Man?
Ko Dong Man?
- Let's go up. - Okay.
Why did you come inside?
What? Is something going on in that room?
An affair? Is it?
They are definitely the ones in rooms 408 and 410.
Gosh, why won't they pick up?
Did the kids run away from home?
What's the area code here?
It's 041.
- 041. - Why?
112 is just 112 without an area code.
So I thought if I could get
pictures of the martial arts show and some sketches,
it would publicize the festival, so it's a win-win.
I guess that martial arts guy is pretty famous.
- Yes, well - No wonder.
He stood out.
The kicker didn't look like he should be doing shows.
Right? He's good.
Above all else, with his looks,
he'll be popular in no time.
We're not about creating stars.
We're about selling their stories.
She must've left already.
(1 minute before doors open)
Why won't she answer her phone?
Okay, then I'll go see Dong Man first.
What room is he in?
Let's see. I think he's that way.
Hey, Doo Ho.
Is Dong Man still sleeping?
Dong Man? I don't know.
Why not? Didn't he sleep with you in your room?
No. I thought he slept with you.
Where did this punk sleep
No, no! I was wrong!
I was confused about the motel.
This isn't it. She isn't in there.
It's another motel.
Who is it?
Why Why are you
Mister Just a minute.
Dad. Hold on.
Excuse me, sir.
That's right. My performance.
Mister. I need to break some boards first.
That's right. We're late. You have to go now.
Dong Man, get in here.
Close the door and come in.
Sir. He has to be careful of injuries right now.
(July 1, 1989, Choi Ae Ra)
Get in here.
Go ahead.
(July 1, 1989, Choi Ae Ra)
No! Raise it!
Yes. Okay.
Let Ae Ra do both parts 1 and 2.
Choi Ae Ra was great yesterday. She'll be a star.
She'll make it for sure.
No! Don't come here!
How are you
Should we call the cops?
What if 102 dies?
It isn't an O, but an X. An X.
100 percent, for sure, an X. Not a triangle, but an X.
What's a triangle?
Why are you doing this to me?
She hits me while I'm sleeping,
and you show up behind the door.
Why are you two doing this to me?
So why did you sleep here?
You useless, little punk.
How dare you?
Why am I a useless punk?
Why did you sleep here? What were you after?
Even if she and I were alone on a deserted island,
I'd consider her a comrade No.
I'd consider her like an island native or a monkey,
and not even look at her. I swear.
No, no. I'm just saying. It's not
What's wrong with Ae Ra?
- Sorry? - Why must Ae Ra
have you call her a monkey?
So what are you doing all the way here?
Sleeping in the same room is forbidden.
Why do you talk so casually?
I'm older than you.
Oh, I see.
Didn't we meet somewhere before?
We did not.
- Scoop. - Okay.
Why steak?
Pork trotters can be steamed
or grilled.
Meat's all the same.
She'll quit selling pig trotters to open a restaurant.
Here you go.
Eat all you want.
- Is it good? - Yes, Mother.
I should treat you at a nice restaurant one day.
One day? When?
Our families should
Forget it.
There's no need to rush the marriage.
Living with in-laws
You'll get married when it's time.
I almost forgot.
It was so funny. I still can't believe it.
What are you talking about? You can say it.
Do you remember Kyu Shik from Jochiwon?
- Who? - You know who.
The only son of the man on the mountain.
- Who, Kyu Shik? - Yes.
There's now a paved road through that mountain.
Kyu Shik made about a million dollars.
No, I heard it was 1.5 million.
So what?
I met his aunt.
She asked if you're still single.
I said you were and she said
Kyu Shik has been waiting for you to grow up.
I found that hilarious.
It's not a fun story to share during a meal.
(Intern Ye Jin)
What's wrong with you?
Kyu Shik's way too old.
He was in the army when I was in preschool.
He's probably in his 50s by now.
Are you trying to marry me off to him?
You never know until you walk down the aisle.
You made Joo Man feel bad.
He's not your boss.
Don't mind him too much.
Live off of this.
Why are you giving me this?
Am I a trash can?
You brat.
Have a look.
We have no cash.
We spent it all putting your brothers through college.
This is yours.
Where'd you get this, Mom?
I took it from your dad's mom's closet before she died.
To spend it on your wedding.
Take it.
My goodness. You're insane.
Why are you giving this to me now?
Owning something like this gives you guts.
- Guts? - Stop being so timid.
Have a backbone.
If Joo Man upsets you, just dump him.
(Sul Hee's Pork Trotters)
Sul Hee has three older brothers.
Yes, I know that.
Some couples
have a few daughters because they tried for sons.
I ended up with three boys trying for a girl.
The day she was born,
I screamed and ran around the clinic.
I heard. You screamed, "It's not there."
I took down her brothers' names
and put hers on the storefront.
Our Sul Hee means a lot to you.
She isn't yours yet.
Your family will think you're losing out,
but I think my daughter's too good for you.
Of course. She's way better than me.
Be good to her.
Or I'll kill you.
Don't ridicule her because she's innocent.
Don't give your number to people you must ignore.
Sit and watch from here.
I will appear
from behind that wall there.
Then I'll come up here.
I bet you will. The MC must be in the middle.
At the center, the forefront.
I'll be smashing a few things up there myself.
You can't tell my dad what I did.
If you do,
I'll tell him you beat me with a wire clothes hanger.
You're a blackmailer.
Don't tell my dad.
Why do I see nothing but my own face?
Is this the video function?
Let me see.
I'll have a look.
I said I'll take it for you.
Why would you film my girl?
Dong Man.
Oh Hey.
What are you
Aren't you Ae Ra?
You startled me.
You startled me, Mr. Han Doo Ho.
Is Byung Joo with the Tigers now?
Does our coach know?
Be wise, like him, when you sign the contract.
Thanks for the offer, but
Take your time before you give me an answer.
Think about it.
I'm hardly good enough for the Tigers to want me.
If you sign me, Dong Man will be left alone.
What is it you're after?
Why do you care about our intention?
Don't you want to move to a house without mold?
Think about your role as a dad.
Your kid has allergies and scratches until he bleeds.
You can't live life based on childish bravado,
loyalty, and what you think is cool, can you?
Do excuse me.
Are you hosting the event, Ae Ra?
While you smash boards?
You should've called ahead.
We had no idea.
You must not know.
I'm a producer now at KBC.
It's a public network.
I worked on shows like "1 Versus 20",
"Happy Monday", and "How Are You?"
If you wanted to be an announcer,
you should've told me.
I could've asked my producer friends to call you
Don't you dare
mention me to anyone.
Sir, from right here
You can zoom from this position.
- Use two fingers. - Like this?
You're doing fine. That's too far in.
Pull back out.
- That's it. - Can't I just
Yes, you can do that.
Were you surprised?
You hadn't seen him in about five years.
I never wanted to see him again.
Why did you call him when I'm here?
I didn't call him.
Why'd you agree to this gig?
I never really did.
Did you call him first?
He called me.
He said he'd set me up on a blind date.
Jang Kyung Koo?
Did you go?
- What? - On the date?
You went on the date.
- You met someone. - What?
You're such a simpleton.
Hey, you'd better get a grip.
Once a Jang Kyung Koo is always a Jang Kyung Koo.
(Maxx World Chicken)
Shall we have Seoul Chicken or American Chicken?
We'll have another Seoul Chicken.
Mr. Park, congratulations on getting promoted.
Good for you, getting married and promoted too.
I'm so busy preparing things
and thanking people.
How are the wedding preparations going?
It's all about money.
Photos, dresses, makeup
We're treated like ATM machines.
Where will you live? In Gimpo?
Yes. Our parents will lend us some money
and we'll get a loan from a bank.
Are you still dating in secret?
Oh, not anymore.
Everyone knows about us now.
We will get married soon too.
When Joo Man
gets promoted.
You didn't have to say that.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Gosh, ice creams cost 80 cents these days.
Economy for the ordinary people failed.
It was ruined.
Don't you think Chan Ho shouldn't have done that?
Do what?
He dated somebody for four years.
I was actually close to her.
He's marrying somebody he's dated for four months.
What's wrong with that?
You're being so cranky today.
Is it
because Chan Ho is getting promoted and you're not?
Do you think I'm that shallow?
I don't want Ye Jin's aunt to promote you to a manager.
Why do you think it's from her aunt?
I could have done it with my performance.
Don't be too upset.
I'm fine even if you're an assistant manager forever.
I'm not okay with it.
Who would want to be an assistant manager for life?
If I do better, I can make you happier.
I'm happy already.
Look. We're happy eating ice cream together.
I want to enjoy small things with you like now
- and love each - Small things?
Small things.
Why does happiness have to be small things?
- Pardon? - If we continue this way,
when would we buy an apartment,
buy a car, get married,
get promoted, and have babies?
- Joo Man. - I'm sorry but I'm not grateful
of those little things anymore.
I want to meet my friends and brag about myself.
I wish I had something to be proud of.
Joo Man.
Why do I keep thinking you've changed?
People are not the same all the time.
You can't live life like you're playing house.
I'm wearing the same dress as yesterday.
How do I look?
You look pretty.
Why do I have a huge pimple today?
Hey, act normal today.
Don't try to stand out. Don't dance.
By the way, would you really
feel that way if you went to a deserted island with me?
- What? - Am I
the same as natives or monkeys?
Why would you respect me so much?
Ae Ra.
Alcohol saved you yesterday.
What are you saying?
Why? Do you want to go to a deserted island with me?
You know
We're not entirely, totally
just friends, right?
Are we kind of seeing each other?
Hey, stop talking nonsense.
Go do your rehearsal. I'll watch you.
(Are We Seeing Each Other or What?)
Ae Ra.
You're superb.
- Testing microphone. - You're
- going to be here, right? - Hello, Daecheon.
- I'm the host of the festival - What's she doing?
- from Seosan. - Didn't you text her?
I thought you texted her.
What do you mean?
It's just a rehearsal, Dad.
Don't worry about me. Focus.
Move over.
What are you doing here?
- Why are you - I must be evil.
I don't like seeing you excited.
Let's start the rehearsal, Hye Ran.
Hello, citizens of Daecheon.
Oh, dear. Isn't that her?
Isn't that Park Hye Ran?
Where are you going? Aren't you getting started soon?
Let's go.
- It hasn't started yet. - Let's just
- go. - What
- Let's just go. - I'm here to volunteer
my time at the festival. It's Announcer Park Hye Ran.
Take it.
I'll take it.
I didn't come here to see you on stage.
I came here to give you these.
Just go.
Shouldn't we eat together?
I haven't seen you for two months.
Let's have dinner together.
I'm not hungry. I want you to leave now.
I'll leave.
Once you get home, put the side dishes in the fridge.
What are you doing? Why would you give me money?
I want to.
I'm not a child. I shouldn't be getting money from you.
Why are you making me feel ashamed of myself?
Why can't I give 30 dollars to my daughter?
But why would you give it to me now?
Why now?
Why would you come and see me in this state?
What are you embarrassed of in front of me?
I'm totally fine.
You should leave.
I'm going to tear up if I keep looking at you, so go.
Ae Ra.
In life,
each person has their own level of play.
Are you telling me not to dream?
Does it make sense for a gambler to play with grannies?
Park Ji Sung shouldn't play in recreational soccer.
You're a professional.
A stage that small is not enough.
Is it enough for you?
You were acting like a grown up.
You're still far from it.
Go. I'm leaving.
You rotten punk.
Come next time when I call you.
Next time,
I'll be on this grand stage,
so come when I call you then.
Call me then.
Even if you're in North Korea,
I'll cross the 38th parallel to see you.
I'll get going.
You should go too.
I don't want you to see me cry anymore.
I'm going to go back to Seoul.
By yourself?
We can go together tonight.
Forget it.
I'll go by myself.
I'm going to sleep here.
(Intern Ye Jin)
I'm lying on the bench.
Can I go out for a little bit?
For what?
The guys want me to come out since I left early.
- Should I come too? - What?
No, it's just the guys.
Don't you think it's too late at night?
I'll come right back.
Just eat with me and we'll go for a walk.
It's too hot for a walk.
Why are you going out if it's hot?
Just don't go.
I want to fight you some time.
Well, you're my only sparring partner.
I think
you're actually really strong.
Are we supposed to be a circus?
We don't have energy. We didn't even eat.
More boards? Why are they so hard to break?
Are they hard to break? Really?
- Gosh. - Why are they so hard?
What kind of festival has so many problems?
They're so disorganized!
(Jang Ye Jin)
How can you drink without knowing your skirt ripped?
Wouldn't you drink if you were me?
What's with you, Ye Jin?
Why haven't you been coming to work?
I know it's wrong of me to do this,
but I still like you.
Why would you like me?
You're too good for me.
I just like you more and more.
I want you to pay attention to me.
I just keep on liking you.
I want you to pay attention to me.
I just like you so much.
I feel like I'm going to die.
I like you.
Why are you crying?
Are you going back to Seoul?
- Yes. - Get on, I'll give you a ride.
What do you mean why? I'm going there anyway.
How do you do this without a script?
Most events outside of Seoul change by the hour.
You know? You can do it impromptu.
You have no basics or organization.
At least get the bare frames down.
Who can do this without a script?
Well, one person can.
- Pardon? - Nothing.
Then we'll try to get it ready, okay?
Did Ae Ra leave already?
(Ko Dong Man)
Don't go. Wait for me.
I want to go with you.
Right. How was Chan Sook's wedding?
I didn't get an invite, so I couldn't go.
Why would she send you an invite?
That's true.
How did you know I went to her wedding?
How did you know about the Daecheon Scallop Festival?
That? Dong Man told me
I know he didn't tell you.
He didn't tell me directly,
but I heard it in passing.
Are you stalking my social media account?
No. I don't even know your username.
(Recent searches)
(12 Maebong Road, Oksu-dong)
"12 Maebong Road, Oksu-dong."
That's Namil Villa.
Because of you,
I get chills when I see traditional percussion bands.
I'll make it short. Terminate your program.
Also, don't show up in front of me or Dong Man.
Ae Ra, I'm not who I was before.
I don't care if you became a new person.
I wouldn't trust you even if you had a reformation.
Open the door.
Ae Ra.
Open it.
I told you. I've changed.
I'm not a pushover anymore.
Ye Jin, do you take me for a joke?
You must be the one that thinks I'm a joke.
You must have had your fun watching me.
It wasn't funny at all.
I was so upset and it drove me mad.
I was scared.
I hate that it's someone like you
that likes Joo Man. I hate it.
I was afraid.
Please, stop doing this to Joo Man.
Don't come see him at night,
and don't text him or call him.
Also, could you unfriend him on social media?
don't want to do that either.
Your relationship with him is dissolving anyway.
If Mr. Kim is torn, then I really don't want to stop.
If you're at that stage of drifting apart,
then I'll
just continue to sway him.
(To Sergeant Baek: Did you go down?)
Why did you put on that safety pin?
That's mine.
That's mine.
Then that becomes a double discount.
(Movie theater 2011)
Pardon? What was that?
It comes out to 12 dollars.
Just a minute.
Let me help you with that.
Your points card, the discount,
and with the points from your card,
it comes out to nine dollars total.
I had points?
Yes, should I apply them?
He's so smart.
Do you need a receipt?
I recommended you because you're Dong Man's friend
and put you at the counter,
but you keep causing trouble.
You sold a ticket for 70 cents last time too.
I'm sorry. I keep causing trouble for you.
I'd like to just join the cleaning crew.
Do you know how tiring that is?
I prefer feeling at ease
than being physically comfortable.
Why are you like that?
A woman having this open
is like a guy having his fly open.
Why are you so absentminded, careless,
and full of mistakes? You're so distracting.
Maybe I should just quit.
What? You'll be different elsewhere?
Just stay where I can see you.
You're only a year older.
Let's just be friends, okay?
- Sure. Okay. - Cheers.
Let's start from here and
- Wave! - Wave!
- Changgookji. - Drink.
- Drink - Drink.
Drink it up. Drink. Drink.
- Manager Kim, could you give me - "Manager".
- She spoke English. - "Manager".
- English. - English.
- Drink - Drink.
I can't drink much, so I need to stop.
She's my friend's friend, so I'll drink for her
You're a real man!
You have to grant him a wish.
I'm too drunk. I need to use the restroom.
Sit down. Sit.
I'm going to call home.
Hey. Park Sul Hee.
I'm Baek Sul Hee.
Okay. Baek Sul Hee.
You know, girl, you're really pretty.
"Girl"? I'm still older than you.
Today is "kiss day".
I want to be with you today.
You little jerk.
I said not to do it.
I told you, she's my friend's friend, you jerk.
She's my friend's friend, you jerk!
My dad said to sterilize wounds with soju.
Should I go get some?
What is wrong with you?
What did I do wrong this time?
You're the one who fought. Why are you yelling at me?
Why did you throw a kick
at someone you can't even beat?
Why are you so cute?
You're wearing a short dress to get attention, right?
And your eyes.
You smile all cute
to try to brainwash guys, aren't you?
Are you trying to drive me crazy?
It's because I like you!
I wanted you to look at me!
That's why I wore this dress and smiled so much!
It's because I keep liking you more and more,
so I wanted you to look at me!
Darn it. Why must I say this?
You're so annoying.
You're so darn pretty.
Why are you going this far? What are you afraid of?
Am I not being myself?
You're being exactly yourself.
You're being too obvious that you're nervous.
Smiling like that isn't cool at all.
If you're upset, just scream and cry.
If you're happy, say so and be silly.
If you want to do something, say so
and just cry. That's less pathetic.
Like Ae Ra?
You know you're more pathetic than she is, right?
Then why didn't you ever date such a great girl?
- What? - You weren't sure.
You weren't positive.
Then it isn't right.
We've shared 20 years together.
What do you know?
After 20 years,
even furniture in your home grows on you.
Don't confuse being comfortable as liking her.
If it wasn't her for 20 years, it won't be her ever.
Do you think I want to act crazy?
It needs to be you for me.
That's why I'm acting crazy.
You said I was your first love.
Sure, Hye Ran.
You were my first love.
But I was only 20 years old then.
So I let myself get hurt
and acted like a fool with no regrets. But
that's all in the past.
My first love has ended,
and now,
I only see Ae Ra.
Ae Ra again?
You think I was terrible to you, right?
But you were cruel to me too.
I was always nervous because of Ae Ra.
That's why I
I won't lose you to her.
I've seen this scene countless times.
Doesn't she seem like a manipulating witch?
Maybe we should send Dong Man to the army.
Okay, everyone.
Since it's Dong Man and Hye Ran's 100th day together
- Kiss - Kiss.
- Kiss - Kiss.
- Kiss - Kiss.
Our boy, Dong Man, kissed a girl.
Who's so beautiful?
Suzy? She's so beautiful?
Beautiful, my foot.
You punk.
You probably didn't get any chocolate
since Hye Ran dumped you.
In life, timing is always terrible.
And I always ran away.
What are you doing?
If it hadn't worked out for 20 years, it never will!
I won't lose you again.
Let's stop taking detours.
Stand strong.
We've already kissed,
and I don't know how to do flings.
We kissed, so it's official.
Let's date.
Let's date.
Let's date.
We're dating now,
so I'll do it again.
I want to do it again.
Darn it. Why did it go out again?
Relax. Take it easy.
Don't be nervous.
But It is you, right?
Hwang Bok
Ganako Hwang.
Now, I go by Ganako Hwang.
How long do you plan to live in Namil Villa?
I'll live there forever.
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