Fight For My Way (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

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I won't lose you again.
Let's stop taking detours.
Stand strong.
We've already kissed,
and I don't know how to do flings.
We kissed, so it's official.
Let's date.
Let's date.
Let's date.
We're dating now,
so I'll do it again.
I want to do it again.
The government should make fireworks illegal.
They're using them to woo girls.
They'll burn up the beach and get burns on their hands.
Why would the beach burn?
Anyway, why are you always so extreme,
impulsive, vulgar,
and manly? Why are you like that?
It wasn't impulsive.
It's been a while since I could only see your lips.
Then are we really dating starting today?
It's illegal to kiss a friend. It's an offense.
We have to date.
You better not think about dating someone else.
Even when you ride a bus, don't sit next to a guy.
Even on the bus?
Don't think about anyone else.
Especially not your first love.
Don't think about the wrist guy.
Only think about me.
My first love and the wrist guy are both you.
What? What did you say?
My first love. The clueless guy.
The one that's been bothering me for 20 years.
That's you.
You're like this
inflammatory acne to me.
It puffs up on its own, then it dies down.
It hurts, then it doesn't.
It'll die down if I leave it,
but it hurts so much when I pop it.
That's how it's been like for 20 years.
That was me?
But you look like you'd kidnap the man you like.
That's why
you shouldn't be a guy friend to me anymore.
We kissed, so if we go back to being friends,
I won't be able to live.
I really
I really like you.
Why didn't you just try kissing me?
Then I would've fallen for you right away.
Did you like it?
Do you want to
try it one more time?
Can you shoot those fireworks towards someone?
I told you I had a feeling this one would work.
(Episode 11)
Do people still hand out rice cakes to new neighbors?
Their stuff won't fit in a studio.
I think it's a girl.
Do you think she'll be pretty?
Where are you going?
To take out the trash.
Why are you looking like that to take out trash?
What? This is what I wear to take out trash.
did something happen in Daecheon?
Did you and Dong Man
We didn't do it.
Do what?
Didn't do what?
Ae Ra, were you wringing laundry?
Hey, why are you showing your stomach?
Are you trying to show the world or something?
She told me she was dressed to take out trash.
Get going. Aren't you going to work?
Are you two staying together all day again?
Yes. We're both jobless, so we won't be bored.
- Let's have plum wine after I get off work. - Okay.
You two
You better not do it.
Do what?
Don't open it. Don't open the wine.
You better not.
- Room 101. - My goodness. You scared me.
You didn't get rice cakes, right?
I noticed that the new tenant didn't give you any.
Just you. She left you out.
What? Why did she leave me out?
That's kind of annoying.
I hear she's famous.
The mover even got her autograph.
Maybe she's a celebrity.
I hear she's very famous in Korea.
An announcer.
Why did you move into the place above Dong Man?
You're allowed to live across from him,
but I can't live above him?
But I read online
that you got a huge alimony settlement.
So why did you move into a cheap place like this?
I wanted to see Dong Man every day like you do.
We're dating.
We decided to make it official.
I know.
It's for the best.
you've lost that sickening, female friend.
I'll take on that role now.
I'll be your friend.
Do you know how disturbing that is?
I want you to experience it first-hand.
I am his girlfriend
and his friend.
Once you break up, you'll be nothing to him.
Now, you can't even be his friend anymore.
What do you know?
It's all or nothing.
There's no turning back.
Didn't you realize that?
That's stupid.
What does she mean, "all or nothing"?
Change. Let's go out.
I have to get weighed in.
Go with me.
we can go on a date or something.
Why aren't you talking?
Why are you acting shy all of a sudden?
I'm not acting shy.
You're not sexy or innocent-looking.
If you won't even talk,
I don't know why I'd want to date you.
Your thing is to be funny and
Of course,
when it comes to being cute,
you're above average.
Be still, my heart.
Chung Kimchi won't do the second show.
But we sold out the first time. Can't you talk
Talk to them about what?
The owner changed her mind.
Why would she want to benefit the guy
who rejected her daughter?
Do you even know Ye Jin is taking time off?
Hey. Why do you keep talking to me here?
Why are you talking here instead of coming in?
You're acting like a delivery guy.
don't think I should go in anymore.
- Why not? - Because we are still young,
vigorous, impulsive, and immature mammals
when you think about it.
Because improper things happen in an instant.
He's being so old-school.
Anyway, I'll wait here,
so go change.
I think it'll take me about an hour and half.
What? An An hour and half?
Do you need to scrub?
You can just change quickly.
It's our first date!
How are you so clueless about girls?
Why is this punk acting that way?
What? Am I blindingly pretty?
(Girly Girl)
Hey, back up.
Go back in and change.
Why? Do I look weird?
Your legs
Do they look thick?
Why do you have such nice legs?
- What? - Your legs look like a girl's legs.
Did you think I was really a guy?
Hey. I
I may spin kick guys looking at your legs,
so change into pants.
How dare you
tell me what to do?
You used to carry my schoolbag. Don't order me around.
I don't care about that.
Just hurry up and change into pants.
You punk.
Put on pants!
Seriously. Her legs are
Those legs would cause a traffic accident.
He hit a line drive to the second baseman.
Choo Shin Soo
went 2-for-3 in the game,
and raised his batting average to .257.
Will you keep watching baseball?
Your girlfriend is sitting in front of you.
Do you really want to just watch Choo Shin Soo?
What do you mean, "What"?
Aren't we going to talk?
Are we going to just eat?
How can we just stare at each other after six years?
It gets comfortable and dull over time.
Are we dull now?
Let's not argue over semantics.
I'm tired too.
You're tired?
What are you tired from?
You won't go on dates with me or even talk to me.
You don't kiss me much anymore,
and we don't even do it.
You don't do anything with me, so why are you tired?
What I'm tired of
is being a bad guy whenever I'm with you.
You don't get tired.
You're nice, giving, and overflowing with love.
So I'm always the bad guy.
Just me.
Sul Hee.
Don't be like this again.
What do you mean, "again"?
Did I ask for that much from you?
I don't want anything from you.
I just
I just want to be like how we used to be.
Is it that difficult not to change?
How could a person stay the same for six years?
I have.
You still make my heart skip a beat.
I feel sorry for you and like you more than before.
And I just want to do everything with you.
- Sorry. - You sighed again.
I'm always whining,
and you're always sighing.
Is this
just a stage of ennui?
Or are we in the process of breaking up?
I feel lonelier lately when I'm with you.
Just a minute.
My hand's sweaty.
By the way,
will you tell the others?
Joo Man will tease the life out of me.
Let's keep it a secret. Sul Hee will say something too.
She always said things like
"Don't fight then start dating."
"You can get married, but don't date."
Did you
propose to me?
Do you wish it were a proposal?
(The Way of Martial Arts)
What would you do if I put you in a hold?
Get out of it.
What did I tell you to do?
You idiot. I said don't tap out. Why'd you tap out?
Because it hurts.
Why are you so honest?
No one's impervious to pain.
Others don't tap out even when they fracture bones.
- Why do you always - They're the idiots.
Why not tap out if you're in pain?
If you're in pain, tap out immediately.
How dare you twist his arm. What's wrong with you?
Are you really going to let her tag along?
I can't train with you.
When will Doo Ho get here?
Can't you train without him?
Why are you yelling at him?
Kim Tak Su's such a scumbag.
I feel sick!
Face your opponent and pose.
This is so dramatic.
Doo Ho.
What's going on?
Athletes switch teams all the time.
A better contract, a brighter future.
I need to go where I can grow.
Did you tell our coach?
The Tigers are on a different level entirely.
They have an organized system
Did you tell our coach?
And the PR.
It's really so
A scared dog barks loudly.
Keep up the dirty tricks.
You'll only make Dong Man more determined.
I think you're the one who's more talkative.
Tak Su.
The people know better.
About what?
That what stinks is never good.
Let's not get on each other's nerves, okay?
Don't make it too easy.
The worse you are, the less fun it gets to crush you.
What a joke.
I'm really sorry.
- Coach Choi. - Yes?
Doo Ho.
His kid is 3 years old and he's 26.
He's still a kid himself.
One trying to make a living.
Don't use him and train him well.
I will.
It's such an embarrassment.
I wouldn't have joined if it were just me.
My daughter has
atopic dermatitis and she scratches until she bleeds.
We needed to move, but couldn't afford to.
I didn't complain.
Fighters don't cry.
Your coach will slap you on the back.
I know they're trying to mess with you
and force your coach to close down his gym.
Take care of our coach.
How dare the two opponents talk to each other!
Doo Ho.
Come over for sundae whenever you want.
You two can go ahead and eat without me.
There's a famous restaurant here that was on TV.
I was going to treat you to beef after the weigh-in.
You two can go ahead.
Are you holding a grudge?
You're a fighter.
What are you talking about?
That's the tone of someone who holds grudges.
Forget it.
You two can go ahead and have dinner without me.
We're dating.
We're dating.
Why? What for?
What do you mean why?
So let us spend some time together.
This is our first date.
Is there something you can't tell me about?
Do you think I knocked her up or something?
No, not that.
Like, do you owe her a tremendous amount of money?
I knew that we'd never get along.
How come
Why do you keep cuddling like a puppy?
I'm hungry.
Your cooking looked more like dog food before.
This isn't just an improvement.
It's a whole new experience.
Shut your mouth and eat.
Food's ready.
Is that dog food or what?
Eat what you're given.
Why are you down there? There's lots of space up here.
Don't try anything funny.
What? Do you think I'm that forward?
Why do you want me to lie down?
I never said "lie down".
You can sit. Sit down.
Doesn't sitting lead to lying down?
That's what I call funny business.
It's not like it'll work on you.
You're like the female equivalent of Fedor.
If you really attack me,
I could sustain a fatal wound.
We started dating just yesterday.
Would I want to get busy with you today?
Do you take me as a player?
I wasn't even thinking about it.
You're so thoughtless.
We've been dating for just a day,
but we've been friends for years.
We've been innocent friends for over 20 years.
Is that human?
Do we have to be that rigid?
You keep referring me to someone like Fedor.
It's upsetting.
I wonder if our relationship needs a turning point.
We took an incredibly long detour
to kiss each other after 23 years.
Shouldn't we speed up to make up for the delayed start?
You're so
Do I
have to keep talking?
Do you have some alcohol left, Dong Man?
I told you to change your passcode.
This is not a community center.
Hey, do you
want some shrimp with Chinese liquor?
This punk. I'd rather slap you across the face.
Nice. This is great.
Are you sure you can skip work today?
I can skip work for my best friend's debut match.
I raised you since you were six. I have to come.
Thank you.
Should we get some anxiety medicine on the way?
I can't fight with medicine in me.
No, it's for me.
- In 2, 3. Hello. - Hello.
Are you guys going somewhere?
Yes, I have something coming up.
- See you later. - Okay.
- House 102. - Yes?
- About the rent - No
Good luck.
What did she just say?
I think she just cursed at you.
High kick?
(Dongchun Gymnasium)
My gosh.
Hey, trip them and attack right away.
But you can't fall. Your ground skills are not good.
Try to knock them out in the beginning with your kicks.
Taekwondo fighters have bad ground skills.
Your kicks Hey, what are you doing here?
I used to be his manager.
Can you give me a t-shirt as well? Hwang Jang Ho Gym?
- Remember your kicks, okay? - Give them a blow.
I got it.
Match three, super fight in the welterweight division.
Let me introduce the fighters.
- Let's sit here. - Height 183cm,
weight 76kg.
- Why do guys like this? - Jujutsu-based fighter.
- I don't understand. - From Korea.
He's returned to the cage.
The fighter called Insane Horse, wonder boy of battle.
It's Park Jun Sik.
- Excuse me. - Yes?
How do you apply for that position?
Apply for what?
Killer fighter, Hong Suk Hwan.
Please give a round of applause to Park Jun Sik
for fighting a great match.
Ko Dong Man!
What is it? Why are you calling me?
You scared me.
Do you miss me in places like this too?
That's not it.
What is she going to do now?
Ko I've heard that from somewhere before.
Gosh, what was he doing there in silence?
I'm so embarrassed.
I don't really like gimbap.
It sets an image.
It's touching to say that you only had gimbap.
I don't need to be touching.
- You're trying to sell a story. - Just eat it then.
Consider this as acting.
Once you air this, my mom and dad will watch it.
Gosh, just eat.
Hey, I don't think I understood what this is about.
- This is not - Don't you want to become known?
Don't you know how to be a good son? Are you clueless?
I guess you're here to support Dong Man.
- Kyung Koo. - Yes.
He's going out with me.
Okay What?
I'm his official supporter.
How did that happen all of a sudden?
Have you heard of this before?
Black puppies don't fight, but if you mess with them,
white puppies will bite you.
If you mess with him, I'll bite you.
Don't record this.
Ae Ra, I already talked to him about it and
I already told you. Don't do this.
I'm leaving.
She can't hold back herself. She's so strong.
(Recruiting Cage Announcers)
(We're looking for talented announcers for RFC games.)
Hey, do you really want to yell as an announcer?
It's not about that.
Isn't it so cool to stand in the middle of the cage?
- Is it? - It makes my heart beat faster.
Don't men usually do jobs like that?
Do you have to be a man to be an announcer?
- But only men do it. - That's why I want to do it.
- What? - First ever woman.
The only woman. The best woman.
Don't those sound great?
Don't go easy on Tak Su,
but let's be understanding of Doo Ho.
I understand him. I'll just feel bad if I beat him.
Goodness. Are you sure you're going to beat him?
Doo Ho is better than Byung Joo.
Hey, what's that? Are you going for a hike?
Look at what you have there.
Be quiet. They have three coaches.
I need to give you some support.
Hey, is this called support?
Why didn't you write National Athlete's Sundae?
Focus and trip them with your kick.
- Once they fall, attack right away. - I'm going.
I'm getting nervous.
It's his debut match that is being aired.
He's already hot within the cage.
That's why his debut match was scheduled so soon.
Sul Hee, I'm going to the bathroom.
What? He's about to start.
I have a slight stomachache.
Ready. Fight.
That's a great kick by Ko Dong Man.
Didn't Tak Su first do that kick or is it him?
Stop. Stop.
Due to Ko Dong Man's attack,
Han Doo Ho got a cut.
We'll quickly have a body check.
Blue corner.
I think he's badly injured.
Why are you worried about his injury?
You're in the middle of a match!
Which one is getting hit?
Go, Ko Dong Man!
Now! Go!
He's letting a golden opportunity slip.
He shouldn't just wait like that.
- What's wrong with you? - Hit him.
- Yes, hit him. - Go.
- Go. - What are you doing?
Why isn't he pounding the opponent?
- Ko Dong Man. - Go.
- Go get him. - Come on.
Where are you going?
What's wrong with him?
We'll now announce the official judgment
of today's third match.
All judges unanimously agree it's 3 to 0.
The winner is blue corner, Taekwon Boy, Ko Dong Man!
Are you okay?
Why would you go easy on me?
It's better to get knocked out.
(Mexx World Chicken)
What's the point of winning
if you get a nickname like that?
Octagon waiter?
You wait for your opponent, so they think you're nice.
This looks bad on you. What kind of nickname is this?
If you can't hit the person on the ground,
why are you in martial arts?
What do you know?
This is different from when I was in taekwondo.
You can feel the person's bone and skin.
This fighter's too soft to hit anyone.
I can understand Dong Man.
Hey. If you're on the ring,
being nice isn't what you want.
Being strong is the best.
If you're going to keep this up, just quit.
I won't quit. I'm going to continue.
I'll just get KOs.
I won't let it get messy like today.
I'll get a KO right off the bat.
Do you think a KO is that easy?
No one's perfect from the beginning.
Your life can't be a movie.
Not all fighters are Rocky.
His character is fictional.
You can overcome your faults.
What did you say?
You little
Water, please.
Why is a coach with an excellent steed so anxious?
What? An excellent steed?
Being legendary is his style.
Who would have imagined
he'd become a member of the national team?
Just sit back and watch.
Also, stop hitting his head.
You should check on him to see
if he's making a living and eating well.
If you're that worried,
why don't you ever call him?
What would I say on the phone?
What could I talk to him about?
You don't need a topic to talk between family.
Tell him you got a new job.
You should tell him about your business trip.
You should tell him.
Like father, like son.
Then how about a call
before bed?
We live just across from each other. Why call?
That's true.
Then I'll come over to eat breakfast tomorrow.
Then I better wash my hair every morning.
You're supposed to do that anyway, idiot.
Then I'm going to press this now.
Okay. Me too.
Hey, why don't I
just come over to your place?
We can watch television together
and have a snack.
What kind of snack?
Like ramyeon?
No sleeping before marriage.
I'll add, no ramyeon at night.
Why not?
Why do you tell us not to eat ramyeon
and not to sleep together before marriage?
That's an abuse of authority.
You two. I gave you a discount on the maintenance fee.
I had pest control come in too.
I never increased your rent either.
We agree that you treat us well.
Then why can't you follow my rules?
Are you animals?
Why are you all dying to date?
All of my tenants are blinded by love.
I think she's jealous.
If you're unhappy, move to a place
where you can sleep together and pay more rent.
Stop putting me on pins and needles.
She's hysteric.
Is it me or this neighborhood?
(National Athlete's Sundae)
Hurry up and open.
Are you rich? Do your business right.
How did you know
I was running a food truck here?
I didn't know.
I saw you while getting a bottle of soju.
I see.
Give me a bottle of soju.
You must have one hidden back there.
Well We can't sell alcohol.
Then don't charge me.
That means you're not selling it.
It's truly an honor.
Don't flatter.
I'm not.
My life changed because of you.
Watching you live your life the way you want,
you became my role model.
Do you want my autograph?
No, it's not necessary.
It's not worth anything anyway.
By the way, I heard that you went to Japan.
Why did you suddenly come back?
After having a near-death experience,
I decided I should find him.
Nam Il.
Nam Il?
Nam Il, my son.
He'll release his anger.
Song Young Jin!
Isn't our landlord so strange?
Who cares if we
Why does she care if we have ramyeon or not?
I wonder what Nam Il is doing.
He should take care of his mother.
Nam Il can't do anything since he's family,
but I feel bad for his wife.
Imagine having a mother-in-law like her.
She and I are polar opposites.
I didn't know you had a child.
How do you intend on finding him?
I already found him.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
Got you.
So what will you do?
He bulked up.
Tak Su, leave Dong Man to me.
You need to rest.
You're working out way too much lately.
You're acting like a real athlete.
What do you think I am?
Tak Su. Just fight Dong Man.
Just fight him as soon as possible.
He doesn't protect his face and doesn't attack low.
Doesn't he remind you of someone?
Dong Man is exactly like you
when you first switched over from taekwondo.
Come in.
Will you fight only standing up?
I'm confident fighting from up here.
You can't do only what you want.
Do you think your opponent will negotiate with you?
I won't go low.
I won't follow even if they try.
Then you'll be half a fighter forever.
If you can't overcome it, this is the end for you!
Let's fight.
If you can't avoid it anyway, fight him now.
What will you do?
I promise you. Once Dong Man fixes this,
no one can catch up to him.
Height. 163.2cm. Weight. 50
45kg. The first female MMA announcer of the country.
Choi Ae Ra!
Why are you knocking on someone else's wall?
Do you rent here?
Who are you?
I'm the owner's son.
Nam Il?
That Nam Il?
Do you know me?
Why are you saying my name like that?
- Sorry. - Anyway,
isn't the staircase a shared space?
It is. Sure.
Pleas avoid attires that may offend others.
And please do not impinge
on others' enjoyment of the shared space by shouting.
No one will believe you're 163.2cm and 45kg.
And no one cares.
Why that little
He's good-looking but a total jerk.
Is she a moron or something?
Ye Jin, I asked you not to call me again.
Why are you doing this?
Take a picture. Right here.
That's right.
Look. Whenever there's an accident,
the car in the back is at fault.
But you backed up when the light changed.
I did?
I backed up?
What is wrong with you, lady?
Ye Jin.
Mr. Kim.
Let's check your dash cam.
But it's broken right now.
She hit us from behind, so it's her fault.
Why are you arguing?
Did you call your insurance company?
She'll lose more money if they get involved.
Just give us 2,000 dollars in cash and call it even.
That's right.
Did you two have barbecue pork?
Thank you.
If it weren't for you, I totally would've been scammed.
There's no way two guys had barbecue pork without soju.
They asked for cash because they knew they were guilty.
I must've been punished.
I know I shouldn't keep coming to you.
That would make me a bad person.
So please stop it.
Why'd you get into an accident in my neighborhood?
Ye Jin.
I'd like you
to please stop now.
I won't go anymore.
I'll stop. Don't worry.
You should go up now.
Are you okay?
Did you get hurt in the accident?
I think I slammed on the brake too hard earlier.
It's here.
Come back to work tomorrow.
You're putting me in a bad spot by not coming in.
People are talking too.
See you at work tomorrow.
Thank you for tonight.
Why did you buy so much stuff?
(Ye Jin)
You're returning to work?
How did you manage them? Even I couldn't.
But must you really stay here
Anyway, okay.
What is it? Is your dad returning to work?
Yes. But he's going to sleep over
a night at my place.
Why is that so serious?
I thought about it,
and I've never slept alone with my dad before.
He's your dad.
What's the big deal?
I guess.
That's right. You have an interview in two days?
Can you really be an MMA announcer?
Can you watch me fight?
If you insist on doing it,
I insist on watching you. How else can I protect you?
You're a tiny little thing, but you always protect me.
You did even when we were kids.
I can run into the cage if necessary.
If you become an MMA announcer,
does that mean we'll have an office romance?
An office romance?
I always thought that was sexy.
You do your thing and earn money.
What's so sexy about it?
You know,
since you can sneak away
and kiss while working.
Are you deaf?
Are you
No, I'm not.
You really are a girly girl now.
You're blushing so much right now.
Why are you grabbing my hands for no reason?
You're supposed to grab them for no reason.
Why are you staring? My make-up is a mess.
Why are you holding my hands down?
Why can't I see
anything but your lips?
Since we're dating,
can we keep doing it?
- You psycho. - Psycho?
Why are you asking?
Do you like it?
Why do you keep asking?
I should've tried kissing you before.
Then I would've beaten you up.
Now that I did it,
I really like it.
I like you so much, Ae Ra.
It's driving me crazy.
I've always liked you, you annoying brat.
If it's all or nothing,
let's make it "all".
Do you want to
sleep over tonight?
Hey. Does the shrimp taste good? Does it?
Is it crazy good?
What's wrong with you? Why do you keep bugging me?
You've done a terrible thing to me today.
What? Is something wrong?
Will you tease me if I tell you?
What is it?
Let me hear it first. Then I'll decide.
Really? Well
The truth is, I
Oh my gosh!
- I got the arrow. - The arrow?
- The arrow? Really? - The arrow!
- You got the arrow? - The arrow!
The arrow!
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