Fight For My Way (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

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I like you so much, Ae Ra.
It's driving me crazy.
I've always liked you, you annoying brat.
If it's all or nothing,
let's make it "all".
Do you want to
sleep over tonight?
Are you all right? Let me see.
Oh, no.
- Gosh, it's bleeding. - Ye Jin.
Ye Jin?
(Episode 12)
Be careful.
- Gosh. - You scared me.
What's this? Why did you come out of a closet?
How are you here at this hour?
What's wrong with my being in front of my house?
What were you two doing in there?
Why did you come out from there?
It's "Chronicles of Namil Bar". Their secret passage.
Have you known?
I didn't say anything about you using it.
Go ahead and have fun all you want.
Drink all you can while your livers still work.
Be innocent, reckless, and live without thinking
like children. Don't play around like adults.
For some reason, I want to talk back.
I want to talk back to her.
After having your fill, go back to your own rooms.
- We just kissed up there. - Hey.
Hey, you
Wait, hold on.
Mom told me she'd kick me out if I bring guys over.
- No, I'll just leave. - Hold on. She'll leave soon.
I'll just tell her what happened.
She has her eyes on me. She'd beat you if she sees you.
- Why would I get beat? - Just stay here.
Ye Jin.
Open up.
- Come in. - Were you sleeping?
Why did you come so late?
I have to watch the drama. It's on already.
Are you going to watch it here?
I knew this would happen.
What a jerk. He's sleeping out.
It's late, you should go.
The landlord doesn't have the right to do this.
- That's true. - Then do tenants
have the right to trespass the rooftop?
She's being hysteric again.
Hey, I can hear you.
I think your son
should help you find a hobby
- or suggest mountain climbing - Enough. Go home.
Split up.
Did you just tell him you'd shower and then come back?
I'm already inside your head.
By the way, if someone tells you not to do something,
it makes you want to do it more.
What? Do what? What are you talking about?
If Joseon wasn't so strict and conservative,
people wouldn't have snuck into the watermill.
You might be the one setting things on fire here.
Go in.
You know what they did at watermills, don't you?
Gosh. These two
I can see the resemblance.
I can now see
why you stationed yourself here.
That was above my lips.
You have unique taste.
You must like the area above the lips.
You should've stuck out your lips.
Your intestines seem to want to say something.
This stupid thing. Again.
I'm not
a reckless, thoughtless airhead kid
who stopped maturing before puberty.
We're dating,
and we're sitting on a bed together.
I don't want
to be a gentleman to you at all.
so dirty-minded.
Yes. I want to be the dirtiest ever.
this isn't homework.
Even without a turning point like this,
you're not Chewbacca to me.
You're a girl to me.
I want to hold you right now and all night long.
I don't want to let you go home.
You should keep thoughts like that to yourself.
So tell your loud intestines to quiet down.
Just sleep.
I can't sleep just holding your hands.
I'll hug you like crazy.
I need to do this much.
Sleep, you punk.
I feel like I'm going to die.
Is your tummy filled with gas?
I can't breathe.
My heart is racing like crazy.
Your heart?
Mr. Kim?
Mr. Kim?
Mr. Kim?
(Sergeant Baek)
Isn't that your dad?
Why do people keep coming by whenever I sleep with you?
Ae Ra! Are you here?
Get up.
She just came too.
- Like 10 minutes ago? - Yes.
I'm wearing this because I was doing laundry.
What's wrong?
Joo Man
didn't come home.
What are you doing with that?
Why is this here?
Why are you wearing warm ups?
Why? Do you want to go too?
You can't hit a girl anyway.
Are you planning to hit someone with this?
I won't beat him up, so go to the gym.
I can't say what I want if you're there.
Are you going to curse again?
Are you saying I shouldn't? In this situation?
Then why do curses exist?
Darn it. Who is it?
Hi, Coach. I need to go somewhere today.
What is it now?
Okay. I'm coming.
Is something up?
Nothing's up.
You two go.
Don't cause trouble. I'm confiscating this.
Let's go, Sul Hee.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Why didn't you nip it in the bud right away?
I was afraid.
If I brought it up,
it really would've been a problem.
But I didn't have the confidence to beat her.
Sul Hee. You're the girlfriend.
You shouldn't be the one afraid.
You've been seeing him for six years.
Those six years were all I had going for me,
but I realized how weak that was.
Time spent with me must be dull and boring,
but exciting with her.
If he leaves you after six years
because of those short bursts of excitement,
I won't let him have you.
Come on.
You don't know the apartment number?
I only heard that she lives here.
How could Joo Man
He may not even be here.
I may be wrong.
Something may have happened to him.
Then give that wench a call.
No. I don't want to.
Why not?
It hurts my pride.
Must you really do this?
I watched Dong Man's match.
He'll be a star in no time.
If you search his name online,
that match you guys threw comes right up.
Rather than explaining later,
it's better to come clean first.
I didn't do a press conference even back then.
Why must I do it now, 10 years later?
That way, you become the victim.
Use the media properly, and you control the world.
(Sergeant Baek)
Where am I?
What's going on?
Are you up?
Ye Jin, why didn't you wake me?
I tried after my mom left, but you wouldn't get up.
You should have kicked me until I woke up.
I somehow ended up staying the night,
but I fell asleep here,
so I'm sure you slept in your room and nothing
Don't you remember last night?
Remember what?
I came to bring you a blanket,
and you
What? Why won't you finish your sentence?
You suddenly hugged me.
The moment Joo Man walks out of here, he's dead.
We're not sure yet.
Sul Hee.
He won't answer his phone, so it's certain. Why
I want to go home.
What are you afraid of?
Dump Joo Man and get along with your life.
Work on bettering yourself and follow your dream.
What is my dream?
We can start figuring that out.
You can cook and are great with a curling iron.
I have a dream.
I always had one.
What nonsense are you talking about?
I didn't drink and even when I do, I don't do that.
Why are you over-reacting?
Because you're lying.
You grabbed and pulled my arm like this yesterday,
and then you hugged me and
You said, "Sul Hee, get the light."
Then you feel asleep snoring.
That really bruised my ego.
(42 missed calls)
I have a dream.
I had one until now ever since I was six.
Why do you think Joo Man is all that matters to me?
That's not what I meant.
Dong Man had taekwondo and you had your mic.
While you were doing well
I quietly
kept my dream alive in my heart.
Why didn't you tell me?
Now you can achieve that dream you still have.
A mom.
My dream was to be a mom.
I always was the mom when we played house.
Being a good mom
and a good wife
was my dream.
I want to marry Joo Man
and live like that.
Sul Hee.
Does that not count as a dream?
Does everyone have to better themselves?
You're all smart and you live the lives you want.
It's okay if I just focus on my family.
That doesn't make me lesser than you.
That's a great thing to do. It's amazing.
Then find someone else.
To me, Joo Man
isn't just a boyfriend.
He's my world.
I just want to go home.
What's your problem?
Why are you actually here?
I somehow
fell asleep before I knew it.
At the intern's home?
Are you actually saying you slept here?
Sul Hee, nothing happened.
Mr. Kim
He left a sock.
Why did you take a sock off?
Why, if you fell asleep before you knew it?
Sul Hee, I
I didn't cross the line.
Is that the only line?
Is everything fine and dandy if nothing happened?
I really didn't do anything.
It's the same to me.
Whether you slept together or not,
it's the same.
You were here all night
killing me slowly every few seconds.
Sul Hee.
- Let's - Sul Hee, please.
Let's break up.
Sul Hee's world
just crumbled.
(Kim Tak Su Press Conference)
here and now,
I shall reveal the truth about
my 2007 fight against Ko Dong Man
that was rigged.
I wanted to
hold back, cover it up, and get on with my life.
The money I gave as a favor
turned into a bribe or compensation.
I played fairly
and yet, I became a victim of a witch hunt.
I demand that Ko Dong Man
accept my request
for a fair match.
As soon as possible
Don't be rash.
I know what you're thinking and
I won't do it.
I won't fall for his games.
I won't let him sway me.
You're all grown up.
You said dumb people need to rely on skill.
I'll train hard and take him on next season.
Can you wait?
You're more than impatient.
You have a temper.
Are you grown up now?
He thinks I'm a kid too.
I'll train hard and show him.
I'm no longer a tiger cub.
I'm a tiger.
Sul Hee.
I shouldn't say this in these circumstances,
but you were way cool.
It was the best of you I've seen in over 20 years.
Why? Because I said we should break up?
No. You wanted to be a mom.
It's cool that your dream is to be a mom.
There's no one more incredible than a mom.
Sul Hee did my hair all six years of elementary school.
Sul Hee.
School doesn't start so early. Why are you here?
Sul Hee was my first female friend.
My dad couldn't dress me up
and no one wanted to be a tomboy's friend.
I don't like pink.
When Sul Hee found out I didn't have a mom,
she came over an hour earlier than needed.
Armed with a sweet heart.
You don't have a mom.
So I will do your hair for you.
Sul Hee was like the vast sea.
Joo Man's lost his mind.
Did they do it?
Do you think that matters?
Did they?
Let's say some unavoidable circumstance led you to
spending the night at Hye Ran's.
And I slept only, like in the army?
Do you think I should let you off or slap you silly?
Did I just sleep?
Let's say that I slept out, then.
I'll slap you silly.
I'll bash your head in. Punch it in.
Let's pay.
Kim Tak Su must've been so stressed.
I guess so. I'm a fan of his.
Poor guy.
You won't do it.
Will you?
I have to fight him one day.
Not even one day.
I don't like the idea. I hate Tak Su.
I saw what happened during your last fight.
I really don't like the idea, okay?
I'll win, then.
I won't lose to him again.
Dong Man. Am I a pushover?
Do you know how much I like you?
- What? - I like you so much that
if someone were to shoot you three times
I'll take two bullets.
Why not three?
Then I wouldn't be telling the truth. I'd be lying.
But I'm telling the truth.
I can't take all the burden for you,
but I'll take 2 out of 3 bullets
for you.
I'll protect you.
Why are you so great?
I like you so much, and I don't want you to do it.
Can you not do it?
Ae Ra.
I don't want you to have to protect me.
I'm going to become so strong so that nobody can
mistreat you as my girlfriend.
That's what I want.
Can you trust me?
(If Dreams Disappear as You Mature, Then I)
Can you?
(If Dreams Disappear as You Mature, Then I)
I'll take those.
Why did you come pick me up? Don't you have work?
- I took a break. - Dressed like that?
Sure, you did.
Wait for me. Are we strangers?
Goodness. All you do is drink.
Is this a junk shop? Throw this away.
Aren't you going to work? You are on a business trip.
What about you?
Why are you wearing track pants during the day?
You don't work, right?
You stay at home, right?
I do work.
What do you do wearing track pants?
Why are you at home during the day?
I came out to pick you up.
You haven't been here, so you don't know where it is.
Aren't you going to get married?
There you go again.
If you wanted to get married and feed your family,
you'd be doing all sorts of work now.
You're getting older, and you don't even think or plan.
Father, I'm not getting married.
So don't worry about such useless things.
Why won't you get married?
I have no house or a job.
Who would want to get married to a thoughtless guy?
Not everybody starts off with a huge house.
During my time, while lazy guys like you
complained about your lives, I did construction
and laid out bricks.
You must have been so earnest and not lazy,
but you never once paid for my tuition or rent.
Don't tell me to live like you.
But But still,
I was penniless
and still raised my children with everything I had.
Should I live like that and have a child like me?
I'm not so sure.
My child might resent me for being so poor.
Who said you were poor?
(From Baek Sul Hee)
(Organic bellflower roots extract)
Sul Hee, I'm so sorry.
Can you pack my things?
Sul Hee, I made a mistake that day.
It was just a mistake.
It's not a mistake. It's not just one day.
You put your phone on silent mode every night.
Whenever she texted and your phone lit up,
my heart sank to the ground.
I knew you were going to see her,
but I still let you go. How do you think I felt?
She was in a collision and was drunk the other time.
She was on your mind.
You couldn't ignore her.
Joo Man.
let go of my hand.
Please, Sul Hee. Please.
- Please. - You thought I would always be here
even if you let go of my hand for a moment,
but I don't want to do that anymore.
I thought it would pass like the wind.
But cheating is still cheating.
You either were, or you weren't.
It wasn't about how big the problem was.
I was a fool.
Why are you doing this? You're not like this.
Why are you being so firm?
You're doing this because you're mad.
During our six years of dating,
I never said we should break up out of anger.
I treated you the best I could, so I have no regrets.
You'll regret it.
Leave my things outside.
What's that?
It's day one today. Congratulations.
It's day one of your independence.
Blow out the candle.
Hurry. Blow it out.
Blow it and just forget about it.
Don't do it.
Don't do things like this.
can't blow it out.
You shouldn't have done this.
Sul Hee.
Joo Man He
How could he do this to you?
He cried.
He started crying.
Why did you do that?
You aren't easily swayed.
You love Sul Hee so much.
Don't pour yourself a drink.
Why would you make Sul Hee cry, you punk?
You crazy jerk.
You have to beg.
Hello? Yes, Mom.
Dad spent 1,200 dollars at a bar?
Yes. He's not answering his phone either.
I wonder what happened.
He'd never drink such expensive alcohol.
I wonder if someone stole his wallet.
Mom, does the text say the bar's name?
Can you send it to me?
Ko Hyung Shik, you need to wake up.
You were too drunk,
so I paid with my card instead.
Expense it.
Mr. Ko. Do you know why
I cut off all the young men
and brought you in?
You've worked in the field for 30 years.
Then you need to bring your network to good use.
You still have too much pride left in you.
You're so detached from everything.
Mr. Ko.
Mr. Ko Hyung Shik.
Won't you answer me?
Yes, sir. I'll see to correcting it.
Just quit, why don't you?
I won't beg you to stay.
I'm sorry, sir. I won't do it again.
You said you have to marry off your son.
You need to come to your senses.
My dad has never
kept the same pace as his family.
Wait for me!
Hurry up.
We have to hurry to get seats.
Are you okay?
- What's wrong with you? - I'm sorry.
Here. Gosh.
I'm sorry, my kid gets motion sickness. I'm sorry.
Hurry up. Hurry.
- Go. - Here.
- Hold tight. - Gosh.
What do we do?
Here. Go.
Excuse me! Open the door!
Open the door! My kid has a fever!
He might die.
Please call the doctor. Please.
Have a drink with your son.
What are you doing?
Where are you taking that?
Just trust me and follow me.
Hurry up.
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
We're not dogs.
Why would you drink outside?
Why are we here?
Just sit down.
There's no other place like this in Seoul.
I didn't know you could make eggs.
Gosh, Dad. Of course I do.
I've been living alone for 10 years.
Did you drink somewhere else before this?
Don't break the mood.
Just try this.
Don't feed me.
I have hands too.
Dad. What was
your dream?
What nonsense are you talking about?
I never had such a thing.
I'm sure you must have had a dream sometime.
Not really.
You did, I can tell.
What was it?
Tell me. What was it?
A pilot.
A pilot?
There was a movie called "The Red Scarf".
I shouldn't have watched it.
I suffered so much because of it.
I was dying to become a pilot.
That's really cool.
You should've tried it.
Why didn't you go for it?
We couldn't afford the Air Force Academy.
But now,
you guys are my dream.
I thought
you were always just a dad.
Now that I know you had a dream,
it feels kind of weird.
I feel bad for some reason.
My glass is empty.
Enough nonsense. Just fill my glass.
I worked so hard to raise you,
and now you're finally pouring me drinks. Punk.
You're just like me.
You have so stiff too.
Just wait.
I can't help you become a pilot,
but I'll let you ride first class on a plane one day.
That's the closest to the cockpit.
Crazy punk.
Ae Ra.
I didn't think I'd get to see you.
Can't you smile like that for me too?
Do you like Ae Ra more than your son?
It's no fun when two boring guys drink.
I need to join to become the life of the party.
he even scooped up the yolk for me.
Did he?
By the way, have you two
done it yet?
Do what?
I told you two and Sul Hee
to start a money saving system.
Who needs the bank? That is the best way to save up.
Saving money is the best.
Are you not going to do it?
(Hwang Jang Ho's Gym)
What's this? Is it a warehouse?
I'm doing something here.
"Hwang Jang Ho's Gym"?
Isn't Jang Ho that man?
(Hwang Jang Ho's Gym)
Sir, I'm the one that talked him into it.
It's not his fault.
Sir, would you care for some snacks?
You could watch some of his videos
You must be surprised.
I think I'll just go.
(Hwang Jang Ho's Gym)
You always wear warm ups because you're always here.
I may not make money now,
but if you'd have faith
Dong Man.
I didn't live like this.
I went to work early in the morning and came home late.
I worked and slept. That's all I ever did.
I know that you worked hard all your life.
I know you must not like it
that I don't live like you, but
Don't live like me.
I thought it over.
If you wanted to live like me,
I wouldn't have liked it.
It's too late for me to become a pilot,
but you're young enough to try something once.
Just live as you want.
Can I really live as I want?
Although you keep sighing?
It's because I'm pathetic.
You couldn't do what you wanted for all these years,
and it breaks my heart.
Why does it break your heart? I always had fun.
You know how I am.
your dad's business failed,
you wasted your precious youth.
You took care of Dong Hee.
I feel like you bore all the burden
and gave up on your own life.
When I look at you, my heart
Darn it.
Stop being silly.
But seeing you
do this,
I feel like I can breathe again.
I'm so excited that my heart is racing.
I didn't give up on my dream because of you.
You need to let it go.
Dong Man.
Your family isn't poor.
Your dad's going to make money for 20 more years.
Your dad's got your back,
so fly high.
Let me fly first class thanks to my son.
You can't save your youth anyway.
Fight. Take challenges. Even if you get beaten up,
live your life how you want, okay?
Okay. Gyeonggi-do
Characters in TV dramas get sick after a breakup
and stay in bed all day long.
Let me confirm your phone number.
But as for me, I broke up yesterday
It's hot out. Stay cool.
But I'm smiling today.
I hope you have a great, happy day.
- Okay. - You too.
I hope you'll be happy too.
I'm really sorry.
But my feelings for him are sincere,
and I really want to go out with him.
I feel really bad
and guilty.
Do as you wish.
It's not like Joo Man and I are married.
He can date you after breaking up with me.
There's no need to tell me.
Sul Hee.
Still, I'm very sorry.
But Ye Jin
I'm allowed to throw water on you, right?
It was one thing when you didn't know, but this time,
you knew.
So that makes you evil.
Sul Hee.
I hope one day,
you'll be in my shoes.
I hope tears pour out from those eyes
that claim to be clueless and innocent.
Even if you're upset, how could you
say something so mean?
You know,
Joo Man liked me a lot.
It wasn't
the vague excitement he feels toward you now.
He liked me
like crazy. He was crazy about me.
Those moments when I was immature and cute like you
Those passionate moments
Joo Man
remembers them all.
If you do go out with him,
I sincerely hope
those memories will haunt you
to no end.
He said to wait one minute. Where did he go?
Call me when you get home.
- Let's talk once in a while, okay? - Sure.
He won't look back even once.
He's so lame.
Whom does he take after?
When did he clean the place?
Buy a new chair.
My dad's so lame.
Fight. Take challenges. Even if you get beaten up,
live your life how you want, okay?
What's with that face? You're scaring me.
What? What is it now?
I'm going to stop pretending to be mature.
I want to do it my way.
What are you trying to say?
You know,
for the past 10 years,
I thought about November 3, 2007, every single day.
Whenever I saw that rat Tak Su succeed,
I regretted it and clenched my teeth in anger.
I went crazy in here every single day.
So don't tell me to wait more
or to take the long way.
Hey. You said you knew why he was doing that.
Coach. I may be unable to hit Doo Ho when he's hurt,
but I'll kill Tak Su even if he twists his ankle.
I may tap out when sparring against you,
but I'll fight until I die against Tak Su.
So please
let me get free from that day 10 years ago.
Let me
just do it. Please.
You'd better do it right.
Kill Tak Su properly.
Ae Ra!
What is it?
You're scaring me. Why are you all worked up again?
Ae Ra, I'm going to do it.
I'm going to fight Tak Su, no matter what.
You'll lose.
- He knows you'll lose, so - Who cares if I lose?
- What? - I'm not doing this to beat him.
I'm finally doing what I've been dying to do.
I'll just fly, that's all.
No one can beat someone who's having fun.
If growing up means your dreams fade,
I'll give up on growing up.
There's no need to pretend to be grown up for others.
You save it, you lose it.
So that's why
I ran to you like this.
What now?
To be completely blunt and say what I want
Say what?
I love you.
I love you so much I could die.
Like crazy, like an immature kid
I love you.
I love you, Ae Ra.
Me too.
I love you too.
You immature punk.
Ae Ra, I
I love you like crazy!
I love you, Ae Ra!
Hyung Shik.
Hyung Shik.
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